Awkward Midseason Finale Recap: It's All Downhill From Here

Awkward Season Finale

To call Awkward‘s midseason finale a slippery slope, though delightfully punny, would be a grave understatement. As it turns out, the Palos Hills senior ski trip was nothing short of a dramatic avalanche. (Actually, that pun works even better.)

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We’ll have all of our burning questions answered by showrunners Mike Chessler and Chris Alberghini tomorrow, but for now, let’s break down the intensity of Tuesday’s skiing trip from hell:

GOTCHA! | After getting kicked off the trip for assaulting Eva, Sadie decided to use her sudden abundance of free time for something more productive… like exposing Matty’s new girlfriend for the lying “slunt” that she is. Step one was meeting the real Eva Mansfield (Lisa Rinna?!), then discovering Eva’s true identity, which turned out to be Amber Horn — a home-schooled psycho from San Pedro who stabbed a kid with a pencil when she was nine.

Awkward Eva PregnantEva/Amber tried to counter Sadie’s discovery with a sob story about being bullied all her life, topping it off with this little bombshell: She’s pregnant! No one believed her — for obvious reasons — until she emerged from the bathroom with a positive pregnancy test in the episode’s final moments. (Question: Could Eva have somehow faked the results? I was expecting Lacey to reveal a surprise pregnancy this week, and my Val-esque Shining is never wrong.)

OUT OF LUKE | Luke ditched studying to join Jenna on the ski trip, but when the Amber-related s**t hit the fan, he went packing to avoid getting covered. Though he understood where Jenna was coming from, Luke said the whole experience made him realize that Jenna needs to shake off her high-school drama before she can even think about dating a college guy. (I figured a breakup was imminent, but this quickly? Man, Jenna can’t catch a break this season.)

JAKARA BACK ON? | With a little help from Theo and Cole — and their brilliantly twisted game of Musical Beds — Jake and Tamara were forced to spend some time together. And while a full-on Jakara hookup wasn’t in the cards this week, I’m hopeful their rekindled friendship will result in a romantic reunion before senior year is over.

FLOWERS ON THE SLOPES | Needing almost no convincing whatsoever, Lyssa indulged in some forbidden fruit, planting a bit wet one on her “brother” Tyler. (I’ve got to say, I did NOT see that one coming.)

Awkward fans, do you think Eva is really pregnant? And are you hoping for a Jakara reunion? Drop all of your thoughts and questions in the comments section below, and we’ll get ’em answered.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Amy says:

    The finale was crazy!! When is the rest of the season coming on, because I cannot wait!

  2. Amy says:

    Oh and one more thing: Eva/Amber is a liar!! She is so evil and I think she is faking the pregnancy test thing. There are tons of ways to fake a pregnancy test to make it positive. I just do not like Eva/Amber she is evil and seeing her bed room is proof. Oh and one more thing: I think Sadie and the guy that works the food truck with her are so cute and they should get together :)

    • caree says:

      I really think she’s faking the pregnancy too. I’m also upset with Matty like he should have believed Sadie & Jenna when they said she was crazy

      • Jennifer says:

        Exaccttllyyyyy!!!! Why didn’t he believe them?! Its Jenna and Sadie?! I can’t wait to see how she faked the test.

        • Tess says:

          I really hate Eva\Amber. she makes all these web of lise and evem though maddie knows he still likes her. SHE MUST be faking it. this is random but i really wanna see Sadie and Austin get back together

        • Julie says:

          I can’t wait either! If you tell yourself of you’d pregnant enough your body will start taking on the pregnancy hormones.’s a true thing!

      • Bwhit says:

        I to am pissed Matty didn’t believe them! It’s Jenna and Sadie, who have always cared about him no matter what! She is lying and somehow “Eva” will be exposed. But on a side note, I think Sadie should hook up with her food truck buddy, they are cute together.

        • Cassie says:

          What if Eva is pregnant? I feel like she would purposely get pregnant to keep Matty, but I bet it is not his. Another part of me feels she is faking the test. There are MANY ways to mess up a test and get a false positive. I cant wait for her to go down.

    • SadieMatty says:

      Sadie and Matty need to end up together after all best friends do end up together, and sadie knows more about matty then Jenna’ jenna loves luke and they should end up together again!!!! after all sadie wasted her time to bust eva! so she and matty are <3 an item just think a new start ! thats why shes so bitchy cause she cares about matty!

    • first ikr! second Eva should just stop trying to be a victim and leave she already done enough damage.

    • daddyqua says:

      I Really Do Think The Same Thing An Yes Sadie The Truck Guy Should Get Back Together The Show Comes Back September 23

    • Sadie :D says:

      I agree but there’s one thing I don’t get why did she not show Maddie the pic in Eva/Ambers room?! I just don’t get it! >:O I hope she gets to that because Eva/Amber is dirty, evil, and trash!!!!!!!!!!>:O I’m my head I’m saying I hope she dies but I’m over exaggerating but still I think she needs to take a bus to another country and never come back I hope Maddie gets back together with Jenna because I totally think they look SO CUTE with each other! Man! I bet season 4 is going to be great!

      #Eva/Amber is lire :P

  3. Erin says:

    Maybe Eva/Amber got lucky and found the positive pregnancy test in the trash, turning out to really be Lacey’s.

  4. Katie says:

    Perfect mix of humor and drama that I look for in Awkward. And it definitely left me eagerly awaiting the show’s return. I too thought the pregnancy scare thing might be twisted to be Lacey – given the season long focus on her empty-nest feelings.
    Theo and Cole are among my favorite characters on this show now, and the rest of the other students we met this episode were hilarious. I feel kinda sad that we’ve only got about half of senior year left with these nutty PHHS kids….

    But big question: Didn’t Sadie take photos of Eva/Amber’s crazy “A”-esque bulletin boards? And if so, why didn’t she show them to Matty?? I feel like he’d still be trying to do the right thing by EvAmber if she truly is pregnant, but that probably would have put a damper on the relationship at least….

    • Margaret says:

      I know right! Who cares if she stabbed at kid with a pencil when she was nine? The scariest thing was the bulletin boards and how she stole Eva Mansfield’s identity.

  5. caree says:

    When is the rest of the show coming back because I really really can’t wait. Is matty finally going to find about eva or his he going to stay with her through it all.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Why didn’t Sadie show Matty the pictures of Amber/Eva’s room? Is anyone else bugged about that? Also I’m happy and sad about Luke breaking up with Jenna, thought they was great together but want her ending up with Matty. Jakara was cute and was so happy to see them be friends!! Thought it was hilarious how the Mascot was really handsome and she wasnt feeling him lol

  7. Ashley says:

    I think “eva” had that positive test in her purse and went in the bathroom and pretended to take the pregnancy test. She took the positive test from her purse and pretended it was the test she had just taken. It would be funny if Lacey was pregnant because jenna’s parents have been having a lot of sex lately. What if eve/amber stole lacey’s positive pregnancy test from a trashcan or something….
    I hope luke and jenna get back together, matty and jenna hook up one last time and refriend, eva disappears, and jakara go for an encore and he finally gives her an orgasm. I want a lot… Too much.

  8. londa says:

    I dont like that bitch Eva. I HOPE Jenna and Matty get back together and Jenna kicks her ass. I also really like Jenna and Sadies friendship.

  9. Christy says:

    I hope she isn’t pregnant. And I hope this will lead mattie and jenna back together.

  10. Alyssa says:

    I love awkward! I hate to see a mid-season finale only because I’m to excited and hate to wait to see what happens next. I’d watch this show forever if they’d film it that long but allll I want to happen is for matty and Jenna get back together and STAY together go to college together get married and have babies. That skitch Eva/amber never needed to be added to begin with to much new people first Collin then Eva then Ming is gone! Totally hated that Sadie didnt get to show matty how F’d up Eva/amber really is! Psycho much! I love this show but it needs to “purk” up! Screw any other dude that’s not matty! Jenna+matty=jemma 4eva!

  11. Sofia says:

    First, that finale was OMFreakingG amazing! When is the next season half coming?! Eva/Amber is obsessed with Matty and wants him no matter how far she has to go. So plain and simple, that chick is CRAZY.

  12. Asjah says:

    Eva/amber is not pregnat first she acted like her and Matty had sex in her bed then on the ski trip boom she preggo I don’t believe that when did they even have sex liar liar pants on fire I hope matty realizes what he got himself into

  13. Felipe Cervantes says:

    I don’t think Eva is pregnant. I think somehow, she had a method of making the test +. Jakara, mmm… Yes, i think they start over. Now. I hope Matty dumped Eva and all, and agreed with Jenna, and they should be back on.

  14. Leon says:

    For those of you wondering when the show will be back for Season 4B, I’d bet on October 21st or 28th I only know this because last season the show went off the 2nd to last week of June and came back in mid October.

  15. Kai says:

    I think it’s a possibility that Eva may have tampered with mattes condoms while they were having sex!

  16. Estefanya says:

    I think Eva/amber probably planned this whole thing out and had the positive pregnancy test somehow and just threw away the one in the box and used the one she had and matti is so stupid! Why can’t he just admit he still has feelings for jenna everything would work out! And Eva would be the b!tc# that finaly just gave up and left! And omg Jakara i feel like next episode it’s going to get more serious! Omg!

  17. Shay says:

    What’s the proof that the baby is Matty’s? I mean she is a compulsive liar/stalker/freak! And she could have done it with someone other than Matty.

  18. Rachel says:

    I’m so over Eva/Amber. It wouldn’t be that hard to prove Jenna sent the email; just go to sent mail. Tamara also saw the panties plus the other girls heard the conversation. If everyone went to her basement they could see how creepy she is. I fast forward her scenes now. Horrible character.

  19. Fatima says:

    I think she might be pregnant but with someone else’s baby, or someone else took the pregnancy test in the group.

  20. You're Welcome says:

    What a finale! Can’t wait for the next episodes!!! AHHHHH! Theory though did anyone else notice how “Whore-ia Gloria” lingered in the background and was totes eavesdropping on Jenna and Sadie’s convo about Eva’s pregnancy at the end of the episode? Maybe she’s the pregnant one???!!!!

    • Katherine says:

      OMG!!!! I didn’t notice it the first time but you’re totally right!!!!!!

    • Korikat says:

      MAYBE gloria is because during the whole episode she didnt want tp have sex which seemed off if she was as much as a whore as tamara was saying! So Eva/Amber could’ve gotten her test out of the trash or something!! I dont know lol… I just want that beotch gonee.
      Would be interesting if Luke and Eva/Amber got together and Jenna and Matty got back together.
      But clearly Matty still has feelings for Jenna!
      Can’t wait to see what really happens <3

  21. Daniel says:

    i want to know what Sadie’s relationship future is. Oh tell me oh Magic 8 ball… please find out… it must be with Austin… even with a limited role. I like how she is with him, she’s a better person with him, but she’s still Sadie. I watched the season 3 finale during the marathon yesterday and this stuck out at me… ‘I promised Austin i wouldn’t scarf and barf anymore. His lack of a social filter also comes with a lack of judgment.’ MTV needs to work around show schedules and make Austin and Sadie happen. #AustinAndSadieAreForever

  22. ggny says:

    I thought the whole Eva twist was kinda lame. The finale was ok but i really hope she doesnt stick around to much longer. But this show really needs Ming back i dont know what they need to do to get her to come back atleast on recurring status but do it. The show is really missing her

  23. Melanie Pram says:

    I think that Eva/Amber is pregnant but with another guys baby. But I also could be Lacy’s pregnancy test. I just really hope that Jenna doesn’t fall in love with any oter random guy. She loves Matty! And Jaccara should stay together but Tamara needs I change a little.

    • Anny says:

      I agree with you ^^ I really want Jenna & Matty together… And I totally agree about Jaccara – they are cute, but Tamara have to stop being so obsessed.

  24. Jamie says:

    I don’t like Eva/Amber! And she is lying about the pregnancy. Last desperate attempt at being with Matty. And I’m mad at him for being so rude to Jenna. I just wish Jenna would go off on him. I know she cheated on him but just once she should tell him how awful he made her feel by hiding her for so long and making her feel so badly about herself! They shouldn’t get back together but he needs to get over himself AND Eva/Amber (Eber? lol)
    Soo hoping for a Jakara reunion! They just belong together!
    Still can’t get over Eva being such a psychopath! I’m ready to see what happens next!!!!

  25. I’m so Done with Eva
    She’s a liar and I hope the friendship between MAtty and Jenna stays alive.
    I was really scared when I saw her bedroom, really like wtf.
    But I think that Eva take the pregnancy test out of the trash..
    But Can’t wait to see the next Episode

  26. Tabitha says:

    I think yes but I think she got pregnant before matty

  27. Tabitha says:

    I think she got pregnant before matty

  28. Azerty says:

    I don’t like Saddie’s new love interest, he is too cliché. Austin is definitly out of the picture? He was far more interesting. Did the actor want to leave the show?

  29. Jamie says:

    What if when the show comes back on Eva/Amber is big pregnant? My feelings are gunna be so hurt! I don’t like her. Aside from her being an obvious psychopath stalker of Mattie, she has been very jealous of Jenna. If she would have left Jenna alone everything would have been fine. She ruined Sadie’s and Jenna’s relationships for no reason.. Only to alienate Mattie. And Mattie doesn’t see it.. He’s rude to every one that cares!

  30. Takyra says:

    I can actually see where MATTY is coming from , and I feel I am the only one . I think his backstory of him being adopted is leading him to have ATLEAST some feeling for Eva because he doesn’t want any possible child of his to end us with a lie as a life like his
    was and I feel he thinks that sticking with Eva is the way to do it . But he honestly needs to realize her for the liar she is. Nobody should believe a pathological liar even if it sounds like the truth. I mean she lied about her name . She even befriended his friends in order to become closer to him and now she’s trying to kill them off one at a time . If that not physco bitch then idk what is

  31. Michele says:

    It’s Gloria’s test because at the end Gloria’s face looks guilty if you pause it and her face you can tell plus, why would she randomly come into the season at the end.

  32. So I believe the pregnancy test is Gloria’s aka “whoria” because at the end of the episode you see Gloria behind Jenna and Sadie looking at the bathroom and she wasnt smiling. She looked upset.. Its random that they chose to have her all of the sudden show up in the last 2 episodes and be known as the slut.. Just my thought tho! Either way I cant stand Eva and i’m just wondering when Matty will catch a break… His life is just tumbling downward. I LOVE this show and I never want it to end!

  33. sierra says:

    i think eva is pretending to be pregent to stay with matty also matty shouldv’e belived jenna and sadie

  34. heather says:

    Ican’t believe that they took the show in that direction. Matty and Jenna belong together. I freaking hate that ever was brought in. I hope that her saying she’s pregnant and the positive test was nothing but BS

  35. carly says:

    when is the new season coming out?

  36. Bri says:

    I dont think Eva is pregnant. She lies aboit everything else! I think shes just doing it to stay with matty and soften her string of lies shes thrown together.

    • Bri says:

      Also i wanted to punch matty in the face for acting so stupid! And if Eva says “Im soo sorry” with her annoying raspy voice one more time I will break my tv.

  37. Lauren says:

    I’m on the side of believing that Lacey is actually pregnant and ms.crazypants Eva is not. I would be happy for Jemma or Juke but I a want Austin and Sadie back together.

  38. Camila says:

    No if you rewatch the last part you will notice GLORIA staring at them I think it’s her Pregnancy test and is just giving it to Eva as a favor! I mean what is the coincidence that she just got introduced to this show as always hooking up with guys!!! It’s her test!!

    • Gisselle Rubio says:

      True, I agree with u. I mean she is a psycho and I think Eva will do that sort of thing. And i also think that is the reason Gloria was brought in the show.

  39. Pearle says:

    ok first off why isnt Sadie trying to get with the food truck guy he is mouth watering haha and also really Matty you would believe Eva/Amber over Jenna and Sadie hes in for a rude awakening because she is a compulsive liar and sycho and her room proves it also Eva/Amber’s grandma is a hoarder and doesnt pay attention to her granddaughter talking about shes always in her room studying <<<<< HAHAHAHAAAA biggest joke ever!!

  40. Pearle says:

    I also really want Matty and Jenna I really think all the drama with them is bad timing which is unlucky but I hope they end up together and I hope Jake finally gives Samara a bolt of chills in between her thighs haha

  41. lilyvern says:

    whats the name of the spanish guy with sadie ‘the truck driver’????please tell me i’m dying, he is so hot

    • jaene says:

      im trying to find out also!!

    • Julia says:

      i found him i found him! niko pepaj i don’t know why his name doesn’t show up in the cast list but i found and image and he looks just like him in the image section he was also on the show bunheads!

  42. Vanessa says:

    Is Eva really pregnant.

  43. Anne de Lang says:

    When is the rest of the season coming on?

  44. Momo Pund says:

    I hate eva!!!! She acts like georgina from gossip girl , even the baby story!! I hope she’s not pregnant !!!! And it would be funny if jenne becomes a big sister :-)

  45. No Eva/amber is not pregnant, she’s a compulsive liar and probably has a few more mental problems. I mean of she is prego she probably poked holes in the condom! And I like Tamara without Jake. Even more with the hot college lesbo. I’m totally hoping Matty goes back to Jenna and commits Eva.

    • Dan says:

      I agree about Tamara, she should stay away from the Bipolar JakeBear, their relationship isn’t very healthy from what I’ve seen, plus Tamara needs to explore her sexuality(with guys and gals) a lot more, she needs a break from her last relationship.

  46. frushonruby says:

    No i do not think eva is pregnant still think she faking

  47. Holly says:

    When is Eva/Amber going to get done for Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft?
    If I saw all that evidence, such as school enrolment forms and fake IDs, I’d be sure to call the police before trying to out her verbally.

  48. Lily says:

    Why is it nobody mentioned the amber bar cave full of all their pics and info that’s really creepy and it was kind of not brought up to matty

    • Breyana says:

      Exactly thats what i didnt understand, its like she was plottin on jenna

    • Monica says:

      Sadie did mention it, but the bishh of Eva cut her off by making herself look like the victim and she rolled in a sad soppy story about how she was bullied and then the subject was changed.

  49. Breyana says:

    I think Eva is lying. She has been lying all along. Shes just saying shes pregnant because now matty know he truth about her and she dont want him to leave her so she had to find a way to make him stay. Shes just a compulsive liar.

  50. alexis vivero says:

    Honestly, I hate Amber/Eva. She is just an evil, manipulative psychotic bitch. I think as much as I hope she isnt pregnant,I feel MTV wont have an excuse for her to fake it.