Crisis Finale Recap: The Parent's Trap

Crisis Finale Gibson Caught

NBC’s Crisis burned off to a close on Saturday as the ill-fated drama’s final two episodes unspooled back-to-back. Did Francis Gibson end up paying for his ghastly crimes, not the least of which was his hairstyle? And which parent went to extremes in the name of meting out justice?

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All told, the final stretch of the midseason hostage thriller was a bit of a chess match, between Gibson and the unknown someone who wound up pulling his strings, demanding that he “self-destruct” by using the occasion of a nationally televised vigil for his mysteriously re-abducted daughter Beth Ann to confess his role in the Ballard crisis.

Gibson, however, was having none of that, literally scoffing at the notion of “confessing” to anything. We then see him take a sledgehammer to his basement floor, to unearth a chest of supplies… but to what end?

Later at the vigil, Crisis - Season 1Gibson thanks First Son Kyle for getting his VIP folks to attend the service. President Devore, mind you, is aware of the suspicions surrounding Gibson, but fears how it would look if he dissed the man who took a bullet for his son. With Finley and Dunn on hand and keeping a watchful eye on Gibson, there’s a brief fake-out where they fear the prayer candles have been tampered with. Little do they know, the damage has already been done — Gibson had laced one of his nine fingertips with a toxin that, after he shook hands with Kyle’s mom, soon subjected FLOTUS to a fatal stroke.

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Gibson is ultimately taken into custody, but not before he had set in motion a series of automated texts to Amber, sending Meg’s “daughter” and her classmate Ian Martinez on a series of errands, seemingly in the name of saving Beth Ann. But after a rather ridiculous showdown at a pawn shop (where Amber donned one of those rubbery masks and held a shotgun on the proprietor, because you wear the mask when you hurt people!), Dunn realizes that the common element between Amber and dead FLOTUS is Meg — meaning, her own sister took Beth Ann.

Gibson has already realized same, we learn, and after using a fake tooth filled with knock-out gas to give his Secret Service escort the slip, he meets up with Meg at her family’s old cabin, killing some helper of hers before putting a bullet in Meg’s own belly. Meg though has the last laugh, as Gibson goes inside the cabin and — after a super clumsy passage of time, from dark of night to insta-sunshine, marked by a fast-motion sunrise (!) — discovers that Beth Ann has been made privy to his role in the school kids’ abduction.Crisis - Season 1

Gibson tries to lie his way out of the sitch, but Beth Ann’s not buying it — especially because he’s holding a gun on her, and he then aims it at her bean once Dunn and Finley barge in (without any backup, because, y’know, Susie has to handle this on her own). After the feds ultimately gun Gibson down (though not fatally), Susie points out to her wounded sis that, well, she did kidnap someone, but Meg’s happy to have brought Gibson to justice.

But is Gibson’s reign of terror not quite over? Just before the season series fades to black, he lets slip a slight smirk in the back of the ambulance, as we see his computer back in the cellar send out another mysterious text….

What did you think of NBC’s Crisis? Would you have entertained a second season?

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  1. DeeDee says:

    I would had liked a second season. Sad to see the show end like this because it wasn’t doing that bad in the ratings.

  2. Dee says:

    I know they said each season would have been a new crisis. I think it would have been great as as a summer show versus premiering in March like it did.

  3. Cathy says:

    Why cancel it? It was great! Each season bringing a different crisis would have been fun to watch.

  4. Liz says:

    Show had good potential but then self destructed from the second episode on. With its attempts to serialize the episodes to help unravel the plot, the show failed to stay interesting. Even if there was a second season, they should have provided some closure or cliffhanger for Amber finding out about her parentage and Widener recieving or not recieving his deliverance. A stupid text at the end was a way to round out the series perfectly: way too thought out without consideration of the audience and actual entertainment.

    • Britt says:

      I agree with you. After awhile, I didn’t really care about the kids. It began to drag on and on and failed to hold my attention. I’m watching the end of the finale right now and I’m soooo bored. This show should have been shorter and had more action. Oh well! I do hope I see Lance Gross on tv again. He’s fine!!!!!!

    • johnhelvete says:

      The problem with the series is that the writers chose plot over characters. Very few memorable character moments and 13 episodes is a long time to build a show almost entirely around plot. 24 even when it got silly and redundant always had Jack Bauer to keep the interest of the viewer.

      • Cfolliot says:

        Totally agree, it needed a Jack Bauer character, and it could been a cool concept to do that with one of the kids. There was a point when it looked like they were taking one of the kids into Macgyver territory, but then they just dropped it. Good premise, poor execution.

  5. Tran says:

    Didn’t know why Crisis had to end with a series ending cliff-hanger like Revolution was but sadly, it deserves a second season like Revolution and others I can’t think of. Still going to miss Crisis but NBC had no choice but to cancel it because of “ratings”. Guess the one NBC show I’m still going to watch: The Blacklist.

    • Tran says:

      Crisis is like part 24 part Homeland with a little Scandal in between and I can imagine seeing Dermot Mulroney’s character Francis Gibson as a Nicholas Brody-like role.

  6. Michael Schaeffer says:

    I think 1 season was good enough for the show.

  7. DRB says:

    This show tried to be like 24 but it was just too absurd. Not to say that 24 isn’t absurd…it is absurd but it feels more real than this show ever did. Dunn and Finley were outsmarted by Gibson and crew at nearly every turn. At least 24 allows small victories by Jack Bauer and company throughout the beginning of the season that you don’t think that the bad guys are constantly outsmarting the good guys. It was just frustrating watching Dunn and Finley not really accomplishing all that much. If there was to be another season I hope that the creators would’ve made the good guys smarter next season.

  8. Jason says:

    Show is dead. Why the need for further discussion?

  9. peter says:

    I would watch if there is a second season, too bad it got cancelled…

  10. michelle says:

    Its a damn shame NBC put it on sundays. Too much competition. It was actually a really good show. Heart pumping action. Its sad we wont get a second season. I would have loved to see the fallout from everything that happened. :(

  11. bigwhackman says:

    The show started out with some promise but it became almost unbearable to watch the past 3-5 episodes. It needed to be cancelled. It is almost like the writers had a good idea for the first several episodes & then made up the rest in about an hours time. I really liked the cast too but they were not given any chance to succeed in the end. The problem was in the writers room, not onscreen with the actors. .

    • TV Gord says:

      I think just the opposite. I thought the past few episodes really ramped up the story. It was a much better series than I expected it to be.

    • Aaron says:

      I agree. The second half of the season felt like filler. The last two episodes were pointless. Let’s see… They free the kids, and then there are two more episodes? Horrible pacing. They should have known it wouldn’t last for a second season, and as a result they should have told up some loose ends. Amber never hearing the truth after the show spent so much time on that subject was very disappointing.

    • Kim R says:

      I actually found that it got better as it went along. My issue was the casting of Agent Susan Dunn. The expression on her face rarely changed and it was something I had to make an effort to overlook each week. You can only act so much with your eyebrows and then you really have to think of something else to do. ;)

  12. Coal says:

    Premise good, execution dreadful. I think the moment Gibson’s finger was cut off everything just went south. God bless those of us that stuck around for all 13 episodes. P.S. The show had horrible CGI.

  13. David says:

    Crisis started out stronger than it ended up being. To carry this storyline on past this season would have been a mistake so that last text message wasn’t a great choice. There should have been more closure especially since they knew it was cancelled. They shoukd have simply cut the last text message.

  14. Anonymous says:

    It got a little ridiculous that Gibson outsmarted everyone. He’s the protagonist yet he won? He shot and killed a kid! Yet they still tried to sell him as the hero. I liked the first half, could see the drama. Fast forwarded through most of the finale.

    • TV Gord says:

      How did they try to sell him as a hero? I didn’t get that feeling at all.

    • Janitor Gary says:

      Nobody cares about that child. He protected his daughter and that’s important thing. I had hopes, that Gibson will kill secret service or FBI girl at the end, ’cause they were poor actors.

  15. Ed says:

    Crisis was the one show (Next to the Blacklist) I did not want to miss. It was important to see this story line end, but it would be interesting to see the 2 agents work together on other projects. If they don’t I’m OK, but it was an excellent series.

  16. rob says:

    thought the series had potential and would welcome another year.

  17. Delaina says:

    I stopped reading after “Meg’s ‘daughter'”. Wth?? Amber IS Meg’s daughter. Doesn’t matter who gave birth to her. Meg has been the only mother Amber has ever known & that should NOT be trivialized by putting daughter in quotation marks. Susie gave Amber to Meg. Meg is the mother, Susie is the aunt. Please don’t trivialize another situation such as this. It’s difficult for those of us who have had adoption & foster care.

    • Carla Krae says:

      Yes, she’s legally adopted, so Meg is her mother, and the only mother Amber has ever known.

    • TV Gord says:

      I doubt there was any malice in Matt’s choice of words, so your reaction is a bit overblown. You could achieve a better result by bringing your concern to his attention without the need to slap his wrist.

    • Sara says:

      That annoyed me, too. It bothered me in the show as well, Susie always going on about HER “daughter” when she’s not her daughter, she’s Meg’s.

  18. frustratedwithbadtvshows says:

    The first hour was fast paced and interesting. The second hour was a total disappointment. . .. nearly fell asleep! Barely any chemistry between the actors. I didn’t feel any compassion for the characters. Good riddance!

  19. Carla Krae says:

    Yes, I wanted more.

  20. Ig says:

    Liked it but glad it ended. Would like to see the FBI partners work again

  21. Kenn Talbot says:

    The ending was so-so and did not need a cliff-hanger. Shows like this and Hostages are headed to a conclusion from day one, and are very difficult to sustain more that one season, two at most. With Crises, even the worst terrorists could not live with all these teens long enough to keep the story going, and with Hostages, how long would the prez waited for his surgery? What would be possible, and entertaining, would be to have the show, Crises, return, but with a new story line and mostly new cast; possibly retaining Dunn and Finley.

  22. wrstlgirl says:

    The first hour was okay but the second was ridiculously bad. It’s life it was trying to hard to be great. And that pawn shop scene was worse than horrible, OY!

  23. Derek117 says:

    NBC totally screwed the pooch by canceling this show. All of the episodes contained good writing, performances, and directing. The narrative was engaging, and not predictable. All of which led to logical conclusions in the finale last night. Turning the tables (briefly) on Gibson by kidnapping his daughter was a stroke of writing genius! And, the final rejection by his daughter was the most satisfying finish to a season I’ve seen in years.

    If there would have been a Season 2, the show could have gone in one of two directions: either continue this story, with Meg and Gibson in battle; or, a brand new “crisis” could be developed for Dunn & Finley to solve.

    What was NBC thinking? Networks are dying to get their hands on a show that keeps an audience guessing, and that’s exactly what “Crisis” is.

  24. Julian Marquardt says:

    A very sad night last night. Why did it need
    To end? It was a great ride.

  25. James Mitchell says:

    Gibson’s last text turns off all the power and we have Revolution!

  26. Carole says:

    Hostages vs Crisis, see it, peak it, leave it. One season is enough.

  27. Jan says:

    After the first episode, I thought the show was going to be great. Unfortunately, those feelings didn’t last long. Something caused me to miss the fourth and I realized I didn’t care … never watched it again. Too bad; I hate to see something with good potential just flat line.

  28. bj says:

    I really enjoyed this series. I was looking forward to a whole new crisis next year, with different characters. I don’t know why people didn’t like it, unless they didn’t read what the producers said about a new plot next season, and they thought this one crisis would go on forever.

    I enjoy a complex plot, with lots of twists, and I didn’t find it hard to follow at all.

  29. ILW says:

    NBC cancels everything that doesn’t meet “expectations”. Would’ve loved a second season, it should’ve never been put on a Sunday rather a Monday instead. Wish it didn’t have that cliffhanger because now we’ll never know and will always wonder. Hope for a DVD release.

  30. John says:

    Shows like this are a one season only show. With that said, they should have planned for a neater, more plausible finish. I was very disappointed.

  31. Sean says:

    Cool idea that was badly executed. Blacklist is way better and even it had some off episodes the diffrince is the blacklist has more then one story to tell go ridince to Crisis after 4th episode it be came waist of time and long live Blacklist

  32. I don’t understand why NBC cancels so many really good shows. Crisis was like was a thriller every week. We would continue watching if it comes back because the story obviously isn’t over!

  33. Bill says:

    I never missed one show. I don’t understand how NBC can cancel such a fantastic show. I really would like to see a second season.

  34. Kenn Talbot says:

    Does anyone know how ratings are developed. Crisis supposedly had a low rating, but almost everybody I talked to was watching it. Due to my work schedule and other conflicts such as two favorite shows on at the same time, I watch more shows “On Demand” or ones I record a lot more often than I can see them at the broadcast times. Is there any way the ratings can take such things into account.

  35. Virginia says:

    My husband and I really enjoyed this series. We are very disappointed that it hasn’t been renewed. Too bad NBC didn’t give it a chance to succeed. The competition was very high in its time slot.

  36. Paul TV says:

    I definitely wish there was a season two of crisis. I look forward to it every week. I am super interested and what that last text meant. I know the shows been canceled but is there a chance of maybe just a two hour miniseries or something similar to what they did with 24 between season seven and eight?

  37. Gail McPherson says:

    This is another show that many people who dont have neilsen rating box watch. It was a show that my daughter, son and I looked forward to every week to watch as a family and you cancelled it because your rating system isnt for the real fans. Please, Please bring it back. We need more crisis. Great show

  38. CrisisTVSUX says:

    Thank god this piece of useless drab that some network exec thought was good drama is finally over, done and finished. Thank god, as well, that this series has been cancelled.

  39. LES says:

    It was slow-moving and predictable. It’s difficult to imagine how they could have eked out a second season story line.

  40. chocolatfrog says:

    Not reading anything here (dont want to be spoiled), so sorry if it was covered… so my question, do we have a satisfactory ending? The last 7 episodes are waiting on my dvr, so is it worth watching?

    • mr.Bean says:

      I liked very much

    • Kenn Talbot says:

      There does not seem to be much response to your question, and I know I will be very vague. The responses that you have not read seem to be undecided among don’t waste your time, must see and who cares. If you liked what you have seen so far, then you should see how it ends, If you did not like it up until the last episode you watched, then it will not get better.

  41. Angel says:

    Please please please please bring back crisis
    Td the best show eve you can’t end it like this please make a second season please please please!

  42. MARSELA says:

    HELL NO!!!!!!!!

  43. MARSELA says:

    Hell NO!!!!

  44. MARSELA says:

    HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!

  45. MARSELA says:

    Hell NO!!!! Crisis was LAME!

  46. Lynn says:

    One problem, wrong day, wrong time. Great prime time show

  47. Elizabeth says:

    Yes. there needs to be a second season to see where the dastardly Gibson goes next. He really has a warped sense of what is good revenge/justice for the way he was blamed for Widner’s handy work.

  48. Marc says:

    One problem forme was president newgibson was kidnaper
    Even if not positive would not have met face to face

    • Kenn Talbot says:

      You make a good point, but even though the kidnappers seemed to be better trained than our special forces, the Secret Service were not on their game from day one. Maybe a sub-plot in a second year would be how the prez was looking to find a new first lady and seized the opportunity to let Gibson help him out.

  49. Jess says:

    Love this show!!!! We want more!!! Season 2!!! What happens next?

  50. Daniel SHeridan says:

    I use extra torrent here in th uk and just by chance i spotted (Crissis) when i was on holiday in ireland so my hole family watched the start with me and the only ratting that i can give is that from the kids in there teens and mum in latter years have kept on my case for each and every episode after that .
    So yes this show is a winner in my book, i would like to know when it is back on and if you can sugest other programs of this quolity.
    Many thanks