24 Recap: Can Jack Bauer Outrun a Drone Missile?

This week, Fox’s 24: Live Another Day staged the ultimate (and a probably unavoidable) showdown, pitting the mighty Jack Bauer against a terrorist-guided drone. How do you think that turned out?

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The hour opened with Simone being carted away by EMTs after getting walloped by the city bus in the midst of chasing her freshly orphaned niece. Chloe manages to get word of the Very Important Accident Victim first, leading Jack and Kate to the hospital, where they hope to gain intel on Margot’s location. After Kate chats up Simone’s niece the outlook appears good, seeing as Simone had endeavored to send her kin out of town before it gets turned into rubble.

Jack compels the physician to get Simone conscious and quick. Alas, once she comes to, she shows no sign of giving her mother up — no matter how badly Jack grinds her severed pinky. She believes in her mum!

Jack and Kate get a bead on the grunt Margot sent to finish off Simone, but he’s killed by bobbies before he can cough up any intel. Besides, Margot’s not playing games — she directs Liam to target the hospital itself with the next drone missile! Jack (lugging wonky Simone) and Kate flee the building just before the strike and hustle into a car which then, in a breathless chase sequence, becomes a moving target for drone pilot Liam.

Liam’s next shot misses when Jack jackrabbits the car forward. Then, as Jack “borrows” a stranger’s SUV, weaves it in and out of traffic and steers it up an alley, Liam’s next missile detonates the brick wall juuuuust beside them. Liam takes a minute to lower the drone’s altitude and get a truer, can’t-miss shot with his final payload… but Jack uses a bridge as cover, empties the SUV and then sends it unmanned back onto the street — where the drone smacks it dead-on.

Margot, however, soon enough realizes that she’s been duped, that daughter Simone is still alive. But… after briefly wringing her hands, her countenance defeated, things look up for Margot when President Heller Skypes in, to see if she’ll in fact uphold her end of the deal and call off all of the drones, if he turns himself in as requested.

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Elsewhere in the hour:

* When Navarro is warned by his mysterious caller (sigh, it’s just Open Cell boss Adrian Cross) that the truth about the leaks to China will be revealed if Jordan Reed keeps digging, the CIA station chief sends his hipster analyst into the field for a “drop.” At the location, Reed is shot at, tumbling into the water — though later we see he survived.

* Mark, Russian bigwig, forged signaturezzzzzzzzz…..

* After Heller chews out the British PM for getting MI5 mixed up in Bauer’s op, he realizes that his Alzheimer’s secret is making rounds. As such, Heller tells Mark and Audrey that once this crisis is over, he plans to step down — though based on his aforementioned chat with Margot and his mysterious request to see Jack ASAP, it appears POTUS has an unusual “resignation” plan in mind.

What did you think of the seventh of 24: LAD‘s 12 hours? Anyone else finding the Prime Minister and POTUS, and activity in general amidst their staffs, to be too quiet in the lead-up to an imminent terror attack?

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  1. Matilda says:

    Loving this season so far. Kate is the
    female Jack Bauer

    • jorgeb420 says:

      Yup, she’s awesome! After being on “Chuck” this role is perfect for her. Been debating with myself whether she alone can carry a franchise if Keifer ever decides he’s done.

      • acurat says:

        Yes, Keifer has said he is getting too old and he cannot run anymore (you have not seen him really run in 7 episodes, have you?) She is the age Keifer was over 10 years ago when the series started (she is 31 now, he s 44). Since she does her own stunts like Sutherland does (from her Chuck days and her training in martial arts), she fits the role well. If the series is rewnewed for another run, it is a near certainty she will be forced to carry the torch forward – especially if Kiefer says this is it.

    • Deesie says:

      Not on her best day

  2. Chlojack says:

    Great episode! The last 30 minutes were so intense. Heller was on fire tonight! Also liked Kate’s scenes with Yasmine.

  3. Kris says:

    Another edge-of-your-seat, thrilling episode! This show just doesn’t know how to quit!

  4. JeffDJ says:

    Loved tonight’s episode! The chase between Jack & the drone throughout London was fantastic – quite a nail-biter!

  5. KevinK says:

    Great episode but one question(and maybe I missed this) why was the young girl’s dad not with her at the hospital? Or wasn’t the guy with her at the door last episode and holding her hand in the street tonight her dad?

  6. Each episode just keeps getting better and better this is one of my favorite season so far

  7. Tran says:

    Margot is still crazy…like a fox. The chase scene was my favorite moment from that episode. Can’t imagine seeing Simone’s brother piloting the drones like he’s playing a video game. BTW, didn’t know what language Jack was talking to Belcheck. Maybe he’s speaking Serbian I guess. Hope Jordan Reed is going to survive in next week’s episode but what if Erik Ritter is going to save the CIA analyst. Shocking moment: Adrian Cross now working with Steve Navarro?

    • Serbian girl says:

      Yes, he was speaking Serbian (but very very fast and with odd accent Serbian- from my point of view; since Serbian is my mother tongue)

  8. Tahonia says:

    Loving this season. Oh, I hope there are more! WHO told Chloe to get out of the Open Cell place? I didn’t recognize Cross straight off, but I’m not surprised. I thought he was weasel-ly. But 2 moles! That’ll keep everyone guessing!

  9. Stelios T says:

    I’ve enjoyed this season of “24”, but I hope they take this a different direction than President Hassan’s like-minded action in season 8.

  10. Jenna says:

    I’ve been enjoying this season, and this episode was my fav so far. Nothing’s better than when Jack’s on the run and bombs are involved. Technically, their action sequences are the best on TV; truly film quality, IMO. Nobody does it better.

  11. LADY_in_MD says:

    Was Mark ( Tate Donovon) in the same park when Jordon was shot? The way the cut the scene made it look like Mark was watching that hit. I did not see Adrian being the one hping Navarro but I think he’s the one who sent Chloe the message since he still cares about her and didn’t want to see her get caught

  12. snappy says:

    Where is Tony?

  13. MKNJENGA says:

    one word 24LAD, PHENOMENAL!!!

  14. tim mackey says:

    This season is great!! Love Mr. Bauer!!

  15. jorgeb420 says:

    I found it quite odd that Margot was able to tell it was Jack & Co getting into the car in the hospital parking lot. All they have is satellite imaging, but they were able to tell it was them. Did I miss something while blinking??

  16. william says:

    jack is the best,a true hero.

  17. Gunny Smith says:

    24 is an awesome show but seriously out running super top of the line air to ground guided missiles fired from a stealth drone just doesn’t happen. There are plenty of dead terrorists whom can attest to that. These things don’t go in a straight line to the single point they were shot at they’re guided with cameras and lasers onto the target typically have a range of 5-10+miles and travel at or greater than the speed of sound, sorry but Jack would have got whacked.

    • alexjones says:

      there’s a lot of things on tv shows that aren’t realistic, just gotta roll with it.

    • Gunny Smith says:

      I just hate when good shows start contradicting themselves. These are supposed to be some of the most sophisticated weapon systems in the world. Yet can’t hit a simple moving target? I just found it to be a rather cheesy reason for an explosive action chase scene. I think it would have worked better if (beware opinion ahead) Margot instead tried to level the entire hospital area when she saw people evacuating spending all the ordinance only to see her quarry escaping unharmed as the dust settled.

    • jack bauer says:

      The drones are flying high…the guy piloting the drones wanted to drop their altitude to guarantee a hit….how true is that…no idea.

  18. Of course he can outrun a drone. He’s Jack Bauer.

  19. ChuckFanForever says:

    Fun Fun Fun till FOX takes Jack Bauer away……….again…Man this show is just good ole fun Tv…even with all it’s predictability I did not realize how much I missed it the last several years.

  20. Pam says:

    It is predictable. Its 24! Jack will always win and I for one can’t wait to see him again next week. I am gong to miss this show when its 12 hours are up.

  21. Rico says:

    Great episode can’t get enough

  22. Jim Delora says:

    The show is FANTASTIC !!! IV been a 24 (Jack Bauer) fan from season 1, this season is by far the best and captures all the action that us 24 fans love……Keep it up…dont let this be the last we see of Jack….