Teen Wolf's Shelley Hennig: Malia Sees Stiles as a 'Mate for Life' in Season 4

Malia Stiles Teen Wolf

Malia Tate is so much more than just the new girl in the pack on Teen Wolf. She’s a feisty, complicated, emotionally vulnerable character with an unbreakable bond with Stiles — and Shelley Hennig knows she has her work cut out for her.

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Below, Hennig explains Malia and Stiles’ relationship to TVLine (“She’s more likely to punch him; that’s her way of showing love”) and outlines the newbie’s place in Scott’s pack. So before you watch tonight’s Season 4 premiere (MTV, 10/9c), take a quick trip inside the mind of everyone’s soon-to-be-favorite coyote. (No offense, Mr. Wile E.)

TVLINE | Many fans remember you from your Secret Circle days. What can you say about transitioning from a glamorous witch to a down-and-dirty coyote?
Personally, in real life, I’m a little more down-and-dirty than I am glamorous. [Laughs] It’s been an easy transition, one that has felt very comfortable and natural for me, which I am forever grateful for. I feel like I know the character really well, and I really enjoy it.

Malia Stiles Teen WolfTVLINE | And the teeth and the claws aren’t giving you any trouble?
When you have the teeth in, you don’t feel as dumb when you’re making those growling noises. It feels like, “OK, I have something that’s making me look cooler while I do this.” So they’re sort of a necessity, in my opinion, as well as having the claws. But I’m also one of those people who can’t stand getting manicures, because you can’t use your hands for 40 minutes; and when you have these claws on, it’s impossible to use the bathroom, use your phone or flip through your script.

TVLINE | But Malia is more than just a coyote-person. She’s pretty complex, having lived in the wild for most of her childhood. How do those missing years affect her day-to-day life?
Malia is definitely learning what vulnerability feels like, because on the coyote side, I’m sure that did not exist. So being a human, especially a pubescent teenager, she’s experiencing a lot of things other humans are experiencing, but it’s more challenging for her because she hasn’t been in school for 10 years. She’s a little behind in her classes, and that’s where Lydia comes in; she’s really smart and agrees to help her. As Shelley, I face new things in my life every day, but nothing as new as Malia is facing, so I’m really enjoying playing that.

Malia Stiles Teen WolfTVLINE | I’m enjoying seeing Malia form bonds with Lydia and Kira. What can you say about their friendships?
She has a very physical relationship with Kira. … Wait, that sounded wrong. [Laughs] I mean they fight together — the monsters, if you will. The Berserkers. What’s also great about that pair is that Kira is so afraid to stir the pot, whereas Malia doesn’t have a filter. So she can feel what Kira’s thinking and just say it outright. Sometimes it comes off a little abrasive, but Malia was a wild animal for 10 years, and the pack knows that. Her friends are also getting used to her personality, and Stiles is really there for her to remind the pack she’s trying. She’s loyal, but the way she says things isn’t exactly how she means them.

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TVLINE | I believe I just heard the magic word, “Stiles.” What do you enjoy about his relationship with Malia?
I love how unique their relationship is. First of all, coyotes are very loyal and faithful animals. When they find their [mate], they mate for life. Malia has found this in Stiles, and she’s not going anywhere; she is 100 percent there for him. Whatever he asks her to do, she will do. She trusts him. What I also love about their relationship is that it’s something I haven’t seen on TV. Malia’s very aggressive. She’ll physically grab him, and that means she loves him, as opposed to brushing his face with her hands. She’s more likely to punch him; that’s her way of showing love. It’s like Malia’s the big spoon, and Stiles is the little spoon. Dylan [O’Brien] has been so gracious as an actor to accept that and not be like, ‘No, I’m a man.’ He’s so fun to work with because he’s willing to shrink around her.

TVLINE | This show, and Stiles specifically, is a hot bed for shipping. What kind of early feedback have you gotten on Twitter?
I’ve only seen good things. Friends will send me things because I’m not really great with social media. I do know that we’re called “Stalia,” which I learned on Wolf Watch. Maybe I’ve only heard great things because it’s a third party telling me, I don’t know. [Laughs] Personally, I don’t look into that too much. I have to enjoy and like “Stalia” in order to do it justice on camera.

Malia Stiles Teen WolfTVLINE | And it can’t be easy coming into a show that’s already so established.
Actually, I replaced someone on Days of our Lives once, and the fans hated me. She was a redhead, I was a brunette, they went nuts. Even at fan events, they were rude to me. [Laughs] But they got used to it, and they accepted it eventually. I hope Teen Wolf fans accept me, because I’m having a really great time playing Malia.

TVLINE | And how is she going to surprise us?
That’s a really good question. The first thing that comes to mind is that she’s loyal and genuine, and even though she’s new, she’s fully devoted to protecting the pack and Beacon Hills. I also hope they find her funny! She really is.

Teen Wolf fans, are you ready to welcome Malia with open arms? Drop a comment with your hopes for Season 4 — including all things “Stalia” — below.

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  1. meah says:

    Have loved shelley since secret circle(diana and faye were my fave characters)can’t wait for her to be more amazing on teen wolf
    Plus her chemistry with stiles is great after hanging out with him in like only 2 or 3 eps!
    Excited about the premiere,still miss crystal reed!

    • Rook says:

      I love Shelley too! She is gonna be great on the show! But any character they brought in to be a love interest for Stiles is gonna get a lot of hate, because some of the fans are crazy.

  2. S says:

    Ah, thanks so much Andy! She seems SO genuinely great, and excited for this character and this opportunity, and just like an all around LOVELY person. I am SO EXCITED to see Malia tonight (FINALLY) and can’t wait for everything that she’s gonna bring to the show and the pack! It’s ALMOST HERE!

  3. Kira says:

    Love Shelley and I’m more than willing to give her a chance!!! I know a lot of fans hate Malia but I think the writers will figure out a way to help us connect with her. The argument that she has the mentality of an 8 year old makes no sense to me. Yes she turned young but animals mature as they get older too. She has the mind of a teenager just completely lacking in people skills and education. Hopefully people will give her a chance.

    • a says:

      Animals don’t learn Math and Chemistry. And they certainly don’t learn how to socialize with humans in the woods

      • Abby says:

        Yeah, but Malia wasn’t pure animal. She was a human in the shape of an animal. Who’s to say she didn’t listen in on classes while they were in school?

        • Andrea says:

          Did she do the homework assignments too?

          • Linda says:

            I know. Right? I have to say that I’m amused by the things Malia fans will come up with to explain why she’s in high school when, according to logic and common sense, she shouldn’t be.

        • Linda says:

          You’re kidding. Right? I think she was a little too busy trying to survive in the wild all those years.

      • A.s. says:

        If you were reading correctly she said she will be mature. She also said that she will be behind in school and not great at being social.

        • Linda says:

          Given the fact that she missed several grades, she should not even be in high school! She has too much to catch up on! But since when do the writers care about logic and common sense, especially when a blatantly obvious Mary Sue is involved?

          • Aliyah says:

            To be fair though Teen Wolf in itself doesn’t really make sense so Malia being in high school isn’t so strange when the show is based off of werewolves for crying out loud.

  4. Leo says:

    She just have 2-3 episodes last season so I definitely don’t get where the hates come from. Shelley is the best thing from The Secret Circle (Not into Phoebe’s antiques) so I hope Malia can settle in nicely.
    I think I have bigger problems with Kira, she was featured in every episode last season and I still don’t care for her. She’s good at being funny and ditzy but lack so much at other areas. I hope the writers give her something good.
    Anyway I’m excited for this season.

    • michelle says:

      I think they should have at least had her give the picture and the sword to scott, but i think it was before she became a regular. I thought it was a disconnect. There are alot of potenial stories for her because she is 1/2 hale too and animal for that many years. She cant be normal right away because she killed her mom and sister by accident.

    • Maile says:

      I don’t even know where the stupid hate comes from either.

      • Linda says:

        She’s a poorly written character, for starters. She’s also, to many people, a blatantly obvious Mary Sue.

        • Linda says:

          I forgot to mention this: Many people, myself included, feel that the, “powers that be,” are shoving Malia down our throats. Jeff Davis and the other, “PTB’s,” as well as Malia fans, need to get it through their heads that their belief that everyone is going to love Malia is based on a lie. There are some people, myself included, who don’t like poorly written Mary Sue characters.

  5. Zoe says:

    Shelley seems like a genuinely lovely person, but everything about this interview makes me cringe. And what she has to say about Stalia more or less just confirms what everyone already knows, that it’s a blatant attempt to recreate Sterek from a heterosexual angle, because god forbid any of this show’s lead characters might be queer. It’s insulting to fans, and the fact that this poor girl has no idea that so many people are angry about it, or why, makes me dislike the show’s writers all the more. I will NOT be watching this season, and it’s because of BS like this.

    • Anna Smith says:

      bless this post! agree 100%

    • Ray says:

      Stiles not being gay is insulting to fans? Wow.

      • Amy says:

        No, what’s insulting is the writers knowing how immensely popular Stiles and Derek are together, and then purposefully writing an entire season in which they never once interact with each other, and then trying to shove a heterosexual replica of their relationship at us in which the participants actually get to have some romance because it’s a guy and a girl instead of two guys. It’s hugely insulting that these people decided to take something that their fans loved and do this with it. Don’t want to make Stiles queer? Fine. Want to give Stiles another female love interest? Also fine. But don’t make her a Hale this time, and don’t give their relationship dynamic all of the exact same characteristics as the one fans wanted for Sterek.

        • And maybe it’s the bullying tactics that the Sterek fans use that lead to the writers avoiding Sterek whenever possible?

          • Amy says:

            Regardless of supposed “bullying” or not (which I completely disagree with, but whatever), if what you’re saying were true? Then it’s all the more insulting that the writers would be that petty.

          • Ray says:

            Exactly. Bullying tactics and demands, as well as threats to quit the show if anyone does anything that goes against their ship. It’s insulting, and disrespectful.

            Basically you’re acting extremely childish. By saying that he’s not allowed to have a relationship like this because it’s, in your mind, so similar to Stiles/Derek except for the gay part, you are basically flat out saying that the only thing you really like about that relationship is that it’s a gay relationship.

            DON’T get me wrong, I have nothing against gay relationships on either side. But by saying that this is the same kind of relationship except for not being gay, and threatening to *leave the show over it*, you are showing YOURSELVES to be the unaccepting, unfair, prejudiced ones. If the relationship is so similar, and you’re so open minded, then you should be accepting of when a character you want to be gay isn’t.

            Otherwise, you’re not open minded, you’re just as bigoted as the other side.

          • Joey says:

            Also the fact that Sterek always has been and always will be a crackship.

          • Sarah J says:

            (This is a reply to Ray)
            No, Sterek fans don’t just like it because it’s between two males, that’s shallow and totally belittling to us. We like them because those two specific characters are individuals in their own right with backgrounds and personalities, that happen to fit each other really well.
            We don’t want a Derek replacement, because it’s /not/ the same thing as having Derek himself. Malia and the Stalia dynamic have enough similarities to Derek and the Sterek dynamic that it’s a little suspicious.
            Think about it. If they introduced another female love interest for Scott who had a lot in common with Allison (maybe she’s an Argent too. Maybe she’s really good with a spear or lance or another projectile weapon. Maybe she acts a little like Allison did and interacts with Scott in similar ways), but just enough differences to have plausible deniability to claim that she’s not a copycat, how mad would people be? They’d accuse Teen Wolf of trying to replace her.

            But because it’s Sterek everyone piles in on the hate bandwagon. I’ve seen nothing but respect from the Sterek Campaign and the majority of Sterek shippers (there will always be bad eggs, no matter what ship it is, you have to know that). But every time I see non-Sterek shippers talking about Sterek, it’s been nothing short of hateful, violent, harsh, and downright mean. It’s a rare sight when a hardcore Stydia or Stalia fan treats Sterek amicably or respectfully. Even casual viewers and casual shippers get in on it.

            It’s disheartening. I wish everyone would stop hating everyone and just try to get along and not start shipping wars or bash other peoples’ ships.

        • Linda says:

          While I can’t stand Stalia, I don’t see where you’re getting the idea that Stalia is a heterosexual version of Sterek. I think you’re reaching for something that just isn’t there.

      • a says:

        No, insulting fans is hinting at Stiles being bi since Season 1 and not go through with it.

        • Pedro says:

          How have they hinted at Stiles’s bissexuality? By making him have a crush on Lydia since the beginning and then having a relationship with Malia? Because those are literally the only love aspects we’ve seen of Stiles yet.

        • Scott Johnston says:

          There was ONE hint back in season 2 or 3A I think. And if Stiles is “bi”..I always saw him as being more “confused” ..then he can basically sleep with anyone he wants. Derek always seemed to treat him more like a little brother anyway.

          Putting a bi character with a girl is just as valid as with a guy, so “not go through with it” is a rather stupid comment.

      • Andrea says:

        No the queerbaiting and trotting Tyler H and Dylan O out together to garner awards and votes because STEREK fans are so damn loyal and numerous is!

    • sonya says:

      I ship sterek but I don’t agree with this. not to be rude or argumentative, but I don’t see how Stiles and malia is recreating Sterek from a heterosexual angle. Maybe you can explain further? Right now the only similarity I see between Malia and Derek (assuming Stiles is a constant here) is that they’ve both been kind of physical with Stiles but for completely different reasons. That’s all we’ve seen so far, and we haven’t even really seen how the relationship between Stiles and Malia eventually plays out. I don’t see how that’s enough to reach the conclusion that they’re just the heterosexual sterek.

      From what I understand Malia is going to be protective of Stiles and really loyal to him. These are not characteristics of the Stiles/Derek relationship in canon. Derek and Stiles don’t have really intimate relationship on the show (not just in the romantic or sexual sense but in general), You could say they’re sorta friends or allies, but that’s it. Maybe what you’re saying is that they’re creating the relationship between Stiles and Malia that SOME fans wanted for Stiles and Derek? (Correct me if I’m wrong) Even then, i’d say as someone who ships Sterek that’s just one of many relationship tropes, people have for them. There are MANY. And these relationship tropes are used for many other pairings and on many other shows. Everything would be considered the “heterosexual sterek” if we’re going to go buy popular romantic tropes.

      I agree with you on the part that it will never be acceptable for this show to have a queer lead character, which is a shame, but not at all surprising. Queer characters are relegated to the background as to not “alienate” or “offend” the homophobes.

      • Random says:

        I have no plans to watch s4 and I don’t ship sterek but. Here are a few ways Malia and Derek are eerily similar:

        1) They’ve both been physically aggressive with Stiles. (Derek knocks Stiles’ head into the steering wheel, Malia punches Stiles in the face, etc)
        2) Malia and Derek are both supernatural were-beings (this is a case of the very obvious, but it’s worth mentioning because it is something that they share)
        3) If we’re to assume the whole Peter/missing child drama is true and Malia is his daughter, then they both share Hale blood.
        4) Derek and Malia both feel a huge amount of guilt because they believe they’re responsible for the death of their families (Derek getting close to Kate which lead to her burning the Hale’s to death, Malia transforming in the car and causing her mom to crash)

        Bonus: not directly related to Derek, but Stiles was originally supposed to have a romantic relationship with Cora and lose his virginity to her, but that actress left the show to star on ‘Reign’. Cora was, for all intents and purposes, very much like Derek (again with the bodily threatening harm to Stiles and saying she wanted to punch him in the face), and since Malia has replaced Cora’s role in Stiles’ storyline you can make a connection between them all.

        I don’t really think they’re trying to write ‘heterosexual sterek’. Mainly, I just think they’re just not very good writers and almost all of the relationships on this show are unhealthy with the exception of Scott and Kira? Scott and Allison in s1 were healthy and happy if you ignore the fact that Scott spent a good portion of the season trying to reign in his animal instincts to stop from trying to kill her. And then after his werewolf revelation, they’re relationship was never really healthy again.

    • Andrea says:

      Here, here!

    • A.s. says:

      I see you have not been paying attention to the show because if you were you will see the few similarity in Derek and Malia. Malia may be a Hale because she may be Peters daughter. Then there is the physical abuse they put on Stiles . To me thete releshaship is not so clear(Melia and Stiles) but i do know Derek and Stiles. They are forming a friendship in my eyes right now. So if you want to just stop watching Teen Wolf then stop but your gonna your loss.

      • Linda says:

        Wow! Rude much? Just because someone doesn’t see what you’re seeing, that doesn’t mean that they’re not paying attention to the show.

    • Mish says:

      It’s a SECOND attempt to recreate Sterek from a heterosexual angle, because it was originally supposed to be Cora. It’s sort of tedious and more than a little bit insulting. Don’t want to do Sterek after waving it under peoples’ noses to get the show more noticed, fine. But please stop insulting people like this.

    • michelle says:

      I don’t understand because the writer does not shy away from different relationships. Stiles is not gay. Danny from the begining he was in the popular group so there is not a problem there . Only thing i don’t like is the lack of minorities character. Liam could have been a black dude?

    • Andrew says:

      May I politely say that there have been gay characters on the show. Danny and Ethan had a relationship in both halfs of seasons 3 and have had scenes of them expressing their feelings for each other physically and verbally. It has also been known from that Danny was gay from the get go and if you recall it was stated in the second season that Danny had a boyfriend and there was an episode where they went to a gay bar. If that’s not enough acceptance the show’s creator, Jeff Davis is gay himself and would not be bigoted and such away thus he be against himself which he is not. However, he wrote the characters of Derek and Stiles as straight and that is part of who they are as individuals. If they were attracted to each other, one would imagine it’d have been taken seriously on the show by now. Their awkward situations together were nothing more than a running gag that played on their clashing personalities. If you cannot appreciate the way the show is written you should drop it rather than stress over it. Being disgruntled because something you like isn’t happening and being willing to blackmail the show by dropping it or whatever you think you’re doing is childish and frankly unfair to the people who work so hard on the show. You need to learn to be more respectful. Good day.

      • Sarah J says:

        I think something that a lot of people misunderstand is why people ship Sterek. It’s not because we want a gay ship. We saw these two characters and thought they’d do well together in a relationship, and hey! look at that, they just so happened to both be male. We’re just shippers who don’t let gender get in the way of who we think should be together.
        Representation is great, of course it is, and Danny and Ethan do that, but Danny’s a tertiary character and Ethan a secondary. They’re not part of the main cast, they don’t have as much screen time, and their characters and their relationship were never explored in-depth. It’s a step in the right direction, for sure, but telling Sterek shippers to just be happy with Danny/Ethan because it’s a gay pairing is just as ridiculous as telling Erica/Isaac shippers to just be happy with Scott/Kira because they’re a heterosexual pairing.

    • Sarah J says:

      You got it all right, Zoe. Took the words right out of my mouth. Shelley /does/ seem so sweet and a great actress, but the situation we have here is…complicated, for lack of a better term. I’m skeptical about her character and a little resentful how much the writers and the PR pandered to Sterek fans seasons 1 and 2, and then 3 they literally pretend we don’t exist. It’s frustrating and heartbreaking, to say the least

  6. Anna Smith says:

    cant wait until Malia is dead :-)

    • Just responded to the person above you about Sterek fans’ bullying tactics – AND VOILA, the proof just a line lower.

    • A.s. says:

      Really you know that this is a very stupid comment.

    • Erin says:

      Lol, I read the OP´s comment as a joke on how quickly all the actresses introduced to be love interests for Stiles seem to be leaving the show, but that´s just me…

    • Gabby says:

      I am a Sterek shipper and have been since season one. The enthusiasm that Sterek fans showed online for the show was one of the reason I started watching the show in the first place. I agree that commenters like you give our fandom a bad name, but other cannot judge us on a few bad apples like yourself. Please for the reputation of our fandom, make more valid points about way we should have a character die besides being a new love interest.

  7. Amy says:

    If she’s not going anywhere then I’m going elsewhere.

  8. a says:

    Nothing personal against Shelley, don’t know her, never even watched her act outside of TW. But this interview is full of crap. Not the first one, sadly. Every actor and writer seems to be holding a yellow poster “we love Malia”, shouting at fans how perfect and wonderful she is when her character has so many issues. Yes, with only 3 episodes that she was in. But nevermind that her character has issues, Teen Wolf fans have learned how to live with those issues or just quit it (many already did). Dealing with common and real issues is not what this show does best. You just have to see how Chris and Victoria are the most healthy romantic relationship we’ve ever seen on this show. But we never had cast, writers and a PR team, so set to sell a character to us.

    70% of the fandom doesn’t like Malia. 10% of fandom had no issues with Malia after the season ended, but with this attitude they learned how to NOT like her. Congratulations PR team, cast, writers, you were able to get 80% of the fandom to hate a character because of how you’ve been shoving her down her throats. Next time, before signing a contract with someone, get to know your fandom first and don’t make promises that will only have most of your fans not even wanting to watch the this next season because of ONE character.

    To Jeff Davis, mates???? Really? Never mind that you have a character that spent years in the woods licking herself and with no human contact, hooking up with a possessed teenager and having them practice unsafe sex at a basement. No, you had to make it worse and bring up mates. As if that awful scene couldn’t have more consent issues. Congratulations, you made it worse.

    • Ray says:

      70 percent of the fandom doesn’t like Malia? Sure, keep pulling numbers out of nowhere.

      And the only consent issues are the ones rabid sterek fans make up trying to make it seem worse than it was.

      • a says:

        Oh honey, not out of nothing. Go look at polls, not just by articles like this one but even from MTV. Then go take a quick look on Facebook. Talk to me about numbers after you do all that :)

    • Fiona Smith says:

      Lol actually people like you and your constant whining have made a lot of people look forward to Malia when they didn’t actually give a crap in the first place. I’ve seen many people comment daily that the actions of sterek and stydia shippers have made them ship Stalia. So good job. You’ve succeeded in getting more people to be open minded about something that you think “everyone” hates.

      Oh and one more thing they don’t need to check with fandom before they sign anything because fandom makes up a very small portion of the shows ratings.

      • a says:

        Funny how you assumed that I’m a Sterek or Stydia shipper when I don’t even like Stiles. Nice try tho

      • Erin says:

        Lol, nothing like shipping a character out of pity, because there´s so much (justified) criticism aimed at them. That totally speaks for her. (ALSO not a Sterek shipper here. Go figure.)

    • A.s. says:

      Really you habent even see melia but your already dising her. Yeah i know Sterek was popular (i ship it too) but you cant force the writers to make Dylan and Tyler do anything out of there confort zone. This is actually verry childish comment because if you werent so close minded you could see past one character(which you still dont know verry much) because teen wolf always seams to amaza us. Plus, the percentage you gave are very unvalid because you probly didnt take a poll or anything. Also coyotes do have mates and she is a werecoyote. How about you watch the show and see how it plays out then you can talk about how Melia ( which she does not) suck.

    • Andrea says:

      Here, here! And i wonder how may litters she had in eight years?

  9. Jess says:

    See, I’d rather have Stiles be with Diana than Malia…Malia is pretty much a female Derek. She is literally his cousin. Like, what’s the point of bringing in a female Derek when you already have a Derek to work with? And also, we don’t know her that well outside of she was a coyote and then she made out (possibly had sex) with Stiles. She can’t just be part of the pack right away. I hope they at least ease her into the pack rather than just let her in straight away just because she has a connection to Stiles.

  10. Elsa says:

    Pathetic and embarrassing. Malia has got to be the most sexist and poorly written female character in recent television history.

    • Ray says:

      Sexist? You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

      • Elsa says:

        Are you kidding? They are totally ignoring the fact that she shouldn’t be in high school, she should be speaking english like an 8 year old, we aren’t getting an explanation of where she has been for the last 8 years, we’re just supposed to forget about it because she’s Stiles’ new sex buddy. She apparently is being given the EXACT SAME dynamic with Stiles as Derek has had (rough, funny, “a good pair”) It’s Sterek made hetero and a hollow female character for the sake of a male character’s dick. This is so disappointing and insulting and anyone who is actually falling for this is an idiot.

        • Fiona Smith says:

          Yeah none of that makes Malia the most sexist character written in recent television history…

        • sonya says:

          lmao. what is this comment even? this fandom is funny man.

        • Natalie says:

          You realise how actually sexist and insulting it would be if they actually made a grown woman have the mindset of a child?? Like maybe maybe in the real world if something like a child turning into a coyote for 8 years then back to a human were possible then hypothetically she might have the mindset of a child. But there is no way to know that because that is literally impossible in the real world. Teen Wolf is tv world where that stuff is possible and I can assure you nobody would be pleased to see a woman act like a little girl on tv. Taking away her agency like that WOULD be sexist. Instead we’re given a strong female character who is not bound by society’s gender restraints and takes control of her sexuality. How often do we get to see a couple on tv where the girl is the strong one, they one who is more “dominant”. With all these “male monster falls for female human” stories floating around on tv, movies and books, its is so refreshing to see that relationship in reverse. You calling her a sex object is what is sexist and unbelievably insulting. That is slut shaming at its finest. A woman can’t actually want and enjoy sex without being a sex object. Good god!

          • Elsa says:

            Are you kidding? They only did it so they could have Stiles stick his d*** in her. She’s a sex toy, they don’t give a crap about creating a good character because she’s just a female Derek. She’s not strong. She’s a duplicate with a vagina. By the way “slut shaming”? That’s not what this is. This is me being grossed out that they are going against there own canon of her being feral since she was 8 and making her suddenly a capable consenting women so they could get a sex scene out of her. Besides Shelley Hennig is the one who slut shames. She called Lydia a slut in her first ever interview for Teen Wolf. Of course she doesn’t care that her character absolutely nothing of substance. Besides you need to learn what “strong female character” means, it’s not someone who comes in and kicks ass while still catering to the male gaze, that’s a man’s sex fantasy. What is meant by “strength” is independent and able to hold her own and not solely created to have sex and walk around naked and be the dominatrix fantasy for guys.

        • Minee Nee says:

          She’s a WERE-coyote. Just because she was in her coyote form for like … 8 years, it doesn’t mean she should speak like an 8-year-old. She could’ve easily heard someone speaking (after all, she did seem to know where nearly everything was in Beacon Hills) And the dynamic she has with Stiles? Oh sorry, because if we’re talking about that rough exterior, Peter and Stiles have it too, but in a much creepier way …

      • Erin says:

        If treating most female characters on a show as interchangeable love interests is not sexist, i don´t know what is.

    • LOL…there are a lot of shows showing men just like sex objects..this is sexist too? lol

  11. sonya says:

    I’m excited for Malia’s character. I’m gonna hold off on my opinion of her and Stiles until I see more of them, but I’m keeping an open mind. I wasn’t a fan of their hook up, but I’m willing to look past that. I think there’s still a lot of potential with her character despite the obvious missteps and lol teen wolf is a campy show about werewolves so what are you gonna do? I really liked Shelley in TSC and I have a feeling she’s going to be great as Malia.

  12. Fiona Smith says:

    I adore Shelley so i’m looking forward to Malia can’t wait for the show to start so I can see her in action <3

  13. M says:

    only thing i can say after reading this is that i am the exact opposite of excited about this character. shelley seems nice but i will prob be forwarding thru most of her scenes especially the ones with stiles

  14. rachel says:

    Malia is one of the things I’m looking forward to the most about this season. Idek. I think all the drama surrounding the character is kinda amusing, ever since last season I thought her character had the potential to be entertaining if she stuck around. The whole concept of her character is such a fun one to play around with, especially as a female character. It’s gonna be great seeing her be inappropriate and aggressive and just being clueless about social norms. But also seeing her relationships develop. Shelley seems sweet, can’t wait to see her on the show tonight.

    • Blue says:

      Right? I’m so here for inappropriate Malia who does and says things that make the rest of the pack look at her funny. Her relationship with stiles seems like it’s going to be funny and sweet, so looking forward to that too. Never seen the actress in anything else but, I liked the little bit of her we seen on tw.

  15. Jennifer says:

    I’m sorry but I can’t get past what a horrible episode “Echo House” was and how creepy and vile the attempt to make that basement hookup seem romantic was. It’s basically tainted everything about the Stiles/Malia relationship for me. I’m willing to give Malia a chance as a character, but if her character relies so heavily on her relationship with Stiles than I don’t know if I can stomach watching that.

    • sonya says:

      that’s interesting because I can tell you that scene made me a lot less uncomfortable than the scene between Lydia and Stiles in season 2 in her bedroom. Now that’s a squicky scene, but I’ve been able to look past it and I still enjoy them. I didn’t like the hook up in echo house either, but not really because of ‘consent issues” I didn’t see any there, I actually feel like the fandom over-exaggerates how bad that hook up was in terms of consent issues. They were both aware of what was happening and able to consent, the show didn’t give us any reason to think that they couldn’t. At most Stiles was very tired and stressed and Malia was feeling really guilty but that doesn’t exactly mean consent issues. Of course sex in a mental facility is kind of not allowed for obvious reasons, but other than that I’m not sure what’s so bad about it. I just thought it didn’t fit in the episode and seemed rather pointless because we didn’t see Malia’s character after that until the finale.

      • a says:

        Even if we try to pass the major consent issues like her not having human contact for years and Stiles being possessed by a spirt of more than 100 years old, this is a show targeted at teenagers and you had two of them having unsafe sex. For a TV show that preaches here and there how much they try to educate people, this was surely not a way of doing it. But hey, maybe a pregnant Malia is the new arc for season 5.

        • sonya says:

          Stiles was NOT possessed when they slept togeher. We literally saw him get possessed at the end of the episode AFTER that scene. And her not having human contact does not mean she can’t consent. Unsafe sex yeah ok. But realize not everything happening on this show is meant to be a ‘teaching moment’ this is not an after school special. Teenagers some times have unsafe sex, its a sucky reality, but it happens. Just because its being depicted onscreen does not mean that the writers are suddenly endorsing having unsafe sex. C’mon.

          • Andrea says:

            Stiles may not have been possessed when Malia ‘whatever’ happened but he was sleep deprived, out of his head on drugs, terrified, in a strange place with a weird girl who came onto him aggressively (and has continued to do so).

      • Brizu says:

        Sorry, gotta pop in here. Stiles was not just “very tired and stressed,” he was sleep-deprived (which studies have shown to be equitable to being drunk) and drugged with both sedatives and haldol (which has many side effects including hallucinations for people who do not need psychotics).

        So, Stiles was basically drunk from lack of sleep, physically and mentally impaired from the sedatives, and possibly hallucinating from the haldol. While I doubt the general public picked up on any of that, for those of us who have been taken advantage of when we couldn’t consent, that scene was very disturbing and the fact that it is being played up as sexy or romantic even more so.

        I don’t blame Shelley for any of this, of course, I blame the writers.

        • Ash says:

          Thank you! People act like just because the nogitsune hadn’t possessed him (yet – despite still clearly affecting his mind at that point) that suddenly it’s all hunky dory and he was 100% capable of clear thought and responsible consent. Yeah, um, dude was still majorly sleep deprived and drugged twice over, so…

        • sonya says:

          In this scenario who is taking advantage of who? I’m pretty sure if stiles was actually unable to consent malia would have had no way of knowing that.. but I like how you casully try and make this scene more sinister than it actually is. We didn’t see stiles take any drugs at all so that’s really just an assumption on your part? We saw morrel give him drugs but whether or not he took them is pure speculation especially when we could see thAt he didn’t trust her to actually help him. We only saw him injected with a sedative which would actually reduce sleep deprivation and force him to sleep- which at the time was the only way the nogitsune could possess him. We don’t know how long he was asleep in that little dark room where the orderly left him. But he wasn’t possessed because Malia broke him out… So where was it shown that he was on a bunch of drugs and so sleep deprived that he was unAble to consent? You guys casuAlly add whatever you wAnt to justify your feelings about something without checking with what’s actually shown in Canon.

  16. dociarose says:

    Anything Stiles likes is good with me. Will always ship him with Derek outside the show. Nice to see him getting the attention he soooooo deserves. Sweet baby.

    • Elsa says:

      You realize they are making her a female version of Derek right? It’s hetero Sterek.

      • Niko says:

        Nope. If anything she’s fanon Derek. Canon Derek does not have issues gaging emotion nor is he even aggressive towards others anymore. He doesn’t even grab people as a sign of love, he grabs them because he wants to threaten and show is dominance.. well at least he used to.

        • a says:

          Dude, that’s the point!!! Seriously, just open your eyes for a bit, I beg you. S1 and S2 launched the Sterek phenomenon. That banter? That mutual protection? That tension and how Derek manhandled Stiles was how everything began. THAT Derek is what they’re trying to recreate with Erica, Cora, Malia. No chemistry with Erica so they moved on, Cora left, and now Malia. Cora was supposed to be the one taking Stiles v card. Confirmed by WRITERS and the actress herself.
          OF COURSE the Derek now is not like that. Especially not after the several times he was saved by Stiles. After the several times they’ve all worked together and protected each other. Hoechlin said Derek found a new family. Sure, Derek’s eyebrows and sass are all still there, but of course he’s not like that anymore. And hey, they’re not only trying to recreate the Sterek dynamic during S1 and S2, as they’re also trying to completely erase Sterek from the show because OF COURSE they’ve changed and became closer, but you can’t have that. You can’t have that relationship grow on the same screen as you’re trying to replicate it. Fans would never care about Stalia when Sterek was for many what made them actually watch the show to begin with, so they cut it out. Worst mistake ever.
          Welcome to the new Teen Wolf.

          • Niko says:

            Not really a lot of sterek is based in fanon and that was my point. Their relationship was never built on being attracted to one another that is fanon. Dereks aggression towards Stiles was never about affection that is also fanon. In season 1 and 2 their “mutual protection” was more about human decency than I can’t live without you. If anything the one person in those seasons Derek actually tried to risk life and limb to protect and save was Scott. Thats not to say they haven’t helped each but the idea that they had a strong bond in the beginning is again, fanon. Hell there had even been two instances in which Derek was presumed dead and Stiles didn’t even care.
            How is that the same as what Stiles and Malia are going to be? I’m gonna need more than she’s aggressive with him to even remotely entertain the idea that there are no differences between the two pairings. Its very easy to say their dynamics are exactly the same when you’ve not seen how they’re relationship will play out and when you strip away all of the context behind each relationship.

  17. dude says:

    I’ve loved Shelley since her Days days. Couldn’t stand the original Stephanie, she’ll always be THE Stephanie in my book.

  18. I’ve loved Shelley since TSC and am interested in her character on Teen Wolf. I love the idea of her being rough around the edges and developing relationships with the other characters. I do not like the “mates for life” thing though. That’s pretty intense for a new relationship. I’d actually prefer if they focussed less on romance and more on developing her character independently.

    • sonya says:

      I’m not convinced that’s actually going to be a thing though, the “mates for life” thing. I think that’s probably where Malia’s mind is at right now because Stiles is the first person she’s had a real relationship with since she’s been isolated from human contact. I can totally see Malia who’s used to how coyotes “mate” feeling like Stiles and her are forever. But also that’s very much like most teenage girls who’ve been in love? (not saying that they’re in love but they obviously really like each other) I definitely remember thinking some of my relationships were forever when I was a teen. lol.

  19. Brizu says:

    The more they talk about Malia, the less interested I am in her character. Stop telling us we’re going to love her and invest all that energy in making her character actually make sense. Shelley is beautiful and talented and I have nothing against her (except calling one of the other TW ladies a “slut”) but no matter how great she is, it doesn’t mean much if the writing for her character is bad. I have hopes that the episodes themselves will provide sufficient reasons to care about Malia, because these articles do not.

    She and Stiles had unprotected sex in a basement while he was losing his mind and drugged up to his eyeballs = lifelong mates? Not romantic, actually pretty disturbing, sorry. Try again, maybe after they’ve exchanged more than a few sentences.
    “We wrote her kind of like Derek in season 1” “she carries guilt because she’s responsible for her family dying” “punching Stiles is her way of love” = wow, who else does this sound like? Oh, Derek. You know, the character fans have been wanting Stiles to get with since S1. Sounds like the writers are trying to recreate a dynamic – kind of like they did with Erica (originally planned to get together with Stiles), and Cora (supposed to “punch his V-card” before Adelaide left).

    I’m just really not impressed with the handwaving of Malia’s social and mental development. Feral children are a well documented phenomenon. Why doesn’t Malia still have the vocabulary of a child? She hasn’t had the opportunity to learn new words. She should have no concept of math, history, emotional nuances, or any sort of social norms. Knowledge of sex does not equal maturity.

    [Before anyone jumps in, the argument that I’m being “bigoted” against a m/f couple because I refuse to accept the same dynamic that I enjoy in a m/m f/f couple is nonsensical. Of course I’m offended if they try to recreate it with a straight couple! You know why? Because it sends the message a queer pairing is not acceptable but a hetero pairing of the same sort is. That, especially on a show that promotes itself on being “progressive,” is extremely problematic and very offensive to me as a queer woman.]

    • sonya says:

      When did derek punch stiles as a way of showing love? I love sterek and I ship them, but your fanon headcanons about why derek punch stiles does not make them canon, and sterek tropes are like all popular romantic tropes, we don’t have any “rights’ to them. they are not ours. Malia is not a female derek.

      • Brizu says:

        I never said Derek punched him as “sign of love.” However, there is a noticeable trend. Derek shoved Stiles into a wall & smacked his head into the steering wheel in S1, which is when the Sterek ship took off. S2, Erica was intended to be Stiles’s love interest and she shoved Stiles into a wall & knocked him out with a car part. Gage left, so they brought in Cora, whose similarities to Derek were brought up multiple times (by Stiles, no less).
        Now we have another Hale whose interactions with Stiles are based on rough-housing and social incompetence. Why not play out Stiles and Malia the way they played out Scott and Allison? Or Allison and Isaac?

  20. Somebodey says:

    AHAHAH…..CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  21. l says:

    I will love the new gurl BC she is dated stiles witch is a total hottie for me and I am a huge fan of teen wolf can’t wait till season premiere and HAVE FUN!!!!!!!😁😁😁😁😁😍😍

  22. April says:

    IDK I’ve loved many shows over the years and not once have I felt this bitter about any of them, so I think that says something? I’ve disagreed with their choices sometimes, or gotten upset about them, but I’ve never felt like the creator outright hated me. And maybe Jeff Davis doesn’t hate me, but everything he’s doing with this show suggests that he does. What it feels like is Jeff punching his own fans in the face ala Malia and then claiming it’s love while he watches us bleed out.

  23. Jared says:

    The chemistry between Derek and Stiles is crazy especially when there in scenes together. Would love the writers to explore that relationship more but I doubt its gonna be this season if at all. Its funny how much fans want those two characters together.

  24. A says:

    Jeff Davis:Teen Wolf is a world without homophobia!
    fans:awesome, wouldn’t it be great to have these two male characters with amazing chemistry together for more diversity in sexual orientations? That’s not something you see in mainstream media that much. It’d be pretty fantastic.
    Jeff Davis:Yea…they do have great chemistry together don’t they?
    Jeff Davis:Here’s what we’ll do, we’ll take ALL of that chemistry…
    fans:yes yes??
    Jeff Davis:And that male character you like
    fans:hot dang yea??
    Jeff Davis:And try to recreate it with a heterosexual relationship!!!
    fans:wait what?
    Jeff Davis:And also we’ll stop giving the other two any scenes together at all.
    fans:wait what?
    Jeff Davis:AREN’T I SO GOOD AT THIS.

    • Chris says:

      You are spot on here.

    • Gabby says:

      You have it right on the spot. They used the Sterek fandom for votes, fanon headcanons we created to create exactly what we wanted with Sterek then slapped us in the face with this new character. I have no problem with the character herself (beside little character development thus far) or a heterosexual ship for Stiles (like Styida, Cora x Stlies) if Dylan O’Brien is uncomfortable with being in homosexual relationship with his cast mates. I would not even a problem with Stalia if the writers had approached the introduction of this character differently however they throw this character into relationship with one the most popular characters on the show without ease her in like all the other love interests for the main cast.

  25. Natalie says:

    I am SO EXCITED for Malia! I mean I’ve loved this show for years and I love all the characters but I think I’m actually the most excited to see where Malia goes this season! Especially seeing her relationships with the rest of the pack, Stiles obviously, but also this hinted at Malia/Kira/Lydia trio. She sounds like such an amazing, fun character and I can’t wait to see where her story goes. And Shelley seems like an actual sweetheart!

  26. Just because anti-Malia fans seem to be more vocal does not mean that 70% of Teen Wolf fans hate her!! I LOVE Malia and Shelley and can’t WAIT to see how she does on the show. Way to go MTV- don’t give in to all the hate floating around Malia… I know a large portion of us fans are excited about this new development! #TEAMMALIA #STALIA

  27. Aisha says:

    I know a lot of *whispers as I go into hiding* Sterek fans don’t like Malia but she literally hasn’t done anything to be either strongly liked or disliked. I’m excited to see Malia from both this interview and the fact that I loved Shelley Henning in the Secret Circle.
    I hope people aren’t going to be too mean to her at Comic Con, maybe they’ll love her by that time, I’m sure I will.

  28. rebeca says:

    I respect the actress, I just don’t like malia and the way she’s like stiles’ soulmate out of nowhere, and like why are they trying the fans to LIKE her so much??? what about the other new characters, why don’t they write more storied about them uhh? because they KNOW! the fandom is not responding well to her introduction to the show! whether you’re a shipper or not, her character is just forced and unnecesary, they’ve totally forgot about kira; what about her new storyline for this season? like not everything’s about malia so stop making it seem she’s the best thing that happen to teen wolf because she is not

  29. Ash says:

    I think Shelley is great, and I loved her on Secret Circle. Likewise, I feel like I could really like Malia as a character. I’m excited to see where she takes the character. It’s just the Stalia part that I get hung up on. (And if the ‘mates’ thing is canon, I might just punch someone, too!)

  30. Janet says:

    I’m soooooooo excited for Malia and Stalia :D

  31. Loved her on Days of Our Lives and I love her on Teen Wolf as Malia. Can’t wait to see more of her!

  32. Fenris Vile says:

    Mm, calling it now. Malia’s evil, or at the very least more than she says she is. The whole “mates” talk has got to be a smokescreen for how underdeveloped her relationship is with Stiles. This is like how they kept throwing Jennifer at us and talking about how sweet she was and how she and Derek were ~*IN LOVE*~… only for one of the writers to later say “if it was supposed to be a real romance don’t you think we’d have spent more time on it?”

    I’m guessing we’ll have a reveal later in the season – probably episode 9 or so – that Malia isn’t actually Peter’s child and that she’s up to something.

    • rebeca says:

      I have the same thoughts as you, I really think she’s just using the excuse of the hook up yo have stiles on her side, and being a hale? I don’t consider her one, I think that Liam kid it’s going to turn out to be Peter’s kid instead

  33. redver says:

    She basically described Sterek without even knowing it. Congratulation Teen Wolf on creating the “hetero” Sterek 2.0 and on disappointing your loyal fans once again. I’m outta here. Bye.

  34. Maddy says:

    Physical violence does not equal love. To imply that it does is just wrong on all levels.

    • Linda Falke says:

      I agree. It’s a shame Shelley didn’t think about that. I wonder if she ended up regretting what she said. I hope she did, because she was basically saying, “Yeah! Malia physically abuses Stiles. But it’s okay, because it’s an act of love!”

      I like her. But let’s face it! She stuck her foot in her mouth, and I don’t think she’ll ever live this one down.

  35. malia is great says:

    malia is the best, yes

  36. Lia says:

    Honestly, I think Malia is an interesting character. But I don’t like her yet. Before you all go crazy about how it’s because I “ship” Stiles with someone else, that is seriously not the case. It’s been, like, three episodes and Stiles and Malia already have a thing. There’s no chemistry between them at all. I’m trying to give Stalia a chance because I want Stiles to be happy, but really? The sparks aren’t flying for me.

    I want to like her. But I don’t understand her. She’s been a coyote/werewolf for eight years and they’re going to suddenly push her into the plot line? That’s not realistic. Her storyline is confusing, she was pushed in too messily, and honestly, she annoys me. I’ll keep an open mind about it until after tonight’s episode, but something about her makes me cringe.

    And there’s the fact that all these articles are trying to get me to like her. Like “oh, she’ll be amazing, don’t worry!” It’s like, no, stop trying to shove her character down my throat. I’ll like her if I like her.

    • Gabby says:

      I completely agree with you. This character lacks some major character development and the shoving down our throats to like her is offense to the fans.

  37. Hank!!! says:

    Ok, I was reading comments, WTF is wrong with you people?! She is an actor, don’t hate her for it. Another person said, “Stiles was taken advantage of in Echo House.” WTF?! The writers knew what they were doing and it’s a fiction TV show, NOTHING HAPPENED and, why is Stile’s STILL attracted to her?! To the “Sterek” fans… WTF! How could Dylan and Tyler, make out? They arn’t gay, don’t they have a say in it too? What if the writers were trying to replicate the relationship, but with a female, fo both Dylan and Tyler’s benefit? You crazed-fans need to stop watching if you have a problem with Malia. Also “Styida” fans, it isn’t going to happen. (Atleast not this season.) GET. OVER. IT.

    • Hank!!! says:

      BTW, I meant the “Why is Stiles STILL attracted to her?!” I meant it, if he was taken advantage of, he wouldn’t like her anymore.

    • Fred says:

      You don’t have to be gay in real lie to play a gay person on TV. Keauhu and Charlie aren’t gay and yet they did a great job of portraying Danny and Ethan who are gay.

  38. Susan says:

    Just saw episode 1 of teen wolf, and Malia is so butt kickin!!!!!! Her and Kira make great fighting duo, awesome how they’ve inserted that awkwardness, she’s a great actor, real hopes for her character :D I WISH SHE WASN’T A LOVE INTEREST!! I feel like it cheapens her so much :'( Like how cool would she be, as like the good guy version of Peter? Dang, she mowed that guy down like nobody’s bizness!!

  39. Cub says:

    She’s pretty much Anya from BTVS

    • Ellie says:

      I totally agree, except Anya had a really good introduction and slow-build as a character that really endeared her to both fans and casual viewers. Plus, even remotely comparing “Teen Wolf” to “Buffy” just makes me cringe. I might be willing to give a pass for TW’s first two seasons, but after that? Joss Whedon’s writing, consistent continuity, characterization, and willingness to push boundaries (hello, Willow and Tara) in a good way absolutely blows Jeff Davis out of the water.

  40. Tiffany says:

    I loved Maia since I met her in season 3b but not watching the season premiere omg! I love her so much more it’s amazing! Her and stiles electricity is insane! Love them and love that she is so blunt and stiles is trying to teach her and how scared and crazy sties got when malia ran away and when she was back in the car and he told her and that wasn’t Lydia being jealous that was Lydia rolling her eyes at pretty much “her brother” flirting with a girl he likes a lot! Loven it!

  41. Mo says:

    I actually really like the character of Malia… she’s super entertaining so far. And I actually do not ship anybody on this show. But she see Stiles as her “mate for life”? Really? No. Give me a reason to care about that relationship & maybe I’ll change my mind, but right now that kind of talk just irritates me. She’s a good character, but don’t try & shove her down my throat, please & thank you.

    And even though Sterek is more fanon than canon & not something I ship, I remember those interviews from the past. You remember, when people were happy that Jeff Davis was “so open to Sterek.” And we would hear things like “oh yeah, if you ship Sterek just wait until you see what we’ve got coming up for you in this next batch of episodes!” and “oh boy you’re gonna love the pool scene!” Because they pimped the hell out of that ship, and then act surprised that some people took them seriously.

    • Ellie says:

      I’m not a shipper either, but I could blatantly see Jeff Davis and the writers baiting fans back in the first two seasons. That’s one of the lowest things a writer can do, and it’s just plain cruel, especially when they imply (like I remember Jeff Davis doing) that there might actually be a chance of the couple happening. Fan-preferred couplings HAVE occurred in other shows before, including with homosexual couples (Torchwood and Spartacus and Buffy, anyone?). Hell, aside from the increasingly terrible writing, cardboard love interests, and lack of continuity/mythology, it was one of the main things that turned me off of the show in early Season 3. And I see it hasn’t gotten any better since…

  42. Alyson says:

    Last season I was still a pretty hard core Stydia fan and I am to a certain degree. But I really like Malia, and what type of dynamic she brings to the pack and how shes sweet with Styles. I can say that while I do like Lydia and Styles. Stalia has my vote now!

  43. Yvo says:

    Interesting how people keep shipping Sterek when even if the writers did want to give them a relationship it would be illegal in the state of California. So what exactly would they be promoting with Derek being like 8 years older than stiles. When season 1 started Stiles was like 16 and his character has yet to turn 18 yet, making it illegal for them to be in a sexual relationship. And even if they weren’t involved in a sexual relationship… Stiles is still under age and in high school what type of serious relationship could they really have. I think that a Sterek pairing (and trust I do love the fantasy pairing) is unrealistic and if actually implemented in the show before Stiles graduated high school would be unacceptable to me. And their relationship never seemed romantic… just an awkward bromance (when together) because when they’re apart it doesn’t seem like they think much of each other.

    As for Malia’s character, I need to see more of her.I’m ready for some character development [unlike with Kira :-(…(maybe the both of them will be more developed)… and to see her socially awkward moments … like when she said she wouldn’t leave Stiles but def. Kira and Lydia.. you just dont say those things out loud]. I definitely think that they were just trying to get Stiles laid ’cause the rest of the main characters were getting some. And I’m just going to trust the writers with this whole mating thing. But I think it can work in Stiles favor seeing as he is pretty weak. He’s smart but maybe Malia’s dedication to him will become a strength which is what he needs… some power. And who knows, she may realize that just because you sleep with someone doesn’t mean they’re really your soulmate… at least not for humans but the writers had to somehow set a cause for her dedication to Stiles and no one else… or maybe she’ll be reflection of many love (lust) struck teenage girls who think that by sleeping with a guy means you’re soulmates…. Maybe a reality check is in store for her (though Stiles doesn’t seem like the type of person to just dump someone like that……..unless it was for Lydia.. lol. the possibilities).

    To all you haters who want to stop watching the show because of a relationship that you haven;t given the chance to develop… Goodbye. I for one an glad to see a strong bold girl on the show whose not afraid to just do it (no pun intended). I don’t really thinks she reflects Derek’s relationship with Stiles. But of course there will be similarities…. they’re related… that whole family has anger and aggression issues…. Also if you think that being physically abusive is a sign of love… please go and see a psychiatrist because I fear for the relationships you will enter. BTW… when Malia punched Stiles it wasn’t for affection… it was because she was angry that he had a part in turning her back human…. pent up aggression… not passion or affection.

    If I were to compare her to one character it would be Lydia. Both strong, arguably independent, sharp at the tongue females. But Malia has more experience , not necessarily control, with her powers making her more comfortable and bold when using them. I see more of a anti-Lydia-Stiles relationship than a Derek- Stiles relationship with them. With Lydia-Stiles you have Stiles who is so dedicated to Lydia bu the “love” feelings are not reciprocated and she’s always with someone else whereas with Stalia I think Malis is the more dedicated one but at least her efforts are not in vain. She “loves” Stiles and is dedicated to him… I think the both of them really need to figure out their feelings but hey, we’ve got a whole season (though I doubt it will be focused on their romance….. seems like they have more important things to deal with). I’m excited. If you’re not… then swerve.

    • georgie says:

      In the script for the pilot, it states that Derek is 19, which makes him 3 years older than Stiles. They haven’t explicitly stated how old Derek is in the show but to my mind you have to take the script as canon. And while it’s illegal in California for an adult to have sex with someone under the age of 18, it’s not illegal for a 19 year-old to date a 16 year-old. Making out is a-okay as well.

      Of course, if those ages hold – and we know Kate was 28 when she died – then if Derek was 16, then it stands to reason that Kate was 25 when she seduced him before burning his family alive.

      Not that it matter really. The continuity issues and plot holes on Teen Wolf far surpass any stated canon so logic doesn’t really have a place when discussing much of the show.

      Like Malia…

      • Ellie says:

        I was just going to say the same thing. The utter lack of continuity in the show makes it incredibly difficult to determine what’s canon and what’s not. The writers don’t seem to even know the age of the characters. However, I very distinctly remember back in the first episodes of Season 1 it being mentioned that Derek was only a few years older than the high schoolers. Like, about 20 or 21 at the most. And Kate had preyed on and molested him while Derek was underage.

        Continuity matters, TW writers. Stick with it. Or else your fans will get annoyed and confused, and that’s never a good thing. No one seems to know what’s canon or not anymore.

  44. Jon says:

    Haha, idk about you guys, but after watching the pilot…I’m totally gonna ship Malira (Malia and Kira). Damn you Jeff Davis, you know exactly how to pull a man in.

  45. Clau says:

    Shelley seems great. Not crazy about Malia though. I’m still waiting for stydia to happen..at least we got Lydia jealous in last nights episode that’s something..

  46. tee-lynn says:

    love stalia was not into styles and lydia

  47. Ian smith says:

    I realy love Shelley,and its good seeing her in teenwolf as Malia,and most of all with stiles,thats so awesome!!

  48. Ian smith says:

    I realy love Shelley,and its good seeing her in teenwolf as Malia,and most of all with stiles,thats so awesome!!!

  49. Andrea says:

    Stiles has more ‘chemistry’ with his baseball bat! Malia is actually an abusive, aggressive stalker threatening not to leave Stiles, breaking into his bedroom and ripping him up. When he complained to Scott he sounded fed up and when asked if they were ‘dating’ he didn’t answer. People think its ‘funny’ or ‘cute’ it’s a problem of the society we live in that men with abusive partners are ridiculed and made to feel inadequate. Can anyone say Basic Instinct? She’s a bunny boiler and Stiles is it the pot!

  50. Keva says:

    Okay I get the ‘Sterek’ thing, cause they’re cute and funny together. I also get the ‘Stalia’ thing, I like them together they have chemistry. Over all I’m just happy Stiles has found someone to love and this person loves him back! I have been waiting for that forever and now that its happened I’m not gonna complain, I’m just gonna watch Teen Wolf!!💙