Kristin Kreuk Previews Beauty and the Beast's Return, the Plan for Season 3

Beauty and the Beast Spoilers

Beauty and the Beast fans wound up with a happy ending – for now, at least – when in the midst of a months-long hiatus that interrupted a tepidly rated Season 2, The CW renewed the series for the 2014-15 TV season.

With the sophomore run resuming Monday at 9/8c, TVLine invited titular beauty Kristin Kreuk to preview the aftermath of Vincent’s arrest for Kurt Windsor’s murder, tease the “dirty” tricks up Cat’s sleeve and ponder the plan for the shortened Season 3. Oh, and: disguises ahead!

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TVLINE | The season is picking up right where we left off. How damning is the evidence against Vincent?
It’s rather damning. There doesn’t really look like there’s much of a way out for him or [Cat, Tess and JT], so they’re all in a panic. And clearly, because he is a beast with issues, keeping his temper in jail is not a great thing.

TVLINE | Is it almost conspicuous the volume of evidence against him and the timing of this?
Absolutely. And because of what there is, they have to come up with a crazy plan to be able to make it go away.

TVLINE | The synopsis ÒBeast Is The New BlackÓfor the first episode back says Catherine & Co. realize they have “a bigger enemy” to handle when they discover who turned Vincent in. Are you at liberty to confirm who this person is?
We don’t know by the end of this episode who the person is specifically, but we know that there is someone behind it all. It takes a little while for them to figure out the ins and outs of it, and in the arc of upcoming episodes there’s a bunch of new people that we meet that we realize are influencing things.

TVLINE | Is Cat going to have to play dirty to get Vincent out of this situation?
Absolutely. She’s going to do a lot of things that are against the law, and put her career on the line.

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TVLINE | Meanwhile, what’s going on with her father?
Well, her father is still in jail. She doesn’t think very highly of him, clearly, but he does have a role to play in all of this. For a while, Catherine really thinks that he’s responsible for everything, then he ends up giving her some information about what’s actually going on.

TVLINE | Oh my God — they’re going to reconcile just in time for Father’s Day.
[Laughs] I don’t know if it will happen in time. Isn’t Father’s Day soon?

TVLINE | He’ll accept a slightly belated card, I am sure. Meanwhile, are we to assume that JT and Tess just are goin’ at it now?
Well, they have some relationship issues to work through, especially from Tess’ side. In this episode, they’re going to have a bit of a difficult dynamic, and it gets revealed accidentally to Catherine and Gabe that they had sex in a heated moment, which is rather funny. It’s really about them figuring out what they want.

TVLINE | I will assume this is one of those situations where JT is one of those geeky guys who’s surprisingly phenomenal, and Tess came away from it like, “Whoa.”
[Laughs] I don’t know if we’ll ever know that, but we could assume that it “goes well” for the two of them.

TVLINE | Would you say this next stretch of episodes is on par with the last couple before the break? Because those first episodes of the season kind of rubbed Beasties the wrong way.Beauty and the Beast Preview
Yeah, you’ll see Catherine and Vincent working together, trying to figure stuff out. And we might even see more of Catherine’s family history that’s revealed. All of that, I think, will be more in line with what the fans gravitate toward. [As for Season 3] we don’t know yet because it’s still early, but what I think [exec producer] Brad [Kern] will want to do more of that in the 13 episodes that we do next season.

TVLINE | It appears that in the second episode back, Cat and Vincent will ally with the FBI. Could that be “the show” moving forward? The two of them working in concert with law enforcement?
That may be the direction we’re headed in. …

TVLINE | Because that’s a show I’d like to watch. She’s the brains, he’s the brawn….
I mean, who knows? Honestly, it’s early days yet, but I think that’s where we’re probably going to go.

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TVLINE | Does Season 2 end with a cliffhanger?
It’s interesting, because we shot it before we knew what was going on with [renewal], so there’s both a cliffhanger and closure. Those two things both exist within the final episode. It’s a pretty exciting episode.

TVLINE | If the season finale had been the series finale, would fans have been screaming a bit?
Our fans, yes, because I don’t think they’ll be satisfied until Catherine and Vincent are happily married with children or something. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Obviously you love your job and having work, but were you admittedly surprised about the Season 3 pick-up, if only given the cold, hard numbers?
Having a slight understanding of how the network works, it made sense to me. I figured it wouldn’t be a full-season pick-up if we got picked up. But it was a nice surprise — we get to come back together again, and we all get along really well. I had a really nice, totally practical point of view. I had a really nice year working, so I think it’ll be good for us to come back and do 13.

TVLINE | Do you sense that Brad’s got a tight, focused plan for those 13?
Yeah. Because it’ll be Brad’s second season [with the show], he’s got a good sense of where he wants to go and what works and what doesn’t. That’ll help, and hopefully it’ll be a bit more steady. I feel like we’ve tried out a bunch of different things with the show, and there are so many wonderful things about it. I really hope that we find the right mix and it gels so that we get more of an audience — or at least really please and excite the audience that we do have and that is so passionate.

TVLINE | So what do you think — Season 3, Episode 13 is a big wedding and Catherine will be pregnant…? “I do! And I’m having our baby!”
[Laughs] We don’t know these things. I don’t know. And I don’t really want to.

TVLINE | Give me one last tease about what’s coming up….
There will be disguises. Oh, and period costumes.

TVLINE | Separately? I take it the disguises are not period costumes?
Yeah, separately.

TVLINE | Could one disguise be a… superhero costume? Maybe something with an “S”?
[Laughs] It will not be a superhero costume. I’ll say that much.

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  1. Crys says:

    Thank you for this interview! I really love hearing from Kristin, she gets it! Beasties want VinCat together, fighting all obstacles in their way together. This is what I wanted all season long, shame it took silly love triangles to get back to what makes the show great which is the chemistry between the two leads. Brad Kern needs to realize that. I’m hoping for more of VinCat working together through all the trials and tribulations in Season 3 as well. I’m really saddened that she confirmed the 13 episodes, I’m still hoping we get more. So excited to see the last 6 episodes now. Can’t wait!

    • Brenda says:

      Agree with you!Brad Kern should have gotten it earlier,the fans just want those two together.

    • kira says:

      in the need season 3 we will get more vincat they promise us that and that will help the ratings to get high spread the word too

    • HELLO says:

      OMG! I AGREE! I actually skipped some parts where there was a love triangle. I hate it when Cat is not with Vincent, and the other way around. I love their chemistry and their camaraderie with Tess and TJ. I actually wish even though some think it is cliche, that both of them get married and have children who are semi-beast or normal. hehehehe

      • xpetti4 says:

        I hate it when they are apart. Gabe is so arrogant and thinks he knows everything and I dislike him immensely. They should have kept Evan in the series and still use Gabe for the villain. So when Vincent got the Redhead fever, Evan could step in with Cat. They missed that opportunity. And if Cat marry Vincent, whose blood would he use to get marriage license.

  2. Fin says:

    I would like to see more from Cat and her history. Vincent’s side of the story kinda bored me and it was overdone. We need more Cat.

    • sylvia says:

      It would have been okay with Vincent’s side of the story if him “coming out” would have affected that. After he came out, it was like the Keller side didn’t even exist. We saw nothing of his nephew and what about the wives of his dead brothers? That would have been something I would have liked learning aboutl.

      • xpettif4 says:

        I would like to know why the family did not become involved in the storyline when his face was streaming all over the media. The show has many story lines that would keep the series going.

  3. carogdlf says:

    Great interview. I think she is happy with Batb but she prefer to get more strong personality that romantic and love. Good one. Thanks

  4. My expectation for the show was for Vincent to undergo further transformations (something hinted at in season one) that makes him more beastly, making him more like the Perlman version from the 80’s show, which would force him and JT to move into the catacombs beneath the city, with JT becoming Father.

    When they introduced the concept of more beasts, I was hoping that would lead to them creating their own society beneath the city, with more beasts than just Vincent. Too bad it didn’t work out like that.

    • xpettif4 says:

      No thank you. No No No

      • At one point they called it Beauty & The Beast Begins, implying a sort of reboot/remake that would lead to somewhere where the original series was.

        • xpettif4 says:

          On a interview with the producers, I got the impression they wanted a new spin. They did not want to have him as a beast all of the time. Search for previous interviews I could be mistaken. But I like the show and the characters like. I will continue to watch. Hope you will too.

          • It hasn’t bored me, but I do wish it went in the direction I described. The guy isn’t much of a beast.

          • taty yuniarsih says:

            Yes agree!!

          • HELLO says:

            I actually want that; to see how they will fight against odds when Vincent is back to normal. Nevertheless, I like the characters so far except the antagonists. ahhaha especially Gabe -_- he should have died long time ago. hahahah no offence.

  5. sin bella says:

    Thank you very much for this interview.
    Love this show very much and cannot wait to see the remaining 6 episodes.
    I’m of course extremely happy about S3 and I will continue to hope and pray for seasons to come. The show has huge potential and deserves yo go far.
    Cannot wait for Monday :)

  6. Ally Oop says:

    So we know that Beauty & the Beast gets 13 episodes next season. Any news on episode orders for other shows next season, specifically The 100 or Hart of Dixie?

  7. Ana says:

    Thanks Matt loved the interview and your insightful questions, amazing job as always. Very excited to find out what happens next in the 6 remaining episodes, especially the season finale with a closure and cliffhanger (don’t know if I’ll be able to survive the hiatus after that) I’m also hopeful for Kristin that in Season 3 we get back the ‘Catherine’ we all know and love, and Vincat together with JT & Tess.

  8. Brenda says:

    Darn,that last sentence had me excited!I really wish they would have Tom Welling on here even as an FBI agent.He was great in Parkland!Looking forward to season 3.Kristin and Jay do amazing acting together.

  9. Thanks Matt for a great interview as always! Loved hearing what Kristin had to say and giving a few teases. Looking forward to the rest of S2!

  10. Jared says:

    The earlier episodes of S2 were awful. Making Cat and Vincent enemies and forcing a Gabe/Cat relationship made no sense. Truely a horrible arc of episodes that fans didnt want to see and the ratings clearly proved that. That being said the later episodes have been really great. Cant wait for the season to continue and happy The CW renewed this show for another season. Ill be watching!

  11. Angie Brush says:

    Thanks Kristin for your great interview,us Beasties will take all the episodes we can get,we just love seeing the fab 5 every week,love Kristin & Jays chemistry,2 more days to episode 17.

  12. monica moss says:

    Honestly the “Beauty and the Beast had to be removed from the CW network for listening too low a rating 0/2 and with mediocre actors, like two pieces of wood, time and money wasted! The actor has not charisma and charm.

    • wendy says:

      if you don’t watch BATB and don’t like the show then don’t make stupid comments. the actors on BATB are great talents and have great chemistry and this is the best series on TV and will be for some time

      • Guest says:

        Oh really wendy? Before i check your second comment, let me make one thing clear. THIS is the internet where people have opinions. So if monica moss said it had to be removed from the schedule due to low ratings then THAT”S HER OPINION! Don’t tell her not to make stupid comments just because YOU didn’t like her opinion! AND does Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan really have great chemistry? Do they really surpass Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman who started on the original version? I”ll give you wendy an opportunity to answer my questions. Take as much time as you need. (Think from Jeopardy plays)

        • I have been watching TV for 65 years and I have seen a lot of actors with good chemistry but this couple Kristin & Jay are the best I have ever seen bar none. A lot of good actors out there but no comparison to Kristin and Jay. They are terrific actors.

    • Maria says:

      Your opinion, and please dont insult the actors. You dont know them and yet feel that you have a right. This show’s fans happen to love the actors, so offense taken.

      • Guest says:

        monica moss DOES have a right to an opinion JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE! AND another thing, Maria I’m gonna ask you the same questions i asked wendy BUT differently. IF this cookie-cutter predictable police procedural’s (yes this bad remake of the 1987 version is a police procedural look it up in wikipedia) actors have fans then why is this turkey low rated?! IF fans really love the actors then why do the critics have a different story AND bad ratings?! I’ll give you an opportunity to answer these questions. Take as much time as you need. (Think from jeopardy plays)

    • Guest says:

      I agree with you monica moss. The CW made a GRAVE mistake renewing this ratings loser over The Tomorrow People! So let me get this straight, Mark Pedowitz, TTP did not have enough social OR digital?! BATB has upside potential?! Two dumb excuses i have EVER HEARD! And one more thing, Mark last time i checked TTP rated better than everyone’s precious little BATB! You’re lucky i watch two shows on your primetime lineup which are Arrow and The 100 and I”ll watch The Flash and maybe The Messengers BUT if you keep making bad decisions like renewing this cookie-cutter turkey known as Beauty and the Beast then i’ll just stop watching your network because I can’t trust you, Mark Pedowitz but you are better than Dawn Ostraoff i’ll give you that.

      • Guest says:

        I was not supposed to put an a on Ostroff. Error on my part.

      • If that is how you feel about the show than do us all a favor and stop watching the network. There is no need for the awful remarks you are typing and we don’t need the bad mouthing you are doing.. You have a right to your opinion just as we all do however if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all.. Just go away.

        • kira says:

          i so agree with you #BATB fans love this show other are jealous

        • kira says:

          i love this show i been watching this sents came on tv that why a lot of people of #BATB groups on facebook and twitter and instgram that mean #BATB have fans who love this show and will never give up we will always fight for this show and this page is for #batb fans not for hater if you don’t like it still you don’t have to be rude to others who actly watch the show

    • xpettif4 says:

      I am curious. You are entitled to your opinion. But, please tell me why you waste your time watching the show. I love the show and I think they have great chemistry on and off the show. I hope you find another show that you will enjoy.

    • J.k says:

      To moan-ica, I believe you have a right to your opinion like everyone else does. But think about this….. if there was a man in your life that showed you the kind of passion that he has for Kat, and you made comments like you’re doing now, you would be the loneliest person in this world, or … maybe you already are. If only all our “men” were as loving, caring and as passionate as Vincent is towards Kat, us ladies would be much happier! So enjoy that fluffy little pillow you hold onto every night.

    • jean says:

      You must be distracted by something else when beauty and the beast is on. Cat and Vincent are great actors the chemistry between the two of them is undeniable. I CAN’T wait for season 3.

      • xpetti4 says:

        This comment is for Monica Moss. Why are you checking the rating sand watching the show. If it is so bad ,change the channel. How many times have you watched the show.? Something must make you remember to turn on your tv and watch. I love the show and I cannot wait for Season 3. If they are mediocre, I hope to see more of it next season.

  13. liz says:

    it’s been a truly awful season – and I loved this show so much in season one. Wish the original show runners had stayed.

  14. Debbie Camelo says:

    Thank you Matt! You never disappoint Beasties in any interview you’ve done! Love this article and you, Mr. Honorary Beastie. You have that internal comfort zone that brings out the best answers we are anxious to hear! The ROARing continues in 2 days! Thank you @MsKristinKreuk for your wonderful interview!

  15. Samson says:

    Thanks Matt and TV Line for this great Kristin Kreuk interview! I’m so excited to watch the new episodes starting Monday (Also Sunday for Canadians)!! Great questions and very insightful. Love Kristin. KK’s charming, sweet, genuine, and really smart. I love that she knows how passionate Beasties are.

  16. sylvia says:

    Thanks Matt and Kristin for taking the time. I am glad finally someone has admitted that Season 2 was a mess so far and that hopefully now Brad Kerns has an idea what the fans really want and that is Vincent and Catherine working together as a couple. It sounds like the last 6 episodes will be reminiscent of season 1 where they figured out how they could work together as a couple-too bad we had to go through all the BS to get to that point again-I am looking for some intense romantic moments-No I am craving some intense romantic moments after what we had to go through the first part of the season. They are stronger together than apart and this show Beauty and the Beast is stronger when they are together than when they are apart!

  17. Kathleen Novak says:

    Great Interview! Loved the questions for KK! Can’t wait for Beauty and the Beast to return

  18. sophia says:

    Monica is right! the show is mediocre and the actors are bad: Ray has a modest beauty is very common, Kristin always has the same expression . I only watched the first season and I have not seen and felt the chemistry between the two actors!

  19. Dr. L says:

    It seems like they still have no idea what their show is about. Like, a big mix of stuff and something might stick. Should’ve been canceled.

  20. Tom Di Roma says:

    I keep thinking that because Cat and Vincent have swapped DNA more than once, there is going to come a moment during a fight scene where she beasts out. She’s picked up some of his cells and now they’re changing her.

  21. Rena' says:

    I just finished all of season 1 on netflix will netflix get season 2 I hope socand when

  22. Gissele says:

    I loved it! So glad they are going to focus in on their love. Cant wait for season three!!!!

  23. taty yuniarsih says:

    Is there any info of the beauty and the beast season 3 confirmed dateto be on air?

  24. Frances Dixon says:

    I am so happy Beauty and the Beast is having season 3, however, it should be a full season why only 13 episodes? Does that mean once these episodes are done it will be cancelled? This show is just getting better and better Jay and Kristin’s chemistry is electric it definitely deserves a full season please do not do this to the show’s many fans. There is no other show like this one it takes you to a beautiful place of romance and drama. Please give them a chance do a full season it will be so great and you will not be sorry!!!!!!! The fans want this and I guarantee more people will watch. There are so many opportunities with them now together it will be a new direction for them to work with law enforcement how amazing to see them solve crimes together they are so awesome please don’t cancel after only 13 episodes they deserve it and their fans deserve it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • xpettif4 says:

      I agree with your comments. They are awesome and deserve more than 13 episodes. The show does not get as much advertisement/promo as some of the other shows.

    • I agree that Beauty and the Beast deserve more than 13 episodes. It should get more promos too!! Jay and Kristin are the perfect actors for this show and do such a great job! I could watch them for months and months every week!

  25. xpettif4 says:


  26. I want to know when will season 3 come out by south africaz.will there be a season 4.thnx

    • natasha matthews says:

      goodday im natasha matthews.Im crazy about vincent and would like to know if im going to see him much more than another season.I think cat is a super actoress and vincent is to die for.please think of a season 4 and 5 pretty please.thanks,natasha matthews,cape town,south africa

      • xpettif4 says:

        We can only hope the 13 episodes will make it possible. I want to see more advertisement of the show. Other shows are advertised on BATB all the time. I watch the other shows and there is none or real fast. Has anyone else noticed this?

  27. Ara says:

    I LOVE BATB, unconditionally.

  28. louis says:

    plz hurry up and make season 3, ca
    use I think im going insane about it

  29. Anne Gaines says:

    i love beauty and the beast and can,t wait for it to come back on can you tell me when it will be starting again and what channel

  30. Richard says:

    I’m a sucker for romance and I think you will get a lot more fans, should Cat become pregnant. It will also be one heck of a eye catcher and twist.

    • xpetti4 says:

      I had thought about that too!! It would be such a pretty baby. Maybe born more human than beast. Vincent would freak out more than Cat. I would watch it forever. What a storyline.

  31. shanique says:

    Nice interview…love vincent thou…

  32. shan wright says:

    Love BATB so much. Season 3 is like the most wanted movie for me. Catherine and vincent are so romantic togather,love vincent aloooot!!!!! He’s one of my favourite actor

  33. Joy a says:

    So, is there a season three.

    • xpetti4 says:

      I received an email this morning saying filming will not begin until Aug. 28. I hope that is not true. If anyone learn something different please comment.

  34. Joy a says:

    So, is there a season three. It so interesting that i don’t want it to come to an end.

  35. Liz says:

    I can’t wait for Season 3! I keep watching Season 1 and Season 2 over and over again on Showbox…..I grew up watching the original version from 1987 and wasn’t going to watch this show but I got curious ….and have to say, I have been hooked on this show since I watched the first episode!! I am just wondering why, if we had 21/22 episodes for the first two seasons, why it’s only 13 for Season 3? I hope that doesn’t mean that it will finish =(

    • kira says:

      we get 13 episode first if the ratings get high then get 13 more episode that how it was because we need high ratings mean we all need watch it on tv or stream it online if you what it online it have to say live stream that counrts the ratings to

  36. kira says:

    we #BATB fans need get more rating please tell others to watch this show on tv or stream it online when it comes back on.. yes we get season 3…#BATB fans will never stop fighting for this show yes this show should be on thecw it is the one of the best shows on thecw others show are crazy lest the show is about love… beauty of the beast and reign are the best shows on thecw other shows on that channel is stupied lest that actly mean something .. come on #BATB we all need stick together and fight and never give up on the show that you truly love

    • xpetti4 says:

      We need to focus on more advertising of the show. Other shows are mentioned on BATB but not on the other programs. I am forever seeing promo for Arrow, Flash, Supernatural, and others. The latest one I saw show Vin/Cat so fast I thought they blurred!!! Who do we need to tweet for more promo?

  37. kira says:

    who ever like kristin kreuk in smallville should be watch beauty of the beast i think she plays this show better that what true fans do and guy plays the beast his name is jay ryan he is hot they both play good together in this tv show… brad k dir smallville now he dir.. beauty of the beast ok that is the good thing………..

  38. ziyanda nxana says:

    This is a very nice and I cannot wait to watch season 3, is it out yet?

    But if Catherine is pregnant is it going to be a Normal baby and ofcourse not there’s gonna be that beast side so what’s the reaction of the baby when she’s angry and sis still pregnant?

  39. nicole says:

    When is season 3 coming out

  40. nicole says:

    so is there a season 3 or what I’m confused btw loved the show and the connection between cat&Vincent really showed that they couldn’t stay apart they wore destined to be together just loved loved loved it!!

  41. kira says:

    this why we need more viewers in the united states because we need get the ratings up and other countrys help with that to stream live online time be 9/8c on thecw channel watch sametime as the united states dose that will help the ratings get up high and stay there…spread the word too others #BATB family will never stop fighting for this show

  42. Godswill okechukwu says:

    The movie is very interesting

  43. monica says:

    luving this show , does anyone know where i can watch season 2 for free i’m freaking out here. plz help me

  44. I am soooo happy Beauty and the Beast are coming back. What is the date? It has adventure, drama, romance and suspense. Great job!! Arrow is good too!

  45. I am sooo happy Beauty and the Beast are coming back. What’s the date? I just love that show. It has adventure, drama, romance and suspense. Great job!! Arrow is good too!

  46. Crystal says:

    What time does it come on

  47. I am so glad we will see season 3 but was hoping more then 13 week. Want the whole season,an then maybe season 4.please.

  48. anita sanchez says:

    Wen will season 2of Beauty and the Beast be on netflix???? im dying to watch it its my favorite show

  49. Chell George says:

    Will there be a 4th session of Beauty and the Beast?

  50. Uro Levu says:

    Love watching this series. I’m glad Vin & Cat got back together. They are better together then apart, they both know it and all those who watch kjnow it too!!!…Let’s have more action, thrill, drama and a few twists here and there so to make it more suspenseful so it leads from season 3 then to 4 and so on…..I love this two leads Vin & Cat 😉👍