Awkward Midseason Finale Recap: It's All Downhill From Here

Awkward Season Finale

To call Awkward‘s midseason finale a slippery slope, though delightfully punny, would be a grave understatement. As it turns out, the Palos Hills senior ski trip was nothing short of a dramatic avalanche. (Actually, that pun works even better.)

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We’ll have all of our burning questions answered by showrunners Mike Chessler and Chris Alberghini tomorrow, but for now, let’s break down the intensity of Tuesday’s skiing trip from hell:

GOTCHA! | After getting kicked off the trip for assaulting Eva, Sadie decided to use her sudden abundance of free time for something more productive… like exposing Matty’s new girlfriend for the lying “slunt” that she is. Step one was meeting the real Eva Mansfield (Lisa Rinna?!), then discovering Eva’s true identity, which turned out to be Amber Horn — a home-schooled psycho from San Pedro who stabbed a kid with a pencil when she was nine.

Awkward Eva PregnantEva/Amber tried to counter Sadie’s discovery with a sob story about being bullied all her life, topping it off with this little bombshell: She’s pregnant! No one believed her — for obvious reasons — until she emerged from the bathroom with a positive pregnancy test in the episode’s final moments. (Question: Could Eva have somehow faked the results? I was expecting Lacey to reveal a surprise pregnancy this week, and my Val-esque Shining is never wrong.)

OUT OF LUKE | Luke ditched studying to join Jenna on the ski trip, but when the Amber-related s**t hit the fan, he went packing to avoid getting covered. Though he understood where Jenna was coming from, Luke said the whole experience made him realize that Jenna needs to shake off her high-school drama before she can even think about dating a college guy. (I figured a breakup was imminent, but this quickly? Man, Jenna can’t catch a break this season.)

JAKARA BACK ON? | With a little help from Theo and Cole — and their brilliantly twisted game of Musical Beds — Jake and Tamara were forced to spend some time together. And while a full-on Jakara hookup wasn’t in the cards this week, I’m hopeful their rekindled friendship will result in a romantic reunion before senior year is over.

FLOWERS ON THE SLOPES | Needing almost no convincing whatsoever, Lyssa indulged in some forbidden fruit, planting a bit wet one on her “brother” Tyler. (I’ve got to say, I did NOT see that one coming.)

Awkward fans, do you think Eva is really pregnant? And are you hoping for a Jakara reunion? Drop all of your thoughts and questions in the comments section below, and we’ll get ’em answered.

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