Drop Dead Diva EP on Jane and Grayson's Sex 'Struggles,' Final Season Surprises and More

Drop Dead Diva Season 6It’s a bittersweet Sunday for Drop Dead Diva fans, as the Lifetime dramedy kicks off its final season with a two-hour premiere (9/8c). And with Grayson finally aware of Jane’s little secret, will this mark the beginning of a new relationship — or is this the beginning of the end?

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Below, creator and executive producer Josh Berman discusses Jane and Grayson’s “obstacles” in Season 6, reveals which familiar faces we’ll see back at the firm and says whether or not we can expect one last musical number.

TVLINE | You had plenty of notice that this would be the final season, right?
Yes, that’s the good news. We got to the write the entire season with an ending in mind. I always knew how I wanted the show to evolve, so getting this extra chapter where the secret’s out of the bag has been awesome.

TVLINE | What can you say about Jane and Grayson’s journey?
This is absolutely the season of Jane and Grayson. So many shows have the will-they-or-won’t-they couple and it never really gets resolved, but this certainly gets resolved — one way or the other — this year. They have a lot to deal with, though, because Jane lied to him. When Deb came back to Earth, she only told one person, Stacey, not the man she loved. It’ll be difficult for Grayson to understand why she didn’t trust him.

TVLINE | It’s funny, I’ve always thought of them as the when-will-they couple.
Well, everyone thought we were going with Jane and Owen. There were the Owen camps and the Grayson camps on Twitter. We never thought the chemistry would be so strong between Jane and Owen; he was originally just brought in for a three-episode arc, but they sparked to each other. In my mind, I always knew it was building towards Jane and Grayson. The question this season is: Can they overcome their hurdles?

drop-dead-diva-season-6-grayson-blogTVLINE | Is it possible Jane and Grayson could realize they aren’t meant to be together?
I think all the options are on the table. Jane has some insecurities about having sex with Grayson in her new form, and we play that out in a very real way. She expresses her concerns to Stacey, who helps her through it. And Grayson struggles to understand why Deb, the woman he loved, would ever doubt his love and devotion to her.

TVLINE | And what can we expect from Stacey and Owen?
It’s undeniable that Stacey and Owen will have to put their toes back in the water to see if they should or shouldn’t be a couple, and we certainly explore that during the season.

TVLINE | This being the last season, can we expect to see any of our favorite characters return? Kim, maybe Parker?
Well, starting the week after our premiere, Kim comes back as a series regular. We just gave her a little extra time for her maternity leave. We also have some returning favorites that haven’t been announced this season, though John Ratzenberger is coming back as Kim’s father. And we’re still looking for Kim’s mother. … There’s a special place in my heart for Ben Feldman, who played Fred, and I’m hoping we’ll have him back before the series is over.

TVLINE | Will we be getting a musical number this season?
We haven’t decided yet if there’s going to be a musical number, but Margaret Cho wrote and performed an original song, and Rick Springfield wrote and will perform and original song. … I wrote a version of the song, and I’m not a songwriter, so I said to him, ‘If you can take the essence of the song, I’d love for you to write it.’ He came back with something 1,000 times better.

Drop Dead Diva fans, what are your hopes for the final season? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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