Sunday Night Football, Big Bang Top Ratings for 2013-14 Season; No. 2 New Comedy Got Axed

TV Season Rankings 2013-2014NBC’s Sunday Night Football and CBS’ The Big Bang Theory placed No. 1 and No. 2 in the ratings for the 2013-14 TV season, based on numbers released on the first day following May Sweeps.

As reported this week, NBC won the season in the coveted 18-49 demo, while CBS remains the most watched net.

In the demo, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy — averaging a 4.4 rating this season, including any available Live+7 DVR playback data — edged out NBC newbie The Blacklist by a tenth for Top Drama honors, while Modern Family (4.4) and How I Met Your Mother (4.3) placed a distant second and third in the comedy race behind Big Bang‘s 6.2.

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Of the Top 20 non-sports entertainment programs, ABC led with seven, followed by CBS’ six. Fox had four, NBC three.

In total viewers, NCIS (19.8 mil) and Big Bang (20 mil) repeated as the season’s most watched drama and comedy. All told, CBS had 10 of the Top 20 most watched entertainment programs; ABC had six.

Fun-ish fact: While last year all three of the highest-rated new comedies had (quite remarkably) wound up cancelled, this time around only The Crazy Ones, which placed No. 2, got cut.

Here are my hand-curated rankings for the broadcast networks’ assorted offerings; last season’s can be found hereHit Comments to share what surprises, delights or depresses you.

| The Big Bang Theory, CBS (6.2 rating)
| Modern Family, ABC (4.4)
| How I Met Your Mother, CBS (4.3)
4 | Family Guy, FOX (3.1)
5 | 2 Broke Girls, CBS (3.0)
In Total Viewers | The Big Bang Theory (20 million)

| The Millers, CBS (2.9)
| The Crazy Ones, CBS (2.7)
| Mom, CBS (2.4)
In Total Viewers | The Millers (11.4 million)

| Grey’s Anatomy, ABC (4.4)
| Scandal, ABC (4.2)
| NCIS, CBS (3.3)
4 | Criminal Minds, CBS (3.3)
5 | Once Upon a Time, ABC (3.3)
In Total Viewers | NCIS (19.8 million)

| The Blacklist, NBC (4.3)
2 | Resurrection, ABC (3.8)
| Sleepy Hollow, FOX (3.2)
In Total Viewers | The Blacklist (15 million)

| The Voice (Monday), NBC (4.6)
| The Voice (Tuesday), NBC (4.2)
| American Idol (Wednesday), FOX (3.3)
| American Idol (Thursday), FOX (3.2)
| The Bachelor, ABC (3.1) / Survivor, CBS (3.1)
In Total Viewers | Dancing With the Stars, ABC (15.2 million)

| The Crazy Ones, CBS (2.7)
| Almost Human, FOX (2.7)
| Super Fun Night, ABC (2.3)
In Total Viewers | Intelligence, CBS (10.2 million)

| Beauty and the Beast, The CW (0.5)
| Hart of Dixie, The CW (0.6)
| Reign, The CW (0.7)
Total Viewers | Beauty and the Beast (1.24 million)

NBC Sunday Night Football, NBC (7.9)
The Big Bang Theory, CBS (6.2)
The OT, FOX (5.2)
The Voice, NBC (Monday) (4.6)
Grey’s Anatomy, ABC (4.4)
Modern Family, ABC (4.4)
The Blacklist, NBC (4.3)
How I Met Your Mother, CBS (4.3)
Scandal, ABC (4.2)
The Voice (Tuesday), NBC (4.2)

NBC Sunday Night Football, NBC (21.5 million)
The Big Bang Theory,
CBS (20 million)
CBS (19.8 million)
NCIS: Los Angeles,
CBS (16 million)
Dancing With the Stars,
ABC (15.2 million)
The Blacklist,
NBC (15 million)
The OT,
FOX (14.8 million)
The Voice (Monday),
NBC (14.6 million)
Person of Interest,
CBS (14 million)
The Voice (Tuesday),
NBC (13.9 million)

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  1. Lillian says:

    Cue the “You’re not number 1 anymore.”

  2. nate says:

    if crazy ones was #2 why the hell did it get canceled?????????

    • rflairfan1 says:

      My guess is that is it is a expensive show. The 2 stars probably made quite a bit and the ratings/demo’s weren’t nearly enough. Just a guess though.

      • Aimee says:

        First, it was the #2 NEW comedy not #2 overall. CBS has a lot of good shows and there just isn’t room for all of them. Second, that rating is a bit misleading. The very big premier numbers are messing up the average. What it doesn’t show is that in the second half of the season TCO had a steady decline and was bringing in some low numbers. (consistently rating lower than most other CBS comedies.)

    • Tess says:

      CBS probably felt it did not “fit in” ultimately with the rest of their comedies. It was not the typical sitcom format like their other Thursday comedies are and the ratings were down toward the end of the season compared to the start. It seemed quite obvious that they were less invested in it succeeding when they switched it with Two and a Half Men on the schedule and decided to end it in April. For whatever reason the ratings and revenue of the show did not offset the cost enough for them. Sad truth though is that The Millers only did slightly better and it had the better timeslot being after Big Bang Theory. I can’t help but wonder how much better The Crazy Ones may have done had they been in The Millers timeslot.
      It’s a shame they cancelled it; it was one of the few comedies I found worth watching on their network.

      • Alex says:

        Fitting in had nothing to do with it. If the ratings had been good enough, the show would have “fit in” just fine.

    • tara17 says:

      I read rumors that Gellar and Williams didn’t get along, that could be factor.

  3. Gretchen says:

    I like Big Bang — but how the heck are they so far in front of everything else? I can’t figure it out.

  4. Cn I just say that “Fantasy” shows should have their own category in everything?
    I don’t think is fair compare Once Upon a Time with Scandal, or Vampire Diaries with Greys Anatomy, or True Blood with Mad Men. I think “Fntsy” shows should compete between themselves, in ratings, in Emmys and on the Golden Globes. It would be much more interesting (although GoT would probably take everything….), and fair with those shows that, by being on the Drama Category, end up with no love whatsoever.

    • Ana says:

      If they start making a special category for fantasy, they might as well do it for every main category. Nothing is ever completely fair.

    • wordsmith says:

      Also, the line between fantasy and other dramas can be really difficult to draw. For example, would Person of Interest qualify, because it involves an artificial intelligence? Or how about Reign, which is mostly based in historical fact but has undertones of magic and mysticism?

    • Jax says:

      They should only compete with other fantasy shows in ratings???? That makes no sense. So you are saying that if a fantasy show has the lowest ratings on a particular network it should still be renewed because it has higher ratings than a fantasy show on another network. Good luck with that. Any network who ran their business that way would be bankrupt in six months.

    • jen says:

      all shows have some degree of fantasy, these aren’t documentaries. Take grey’s anatomy for example, is it believable to have a hospital where surgeons act as surgeons, orderlies, technicians, radiologists and internists? Or for that same hospital to have a flood, plane crash, bomb, gunman etc.

  5. Kristin says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed “The Crazy Ones” and their numbers were pretty good. Coming out number two overall in the top new comedy category? Come on CBS. Why did they cancel this show?!

    • Carm says:

      Ratings. Too bad. I really liked it.

    • Jax says:

      1. CBS does not own The Crazy Ones. They would make no money off of syndication so they had no incentive to keep the show unless it was making very good ratings.
      2. It wasn’t making very good ratings. It started off high but kept dropping throughout the year.

    • CC says:

      They would have kept it for sure if it was run by Chuck Lorre. That awful show Mom got renewed and not the Crazy ones. It’s exasperating.

      • Stormy says:

        I can tolerate Mom [don’t love it], but about 20 seconds of Robin Williams is my limit. He’s remarkably annoying to me.

  6. Locke says:

    There needs to be a Broadcast + Cable list distributed. We watch in a world where AMCs Walking Dead, FXs Sons of Anarchy and HBOs Game of Thrones would overtake broadcast programs in the Top 20. This list is not representative to the TV landscape.

    • Lim says:

      It’s representative if who pays the bills so you can watch shows.

    • Allison says:

      Walking Dead would beat everybody and Game of Thrones would certainly be in the top 20. However, Son’s of Anarchy wouldn’t be anywhere near the list and the vast majority of popular cable shows still score well below your average network drama. Quality wise cable kicks a** but ratings wise it still doesn’t match up to broadcast television.

  7. brycealexander says:

    THIS is why it KILLS ME that people are constantly saying “CANCEL GREY’S ALREADY.” Go the f— home man. Grey’s has seen a consistent level of quality (though this last season was a tad boring for my taste), but it’s a different show. It always seems to me that people who complain about early plot lines (George/Izzie; Denny’s ghost) are the people who say that the show isn’t as good as it was before Knight and Heigl’s exit. It’s just preposterous. Why would ABC cancel the #1 returning drama on TV? Because Live+7 is being factored in? Because you just don’t like a random character? No, none of those are good reasons. After a show has been on the air for a decade though, the buzz just always seems to shift from water-cooler viewing to this mundane “Why is this still on TV?” conversation. Even if Live+7 factored out, even if Grey’s were the 6th-most viewed returning series, it’s still a super solid product for ABC. But I guess that’s why TVLine comment section trolls don’t run ABC. (And don’t even TRY to tell me they’ve run out of ideas. Do-to-the-not.)

    • Sandy says:

      This! Thank you so much for writing that comment ! It makes me sad when people say things like “put it out of its misery” or “I give it one more year, but then they have to end the show” … It’s very annoying for people who still like the show and I’m glad ABC doesn’t listen to the naysayers !

      • Guest(My real name still won't be revealed) says:

        Call them nayslayers all you want Sandy BUT in a way they’re correct. Excuse those nayslayers if THEY want a proper ending to the show! What would you rather have Sandy AND/OR brycealexander a proper ending OR drag this show out, let ratings drop, have Grey’s decline in quality eventually canceling it WITHOUT A PROPER ENDING! Answer my “what would you rather have” question if you can’t then that’s fine BUT this is my opinion on the whole people wanting Grey’s to be cancelled thing. Deal with it!

    • Babygate says:

      All the “likes” to this comment. Greys still rocks. Even when they make stupid story decisions, we are still invested in these characters and the consistent level in quality of acting. This is a show that is relevant, groundbreaking, is not afraid to take chances and like a sweet and sour, can mix comedy and drama like no other. That being said, I am concerned about this new Fall schedule and the tradeoffs that will have to be made in order to conform to the earlier time slot. And THAT being said, hats off to Shondaland. Two out of the top three dramas is quite the accomplishment.

    • twilight123 says:

      THIS! THIS! THIS! Thank you @brycealexander for saying what so many of us are thinking!

    • Erin says:

      Great post! I just sent this article off to my brother because last weekend, my sister-in-law & he were on a big “Is Grey’s still on?” thing about it. They’ve never seen it (well, except for a few clips on “The Soup” where they make fun of it) but say they should cancel it. I set them straight, but now there’s numbers to prove it! I should also say they both watch a lot of bad TV.

    • jen says:

      do I still watch grey’s anatomy: yes
      did I like the show better when Heigl/Knight were on: yes

      there was a distinct change from the strong friendship/camaraderie of the original 5 interns to a focus on ships. However I’ve never ‘shipped’ a couple so that is probably why I prefer earlier seasons

      • N tTVf says:

        Interesting comments – I agree with most all. I watched Greys at first – a really cool show – I was a huge Heigl fan from Roswell – that’s what initially pulled me in – KH. I watched the first couple of season – it was must-see viewing. But it is natural as shows get older that the characters grow up, and they get into relationships, marriage, kids, headaches, and so forth. The tone of the show must change with the aging cast – that’s okay, to be expected. HIMYM went through the same growth and story-arc. But as you noted correctly, when shows get into the ‘shipping business’, there is danger there as well as some potential gold mines to tap.

        I think back of all the show where the main characters get ‘shipped’ (even before the term was known) – you know, all the wa-aay back to shows like Get Smart, I Dream of Jeannie, Moonlighting… now Castle, and Greys, and … (fill in the blank) .. all the way up to TBBT and everything(?) on the CW. Good grief – even Mentalist!! :)

        Television today is in the ‘shipping business’ – and maybe TVLine can do an article/blog on this topic one day (maybe they already have?) – What TV show really benefited *most* by ‘shipping’ it’s characters?

        My vote – and it is not close – HIMYM. I think the reason that series kept growing and getting higher ratings/viewers over time (very rare, particularly in this era of declining numbers) was the Barney-Robin factor. That just worked really well, and helped keep that show going strong for nine years. That’s why the finale blow-back has been so strong – every cool idea comes at a price, particularly in the way that show carefully crafted the ultimate TV-triangle of Ted-Robin-Barney. As much as shipping has altered (and maybe helped?) shows like Castle and Greys, the show that was helped most (IHMO) was HIMYM and that amazing triangle.

    • Guest(My real name still won't be revealed) says:

      @brycealexander People are saying cancel Grey’s because of 3 things 1. The show is STARTING to run of ideas. 2. The ratings could drop this upcoming tv season(thursday at 8 pm against TBBT?!) AND/OR jump the shark which means decline in quality. 3. IF reason number 2 were to happen then ABC would cancel it without giving a proper closure. Here’s a extra reason just because some of the cast members are signed for season 11 and 12 it does NOT guarantee that ABC would renew it for season 12.

      • Greys will be fine at 8pm/Thursday night says:

        Nothing is guaranteed, you are correct. But odds are Grey’s is coming back for 2015-16 season, and if the show does well in that 8pm slot (meaning high 2.x demo/7-8m viewers), they’ll be fine – ABC will be thanking them day-n-night for solving that 8pm Thursday night slot. And if Grey’s does better than expected in that new slot (again, very possible – low 3.x demo). ABC will be begging Shonda and the cast to continue Greys into 2016-17. Lots of $$$ in order to keep the show going. Don’t bet against Grey’s – ABC has other areas to repair in 2014-15, Greys and Thursday night not being one of them.

        • Guest says:

          What makes you think it’s coming back for the 2015-2016 season? Thursday at 8pm the timeslot where it’s dominated by The Big Bang Theory?! BUT it’s better to put a veteran show on that timeslot than to put a new show on there because THEY would eventually be cancelled! I praise ABC for NOT doing that mistake again but that doesn’t mean Grey’s is off the hook. It still has to face TBBT once it moves back to thursday. I highly doubt it’ll get a 2.x/7-8 viewers but if it gets renewed then i’ll apologize. In my opinion, it will not do well Thursdays at 8pm but then again people said the same thing about Bones not surviving Fridays and look what happened to that.

  8. Riana says:

    Beauty and the Beast wishes it had that many viewers. Those are it’s high numbers. 500k is more accurate

    • brycealexander says:

      No, those are its average numbers with Live+7 factored in.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


      • Rich Abey says:

        but still this is the 2nd year in a row that BATB was in the Top 3 lowest rated/watched but renewed shows…why is only BATB getting renewed? Nikita for example was a far superior show that was given only a 6 episode season after enduring a year of poor ratings.

        • Brandy says:

          Nikita star and showrunner said they only wanted to do four seasons.Nikita was always the lowest or second lowest rated show on CW.In BatB s first season ,it might’ve fairly low ratings but it was still the fourth or fifth highest rated show on the network which meant certain renewal,Shows aren’t renewed or cancelled based on quality or lack thereof in viewer perception but if they’re making enough money for the studio & network.BatB did well online viewing,DVr, social media,international sales.Nikita kept getting renewed with poor ratings due to Pedowitz being a fan,doing well online,in social media & international sales.Remeber in season four Nikita got 0.2-0.3 in demo and under a million viewers and season three it got two 0.5s,three 0.2s and the rest 0.3-0.4 , it wasn’t making much ad revunue.Nikita only needed four seasons for syndication anyway.A show can get really low ratings only so long before the network can’t//won’t tolerate it anymore.Rumor is Nikita was exspensive, too exspensive for the poor ratings of season three and four to continue while BatB is a co -production and cheap.Also, CW can only afford to cancel and replace so many shows:last season(201-2013) it was GG,90210,Cult,EOMD.This season(2013-2014) it was Nikita,TTP,Carrie,Star-Crossed.In season one,BatB was not in the top three lowest rated shows on the network.

          • Guest says:

            Oh will you stop with the “it sells well internationally” nonsense already?! (In Wolverine’s voice) YOU”RE GETTING ON MY BAD SIDE! Here’s some questions for you Brandy and your little Beastles(what kind of fanbase name is that?!) If it sold well internationally then WHY did The CW took it off the schedule moved MY Tomorrow People to Mondays killing it in the process?! WHY did The CW put it back in the schedule for a June return? WHY is the third season only 13 episodes instead of 22? Wouldn’t The CW rather have 66 episodes instead of 57? If you can’t answer those questions oh well. It may have been cheated death twice BUT it will join Happy Endings in the 57 episodes and cancelled club! Ha Ha Ha!

    • L says:

      I’m really shocked Beauty and the Beast wasnt cancelled.

      • MP says:

        I like BATB, but I was surprised it was renewed. Maybe it does really well overseas.

        • Velocity says:

          I believe it that when i see some proof. Its more likely it was a trade off between CBS and WB: We will renew Mentalist for 13 episodes and in return BATB doesnt get canceled.

          • Brandy says:

            A thing from CBS I saw posted a while back said BatB sold to 200 markets overseas and sold for three season.Plus Deadline and TVWise both said this.

  9. brycealexander says:

    I wish they’d do “Lowest-Rated Non-CW Shows,” just out of curiosity. It’s no surprise The CW is in the bottom three.

    • L says:

      CW households dont have Nielsen boxes

      • N tTVf says:

        You are correct – they have Roku boxes and other OTT streaming devices. CW may help pave the way for themselves (and other networks – FOX?) migrating into the Netflix, Amazon Prime business – that could be a good thing. One day, we may see OTT ratings listings just as we see broadcast and cable TV ratings listings. It’s all TV – it’s all good. It will just take some time to work all this out in the next few years.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      It looks like that’d be THE TASTE, HOLLYWOOD GAME NIGHT and HANNIBAL.

    • Ashley says:

      I was thinking the same thing.

  10. greysfan says:

    The Crazy Ones was the one new comedy i wanted renewed and because it was on CBS it got cancelled. If it aired with those ratings on ABC, NBC or even FOX it would have got a 2nd season. SHAME CBS SHAME!

  11. Mary Kate says:

    So interesting, thanks for putting this together! Glad to see my beloved Grey’s is staying strong.

  12. Apples says:

    Are these Live+7 ratings or what? No way are they L+SD numbers…

  13. Billie says:

    Does live+7 mean it counts if you dvr it and watch within 7 days??? Not sure what it means.

    • N tTVf says:

      Yes, those DVR numbers are calculated [if viewed within 7 days of initial broadcast airing] into the already tabulated over-night ratings, and this helps to boost a show’s overall ratings/demo numbers by taking into account those viewers who do not watch a show ‘live’ that night of broadcast airing, but watch it later that week.

    • That’s exactly what it means.

    • Allison says:

      To be clear, advertisers do NOT pay based on those numbers. L+7 is a good figure to have if you want to know how many people are interested in a particular show but the C+3 number is the only one that really counts because that’s what the ad money is based on. (C+3 = commercial + 3 days. So yes, you have to watch the commercials for it to count.)

      • N tTVf says:

        Good knowledge! Yep, the C+3 (Les Moonves mentioned this number last week as well when he was interviewed in NY post-Upfront by Trish Regan on Bloomberg TV) is what sells to advertisers. However, I think LM and his colleagues on the other networks will want to try to get ‘+7’ numbers also added into the advertising metrics as soon as possible.

        I believe (could be wrong here?) the networks have made a deal with the advertisers that ads will be included in any C+3 viewings; and hence, that same ‘ads must be included’ process would be a part of any future ‘+7’ deal that the networks would strike with their advertisers.

        On the other side of the coin, the networks then need to also strike similar agreements with their cable/satellite partners for any DVR/on-demand type viewing. I believe (?) the networks just made a deal with Dish/Hopper to ensure that ads *cannot* be skipped using the Hopper during the first three days after the initial airing of a show. This is the model everyone is working towards – a way to ‘encourage’ viewers to *not skip the ads*!

        I know viewers hate commercials, but they pay the bills. Here’s my thought on commercials – make them better, and people will watch. The commercials viewers see during the Super Bowl have become ‘must see’ water-cooler/social media video. Why? Because those commercials are really good. The advertisers need to try to make more of their commercials better (while still keeping costs down.)

        I skip (ie. ignore/mute) commercials almost all time – I’d done that since I was a kid. However, when a ‘good’ commercial comes on, I run across the room to watch it. That commercial for Fiat, where they have P Diddy and lovely women in the desert dancing to Ferrel Williams’ “Happy” is a fantastic commercial. One of the best. I’ve watched that a hundred times, and want to see it again and again. That’s the type of ad that advertisers should be working towards – ‘must see ads.’ The old ‘Ally Bank’ commercials (shifty business man fooling young children with ‘fine-print’) are already classics.

        Another good one I really like is the new John Stamos yogurt commercial where he and his mother and his girlfriend have a confrontation – great stuff. [who is that woman who play’s JS’ girlfriend? Wow!]

  14. Marie says:

    Do the powers that be realize that the 18 – 49 demo has taken to waiting to see if a show makes it to season 2 or 3, then binge watch to get caught up because they don’t want to invest in a show for only one season? That could explain many a low rating for freshman shows

    • Lp says:

      I would agree with this! I often don’t invest in a show anymore until it gets a full season pick up, has aired half a season, or gets an official renewal for season 2. I broke n
      My own rule this year with intelligence and look how that ended.

    • The powers that be don’t care. They are only interested in the numbers that watch the advertising as that’s what pays the bills. This viewer binge behavior will simply result in a larger number of new shows being cancelled.

    • MissMel says:

      That’s absolutely true. 99% of the time, the new fall shows I like get cancelled, so in recent years I haven’t even bothered. After something has been on at least a couple of seasons, I’ll catch up on Netflix or Amazon, then get into the live episodes. This past winter, I watched the first 4 seasons of The Vampire Diaries and season 1 of Arrow. The only show in recent memory I can recall making an exception for is Once Upon a Time.

    • Allison says:

      Do YOU realize that by putting off watching shows you guarantee lower ratings and increase the chances that new shows will be canceled. You and everyone who does this are basically contributing to the very problem you are complaining about.

      • MissMel says:

        This started WELL before DVR was even common. If you don’t have a Nielsen box, you aren’t counted, so most of the more unique shows that I would be interested in would get cancelled whether I personally watched them live or not.

    • Abigale says:

      Of course they realize it but what the heck do you expect them to do? If nobody is watching a show then the logical thing to conclude is that nobody is interested in it. Seriously, do you think they would really just sit around twiddling their thumbs while a show loses money on the off chance that people MIGHT start watching it at some point in the future?

    • Alex says:

      Well, those particular 18-49 viewers are stupid, then. BTW, I fall into that age bracket, and I’m not so dumb as to wait until a second or third season to start watching a show. That’s an idiotic thing to do.

  15. Rachel says:

    Seeing my three absolute favorite shows all one after another (NCIS, Criminal Minds, OUAT ) on the top returning dramas list makes me so incredibly happy.

  16. N tTVf and the SV team out on the west coast says:

    Wow, another season comes and goes – September to May can go so fast. Great work again this season Matt, and our thanks to you, Michael, Vlada and the TVLine gang for another great season of analysis, scoops and ‘huh?’ moments. Could not have gotten through this final season of HIMYM without VG’s recaps and the associated HIMYM blog comments and analysis by the fans/viewers! The B&R vs T&R fans made for an incredible journey in S9. In my mind, the HIMYM farewell season was the high point of the 2013-14 season – that, along with TBBT’s amazing ratings and Blacklist breakout hit status.

    Despite my concerns about 2Broke, once DVR+ numbers are added in, the show does get a 3.0 in the demo, so perhaps it can hold up the night for CBS on Mondays in November. I have my doubts, but we’ll see. There was no hope for Crazy Ones – I think viewers (myself included) were looking for (and anticipating?) the wild/nasty RW (it was a 9pm show, not 8pm), and not the kind, gentle, grandfatherly RW the show gave us. Maybe a missed opportunity?

    I will say this about Hollywood Game Night – it is a “who’s who” of celebrities and fun to watch, and I watch the show from time to time just to see the participants cut loose. The episode with Taran Killam and wife Cobie Smulders was really fun to watch … yes, yes, I know, when she got the chance, she threw her poor husband off the opposing team and relegated him to the bar! “Outrageous!” But that’s show biz. You see Ted, it was not just you! ;)

    Looking forward to September – can TBBT propel *both* Monday and Thursday nights for CBS?, and can ‘A-Z’ pick up where HIMYM left off? If A-Z can, hopefully it can do it quickly before Blacklist and Scandal go at it in February 2015 at 9pm/Thursday nights.

    Here’s to the wonderful and legendary 2013-2014 season! Goodbye for now, see you in September.

  17. Brenna says:

    Happy to see OUAT and The Blacklist on there :)

  18. aeromel78 says:

    I remember when I was in 7th grade and FOX put Beverly Hills, 90210 on. I loved it right away but it had really low ratings its first season and could have been cancelled. Instead, it was renewed and they started showing new episodes in August when everything else was still in reruns. By the end of the year it was a HUGE hit and ran for 10 years. It would never get that chance in this current climate. The show would have been cancelled after 6 episodes. I wonder how many potential money makers the networks have cancelled in recent years because they weren’t huge hits right out of the gate?

    • MP says:

      Ahhh, the good old days! You and I are around the same age and I loved 90210, too. The OC also had an August premiere I think, but was less of a success as 90210 from a longevity standpoint. In the current TV climate, Seinfeld never would have existed.

    • Derek says:

      I get your point but keep in mind that was 24 years ago. The TV landscape has changed significantly since then. More cable channels, more viewing choices, more competition. Many networks simply can’t afford to keep an under performing show around for a while in the off chance that it might workout.

      • aeromel78 says:

        I KNOW the TV landscape has changed but that’s sort of the point. People have a lot of options. They aren’t limited to watching network shows, so I think the expectations of the networks are unrealistic. They need to look at the bigger picture and other ways of making money. Some shows aren’t hits right away but do great in syndication or on DVD.

        • Lisa says:

          Networks ARE looking at the bigger picture. How else do you explain Beauty and The Beast getting renewed. It was one of the lowest rated network shows period. But it had good international sales. All networks, and CBS in particular, push to get their shows into syndication to the point that they will excuse low ratings if the show is within a few years of reaching the syndication mark. Changes are happening but the fact is they have to base their decisions on SOMETHING. How do you predict a show will do well in syndication or have good DVD sales? Right now ratings are still the best indicator. They can take a few chances and hope it pays off but it is unrealistic to think networks can keep all low rated shows around in hopes that they *might* become successful.

        • Alex says:

          Why do you assume that network DON’T look at other things? That’s their JOB! Of course they do it. It also explains why some ratings losers (Hannibal, Beauty and the Beast, etc.) get renewed when logic would dictate otherwise.

  19. Mark says:

    Can we see a list to compare of the live plus 7 figures against the renewed and cancelled shows across the board. I think it will make for interesting reading especially on cw and nbc.

  20. Audrey E. says:

    When will they start calculating online viewing into these numbers, even it’s only for 7 days after live airings. I think just as many, if not more, people watch shows online than on dvr.
    And guess what? I bet The CW would break this list wide open.

    • Derek says:

      They already do track online viewing in the numbers. The problem is advertisers right now are not paying for online viewers.
      1. Online viewing does not give the demographic numbers that Nielsen tracking provides. Advertisers WANT the demographic information.
      2. If you aren’t watching the ads, or not watching them in a timely manner, then advertisers don’t care about you. You won’t be counted.

    • jen says:

      online viewing will never be as profitable as tv viewing. No one would sit through almost 20 minutes of commercials to watch a 40 minute show online yet that has been the standard on tv

    • N tTVf says:

      There is an old saying, and one of my colleagues once told me this line at work regarding a project we were working on and fighting over (and it haunts me to this day) –

      “Be careful what you wish for.”

      The CW probably does have more viewers now (and young viewers, which is a good thing) watching their shows online (OTT) than they have watching the broadcast/airwaves/cable service version.

      However, if this trend continues, the challenge for the CW will not necessarily be to get their online numbers [and advertisers] to be counted in the overall ratings tallies – the challenge for the CW will be for them to survive as a broadcast network. Believe me, Mark P and Les M and Nina T are thinking about this already in the back of their minds. They know what is coming.

      We may see the CW be an online only streaming service (via Netflix or Amazon Prime?) within four years. That may not be a bad thing for the CW’s younger audience who are streaming anyway, but it will mean that in four years [+/-], the CW shows won’t be listed here on these ratings lists at all – they’ll be ‘rated’ up against House of Cards, Orange-Black, etc. Perhaps that will be a good thing, perhaps not.

      “Be careful what you wish for.”

  21. Jerry says:

    I am always interested on what the casual TV viewer thinks (That means, not going on entertainment sites) about when a show they watch get cancelled. Shows have been cancelled every year since decades ago. Do they just have this expectation that most shows will end on cliffhangers, and only a select few may return for another season? I don’t think they will be extreme enough to boycott a certain channel. They probably will feel “What a shame, I would love to see that show continue” and then move on the another show?

  22. Jerry says:

    I guess nowadays it is getting increasingly difficult to increase viewers season by season, so I can’t really blame networks for “not giving chances to low-rated shows”. Of course one can point to Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Sons of Anarchy and Shameless, Homeland as shows that got more viewers season to season, but even majority of cable shows like Suits, White Collar, Dallas, even Bates Motel, The Americans, and Vikings exemplified the season-to-season decline.

    Especially for broadcast, it is very unlikely for low-rated or bubble shows to get a higher rating the next season, for every “Scandal” or “Happy Endings” (when it was moved to post Modern Family) there is a lot more shows that got bubble ratings for the first season and absolutely tumbled for the second season (V, Don’t Trust The B—-, The Neighbors)

    • Jax says:

      I suspect you are correct. I always get a good chuckle out of people who say “show X is going to crash and burn because the fans are angry and will boycott.” OK, well the…..oh let’s be generous and say “thousands” of fans who post online may be upset but the MILLIONS of fans who never bother to look at entertainment websites or post anything online will keep on watching and just be happy their show is still on.

  23. Rich Abey says:

    Glad to see viewers haven’t given up on ‘Person of Interest’ despite the many changes the show underwent this season, because they have all served to make PoI one of the best, most original, dramas on TV with increasingly heavy sci-fi/AI elements at it’s core to boot.

  24. azu says:

    Still mad about almost human!!!!

  25. Sarah says:

    I don’t understand the relevance of the 18-49 demo. If a network has top ratings overall, or if a show has more ratings than another one does, who cares what the age group is? The show that has the most viewers is doing something right, and their sponsors are going to love them for it.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Age 18-49 is harder to reach, has more spending power and is more susceptible to advertising claims. Older people are more brand loyal/less likely to be swayed. To name a few factors.

  26. February says:

    Once Upon A Time the best returning drama? It’s got to all be because of little girls salivating over their version of Captain Hook because the show itself is stupid. Viewer standards can’t possibily be that low.

    • Sarah says:

      It was number 5, not the best. If you don’t like Once, it doesn’t mean the other people who do have low standards. I love the take ABC has taken on the stories we grew up with. You’re right about one thing, though. I also salivate over their version of Captain Hook! ;o)

    • Lucky Scrunchy says:

      It’s a hell of a lot better then all the stupid reality shows and crime dramas, really sick of those.

  27. schu says:

    I guess the few reality shows and sports programming other networks have really shift the balance because I find it odd that in the earlier posts about network rankings ABC was dead last, but with all this data they seem right behind CBS.

    Really amazing Grey’s still holds such solids numbers after a decade, and I guess NCIS for that matter too.

    • jen says:

      something I noticed recently is that grey’s is the only medical show currently airing on a big 4 network, i’m sure this in part helps their ratings

    • N tTVf says:

      ABC third in overall ratings (but just ahead of FOX – very close), and fourth in demo for 2013-14 season. An ‘okay’ season for ABC, but not like the one NBC just had.

      I think that is what may keep Paul Lee and his colleagues up at night over at ABC [ if ABC is thinking correctly, and they probably are]; they don’t want to compare themselves to CW or even to FOX. Neither programs at 10pm. ABC *must* continue to compare themselves to NBC and CBS – their old competitors who have been around since the 1950s. That’s the target/goal ABC must keep focusing upon. And when compared to NBC, both ABC and CBS really didn’t have great seasons – NBC actually did – they leaped up quite a bit.

      Now, that said, NBC had the Olympics this year, and of course, Blacklist. The challenge for NBC now is to have another season in 2014-15 like they did this past season that just completed. Can they do that? Remember, no Olympics next year. What NBC needs (natch) is another ‘Blacklist’, or even ‘Revolution’ next season. We’ll see if lightening can strike three times in a row. ‘State of Affairs’ may be that show for NBC – I really like KH and will watch, but will that show ‘self-destruct from the inside?’ State of Affairs will be a great test for KH and her fellow producers to show that ‘she can do this’ and keep that series on track and become a success.

      For ABC? They need another ‘Scandal’ – another OUAT, another Revenge. They need a break out hit, and they may have one in ‘Get Away w/Murder’. We’ll see, but they need a hit. Finding another Modern Family (or even another Middle) on Wednesday night wouldn’t hurt either.

      • N tTVf says:

        clarification – when I noted ‘ABC third in ratings’, I should have said ‘ABC third in viewership’, and then let all us of make our own determination as to how ‘viewership’ and ‘ratings’ coalesce.

        Also, ABC did win the final week (this past week) of the 2014-15 season – fueled in part by DWTS. I think the cast this past cycle of DWTS was quite good – never underestimate the power of Full House (CC) and Wonder Years (DM). That’s what pulled me back to watching DWTS this past few months – the ‘McKellar-factor’. Hopefully ABC/DWTS learned something in the process, so that they’ll do another good job of casting this coming fall.

        • Jax says:

          Keep in mind that ABC does not have football. The other 3 networks get a huge bump in 18-49 demo from their football programming.

      • Abigale says:

        Actually, the checked the numbers and NBC would have be #1 this year even without the Olympics. But yes, they can’t rest on their laurels. It will be a brand new year and all it takes is a couple of low performing new shows to knock you down again.

  28. MattArmando says:

    AMAZING for Grey’s… 10 seasons and STILL #1.

    Also really good at SCANDAL and MODERN FAMILY.

    After 18 seasons, DANCING WITH THE STARS is STILL most-watched reality program. Damn. AND ranked #5 overall. Wow.

    Surprised at RESURRECTION ranking #11 overall. Very good. Higher than expected.

  29. Erica says:

    Intelligence had an avg of 10 million viewers and that was not good enough for CBS?!

    • Abigale says:

      Like it or not, it’s the 18-49 demo that really counts not the total viewers. If you don’t believe that go ask the cast of Harry’s Law.

    • Television Scout says:

      Fans of Body of Proof are still wondering why in the world ABC canceled that show (with the wonderful Dana D and co.), and placed ‘Lucky 7’ (unlucky?) in that time slot. The networks make mistakes, no question about it.

      The networks always tend to believe ‘we have something better’ just around the corner. Sometimes they are correct – ‘Blacklist’. So canceling an existing show makes sense to make room for ‘the new.’ And then sometimes, the networks are incorrect (Super Fun Night, Guys with Kids, etc, etc.)

      Intelligence just didn’t quite measure up in the minds of CBS execs.

      I will say this – there is going to be a ton of pressure on Scorpion at 9pm on Monday nights this fall to really perform. CBS loses both HIMYM and Intelligence and their demo and viewers for this coming fall, and the only addition (new show) to that Monday lineup is Scorpion. That show needs to be very, very good right out of the box and provide lead-in octane for new Monday series NCIS:LA. An awful lot of pressure placed on new series Scorpion to hold down that entire night and be an anchor series, right off the bat. No easy task.

  30. Prity says:

    Can anyone pls Explain it to me why Sherlock’s not on this List. It has a Huge Fandom. PLus in India even its reruns get highest viewership.It is nominated in 13 Emmy’s categories. Axn India is not ready to stop running Sherlock Marathons even after it is aired a milion times before.

  31. anne says:

    how can brooklyn 99 not be in the top 3 for new comedies, its one of the funniest shows on air.

  32. Drew Griffies says:

    whete is the Walking Dead??