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Drop Dead Diva Boss Explains Finale, Previews Jane's Future With [Spoiler]

Drop Dead Diva Series Finale

Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva dismissed its final case Sunday with a romantic twist that longtime fans of the series never would have imagined when the show first began.

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Before diving into executive producer Josh Berman‘s explanation of the series finale’s ending, let’s quickly recap how things left off for the Harrison/Parker gang: Stacey went into labor before her wedding to Owen, resulting in the birth of their twins; Kim represented Dave in court, eventually admitting her feelings for him; and Jane and “Ian” lived happily ever after.

And now, let’s get some answers…

Drop Dead Diva Series FinaleTVLINE | I feel like having Jane end up with “Ian,” rather than Grayson, was kind of a bold move after six seasons.
Well, there’s a clear message in this series. It’s about falling in love with someone’s soul. Grayson fell in love with Deb in Jane’s body, so it made sense for Deb — as Jane — to fall in love with Grayson in someone else’s body.

TVLINE | Did you anticipate that some fans might not be happy with that ending?
I hope the fans will understand why the series is ending this way. Thematically, it makes perfect sense.

TVLINE | How did Jackson Hurst feel about not appearing in the final few episodes?
I discussed the plan with Jackson last year, and his exact words were, “Hell yes!” He understood what we were trying to do with the characters, and he was very much on board. I love Jackson. I’m very close to him. I went to his wedding. I wouldn’t have written the ending this way if it would offend or hurt him in any way. He loved the storyline we gave him.

TVLINE | In your mind, what’s next for Jane and “Ian”? Might she start her own firm, with him on board as a paralegal?
I love this question. If another network is interested in picking up the show, I would be happy to tell that story. I love Drop Dead Diva. I love these characters and I’m sad to say goodbye to them.

Drop Dead Diva Series FinaleTVLINE | Stacey and Owen’s wedding was interrupted, but is it safe to assume they eventually went back and tied the knot?
Another good question. I think it is safe to assume — but with twins, they might be too busy to plan another big wedding. They love each other, and they are a family now. Stacey is happy, Owen is happy and I am happy.

TVLINE | What were you hoping to achieve with this finale, and do you think you were successful?
The show has come full circle. Deb and Grayson are finally together, although they are both in different bodies. True love has prevailed.

What did you think of the Diva finale? Any loose ends you wish had been tied up? Drop a comment with your review below.

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  1. Barbie says:

    I feel to challenge true love they should’ve put Grayson in a woman’s body. That’d’ve been awesome! Haha

    • cyclinggrammy says:

      No! that would have been sick and ruined the 6 seasons!

    • steveC says:

      I’m not sure exactly that, but yes, the only issue I have with the finale – and with moving Grayson to another body – is that Jane went from loving a super hot guy to loving another super hot guy. SHE should have been challenged to love somebody who wasn’t physically perfect, just like he was.

  2. Danielle says:

    No, the finale was crap. Doing that with Grayson’s character was a complete slap in the face to fans. It doesn’t make sense but of course this guy is going to say so because he wrote the freaking ending

    • Sharon says:

      Agreed. I absolutely love this show, but season 6 just didn’t live up to others. I get the soul mate story line, but come on…this is TV and we want Jane and Grayson, not Ian. As for Stacy & Owen-forget it. The finale was over in a flash given that half if the story was about a Japanese whaling case. Who cares? Give me more of the character stories on the FINALE!

      • Soopah Soopah Soopah says:

        I don’t understand how people don’t consider isn’t Jane and Grayson (Or honestly, Deb and Grayson). I mean, they still ended up together…

    • Loopy says:

      I agree. I didn’t like them having Grayson die and come back. I have been a loyal fan from the beginning and felt they were just making fools out of us and the whole premise of the show.

    • Annette says:

      I totally agree. Only just seen the finale as it had not aired in Australia.What a stupid idea to kill Grayson off right at the end and put him in some botoxed up male with a weird look on his face. That was crap! If they were going to end the show and tie everything up then it should have ended with a double wedding and Jane finally with Grayson. Why kill him off, it was so pointless and then the last show has flashbacks of him./ Der!! I felt the whole Stacey and Owen thing was wrong too as I held out hope for Jane and Owen but then I was ok with her and Grayson but Stacey and Owen was a massive betrayal when Jane was so confused. If my friend did that I would have slapped her and never spoken to her again. Season six last 4 episodes were rubbish and clearly just written without much thought to tie things up and shut it all down. Even when Kym and Owen were worried about Jane and she got angry, why would she when they were only worried about her, that is what friends are for. That whole storyline was a massive let down and I didn’t even realize they were ending the series. Only part of the last few episodes I enjoyed was Kym softening up. They always seem to kill off the good shows like Dallas and Fairly Legal, the new Melrose Place which didn’t even tie the ends up. YET The Bold and The Beautiful goes on – go figure???

  3. Suzy says:

    I still hoped for Jane and Owen to end up together, I loved that paring

  4. Terry says:

    I think the ending was great. Deb & Graysons were soul mates. & they’re souls are together yea other bodies but together. I still hope somebody picks this show up & continues their story.

    • StuartMindy says:

      I totally agree, as a fan from day one, i would love the show ro continue. However, if it doesn’t the writers and the cast did an awesome job. Thanks for six great seasons!!

    • cyclinggrammy says:

      I agree…I love that Jane didn’t have a perfect body, yet she had so much confidence! And I loved that Grayson/Ian could see beyond physical exterior and into the inner soul! I think that sends a great message! I also hope someone picks this show up and continues the storyline.

      • steveC says:

        I mentioned this in another comment, but how come only Grayson/Ian had to see beyond a physical exterior? Jane didn’t have that challenge when hot Ian showed up.

  5. Skittles&Bits says:

    I was disappointed with the entire season to be honest. I never liked the Owen/Stacy pairing and then Grayson ended up “dying” and coming back as “Ian” and my head just kept spinning and spinning. UGH. This show started out so well.

  6. Robert mahl says:

    Loved the show sorry to see it end

  7. Nancy says:

    Drop Dead Diva is my favorite show. I loved the finale, but would love to see it continue. There are many avenues the show could take and I would love to watch more episodes.

  8. I liked the ending, gave the impression that true soul mates will always find each other, I would definitely watch if it was picked up by another network

  9. Jan Badgett says:

    Who is Bob and Kathy Elliott?

  10. Sharen says:

    I truly enjoyed the ending. I am sad that it won’t be back. Terribly sad..

  11. f taylor says:

    UGH is right. Drop Dead Diva had gotten so boring and predictable I had decided to quit watching. Stacy/Owen boring. Intelligent judge falls in love with a ditzy? Yeah right. And Jane had gotten pompous & self-righteous on every episode. Story was different case but same theme. Over & over. Yawn. Finale yawn.

  12. Rebecca Northrop says:

    I have watched Drop Dead Diva since it first aired and I’m in love with all the characters, so yes I would love for it to continue for my own selfish reasons but it was a good ending. You kind of have the feeling how things are going to go with everyone’s life’s. With that being said I would have loved to see the twins and the wedding still happen between Owen and Stacy, then the wedding of Deb and Grayson too down the line. I second for another network to pick up this show and continue with the story line; I believe that there is way more to be told with these characters.

  13. david says:

    i would have liked to see them get married or maybe jane and stacy have a double wedding something like that

  14. Monica says:

    I am a little upset that the show is ending.

  15. Brandy says:

    I’m torn-on hand I understand the soulmates even in other bodies thing but yet was Dissapointed that Jane/Deb & Grayson as they were weren’t together..It felt like an ambiguous ending and not much of a series finale.I didnt hate it but didn’t love it either.

  16. Laura says:

    The episode was a good season finale, but as a series finale?? No way! I was waiting for the name of the twins too! Was anyone else expecting the girl to be named Deb??

  17. I loved the finale, and hope it can find another home. Hey Netflix! Come n get it!

  18. Margo McGrath says:

    I truly hope it gets picked up by another network. Thanks for helping me glide into the end of the weekend with something to look forward to– DDD curbed my Sunday night blues tremendously! Thank you for that!

  19. Gail Tweed says:

    I want this show to continue. Why would you take it off when so many love it?

  20. Elana Leanna says:

    It did crack me up that Grayson came back in another hot guy’s body.

    • Andy Swift says:

      lol right? wouldn’t the test have been if he came back in a dumpy frame?

      • says:

        Exactly. that was the whole premise – hot person comes back in not so hot body. Look beyond the exterior and all that. I didn’t like the finale – and Jane did get too bitchy – she’s smarter than that. To fully utilize the plot as is, we should have seen her struggle more with having to hide all the time and explain that she was just fed up with hiding.

        • says:

          And, “Jane” and Owen I think made a better couple – the coming together of those two was much more romantic than the aftermatch of “Jane” and Grayson – Jane had moved on… Grayson should have ended up with Stacey.

        • tara17 says:

          I don’t think the premise is “hot person comes back as not so hot person”, it’s seems more like “the right body for that soul”. Greyson, a traditional, highly successful man at everything in life, ends up in the body of Ian, someone who hasn’t exactly succeeded and without a lawyer’s credentials. His career hopes are as a paralegal for Jane. But he’s just happy to be with Jane – plus he gets bonus new musical skills!

      • Sara says:

        That probably would have angered people in a “why can’t the ‘big’ girl end up with a hot guy” kind of way.

  21. TexasThundress says:

    I love this show!! All of it!!! And SAD its over…..truly showed you never know what life brings or how it ends…..

  22. RJ Smith says:

    I have watched this show from the beginning. Loved the stories each and every one. I have welcomed this cast into my home every week of every season. Loved the finale and got exactly where the writers were going. I can’t tell you how much I’ll miss this show and these characters. Thanks, you gals and guys!

    • Totally agree with your comments! Also, ‘loved’ it and will ‘miss’ it, but didn’t see anywhere it could go. Great show, from its’ beginning to its’ ending!

  23. Michelle Taylor says:

    I hate the show is over. I’ve highly enjoyed it over the past several years. Glad to say I’ve watched it from start to finish. Good luck to everyone. You will be missed.

  24. Forney says:

    After baiting so many lines, I feel it wrong to just leave them out there like that. We as viewers have waited so long to dee Deb and Grayson together that we still don’t know if they will ever finally get married, not to mention what will happen to the others.

  25. Kim says:

    I felt cheated by the way Jane trusted Ian was Grayson. It took a long time for Grayson to be close to Jane. Also Terri was pushed out.

    • Fabian says:

      Jane trusted Ian was Grayson because she went through the same process he did (dying and pressing the return button). Also it took some time for Grayson to be close to Jane because he didn’t quite believe something like that could happen and then he was angry because she didn’t believe he would love her in that body.

      Finally I don’t quite understand what you mean by pushing her out, he did apologize to her for a mistake he didn’t commit.

  26. Tracy says:

    Loved the finale but so sad the show has ended! It was nice to see something smart, original and funny on TV for a change! I hope another network will pick it up but I don’t have much hope – the networks don’t seem too bright and they cater too much to idiots! Hence the demise of Pan Am, Studio Sixty on the Sunset Strip, Off the Map and the failed retool headed by a tool of SMASH which was stellar in S1! Bring back Diva!

  27. Tracy says:

    Do wish that we had seen more of the characters and less of the cases in the finale…when a series ends fans want to see the characters they love not filler material!

  28. ronika clack says:

    I want another season it can’t be over yet Grayson and Jane just got together we need more of them please bring the show back at least two or one more season please. I’m not ready to say goodbye

  29. Robin says:

    I am ver disappointed in the ending. I fell for the characters portrayed by Jackson and Brooke. It was not needed or appreciated by me.

  30. though i really wish Jane ended up with Grayson…like the actual Grayson, i’m glad that they sort of ended up together. the finale didn’t really feel like a finale to me and i hope another network picks up the show so we get more closure from another season.

  31. Andrea says:

    Please don’t end. I love this show!

  32. Coquette says:

    I wish the finale had developed more. I hate making assumptions. I want to SEE the happy ending through to the end. I hope there is a sequel. I feel this story is unfinished.

  33. holly holliday says:

    I feel like a lot of questions went un-answered. The episode should have been 2 hours long, instead of one.

    • Carrie says:

      As much as i loved the ending, i would have liked more. Two hours would have been much better. I would have liked to see at at least one wedding.

  34. Arlene Walker says:

    I have enjoyed the show so much. Please bring it back. It is my Sunday night favorite.

  35. P says:

    I only wish they had told Owen, so the four of them (Stacy, Jane, Ian, Owen) could be on the same page. After all, he’s a big part of all their lives.

  36. Becky says:

    I loved the “falling in love with someone’s soul” and that Deb and Grayson are finally back together. I’m crossing my fingers that another network picks the show up. I’ll be lost without it! AWESOME!!!!

  37. Kim Harris says:

    I’m so disappointed. that was nottttt good writing. it’s almost as if you were bored and couldn’t be bothered to end six yrs of built up story lines with anything other than a little couple song and kiss. we got no proposal no wedding we saw no twin babies no fn body cared about the whales. this was a lazy ridiculous end and I’m very upset with your very obvious lack of interest in finishing this show and tying up all the loose ends

  38. Ruth says:

    It would be great if another network picked it up!!!

  39. Elizabeth says:

    I understand where the executive producer is coming from with his explanation. But then again- I don’t. Yeah its about soles loving each other. That’s all well and good. But fans want what they want. And for six seasons they wanted Jane and Grayson together. Then to get so close and turn a different direction was a slap in the face. Its like saying “We don’t care what you think. The show is ending now” Give us a break! We’re all still reeling from the How I Met Your Mother finale.

  40. Melissa Gandee says:

    Grayson as a woman in no way would be good. Enough with everything having to be about Gays…heterosexual people deserve to be on TV and happy…life doesn’t have to be so political. As for the show ending just hope it is picked up elsewhere but if not the end was great. True love can surpass many obstacles that get in the way. When you find the right person life is just right. I love my husband eternally.

  41. lostinthought says:

    I loved the final scene in the finale. Sweet and a perfect ending. But, it made me even sadder that the show is ending. I really loved the final twist of Grayson becoming Ian, with its message of true love prevailing despite all obstacles. The actor who played Ian was charming from the start. It’s terrible that the network wanted only racier shows. This show hit the spot with me from the very start. I would watch a spin-off. It would be interesting to see how Ian/Grayson would rebuild his life. Congrats to the creators and actors on a wonderful run.

  42. Sonya says:

    I was so disappointed with the finale. I’ve been a faithful (since Day 1) DROP DEAD DIVA FAN n have been waiting to see Grayson & Jane find happiness. And U end it with Ian/Grayson? I’m going to miss the show. I wish it didn’t have to end. Especially like it did…😪

  43. Nancy Winn says:

    Wish there was more recapping images of them together at the end, rather than just 30 seconds or so. I cried when it was over. I’m going to miss this show more than I thought I would! Thanks for such a great series!

  44. Johnna says:

    Still crying from watching the last episode of a series I have SO enjoyed watching over the years. It will always rate as one of my very favorite. This makes five series now that I have watched from their beginnings that are ending this year. I think I need grief therapy! Thanks to all the amazing actors who made this series such a wonderful watch…you will be missed. Hope to see you in something else soon!

  45. Michele says:

    Over 30% considered this series finale awesome, for real? It was a wonderful series that my teenage daughter and I could watch together; with witty dialogue and current events that are meaningful…which is completely opposite what the finale delivered…disappointed, but grateful for the six seasons.

  46. Alexis Heinz says:

    The angels always get the short end of the stick! After involving them the whole time they got ripped off for credit. I like this show from the beginning & did not like the ending chemistry. I kept imagining how it could go & wish it had gone differently soul mates or not. I thought Owen could have a heart attack, when Ian got the death row end & Grayson would come back into Owen’s body. Then he & Jane would truly be in bodies they didn’t expect, but love each other anyway. Ian & Jane= no chemistry, Owen & Stacy= no chemistry, Paul was a riot, so funny, & he was a great angel. I’m glad they gave him screen time at the firm. I thought he & Stacy could have got on because they were both ditzy or Fred could come & trade with Paul because he had loved Stacy when he went back up. I think these pairings would have been more satisfying for long-time viewers. Disappointed but it could have had no wrap up like some series’ do, so at least it was something, just sort of rushed.

    • Annette says:

      No Grayson in Owens body would have been weird as too many people including myself really like Owen and he would be DEAD!!!!

  47. Veronica says:

    The Drop Dead Diva producers and writers knew that they had the usual 42 minutes for a finale. It seems they’ve been planning this finale for a quite awhile. So, I don’t understand how they’re so happy with this “rushed” ending. Each character deserved more time for closure. The court cases were just not necessary in the finale. If there is a spinoff, or a Season 7, I hope we change the format of the show and have more than two minutes for personal storylines. As for Grayson in Ian’s body, I inderstand the whole idea of souls loving each other, but I think this show was more than that. It was about Grayson being able to fall in love with Jane before he knew she was really Deb. Grayson falling for Jane was a HUGE deal for television. Even Jane/Deb couldn’t believe that Grayson could love her in her new plus size body. It was a beautiful and funny love story that’s never been told. Why do the writers think so many women related to Jane? In turn, Jane didn’t have any problems accepting Ian as Grayson because she had already been through it. Copying that storyline provided no obstacles or conflict to their love story (for others, yes, but not for them), so it wasn’t important for the writers to make this happen at the end of Season 6. We, the majority of fans, just wanted that happy ending with Jane and the man she loved since season one – the REAL Grayson. That being said, I’m excited for more seasons or a great spinoff. Because in the end, Jane Bingum is our true Diva and I don’t want to imagine a world without her!!

  48. Benji4 says:

    I actually cried when they were both @ the piano & then they flashed on to the picture of Deb & Grayson. It was. A truly beautiful ending to the story although I wish the story could go on & just be the end of Book I.

  49. Laine says:

    I noticed on the guide it just said season 6 ends……… blah blah blah – does that mean there IS hope???

  50. Dinorah says:

    I enjoyed the show, but it didn’t feel like the series finale, instead like a season finale. There wasn’t enough story line about the characters, it was like any other episode. I also wish they had kept Jackson Hurst as Grayson, he fit the character better, besides been so good looking. I didn’t feel any connection with “Ian”. I wish they had shown us the twins, babies names,the wedding (s) and Janes new life. I did like Stacy and Owen together. Please someone pick up the show.