True Blood's First Season 7 Victim: 'Dead Doesn't Always Mean Gone'

Tara Dead True Blood

Spoiler alert: Stop reading now if you don’t want to know who died on the True Blood season premiere!

Death may always be lurking around the corner on True Blood, but the HBO drama threw a major curveball in the first few minutes of Sunday’s season premiere by offing one of its core characters.

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“Tara is really dead,” Rutina Wesley confirmed to TVLine and other reporters at the show’s Season 7 premiere in Hollywood, for those of you doubting her off-screen demise. “But dead doesn’t always mean gone on True Blood.”

True Blood Tara DiesWe can confirm that Tara will be seen again — Lettie Mae’s V-induced visions will soon be shared with the audience — but as for how “dead” Tara is different than “alive” Tara, Wesley explained, “She’s basically human Tara, but softer.”

Kristin Bauer Van Straten, who plays Tara’s maker/love interest Pam, said her character’s journey will also be affected by Tara’s abrupt departure: “Who is gonna anchor [Pam in Bon Temps] if Tara and Eric are both gone?”

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And even though “Dead Tara” (is that we’re calling her now?) still has a few intriguing appearances to come, Wesley said nothing will compare to Maryann’s legendary Season 2 orgy.

“The orgy, second season; I bet that’s a popular answer,” she said when asked about the wildest scene she’s filmed over the past seven years. “We got that script and I was like, ‘Whaaaaat?’ It’s crazy. Even for True Blood, that was over the top.”

Truebies, how do you feel about Tara’s death? Drop a comment and cast your vote below.

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  1. Nicotine says:

    On one hand, Tara’s character had become forced, annoying and completely different from who she was to begin with and I’m happy to see her go. On the other hand, she was a huge part of the show and the way her death was handled (off-screen) felt cheap and unsatisfying. I can’t decide if it was great or terrible or whatever…

    • Andy Swift says:

      If “great,” “terrible” and “whatever” are our three choices, I’ll go with “whatever.” It paled in comparison to her first death… which is a weird sentence to write.

    • Rook says:

      Same. I don’t care that they killed off Tara, it’s the final season I’m expecting a lot of people to die. I’m more pissed that it was like an after thought of the writers. It was a slap in the face.

      • Shannon Mueller says:

        I completely agree! When her death finally came, it should have been a huge ordeal that we actually saw, not just some crazy mama holding her bloody “true death” remains. I feel that her death was disrespectful to the character and her loyalty to the show… :(

        • Leah Ashton says:

          i agree with you. Tara was a spitfire, why have her go so non-tara like? and saving her mom? maybe thats what got her to heaven, but to have it so only her mom sees her with her cousin being a medium, why did she appear to her mom first?

          • Chazz York says:

            I have to wonder why Lafayette doesn’t see her, but at the same time he insists that it is the V making her see Tara and that it is only a hallucination. Now that I know they really did kill the character, I feel cheated, and angry that they didn’t give her a screen death to remember.. At the same time I question why Tara was killed off yet that irritating red head Arlene was saved by the healthy vampire. It seems to me they should have kept Tara and got rid of Arlene or one of the other irritating characters who muddy up the story lines. They even showed Maxine’s (Hoyt’s hateful ignorant mommy) death but not Tara’s. That is infuriating.

    • Jake says:

      I don’t think she is dead. I think we are made to believe she is. Why would her mom still be alive if the V-vamp killed Tara? Also, Pam didn’t feel her die. Something smells fishy to me.

      • Elga Nelly says:

        Exactly. She’s not dead. She’s part of the main cast, she deserves an on-screen death. This is similar to Carol from The Walking Dead. Everyone thought she was dead, but I did not believe that and voila she wasn’t.

  2. AT says:

    It’s funny. Tara was ok in season 1 but I really started disliking her with her story line in season 2 and it just went downhill from there. And when she died in Sookie’s kitchen, she should have really died. That would have had an impact. But once she got over her initial transition, she became more interesting. Killing her, off-screen no less, seems like bad writing. The emotional impact would have been the first time she died. There is less of an impact now. And doing it off-screen is just stupid.

  3. Wtactualf says:

    It wasn’t us much that she was killed off, it’s how they did it. She should’ve been given the respects he deserved by showing her death and having people legitimately mourn her. After Terry’s never ending funeral last season, I thought we were meant to take away “life matters”.

    Rutina is off to bigger, better things now.

    RIP Tara.

  4. spotteddog says:

    I initially felt that having Tara die “off sreen” showed no respect for the character, the story and the actor, especially since (like her or hate her) Tara was one of the original characters. Then I thought “no, the showrunners aren’t dumb, no way Tara is gone for good”. Glad to read I was right.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I agree. If it really was the last time we were seeing her, then I’d agree that an off-screen death was unfair. But given the circumstances, I’m fine with how it all went down.

      • DL says:

        I don’t really care that she’ll be back in some form, I still think it was a ridiculous and cheap way to kill off her character. Having her die off-screen just felt lazy, and disrespectful to the years of work Rutina Wesley has put in. This season premiere of True Blood left me cold (pun intended).

        • ARH says:

          I totally agree with you DL. The writers went after Tara AGAIN instead of someone that might offend a more ‘privileged’ audience.

          • Chazz York says:

            I can’t say I really agree with that assessment ARH. I have also contemplated the idea they might have done it that way because of the story line. Did her mother do it? Was it the vampire she was fighting, will she come back as a ghost of sorts, or perhaps she killed the vampire threatening her and her mother, and wanted to fake her True Death. Her mom sees visions of her and even hears her voice. That would make sense since she fed her daughter, and may well have tasted her daughter’s blood. The possibilities are endless. If they wanted to do a character which would not offend the so called privileged audience. Arlene, or even Sookies Werewolf Boyfriend would have worked and shocked us as well. There is a definite story line reason for it. Even if we don’t yet know what the reason is. They have a reason though for not making her death an onscreen death. Only time will reveal to us what it is.

    • Ang says:

      Killing her off screen was odd, but then I thought, maybe they killed her off screen because Lettie Mae really killed her. Last season I had the theory that Lettie Mae was infected and was going to kill Tara that way, by feeding her. Still think Lettie Mar killed her though.

  5. cjeffery7 says:

    the way they did it made it pretty obvious that she’d be back in one form or another, but it also didn’t make me really feel sad about it in the moment. maybe the rest of the characters will get their moments of realization & grief, but i didn’t really get mine as an audience member, ya know?

  6. Queerbec says:

    Her death now makes all other characters vulnerable. I’ll bet we see some fan favorites meet the “true death” before the season’s end as well as some tear-filled sacrifices for the cause. I think they are building to Jessica’s death unless they can redeem her in some other way. Everyone seems vulnerable now, in my book, Alcide (who may sacrifice himself for Sookie) , Erik, Pam, Sam, Erik’s sister, perhaps Bill even and Andy’s daughter. I think Willa in the church basement will be significant.

    • hrlynkennazmom says:

      You do know that Eric’s sister died last season. I think there is significance in who is left when the town is all but abandoned. So glad it’s started, but so sad it will end too soon.


  7. Chazz York says:

    I felt absolutely devastated by her death. I sat and wept bitterly for the entire episode. Though she had not been one of my favorite characters, I did love her character dearly, and enjoyed her story lines. I wish more than anything that they had done something different than kill her off. I will miss her sorely.

  8. spotteddog says:

    So, at the end of this season, who will be left?

  9. I really wish y’all would stop putting spoilers in the URL because when I save the article to Pocket to read later, that’s what it becomes titled as. I don’t usually get to watch TV in real time because I work nights.

  10. Nadika says:

    It seems that they have been struggling with Tara’s character for a while, cause for a minute she was into Sookie’s brother Jason, then she turned gay, then she turned angry vampire. It’s like Tara couldn’t find her way. So I assumed the best thing was to kill her off early.

  11. TamyFinn says:

    Seems to me that the writers of True Blood have been watching too much Game of Thrones lately. Killing off major characters like flies… excuse me, beetles. Not a good idea. It works for GoT cause it’s been established early on and it usually serves the plot. Also, it usually isn’t done off screen, which I think was disappointing as well. It just feels like they’re desperately trying to keep their audience interested with this whole “no one is safe” talk. I don’t know, I kind of stopped liking TB after season two. Season 5 was better but I liked it mostly because of Tara and Pam. With Tara now gone, I’m not sure I’ll keep watching.

  12. joe says:

    I don’t thinks she got killed off she might get killed off later in the series if she returns.

  13. Ashley says:

    Pam would have felt Tara if she really died…

  14. Tai says:

    This is typical Hollywood writing b.s. They make the token female character suffer horribly for most of the show, leave her basically unloved, then kill her off. This, was adding insult to injury by not even giving her enough respect to valid her importance, by showing her dying. Eric ‘s sister got one and she wasn’t even a main character!

  15. AnnieM says:

    Maybe, for reasons we’d find out later, Tara compelled her mother to tell everyone she’d been killed. ::shrug::

  16. Robert Marsolek says:

    Who is the stupid fool… From your web site… That actually posted Tara is Dead, first three words and ruined my viewing experience!!! Seriously… You should be shot dead!!! All I did was google True Blood season seven… And boom your site pops up Tara is dead… No way to unsee that “Tara is Dead”. No warning… No spoiler alert. You are a frakking tool!!!

  17. Satine says:

    Incredible, why would anyone put major spoilers on the title of the post? I was merely googling something else about true blood and this comes up. Come on writers, don’t you have any decency?

  18. C says:

    The character of Tara always seems to be the show’s writers/producers go to punching bag. She’s never had a moment’s rest or peace. Even her stint of “freedom” in NOLA in season 4 was fraught with the possibility that she would be discovered using an alias. I couldn’t believe that the rumors of her dying within the first few minutes of the season premiere of season 7 actually came true. Not only did she die but it was a freaking OFF-SCREEN death. If she’s really, permanently gone, her exit on True Blood was a disservice to both the character and the actress. It was a cheap, unthoughtful, slap-in-the-face move, killing Tara off-screen. She deserved better. What made it a double kicker was how her loved ones (Sookie, Lala, Pam) reacted to her dying…or should I see their lack of a reaction. Jessica and Willa were the only ones that showed any really grief over the news and they knew her for far less time than Sookie and Lala. Awful…it’s awful what they’ve done to this character. I’m glad this show is ending after season 7; it has become unbearable to watch.

    • Leah Ashton says:

      i will say this about her friends reactions, at the time they were trying to wipe out the hep v vamps. they couldn’t be all weepy over Tara, when they could all possibly still bite it. I am mad that they killed her off screen but when we do see tara again, she is speaking creole, and hanging from a cross, those are vodoo symbols, something is up, i dont believe she is truly gone, her act of saving her mom put her in the inbetween.
      I really wanted tb to continue and get further into lala and tara’s family tree, how did lala’s mom die? maybe laettie mae was responsible, to kill her gulit she turned to drinking and drugs.
      I wanted to see tara find love ad keep it this time..

  19. Kanetra Times says:

    They kill off Tara bad move she made me watch true blood

  20. Valerie says:

    Tara sookie bill Jason Pam Eric And Jessica are the MAIN characters I believe it is always stupid to kill off the main attraction it makes the audience so mad wanting to throw remotes or whatever at the t.v out with a bang it should of been

  21. Alex says:

    It’s so obvious that she’s not dead. First they didn’t even show her get killed. A main character gets killed and they don’t even show it??? Come on. Second, the mom is still alive. If a vampire killed Tara, then how is her mom still alive??? Third, episode 4 of season 7 is called Death is Not the End.

    My guess is that she killed the other vampire and either tricked her mom into thinking that she died or told her mom to lie (although you would think that Sookie would figure that out).

    • Chazz York says:

      Now that I am less emotionally torn up I agree with you. At the time of the original airing I was beside myself. I too think she is alive. The same considerations had occurred to me that I am seeing others post here. I just really hope we’re right.

  22. tyler smith says:

    i did not want tara to die i loved that character you guys are to stupid to let a good kick ass mean fighting vampire women she is i want her to come back in true blood right now and that would make me really happy can you do that for me i loved that women so BRING HER BACK ON TRUE BLOOD NOW AND I MEAN NOW

  23. Truefan says:

    I don’t think this is the end for Tara. I’m certain she’ll be back.

  24. zackselzman says:

    The show has been going downhill for a long time. No more sexy women and manly men. It’s whiny women who sleep with anyone with equal mock passion, and gay men. It is not discriminatory to want to see Heterosexual characters or for stars to want to play heterosexual characters. The show is pandering. Who the hell cares about Sookies feelings towards her relationship of the week and so much time is spent on scenes of her figuring out her love life there is no escaping the boredom. When it was her and Bill it was OK… but who cares about the romance of the week. And who wants to vicariously watch such sexually ambiguous characters.. They don’t give a crap about anything so why should we give a crap about them?

  25. DragF says:

    I think it was a horrible decision especially the way she died. She brought a lot of sexual tension to the show and she was a strong black character. Very charismatic. I hope to see a lot more of Welsey in TV and movies. Yeah, killing her off took a lot of juice out of the show for me.

  26. Matt ramos says:

    I don’t think Tara is actually dead, my theory is that while fighting the vampire she got some of his blood into her system somehow. Knowing she was infected by hep V she freakedout and ran or didn’t want anyone to see her suffer and weak we all know how strong willed Tara is. I think that Tara could’ve compelled Lettie Mae to think Tara was dead and tell everyone. Either that or my wishful thinking is dead wrong and Tara is well dead….