Graceland: Briggs' New Lady, Jakes' Spiral and More Burning Qs Answered

Graceland Season 2 SpoilersTwo weeks into its sophomore run, USA Network’s Graceland sent several of its characters in interesting new directions, be it into the path of a beautiful woman, wrestled to the ground by cops or steering clear of a mark.

TVLine invited series creator Jeff Eastin to tease what these new wrinkles will mean for Briggs, Jakes and Charlie, respectively.

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JILTED JAKES | Graceland’s resident U.S. Customs Agent (played by Brandon Jay McLaren) had covertly moved out of the titular house and made camp in a modest apartment, where he hoped to share custody of and get to know his son. Instead, baby mama Cassandra sicced the cops on Dale, slapping him with “stalker” status — all as his kid watched in horror. “Jakes has a really great arc this year,” Eastin previews. As Season 2 opened, viewers (and a returning Mike Warren) laid witness to “a guy who’s not as bitter, who’s not labeling his food, but obviously we can’t let him have that, because it’s television, so we very quickly crashed that bus.”Graceland - Season 2 Moving forward, watch for this paternal sucker punch to send Jakes “into a really, really dark spiral.”

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SORRY CHARLIE | FBI Agent DeMarco (Vanessa Ferlito) has been tasked with getting close to crime boss Carlito Solano (General Hospital alum Erik Valdez), but she abruptly aborted her first move, claiming to Johnny that the timing wasn’t right. But what’s truly wrong? “Where we left Charlie last year is completely broken,” Eastin says. Having been snowed in Season 1 by “Jangles” — and thus incorrectly blaming herself for fellow fed Juan Badillo’s death — “She doesn’t believe in herself as an agent anymore, and what happens is Briggs decides, ‘If I can fix this [guilt] problem, I can fix Charlie’ — but of course that does not go smoothly. Instead, it crashes and burns a lot of things!” Speaking of Briggs’ bright idea….

THE WEEPING WIDOW | Since Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) is the one who killed Badillo in cold blood, the G-man’s widow Kelly (Devious Maids‘ Brianna Brown) “represents this dark place that Briggs went to, and the destruction that he caused,” Eastin explains. By posing as a fellow alcoholic and thus stopping Kelly’s latest tumble off the wagon, “Briggs wants to help this woman, but in a bigger sense he wants to help himself and Charlie move forward. But what he doesn’t realize is that essentially he’s going down the wrong path.” Meaning, maybe Briggs best lives in that grey area? “As much as he wants to be the new, good Paul Briggs, as much as he wants to put that white hat on, the things that he’s done are going to continue to have ramifications,” Eastin says. “He will fight that nature of who he is until Mike comes to him and basically says [that to crack the smuggling case], ‘I need that guy. I need the guy that can do very bad things.'”

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  1. M3rc Nate says:

    These are basically the three things im NOT liking this season.

    First off Jakes…hes not fun, hes not cool, he doesnt add anything to the team except being a downer with a bad attitude. This premier seemed like he’d be different, he was happy and stuff, but then that all got torn apart and cause hes such a try-hard with his family, he gets the stalker label and arrested. Idk i just feel like he could die on the show and the show might be even the better for it.

    Charlie: She used to be AWESOME, such a great powerful friendly female character. I loved her relationship with Mike, that friendship bordering on something COULD be there if everything lined up in a certain way…but now she is this needy mess thats attached to Briggs hip, and flipping out on Mike and doubting herself cause of the FBI agent who died and spiraling…so far in the premier she has been super annoying and i miss the old Charlie. Oh and i dont like her with Briggs.

    Briggs: Not too much to say, its partly un-redeemable cause of what he did in the first season, i get working outside of the lines but he deff went too far. Now hes back and being pretty cool and all but still, theres a part of me that wont forgive him for that. It sucks with this “tape” plot cause its obviously not going to come out, get heard, and Briggs be arrest and not longer a character on the show, so there isnt that much tension regarding that plot. As for Briggs and the wife of the FBI agent he killed…dude, worst …move….ever. Also kinda a typical storyline, not very original.

    • Chris says:

      I agree, I also think the spotlight is too much on Johnny. He is pretty dumb to be an FBI agent as well. Graceland seems to be forcing things and if they can’t kill someone important or make a big leap with the plot soon, I might stop watching.

  2. Pat says:

    I am having a very hard time accepting Briggs being anywhere near the widow of the agent that he killed in cold blood. Almost everyone in that house is screwed up in some way,shape and form and I just do not see how some of them can continue to work undercover without jepardizing their missions let alone the other agents backs, especially Briggs who is so dirty.

    • Chris says:

      A golden key can open any door and if the producers/writers/ want to open the door they should kill off Johnny, Jakes, or Paige.

  3. Evelyn says:

    The character of Charlie can be stronger. The actors are good, it’s the storylines that sometimes dont connect. I love Briggs and I wouldn’t expect people to go undercover and remain clean. He can still be salvaged. Anyway this has become too much the Mike show so am guessing all the other actors will take a back seat

  4. rexpress99 says:

    I kind of like this season so far. I know it pretty much feels like the Mike show, but that is how they started the season so it stands to reason that it is going to play out with Mike still in charge. Plus he seems to be pretty mad about what happened to his bust and Paige so it will be interesting to see how they finish this part of the story. His squeeze in D.C. has told him they’re finished if he didn’t go back and he stayed so I guess we shall se how it plays out with Paige and where it might go, storywise.