Teen Wolf EP Defends Malia, Teases Lydia's Past and Spills Season 4 Scoop

Teen Wolf Season 4 Spoilers

With the first Moonday of Season 4 just three sleeps away, TVLine is sending you into your final Teen Wolf-less weekend with a whole mess of scoop to stuff into your pillow — straight from the mouth of executive producer Jeff Davis.

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Below, Davis previews the “humor,” “fun” and “adventure” of the upcoming season — premiering June 23 at 10/9c on MTV — and clears up a few misunderstandings about the ladies of Beacon Hills.

TVLINE | In Episode 3, Coach refers to this as a “rebuilding season” for the lacrosse team. Is that how you feel about the show?
In a way, definitely. I think this season is quite a bit of going back to our roots with its sense of humor, sense of fun and sense of adventure. It got pretty dark in 3B, so we really wanted to lighten things up, and bring in some new romance and new characters for everyone to worry about. It’s kind of an amazing thing to see these kids grow up on screen; it’s not something I’ve experienced before as a producer. You want to give them new challenges, so this is a rebuilding season, definitely.

Teen Wolf Season 4 SpoilersTVLINE | When characters have left in the past, like Jackson, they were explained away and quickly forgotten. With Allison, will her departure be felt this season?
Yes. The thing about that is that Crystal [Reed] came to us early on enough that we were prepared for it. With Jackson, we weren’t really prepared for Colton to leave. When this happens, we often find ourselves scrambling to come up with an explanation, or to write people out in a quick enough way that we don’t shine too big a light on it. But with Crystal, she was very professional and gave us plenty of time to plot a new exit. You see the repercussion of that this season. You see how these kids have matured, how a death like that really forces them to grow up. That’s one of the reasons why we’re bringing in some new freshmen characters. As our teenagers — like Scott and Stiles and Lydia — mature and become adults, we wanted to bring new teenagers in for them to play against and get that youthful perspective again.

TVLINE | You mentioned Lydia, who learns more about her banshee powers in the premiere. Will that continue throughout the season?
Oh, yes. Lydia’s a very important character this season, and we actually learn a lot about her history, and her family. Her banshee abilities are crucial to this season. You’ll see her sort of mastering them now as she learns how to trigger them. It’s an interesting thing to see play out on screen, because it’s something I’ve never seen. Banshees, in folklore and whatnot, usually aren’t helpful at all. They’re the wailing women, almost villainous. So it’s great to see her becoming a hero in her own right. And she’s such a great actress; we can give her anything to play. She does comedy, drama and romance equally well — but the one spoiler I can give for her is that we pull back quite a bit on romance for her. As she’s exploring her abilities and dealing with the death of her best friend, romance takes a back seat.

Teen Wolf Season 4 SpoilersTVLINE | I’ve noticed that fans are, shall we say, “hesitant” to embrace Malia. Why do you think that is, and what can you say to convince them otherwise?
I understand it completely. She’s entering the show in a big way, and in a very quick way, whereas other characters were introduced more slowly and casually. I felt we did a great job introducing Kira and building her character up. I understand the fans’ suspicion and hesitation, but I ask that they give her a chance, especially because Shelley Hennig is such a great actor. She’s a total pro, and I think the fans might be surprised by how much they like her. And if they don’t … then we’ll see. [Laughs] We give her a lot to do, and that’s not an easy character to play. Malia is someone who’s been toughened by her experiences and who has to adapt very quickly to being in high school. One of the great things about Scott and is pack is that they accept someone new wholeheartedly without reservation. Almost immediately, she’s one of them, which means she’s part of them. So if she’s good enough for Scott and Stiles, hopefully the fans will like her, too.

TVLINE | It’s clear Malia has a close connection to Stiles. What can you say about their journey together, romantically or otherwise, in Season 4?
It’s definitely romantic, but it’s not going to be easy. Stiles is the kind of guy who’s never really had a girlfriend, and she’s still got a bit of a wild creature in her, so they don’t really know what they’re doing. They know they’re attracted to each other, but once they start trying to put a label on it, things get more complicated. Dylan and Shelley have great chemistry together, and they’re funny together. I think people are really going to find that Shelley’s really funny.

Teen Wolf Season 4 SpoilersTVLINE | And then there’s Kate. She’s back, but what does she really want?
That’s one of the season’s central mysteries, and one of the cool things about Kate is that she’s still learning about herself. The Berserkers [new enemies this season] are in her control, but not even she knows why. They’re protective of her, and they essentially do her bidding. But Kate’s real motivation has always been her family, and she believes she’s still part of the family, which is the most important thing to her. She wants to get Chris [Argent] back on her side, and she’ll do anything to make that happen.

We’ll have more Teen Wolf scoop — including the skinny on Scott, Derek and the newbies — next week, but for now, let’s spend the weekend mulling over Davis’ words above. Are you excited for Lydia, the super-banshee? Are you willing to give Malia a chance? And what are you hoping to get out of Kate’s return to Beacon Hills? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories below.

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  1. Tracy says:


  2. sara says:

    I do think fans are hard on Malia. I liked her. She plays a unique character and an original character and like Jeff said Shelly is amazing

    • Shaun says:

      fans are hard on how she was pushed on Stiles last season with no buildup.

      • Ranulf says:

        And because Jeff sells us Stalia as ”romantic” when it has so many sub/non-con issues that its staggering. Also because Malia is a poorly written genderbent!Derek as a RI for Stiles. Angry, damaged, innadapted socially person that when interactues with Stiles its snark cs sarcasm?

        Also, lets accept it, if any part of Sterek were a girl, Sterek could have been canon since ages, because its NOT the first time 2 characters have this kind of relationship in a TC show. The difference its almost never 2 same sex persons.

    • Ranulf says:

      Malia IS NOT unique. Malia is a filthy percolated of Derek, Erica and Cora. The reemplazement of a reemplazement will never be good to the show. Jeff is so obseesive with demostrating HIS ideas and ONLY HIS ideas are good. He is just salty Sterek ends up overshadowing most of his cliched heterosexual romances.

      • bansheeeit says:

        Oh ofc, Sterek fangirl. Because being straight is being cliche and I’m mad ecause my Sterek fantasies arent happening because guess what? Stiles and Derek are STRAIGHT. Get over it, fangirl.

        • Ranulf says:


          I am a guy. A bi one. Not a fangirl. To your surprise, Sterek is not full of fangirls with homoerotic fantasies.

          Stiles was queerbaited to be bi. Otherwise that scene with Caitlyn is extremly offensive and bi-erasing. Which apparently it was, because Jeff flat out said he had been hinting at Stiles being Bi since S1… but looks like lately decided to not because it could scare his new target audience of gullible girls with proyection problems

          Also, can we forget the whole ”hetero until proven otherwise” retrograde mentallity?

          First of all, you shouldn’t be ruling out bisexuality, pansexuality, etc just because you’ve seen a character be with someone of the opposite sex. In the current state of society, heterosexuality is the default. Everyone is straight until stated otherwise. It’s like some big twist if a character is bi or gay. There has to be some huge lead up.

          But that’s not how it WORKS. People don’t leave you a trail of breadcrumbs to figure out their sexuality. People who aren’t as open, like say Derek Hale, aren’t going to be commenting on what they are or are not attracted to. Maybe for a character like Stiles, who had an entire story line in an episode of season one where he wanted to know if he was attractive to gay men for no reason that because he just WANTED TO KNOW.

          What people fighting against heteronormativity want you to do is STOP ASSUMING. Stop seeing a male character (in this case) with a woman and just thinking, “Oh they’re straight.” No. There is an entire spectrum of things they could be. Bisexual, pansexual, demisexual, heteroflexible, curious gay, etc and etc. That’s not to say it is necessarily authorial intent for them to any of those things, but by assuming you are only furthering the problem.

          On top of all that, let’s talk about the fact that, were he to be gay, he would not be the first gay man to come out late in his life, to love women before coming to terms with his sexual identity, or to have sex with women. Do you honestly believe that no gay man has ever loved or had sex with a woman? What about men who get married, have children, and then one day say they’ve been lying to themselves and come out as homosexual? This is a real thing that happens all the time. Those men weren’t lying about loving they’re wife. They weren’t unable to maintain an erection with her, as evidenced by their offspring. Sexuality is just a confusing thing and some people take time to understand their own.

          So see when you say that this, bisexuality, pansexuality, and etc are impossible, you are ERASING the identity of people who ARE those things. As a bisexual person, it’s extremely scarring for me that people rarely assume bisexuality is even an option or when they display it as either a phase or confusion or experimentation.

          Also, note that Jeff Davis once told fans that one of Derek’s frequent spots to hang out when living in the city was a well known gay club in New York, and while straight men may visit a gay club on very rare occasion, it’s uncommon for them to FREQUENT a specific one in a city where there are plenty of straight bars.

          So maybe Derek is straight. Maybe Stiles is too. But until either of them state that as irrefutable fact, there is a possibility of them being a number of other things that include being attracted to men. You don’t have to ship Sterek. It’s fine not to. But you shouldn’t automatically assume anyone’s sexual identity, in media or without.

          • Joe says:

            Wow. Someone REALLY wants Stiles to be gay or bi. Stiles does not exist. The actor’s name is Dylan O’Brien. Stiles Stilinski is a character. Nothing on screen has suggested anything but heterosexuality and if you think it has you’re reading too much into it. Look, this is obsessive, childish, and immature. There’s nothing anti-gay or “bi erasing” going on here. You’re reading WAY into things that mean nothing. You’re putting way too much energy into this. If you want to talk about the way LGBTQ characters are written in the media, go ahead. But this is not one of those scenarios because there has been nothing to suggest anything but heterosexuality, and there’s plenty to suggest that. Stiles was surprised by a question about having a boyfriend and was silent for a second. That’s ALL. Nothing more. Period. You’re very angry over something that does. Not. Matter. This is a ridiculous TV show about ridiculous supernatural things that do not exist. Just like the characters. I would suggest growing up a little bit and devoting your energy to something that actually matters in life.

            I’m honestly saying this for your benefit. You may not believe it but I really am. You look like an obsessed child who can’t handle seeing some fictional character he has a crush on being with someone else. Your sexual identity is your business and no one else’s. You should not be imposing it on fictional characters because you feel some kind of connection with them. That is what obsessed children do who have no life. You’re not being reasonable. You’re ranting and raving about something that is. Not. There. …It. Just. Isn’t. There. …At. All. Whatever “Jeff said,” what matters is what has been onscreen. That is the show. I don’t care what hints you want to read as meaning what. And nor does anyone else. You sound like a zealot who is not willing to listen to reason.

            Now you’ll probably reply to this with some snide “lol” comment or something like that and rant and rave about what you want Stiles to be but if you do that you’ll be proving me right. Or you could prove me wrong and knock me down a peg by just accepting that you’re wrong and just leaving it alone. You could be childish about this and keep raving about something you want to see in the face of reality or you could prove you’re more mature than I think you are and just leave it alone. Which will it be?

        • Fiona says:

          Why is the conversation all about gay/straight/bi? I have always assumed that the primary, unavoidable reason Sterek can never be cannon is the super sketchy age gap. Stiles is in *high school* and Derek is a grown man. That’s just not okay, or legal.

          • Ranulf says:

            To be fair, Derek’s age is far bellow 25, not 30+. In S1 we was supposed to be 19, but the more we advance into the show he is aged more and more for no reason at all except to bring this ”age gap” into limelight. Jeff even asked Hoechlin to let his beard grow for a reason.

            However, this whole ”age gap” bad argument is broken and invalid because, unlike date-rape creepy Stalia, relationships arent inmediate sex. People all around the world are in relationships with people 5-6 year older/younger that them. For all we know Derek and Stiles could go celibate, because yes, unlike Jeff portraits in the show, people can have a romantic relatioship without sex.

          • Sarah J says:

            In addition to what Ranulf said, Jeff really can’t be that concerned about the age gap, and no one really has the right to comment on it, because it seems like everyone just /ignores/ the seduction-like technique Derek used to get Erica to join his pack, and the (not so little) makeout scene with Erica and Derek while they were training in the subway station. Erica is in high school, too. She is Stiles’ age, and yet, NO ONE says a word about it. Jeff and anyone else can’t say that the reason Stiles and Derek aren’t together is because of the age gap, because romantic/sexual scenes have already been portrayed between Derek and another character with the same exact age gap.

    • Tom says:

      Hard on her story. Her story keeps making less and less sense that’s why so many don’t like her. I think they’re handling her poorly and pushing her to the fans without fans trying to adjust to her. It’s a shame on Shelley’s part.

  3. Laura says:

    I don’t understand why people are hesitant to embrace Malia at all. I think she has a ton of potential and I can’t wait to see her interacting with everyone come Monday. Shelley’s so versatile and I think she’s gonna bring a whole new vibe to the show. I’m VERY excited about Malia AND this season. I think it’ll be the best yet.

    • benni says:

      They’re hesitant because she punched Stiles (and apparently Derek’s the only one allowed to hit him)… and because of the mode age of the Teen Wolf fandom. I remember when I was a teenager really loathing J.R. Bourne when he came onto Stargate SG-1. I hated him with a burning passion! (In fact he’s the reason I came to Teen Wolf at the end of season two, because it took me a long time to get over the fact he was in it. And y’know what, I gave him a chance and he’s excellent in Teen Wolf.) I found all the reasons as to why JR’s character in SG-1 was skeevy and a bag of flaming dung, but really, it was because he GOT BETWEEN MY SHIP. This fandom would be a lot happier if they allowed themselves to admit the real motivation for the hate! :D

      • Laura says:

        Haha…yeah, I think that just about sums it up! Hopefully people will get over that because everything I’ve heard about her so far sounds SO, SO promising and exciting!

        • Lea says:

          I think it’s gonna be hella difficult to “get over.” Malia’s character kind of sucks as far as not having a story that makes any sense. She can be all “badass” or whatever, but if we can’t even understand why she is the way she is after living as an animal and we can’t even get a non – forced character, then I can’t like her.

          • Ranulf says:

            Or the fact that her interactions with Stiles are mutated clones of his interaction in Derek in S1-S2. No wonder Adelaide left since her character was made so Jeff could try to prove a point and flaunt his arrogance to the Sterek fandom that HE is the one making the show and only HIS ideas are worth.

      • Amy says:

        They’re hesitant because Malia and Stiles had unprotected sex in a basement while neither of them was fit to really consent, and because Malia is the third in a what I can only assume will be a long line of characters meant to be a love interest for Stiles that the writers are aggressively forcing instead of allowing to develop organically.

        • Pix says:

          Plus, her whole character makes no sense, after spending most of her life as a coyote. It would’ve made more sense to create two separate characters, than to make her be a coyote, spend time in a mental institution and then suddenly be all well-adapted and able to enter high school (where would she even get 1/4 of the knowledge required to attend high school, during her years as coyote? afterwards, in just few months?). Everything about her is just one huge plot hole.

          • Clark says:

            Dylan has already said they didn’t have sex, he said no to it, they just made out

          • Shaun says:

            Agreed,should have a tutor until the end of this season XD

          • ratched says:

            Well, sorry, but the cast interviews are not considered a show cannon and not everyone follows them. Unless it’s expressly stated on the show, there was a strong suggestion that they did, indeed, go all the way. Even if the creators have no control over what they’re doing and change their minds over summer.

          • Ashley says:

            Plus, Dylan said he said no to the sex /scene/ – that doesn’t have to mean there was no sex. But he also said something else that I don’t remember word for word, but it could have been taken either way. Something about how the scene as it is was supposed to “imply” something and be meaningful. So even IF we take interviews as canon (which we shouldn’t have to), it still is murky.

          • Lea says:

            @Pix I couldn’t agree more. She’s like a walking plot hole.

          • Megan says:

            Exactly. Shouldn’t she be mentally in the 3rd grade?

          • Linda says:

            According to some Malia fans, she listened in on some classes. (Eye-roll)

        • Kimm says:

          Agreed!!! She seems forced and Stalia seems forced

        • Tiffany says:

          They didn’t have sex they just made out a lot it was confirmed so ya there’s that and they r gunna go into her story I’m sure in season 4 she’s an awesome addition she Derek’s cousin peters daughter (which she doesn’t no about either cuz the pack hasn’t told her yet) but I feel ppl r being way to judgmental and saying she supposed to be mentally 9 isn’t right yes she was a coyote for a long time but coyotes r one of the smartest animals look it up! So ya and the pack is helping her integrate back into society! Plus she was probably at the eichen house for longer way before stiles even got there..

          • Pix says:

            They did have sex, it was just said that they didn’t make a “sexy” mental-hospital-explicit-sex-scene that had been initially planned. Good thing that THE HEAD WRITER had an ACTOR explain to him, why this would’ve been out of place…

      • Walter says:

        If you’re going to say what I think you’re going to say about “motivation of hate,” that’s pretty ignorant on your part @benni. I know you’re going to say that people don’t like her simply because of her getting in the way of Stydia and Sterek when that’s not the case for everyone. Some don’t like how the writers are writing Malia and Malia’s story. And so far to me, her story is very strange and confusing and hlaf-assed. It’s like they got lazy with her character and that’s not cool. So if they keep handling her the way they’ve been handling her, nonchalant. Then I’ll be nonchalant about her. I’m not going to try to like a character that you can’t even try to make sense of or put any effort in as far as explaining why she can think behave and talk perfectly after being in the wild as a wild coyote for her entire childhood.

    • Samantha says:

      Yeah I agree Im very excited to see Malia and how her character will play out all through season four

    • Bailey says:

      I don’t think this season will be the best yet at all. And I don’t really like Malia

    • Joe says:

      It’s because she hooked up with Stiles and no one wants Stiles to be anything but their sweet innocent virginal crush or whatever. Just look how many people flat-out REFUSE to believe they actually hooked up in spite of it, you know, happening. They say “No! It was just a make-out session! They made out, stripped, and… Um, stopped. Yeah… That’s the ticket! THEY DID NOT HOOK UP! MY SWEET STILES IS STILL A VIRGIN! *sob* *sob* *sob* *sob*” And they just will not listen to reason. I think part of them doesn’t realize that Stiles does not exist. It’s a character that exists only on a TV show and nothing else. The face you’re seeing belongs to Dylan O’Brien. The voice you’re hearing belongs to Dylan O’Brien. There is no Stiles and people for some reason have an unhealthy obsession with this one character. I really don’t get why but that’s it. Malia did the unthinkable and robbed them of the opportunity to take Stiles’ V-card and that BURNS them. They CANNOT STAND IT. It’s actually rather pathetic. Just look at the comments on this page. Just look at them. They really are rather sad.

  4. Tina says:

    Not surprised by the shade but its been how long? Time to move on.

  5. jennifer says:

    Definitely willing to give Malia a chance. I don’t think they intended her to be a full-time character when they introduced her, or they might not have been so heavy-handedly stupid with her initial introductions – but maybe this will be a time where Teen Wolf’s frantic writing to make something unexpected part of the storyline won’t actually tank. I’m optimistic.

    I’m personally a Sterek shipper, but I’m not threatened by another romantic love interest being involved in Stiles’ life (the boy needs some practice because we saw his moves in the Halloween episode, namely, he doesn’t really have that many) so Malia and Stiles both learning about romance together, why not? I also think that the Teen Wolf tagline “Never love a wild thing” may be a theme for the Malia and Stiles storyline. I wonder if the pull of the wild is going to be too much for her in the end.

    Basically there really is potential in Malia’s character arc for some fun drama and angst…

    Now whether the Teen Wolf crew can actually pull OFF that potential… That’s where the doubt lies!! :D

  6. JJ says:

    Let’s be real, the only fans are ‘hard’ on Malia is because they’re Stydia or Sterek shippers. End of. Frankly, I’m glad neither of them are getting what they want because they’re insufferable. Let’s try and be less predictable fandom.

    • Abby says:

      I’m a Sterek shipper and I love the idea of Malia. Generalizing is what’s hurting this fandom. We’ve got a loud 2% of this fandom who think they’re the 90% and make decisions for the rest of us who just wanna enjoy this show for what it is. Boo to all the haters, yo.

      • Laura says:

        I think that’s exactly what it is. A very vocal, very immature 2% somehow making themselves look like a majority which isn’t the case at all.

        • Ranulf says:

          Apparently people who that can actually critic and call Jeff for his bullsh¡t are an immature, hateful minority. Minority that regulary gets around 60+% of approvation in polls and mayority of comment/upvotes in articles like the one on facebook (3K ”Derek” anyone?). Minority that raised 25.000 dolars for a wolf sanctuary.

          Of course, lets ignore all the unfortunate implications of Jeff immature, obsessive, attention-lacking writting! Lets ignore that he wanted to make Peter ”good”, that he demeed Dennifer as ”romatic” when it was expressed 2-3 times that it was a effect of Jennifer’s powers and thus a complete non-con/rape.

          Or that Jeff treated Lydia like a used rag and didnt even WRITE a pausible reaction to her meeting Peter again after her S2 trauma until Holland reminded so. Or that Jeff queerbaited with Stiles Sexuality and the Caitlyn scene! Or that he sidelines Scott for more popular character until he needs to make us remember he ismain lead! Or Derek’s overused, boring, horrifing and stupid torture scenes! Or the fact Malia was just massively showhorned into the main group into highschool. Who did teach her algebra, history and literature? The moss?

          Malia’s character was badly written, and there is so much Jeff can get away with ”hurr durr its a supernatural show i can do w/e I want!”. Just because something is fiction does not mean that you can get away with lazy and massively inaccurate writing. On top of he and his PR being so desesperate to destroy Sterek and win more anti-Sterek fans after using the Sterek fandom? Disguting.

          Teen Wolf has become the new Twilight. After it ends Jeff will get laughted at for derailing a complete good show in its 3° season onwards.

          • Radha says:

            *SIGH* Yes. We get it. You hate Jeff Davis and his writing and Sterek should be canon. I am all for expressing your opinion, but I also get very annoyed when you KEEP saying the exact same thing, or different variations of the same thing, in the same comment section. Drilling your point in over and over again does not make for compelling arguments, it just makes you look unstable. As I’ve scrolled down only a quarter of page I’ve seen you griping several times. If only I had a million dollars for each of your comments.

          • bansheeeit says:

            You’re a typical Tumblr whackhead, go home little girl

    • Lena says:

      Let’s be real, it is impossible to know what ALL the fans think about a character. I am not a Stydia OR Sterek fan, but I still haven’t warmed up to the character Malia yet. I loved Shelley on the Secret Circle. In this show, I feel mainly indifference. She is just…there in the background. Irrelevant to me. Stiles is my favorite character and I do not see ANY chemistry between them. It could change this season perhaps. Either way, my indifference has nothing to do with a ship.

      • Katie says:

        My feelings are similar to this. I didn’t really feel strongly one way or another towards Malia – the character was cool, but there were some problematic parts of the writing. I thought her storyline was kind of uneven when it came to timing (which I now totally understand as a result of changes happening in production), and honestly my first thought when they met up with her as a human was “This girl would have the psycho-social developmental level of a child. Uhh….” (and I have now come to accept that I am watching a supernatural teen dramedy and normal rules for human development do not necessarily apply…)

        That said, I have loved Shelly in other shows and am more than willing to give Malia a shot. I’m also excited to see what’s to come for Lydia and Kira… this show has some kick-butt women!

        Tl; dr: Please don’t assume that a fan’s lukewarm response to a new character necessarily has something to do with their personal interest in a given “ship”. Also, I’m SO EXCITED for Monday.

    • Ashley says:

      I may ship Sterek, but that has very little to do with my wariness (not hate) of Malia. It’s my love for Stiles in particular. I don’t want to see him have shady, unprotected hookups in the basement of a mental institute while he’s on drugs, sleep deprived, and being mentally/emotionally harassed by the Nogitsune. I don’t want to see yet another barely-developed character forced on him as a love interest for no apparent reason (while Scott gets two very well developed love interests). If they introduced Malia to the pack as her own person first and *showed* Stiles actually falling for her, THEN I might be able to tolerate a Stalia storyline. But honestly I’d rather Stiles stay the desperately virginal comedic relief for the time being. At least until we see some recovery on his part.

      • Sarah J says:

        Amen, Ashley. That mental hospital hookup was rife with consent issues, and not just on Stiles’ side.

    • Amber says:

      Let’s be real @JJ. You guys really need to stop saying that the reason someone doesn’t like Malia is because of a damn ship. Some don’t like her because of the way that the writers have handled her story. Which was nonchalantly. So please stop saying that is the ONLY reason why people don’t like Malia, because it’s not.

    • bansheeeit says:

      Yes exactly. It reminds me of the The Originals and Hayley hate. No matter what the character does, crazy Klaroline fangirls will always find a way to hate the character. I”m glad the writers of both shows aren’t giving in to a few loud fangirls.

      • Dani says:

        Oh come on! are you blind?
        There are people who don’t like Malia and don’t ship Sterek or Stydia! This is not about ships, this about the character and yes, some people don’t like Malia. Get over it.

    • Skittles&Bits says:

      I’m neither a “Sterek” or “Stydia” fan (seriously who comes up with these names?!) and I don’t like Malia if only because she literally went from 0 to 60 in 2 seconds. One minute she’s a little girl, next she’s trapped as a coyote for years and the next she’s well adapted enough to actually stand out as “normal” in a mental institution. The adjustment issues she should be having are glaringly absent. I was all gungho for her introduction when Scott forced her to turn back into a human because I figured it’d be a great opportunity to explore her animal-to-human transformation juxtaposed to Scott’s human-to-animal transformation as he becomes more and more alpha like but instead I get a makeout scene in an asylum basement and her enrolling into HS after weeks of being committed. I get that supernaturals heal quickly but unless Davis and crew can believable explain her miraculous adjustment to human society, I think I’m going to continue side-eyeing this one for a while.

  7. Aryanna says:

    I’m very excited for Malia. Idk why so many fans hate her i know she hasn’t had much of a build up but that was a contractual reason for that. I know they also don’t like her because she’s gonna be dating Stiles but come on you would want to do the same. Just because it gets in the way of your precious ship doesn’t mean you have to hate her, Give her a chance is all i say.

  8. alistaircrane says:

    I couldn’t stand Shelley Hennig on Days of Our Lives, so I am not looking forward to more of her on Teen Wolf.

  9. Jen says:

    The writers introduced this character in the worst possible way with the travesty that was “Echo House,” and have all but admitted that she’s just another replacement Hale for Cora who they HAVE admitted was a replacement Stiles love interest for Erica, because they’re desperate to recreate the Sterek chemistry but with a heterosexual relationship.

    And even if that wasn’t as offensive and disgusting as it is, they’ve still shoehorned Malia into this show so awkwardly and overall poorly (even her intro in the new opening title sequence is the weakest of all of them) that I’m genuinely surprised whenever I find someone who actually likes her.

    So nice try, Jeff. Maybe you’ll eventually sell me on the character, but based on everything so far, and based on the fact that you’re actually continuing this horrible romantic plotline with Stiles, I probably won’t even bother watching this season to find out.

    • “to recreate the Sterek chemistry but with a heterosexual relationship”

      Ah, the crux of the matter. Sterek shipper, right? LOL!

      • A says:

        Ah, because a Sterek shipper is somehow incapable of having a genuine opinion, yes? How dare that Sterek fan disagree with you! Don’t they know that their opinions are completely invalidated because they would like to see a certain romantic pairing?

        • Ranulf says:

          Lets just say that the Sterek -> Stalia/Stora parallels are so strong that it’s becames pitiful anf maddening. Aparently Sterek is fina as long as its heterosexual.

  10. "A" Has Risen says:

    Like many are saying, the fans only hate Malia because she’s in the way of their favorite ship. Be it Sterek or Stydia. I’m actually glad that Malia is around because I honestly believe she will be a great addition to he pack. I believe Shelley will do such a great job on the show and bring something fresh in. Those fans hating on the show need to stop trying to dance their way around on why they hate her and just admit its because of Stalia. Here’s to Season 4 and Shelley/Malia being around!!

    Also, that shade though. Wow haha.

    • Ranulf says:

      Yeah I hate Stalia because its he same mess that Jenerek was: sub/non-con, badly writted, OoC inducing, cliched hetero romance made by Jeff to prove a point, that the only good ideas are HIS and ONLY HIS. He didnt come up with Sterek, so he used it and discarted it when they wanted something to come out of all tht baiting.

      The worse thing is that Stalia (And Stora by default) is just a percolated coming from mutated wanna-be Sterek chemistry and Jeff’s arrogance of ”THIS MY SHOW MINE MINE MINE ONLY MY IDEAS ARE WORTH” and his lazy, inmature writing full of internationalized homophobia.

      • anthony says:

        Jeff davis is gay…..How can he be a homophobe?

        • Ranulf says:

          Internalized (typo, sorry was sleepy) homophobia is a extremly strong thing. I short its homophobia between queer people. In this case, Jeff is not above baiting sexualities, like Stiles’ with the Caitlyn scene, or even the same Caitlyn was converted from cannonically lesbian, as told by Jeff, into bisexual for the grand purpose of baiting Stiles’ bisexuality, as if minorities were interchangeable and reemplazable.

  11. Roberta says:

    We don’t hate Malia. We just think that if she was a coyote since she was 8 years old it’s highly improbable she can manage long divisions, much less being in high school full time. And that “romantic scene” in echo house was very inappropriate both because Stiles was possessed and also because as I already said, coyote since 8 years old. She wasn’t introduced fast, she was introduced wrong.

    • Tiffany says:

      If ppl can remeber correctly this is teen wolf and also coyotes r very very smart animals smarter then wolves look it up there one of the smartest animals plus she’s been in the echo house for prob way longer befor stiles even got there and now the pack is helping her study and integrate her back into society /high school

      • Tiffany says:

        Plus stiles was not possessed when they hooked up they didn’t not have sex it was confirmed

        • Pix says:

          They did have sex, it was just said that they didn’t make a “sexy” mental-hospital-explicit-sex-scene that had been initially planned. Good thing that THE HEAD WRITER had an ACTOR explain to him, why this would’ve been out of place…

          • Ranulf says:

            You can be smart as hell but without a education and material from which learn you wont learn anything. Who teached her, the Moss?

  12. Sara says:

    I’m not exactly thrilled by Kate’s return. I guess I get tired of the trend of never really letting the bad guy die. It seems a bit lazy to me. Like…it’s their back up if ever they are ‘stuck’.

  13. Plur says:

    I was prepared to like Malia, I really was. I disliked her entrance, hated the way they were writing her character given her history but I was ready to give her a shot. I just really resent the way every damned article keeps INSISTING i’m going to love her. I feel like I’m being spoon fed opinions now. I’m going to wait and watch and make up MY OWN MIND about her, thank you VERY MUCH.

    I’ve got my own set of expectations about Malia’s story and I’m going to HOPE the writers go that way because that’s the Malia I’d like to see. But i’m not holding my breath with this lot/

    Also, I learned a while ago to always take whatever THIS show’s writers, creator AND cast have to say about characters because 9 times out of 10, they hype it up too hard. And expectations go too high and when the time comes? Giant splat.

    So thanks but no thanks, I refuse to listen to anyone about s4, least of all how much I’m going to fall in love with some character who was poorly introduced and is being repeatedly shoved in my face. Not here for that.

    • Dani says:

      I think you’re right.. in every single article they’re telling us that we will love Malia so much. That her character will fit into the show and the pack. I’m not saying that we won’t love her, that she won’t fit but we should really make up OUR minds. Not think about it in a way someone tells us to. Not think about it in a way our ship holds. I’m personally not much sure about the character of Malia. I loved Shelley in other shows but they just introduced her so wrong. And i also don’t think that her relationship with Stiles will go any good. They’re both mentally damaged, Stiles because of the nogitsune and Malia because she was coyote for eight years. Jeff should give both of their characters more time to recover before pulling them into relationship.

  14. Megan says:

    It’s very refreshing seeing most of these comments are positive about Malia/Stalia. Stiles is my favorite character. I only see Stydia and Sterek as friends, so I’m looking forward to seeing Stiles embark on this with Malia – learning experience for both. Malia has great potential and everything I’ve heard sounds promising. I think some will change their tune about Malia and Stalia once the season starts, whether they can admit it or not. I can’t wait to see how this season unfolds, each one gets better.

  15. M says:

    It’s not the “in a big way, and in a very quick way” it’s the way Jeff Davis wrote her and her story. He ruined everything with the Echo House ep, his favorite episode like he said in other interviews. But his fandom is not dumb like he wishes us to be. We notice everything he did wrong from the false portraying of a mental institute till the unprotected sex in a basement where one character was possessed and the other was trapped in the shape of a coyote for 8 years, so she should show all the signs of a feral child and not act the way she acted. And Teen Wolf PR should stop to tell us that we should like Malia. Jeff Davis messed up the writing (which is nothing new) and now he has to live with that. Shelly can be an great actress, but her character is not and nothing in season 4 will change that, because it is difficult to erase 3B now

    • Of course the portrayal of the mental institution was wrong. It should have been, that was the whole point! Eichen House was haunted by an evil spirit for 70 years, it drove patients to suicide, whispering about shadows. It infected the bomber with flies! As the writers said, that was a classic “haunted house” episode, not a truthful portrayal of mental health institution in America. Sheesh!

      • Jane says:

        Uh, no. You likely have no concept of how mental healthcare in America actually works if you think “it’s been haunted for 70 years” is a legitimate excuse for the blatantly incorrect and offensive concept that was Eichen House.

    • Clark says:

      Dylan has already said they didn’t have sex

      • Megan says:

        No he said they didn’t film the whole sex scene cuz he didn’t think it was appropriate. By Malia saying I wanna try something wise and the post scene cuddling was to indicate it happened.

  16. Fiona Smith says:

    lol all i’ve been reading from certain shippers is waaaah Malia’s a love interest waaaah Malia doesn’t make sense waaaaaaaaah Malia’s being shoved down our throats blah blah blah. Regardless of how much you whine or how many transparent reasons you come up with for hating her Malia is staying and thats that.

    Anyway I have no feelings towards Malia in general because she didn’t really do much in 3B for me to have any real opinion so I’m interested to see what they do with her character and how she’ll interact with the characters. Also very intrigued about Malia and Peters relationship this season.

  17. Amy says:

    If Malia really is in season 4 as much as Davis says she is, then I’m gonna be fast forwarding through most of this show.

  18. Ian says:

    It’s the Sterek obsession I don’t understand and will never understand. How people started taking a slash pairing so seriously enough to think it’s actually happening is insane.

    That said, I’ll try to give Malia a chance. I’m not in love with Kira though either, so. You can’t just introduce anyone new and expect they’ll connect with people. They’ll either have that ‘thing’ or they won’t. And neither have for me. It has nothing to do with ships.

    Someone who does intrigue me however, is that cute young rookie cop played by Ryan Kelley that recurred last season. Andy, if you could, would you ask Jeff about him and if he’ll feature more? Any other details would be great too – like the cop’s sexuality for example :) (I’ll camp outside Jeff’s office for the chance to audition to play his bf if Deputy Parrish is gay, lol).

    And so happy to hear Lydia’s taking a lead this season. It’s long overdue Holland got that kind of due. I suspect that they’ll bring the romance for her character back to the forefront next season then too. I’m not a shipper, but anyone would be blind not to have the impression her and Stiles are endgame.

    And the last thing I wanna say is SO HAPPY KATE’S ALIVE AND BACK! I’ve loved Jill Wagner since that cancelled Blade series, and Kate is delicious. The only downer about it is I wish Crystal could have maybe held on one more season then, because it just seems like a crime for Kate and Alison to never get to interact again.

    • Megan says:

      I agree with the Sterek stuff. It’s fun to watch their banter but some people take it too far. There’s no indication of Derek being gay, they poke at with Stiles for comedic relief but every sign so far points to him being straight too. But it’s best not to offend or provoke I suppose lol

    • name_required says:

      They started to treat the pairing seriously, because once Jeff Davis sniffed a chance to get publicity that way, he started to use it very cynically, suggesting that sure, it could happen and that he likes their chemistry as well, and you guys go vote for us for People’s Choice Award, look, we’ll give you the actors gay baiting you on an actually ship! See what I did there, I’m so on your side, shippers! I love our fandom!

      Except once the show got its publicity and became more widely popular, suddenly there’s not only no Sterek, there’s not even any platonic interaction between two characters who really used to have wonderful chemistry!

      I’m not really defending the fact that people were naive enough to believe his manipulation, but, please, be aware that their attitude is not based on delusions, it was once actively encouraged by the head writer and the producers of the show.

      • ratched says:

        Season 3 aka the Sterek No Homo year :D

      • A says:

        Thank you!

      • TR says:

        Here’s the thing, though. Yes, O’Brien and Hoechlin have fantastic chemistry, and their scenes together are great. I get why people ship Sterek. I ship it, too. I love Sterek with all my heart. But it’s a FANDOM ship. There is nothing, nor has there ever really been anything in the actually show that would indicate that a canon relationship between Derek and Stiles will happen. Derek hasn’t really been portrayed as anything other than straight. Now are there hints of a possibility that things could change in the future? Maybe. That’s inherent in their chemistry, and that’s a big part of why the ship is so popular in fandom. But it’s not canon. It probably won’t be canon, and considering TW’s track record with handing relationships, I would NEVER want it to be handled by these awful writers.

        Now, have the TW powers that be and social media teams queerbaited and handled the Sterek fandom in a bad way? ABSOLUTELY. You ABSOLUTELY have the right to be mad at them for mocking and teasing Sterek fans. Their behavior towards the Sterek fandom has been atrocious. But this whole insistence that Sterek should be canon because it’s popular has to stop, because there’s no basis for it in the reality of the show. The show runners lied to you, and you’re allowed to feel upset and hurt because of that. But I think demanding that they make the ship canon is only harming the fandom.

        • name_required says:

          Note, I’m not demanding that, I’m not even saying people have any reason to believe it could happen. I just hate to see them mocked, when their behaviour was influenced by the head writer giving them hope. I also ship Sterek, and I also have never believed it could happen in canon. At this point, I’m quite happy with this fact, for I’m sure if Davis tried to write them as a couple, he would’ve failed miserably. He doesn’t understand his characters, he doesn’t understand his fans, he just knows how to tease and elicit momentary reactions. He’s the one who caused this whole mess, he should be held responsible – that’s what my comment was about ;)

          • TR says:

            I understand. Believe me, the way the Sterek fandom gets mocked by TW’s official staff is such a sore spot with me. I hate being demonized simply for enjoying something that’s a little offbeat, especially when some other fans who enjoy it behave in an unsavory manner and give the rest of us a bad name. All of this “entitlement” behavior did spawn from Davis and the TW team themselves, but unfortunately I think S4 is their attempt to completely kill off that behavior by killing off any chance of Stiles and Derek ever interacting again.

            I hate that they would rather alienate a large majority of their fandom rather than admit that they screwed up and try to make some kind of amends with those fans. Being in the Teen Wolf fandom is the worst experience I’ve ever had in terms of production-fan interactions.

  19. Zoe says:

    You can try to push Malia as much as you want, but her “chemistry” with Stiles is just a poor substitute for the chemistry Stiles already has with other characters, and I’m completely appalled that I’m being told I HAVE to like her anyway.

    Anyone who complains that it’s just the shippers in this fandom who have a problem with this character and her relationship with Stiles are clearly blind and ignorant to anything having to do with storytelling and how this show has failed in this regard. Teen Wolf messed up with this one, and their sorry attempts to try and fix the situation before the season has even started are pathetic and completely miss the mark.

  20. Marcia says:

    If we consider the whole impact de-void had on stiles we will certainly see the way Dylan develops his character in a way that will not leave behind his dramatic experience. I really really hope that this season shows a little bit of grieving over Allison….such a great character and such a great actress. As for Malia…I felt like they needed someone else so they just introduced her at the Eichen House as a big part of the story and from then on they will develop her character. However, Lydia will ALWAYS be Stiles’ first love-crush and I expect nothing less than that being pointed out in season 4. Scott and Tyler have always been awesome I dont see how that would ever change. They should totally do grumpy competition haha

    • Katie says:

      I was just thinking this about Allison…. I know they’ve said that we’ll feel the aftershocks of her death in this season, but I truly hope that it remains something that affects the characters throughout the season, and doesn’t just get incidentally referred to. Allison became such a major force, and I think the love and grief and guilt felt by our core characters (namely, Scott, Stiles, Lydia, and Chris) in the wake of her death makes for a very compelling and affecting storyline. But hey, maybe I’m just a sucker for the angst :)

  21. I’m just gonna leave this quote from Tumblr here: “Erica was meant to be Stiles’ love interest. Their chemistry didn’t work out alright and she was replaced by Cora, who was supposed to pop Stiles’ v-card. That was the core of her entire character when Adelaide was cast. As if that wasn’t f–d up enough, Stiles’ love interest got replaced once more – Malia and Stiles were supposed to have sex in Eichen House’s basement, which was the first time on the show they actually had interaction episode-wise. According to Dylan the original script of that scene was just full-on sex. Seems like Jeff thinks Stiles and Malia need to hook up asap before everyone notices she’s just another poor attempt to recreate the chemistry of Sterek because, heaven forbid, something like romance cannot exist between two main characters of the same sex. It’s almost disgusting how desperately female characters get forced onto Stiles just for the sake of taking his virginity, when the only characters that would make sense in regards of character/relationship development are Derek and Lydia.”

  22. name_required says:

    The character of Malia is one of the reasons why I’m not gonna be watching TW this season. And that has nothing to do with me being a Sterek or Stydia shipper, or with how quickly (clunckily) she was introduced. She’s just another one in a line of gaping plot holes in the show, and another proof of the writers not being able to achieve any kind of psychologically believable character development – they just jump from idea to idea, seemingly without remembering what they’d established few episodes before. In the case of Malia – she spends most of her life as a coyote, but her psychological development goes on normally anyway? she’s in a mental institution, has ooc sex with Stiles, but otherwise seems well-adapted and normal for someone who should mentally be 8 years old. And then she’s able to enroll to high school – when did she learn everything she’d require to attend normal hs classes? who cares, the writers just want her to be where everyone else is.

    No, thank you. Goodbye, Teen Wolf. It was fun for a while there, but once it stopped being fun, it started to be a complete disaster. And no amount of half naked twenty-somethings is gonna sway me back your way.

    • Julia says:

      I find Malia about as enticing as the twins. Hopefully she’ll be gone after this season.

      • Ranulf says:

        AT least the twins had some screentime and Aiden a dramatic death that kinda redeemed them. Malia is shooved into Main Status because its Jeff’s new pet proyect, the thing he could not recreate with Cora: Sterek chemistry.

  23. Cas says:

    I loved the first 2 seasons of this show. I stopped watching after Jackson left and the only reason I did that was because I thought it was a bad sign actors were leaving so soon. But it kept up ratings and I sometimes read the articles thinking maybe I will watch and all the comments always seem really positive about it which I always thought was a plus so I thought maybe I should try it again. But now i just read Allison is gone too so no thanks. Plus the Stiles and Derek fandom got ridiculous.

  24. wow. says:

    ‘dylan and shelley have great chemistry together’ that’s such a lie, they look so clunky and awkward together i’m not even going to bother watching this.

    • Ranulf says:

      Meanwhile, Dylan and Hoechlin have ridiculous amount of chemistry as we can see in S1 and S2, on top of all the cons they attend, they just act so naturally around each other.

      Meanwhile, Shelley doesnt go to cons because Jeff knows Malia is hated/disliked by the mayority. Practically Sterek, Stydia, Sciles and neutral people with good literature taste dislike her.

  25. J says:

    If your fans already hate this character enough that you feel like you have to defend her before the season has even started I think you might need to go back to the drawing board Jeff. But since I know you won’t I’ll just be over here not watching your show anymore.

    • name_required says:

      What, and create another interchangeable love interest fo Stiles character? Hey, the next one might take! God forbid we let any relationship develop organically, we need to get this boy get laid or the bad fans (that we used to encourage to get publicity) will keep suggesting he’s gay!

  26. Amy says:

    I didn’t like Kate the first tme around. I was glad when she died. I hate that she’s back. Nothing aganist the actress.

  27. Julia says:

    Spoiler alert: The fans will not like Malia. They already don’t.

  28. I wish they would stop throwing random women at Stiles and Derek to say “No Homo!” and just let their relationship continue to develop into a romantic one. No other pairing has come as far as they have, none of the other characters understand each other as much as they do, none of the other characters care as much about Derek as Stiles does, none of the other pairings have as much chemistry as they do. Derek even made Stiles his anchor and showed it in a scene that Jeff said was inspired by a dying man’s dream to see the love of his life one last time. Make it happen already!

    • Radha says:

      I’m curious…when does this show that you watch come on b/c I know I haven’t seen any of what you’re saying about Sterek transpiring on MY screen–and I actually do ship them myself.

      No other pairing has come as far as they have? None of the other characters understand each other as much as they do? WTH? (Was I the only one who remembered Stiles’ complete lack of caring when they all thought Derek was dead when the rest of them went on the bus trip to the cross country meet? Did anyone else see Stiles studying calmly for the SATs while SCOTT was the one wracked with guilt on the side? Stiles did not look like he was broken up over Derek’s death at all.)

      Um…what about Scott and Stiles? Them being best friends and brothers? The wonderful relationship between Stiles and his father?

      The idea…the audacity that you have to suggest that Sterek is more important–and more developed– than those two relationships just shows more proof at how delusional a lot of Sterek fans are.

      I get wanting them together. But if you are blatantly rewriting actual canon to serve this pairing? No. Then you are trying too hard. Sure they have chemistry, but lots of characters have chemistry. Doesn’t mean they all have to hook up. On The 100, Bellamy has chemistry with Clarke and the girl who plays his SISTER. Does that mean his character needs to hook up with his sister? No it doesn’t.

      As for Malia. They introduced her character in the worst way possible and I agree I don’t want opinions about her to be shoved down my throat.

  29. kaede.75 says:

    “So if she’s good enough for Scott and Stiles, hopefully the fans will like her, too.”
    First of all, NO. This speakes volume about Jeff Davis’ professionality and the way he deal with his own fandom, like we are a mindless dog and everything, literally EVERYTHING, can be pushed down our throats.
    Surprise! Not all TW’s fan are 12 year old kids that don’t even know what WILLING SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF is and how Jeff Davis as an autor did broke it in a irreversibile way. Some fans DO CARE about QUALITY in writing, you know.
    So the nex time Mr. Davis wants us to like a new characters, he simply has to try to write it in a way that does make sense even to an audience with a critical sense.

  30. Ranulf says:

    Its kinda funny because people that ship Stalia are pretty much shipping an Heterosexual, badly written Sterek. Oh the irony.

  31. Allison says:

    I’m not a shipper at all. Teen Wolf’s track record on romance is just… let’s just say it’s not their forte. One of the problems with the way Malia was introduced is that she was an unknown character having sex with Stiles, a fan favorite, while he was drugged, in the basement of a mental institution. And yet, Teen Wolf’s Facebook was already pushing that ship. OK. It happened. Stiles lost his virginity. But it wasn’t romantic, it was sordid. Afterward, we were told to see that scene as a “comfort” for Stiles, but really I don’t think that came across at all. I have the feeling that the showrunners thought that throwing in any sex scene with Stiles, and fans would find it hot no matter the context.
    When fans jump on hating a storyline or a character, they’re told to wait and see. Well, why not do the same showrunner, and wait and see how the viewers will react instead of talking on and on about Malia.
    So, I’ll wait for something about you know, Derek. He’s not a shiny new toy (although…) but he’s the reason I watch.

    • Jane says:

      I think “sordid” is a really great word to describe it. For me, a big problem I have with the hook up itself was that it was unprotected, and that’s just plain stupid to show on TV, especially to Teen Wolf’s demographic. It was also inappropriately romanticized, considering the hook-up involved two mentally disturbed teenagers in a mental institution. Like, I have no problem with random hook-ups, and I especially have no problem with some feral coyote girl just going for what she wants because she has no concept of human propriety. But context does matter. And seriously, how bad of a writer do you have to be not to understand the implications of that hook-up scenario and the potential revulsion it could invoke?
      Of course, this is coming from the same team that thought it was appropriate to portray a mental institution as a place that locks mentally ill children up like prisoners and houses them with convicted murderers.

  32. Ranulf says:

    From Tumblr:

    Feral children are a very well-known and well-researched topic (there have also been many shows about them), which means that you can’t just hand wave it without giving a very good explanation. Anything else would be very lazy and half-assed writing, which could potentially confuse the reader/viewer. Editors do NOT like that possibility. At all.

    “Grimm” and several other (also supernatural) shows have handled this topic very, very well and very realistically. “Teen Wolf” is the only show I’ve heard of that has butchered it so thoroughly. Just because something is fiction does not mean that you can get away with lazy and massively inaccurate writing. That’s why stuff like “Twilight” and apparently “Teen Wolf” now, get made fun of or are referred to as crappy writing.

    Fiction writing doesn’t mean you can get away with anything you want. If you try that, expect your readers/viewers to be disgusted, annoyed, or asking a whole lot of questions. And expect some red pen, too. Editors aren’t amused by half-ass writing, either.

  33. Dan says:

    I’m a lot more interested in Peter’s reaction to Malia than Malia herself. And yeah, I kind of ship Sterek. I think the only reason it hasn’t happened yet is the ages of the characters. Maybe once Stiles turns 18…..

  34. Scott Johnston says:

    Shippers need to get a life. The show is never going to go anywhere near Stiles / Derek, and by the sound of it Lydia has enough on her plate this season without having Stiles on toast for breakfast. Everybody wants Stiles to hook up with someone, and the show is finally giving him someone. Just stop freaking moaning when its not the one you wanted it to be.

    • Ranulf says:

      I an Serek fan, but I could not give a since dime if Stiles hooked up with someone who isnt Derek. I like Stydia and Sciles and almost ALL PAIRINGS. The thing is, Jeff is patethically trying to recreate Sterek into a hetero romance with a extremly bad written girl. Everything about Malia and Stalia is horrible written and superficial. S4 spoilers pretty much said: Stiles wont have time for guilty or common human reaction to the severe trauma that is killing one of your friends and so many people. No, he will be sucking face with Malia because aparently Sterek is fina as long as its Heterosexual.

    • Megan says:

      I’m just wondering if anyone who is bashing or demeaning the Sterek shippers or are telling people to get over such horribly noticeable plot holes realize that, if all of those Sterek shippers and fans of good writing just stopped watching Teen Wolf it would be struggling to stay on air if not already canceled by now. I was just wondering if I was the only one that realized this!

      I for one have stuck with this show since its beginning, but even I can’t ignore the parallels between Malia and Derek. Heck Malia is just a gender-bent Derek, with a bad plot line and horrible characterization! And I can, unfortunately, already tell that, no, Malia is not going to grow on me and that I’m going to have to fast forward scenes with her in them just so can continue watching the show.

      Really I don’t care if Stiles gets with anyone as long as it isn’t forced down my throat and I feel that the characters have some kind of connection, but nope Stalia or whatever their ship name is just really, well sucks, like horribly and I rather he just be alone at this point. Like really needs lover right after that whole nogitsune thing, I mean if that were me I think I would be a little scarred for awhile and I definitely wouldn’t be ready for a serious relationship, especially not one that would be as difficult as one with a person who had been a coyote for half of their life.

      Whatever, I’m still going to watch even if it kills me, but that’s mostly in the hopes that the show can redeem its self somehow.

  35. Jake says:

    I like Malia a little bit.The second part of the season was super coool with a lot of emotions and surprises.I think critics are easy, but i dont understand why some of people say ”the new characters sucks” or this kind of thing whitout reason; or ”i’m done with this show” because of a part of a season they don’t like

    • Ranulf says:

      Until now, not one has said ”Parrish is horrible” or ”Meredith sucks”. People dont hate new characters. They hate Malia, who was shoved to RI and is just another badly written genderbent!Derek that Jeff wants to pair Stiles with. Also, her story is a percolated of other plots that never finished. Peter’s child, Hale family, Stora… She is just the representartion of Jeff’s arrogance.

  36. Ariel says:

    I feel like Jeff and the writers keep forcing her and shoving her down everyone’s throats. And he needs to let the fans decide for themselves instead of keep saying “give her a chance! “Like her!” “She’s going to be your favorite!” Like no! Let the fans decide for themselves. As for me, I’m not too fond of Malia tbh. She was introduced ok, but then they wrote the rest of her so sloppy and lazy and rushed. It’s like there was no effort in putting her in the show. When we met Kira we were introduced to her and her story made sense and she eased into the show nicely. I can’t say the same for Malia at all. So yeah. Don’t really like Malia.

  37. Mason says:

    If you want me to give Malia a chance you’re going to have to do better than that. Her character and her relationship with Stiles are one of the main reasons I’m probably not going to be watching the show anymore.

    Try giving me a reason to get excited about Teen Wolf again. Which at this point is gonna have to be upping Derek’s screen time by about 150% and then having him and Stiles start interacting again semi regularly.

  38. Megan says:

    I’m trying to like malia but I’m sorry I can’t her character makes no sense and I kinda hope season 4 will be her only season. As a stydia shipper I see Stalia as a way to have Stiles mature and get the experience of a relationship and lydia time to focus on herself before they get together. Also I’m super excited to learn more about lydia and her banshee powers! Season 4 looks amazing and i can’t wait any longer! Lydia needs a season just to be on her own and become more independent. Also I’m super excited about Scott showing his true alpha this season.

  39. Megan says:

    I tried to like Malia but I just don’t. Her character makes no sense, how did she s

  40. Megan says:

    I will try to like Malia but for now her character makes no sense. How can you be in the woods for 8 years and suddenly your social skills seem fine and you are now in high school? Also I only hope stalia lasts this season because i really want to have stydia happen. Stiles and Lydia have this chemistry that I just adore. I’m glad stiles is getting experience and that lydia is on her own this season to learn about herself before they become romantically canon. Also I’m psyched to see Scott as a true alpha and his relationship with kira is cute!

  41. rebeca says:

    So basically this new season is about malia this & malia that when we could have had more about lydia, and what’s with peter, and more about parrish, but nooooooooooooo! malia is more relevant than already existing storylines, god forbid for those to be developed!

  42. Erica says:

    Why does everyone who likes Malia assume the people who don’t must be Stydia/Sterek shippers? Yes, I’m a Stydia shipper, but that’s beside the point. Stalia is forced and Malia is forced. The writing for her is lazy, her storyline’s confusing, and the consistency’s off. She’s not original either; as someone already mentioned on here, she seems to be a Cora/Erica combo. There are plenty of other characters I don’t like in the world of TV, but must I hate all of them because of my “shipping preferences”? No. I’m open to the character of Malia, and I want to like her, but she just doesn’t feel natural to me. Her story came together too quickly.

  43. Asia Moses says:

    OMG! I know Lydia is perfecting her banshee skills and her bestfriend Allison I now dead but COME ON!!! Stiles and Lydia are PERFECT! I know him and Malia kissed and then some in season 3 but that’s not enough to make up for the chemistry between Stiles and Lydia. And I am not a fan of Sterek. WTF!? Who started that? And I feel as if ChrisArgent shouldn’t be in good terms with Kate because of his newly found friendship or whatever it is with Derek who doesn’t exactly have many people in his life.

  44. RichieS says:

    I can just imagine Arden Cho reading these posts and thinking “yeah, Shelley…take the pressure off me,girl !”

  45. Tiffany says:

    Malia ad stiles did not have sex they confirmed that! Look it up! And ya she punched him cuz her emotions r all over the place and she’s not mentally 9 coyotes r one of the smartest animals look it up as well. And her story line is gunna be really interesting and fun! She’s peters daughter Derek’s cousin(which she doesn’t no about) the pack is helping her integrate back into society and she’s gunna be stiles protector this season Dylan obrien said at alphacon! I love stiles and malia and I’m glad they didn’t have sex so she can grow and there relationship aswell love malia and stiles together! So cute and great chemistry! Ppl need to stop bring so stubborn and give her a chance and get over the Derek/stiles things that’s not gunna happen but they can be better friends and I think Lydia and stiles r better as just friends! For sure Lydia has never shown any interest in him in that way! Geeshhh!

    • Dani says:

      Oh god.. you’re still writing there that coyotes are one of the smartest animals, are smarter than wolves and blahblahblah.. even if it’s true it doesn’t matter, not at all. Because she was living 8 years in the woods! If she was going the past 8 years to school even as a coyote then okay, your comments would make sense. But like that? No.
      She was in the woods alone, she wasn’t socializing, she wasn’t talking. So it really doesn’t matter if coyotes are smart animals or not because she had no way to learn anything. So please stop with these non-sense comments.

    • Enrique the Intelligent says:

      Derek and Stiles can’t be platonic friends because they seem to be forbidden from being in scenes together. Want proof? Seasons 3A and 3B.
      “Coyotes are one of the smartest animals.” Are you actually trying to convince me that coyotes are teaching geometry, algebra, health, government, chemistry, resume writing, and English literature to the cubs in their dens at night before bedtime? What have you been putting in your pipe and smoking? Next you’ll be telling me coyotes have poker games and long conversations about politics. Are you sure you’re not really Jeff Davis? He’s the only one around here that seems to be telling us what to think and feel these days…

      • Tiffany says:

        That was like the smallest part of my comment so if u could just back off and clam down obviously that was not what I was saying so stop being so rude..

        • Dani says:

          It maybe was the smallest part of your comment but it’s written in almost every comment you wrote so…. you calm down and stop repeating every single thing you wrote

  46. adam says:

    I just want to start off with the fact that i really did not like the sloppy and poorly written way they introduced Malia. But i like the way Shelley Hennig played Malia, so i am willing to wait to make an opinion about her character until season 4 starts. Also, everyone seems to be focusing on Stiles and Malia, i could honestly care less about the two of them being together, I’m much more interested in Peter and Malia and the fact that he’s her father, why is no one talking about that.

    • Tiffany says:

      And she’s Derek’s cousin yes but she doesn’t no yet cuz the pack doesn’t want to tell her until they no she can handle his manipulating side

  47. Paul says:

    So disappointing that we don’t get a 24 episode season again. It was phenomenal last season.

    • Lea-lb says:

      Not really, since they didn’t make a 24 episode season – they made two 12 episode seasons, almost completely unrelated to each other. It’s a single season in name only.

  48. TB says:

    I think malia will be a very nice addition to the cast even tho she was just thrown into it but she has potential for a great story line with peter and Derek! And her relationship with stiles I’m glad they decided to no make them have sex in the echo house! And I do really see the chemestry that malia and stiles have aka Dylan and Shelley I’m glad they get along and have fun off camera 2 that makes it even better on screen! Very excited for season 4 and all the potential with the story! Plus ppl need to not be so rude I mean I’ve read some comments and wow what is wrong with u ppl I mean relax I respect everyone opinion even tho it may be a little crazy and weird and stubborn but u don’t need to get nasty or rude it’s a show remember it’s just for fun! Entertainment jeff can’t please everyone but I also feel Streke will never happen in the way most shippers want they r both strait and stalidya also I think is way better as friends they kissed in 3A and it went no where and stiles pretty much was getting over it by 3B plus Dylan obrien said at alphacon that he would be letting his feelings for lydia go cuz stiles is maturing( so probably realizing how creepy and pathetic his crush was on her)which is very good! And now Lydia won’t have to feel weird around him since they can just be friends and that it! He’s not her type just sayin. And she’s not one to beet around the bush. Malia and stiles endgame it gunna be a fun and bumpy ride with them I’m excited plus more peter stiles scenes maybe and Derek and stiles(I do love there banter it’s fun)cuz that’s his daughter and his cousin so they might get protective!

    • TB says:

      ^ **they did not have sex in echo house! Also this is teen wolf no need to get to into the whole she’s mentally 9 whatever it’s teen wolf things r different maybe more will be explained in season 4 she was prob in the echo house for way longer then before stiles even got there so she was learning and it’s a 2 month jump from where season 3 ended so the pack will have probably been helping her study and learn and feel things again

      • 4 says:

        Oh there’s gunna be a 2 month jump! That’s probably gunna be good for all the characters new and old with everything that went on in 3B and agree ppl stop hating give the character a chance!

      • Pix says:

        **They did have sex, it was just said that they didn’t make a “sexy” mental-hospital-explicit-sex-scene that had been initially planned. Good thing that THE HEAD WRITER had an ACTOR explain to him, why this would’ve been out of place…
        Btw, I’m starting to think that Dylan knowingly said it in such a way that it was misinterpreted by many people. Especially that it was not said right after the episode aired, to clear the doubts, but months later – as if the wirters changed their minds over summer after having been explained how the situation was filled with consent issues. Because all they saw was Stiles having to finally lose his virginity.

  49. Jane says:

    Guys, pretty much the only thing that DOES make sense about Malia’s character is her relationship Stiles.
    She’s been trapped in the body of an animal half her life and has had most of her sexual drive suppressed. Of course she’s going to develop this weird psychological love-hate fixation on the guy who helped turn her back into a human. Why not punch him and then bang him in a mental institution? She’s feral. She does what she wants because there are no human behavioral standards ingrained in her psyche.
    But why is she in high school? Why does she have enough socialization to interact with other people her own age? How does she know how to do high-school level science or reading or math? If you’re going to rationalize Malia’s relationship with Stiles based on the fact that she’s feral, then why is the rest of her characterization not consistent with that?
    It’s bad writing that people have picked up on. Have most of them done it through shipper goggles? Yes. It’s annoying that people can’t be objective about this stuff. But it’s still bad writing.

  50. Jane says:

    In other news, I’m actually really excited to learn more about Lydia’s powers. However, I’m going to be really, really upset if they turn this into a Kate redemption arc. Kate needed to stay dead, and Gerard, Peter, and Deucalion need to be six feet under with her.
    But I’m actually kind of relieved that Derek’s going to have some hook-ups with Braeden, because at first I was worried that it was going to be Kate. Hoping Derek actually has something good happen to him this season.