Once Upon a Time Scoop: Which Other Frozen Characters Are Being Cast?

Once Upon a Time Season 4 Frozen Elsa Anna

Once Upon a Time is planning a big chill for Season 4, with the introduction of not just Queen Elsa but other Frozen characters as well.

PHOTOS | Frozen‘s Elsa Is Coming to Once Upon a Time — Our Top 10 Picks to Play Her

TVLine has learned that casting is now underway for the aforementioned conflicted ice queen — who was glimpsed (and played by a stand-in) at the close of Season 3 — as well as her sister Anna and ice merchant Kristoff. Elsa will appear in approximately nine episodes, the others a bit less. (Hey, maybe Kristoff runs Henry’s favorite ice cream shoppe?)

And before you ask: As previously reported by TVLine, the show bosses laughed and offered a “No comment” on the prospect of a CGI Olaf showing up.

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In Disney’s animated blockbuster, Elsa, Anna and Kristoff were voiced by Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell and Jonathan Groff. The ABC’ series’ character breakdowns are below — spoilers for the movie Frozen, be warned! — so give ’em a close read and hit the Comments with your dream casting suggestions.

ELSA | The Queen of Arendelle, this late-20s/early-30s beauty long struggled to control her “chilling” powers and even unleashed upon her town an eternal winter during her coronation. Ultimately, she realized that the key to controlling her powers is love — namely, her bond with sister Anna — and now she is aware of the threat she poses if she were to lose control of her magic again (in which instance Vancouver weather could rival Winnipeg’s!)

ANNA | Elsa’s slightly younger sister is a fun-loving, fearless optimist who often gets herself into situations where she is in over her head, yet is able to triumph due to her resourcefulness and can-do spirit. She values her relationship with her sister above all else.

KRISTOFF | This handsome,OnceUponaTime_Frozen_Kristoff hearty, salt-of-the-earth ice cutter spent most of his life alone (unless you count his reindeer). He has a sometimes-gruff demeanor that can hide his deep love for Anna and her sister Elsa. When we first meet Kristoff on Once, he is adjusting to life at the castle — including sleeping indoors for the first time in his life.

Want more scoop on Once Upon a Time Season 4? Email insideline@tvline.com and your question may be answered via Matt’s Inside Line. UPDATE: Do not email me about “audition” information.

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  1. ladyluck527 says:

    Megan Hilty for Elsa!!

    • whisperintherain says:

      Much as I love her, Megan Hilty is currently expecting her first child, so you can probably kiss that idea goodbye as she’ll be heavily pregnant by the time they wrap up Elsa’s storyline.

    • John NYC says:

      They’re not going to have her sing, the show just isn’t a musical, so why cast a musical player?

  2. Leo says:

    Anna’s alive? More ‘sisters’ plot in the future I guess. I was kinda hoping Rumple did something to Anna, causing her to die and Elsa is out for blood.
    But I’m crossing my fingers, I mean the writers are clearly good at writing twists.
    Olaf and Sven can be merged into an animal character or kid. Just an idea.

    • Dmav says:

      I don’t think they can kill Anna. The writers all have a deep love for Frozen and killing off the main, most beloved character would not be their brightest move. Besides their children would kill them.

    • AnnieM says:

      Anna would not have to be dead. She could be cursed into suspended animation or be trapped somewhere…?

    • Well, in the original book anna didn’t even know elsa (snow queen) and anna’s childhood friend is ‘dead’ (not really, just heartless — seeing the darkness of the world — and living with the snow queen in her castle where he’s dying slowly.)

      Maybe they’re going to base the story off ‘the snow queen’?

      • Jesse MacDonough says:

        The producer’s have already confirmed that the characters will be based off the Disney movie and not the original Hans Christian Andersen story.

    • Aidan says:

      Olaf is a really big part and he needs to be in Once Upon A Time. They could cast a kid and I am willing to be Olaf he is a great part and deserves to be in Once upon A Time Frozen if any of u agree reply and if u are part of Once Upon A Time email me for info on auditions or more on Olaf. Remember ONlY email me if u are apart of Once Upon A Time Frozen

  3. beepela says:

    Hmmmm, how about they be played by…Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, and Jonathan Groff!

    • Ash says:

      They’d have to wear wigs :p

    • Raven says:

      THANK YOU my gosh you’re the only rational person on this site!!! These actresses landed these roles for a reason so why let sub-par people play them?!?! Thank you for saying that the original actresses should play these roles.

    • oliverhearst says:

      Yes! Idina has already done this before, playing the same role in Broadway musical RENT and the motion picture of the same name.

      • Laura says:

        Idina is currently on Broadway so that would be difficult…

        • theatrekid says:

          Yeah, if/then is running for a while so who knows with her and isn’t Kristen Bell filming too? As awesome as that would be, some actors and actresses just stick to their original characters and don’t bother with the plot twists. (Especially if they’re a method actor/tress)

  4. Lucas says:

    My vote is for Bonnie Sommerville as Elsa!!

  5. Ash says:

    … How is Elsa “late-20s/early-30s”? She had just become of age and been coronated in the film. Wouldn’t that make her more likely to be, say, 21?

    • I don’t think they’re casting her as she was in the movie, but rather some years removed from the events of the movie. As if this was a live-action sequel to the animated movie.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


      • powerturtle90sdudemon says:

        And besides, she’s likely going to retain more of her “The Snow Queen” qualities than her Frozen qualities, while using the Frozen aesthetic (as the most recognizable designs of these characters), and characters. And Tangled may have still happened, but with the timeline advancement, a case with the black Rapunzel we’ve already seen without a captor like Mother Gothel, can still occur. Like how not every kidnapping or shooting is reported on the news, there are other stories of tower lockaways untold in FTL

      • Ash says:

        … Does this mean the inevitable “look we’re gonna talk about Kristoff ad Anna’s children-” oh god. Tell me, Adam and Eddie, planning on getting some kiddie blood on your hands? So that Elsa has a reason for her rage?
        (Please don’t. Don’t.)

  6. Else didn’t seem evil to me in the movie. I can see her becoming evil if something had happened to Anna and she lost her tether. Maybe she died, Elsa lost her, um, cool, and Rumple had to imprison he to save the realm.

  7. Chris says:

    I like the show, but I’m skeptical about the Frozen move, but at least it will be for 9, eventually 11 episodes, like they did with season 3.

  8. whisperintherain says:

    Provided they’re flexible with the “late 20s/early 30s” thing and willing to cast Elsa in the same age range as Regina and Zelena, I would love to see Sarah Michelle Gellar in the part. From her work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Ringer, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that she would do justice to Elsa’s inner turmoil.

    Now, the trick is the show shoots in Canada and Ms. Gellar might not be willing to leave her children for an extended period of time to appear on the show. Unless of course they are big Frozen fans and she can’t pass up this opportunity! Really hoping that the showrunners make an offer to her as I think she’d be a perfect fit.

    • B says:

      Ooh, that would be good!

    • mia says:

      That would be the best casting ever

    • Diane says:

      I couldn’t agree more. That would be brilliant casting. I’d watch in a heartbeat

    • AnnieM says:

      Bravo to you! SMG would be perfect!

    • r0ckmypants says:

      All the yes.

    • Rich Abey says:

      She would be a great choice but the fact is she is too famous for the role. Given that Frozen came out only a few months ago & that we all loved it sooo very much (isn’t Elsa the most adorable, albeit feisty, Disney queen ever?), it’s hard for fans to embrace a different portrayal of Elsa so soon. It’s like unveiling a new James Bond just 6 months after Daniel Craig made his debut in the role so awesomely in Casino Royale, but with the added twist that Casino Royale is the first Bond movie ever. Imagine that? Brain Freeze!!!
      Best way forward: Cast somebody lesser know, like when they casted Lana Parilla & Ginnifer Goodwin as Evil Queen & Snow White respectively. They were both relative unknowns before OUAT compared to SMG now and it worked perfectly. Jennifer Morrison was the only well-known face playing a major character which was okay as her’ wasn’t a part of any Disney tale.

      • Rebecca says:

        I feel like Ginnifer Goodwin was just as well known as Jennifer Morrison.Jennifer Morrison was known more for being on TV shows and Ginnifer Goodwin had been in a lot of well known movies like He’s Just Not That Into You and Something Borrowed

      • whisperintherain says:

        I get your point, but I feel Elsa’s introduction in the season finale sort of set the stage for a big-name casting coup.

        As for the original cast, it was a nice blend of familiar and fresh faces IMHO. The only ones I wasn’t familiar with were Joshua Dallas and Jamie Dornan. Robert Carlyle was certainly no stranger to wide audiences. As an avid TV watcher, I had seen Lana Parrilla work her way from one show to another over the years and even knew Jared Gilmore from his days on Mad Men. IMHO, Ginnifer Goodwin was pretty well-known already from the five seasons she spent as one of three main females characters on the HBO series Big Love and appearing in movies such as Mona Lisa Smile and Walk the Line. At least as well-known as Jennifer Morrison, whose main claims to fame up to this point were, her series regular role on House, M.D., a recurring role on How I Met Your Mother and a very brief appearance as Kirk’s mother in J.J. Abrams’s first Star Trek movie.

        Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is no matter how famous the performer, it’s their job to make us “buy” them in the role they’re playing. It’s not really worth losing sleep over, since we don’t really have a say in who they eventually cast, but it’s nice to dream and fun to play the guessing game. :)

    • Summer says:

      Yes. If anything could get me on board for Frozen being brought into the OUaT universe so soon, it’d be SMG as Elsa.

  9. MandaJ says:

    The addition of Frozen characters feels a bit shark jumpy for me. OUAT is a cheesy guilty pleasure for me but Frozen? I will watch of course, but I’m not so sure how this will play out.

    • Dmav says:

      The real story of Frozen is hardly cheesy and will play well in that world. Most people forget that behind most Disney movies is a Grimm Fairytale.

      • dude says:

        But they’re not doing the Grimm fairytale, they’re almost certainly doing Frozen as most of the stories they’ve told have been closer to the Disney movies than their source material. At the end of the day, they’re only doing this as a cash grab because Frozen is as successful as it is which qualifies it as “jump the shark” worthy.

        • powerturtle90sdudemon says:

          *cough cough* Tangled *cough cough*.

        • tiffds says:

          They’re really not. They were talking about how all the writers just love Frozen and really wanted to have fun with the characters while still doing them justice. Of course every showrunner cares about ratings, but that wasn’t the primary reason in their choice- it was creative potential

          • A.B. says:

            However coming off a season, where a lot of their audience was not satisfied with, bringing in a story line connected with a very loved Disney movie and story is a little convenient. Of course that’s just my opinion.

        • Dmarie says:


        • Dmav says:

          No one knows what they are doing because we haven’t seen it yet. I think people should give something a chance and if you don’t like it fine, but to complain about something you have no idea about is rather odd

      • Claudia says:

        Actually Frozen is based very loosely on a story by Hans Christian Anderson. Most fairy tales have different versions in different countries, and the Grimm brothers did not write the stores, just collected them from their part of the world. For instance Disney’s version of Cinderellla comes from the French version by Perrault. Of course i’ve never seen Frozen (and have no plans to) so I don’t really care who is cast.

      • Summer says:

        In this case, it’s a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, not a Grimm one. :)

      • ilovefantasy says:

        The Snow Queen was Hans Christian Andersen

    • Dmarie says:

      All of what you just said. Not only was I irritated with the return of Maid Marion, but when Else showed up at the end, I literally banged my head on the floor. I’ll give it a shot but if it starts to look to cartoonish, I’m out.

    • Mel says:

      It’s totally jumping the shark. Hopefully they can pull it off, but if season 3 is any indication, they won’t. Good luck watching, cause I won’t be!

  10. kelly says:

    What about Anna Torv? I know she is mid 30’s but I think she would make a great Elsa.

    • AnnieM says:

      She’s another great choice! I miss her. Hey – get Joshua Jackson to play Kristoff. :-)

      • Rich Abey says:

        Wouldn’t that result in a time-paradox violation leading to a multi-universal catastrophe?

        • Lizzie says:

          Or we have entered another AltiUniverse. With these Faux Olivia and Faux Peter living in a magical land ruled by Queens. But Peter and Olivia never crossing over just the audience. (and Leonard nemoy plays Kristffos traveling companion)

      • Tammy Kaiser says:

        OMG I love Joshua Jackson! Even though I never got into the whole fringed thing I have been a huge fan of his since he was about 13 (mighty ducks lol)

    • Rich Abey says:

      Come to think of it this is both an unexpected (being a big Fringe fan how come I didn’t think of this earlier?) but very applicable suggestion. Dingle with her hair (hey Anna Torv is already a natural blonde) a bit and you’ve got a mature Elsa!

    • OMG!! I was thinking the exact same woman for that part!! Adore Anna Torv, and her big eyes would make a great Elsa. (Just add Joshua as a love interest and I’m dead)

    • James says:

      Torv is signed on to play a major role in an upcoming Ryan Murphy show for HBO where she will play Michelle Monaghan’s love interest. I doubt she’d have time for this role.

  11. Ebee says:

    I know he’s busy with his own show but I would love to see Jonathan Groff on Once!!

  12. Aleana says:

    I recommend Elizabeth Mitchell as Elsa Kristen Bell as Anna if they can’t get them my other recommend is Sarah Michelle Gellar as Allison Scagliotti as Anna Matt Lantar as Kristof or Aaron Ashmore

  13. Becky says:

    Luke Mitchell for Kristoff.

  14. Yeahman says:

    What about Psych’s Maggie Lawson as Elsa? That could possibly work.

  15. pdub says:

    Oh how about Alona Tal! Mainly because I want to see her on a TV show again.

    • Kat says:

      I’ve been saying Alona since I saw the end of the finale. She fits the age range perfectly, she has the looks, and she’s super talented. And while I doubt Once will go the musical route, she can sing too, so that’s just a bonus “in case” bit of info.

  16. dude says:

    Dianna Agron is still my top pick for Elsa.

    • Cindy says:

      mine too. Dianna would be perfect! Wish they would get her

    • Dmav says:

      Agreed, she would be perfect in that role.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Really? After her obnoxious, snotty role in Glee a majority of the audience would not be able to buy her performance as Elsa no matter how good she is. She would be fine playing a minor role but to play a world famous-red-hot character like Elsa? No thanks. I don’t think the producers will go that way either.

      • Cindy says:

        Well I disagree and think the producers would consider her if she was interested. Her Glee role–It’s called acting and she did a fine job with it over those three years. She can go on and portray other parts–Dianna Agron has great talent, obviously a fan base and could portray both the icy and vulnerable parts of the character with much success. But most likely she will stay doing movies. I just would love to see her sink her teeth in a great character with wonderful writers and watch her evolve during that story arc on a weekly basis.

  17. Amanda says:

    I reccomend…dropping this Frozen plot.

    • Yeahman says:

      Why? it does make a pretty good plot for the season. And who else would make a good villain? I’m you got Regina (once), Cora, Peter Pan, and Zelena the Wicked Witch of the West. Somebody’s gotta top those guys so why not Elsa?

  18. lol! says:

    Diana agron for elsa!!!

  19. Still not crazy about them cashing in on Frozen, but I guess if anyone was going to do it Once makes the most sense… Just annoying to me as a guy who read the Snow Queen story as a kid seeing it fast-tracked once a somewhat loose (though awesome of course) adaptation came out only about half a year prior. But pointless and silly ranting aside…

    Ona Grauer available? I know she might be a bit older than one would like but I think she could make a good Elsa.

  20. Christine says:

    Maggie Grace or Brianna Brown for Elsa. Deborah Ann Woll or Jane Levy for Anna. And Lucas Till or Wyatt Nash for Kristoff. All great actors and I think they could each bring something interesting to the characters.

    • Ashbash says:

      Ooooh Brianna Brown I didn’t even consider her before but she would be a great choice. I can definitely picture her as a slightly mean Elsa.

      • whisperintherain says:

        Brianna Brown will be on ABC next season, but probably not as Elsa on OUAT. She’s a series regular on The Whispers. Although that show is moving production from L.A. to Vancouver, it’s still highly unlikely she’d have the time to be on both.

  21. Drew says:

    Sarah Michelle Gellar and Michelle Trachtenberg!

  22. Boriquany says:

    How about Alison Mack as Elsa? She was great on smallville and can actually act.

  23. joncuriel says:

    Dianna Agron and Ashley Tisdale for Elsa and Anna, Jonathan Groff or Shawn Ashmore for Kristoff

  24. Yeahman says:

    Patrick J. Adams as Kristoff. He’s awesome on suits

  25. Zanie says:

    Zachary Levi for Kristoff, I wanna see that sweet, goofy smile again on my TV !!!

  26. Sheldon Wiebe says:

    If anything could pull Emma Stone back to TV it might be this. If she retains her natural blonde hair, she could kill (metaphorically, please) as Elsa; if she was willing to go back to red, she’d be even better as Anna.

    Ansel Elgort would definitely work as Kristoff.

  27. LB says:

    What about Mandy Moore as Anna? She’s a good age and has been acting. I think she’d do the role justice.

  28. CK says:

    So any guesses on which main character she is weirdly related to? I wonder if they are going to off her like they did Zelena. I would give the creators a standing ovation if they went that far just for the heck of it.

    • My vote is that Kristoff was one of the Merry Men.lol. and they have some kind of weird connection thru Robin instead of Regina or Rumple this time. But it’s probably some weird connection to Rumple, I mean he did have her in an urn in a “storage closet”.

  29. kajar says:

    Brie Larson?

  30. kajar says:

    Actually, I could see Kristen Bell playing Elsa quite effectively. Unfortunately, she’s busy and it might just confuse everybody anyway. (Plus, I don’t think she’d do it, meaning switch characters like that)

  31. Rich Abey says:

    Thing is no matter how good the casting for Elsa is it will never be enough for us fans, mainly because she was so perfectly portrayed (voice, singing, appearance) in the animated film unlike many other OUAT characters. The Evil Queen or Prince Charming for example have had many different interpretations over the years (animated or otherwise) that there never is one particular portrayal that stands out, which is what made it easier to buy into their respective interpretations on OUAT. The fact that this move came so quickly after the first ever Frozen movie doesn’t help either. I would have rather preferred if Elsa was introduced in Season 5.

    • Dmav says:

      I am a fan and I see absolutely no problem with it. If they do it right and as I am enjoying their version of other Disney characters I am all in. I suggest before people start bashing it they actually watch it and than judge.

      • I was a little concerned when Frozen first started being mentioned because of the hype of the cartoon. But the more I think about it, I’m like, “they’ve not let me down yet.” I’ve got faith that this version of Elsa will make people go “Frozen Smozen. OUAT had the better version.”lol

      • Rich Abey says:

        I agree with you and I’m not bashing this move. It’s just that it’s all happening so quickly…you kinda feel like parents who’s children are grownup & going to college all of a sudden & are at a loss for words!

  32. Len84 says:

    I loved Kristoff in the movie :) so i hope he is similar here
    Anyways look forward to how this all fit with Once and the characters. Also looking forward to the relationship of Emma/Hook and other couples there :)

  33. Diana Agron or Maggie Grace

  34. spindae2 says:

    Blake Lively or Clair Holt for Elsa, Alexis Bledel for Anna, AnnaLynn McCord (cause of her eyes) For either & Michael Ealy or Max Irons for Kristof.

  35. Shawn says:

    Yvonne Strahovski for Elsa would be awesome.

    Still wary about this story as a whole – hope it doesn’t take away from the core characters.

    • kajar says:

      Yeah, Strahovski would kill it, no doubt.

      • Erik says:

        Yvonne Strahovski and Zachory Levi together again… (oh how I miss Chuck!).

      • Rich Abey says:

        She would kill it no doubt but over the past few years she has been on so many popular TV shows (5 season of Chuck, 1 season of Dexter, guest role on Louie & currently starring on the revival of another mega-hit ’24’) that it wouldn’t make her performances as fresh as the other original main characters (most of whom were much less widely known before OUAT) or major new characters like Peter Pan or the Wicked Witch (sure Rebecca Mader was on the mega-hit “Lost” but that show ended 4 yrs ago & she hasn’t done a lot of major projects since).

  36. Leny1 says:

    I also liked Kristoff. I loved how he was there for Elsa, fell in love and he came back to her… reminds me of the dashing raspscalion Hook. I love him & Emma <3 .
    Ashley Tisdale would be a good Elsa.

  37. mariangela says:

    Bethany Joy Lenz for Elsa she can act and sing AMAZING!!!

  38. Jeri says:

    Don’t really gave a suggestion for who I’d pick except to say “not Elizabeth Mitchell”. Adam & Eddie seem to love her and since her last show was cancelled she ‘a available. She also falls outside the age range being mid to late 40’s . Fingers crossed that they pick someone other than her.

  39. Angela says:

    It be so cool if I could play Anna on the show. I love Frozen movie and Once upon a time show I really want to do acting someday.

  40. Drew says:

    What if they use young Anna for flashbacks and have her be old in the modern scenes? Angela Lansbury… Reprising her role of Mrs. Santa Claus, who I think they called Anna. Married to Kris(toff) Kringle.

    Yeah, I just made that connection.

  41. Jess says:

    It would be cool if only they hired regular people, too. I always wanted to try acting after high school drama, but I became a mom. So if it’s Disney, I am now an expert! My son is obsessed with Frozen and Brave!

  42. Mark says:

    Taylor Schilling – Elsa
    Peyton List -Anna
    Eddie McClintock – Kristoff

  43. Ex-‘Bunheads’ Julia Goldani Telles would make a great Elsa, and Bailey Buntain a terrific Anna.

  44. Cindy says:

    Oh I would absolutely love if Dianna Agron would return to TV in this role. She is the perfect person to portray the character-right age, looks, fanbase and of course has the talent to bring both the icy and vulnerable side of Elsa to the screen.

  45. Ally Oop says:

    As a mom of 2 little girls who ADORE Frozen, I might have to give next season a go as the only show on Sundays I’ll have to watch is Revenge and OUAT might be good family viewing.

  46. Gods Girl says:

    ELIZABETH MITCHELL FOR ELSA AND ANNA TORV FOR ANNA!!! P.S. Josh Holloway can play Kristoff!!!

  47. I would love to see Kristen Bell as Anna :)

  48. Steve F. says:

    Where’s Sven?

  49. susan says:

    Ijust wanted tocomment on your Winnipeg Reference .Itis not That Bad here!Well maybe this winter but not always..

  50. Spencer says:

    How do you audition?