Post Mortem: Orphan Black Bosses on Clone Twist, [Spoiler's] Fate and More

Orphan Black Season 2 Finale

Warning: If you have yet to watch Saturday’s Season 2 finale of Orphan Black, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

Orphan Black‘s Season 2 finale on Saturday added a new element to the conspiracy: male clones! Sarah discovered that the military had their own experiment going on, Project Castor, and Prolethean Mark was one of the subjects.

Meanwhile, Helena was kidnapped by the uniformed men, Cosima made a possible life-saving discovery and Rachel got a pencil to the eye!

Below, creators Graeme Manson and John Fawcett open up about the male clone twist, the fates of Sarah’s sisters, the show’s future (where is the Season 3 renewal?!) and more.

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TVLINE | Fans have been speculating about male clones for a while now, some even guessing it might be Felix. How long has this reveal been in the works?
MANSON | Since near the end of last season and really over the break between Season 1 and Season 2. We really liked the idea of a male clone opening up an entirely new facet of this conspiracy. We knew that there were two different aspects to the conspiracy. One was the Project Leda faction, and the other was the Project Castor faction.

TVLINE | What does the introduction of male clones mean for the world of the show and the characters? What is the impact?
MANSON | Well, that’s something yet to be determined, what the full impact of that actually is. At the moment, it’s a part of the puzzle. It’s a clue, and obviously a very big one. It opens up a lot of possibilities for the direction of Season 3.
FAWCETT | But at the moment, it seems that the Project Leda, that created female clones, and the Project Castor that created male clones are competing projects with no idea about one another. Paul has infiltrated Leda, so now Castor knows much more about Leda than Leda does about Castor.

TVLINE | Marion mentioned that there are other competing agendas, one of which is Project Castor. Is the military now the Big Bad in the way the Proletheans were this season?
FAWCETT | They are if not a Big Bad, then certainly a great big question mark.
MANSON | There’s a lot of elements that we needed to accomplish in this episode. It needed really to be a springboard for Season 3 and all the questions and clues that we want to follow in Season 3.

TVLINE | You keep saying Season 3. I’m actually surprised that it still hasn’t been officially announced. Is that just a formality at this point?
FAWCETT | No, it hasn’t been officially announced, so we can’t really say one way or the other about that. Graeme and I just talk the show all the time. And so we talk about Season 3. We talk about Season 4.
MANSON | We’re not slowing down on this end.

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Orphan Black Male ClonesTVLINE | Going back to the male clones, why did you choose to make it Mark?
MANSON | We really looked at all the permutations. The truth is is that Ari Millen really impressed us with the work he did with Mark’s character. He can be really creepy, and yet, he can show this heart. So we began to countenance that idea. And it really does something that we really like in that the end folds back to the beginning, so that Sarah’s facing down not the same person, but the same face, the face across the table at the beginning.
FAWCETT | When we had made the decision that we wanted to introduce the Project Castor males, there was a lot of discussion about who that would be. We want to make choices that will surprise the audience and not make obvious choices. And so, as much as it would have been fun to have Felix be the clone, it just seemed like it was too obvious and it just wasn’t going to be surprising enough. So I think people will be surprised by this, but when you look back on the season, you’ll go, “Oh my God, they’ve been planning this the whole time.”

TVLINE | Did Ari know he was going to be a male clone when he was cast?
FAWCETT | No, he sure didn’t. You know, what’s interesting about Ari is we cast Ari, obviously, early, early on because he appeared in Episode 1. That character was actually scheduled to die in Episode 6. We loved Ari and we loved Mark so much that we decided to preserve him. Right about that same time, we were making the decision that Mark would be a clone. This was very, very top-secret, and we kept that under wraps. Graeme called [Ari], actually, just before the scripts of [Episode] 210 came out.

TVLINE | The male clone that we saw in Marion’s house seems unwell and deranged. Is he the Helena of the male clones?
FAWCETT | [Laughs] Good one. He could be.
MANSON | We call him Scarface.
FAWCETT | He doesn’t have a name quite yet. But we like the fact that he looks scary, threatening and glitchy.

TVLINE | Mark’s not aware that he’s a clone, right?
FAWCETT | Mark isn’t, no. We don’t think he is.
MANSON | It is good to mention that we went to Tat [Maslany] and let her know that we’re going to do a male clone and that we’re seriously thinking of Ari. She was 100 percent behind that, just a real supporter of the talent on our show. Unequivocally, she said, “He’s a great actor. That’s a great idea.”

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Orphan Black Season 2 FinaleTVLINE | Last we saw, Helena was being carted off to Project Castor by Paul and Mrs. S. Should we be worried for Helena? What is their agenda with Helena?
FAWCETT | It’s hard to know what their agenda is with Helena at this point. We want to worry about where Helena’s gone and know that she’s in the hands of bad guys, basically.  That’s something that we want to deal with in the next season. That’s part of the clues for next season.

TVLINE | Moving on to Rachel, did she survive that pencil to the eye? Was that lethal?
MANSON | That’s a pretty nasty-looking pencil. The pencil looks like it went pretty deep. I don’t know — she was twitching on the ground there. Regardless of what Rachel’s future is, we liked some startling, horrifying yet slightly absurd kind of ending to that character and the war between Rachel and Sarah. So that’s our version of a conclusion to that. If she continues on, obviously, she’s going to be a little f—cked up, and we kind of wrecked her face a little bit. And it’s kind of nice to wreck people’s face once in a while, don’t you think? Certainly Rachel’s.

TVLINE | I want to thank you for not killing Cosima — at least not yet. Was that a tough decision, putting the character through so much pain and possible death this season?
Orphan Black Season 2 FinaleMANSON | Yeah, it was very emotional for the character. Obviously, for Delphine and Cosima, it was a very emotional season for them both. And it’s been a rough season for us, too, as Cosima’s fate hangs in the balance and we talk about her health. Her health has been a ticking clock on the season. As you watch that episode, when it comes to the clone dance party, it really feels like maybe this is Cosima’s last ride. We couldn’t quite — I shouldn’t say we couldn’t quite. What we made the decision to do, at the end of this season, was to end Cosima still alive, very, very sick, but in her hands, she holds the children’s book that Professor Duncan gave to Kira with some sort of codes inside. And that, to us, at least represents some hope for the character and maybe to the fans, as well.

TVLINE | And as far as Alison, where does she go from here? She seems to be in such a good place with herself and Donnie. Can that last?
FAWCETT | Well, we love Team Hendrik going forward through the suburbs hand in hand. But if it’s all looking pretty rosy, something’s bound to go wrong in Alison’s world.
MANSON | Yeah, but we’re happy that they’re finally back together.
FAWCETT | We think, as a team, there’s a lot of fun to be had with those two.

Stay tuned to TVLine for even more Orphan Black scoop from Manson and Fawcett!

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  1. Kate says:

    Should’ve made Felix the clone. I already know Jordan Gavaris can more than hold his own and deserves more than being just the sidekick. This guy hasn’t impressed me at all. I don’t want to see more of him, especially in such a big, important role. Overall, the finale was meh.

    • Jerry says:

      Agreed. Sure Felix would have been “obvious” but I think they missed a big opportunity there. It would have been great to see Felix dealing with that revelation, and the actor certainly would have gotten other things to do. Not a fan of Mark

      • Kate says:

        Yes. I think the main point against a Felix clone is it being “obvious” or “predictable”, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be interesting.

        • dude says:

          It’s also hugely unlikely. To think that these two clone projects which are wholely unrelated somehow produced Sarah and Felix independently and they magically were raised together.

          • abz says:

            Sarah was the only clone out of all of them to be able to have a child, so it’s clear that not everything about the project went as planned and they don’t always have a handle on things. It’s not wrong to predict that maybe Project Castor had its own set of issues and someone may have been up to something, making it possible for Sarah and Felix to grow up together. Maybe someone wanted that to happen and they had their reasons. I don’t know, I just think regardless of whether or not it’s unlikely, Felix clones would have been much more interesting.

          • abby says:

            If it was Felix I doubt they’d have tried to sell it as a coincidence that they were raised together as it wouldn’t be hard to come up with an explanation because Mrs S isn’t some normal run of the mill foster mom, all they’d have to do is say she had contacts/people involved in the second clone project and something happened and they gave her Felix to hide with Sarah.

          • David4 says:

            As unlikely that 11 clones all seem to live in the same area? I mean really?!

          • Alichat says:

            Actually David4, all 11 clones do not or did not live in the same area. At the start of the show, Beth, Alison, and Sarah all live/d in the same area. Beth in the city (although she grew up in Canada), Sarah in the city (when she was there and during part of her childhood, the other part was spent in England), and Alison in the suburbs (and she’s Canadian, so she didn’t grow up in that area.) Cosima is from San Francisco and moved to Clonetown (since the city has never been defined) to work at Dyad. Dyad is a gigantic company, so we don’t know how long Rachel has been in Clonetown. She travels extensively, so she may have only set up residence in Clonetown once Sarah and Helena were discovered, but she was born in Cambridge, UK. Helena is Ukrainian, Tony is from Ohio, Jennifer was American from somewhere in the midwest, Janika was Austrian, Katja was German, Danielle was French, and Aryanna was Italian.

          • Kyla says:

            But it would mean that Miss S is a lot more invested in the clones, than what she appears.

            But I already think she knows A LOT more about both lots of clones, than what it appears.

      • Jerry says:

        I’ve seen other people say it should have been Vic. Now THAT would have been interesting. I would take Vic or Felix!

        • Michelle says:

          Oh damn didn’t think about Vic! THAT would indeed have been interesting! (Frankly anyone but Mark probably would’ve…)

    • DarkDefender says:

      I totally thought the male clone was going to be Paul.

      • Poppy says:

        I also thought it was going to be Paul! The show could definitely use more Hot Paul clones!!

      • InezBenz says:

        I thought it would be Paul too. I think since Paul didn’t recover as much attention as he was paid last season, it would’ve been interesting and very out of the blue to see him thrust into another main character type role such as the male clones. I don’t know how I would’ve felt about Paul as a clone, but it definetly would’ve been a “woah” moment. On the other hand, I’m glad Mark is the clone. The irony of the proletheans having a clone right under there noses all that time without Helena, is pleasing. I know some don’t really find mark interesting, but if he’s a clone there will be many other characters for Ari to play that may be less “bland”. From the little taste of male clone characters in the season two finale, I’m ready kind of excited to see his performance with this new plethora of characters.:)

    • TV Gord says:

      As great as Felix is, I think one of him is plenty. Too much Fe might be overdoing it.

    • sanchopanza says:

      I’m not that impressed with Mark either, and I’m apprehensive that he won’t be able to match the genius of Tatiana Maslany. She’s stupendous as all the different clones, but how many actors can do that, that well, that consistently?

  2. Amanda says:

    I’m so thankful they chose Mark as the male clone. Felix would be too easy! And just from the looks of the new two we saw tonight…I think season three will be a great ride!

    • DL says:

      Mark just hasn’t made that much of an impact on me. I would’ve preferred Felix, sure, but even Paul or Art would have been preferable. When I saw it was Mark, I was very underwhelmed.

      • Michelle says:

        Agreed. Mark is just bland!

      • Ann says:

        I think the underwhelmed feeling comes from not seeing much of Mark. All we’ve seen of him is his religious fanaticism, but from the looks of Military male clone and slightly deranged male clone, I think Ari can handle it. He seems to be a pretty solid actor. Seeing Paul as the clone would have been cool too though.

      • Brianna says:

        I think the writers didn’t want Mark to make much of an impact. They didn’t want who the male clone would be to be too obvious bc them it takes away from the intensity of the show. Personally, I would start to lose interest if I knew what was going to happen 5 episodes before it even happens.

    • Leigh says:

      I’m glad there’s only one Felix! And that the male clone wasn’t Paul. I think Ari Millen is a very good actor, kinda reminds me of Crispin Glover meets Juaquin Phoenix and while Mark was bland I don’t think the others will be.

    • Brianna says:

      I’m really glad that it clone was Mark, as well. The male clone had to be someone we least suspected, We’ve gotten to know Fee as a brother of the clone club that him portraying different versions of himself would take away from the Felix we know and love. It seems that the male clones are more mentally unstable and the intensity of that unstableness from the captive Mark clone sent chills down my spine. The final scene where he stares at Sarah was beyond perfect. Ari Mllen (Mark) was a very well kept secret.

  3. Elyse says:

    I thought it was going to be Paul who was a clone but I’m glad he’s not! This should be interesting… and does Mark know?!

    • Tess says:

      I was thinking it would be Paul who was the clone too since he had military ties and perhaps what they were holding over his head could’ve been tied to the project. I know a lot of people wanted it to be Felix but that would’ve felt too obvious. Cal would’ve been an interesting choice though – and all the more reason that Kira would’ve been special if it turned out both of her parents were clones.
      Still, the reveal that Mark is a clone was surprising, and I suppose it makes sense now why they felt the need to show us that Mark and Gracie got married and not just left us to assume they lived happily ever after with no more thought to them. I’m just not sure if he was the best choice for it since he’s not really a character that most fans would greatly care about to want to see where the male clone situation is going to go (like when we first met Sarah she was interesting and cool and even though she isn’t always the most moral person she’s a rootable character and save for Rachel all the female clones have been, even Helena). So far, only seeing three of the male clones, none give off the impression of being characters you can really root for, so I hope this decision doesn’t come back to bite them (or turn out to be a “jump the shark” moment for the show).
      What is BBCAmerica waiting for on renewing the show? It’s one of the best things they’ve got on the network and they’d be fools to not agree to more clone club!

      • Theresa says:

        I think most people forget the bar scene where Paul meets Mark. Mark is also Military as much as Paul. So that is why he was chosen.

  4. Lysh says:

    I don’t know why I’m surprised to learn they changed their mind halfway through about killing Mark and instead making him really important. And that they don’t seem to have a season three plan yet – or maybe they do, I’m pretty excited about it either way. The dance scene was the first time it looked a little off to me with all the clones there, but it seemed like all of them were apart so much this season so I’m glad that happened. And I feel like there was a missing scene between the scene that Helena takes out the nitrogen then gets kidnapped and the scene where Sara goes to the house. I didn’t see the male clones coming though! It was a really enjoyable finale.

    • Wouter says:

      I felt there was a missing scene too. But then i remembered Sarah told Marlon the day before she would meet her. Still pretty shoddy editing though.

  5. alistaircrane says:

    I loved the #CloneDance! I was worried Hot Paul was going to be the clone. Thankfully they went with the better actor.

    • buffy522 says:

      Hot Paul’s appearance made the show for me. don’t want him as a clone but want to see more of him if you know what I mean. I think he s a “fine” actor.

  6. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    I really like the finale the one scene that gave me a big KOOL-AID smile was when all of them including Helena REUNITING and then their little dance party. But WTF so that Mark guy is also a clone?!…..I’m mad at Mrs.S for asking Paul’s help to give up Helena and where are those military guys taking her? Overall I give this an A if rated. Needs to be Renewed for S3!

  7. Sheryl says:

    Where did Helena get the Nitrogen and why did she leave it there? Did she plan on killing them all because she is still a Prolethean? I would think that she would have bonded with Sarah and Kira and not want to kill them.

    • Tess says:

      That Nitro canister came from the Prolethean farm and if I’m not mistaken what they’ll find in it will be the rest of Helena’s fertilized eggs which may well help them sidestep having to tap Kira for another bone marrow transplant. Helena wasn’t leaving it to kill anyone, it was probably more likely she just felt it was too heavy to travel with to go find Jesse and she figured “her babies” were safe with her seestras.

    • Adam Lenhardt says:

      The Nitrogen canister is full of Helena’s frozen eggs. She left them with her “sistras” for safekeeping.

  8. jamie says:

    Love love this show!!!! Can’t wait for season 3

  9. christine says:

    Sarah is a terrible dancer:^)

  10. dude says:

    It seems like most people who didn’t like the finale are just focusing on the fact that they’re not impressed with who was chosen to be the male clone but really, there were so many fantastic things that happened in that finale that it’s just crazy to think people are zeroing in on that one development. I haven’t seen the actor inhabit the clones so I’m reserving my right to judge until I see it.

    • m2b says:

      Very true. If that is the direction the creators want to take. I’m glad it wasn’t someone who has been a constant since the first episode. Felix is needed to ground the story. Jordan’s ability to become close with each variation of Tatiana’s character is a testament to the need for that constant. The clones need the stability of Felix and Jordan works with everyone. There are more things to question about the whole introduction of male clones into a female-centric storyline, then who plays the part of the clone. But again it’s the creators story to tell and although it may not be the direction everyone wanted or saw coming, the finale itself had so many enjoyable moments. The clone dance, the adorable scenes of Kira and Cosima playing Science, Helena meeting her sisters, (I like your Hairs!) and then seeing Kira again (I’m going to eat your fingers). Helena fibbing to Sestra Brother about burning down the fish people’s ranch. It had the heart wrenching moments with Sarah being probed by Dyad and having to surrender every part of herself to see her daughter. Sarah and Cosima’s late night discussion about how different they are. The moment where Kira tries to wake Cosima. And it had the suspenseful moments with Sarah before the procedure to remove her ovary. Then Helena getting black bagged then delivered to the military. The whole show had so much, it’s not possible to answer all the questions in an hour and if they did what would be the point of continuing. Enjoy the ride. This show is a blast and if for no other reason just enjoy the Masters Class in acting that is given each week by Tatiana.

  11. Luli says:

    Ahhhhh!! The scenes with all the clones were amazing!! Also I loved the last scene Sarah and Cosima had! I Hope next season they spend more time with the clones closer together, cause this season they were apart for a long time; and so glad Cosima is still alive! I don’t know if I like the idea of male clones, but the finale was great.

  12. Babybop says:

    Started watching the show on Monday and was caught up by tonight. I loved the little dance party, especially because Felix and Allison have the weirdest and most adorable friendship and watching her uncomfortably dance with him was the cutest. Season 3 better be announced soon so I can start counting down the days.

  13. abz says:

    I was so wishing the male clones would be a bunch of Felix clones. Jordan Gavaris was already extremely underused this season, the Felix clones would have given him so much more to do. I don’t care if it would have been obvious if it had been Felix. I would have still looked forward to it WAY MORE than I am for this guy. This entire season, he hasn’t really impressed me one bit and he hasn’t done anything on the show so far to inspire confidence that he can be the male Tatiana Maslany. The finale definitely had its great moments, but this male clone twist has me VERY disappointed. :(

  14. Ian says:

    At first, it really bummed me out that Felix clones could have very well been a possibility, but thinking about it more, I’m actually glad they went with Mark/Ari. I think it makes sense logistically. I think Graeme and John intend for the Project Castor clones to be expendable, they were going to kill Mark by episode 6 lets remember, and killing them wouldn’t have been as easy with Jordan Gavaris playing other characters they’d have had to really develop and that the audience no doubt would have gotten very attached to. And ultimately the show is centered on Tatiana, so Sarah and her sisters are going to always have the spotlight. 2 sets of clones interacting and running around was going to be too big of a shooting issue.

    I’m pretty satisfied with everything they did with this season though, with the exception of them needing to find a bigger use and his own storyline for Felix. I’m a fan of Dylan Bruce as well, so I hope Paul will have more to do next season too. I think he probably will, seeing as they’re about to dig into the whole military aspect. I’m also shipping Sarah and Cal hard, so that needs to get heavier, lol.
    And it’s exciting to hear that a season 4 is in their plans as well. They must be factoring that in with the storylining and reveals and everything.

  15. Ally Oop says:

    My Top 10 Orphan Black Questions:
    1) Why did Mrs. S adopt Felix?
    2) Who does Mrs. S work for?
    3) What kind of resources does Cal have?
    4) Why does the military want clones?
    5) Who is the head of DYAD?
    6) Will Cosima live?
    7) Will we get to meet Alison’s crazy probable monitor parents?
    8) Is Paul a bad guy?
    9) Will Cosima ever see Delphine again?
    10) How crazy is the lady who keeps failed clones in her mansion?
    These are all questions that need to be answered before Orphan Black is cancelled. Therefore, a third and fourth season are necessary.

    • Ian says:

      Ah, good questions. Why did she adopt Felix? Though it may not have been for any bigger reason than they just thought the loyal accomplice lifelong sibling role was essential, which it has been.

      Something else I found interesting was how one of the experiments is called Castor, in reference to the greek myth of Castor and Pollux, who were twin brothers. So is Leda the other half as the female counterpart, or is the term Pollux going to come up for anything?

      • 324B21 says:

        That’s a good question. As soon as they said Castor I immediately thought about Pollux but it doesn’t exactly make sense. Twin brothers vs. brother and sister. I too am wondering if there is yet another project out there we don’t know about.

      • csbd says:

        There are variations of the myth. Leda is the mother. There are generally four children, Helen (of Sparta/Troy), Clytemnestra, Castor and Pollux. Usually Castor and Pollux are twins and Helen and Clytemnestra are twins. Each set hatched out of an egg. However, there are other versions where Castor and Clytemnestra were in one egg and Helen and Pollux were int eh other,

        I love the use of the myth, and the variations to this myth in particular makes it that much more interesting.

    • arianeb says:

      Nice list, though a topper is “why is there so much interest in making clones in the first place?” Dyad, the Prolethians, and apparently the military all seem to think it is very important, for reasons that have never been explained. I guess its the “MacGuffin” that everyone cares about for some reason.

      There was a similar list of questions at the end of season 1, pretty much all of which got answered in season 2. (one from my season 1 list was “Are there male clones?”) So many shows like to drag out answers, or never answer them (re: LOST), but Orphan Black gives us the answers we need, then keeps giving us new mysteries. Looking forward to season 3! #SaveCosimaAndOrphanBlack

      • Theresa says:

        Why does the Military want clones? Have you ever heard of the super soldier program? I am not talking about the one in the comics but the real one that the US gov’t and other have conducted since the 1950’s? That is the real reason. You start looking that up and beware you are approaching the rabbit hole.

    • Elyse says:

      awesome list!!

    • Suz says:

      My answers to your questions Ally:
      1) Why did Mrs. S adopt Felix? … To be a control factor; each clone raised differently (nature vs nurture)
      2) Who does Mrs. S work for? … Independent contractor; see Cal’s flow chart
      3) What kind of resources does Cal have? … He is a super independent contractor like Mrs S.; his motives may not be as pure as we think
      4) Why does the military want clones? … Soldiers for war; experimentation for disease, torture, etc.
      5) Who is the head of DYAD? … Multinational corporation
      6) Will Cosima live? … Yes, she has the book and frozen embryos to work with.
      7) Will we get to meet Alison’s crazy probable monitor parents? … No need (part of the nature vs nurture test)
      8) Is Paul a bad guy? … Like Mrs. S, depends on interest of higher up in control
      9) Will Cosima ever see Delphine again? … Yes. She will help with the science to use the formula
      10) How crazy is the lady who keeps failed clones in her mansion? … Again, like Paul and Mrs. S, she is a cog in the wheel. Relook at the flow chart Cal had created. Lots of options for how seasons can develop.

      As for the negative on the choice of male clone/actor, keep in mind the character we “know” is only the first of many to come. We may not see him for a while as he’s run off to be a husband and father to kid(s) that are not theirs biologically [spin off series?].

      Season 3 will require a time jump when it begins.

  16. Susan says:

    How do I say this politely? I think that Mark/Ari must be good in bed…. that’s about the only reason I can see why they gave him such a big part, he’s not particularly good looking (sorry!), he’s got a sort of creepy vibe, and he hasn’t had a lot of scenes that showed what a good “actor” he is… well, maybe off of the set….

    What would be really genius is that if they’re going in the male clone direction, they make the Mark/Ari type clone a sort of reject type clone and that they tried to upgrade the clone gene pool and DID make a Felix/Jordan Gavaris clone! Obvious or not, HE HAS GOT THE ACTING CHOPS TO DO IT!!!! Where there is one clone, there could be 14 (or more), so why not have multiple male clone gene pools??? After all, that Ari guy’s got a really weird looking face (no offense) and it stands out (as creepy, again sorry!!! Even Manson said he was creepy!) whereas, Felix, would and could be more of a Sara type, able to blend in, in a crowd, a good looking crowd!

    • Scott Johnston says:

      If you were trying for “politely” then you failed miserably.

    • TV Gord says:

      What Scott said. Also, we haven’t seen enough of Ari to know what he’s capable of doing. He may be as amazing as Tatiana. We don’t know yet. Leave it to the internuts to jump to conclusions based on very little. Wait and see.

    • Lisa says:

      No need to be nasty. He’s not a bad actor. He has just been background so far

  17. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on THB Files and commented:
    I enjoyed the finale of Orphan Black. It was really intense. I don’t give sopilers for everyone. I freaking can’t wait for seaosn three.

  18. Hannah says:

    Someone at the beggining of project Castor had to know about Leda. Their names must be intentional, otherwise the mother -son connection is too coincidental.

    • Theresa says:

      It is very much intentional. The Female Clones would begat the Male clones as their offspring. Thus that is the fate awaiting Helena.

  19. Scarlet Fire says:

    What a bizarre ending and so unpredictable !! What about Delphine ? Her last scene in the elevator @ Dyad , has Rachael telling Delphine you’re off to Frankfurt , Germany ! I hope they’re not ending Delphine’s role ?

  20. awnb95 says:

    I was thinking before he turned around it was Felix. Felix being a clone would have been the most obvious thing ever, but would have been interesting. Heaven forbid they something obvious over something obvious and interesting.

  21. 324B21 says:

    I thought it was a great finale. Lots of tense moments and excitement coupled with the really sweet moment with all of the “sisters” dancing together. Personally, I am happy they didn’t make Felix the clone. They had me worried for a minute there when Cosima wouldn’t wake up. I was so excited when Kira asked her to read a story because I just KNEW she would give her the book. There is still hope for Cosima. That makes me happy.

  22. Missy Kelly says:

    When we first got to the ranch, it occurred to me that Mark was a clone. It felt that way. As to Felix’s clonedom, I think he is a variation on the female clones. He is the survivor of the first batch on their way to making the “girls”. As he said when they were saying goodbye to Cal “it’s Clone party and I’m one of them.”

  23. Riah K says:

    WAIT! But what about Delphine? Will that be last we see of her? Especially with that last revelation Cosima had, she can’t just be gone..

    • April says:

      I doubt that is the last we see of Delphine. There is no way they would spend all that time building up their relationship and then have her just disappear. I suspect she will find a way to meet up with Cosima again and if (god forbid, please no) Cosima ends up dying I have a feeling that will be the final straw that pushes Delphine over the edge and has her go full rogue against Dyad. Either way I suspect she will be back.

    • Jill says:

      Delphine will be back… they foreshadowed/hinted at that twice, first when cosima was asleep/looked dead and delphine appeared in her ‘dream’ saying she would never leave her.and again when kira and cosima are reading the book, kira says ‘so the puppy followed the explorer the whole way’ I know she was talking about the book but I reckon it’s a metaphor for Delphine & Cosima…just my opinion. :)

  24. Theresa says:

    The problem with Felix being a clone it is the fact that Felix could not be physically intimidating enough for the Military. Remember this is a Military project and they want Super soldiers. Felix is not physically imposing enough.

  25. Sheldon W. says:

    As big as the shocks discussed above might have been, I’m still wondering about the timing of Ethan’s death – coming, as it does, just after he tells Sarah he’s working on springing her.

    That was both shocking and as weird a sequence of events as anything in the finale.

  26. drew says:

    ABS luetly great !!!! pencil in the eye yay !!!! i came late to this series but WOW that Ms Maslany is impressive in her abilities. I disagree with the comment that the finale was Meh! Great series, wonderful acting and fun quirky bits .Please BBC keep this one alive , Kick Dr Who to the curb ….. :) just kidding

  27. Nit Picker Jr says:

    Wee, this was sooo good. Not only, easily, the best episode of the season but possibly the best OB episode, period. So fulfilling, so generous with answers to open questions, so perfectly balanced, with lots of Cosima, lots of heart tugs, lots of doors opening towards coming seasons (yeah, no way BBCA will axe this show, they’d be fools extraordinaire.) Even a small opening for PJA to return as Jesse (someone will have to bail out Helena after all, and, who better?)

    Loved how instantly Cos and Crazy H gelled. (Gel. Get it? Hairs humour :P)

    When did Big Paul get back into the army, and how did he become such a bigshot all of a sudden? Feels like someone’s got some esplaining to do there (I don’t really care, just curious…)

    God, the heart almost broke in a million pieces when Cos wouldn’t respond to Kira. So glad she lives to fight another day, and that Duncan’s key ended up in the right hands.

    Cos and Kira’s science class! Awesome.

    I knew someone as classy as Michelle Forbes couldn’t be all bad… But that miniClone looks weird. Don’t know how else to put it. Considering how cute Tatiana must’ve been as a kid … just weird. Like, glitchy. (I like that description of the male clone btw. Very apt.)

    The cloneDance. First it was sad because it felt like Cos was going, then weird when Fee and Ally got their (utterly controlled) stank on, then hilarious when Crazy H did her thing with the the arms and the hairs all akimbo like.

    Male clones? Bah, who gives a crap. I just need a lot of Tatiana Maslany, Jordan Gavaris and the imposing Maria Doyle Kennedy for this show to be awesome. If it’s the price to pay for more of Michelle Forbes, then fine. Otherwise, I really can’t be bothered. The show itself might need project Castor as a negative force now that the Pro… pro… fish people are seemingly gone, and bad cop Angie seemingly is nowhere, and Vic is no threat anymore (?), but apart from the dramatic possibilities it might offer I don’t really care if there are male clones or not. In my mind project Castor could’ve been better off as a rumour, a myth, a spook story hovering in the backdrop, rather than being as revealed as it has been now.
    But it was such a good season finale. Brava. Bravo. Thank you all.

    So what’s a guy supposed to watch now, eh? Old Burn Notice episodes?

  28. Thursday Next says:

    Loved this episode so much I’ve watched it twice and the whole Clone Club interaction more times than I can count. I always figured they’d go the “boy clone” route because it’s logical and I thank God it wasn’t Paul or Felix because that would’ve been unbelievable. I’m also deeply grateful they didn’t kill Cosima. That fake out complete with ethereal Delphine about made me want to puke from sadness so whew! Now, what are the chances we’ll even see Delphine in Season Three? And poor Helena. She gets moments of happiness before some organization swipes her for their own purposes. Kira, Cal, Felix, and Scott were all awesome sauce! Paul and Mrs. S. get the stink eye. And who knows where Marian’s loyalties really lie?

  29. Chris Faina says:

    don’t care about the male clones just waiting for season 3 already hurry up bbc America and renew it already

  30. Chris Faina says:

    also they had said there were competing agendas who said it had to only be 2?

  31. Mona says:

    Am I the only one thinks that Mark’s really hot. I think Ari Millen is gonna be as good as Tat Mas. Don’t judge the actor based on his character. Felix is fun to watch, but him being a clone? its very unlikely, that him and Sarah grew up together and end up being clones.

  32. Melissa says:

    I would love to make out with that crazy male clone.

  33. nancy says:

    I can’t even imagine there not being a season 3!!!!!!

  34. Anielka says:

    If there’s a project Leda and a project Castor .. is there a Pollux and if so what is it?

  35. Jim says:

    We ignore little details in this show. For instance, Marion said that Kira is really Charlotte’s aunt. How could that be? Also, Mrs S was on the phone talking to someone about a car bomb? Gracie and Mark said something to the effect that ‘he’ will have to accept them both. Who is ‘he’? Not her dad – they know he’s dead. And I’m sure that in a previous episode Helena had a brief conversation with a military guy as if she knew him. Still trying to refind that.

    • Jai says:

      No, she meant Charlotte is Kira’s aunt (in a way). As for Gracie, I think she meant God when she referred to “he”.

  36. mark says:

    I think that Mark/Ari has a kind of “Jude Law in A.I.: Artificial Intelligence” vibe, which I think is perfect! Surely, if they are bred by the military, FOR the military, they would appear cold, impassionate, mouldable, almost emotionless? The perfect soldier. Hows “could be a serial killer, could just be autistic” vibe is perfect!!!

  37. ... says:

    Cosima is favorite character. PLEASE DON’T KILL HER OFF.

  38. Kyla says:

    I’m brand new to this show (only just finished the final episode of season 2, lastnight).
    I agree with most comments about Felix could have been a clone. Yes it would have been predictable, but it could have opened up something more about Miss S. Like how she ended up with both clones, and there’s soo much secrecy about her and who she was/is. I personally think that Miss S is lot “higher up” in this clone business, than what she appears. She did not seem at all surprised by “Project Castor”, almost like she already knew about them.
    However I am also happy to just have 1 Felix. Making Mark the clone, was actually quite clever and soo left field. And the fact that the producers spoke to Tatiana about him, and she gave her approval. Maybe she knows his depth as an actor and what he’s capable of.
    My only concern with the male clones, is I hope the producers aren’t trying to mirror each clones personalities with the female ones. I would love to see that they have their personalities and uniqueness.

    Absolutely LOVE this show, soo cleverly done. I could talk about it for ages lol.