Teen Wolf Season 4: Major Death, Hot Stalia Action and More in Full Trailer

Someone’s making a list and checking it twice on Teen Wolf in Season 4. Unfortunately, that list is a supernatural hit list — and it looks like everyone in Scott’s pack makes the cut.

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Just days after teasing fans with a first look at Teen Wolf‘s new villains, MTV on Saturday rolled out the full-length trailer for Season 4, properly introducing eager fans to this season’s big bad by name: “The Benefactor.” This isn’t the first time we’ve heard that name, but it is the first time we could actually put a face to it. (Am I wrong in assuming that face belongs to Game of Thrones‘ Joseph Gatt?)

Now, for the stray observations:

* Why is Dylan Sprayberry’s Liam so mad at newbie Mason for crushing on a fellow teammate? There will be no shortage of drama on the lacrosse field this year, and no lack of fodder for fanfics.

* Get it, Malia! Seriously, is this Stiles’ first repeat hookup in Teen Wolf history? That’s reason enough to root for Beacon Hills’ new it couple. #progress

* Generally speaking, it looks like Teen Wolf is really getting back to its roots this season, both in content (lacrosse, etc.) and tone. This trailer is loaded with the same horror vibes from Seasons 1 and 2. No complaints here.

* It’s also nice to see Papa Argent taking on a fatherly role with Scott, especially with no more kids of his own to look after.

* Derek Hale, ladies and gentlemen. That is all.

What are you taking away from the full Season 4 trailer? Are you excited to see Stiles and Malia’s relationship progress? And what do you make of the new kids? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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