Teen Wolf Video: Stars Discuss 'Surreal' Fandom, LGBT Themes and More

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As Teen Wolf fans wait patiently for next Monday’s Season 4 premiere (MTV, 10/9c), the stars are thanking them for their support — in both the good times and the Allison-getting-impaled times.

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TVLine has an exclusive clip from the Season 3 (Part 2) DVD box set, available for purchase June 17, in which the show’s cast and creator reflect on what the fans mean to them, and how they’ve made every effort to return the love.

“Whenever we have an event with fans, it’s surreal,” Crystal Reed (nope, I’m still not over it) recalls. “I’m a really emotional person, so when a fan cries, I can’t help but get emotional.”

Adds Tyler Posey, “We get a lot of fans who have touching stories. You know, they say Teen Wolf has almost saved their life. The fact that we emphasize the gay storyline on the show has made a lot of people come to terms with the fact that, you know, it’s OK to be gay.”

And while we’re on the subject of fun Teen Wolf videos, MTV also just released the new opening credits for Season 4 — featuring the additions of Shelley Hennig‘s Malia and Arden Cho‘s Kira — which you can enjoy below:

What do you love most about being a Teen Wolf fan? And what do you think of the new opening credits? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Fantastic OP! I’m glad Dylan got a new title card. And that both Shelley and Arden are regulars. Cannot wait for the new dynamics. I think the shake-up in S3B will be really good for the show.

  2. sara says:

    I just want Allison back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Josh says:

    Wish they’d give Lydia a new opening. Everyone else appears active or badass but poor Lydia just seems helpless and falling.

    • Adam Lenhardt says:

      Love the new motion title card for Dylan O’Brien/Stiles, as the guy who puts the pieces together. Wish they’d been as creative with the other characters.

      At least the Arden Cho/Kira title card has her wielding her katana, but reusing the old title card for Holland Roden/Lydia was disappointing (she’s a freakin’ banshee!) and the one for Shelley Hennig/Malia couldn’t get any more generic. Other than having her coyote cave in the background, it looks like a shot from a CW commercial and says absolutely nothing about her character.

      • Ranulf says:

        >Implying there is a character to say something about, aside from hooking up with a drugged, paranoid, mentally exhausted, possesed Stiles in a dirty basement moments before Stiles were to lose control of his body to a murdereous evil spirit, while completely aware that his time was running short. Or, also known as Stiles’ most Out of character moment in the whole show.

        • Adam Lenhardt says:

          Stiles figured he was about to die, there was nothing more productive he could have used that short time for, so he went for it. A-OK in my book.

          Back to Malia, she’s were-coyote who spent most of her life living as a wild animal. I’m sure something interesting could have been done visually with that.

          • Ranulf says:

            No, Stiles didnt figure he was going to die. And in fact, it constradicts the fact that he enrolled in Eichen house BECAUSE HE PLANTED A BOMB IN HIS DAD’S OFFICE HE STABBED HIS BEST FRIEND AND KILLED A LOT OF PEOPLE. He was worried about the people he could harm if he didnt. He didnt care for his life, as he cared about saving everyone. A scene with his (imaginary) DEAD MOTHER was cut so Stalia could fit. Dylan was against that hook-up from the beginning, and he is the most involved in Stiles’ character, even more that fans. Stiles was willingly to die to save the people he loved, as was shown in later episodes. He was diying but went to try to save Lydia anyways. He was willingly to be killed by Scott to save his friends.

            Your argument doesnt have any kind of base because the whole season contradicts it.

            The trauma, the nightmares, the GUILT OF HAVING (indirectly) KILLED ALLISON AND AIDEN? OF NEARLY KILLING HIS DAD AND BEST FRIEND? OF ALL THE PEOPLE HE KILLED? ”Sorry, we scrapped any logical human reaction to all the trauma Stiles had so he could have kiss time with his new forced Derek-shaped vagina”.

    • Radha says:

      Lydia’s is meant to be spooky and kind of eerie, IMO. I never thought she looked helpless, I thought it was meant to show there’s something spooky about her. And we discovered she’s a banshee. Those creatures are always spooky, with flowing hair and flitting through forests.

      However, I wish they had given her a new title card as well. Just to change things up a bit.

  4. Lena says:

    Teen wolf offers diversity only one way–LBGT theme. Davis should broaden his horizons and attempt to make the show like the world. The world has other races. Apparently the town doesn’t have blacks or hispanics except for the token ones.

    • DL says:

      Don’t see how Deaton is a “token” character. He’s been a great mentor to Scott, extremely knowledgeable and an interesting guy, and neither he nor his sister Ms. Morell fall into any kind of stereotypes. I admit there’s a dearth of Hispanic characters, yes, but when it comes to diversity why are you completely ignoring Kira and her family, and Danny, who’s Hawaiian?

      • Josh says:

        Really? Deaton is very token in the “Magical Black Man”. He does nothing until they need him to explain exposition or perform some deux ex machina feat.

        But Braedon(I think that’s her name) is back and the new guy’s best friend is a gay poc, so that’s at least three black recurring characters, a half-Hispanic lead, and an Asian main love interest/co-star(and her heavily featured family). Plus the guidance counselor. That’s more than every show on the CW combined.

    • James says:

      Scott is Hispanic by the way, as is Tyler Posey in real life.

    • Uh, Scott – THE LEAD!!! – and his mother ARE Hispanic. Kira and her family are Japanese and Korean. Danny is Hawaiian. Mason, Deaton, Morrell, Breaden are black

    • MarkMarkMark says:

      Posey’s family line goes back to Ol’ Mejico.

  5. Lena says:

    it’s ok to be gay, as long as you don’t mind your story being sidelined and only used to further another character’s plotline, and/or development. and you’re okay with being constantly brought up for brownie points, but never actually given any lines or storylines of your own.

    this year on Teen Wolf; you can be gay, but only when Jeff Davis needs diversity points. don’t complain, you’re just lucky to still be alive.

  6. Ranulf says:

    Bah. What ”gay storyline”? Teen Wolf ”LGTB representation” is nothing but lies and frosting without cake. Danny has ben shoved into the background for ages, Dethan was such a background pairing that Peter/Lydia got more developement that Dethan. Stiles was queerbaited to be Bi… and then the topic was laughed at by Jeff while Cailyn converts from Lesbian to Bi because? Because a guy can’t be Bi? Deaton being gay but the whole idea was jossed, Kali and Julia/Jennifer being a couple only know after they death and off-show? Mason being presented as ”non-fairy pink campy gay guy” and being defined by being gay?

    Tyler what ”gay storyline” are talking about? Seriously I want to know. Also I undertand and approve Kira being in the titles… but Malia? What has she done except trigget the biggest OoC moment in Stiles in the whole show?

    Jeff should stop shoving Stiles into relationships with poorly written genderbent!Dereks.

    • luli says:

      Shelley Hennig aka Malia is in the opening sequence because she is a regular, just as Arden Cho is.

    • lola says:

      Tyler simply talk about a gay storyline because there have been several one. That they haven’t been properly developed? Not Tylers fault. He’s just there to act and do his job. He’s simply mentioning personal experiences with fans and what he thinks some fans have identified with. And hey that’s something positive so I don’t see why turn it into something negative.

      • TR says:

        What “several” gay storylines are you talking about? Because in this show there’s been maybe a handful of scenes with gay couples interacting. That’s not a “storyline.” What story was there to tell? Posey’s been an actor long enough to understand how the basics of storytelling work, and he’s very obviously reaching in his logic. Most likely to compensate for the fact that he’s been getting heat because of his “bizarre twisted and weird” comment.

        This show can barely write a straight relationship that’s not unbearably dull and underdeveloped. What hope is there for a decent portrayal of a gay relationship?

  7. kaede.75 says:

    “the gay storyline”?! Really? Random sex in a hotel room with two characters who barely know each other? No built up, no falling in love. Nothing. That’s what you’re calling “the gay storyline”? Danny is there since season 1 and how many lines did he get? 10 in four seasons?
    A lesbian couple having sex shown only for an onslaught in the woods and then the survivor one is turned magically bi? In 1 minute appearence with two lines and with the only pourpose to make out with Stiles? Really?!
    Teen Wolf is not like the others show, is THE WORST because it claims to be better and new and revolutionary while is really not.
    And don’t even get me started about Malia and failure in professional wrinting.
    Or storyline and plotholes bigger than the sun.

  8. Luke says:

    Tyler thinks he’s show is leading the pack when it comes to progressive lgbt representation, when really its flailing at the rear.

  9. Allison says:

    On Teen Wolf, there’s nothing to brag about the flurry of background gay characters on the show. A corporate show like Revenge on ABC, has done more and better without constantly bragging about it. They have a main male character who is bi (gasp!) and kissing guys on screen. So really, with every major show pretty much having gay background characters, Teen Wolf is just like the others and not leading the way like they would have people believe. They should focus on better writing especially in the romance department if they insist on doing romance.

  10. Ella says:

    Weird that Shelley Hennig comes before Arden Cho in the credits when Arden made her appearance first and is also the love interest of the lead character. Not a complaint, just an observation, I like them both and am thrilled they’re in the main credits.

  11. Nicole says:

    The credits are a little like FRIENDS in reverse. Heh.

  12. BH says:

    What is Tyler Posey even talking about? There’s been exactly one prominent gay relationship on this show and it got about five seconds of screen time and ZERO build up. WE DIDN’T EVEN SEEN THEM SPEAK TO EACH OTHER BEFORE THEY WERE TOGETHER.

    And don’t even get me started on Stiles and Malia. I will be fast forwarding through every single one of those scenes. That is, if I even bother to watch this trainwreck of a show at all anymore.

    Should have listened to your fans, Teen Wolf. Maybe then you’d be selling something that I have any interest in buying.

  13. parker says:

    The real problem here is that the fans Posey is talking about? They were expressing this as a result of the popularity of Stiles and Derek, a relationship that this show has gone out of its way to suppress and outright destroy. Which is disgusting, in all honesty, not to mention bad for business considering the widespread love for the relationship among the show’s fanbase.

    So, you know what? I won’t be watching season 4. Because this show’s treatment of its fans and of lgbt themes is actually pretty horrendous and hurtful.

    • lola says:

      They could spend more time on gay characters and relationships and that still won’t make Sterek canon . And Not making Sterek canon doesnt means they are disrespecting lgtb people either. It’s not disrespectful when the two characters aren’t even gay in the first place. Sexuality is not decided. Yes they are fictional so they could but it’s been seasons and they’ve already been written as straight . A character shouldn’t be forced to change Sexuality just because is a trend and is what’s popular. Sexuality is not a trend. Fight for the Canon gay characters who truly need representation aka Danny. Fight for his development and for more lgtb representation to come not just Danny. Fighting to make Sterek canon is not fighting for lgtb. You are fighting for the wrong reasons.

      • TR says:

        I agree that it’s disingenuous to talk about suppressing LGBT representation just because two popular and (most likely) straight characters aren’t going to hook up in the show. But the previous poster didn’t really say they wanted Sterek to be canon. He said the show has actively tried to suppress a relationship between Stiles and Derek. That means ANY sort of relationship between the two (friendship or otherwise). This is true and most likely done in deliberate retaliation to the popularity of the fanon ship. The show’s habit of queerbaiting and manipulating Sterek fans for popularity and ratings only later to mock them openly IS horrendous and disrespectful. You may feel like this previous poster is mad “for the wrong reasons,” but it’s also very disrespectful of you to tell someone the thing they feel most passionate about in the show and their feeling of hurt is “wrong.”

      • Max says:

        You have posted the same comment elsewhere. Since you are a straight sjw you better stop to dictate on what gay men or gay women should do, it’s not your concern their empathy or preference with some fictional characters.

    • Chris says:

      Completely agree with you Parker.

  14. dee123 says:

    What gay storyline???

  15. Hot Dumb Italian Mike! says:

    Everybody I know loves “Teen Wolf”, especially women. I’m always too busy, and theres waaaaay too many shows. Is this show really that good?

  16. TR says:

    Seriously, Posey? You are probably the last person in the world who should be talking about positive portrayals of gay relationships, since you stated on camera that you think the fandom’s most popular gay ship is “bizarre twisted and weird.”

    • Because it is? Considering the characters haven’t even really talked for like two seasons straight, both actors stated that the characters hated each other in S1, Derek was downright abusive, both physically and verbally, towards Stiles and it was canonically proven that Stiles didn’t care if Derek lived or died (see episode 306)? Just because two characters look good together doesn’t mean they are secretly in love. That’s where fandom comes in. But when they start to force said pairing canon, it does become bizarre, twisted and weird.

      Also, Tyler Posey stated several times that he wished Scott was portrayed as bisexual and that this part of his relationship with Stiles was explored.

      • TR says:

        Yes, yes, you think Sterek shippers are gross, embarrassing, need to quit the fandom, etc, etc. You don’t need to rehash anti-Sterek tumblr rhetoric to me; I’m very familiar with all of it.

        As with Posey, you seem to be woefully misinformed about what “fandom” actually means. You can talk about problematic behaviors exhibited by certain fans of a ship without insulting an destroying the ship itself and the people who enjoy it. They are ultimately two different conversations. Posey holds to two mistakes in logic. 1) He made a hasty generalization and insulted an entire segment of the show’s fan base simply because he had a bad experience. 2) He insinuated that people who enjoy that ship are watching the show for the wrong reason, which is a no true Scotsman fallacy. The man clearly has no grounds to speak in general terms about positive portrayals of gay relationships, because he hypocritically believes that only the gay relationships that he hasn’t had a negative personal experience with yet are worthy of praise.

        I’m sure there are some people who have come to positive terms with their sexuality because of the Sterek fandom, but apparently those experiences aren’t legitimate because they come from a place that’s supposedly “bizarre twisted and weird”? That’s certainly something one can infer from Posey’s logic.

      • Allison says:

        Of course he wished that Scott hooked up with Stiles. Stiles is way more popular then Scott so it would have helped Scott’s popularity to be paired with Stiles. In fact, I’m pretty convinced that TP is not homophobic but he’s butthurt that Sterek is more popular then Scott. And btw, I don’t know how a fandom can “force” a pairing into canon. It certainl didn’t happen on TW. If you know the recipe for that, you’ll make a fortune by selling it.

  17. love that they put ashes in the credits and promos from all the losses they had for each season they mean it this time #cantgoback