Post Mortems

Awkward Post Mortem: EPs Explain Eva's Twist, Jenna's Future and More

A breakup, a reunion and a possible pregnancy all in one episode? Needless to say, we had a million questions after last night’s Awkward midseason finale.

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Fortunately, showrunners Mike Chessler and Chris Alberghini were more than happy to answer every last one of them — including whether or not that was a real pregnancy test in Eva’s hand at the end of the hour.

Let’s begin, shall we?

TVLINE | How long did you know you were going to make Eva a sociopath? Was that always the plan?
 We knew right away that we wanted to bring in a character that would stir things up and create conflict. Pretty early on, we figured out what the endgame was, the logical extension of brining her in. What is she trying to do, and what does she ultimately want? They all want to fit in at that age, so we thought, “How can we make the biggest version of someone wanting to do that? And how far might someone go to fit in?”

TVLINE | Moving forward, will she be known as “Eva” or “Amber”?
CHESSLER | It depends who’s referring to her. [Laughs] That’s what we’ll see going forward.

TVLINE | I’m sure you’re aware that Eva isn’t the most well-liked new character. Can you explain her a little bit?
ALBERGHINI | These kinds of people, and I feel like I’ve met some of them in real life, come from a place of deep-seeded vulnerability and wanting to belong. I hope people don’t just villainize and hate her, but realize she’s actually a vulnerable, damaged person. She’ll do anything to get what she wants, and on some level, people do that all the time.
CHESSLER | Also, let me say this about Elizabeth Whitson … We saw a lot of girls for that part, and we were so blown away by what she did with it.
ALBERGHINI | She’s a lovely girl and a talented actress, and she should not be confused with her character.

Awkward SpoilersTVLINE | A lot of people refuse to believe Eva was holding a positive pregnancy test. Can you confirm?
 Yes, it was absolutely a positive pregnancy test. So when we come back in the fall, all of our characters will be dealing with the blowback.

TVLINE | Honestly, I was expecting a Lacey pregnancy reveal. Is that ever something you’d do?
 We’re open to all story possibilities, and I think that’s the most I’d want to say about that.

TVLINE | Anything else you want to clear up about the Eva situation?
CHESSLER | A lot of people on Twitter were asking why Sadie didn’t just show Matty the pictures of Eva’s bedroom, and that wasn’t exactly clear because we had to cut a scene from the episode. When Sergio and Sadie were in Eva’s bedroom, they were actually interrupted by Eva’s grandmother. They had no idea she followed them in there, and she startled them so they had to rush out. I’d like fans to know — and I’m sorry about it — that Sadie and Sergio were only in Eva’s room for a few seconds and didn’t get enough shots to totally turn Matty against her.

TVLINE | When Season 4 picks up in the fall, how does Jenna feel about Luke? Is she trying to win him back, or is she just trying to move on?
ALBERGHINI | We’re going to pick up not long after the midseason finale. I think she’s trying to figure out what to do next. She has feelings for the guy, and she knows it was not her finest hour when she tried to protect Matty. That said, she and Matty do have a friendship, so in many ways, she was justified trying to protect him. We’re going into 4B with Jenna evaluating her priorities: Matty, Luke, senior year, finals.

Awkward SpoilersTVLINE | I’m glad Jake and Tamara are friends again. Any chance they’ll try to be more than that?
ALBERGHINI | We think it’s interesting to revisit relationships with people you’ve had a romantic connection with. What happens next? Do you get back together? Do you stay friends? We’ve done it a lot with Matty and Jenna, so now we’ll see how that looks with Jake and Tamara.

TVLINE | Theo and Cole got tons of screen time in the finale. Will they stay in the forefront, or return to the shadows?
They’ll definitely be around. We have a lot of characters for a half-hour show, and we’d love to have them around as much as possible. They have a lot of fun stuff that happens over Spring Break, which we’re shooting now. They cause a lot more trouble in the second half of the season.

Awkward fans, did that clear up your confusion about the midseason finale? The fall is a long way away, so drop a comment with your thoughts on last night’s big twist below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kevin W. says:

    We need to talk about Lissa.

    • Jay says:

      I think it’s interesting that Lissa is finally getting some attention this year! I think 4B will have a love square featuring Lissa, Tamara, Tyler, and Jake. That should be a fun side story.

    • baboon says:


      • Danni says:

        If that’s Food Truck Hottie, then I definitely want to see more of him! Sadie really needs to stop playing and take him up on his offer!!

  2. Bwhit says:

    I don’t think Eva is pregnant, she is manipulating Matty’s issues with being adopted. Next season I hope her storyline ends with her being put in some sort of facility to get help. I really want Kevin and Lacey to have a baby, it would be so awesome for them and Jenna :). Cole and Theo are hilarious and I would rather see more of them and less of Lyssa and her “brother” Tyler. This show needs to be an hour and they should cut teen mom/16 and pregnant to a half hour or just get rid of those all together!

  3. Azerty says:

    I wished they would mention Saddie and if Austin is definitly out? I feel they haven’t used him enough.

  4. Smigglesby says:

    Did anyone actually like this season? It was like a really sad imitation. Worse than community season 4 by A LOT

  5. Joey Padron says:

    Great interview with the producers. Can’t wait for rest of season episodes this fall.

  6. Joey Connick says:

    Does anyone know when Season 4B will start up?

  7. Robby Horine says:

    Is there going to be a season five?

  8. Jared says:

    Theo and Cole made the finale for me. Those guys are great. Would definitely rather see those guys get a bigger storyline that that unlikeable Eva/Amber and the played out pregnancy plot.

  9. Missy says:

    I wonder if Lacy took the pregnancy test and Eva was in there when Lacy discovered she was pregnant and just picked it up after Lacy tossed it…

    • Kamalei says:

      Although Eva/Amber might be a damaged character, I truly believe she needs psychological help. Bringing a baby into their situation would only complicate things further and make things worse for both her and Matty. They need to think about college not starting a family at 17. That being said, I think Matty and Jenna owe it to each other to be true to their feelings and get back together. We all know their todays modern day Ross and Rachel!!! Jake and Tamarra, Sadie and Antonio! Damn he’s FIIIINNNNEEEE. Sadie is CRAZY if she doesn’t sense the major sexual tension between them.

    • OOOoooMG’s I think you totally hit the nail on the head way to blow the plot! but I am actually glad you did but I don’t want the show to be anymore about the parents than it needs to I liked them in the first two seasons and then Kevin was just so damn hot they started putting him on other shows which made me sad like where’s dad?

    • OOOoooMG’s I think you totally hit the nail on the head way to blow the plot! but I am actually glad you did but I don’t want the show to be anymore about the parents than it needs to I liked them in the first two seasons and then Kevin was just so damn hot they started putting him on other shows which made me sad like where’s dad?

    • Emma Simon says:

      Me too

    • Jenna Smalls says:

      That’s what I thought!

  10. Halo says:

    I tug with the idea that Matty is actually getting back the karma he created in his world. Don’t forget he was a total douche bag hottie! Thank you for this article, I really needed some clarity after this last episode, I mean really?! I would hate to see Matty go out like that! I don’t think Eva’s pregnant, or she is but its not Matty’s. I hope he finds out before he really gets her pregos!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Eva or Amber or whoever she is. Is tht her pregnancy test tht she took or did she get it of some else. Never know whith her now.

  12. Rogue says:

    I think if Ava/amber is really pregnant it would be Luke’s. They both are kind of sketchy. Ava did mention that she was into college guys. The first part of the first finale she tripped Jenna on accident an ended up sitting with luke. Thry throw out more hints but if anything I called it lol

    • baboon says:


    • Anonymous #2 says:


      That makes a lot of sense if it is.

    • Gia says:

      Omg yes! That would make sense in saying that he knew so much about Amber. I really hope Luke and Jenna get back together though. They are so good together and I don’t think she connected with Matty the way she did with Luke. Luke was sophisticated and Matty is a child drowning in his own teen parent drama which, by the way, we don’t even know is totally a fo-sho go. And even if it is a for suresy, I’m sure he will come crawling back to Jenna. I think Luke is really good for Jenna and a really good influence. But hot d*** do I miss Collin! He was so hot!

      • Danni says:

        I second that!! Matty’s definitely sweet and Luke is…well he’s older, but everything about Collin was just plain sexy!!

    • Kimberly says:

      OMG come to think of it, that’s soo true. NICE!! I never even thought of that. You get so caught up in thinking that it’s Matty’s that you look pass the little hints.

    • Emily says:

      Oh my gosh I didn’t even think about that at all but omg what if Eva’s baby really is Luke’s I also really disagree with the fact that Eva’s pregnant. In season 4 she is portrayed as sneaky and manipulative so I really dont think it’s her test. Did lacy and Kevin say that lacy was pregnant when Kevin got stuck on the mountains? Eva’s used Lacy’ s test. That’s a FACT!

  13. Emily says:

    wow, Eva’s actually above and beyond b*tchy

  14. Miller says:

    All I want is no more back-and-forth drama with Jenna and Matty. Let them just be friends. I really liked Jenna with Luke, hope he’ll be back!

  15. Kelsey says:

    PLEASE kill the eva/amber + Matty relationship. Matty seems so naive and I think if it were possible to make eva a character anyone could sympathize with, she would have to be less of a hateful b*tch. She’s ruined 2 other characters relationships and we are supposed to like her on some level? No thanks. Also, I think everyone would be highly disappointed to not have matty and Jenna rekindle. They are the all time loved couple. Whoever said that the pregnancy test should be Lacey’s that eva found was genius!!! Perfect explanation and new plot for story. No one wants it to be anyone’s baby that eva is having. Because she needs to GO. Most hated character of all time in any series. We may have all met someone like this in our life and always wished that person would have been outed. Now’s chance to finally have that desire fulfilled. Eva deserves a hefty dose of karma. If they try to make Eva’s story into a pity story I think I’m just going to have to completely forgo the series.

    • Kelsey says:

      And I know the producers say eva is just trying to fit in
      The girl might as well be a super model… It couldn’t be that hard to be well liked for her. She didn’t have to wreck everyone’s lives to fit in. She’s just evil. No sympathy at all for her.

  16. Sierra Peterson says:

    Matty and Jenna should be together, point blank. I am the biggest fan of this show and love it, so I hope that it doesn’t get ruined with the stupid Eva creation. I just hope the show continues in a cool way and the relationship between Matty and jenna at least at the end of the entire show is back to how they were (IN LOVE)!

  17. laila says:

    why is the bedroom pics soooo important????

    • Because a picture is worth a 1000 words someone could tell you some crazy chic has voodoo shrine of you and has targets on the most important chicks in your life your semi first love and you best friend you definitely wouldn’t believe it but if you saw it you would have no choice but to freak out and run the other way

  18. you're welcome says:

    They confirmed that Eva was holding a positive test.. not that it was HER positive test! Just sayin’

  19. I think Eva is just like alot of sociopaths I have met in real life and these people are super saavy and always know how to cheat the system. I think somehow the writers should work in that pregnant women fail drug test because their piss is hot so Eva being the delinquent she is somehow tweaked it like ran it under hot water knowing a high temp will pull a posi. Also I do not think Jakara should get back together Matty is a dusche and honestly the whole first two seasons I was so voting for him and Jenna I think the writers should throw a super wrench and revisit the whole Jenna and Jake thing. And I don’t think Jenna and Sadie should team up they work way to well as enemies I don’t even think a frenemy should develop keep em nemisis’ and I think Sadie and Tamara should get together and be lovers

  20. Amanda Abarca says:

    will there be a postive turn around on Eva’s pregnancy? is it Matty’s or could it be another guy’s just so she could gain more acceptance or popularity?

  21. bella says:

    Is it actually mattys baby or someone else baby cause I feel she’s a slut

  22. Ciara Peters says:

    I don’t think that Eva/Amber truly knew that she was pregnant until she took the test. I think she told Matty that she was so he was distracted by her revealing who she truly was. I don’t think that Matty is the father of her “baby” because he said that they always used protection. But what happened the night Matty and Sadie kissed? Where were Eva and Jake? Could Jake be the father of Eva’s “baby”? Will Eva flee trying to avoid jail time for identity theft for stealing the real Eva Mansfield’s identity? Will Sadie report her for ruining her relation ship with the picture of her and Matty and will Jenna team up with Sadie to et rid of Amber/Eva??

  23. ILOVEAWKWARD says:

    ivwant to kno is eva really pregnant by matty .

  24. ILOVEAWKWARD says:

    I think that eva/amber osnt really pregnant and she told matty that she was pregnant just so she could ruin jenna and matty’s relationship . I really hope that eva isn’t pregnant and if shes not matty gets revenge on her. I hope that this season in the fall matty and jenna will get back together and eva jail for identity theft.

  25. Jessica says:

    I loved the last episode and cant believe its over til fall. Right when things get good, and i mean really good. Been watching it since Season 1 and i love it that they put twists and turns in it and u really cant have a favorite character. #Awakward 😊 cant wait until it returns!!

  26. Heather says:

    I think its ‘Whoria’ Gloria’s pregnancy test. At the end of the episode you see her standing nervously in the background so maybe coaxed her into taking it for her and letting her use it. They said it was a positive test so it could be someone else’s…

  27. Kaiya Hayden says:

    Will jenna nd matty get back togethet

  28. Emma Simon says:

    Will Jenna and Matty get back together and stay together in the end?

  29. christy says:

    1.) When does akward start again? 2.) I think Eva got pregnant by someone other than Matty and is using his drama to convince him it’s his because they haven’t been together long enough for her to really know, I mean a week really? 3.) Jenna and Matty need to be together.

  30. Jamie says:

    I think Eva’s lying once again and she was pregnant the whole time. I think she will go to the doctor and find out that she was much more far along then she though she was and will end up not being Mattys. When will the next episode air?

  31. Elise says:

    Woah I did not see any of this coming but now I’m mad again because I want to see what happens after this and what happens with Marty and eva😡 ugh!!!! I don’t really like Eva/amber at all I just hope she doesn’t bring Matty down like Jenna did.

  32. Marquida says:

    How is Jenna’s feelings toward Matty and does Jenna and sad die become friends or at least frenemies?

  33. kortease goodman says:

    I think sadie should have a love triangle w/sergio nd austin…. nd show more of lissa nd tyler….nd wit eva she should be pregnant but its not matty…. nd i would love for matty nd jenna to get back together…..but i would love to see more screen time of sergio

  34. Emma Baker says:

    What will happen after Jenna and Matty graduate? Will the show stop, or follow them through college?

  35. Mandy says:

    I think Eva should get revealed to Mattyand eeveryone about how she really is and she should freak out and get arrested. I don’t want her to just be pregnant with someone else’s baby and go see the real father cause she’ll be let off to easy.

  36. Lauren says:

    We want Jenna and Matty back together! Any chance that will happen next season?

  37. BiancaaS says:

    I’ve been a HUGE fan of the show since it came out.. I think I’ve watched every episode at least 3 times. I stand all for Jenna and Matty, when it comes down to it they are PERFECT for each other. Soo all I can hope is that, if the test is positive, she found it in a garbage can and took it or it’s someone else’s baby. I would hate to see Matty’s life completely ruined by a psyco.. No disrespect to the actress, only her character. BRING THAT COUPLE BACK TOGETHER !! To me nothing is more perfect than ending up with the first person you got with, obviously in this case it’s Jenna and Matty. I would actually like to see Lissa back with Jake.. Yes Jake and Tamara were a huge hit but they aren’t right about each other.. And Sergio.. YES PLEASE MORE OF HIM ! Maybe he can change Sadie’s evil ways.

    Anyone agree ???

  38. Zeinab Naanish says:

    when is season 5 coming?