Teen Wolf's JR Bourne Teases 'Messed Up' Season 4: The Benefactor and More

Teen Wolf Season 4 Spoilers

No one is in a particularly good place when Teen Wolf‘s fourth season premieres June 23 (10/9c, MTV), but there’s no doubt that Chris Argent is in the downest of dumps. I mean, just look at that beard!

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“The beard came about during hiatus,” JR Bourne tells TVLine. “I’d had some meetings about some other things, and I kept it growing. When I got back to the Teen Wolf set, everybody loved it, and [executive producer Jeff Davis] was like, ‘I think this is a great look. It makes sense. He’s off.’ It’s sort of a funny-but-easy way to show, physically, his state.”

(Translation: Argent has no one to shave for. Sad.)

Below, Bourne previews the biggest non-beard developments of Season 4, including were-jaguar Kate’s nasty plans for Scott’s pack, as well as the identity of the mysterious — not to mention freaky and mouthless — Benefactor.

TVLINE | So… Argent’s daughter and wife are dead, and he thinks his sister is dead. What’s his mental state going into Season 4?
He is ridiculously messed up. He’s definitely struggling with returning to Beacon Hills. He even mentioned in Season 3 how everything there had decimated his family, and that was before his daughter died. He’s battling with a lot of inner vengeance, and he’s trying to figure out who he has left, who he cares about — which is, ironically enough, some of the werewolves.

TVLINE | It looks like Argent will be taking on a more fatherly role with Scott, too. Is that accurate?
Yes, and I think that’s always sort of been there. But with his real father being in the picture now, I don’t think Argent is going to step too much on those toes. I think he’ll always desire to be there for Scott, because he’s proven himself over and over to Argent. Basically, Argent is in a state of “What now?” and “Why bother coming back?” But he does.

TVLINE | Where is he now, France? I can’t keep track of Argent. He’s basically Carmen Sandiego at this point.
Oh yes. He and Isaac went to France to get rid of the Nogitsune, and he returns when he finds out his sister is alive. In fact, it’s possible he knew about her before he left, but he comes back knowing full well that she’s there. He also comes back because Scott is calling out to him.

Teen Wolf Season 4 SpoilersTVLINE | Does Argent also know she’s a were-jaguar?
[Laughs] Yeah, she’s a were-jaguar, all right. To be honest, his return is to try to set some sort of balance with Scott and even with Derek. And given Kate’s plans, what she’s about to do, I think he needs to take care of that. There’s also a personal a vendetta. He’s in a state of not knowing what to expect, but knowing that she’ll probably be a focus for him.

TVLINE | When Crystal Reed told everyone she was leaving last season, were you worried that Argent would also be written off? How was that for you?
I understood why she wanted to leave, I accepted that. Jeff [Davis] has always wanted everybody to be happy there. If you want to go off and do more, he will support that. He’ll allow it. I felt confident that Jeff wasn’t going to get rid of Argent, because I knew there’d be unfinished business for him.

TVLINE | I know Jill Wagner has stayed in the Teen Wolf family, but when did you first find out she’d be rejoining the show?
Oh gosh, I think I caught wind sometime during 3B that she’d be back. We heard the rumors, and we were excited. We’re all such good friends, and we knew that whatever capacity she was coming back in, she’d be trouble — which is always fun.

TVLINE | Plus, bringing back someone from Season 1 gives it a nice full-circle feel, I’d imagine.
Oh God, yes. And there’s so much history between her and I. We weren’t even on good terms when she was alive, and we all know her history; she loves to go against the code. That’s definitely something Argent is aware of when he comes back.

Teen Wolf Season 4TVLINE | Will he also split his time with this creepy “Benefactor” we keep hearing about?
Well, that definitely is the focus for the group. I’ve come back to not only deal with my own demons, but to help the kids figure out who the Benefactor is. There’s a lot of us that are potentially the Benefactor, so it’ll be interesting watching us figure that out. And having Kate involved pushes Argent’s agenda to set things straight in Beacon Hills, which I don’t think is ever going to happen. [Laughs]

TVLINE | I’m not holding my breath.
Don’t ever plan to move to Beacon Hills. I’m beginning to think we can’t move out, like we’re trapped there or something.

Teen Wolf fans, any early guesses about the Benefactor? Drop a comment with your Season 4 hopes/fears/theories below.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Can’t wait for this show to be back!!!

    • skyler says:

      Me either I love teen wolf wen I was a kid I was scared of it because it was the first time I’ve ever seen it but now I’m like bring it on 🙆
      lol this the guy wit no mouth 😶 lol 🚓 🐾 😄

  2. CBWBDK1 says:


  3. I’m very much looking forward to the new season, and I’m so glad they didn’t write Chris off the show. He’s been an important character since the beginning and I’m excited to see his journey continue as he tries to figure out his life without his daughter. Who will he call family now? JR Bourne is welcome on my TV screen any day.

  4. DL says:

    This show has grown by such leaps and bounds, and now I’m champing at the bit to see the new season. Can’t wait. Need my Beacon Hills fix!

  5. Scott Johnston says:

    I’ve lost track..did the last episode say Argent and Isaac had gone to France? Its the 3rd or 4th time I’ve heard this mentioned but i can’t remember it at all.

  6. Gwg says:

    Is it a sign that you’re not in a show’s target demographic when you find the dad hotter than the kids?

  7. Mare says:

    Hope they explore the relationship between Derek and Argent more. That was an intriguing one! (not in a slash way!)

  8. Shaun says:

    Any idea how Kate became a Were Jaguar?As far as I know she was normal and died.

    • Cory says:

      According to Jeff Davis one reason they mentioned a werewolf could change someone with a scratch if it was deep enough. Kate’s throat got slashed by Peter in the s1 finale, presumably that is how she’s a shapeshifter but why she’s a werejaguar and not a wolf or lizard like Kanima I don’t know but I presume they are gonna tell us

    • Jasmine says:

      Peter slashed get throat out, and apparently it didn’t kill her

  9. Kel says:

    What about Dereks alpha status! Give it back!

  10. Craxy Rafaah says:

    Argent knew that Kate is alive in the episode 03×23 Insatiable.Derek shows him a bullet shell (I guess).And Argent says “That’s not possible.”

  11. DILF Lover says:

    He is such a DILF.

  12. kaitlin says:

    i cant even believe half of the stuff that is going to be going on in teen wolf right now new characters stiles love life Kate and argent and Lydia she’s already mental but now her boy friend is dead and her best friend I would go crazy over both of those things and than there’s Scott he lost his love killing Allison was a big move and I must say I never knew it would happen I always thought Isaac was going to die never Allison ! I love the trailer for season 4 season 3 was more of a mental and emotional challenge and it was very hard for the stiles fan I feel like season 4 will be like the alpha season mainly because they don’t know who the benefactor is just like they never knew who the alpha was and lets not forget peter is a dad now and I feel bad for stiles making out with an alphas daughter that’s bad bad news I feel like kira and Scott wont go anywhere because of Allison this TV show is latterly my drug I feel in love with it thank you Jeff Davis for creating this show <3

  13. Sebastian says:

    Before his daughter died, he had lost two fifths of his family. How is that decimation?

  14. Andrea says:

    I like Stiles and it’s such a shame they are turning him into a sexual abuser. Malia was 8 when she was ‘turned’ into a coyote and has been an animal for 8 years. Presumably unless she did awfully well in coyote school and had a damn good roadrunner psychatrist she is neither mentally, emotionally or socially (and possibly physically) ‘normal’ and unable to make decisions about sex or little else. It’s like having sex with an 8 year old in a 16 year old’s body. In RL he’d quite rightly do time.

    • Hmm says:

      She spent half this season growing. And it appears there was a time jump between 3B and upcoming 4. Let’s ease up on the use of the term “sexual abuser” for those who deserve it please. It’s frightening how loosely people use this term.

  15. Heather says:

    I’m so looking forward to this season! I’m excited to see a lot of new things, (like Derek’s lover ;) ) I’m just happy he’ll get a healthy relationship. I don’t know how I feel about Malia and Stiles, but eh, I’ll give it a whirl. :) Teen wolf is my life! No joke. :P It gets gorier every season. I love it!

  16. giselle santos says:

    i love teen wolf and i cant wait till season 4. i am going to miss allison the most she was my favorite character and i loved who she played on the show.

  17. Emma says:

    He reminds me of slenderman but with a nose and eyes.

  18. Damola says:

    I think kate turn into a were-jaguar through the necklace she gave allison in season1…she died with that necklace nd the necklace looks kinda creepy with a strange power

  19. Scira says:

    Deaton is that benefactor and seriosuly that ugly suit hes wearing he better stay far away from those berserkers because it likes like only Kira and Derek can ALMOST take them on.

  20. Bob Spam says:

    I bet that The Mute has some sort of vendetta against wendigos. I think it may be possible that he once was a wendigo but maybe cut out his mouth somehow, vowing to rid the world of wendigos. or he might just be a mercenary who does it for the money.

    • Eric says:

      I like Stiles and it’s such a shame they are turning him into a sexual abuser. Malia was 8 when she was ‘turned’ into a coyote and has been an animal for 8 years. Presumably unless she did awfully well in coyote school and had a damn good roadrunner psychatrist she is neither mentally, emotionally or socially (and possibly physically) ‘normal’ and unable to make decisions about sex or little else. It’s like having sex with an 8 year old in a 16 year old’s body. In RL he’d quite rightly do time.