American Idol Season 13 Finale Recap: Did the Right One Win? Plus: Most Memorable Moments!

DSC_8243Jena Irene or Caleb Johnson? That was the primary question looming over tonight’s American Idol Season 13 finale, but it certainly wasn’t the only one.

Other crucial debates you might’ve had with your Idol viewing club:

1. What was more abyssmal: J.Lo’s vocals or her scanty blue Chistmas-tinsel dress during her performance of her new single “First Love”? (Trick question: The International Court of Justice at The Hague determined that what comes out of J.Lo’s mouth when the beat drops does not qualify as singing! #UhHuhIWentThere)

VIDEO | American Idol‘s Jessica Meuse: How She Stayed Positive Despite Tough Critiques, Which Mentors She Loved and Why She ‘Lost Respect’ for J.Lo

2. Whose brilliant idea was it to drop so many giant yellow beach balls into the Nokia theater that Idol‘s camera crew couldn’t get a single unobscured shot of Paramore’s Hayley Williams or her duet partner Jena serving up the night’s hardest-hitting, most effervescent vocals? (My Twitter follower @jennmilazo theorizes it must’ve been Randy Jackson, since “the worst ideas are always his.”)

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3. Did a technical glitch prevent the Idol judges from opening a specially designed Moon Door in the Nokia Theater to flush the lovely and talented Jessica Meuse to an egg-shattering ending or were they afraid that Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles might be taken out with her?

4. How did the words “Randy Jackson” and “world-class mentor” get used in the same sentence? (Fun fact: An entire Season 2 episode of Sleepy Hollow will be devoted to decoding this blasphemy.)

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5. Wasn’t there any song more appropriate for grown and sexy John Legend to perform with bubbly 16-year-old Malaya Watson than “All of Me” — a ditty in which he praises his lady’s curves and imperfections? (Wait, did I just turn into Grampy McJudgerson, shouting “What about the children?”)

And finally…

6. Did Jenny From the Block outsing Harry Connick Jr. on the judges’ performance of “Go Your Own Way”? Or more importantly, what kind of voodoo was used to make this happen? (Quick: Somebody make sure Thia Megia hasn’t been tied to a post on the beach as a sacrifice to the vocal gods!)

Update: My Reality Check cohost Melinda Doolittle informs me that there is actually such a thing as a microphone with built-in Auto-Tune!

Have I stalled enough in getting to results? (Not as much as Ryan Seacrest!) So let’s tackle…

The Most Memorable Moments (for Better or Worse) From the Season 13 Finale
Best Reminder of Our Top 2’s ‘Top 2 Worthiness’ | Poor Caleb and Jena had to open the show offering scripted sound bites in that ridiculous “Audition Chamber,” but once they were released into their natural setting — the Nokia Theater — they both delivered pretty flawless vocals on “We Will Rock You” (Caleb), “Just a Girl” (Jena) and “It’s Only Love” (a reprise of their Top 8 redux duet). And for once, executive producer Per Blankens didn’t muck it all up with aggressive cut-aways to J.Lo.

Biggest Emotional Conundrum | Yeah, it was great to see Season 11 champ Phillip Phillips back with an encore performance of his nifty new hit “Raging Fire,” but what was the point of pairing him with fifth-place finisher Sam Woolf if they weren’t going to bother to switch on the latter kid’s mic? In my mind, Idol finales should always pay respect to the contestants on whose backs the season was built; relegating Sam to a short snippet of “Home” felt should’ve made the production turn the shade of Randy’s flamingo-pink jacket.

Most Unexpected Song Choice | I’m not sure I’d have put Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” on my top 1,000 picks for Jessica Meuse’s duet with country star Jennifer Nettles, but the ladies combined with the ditty like graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow — which is to say they sounded damn sweet. And as a huge fan of Jessica’s work this season, it sure was nice to watch her kill it — without getting her confidence killed by Keith and J.Lo as soon as she’d finished singing.

Worst Musical Performance | It was one thing to have C.J. Harris and Ben Briley hit some wonky notes on “The Man” — a song pretty far out of their southern-rock wheelhouses — but nobody needed a lesson in intonation from Prof. Connick Jr. more than “A-list” guest Aloe Blacc himself. I mean, if you’re gonna sing about being “the man” on a reality singing competition, you’d better sing it in tune.

Most Awkward Assignment | Who thought it was a good idea to film an entire Ford ad in which eliminated finalists Sam Woolf and Majesty Rose had to drive around Los Angeles picking up items to fulfill Caleb and Jena’s riders? #IdolUncomfortable

Worst Camera Work | Demi Lovato sounded much better on “Don’t Really Care”/”Neon Lights” than she did in her widely panned X Factor performance last fall, and the Season 13 ladies (minus an ailing M.K. Nobilette) provided solid support. Unfortunately, though, the entire camera crew and the show’s director couldn’t keep pace with seven individual singers on the stage, leaving us to endure multiple shots of the backs of the judges’ heads, awkward side views and myriad other shots that detracted from the enjoyment of this collaboration.

Best Vocal Moment | I wanted at least 10 minutes devoted to Jena’s powerful, passionate vocal on “Decode” — accompanied only by her own piano playing — but I couldn’t be too mad when she segued into an introduction of Paramore, then joined the band for a raucous, pitch-perfect rendition of “Ain’t It Fun.” No matter the outcome of the season, Jena has serious, Clarkson-level pop-star potential. Here’s hoping the folks at Interscope recognize this fact — and give her not only the contract, but also the right songs, to fulfill that promise.

Was That Another Voice Dis? | Two nights after Jake Worthington tackled Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting” on NBC’s reality singing show, we had Ryan Seacrest (¡¡!!) gamely (and giddily) stumbling through his own rendition — with an equally game Marx joining him halfway through.

Most Perfect Pairing | Third-place finisher Alex Preston didn’t get much screentime tonight, but he made the most of a duet with his personal idol Jason Mraz — their voices blending beautifully on the tender acoustic jam “Love Someone.” And on a tangential note, I still wonder if the producers had carried out their initial intention of going with an original song round on Top 4 night, if the finale would’ve taken on a very different look.

Most Jacked-Up Priorities | Last I checked, Idol is supposed to be more about the contestants than the judges. [Wait, I’ll pause so you can compose yourself after that bout of hysterical laughter.] And yet, right before Ryan dropped the final result, we had J.Lo, Harry, Keith and Randy joining forces on “True Colors” and “Go Your Own Way” (instead of a final Jena-Caleb moment). La Lopez, it must be said, managed to sing almost entirely in tune as she took on lead vocal duties for the former song — but let’s not pretend her voice didn’t sound as thin and frail as a newborn baby’s morning waah-waahs, either.

011733But enough stalling, let’s get to the results:

Caleb Johnson

Jena Irene

Ah well, I can’t pretend I wasn’t a little disappointed that voters chose a very solid but not particularly original throwback rocker over the teenage upstart who’d showcased skills in songwriting (“Unbreakable Me”), rearrangement (“Rolling in the Deep,” “Valerie”) and deeply emotional belting (“Creep”). But Caleb’s win suggests that — at least in the Idolsphere — there’s a craving for what Bob Seger termed “Old Time Rock and Roll,” and the ability to balance winking showmanship with muscular vocals.

In the end, though, with the votes tallied, all I can do is tip my hat to the winner, wish him the best, and hope that Intescope allows him to hurl his “winner’s single” in the Dumpster behind the Nokia. It’s hard enough out there at radio for a modern-day Idol winner, and he’ll need to be armed with more than the butter knife that is “As Long as You Love Me” if he’s going to survuve the commercial fight.

Your turn. What did you think of the Season 13 finale? Did the right person win? Take our poll below, and follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV for all my Idol– and Voice-related news, exclusives, interviews and recaps.

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  1. Really says:


    • Flicker says:

      Jena, if you’re reading this, huge congrats. You’re awesome. You’re going to be totally fine.

      • Really says:

        Slezak, on behalf of all of us, please give Jena the bouquet of the season!!!

        • Tiff says:

          Agree on this. She deserves it – I felt like this whole week (and last week), she was bussed, what with the fake doctor, the bad song choices, the YELLOW BALLOONS IN FRONT OF HER FACE. Geez.

          • Terry says:

            Caleb getting the pimp spot on the finale. Oh wait… that was Jeeeeena’s own doing. Michael, when you interview Jeeeeena, please ask wtf was up with that.

          • -The fake doctor didn’t help Lauren Alaina, so I hardly believe that it helped Caleb. Caleb and Jena had a pretty even night, but maybe not, we just don’t know. What we do know is that History wasn’t with Jena. There hasn’t been a wildcard that’s ever won, there hasn’t been a female that has won against a male since Jordin Sparks. There hasn’t been many Idol winners that have ever been Bottom 3 at any point, only a couple have and Caleb never was(even though Jena’s was early on). There had only been 4 winners that went 1st on finale night and won, and not in several years. I’m not saying all or any of that contributed, just saying history wasn’t on her side. -Who knows who has been ahead all season long. Maybe it was close, maybe not. It’s tough to say because both of them hadn’t been in danger pretty much the whole season.

          • deedee says:

            The fake doctor might have helped get Alex out of the way, but I doubt it helped Caleb win. I’m stunned that Jena didn’t win, since the show was clearly pushing for her all along.
            As for: “Whose brilliant idea was it to drop so many giant yellow beach balls into the Nokia theater …
            Correct answer: Per Blankens. Per is bound and determined to take all attention away from the contestants while they are performing in any way he can accomplish it. He should be directing the Ringling Bros circus, not a TV show. To me, he is light years ahead of Randy in boneheadness.

          • Pop Culture Bystander says:

            The yellow balloons obscured JLo. That was my favorite part of the show!

          • Tom22 says:

            For me, the bottom line with Gena is that, as creative as she is, at this point, as a 17 18 year old, her voice really was’t as strong as some of the past seasons… even some also young singers. Don’t get me wrong Gena’s voice is very very strong, but just not strong enough to be a singer that wins idol on the stregnth of a strong voice. While I say she is creative, for me, other than the wonderful cover of the “can’t help falling in love with you” her creativeness just missed for me…other than that one song, her admirable attempts to do other things didn’t bring more to the songs with me. Good for her but no A

            Melinda put it right about the two songs Gena sung.. she couldn’t handle Titanium or the Lovato song. The interpretation of Titanium was average at best.

            Now, Caleb didn’t do so much with the songs .. I might subtract points for that …. I don’t really feel he brought too much to the meaning of the songs for me too…but he’s got a strong pro-level voice.. he’s worthy of being a replacement front man for legendary bands where the lead singer’s voices are struggling (Rush ?) the way Adam Levine can fill the shoes of the legend Freddy Mercury(Adam finds his own way so the direct comparison where he’s not quite Freddy is replaced with something special of Adam. Caleb is not up to Adam’s quality but better at pure rock.. his voice is better able to fill big tones.. slightly…but not the interpretation of Adams equally strong voice thats a tiny bit thinner.

            Caleb isn’t up to the levels or many past winners and runner’s up but qualified to be a professional front man of legendary bands.. Now..can he write music? We’ll see but he’s not shown it…. still as it’s voice for voice (as I wasn’t impressed with Gena’s general interpretations despite seeing promise) given what I’ve seen.. Gena’s voice was enough a disappointment on the big songs tonight and last week to eliminate her.. by an edge… and doubtful either of them will become chart toppers but promise that both will find a niche where they can sing or write songs(in Gena’s case perhaps… she seems very very bright and driven to work systems or fight powerful people etc.. enough to be a song writer.. not enough to catch the public eye in a day and age where to make a commercial impression without a drop dead voice means posing nearly naked having natural cover girl good looks and … as has very often been the case… having super dancing abilty and exotic and natural senses of fashion (which even helps with men). To be honest.. even drop dead voices like Mariah and Shakira and Cher used that through their careers.

        • JessTop4 says:

          Michael Slezak already promised the bouquet to Jess. He was running late for their recent interview and could not stop and pick up the flowers to present to Jess in the studio. I hope Michael Slezak followed through on his promise to have the flowers delivered to her.

          • karenb says:

            Speaking of interviews, will there be one for Alex? Does any one know ?

          • Danny says:

            Karen- I think the interviews with the top 3 come later because they have so many commitments already. They don’t do their press goodbye tours right away like the others. They pretty much stick around Idol to prep for the finale.

          • Jake says:

            Caleb proves to be the most worthless winner to date as none of his songs are currently in the iTunes top 200 and Jena has 2…if Im telescope then I would know where to put my money and marketing muscle behind

            This show proves again that nowadays anytime you have a guy in final 2–he will always beat a girl…you really need to have the show stack the deck against boys and pick truly weaker performers like last season to have a girl win (no disrespect to Candace’s talent)…

            and probably most obvious is that if you are not from the south or Texas and you are competing against a southern/Texan contestant in the final 2–then you will most definitely lose…the only time non-southerners have won this show was when the final 2 were both non-southerners/Texans…and in fact, on David Cook’s season and Lee Dewyze’s season there were no southerners in the top 10 which helped things (and no, i dont consider Florida part of the South)

          • Lking says:

            This finale was all about everybody but the contestants. Other artists hogged the stage except when Alex and Jessica on. I thought Jena won the night, as per usual with Kiss it turns into a scream fest. Nice musical show, too bad the contestant were observers for the most part. Great showcase for visiting artists and, once again the judges. One of the worse finals ever IMHO.

          • karenb says:

            Thanks Danny. I was worried it wasn’t going to happen. Still waiting on Phillip’s interview. I know, I know-he had surgery and then the tour but still lol jk

        • luvthetop5 says:

          Or please give her an honorary rose. Not only was she the most improved this season. But she was eccentric, unpredictable and actually exciting to watch as an artist compared to the lackluster bunch of finalists this year. #JustSaying

          • JENAinCAPS says:

            Eccentric may describe her various singing accents, but mostly she acts 17 years old.

          • MC says:

            Exactly. I didn’t watch all of the episodes, but I’m rooting for Jena to become a star. This is that rare talent show singer who wants to carve out her own identity and she actually avoids mimicking professional singers. She brings each performance in her own voice. Jena has a very good upper register, but she knows to pull it back occasionally and not oversing EVERY single note. That is another rare trait on these singing shows. Jena also has great taste in music as Paramore is a kicking band and Hayley Williams is awesome. I only tuned in for the Jena-Paramore song and then I went back to Survivor. However, I think Jena will release some great music and I look forward to her new music.

      • Flicker says:

        To all of you girls who hate on your female peers over trivial, meaningless stuff (as you beautifully demonstrate here with your Jena comments) — as we say in Canada — GO HUG YOURSELF. This blog needs a dose of feminism. And one more thing, to everyone here, it has been a pleasure chatting with you over the course of this crazy season. Have a great summer. May be filled with many strong and wonderful female role models!

        • Owen says:

          I made a comment about this last week. All these girls making awful comments about Jena just hurts my heart. What is UP with that??

          • Jeff says:

            By and large females have good instincts in judging other females. Which is why the more discerning ones take an instinctive dislike to some such as Haley Rinehart, Jessica Sanchez, Pia Toscano, etc. This explains why these women don’t do well post Idol. Others are liked but are not their favorites so they don’t win, but do well afterward. This would be true for Melinda Doolittle, Diana DiGarmo, Kellie Pickler etc. Jena will not do well after Idol. Jessica will. Don’t bother arguing with me. Time will tell.

          • Eric S says:

            Odd. I have always thought Jena was very likable. Unlike Haley who turned me off with her attitude.

          • HTGR says:

            So basically you just think whoever isn’t your favorite has a bad attitude and whoever is has a good attitude. Nothing was wrong with Haley’s attitude. Maybe some of the judges towards her perhaps. I don’t think you can even judge the attitude of any of them from reality tv.

          • Eric S says:

            She gave off a bitch vibe. It especially showed up in her hometown visit. That’s my opinion and I am certainly entitled to it.

          • HTGR says:

            @Eric S – Did you know that production re-shoot some of her home town visit and showed totally different footage on Idol than what the local stations who were there saw and covered live?
            Like when they first received word of their songs for the top three, all were surrounded by crowds and thanking the crowds etc. But on Idol when Haley ‘first’ received word of her song for top three, they showed her all alone in a limo taking the call. But that was totally fake, she had already taken the call earlier in the day. On the local TV in Chicago they showed the real scene where she was out on a nasty day surrounded by fans, shaking their hands, profusely thanking them and saying that she couldn’t believe they had come out on such a day. Just the sort of scene that the Idol audience eats up, but they cut that and re-filmed a totally different version.
            The local press had all sorts of quotes and teachers said they loved her, students in chorus and band said she was totally chill and really nice and helpful, etc. etc.
            But sure, you who have never met her, just know she is a B after seeing one minute clips here and there on a reality tv show that was trying to get people to think that.
            If she was such a B on the show then why did her vocal coach on the show, Idol’s own coach, stick her neck out and publicly slam the nonsense judging? Why did Lauren Alaina stick her neck out, this was while Lauren was still in contention to win, and say that she thought the judging was ridiculous and few of them could understand what they were trying to do to Haley or why. Lauren said something about that she was finding it very disturbing and upsetting.
            And speaking of Lauren, look at how she was in the audition and in Slezak;s interview and then look at how she was portrayed on the show, night and day difference. You can’t judge a thing off TV shows like this!

          • LibbyXD says:

            I think they may be girls from Jena’s high school who don’t like her. Or they act like it anyways!

          • syb says:

            Somebody named “Jeff” has made his pronouncements about feminine instinct, “discerning women,” and their preferences. Good lord.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            He also made fun of me for writing my American Idol story. So I don’t like him either.

          • HTGR says:

            @Jeff – oh come on, they can instantly read the contestant?? and how come their perfect instant reads never seem to match what people from the contestants home town, peers, teachers, etc. have to say? (Go look into that stuff and you might be surprised I guess by just how off you are.) You know people who have actually met and spent time with the contestants and not just seen a few seconds of them (after producer’s edits) on TV! The only reason they instantly hated some of them is because they saw them as a legit threat to their favorite winning (or for various other reasons 99% of the time having nothing to do with the actual contestants as real people).

          • OWEN Whats with all the worse and really, really, really, bad comments about Caleb?

        • jeffmartinfan says:

          If it’ll make you feel better, I am female and I love Jena! She was my fovorite of the season!

          • jeffmartinfan says:


          • HTGR says:

            Why am I not surprised in the least. You basically just listed all the hot females as the nastiest, meanest, worst humans on Idol ever. Catty much?

        • CAM says:

          Love your comment.

        • str says:

          Not really. Many people who didn’t care for Jena were big fans of Jessica, who happens to be a woman. Think before posting!!

          • Jaszy says:

            I was a huge fan of both of them….but, I’m kind of the exception. I always like the girls, the guys I never like. To me, girls are just better singers.

        • tealeaves says:

          @Flicker are you perhaps a female?… who has a negative opinion of other females if they disagree with you?

          • Flicker says:

            you missed my point @tealeaves. it’s precisely this type of divisive, me versus them, us versus other attitude that breeds hate. just because someone is different from you, doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate their struggles or their talents and respect them as people

      • JVee says:

        Think Jena has a much better shot at a post-AI career than Caleb, and she’ll be fine. Best thing on the show was Wrecking Ball – Jennifer Nettles and Jess Meuse sounded amazing together. Jess really held her own with a pro – producers take notice!

        • Brenda says:

          I totally agree! And the Alex/ Jason Mraz duet was the other high point. Jess and Alex should have been the top two IMO.

        • Lisa says:

          Yep ok, so Caleb won the competition. To quote Shania Twain “That don’t impress me much!” America got it sooo wrong, but then again, they’ve gotten it wrong for at least the last couple of weeks. Then again, Taylor Hicks won also. The good thing is that Alex, Jena and Jess (and most likely Sam as well) have careers waiting for them, regardless of the final result.

          Watching Alex with Jason Mraz was such a treat. I am quite certain that Jason Mraz saw Alex’s talent, and he will most likely be the true mentor that Alex needs. I really think he will flourish.

          Jena has grown sooooo much and I think the comparison to continuing to grow like Kelly Clarkson are pretty much spot on. She will fit into today’s music quite well, and I imagine she will also flourish.

          Jess fits right in with modern country and I certainly hope she has a true mentor in Jennifer Nettles. So, I think she will flourish in the country (country/rock) market.

          Sam will have a great career as a pop artist if he can relax and get comfortable with success.

          Honestly, I think even CJ has a chance in country music, perhaps with a little help from someone like Darius Rucker. He knows what he needs to work on, and if he works on it, he will have a strong following in country.

          Sadly, the only one that concerns me is the winner himself. He is dated. I think he will start out alright. It’s possible he will truly find himself and his own true originality. I hope he does, because I can’t argue that he has a strong voice. If he can just swing his 80s rocker thing into something current and relevant in today’s market, then he does have the potential of having a great career, although I’m hesitant based on what we’ve already seen.

          I do wish all the contestants the best, and I truly hope that all of them have long and strong careers (even Caleb).

      • rico says:

        Very true! Still trying to figure out how a one trick screaming rocker beat out a beautiful young lady who, sings all genres, plays piano and writes her own songs. Admitting she had a mediocre final week but really Caleb??? Still wish Jena sang ” I’ll stand by you” I’m sure that would have be a standing O!

        • I actually dont think any of them will get very famous. Why? Look at Phil Phillips season. Many, many talented singers that year. Phillip the only one that got famous. This year does not even compare with the talent that year. That year had Josh ledet, Skyler, Holly, Elise, Jessica Sanchez. Nobody we are hearing on the radio! Sam, Alex, jena, end Caleb. It will be the same again. Lately, you have to be exceptionally talented like Phil to make it. Melinda Dollittle should have been ultra famous even though she was on a different season. She should be a mega star.

          • Proud of Kelly Pickler though! She just went out and somehow made her own fame!

          • HTGR says:

            It’s not about talent so much as its about whether they bother to promote them. You can’t say the P2 and Scotty were miles more talented and better vocalists than any of the rest on your list (I’d say many on the list were, actually). You need to win and be country or kinda all folsky P2 and get a bit of luck and be given the right songs (as P2 has been, not at all Scotty, but he is country and that just sells so much more easily). Most of those on the list never were even given a chance. How do you get chart level sales if you aren’t even signed and promoted at all? Idol won’t sell anyone all by itself anymore, as of now, not even the winners even (although winning still helps a ton, the last few seasons more than ever).

          • Im hoping because Caleb is hard rock and its kind of a smaller genre right now that it might help him to do pretty good.The pop and country genre has way to many artists trying to make it.

      • Steve says:

        Totally agree! no matter what the final outcome was Jenna will succeed as have other Idols before. Show seemed confusing and illogical this year:( Probably could condense the final 2 hours into 1 hour:) But Congrats to the WINNERS!!!!!! That’d be Caleb And Jenna.

    • Tina says:

      Caleb is not going to help Idol’s credibility as he has already proved unable to refrain from idiotic, ignorant comments. Plus….he is an imitation, not an original. I am so disappointed he won and that I may be subjected to his crap song on the radio.

      • Matrix says:

        Please, Caleb made a mistake and apologized. He’s been gracious ever since. I see no reason to believe he will hurt AI’s reputation. And since when are idol winner’s being watched year’s later to see how well they are being ambassadors? Jena has no problem being seen with Caleb in public- not sure what all the fuss us about. He earned the title fair and square.

        • marie says:

          Thank you!

        • Winston says:

          Look here are reasons why I absolutely can’t stand Caleb and that’s not just for the “retard” thing, that was the nail in the coffin though. The way he basically made fun of Harry’s style of music during his performance. The way sneaky trying to proof he’s a better singer than his mentor during rock week, he didn’t asked the question for the info but for showing off he’s better which perse but why in that way you can do that during rehearsal not during the group question Hoyt (which lets face it is less than 3 minutes). And the nail in the “I’m gonna like him or not coffin” was nailed after the retard interview. And his apology was weak and I couldn’t accept it anyway. So yeah when is the funeral of American idol? Cause the jelouse girl shot him through the head, at least josh still won the voice so that show saved itself

          • claudia says:

            Winston – are you on drugs? I understood your first sentence but it was just gobblely-gook after that.

        • Shel says:

          I don’t know if any of the Idols are seen as “ambassadors” for the show. However, if any of them made the comments Caleb had made, we definitely would hear about it. lol
          I missed the great apology – can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

        • Betty says:

          He said something after winning last night that he doesn’t know how he won a “Pop” singing contest when he’s a “rocker”, “I sing Led Zepplin”.

          • Blinged Up says:

            If he feels that way, then why did he try out (twice) for a “pop” singing contest. Ugh. I can’t believe America voted him as the American Idol. He’ll be sticking his foot in his mouth all year. Watch.

          • Lisa says:

            Oh yeah, I see a lot of foot in mouth disease coming from Caleb. That will be to his detriment. He may have won, but I just don’t see him being popular in the end.

      • Nancy says:

        Caleb”s song won’t make it to the radio. So disappointed that Jena didn’t win.

        • Jaszy says:

          you and many others, including me. Man, that sucks. Jena will sell better than Caleb. mark my words.
          Two upsets in two nights: first Josh, and now Caleb…..booooooo!

          • LB says:

            Josh was hardly an upset. He was favored (rightfully) all season.

          • Alex B says:

            Blah blah blah! Both kids are great singers and very talented performers. All you get from this blog is negativity an cynical commentary from the host who always miserable about something on the show. Give it a rest already! And why do so many of posters constantly watch the show if you hate this or hate that. Stop watching and go watch something else. I thought this season was not great in terms of how many quality singers there were but clearly the final 4 was correct as were the final 3 and the final 2. I love Jena and thought from day one she would be in the final. The idiot judges almost lost her by putting her in the wildcard. Instead they had have their token gay singers who had no business being in the top 10. We could have had Austin Wolf, another excellent singer who did not get a sniff out of the top 15, and a male singer was great but also did not get a chance. Thats on the judges.

            Bottom line, for the first time in many years, America got the semi finals and the finals right!

          • TC says:

            sorry Jaszy but you need to get over the Christina Grimmie loss. It was HARDLY an upset as LB said. Josh deserved to win fair and square. As for Caleb, that may be another story

          • Matrix says:

            What makes Caleb’s win any different than Josh’s? Both garnered more votes than their opponents….

          • Lisa says:

            So will Alex, and probably Sam. Hell CJ might also.

        • Krystal1973 says:

          I’m sad that jena didn’t win she deserved to win

        • Alex B says:

          Jena’s song sucked just as much! I really like her own song and if you go on Youtube, you’ll see some of Caleb’s original stuff and it is a lot more contemporary than you might think. They have to stop with the crap coronation songs, thats the one thing they should change.

        • SandyK says:

          And I think Jena’s voice is grating. It sounds quite often like a screech fest. When she settles down at the piano she gave quality performances. I think if you like rock music, Caleb has the better voice. We cannot judge what kind of songs they will perform after Idol because none of the contestants get an actual personal choice. They are given a short list of songs Idol was able to clear. These old songs they perform are because they have been given them on a list and to them they chose what they felt would come across better to the audience. There were only a handful of songs on either artists list that I would want to listen to again or even purchase. Idol is not what it was in the past and if any of us are honest each year the finale has gotten worse. There use to be wonderful entertainers that were invited to the show, now what they offered up was a slim offering of entertainers. The show was horrible. I would like to say one more thing, out of the thousands of people that tried out for the show, what were the producers looking for? Was that really the best they could do? Their really have to be some people that are worthy to get on that show. I wonder who in the end was picking the performers. If it is Per Blankens he needs to be fired. There were only 4-5 people in the top ten that should have even been picked to be on the show. Also this has continually been the most biased web site I have been on. In all of the weeks of critiques Michael has only one or two times graded Caleb with a decent grade, guess he has to eat crow now. I hope it is delicious. Is he really capable of giving an unbiased review. I don’t think so.

      • Keith says:

        You are forced to listen to his song-change the station

      • J. May says:

        As the lead singer of Def Leopard Caleb will be fine #mytimemachineworked!

      • Who is he “Caleb” an imitation of ? He has a very unique voice and is very consistent as are the final 4 in my opinion, It’s OK to disagree with the outcome but to resort to insults and very ignorant statement’s are uncalled for, They all will be very successful in music, good for them, they are all talented, Oh and just turn your radio dial when his song’s comes on and know America doesn’t care what your rude nature self thinks anyway.

        • Jeff says:

          Unique doesn’t have degrees. Unique is an absolute. Something can’t be very unique or kind of unique. it is either unique or it isn’t. Learn English.

        • Thank you. This is a VERY anti-Caleb place. I have a feeling that if Michael (whom I love as a writer and commentator, don’t get me wrong) was a Caleb fan, everyone here would be cheering his victory.

      • Mary says:

        @Tina I don’t think you have to worry about hearing that song on the radio, he might get a few spins but no way will it make it to the top.

      • Waneta Bereda says:

        Caleb has a very powerful beautiful voice. He did deserve to win the Idol title. Id you had the opportunity to hear him sing at the Memorial Day services yolu would have to take your words b ack.. I watched him sing the Star Spangled Banner and cried it was so beautifully orchestrated.

    • It’s unfortunate but Caleb did have a pretty great run. He never landed in the Bottom 3, and was always at or near the top week after week, whether it was deserved or not. He never was near danger of going home, and that’s the making of a winner. Sure Jena had a brilliant run as well, but after last night Caleb just had a little more momentum and juice and sometimes just a bit more momentum can take you all the way. Congrats to both.

      • Tiff says:

        I like Caleb as well, I just think he doesn’t have much originality. He’s a great rock singer, that’s it. Jena is far more versatile and creative…but you’re right that he was a bit better last night, so that probably propelled him through. Oh well.

        • Keith says:

          And a rock singer is all he wants to be

        • bobsaccamanna says:

          Name me one great rock singer who doesn’t have the vocal ability to slow it down and sing a soft ballad. Does Caleb have the ability to do that, I guess we will never know until a CD is released. I do know that on the few songs he did sing that called for a change to softer vocal dynamics, Caleb was very shaky. I can’t recall one previous Idol winner who didn’t change it up and sing something different for one week. Somehow Caleb got by singing the same song, week after week after week after week…………………………………………………

          • Eileen McCarville says:

            Uh, hello, can you say “Skyfall,” “Baby, I’m Amazed” and, especially “Faithfully?” They prove that Caleb is a master vocalist who can sing the whole dynamic range – and beautifully, I might add.

          • Eileen, look on u tube, there are some originals he wrote with his band elijah hooker. and a super good slow version of “heart Shaped Box” by nirvana, just him and piano. Beautiful!

          • HTGR says:

            Yeah that is the one thing I’m not sure of, can he deliver, truly, fully, anything that is not like the mega note of Dream On. I guess we will see.
            Still torn over the results. It is nice to see a real rocker win for once, but it would’ve nice to prove a female from CA or the North could actually win. I like pop and rock and Jena actually does both and showed off more diversity and uniqueness. Caleb only does rock (and even with the rock, as you say, I guess he never proved he could do the ballad part of it), but Jena might end up some forced to be an auto-tuned pop singer if she had won. Jena was sometimes quite good, but sometimes had troubles even with pop (maybe they were just spent by then, but when they had to tackle a Kelly Clarkson at the end the other night, they mangled it at least 100x more than Jessica, who did it to perfection by comparison, Caleb had the excuse that a guy doing Kelly Clarkson is a rough thing to the rough thing though). Jena is able to act like she belongs as a star and carry that even with mediocre situations, which is something.
            You can probably make a point for either one winning over the other. Caleb did have a good voice and other than the disaster last week maybe had less misses. Both have some great aspects and both have some flaws or points not proven.
            The bring back performances did appear to show that only the top four were able to not look totally out of play paired with stars, so it probably was the right top four. In some ways Jessica almost matched up the best of them all in that scenario. And, even though I was not much of a fan during the few weeks I saw the show, Alex matched up well too.

          • HTGR says:

            It is probably a tougher road for Caleb, as to do well on charts for a genre that is currently on the under burner it helps if you are a truly, top of the top, 100% mega level vocalist and performer and while he is really good, he still seems a bit short of most of the rock and hair rock 80s bands leads. Jena doesn’t have to be among the best pop vocalists of all to bring back pop since it already came back again more than a decade ago. OTOH, there is a bit of a brewing undercurrent perhaps that people are ready for rap/hip-hop to maybe lose it’s dominance and for something more than auto-tune, so maybe it is time for rock to swing back again?? Why should that be impossible, at this point every genre but rock that was around in the 80s is now viable and 80s rock has even less old vibe than the Alex/Mraz type stuff so why not? It’s not like asking to bring back something truly from the old era like 1910s pop or something!

          • Lisa says:

            The problem was that when it came to songs that weren’t over the top rock, he seemed like he just didn’t put the effort into it merely because he didn’t like having to sing them. I am not a fan of Caleb, but I don’t think it’s that he didn’t have the ability. It just seemed like he was acting like a spoiled child. He didn’t want to do them, and it was made clear.

        • Mary says:

          Plus the Southern Votes and for some reason Voters don’t like females.

      • MariMari says:

        If by momentum you mean he had the correct gender. Idol is back to its guy-win ways. Last year doesn’t count since they purposely did not put through any real male contenders far enough to even make the finale.

    • Jase says:

      NOW do you guys believe me that this was the worst season ever? The worst ratings, the worst group of performers, not a single “moment” onstage all season, and Jena couldn’t even win despite being the best thing about the whole miserable, rotten season. So glad I watched Survivor live each week instead of this crap.

      • will says:

        You are incorrect to say there wasn’t a single moment onstage. Jena’s first CHFIL and her second Creep were moments. Caleb’s Skyfall was a moment. There are others who would say Caleb had some other moments as well, and same for Alex. Just because you didn’t think so, that doesn’t suddenly make it true.

        • Ben says:

          And I would add Alex’s ‘You were always on my mind’ to the moment list. There were a few. If I judged idol seasons by their winners, I’d have to completely invert my rankings all over the place.

      • Danny says:

        Jase- I agree with the sentiment this wasn’t a good year. I thought last year was the worst. Bad performers and terrible judging. Every song was a sleepy ballad. Zzzzzzzz.

        As for this season’s performers I thought they were pretty good. They never got a chance to shine. The top 4 were all pretty good. Not great, but solid. There were no moments because 1) they were held to 90 seconds and 2) Lopez’ face dominated every song.

        I’m guessing there were 50-60 songs this year I could have enjoyed a lot more if the cameras stayed on the singers. Last year the cameras weren’t a problem, yet I still only enjoyed maybe 15 songs all season. Last year was brutal. This year was better performance wise, but not enough to keep me watching AI next season.

        • karen says:

          WRong. Last season was awesome. So sick of reading your constant bashing of Candice, Kree, Angie and Janelle.

        • jps says:

          I think the camera stayed on Lopez’ face so much because it is probably in her contract to have so much air time. Her performance last night was embarrassing and absolutely not appropriate for American Idol. I’m sure the young girls standing by the stage didn’t appreciate her rear end in their faces – terrible. Save it for Vegas Lopez

          Happy for Caleb but Jena would have made a better Idol. She is awesome

      • Teeny Bikini says:

        Yes. I believe. I shall not be returning… Done.

        • Danny says:

          @Teeny- are ya returning here or done done totally?

        • deedee says:

          Sorry, but Idol is Hotel California. I’ll be expecting you here next season. :D

          • Danny says:

            Deedee, clever line (you’ve had quite a few this year, ever think of comedy- you’d be good at it) but some 25,000,000 people have left and not come back. I think Teeny’s gone. She didn’t watch a lot of this year. In my case I’ve never said I was done with the show, even after last year.
            Idol isn’t giving its viewers an enjoyable watching experience. Idol reminds me of a neighborhood that used to be real nice. Everyone used to take care of their yard. All the houses were kept up real nice. Then that neighborhood slowly but surely turns into trash. Occasionally someone will slap a coat of paint on their house, but overall the whole area has disintegrated. When that happens it’s time to move.
            I’ll probably come to this blog. I do enjoy M&M. I’ve watched the last half of the year’s re-caps with the thought of would I enjoy the recap if I didn’t actually see the show. I think I would, so for that I’ll be back. I’m getting rid of my tv this weekend. I guess I could watch something on my computer if I really wanted to catch something, but it’s not nearly the same as seeing it on my tv.

          • deedee says:

            Comedy? No, I’ve never considered it because I’m not the least bit funny, lol. But thanks for thinking I could be!
            25,000,000! Wow, I never really thought of it in those terms, but jeez, that’s a huge number of defectors. Hard to really remember those days when Idol was a big event – like the Olympics. Now, I don’t know a single other person (in real life) who watches the show. If not for sites like MJ’s and Slezak’s, I also wouldn’t bother to watch anymore. The community of hardcore loons keeps me coming back because hashing it out together is so much fun. And the crazy angry and bitter fan fights are usually the most fun part :) .

          • Ben says:

            It is for me. I’ll watch as long as its on air, because for all the guff going on around the edges, I still enjoy watching the contestants sing and seeing them grow, and from the perspective of the singing itself I actually ended up ranking this as one of my better seasons.

        • Dan (Haleyloonie says:

          Oh, you always say that. You will be back… They are always back ;)

          • HTGR says:

            although sometimes only in part, I have skipped at least half of every season post S10 and morel ike 3/4rs of this season

      • Owen says:

        Please. Nine and Twelve were way worse. And One and Two weren’t much better.

        • Danny says:

          I didn’t see 1 and 2, but Bingo on 9 and 12. Though 9 I still enjoyed.

        • Georgia says:

          Check yourself. Whether you love or hate it, Season Two MADE this show. Clay (another wild card) and Ruben rose to the top through great singing, without the benefit of live bands and a far greater song base to choose from. They had backing tracks and the Idol oval of weird graphics behind them. Period. No other top 10, 12 or 13 have sounded better on the group numbers.

          • Georgia says:

            Hmm, my comment got cut off… anyway. The Clay/Ruben finale remains the highest rated finale ever. It was THE water-cooler talk in a way that no other season had been able to reproduce. Others may have had more radio success (and deservedly so) but I will say it again, and I believe history bears me out. Season two made this show.

          • HTGR says:

            S2?? I heard so little about it I didn’t even realize it took place (I’m totally serious). I saw S1, missed S2, and watched again starting with S3. I figured S2 would be in the summer again and I literally heard no mention of it until months after it ended and I was like oops guess I missed S2.

          • Georgia says:

            … and the S2 finale got those ratings without the ‘benefit’ of big name stars performing. It was all about the contestants and people *cared* I wish the producers would stop and think about that. We watched in the millions because we cared about the contestants, not a bunch of hypocritical ‘stars’ who dissed the show and its contestants, and but weren’t too proud to come on and pimp themselves to the millions of viewers that came on board in ensuing seasons BECAUSE of the success of S2.

          • Jeff says:

            IMO Ricky Minor is a detriment not an asset. The band often overtakes the vocals and that can be disconcerting to the singer. I agree that they should stop the promotions of outside acts and concentrate on the singers. And stop manipulating the outcome.

          • HTGR says:

            I agree that the early seasons were different. The first few actually seemed somewhat realistic.

      • S. says:

        You’re kidding. You have to be. Last season was a cluster**** of forced female winner (and I loved/voted for Candice). People who would’ve been legit contenders couldn’t get past an asterisked season where half the people in the top group were D.O.A. thanks to Idol meddling.

      • Jaszy says:

        Yeah, the judges need to choose better contestants next season! This top 13 was below average: CJ, Dexter, Malaya, M.K., Sam, Ben, seriously, these were the best people they could come up with?
        Jena and Jessica were the best contestants of the season. Alex was good, but boring. Caleb is too 70’s/80’s.
        It should’ve been either Jena or Jessica, then more people would be happier.

        • Danny says:

          Jaszy, if ya think about it though, most years there aren’t a bunch of contenders. Seasons 8 and 12 were the only ones that were stacked. Most years the 7th, 8th place type person isn’t that good. This year at least had a pretty solid top 4. I think it could have been real good if they were able to sing longer and have the cameras on them for their whole performances.

          • Danny says:

            oops, Season’s 8 and 11. Typos with numbers aren’t good. Season 12 was brutal.

        • Tess says:

          You know, if they had championed Jess a little more instead of bussing her for several weeks, she well could’ve made the final 2 with Jena – but I think the show wanted Jena to win so badly they thought her best chance of doing so was against Caleb (let’s face it, if they didn’t want him there, then they could’ve brought up the R-word thing on the show top 4 week and they wouldn’t have trotted out the “doctor” to make excuses for him top 3 week and all that). They really thought Caleb wasn’t a threat to win, I think. So it serves them right that they got the outcome they did. Besides, it’s pretty much fact that a Southern contestant has the upper hand over a non-Southern contestant when you are down to the final 2, so it’s no surprise Caleb beat Jena just based on where they’re from (and the average viewer skews older so his classic rock style makes more sense to them than her EDM-leaning pop rocker vibe.

          • Christopher says:

            Jessica was carrying a strong vote just fine and was never in the bottom at all until they hit her with the bus and then backed it over her 20 times in the same night. I actually think they wanted her out of the way to get Jena to the finale and that was all they could think of to do to knock her down. Well, it worked, but by then Jena was unable to really challenge Caleb cause he had a string of super strong weeks and lots of pimp spots. It’s hard to tell how Jessica would have fared if they’d dished out the criticisms fairly and evenly. We may have had a completely different outcome. They also did a mild bussing on Alex Top 4 week (more mild than what Jessica received but still bussing nonetheless) which likely cost him a chance at the finale. Either way, they got the exact finale they were pushing for all season long.

          • Jeff says:

            The southern vote may have factored in, but IMO Caleb didn’t win, Jena lost. I’m in the upper midwest and around here, people didn’t particularly like Caleb, but they mostly couldn’t stand Jena. They disliked her I already won attitude, her incomprehensible lower register and her screaming.

        • Alex B says:

          70’s 80′? Give me a break! Many of you guys like Alex, well he is a singer song writer/coffe house singer. People like Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran are quite popular today. Their music is fron the 60’s – 70’s. Stuff like Simon and Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, James Taylor, and many others from that era. Music genre comes and goes. Rock music is extremely popular still. It will dominate again.

          • Jaszy says:

            But their music is rejuvenated. and quite frankly, the 60’s was a much better decade of music than the 80’s. This is my opinion. I’d rather listen to folk music than hair metal rock/dance/disco crap of the 80’s. Regarding Alex Preston, he was never a favorite of mine. He was too boring. This season, JESSICA MEUSE was my favorite, even though country music is not the best genre for my personal tastes. I prefer to listen to the likes of Alanis Morissette, Joss Stone, James Morrison, Orianthi, James Blunt, Fiona Apple, Regina Spektor….etc…

          • HTGR says:

            Disco wasn’t 80s! People hated disco in the 80s (and still do today hah). I mean maybe it crossed a bit into 1980 or 81 or something, but that’s not the 80s really. Disco was 70s music.
            The 80s that people think of as the 80s (maybe roughly 1983-1991ish) had absolutely no disco going on whatsoever! In the 80s pop was far and away #1. After that you had rock and then hair bands I’d guess.

      • Rodg says:

        Yet you came on here to post about a show you didn’t watch

      • Alex B says:

        So because your favorite did not win, it was the worst season? Please! These last two were significantly better than the crap we have had before in the finale.

        Candice the back up singer Glover, the guy who lost to Jordan Sparks, Blake….., Lee DeWyze, David Archulleta, Rueben Studdard, I can go on and on. This season the two best singers made the finals. The more consistant one won. But they both have a great shot at a career.

      • Gailer says:

        It was the worse, I feel the judges have to be fired because of the talent they chose.

        • Jeff says:

          Don’t blame the judges entirely. TPTB are the ones manipulating the outcome. The judges are just puppets.

          • HTGR says:

            True, but all of them are rich enough that they don’t need to puppet themselves. So they can take the blame too.

          • Jeff says:

            Sure, but if they didn’t TPTB would just hire different puppets. You know JLo has no standards. She gets millions to perform in Islamic countries where women would be killed for acting as she does.

      • Tom22 says:

        I’d rate it a decent season based on fairly strong singers in breath and a few song writers even if the very best fell short of the very best 2 most other seasons (with season 10 having the most top artists ever in my book even if the winner isn’t quite as good as half the other seaons winners McCreery isn’t bad at what he does.. he’s fit for a stage.. just not a Kelly or Carrie or Adam(runner up) or Bowersox(another runner up) or Daughtry level)

        They got rid of sob stories, had the judges saying far more interesting things in my boat and I liked their antics vs the self satisfied , unworthy of star role judges of the past mumbling compliments given to them or dissing pre selected targets with irrational comments. They got rid of cloying ballads (but, before the ballads became cloying.. when they were more in and not overdone as the format was new to our ears, the ballad format probably fit the idea of the competition show a bit better given practice time restraints etc.. although the semi-professional singers who poplulate The Voice and are given less mid week promotional responsibilities seem to be able to cut the newer songs better.. and why wouldn’t they do better with those advantages)

        Unfortunately momentum started late and reached a lower point than I think it could have. The first 5 live shows started out very very rough largely due to production errors from band, to sound mix to staging and camera work to mentoring… and while there was improvement. In the end the Band came through with flying colors after some shifts. Staging and camera editing and judge’s positivity (I liked the judges far better than ever the whole season and was not bothered by their antics but, I think they can find a way to have happier countenances while delivering criticisms.. perhaps use more positive anecdotes of other singers in glowing ways (although talking about other people puts lots of you off.. some nuance on it might work) and saying “If you could move a song that way , which I didn’t see in your lack of engagement tonight, it would be super”

        The music was current all season which, to be honest, created some issues the show wasn’t able to handle.. first with the band, especially with vocal coaches unable to grove (i’m guessing) or explain a hip-hop grove.. and the need for more rehearsal when the power of songs is in a rhythmic tightness between singer and musicians and arrangements that accentuate that etc.

        Phillip Phillips new song is a perfect example of how all genres have brought in that sometimes hip hop grove while seeming to have no connection. He had his own band up there and has performed the song probably 700 times or something.. so it is unfair to compare in some ways..but they need practice time and vocal coaches who are more rhythmic mentors as well.

        Bringing in a second drummer really helped Minor because there are so many polyrhytms and electronic tracks in the originals that one drummer, no matter how good, could never pull off what required mutiple drummers (the rhythm guitar player was pretty special at filling the gap too.. did he change as the season went on or did he and the keyboard alternate songs setting him free?), who is a master at rock and competent at bigger band arrangements (Chew was masterful with things like Mac Arthur park and the Beatles .. a style most the audience might not have appreciated the delicacies he pulled off making great songs even bigger.) It seemed like they split some arrangement responsibility and band members for different acts within the show which was pivotal in songs that require tightness but I don’t think there were enough dress rehearsals.. Probably 5 more times through the songs , fully staged might have made a huge impact in excitement and let the singers focus more on the feeling with less to remember. That would likely require a different between performance schedules than AI used in the past.

    • liz says:

      I dunno. I’m thrilled for him. But, I have to say:
      1) I haven’t watched Idol in several years because, after Lee DeWise beat Chrystal, why?
      2) I didn’t actually “watch” any of this season, I just watched clips and he’s got a heck of a voice
      3) I never saw any of Jena’s performances, because
      4) I don’t really care. I live in Asheville and I own a business in Asheville and I think it will be good for my town.

      Before anyone freaks out: I never actually cast a vote, this season (or any of the last three). And I certainly have my favorite idols from over the years. I don’t care a bit for classic rock, but I’ve become accustomed to hearing idol songs in my local grocery store.

      So climb off the ledge. It will be OK. They’ll both be fine and I’m guessing neither will ever come close to the success of Kelly or Carrie.

      FWIW: (so you may judge me at will), my favorite all time contestants were Daughtry and Blake Lewis.

      • Danny says:

        I’ve been to Ashville back when I delivered freight. What I remember was I got a flat tire. I was rooting for Jena, so it looks like Caleb left me a little flat too. All in all though, I think he’s a worthy winner. I enjoyed quite a few of his songs. I also enjoyed Jessica and Alex. So while I was hoping for Jena I feel this year there was really no way to get it wrong. Had Jena not been from Michigan I probably would have rooted for Caleb. My favorite groups are the classic rock bands. Congrats to Caleb.

        • Lisa says:

          I love classic rock also. I was raised in the 70’s & 80’s. To be totally honest, the reason I don’t like Caleb is not because he is singing in the classic rock style. It’s that he just comes off as someone that is imitating a classic rock star, rather than someone who actually embodies it. I can’t get by the fact that he doesn’t seem genuine.

    • Gg says:

      Jena should have sung the Paramore song as her final song last night. I voted for Jena the entire time but her final song last night was not her best

    • zoos says:

      Bummed that Caleb won. Sure, he can sing the hell out of most songs, but his style and music are so irrelevant. He’s a caricature. As for JLo, I find her performances truly embarrassing. Slezak, your commentary has been on target all season. Thanks for your great work.

      • kathie says:

        I think Alex should have won, he’s got a beautiful voice and is an amazing musician. After him my vote would go to Jessica. I think their 2 performances ( with Jason Mraz and Jennifer Nettles) were the best performances of tge finale. I agree that J Lo’s performances at the Finale were an embarassment, especially her hair in her Cyndy Lauper song. Even my 5 and 7 year old granddaugers laughed at how rediculous she looked (and usually we love her)!

    • susan sarel says:

      My opinion: Jennifer Lopez looked great – outfit too young for her – still she has perfected her look and style through money – Too bad she didnt spend more of it on vocal lessons. An embarrassment in that department.

      My husband is a virtuoso talented musician, they should have more instrumentalist on this show instead of vocalist.

    • Gilda Tilden says:

      I wish Jena won the contest!! So sad with the results.

    • Pete says:

      if you call the winner an idol, then it’s definitely not Caleb! The guy is a total jerk! Just take a look at the whole season. He really has no manners and simply put, He is not an IDOL! Jena was way ahead of him from top 9 to the end. But the judges (especially J Fu..king. LO) tried to manipulate the audiences and she succeeded! He’s so gonna’ fade away after a while like a lot of other IDOLS!!!

    • It wasn’t even close. The right one won. Either Caleb or Jessica.

    • K WHITE says:

      Jena was ok. Just ok. It’s obvious the writer of this article was pro Jena. Caleb is world class. Rock, sure, kinda beaten up by now, but Jena is so generic.

  2. CK from DC says:

    I know Slezak and other folks are swearing at the TV right now. But you know what? His fellow contestants were happy for him. Tih ht knit group this year.

    • YES! and did I mention THIS!?

      • Jessie says:

        …So that means he deserved to win? I wish all the best to Caleb, and I love that all the contestants were tight knit, but vocally and creatively, the wrong person won tonight.

        • Tina says:

          Agreed! Had Jena won, we would have seen the same reactions, so I’m not sure why that makes it okay that he won.

        • Matrix says:

          No- the fact that he got more votes makes him deserving.

        • claudia says:

          How can you say that the wrong person won? He got more votes. I think that’s the definition of a winner. Don’t blame Caleb that your fav didn’t win. Hell, MY fav went home a long time ago. The “top” 13 were a joke. And whoever said this was the worst ever season was right. I’ve never said before that I won’t watch again but now I mean it….I’ll never watch again if JLo is on the show. She’s beautiful & a really good dancer BUT she can’t sing & she acts like a narcisstic slut. Tonight she was using the mike stand like a pole. Ick.

          • Danny says:

            Claudia- I FF through anything I could that she was involved in. I didn’t see her solo or the one with the judges. I even managed to FF through her section of when they showed the 3 judges making comments. That’s one nice thing about 30 second FF and 6 second RW buttons.
            Like you I’m done if she comes back. That lady’s face has either ruined or put a damper on about 50 songs this year. Having her on the show is like having a 7 foot person in front of ya at the movie theater or having an obstructed view seat at the ballgame.

          • Joolie says:

            I have a 1 1/2 year old and find it easier to shower at night. I watched about 2 minutes of J-Lo’s atrocious performance and decided this was the best time to bolt and get a quick shower in haha! Agreed she can dance and work the stage but it’s so obvious she lip synchs and her songs are so lame compared to other great dance/pop tunes out there….just so bad.

        • Rodg says:

          America thought differently

        • Ben says:

          Creatively, the wrong person won. And I definitely wanted Jena to win. But I find it hard to say that ‘vocally’ the wrong person won. Vocally, Caleb was outstanding. It’s pretty much all he had going for him, but he did have it.

          And honestly, I felt that last night both of Jena’s fresh songs lacked impact and actually didn’t suit her that much, whereas Caleb’s did have impact and suited him a lot more, so I’m not surprised to see him win, even though I would have been surprised BEFORE last night.

          • Idolhead Ed says:

            You do realize Caleb forgot the lyrics to his own song? I know most people didn’t catch that but I have listened to both songs all week and was really looking forward to hearing how they would play on stage.He had to repeat the first verse. Jena rolled him on that.Rolled him.

          • Terry says:

            If anything, last night’s finale proved that the final four were the right final four!! They were the only ones singing in tune! For Jena fans out there, she is gonna be fine – better than fine! Congrats Caleb!!!!

          • Lisa says:

            Simply put, the American voting public loves karaoke and classic rock imitators.

        • deedee says:

          Overall, I think Jena was probably the better choice for winner, but vocally the right person won. Say what you will about Caleb, his voice is brilliant.

  3. Mike says:

    Hmmm yes and maybe. Still, a solid top 4. any of em I’m okay.

  4. Gabriel Roden says:

    Honestly, there is no need to start fighting. Both will go very far in life.

    • Tina says:

      Caleb is like a Taylor Hicks level winner…he is not going to go far.

      • Stacie says:

        I was thinking more like Lee Dewyze. But Taylor Hicks is an interesting choice as well.

        • Owen says:

          I think Taylor Hicks still makes more money a year then any other male Idol. Including Daugherty. (Though perhaps last year Phillip Phillips beat him).

          • Alex B says:

            You are smoking something if you think that!

          • HTGR says:

            Daughtry makes a lot more and Adam and P2 too, but Hicks, all the same, still makes a ton, he made $2.5 million last year. Not too shabby! (on raw paper Scotty makes more, by a little, too, but he gets a lot more wages taken out and given back to Idol, so in reality Hicks pockets more)

          • @ Owen: As HTGR noted below, your assertion that Taylor Hicks makes more than any other male Idol doesn’t seem supported by the information publicly available. Per an article from, in 2013 Phil Phillips (5 million), Adam Lambert (5 million), and Chris Daughtry (4 million) all earned more than Taylor Hicks (2.5 million). Admittedly, the figures are estimated based upon various data sources, but absent access to each artist’s “books,” it’s the best information available to the public.

            Your basic point that Taylor Hicks is doing alright for himself despite public perceptions to the contrary, however, is well-taken. On the other hand, however, the dream shows like Idol and the Voice are selling to contestants isn’t “a show in Vegas and ownership of a restaurant” — it’s recording music, touring around the country/world, performing in front of thousands of fans, and hearing your songs on the radio. While Taylor’s career is far from the worst among Idol alums/winners, it’s not the best either.

      • jaxguy says:

        Caleb is the best pure rock and roll voice they have ever had. Lee D and Taylor Hicks were moderately talented with ok voices at best. Sorry guys but Caleb is a tremendous rock singer. I loved Daughtry but he was a different kind of rock singer almost alternative whereas, for me, Caleb was just flat out rock and roll. Congrats to both.

        • Tina says:

          He has a great voice, but I never bought the act. Also, his personality sucks.

          • karenb says:


          • red dirt blues says:


          • S. says:

            You’re the one judging him by what you see in the media and not the actual person whom you don’t know and will likely never meet. Not a great personality trait on your part. (This doesn’t apply to criticizing Randy and JLo, because, well, t’heck with’em.)

          • Lana says:

            Caleb has a great personality and was very loving towards his fellow contestants. The problem he has is he has a sarcastic humor, which was funny, but now days with everyone being holier than thou no one understands that kind of humor and thinks, Gasp he means these things. America’s sense of humor has gotten so bland and careful these days. Thank god I’m from the days of Rickles, Pryor, Carson and so on… They were so funny even when saying the most vile things (according to people from this era). I am thrilled with Caleb as I love the rock and rollers but if I had paid attention to this sites posters I would have thought there was no way in hell he would win. I’m so glad most of America isn’t as negative as the ones here. However there are several people here who are soo much fun to read, DET being one of my favorites but Marie and Mary with Dee and many others. I use to like Danny but his ranting on JLo has turned me off from him. I still love AI and while I agree with some things, too many shots of JLo and not enough of the contestants and I do think we need a lot more of former idol contestants performing instead of the superstars, I really would love to hear Melinda sing again. But these are easy fixes and I will be watching my AI for however many years it is on. Loved this finale and would have been happy with either contestant even if Caleb and Alex were my favorite.

          • Lisa says:

            I agree completely. That’s the problem I have with him, in a nutshell.

        • marie says:

          I agree. Caleb is truly a world-class rock singer. The audience has voted and rock lives.
          Don’t forget, the viewing audience sleeps older. And with limited voting this year, the older voters’ votes counted.

        • JENAinCAPS says:

          Bo Bice was or is pure rock and roll and he’s been fronting for Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

        • marsaili2007 says:

          I think Caleb is awesome—and I see nothing wrong with his personality, either! He’s a good, humble guy and he had a great run on Idol—I think he will do well—as will Jena, Jessica and Alex.

          • Lisa says:

            Humble??? With that ego? Hmm, sorry, I can’t get behind that.

          • marsaili2007 says:

            Considering you have nothing positive to say about him or his fans, I really didn’t expect you to get behind that, Lisa. Nevertheless, the other contestants seem to love him so regardless of what you think, you are obviously wrong about him.

            Now I remember why I stayed away from this board this season—-all the meanness and negativity. I’m still trying to get all the PP hate from this board outta my head……I do love MS and MD though—and I missed quite a few of the others here.

        • Angus says:

          Exactly, jaxguy. That’s reality…Caleb can sang! The best pure Rock voice this show has ever had. People may think Rock is “old” but really, it’s experiencing a resurgence as people get sick of the auto tuned schlock that currently fills the airwaves. The cliche is that it’s “old” people voting for Caleb, but there are plenty of young people who are yearning for quality, non auto tuned music. I’m happy for Caleb, but also happy for classic Rock, and real music in general.

          • Alex B says:


          • HTGR says:

            And the funny thing is some keep saying that Alex has a much newer, more modern sound. But Alex’s sound actually traces more back to the 60s in some ways, that indie/singer/song writer on the campus quad and Caleb traces back more to the 80s, so he is actually kinda newer sound in reality. Back in the 80s, Caleb would’ve sounded current and Alex old!

          • Eileen McCarville says:

            Hear hear!!! Thank you!!! And Caleb is awesome!!!

        • jaded says:

          Sorry, Adam Lambert was the best rock and roll voice.

          • Shin Goon Min says:

            I think Adam Lambert IS the BEST thing to come out of the AI machinery!

          • Eileen McCarville says:

            Adam was and is the best VOICE, period!!!

          • julia says:

            How dare you guys diss Kelly like that?! She was and is still amazing. IMO, she’s the best voice to come out of AI.

          • Stormy says:

            I’ve seen both Kelly and Adam in concert. Adam’s much better.

          • Lisa says:

            Agreed 1000%. Adam Lambert does have the best rock voice to have been on AI. I always keep in mind, he didn’t win either. Sometimes the right one just doesn’t win.

        • Betty says:

          Unfortunately, Caleb’s throwback classic-rock sound obviously appeals to Idol’s graying voter base, but it isn’t exactly in line with what’s on the radio right now. Which could doom him especially when a mjaor market like NYC only has ONE Classic Rock station, and nothing else.

      • NJIdoloonie says:

        I give it a year and a half before he is in Rock of Ages.

      • shaunna says:

        Doesn’t Hicks have a residency in Vegas & make like a million and a half a year? He’s not my cup of tea (but) that’s a viable success in the entertainment industry. Caleb can rock out (but again) I have no idea where he’s going to go with it. Congrats to him & best of luck to both he & Jena.

        • Angus says:

          After Kelly and Carrie, Taylor is one of the most financially successful winners of AI. No one likes to admit, though.

        • CAM says:

          Yes, Taylor may not have sold a lot of records, but thanks to AI, he’s actually made a great career for himself and makes a lot of money. The same is true of many others from past seasons. They may not have the success that Kelly and Carrie have, but they are making very good money and have solid careers doing what they love.

      • JENAinCAPS says:

        I think Tayor is a good analogy since he performed on a Broadway show (Grease) and also had a residency for a while in Vegas.

      • Rodg says:

        Most of the winners have not gone very far

      • Marsaili says:

        Yeah, a lot of people here said Phillip Phillips wasn’t going to go anywhere, too—and he’s doing fantastically! I would have been happy had any of the top 4 won. I do think Jena is more marketable, but I think that there are PLENTY of rock lovers out there who will get a kick outta Caleb.

        • C says:

          I couldn’t stand PP when he was on the show, but last night he sounded vastly better than he did on any performance during that “Idol” season. So, who knows what the future holds–for anyone?

      • MariMari says:

        Maybe Caleb can tour with James Durbin.

  5. Someone had to win says:

    I will say I thought Jena would pull it out but I am not surprised. Congrats Caleb, this was the closest a wild card ever came to winning.

  6. KN says:

    wtf?! Instead of a commercially viable Jena we get this outdated, 80’s rock dreck!

  7. nich says:

    Am I surprised? No. The only way a woman wins this show now is if they packed the guys full of nonstarters. But I am seriously disappointed.

    • MariMari says:

      That was my thought too. Always a guy (apparently, not necessarily wgwg) UNLESS it was last season when no real male contenders were allowed to make it through far enough to win.

    • Matrix says:

      So how do you explain Kelly, Fantasia, Carrie and Jordan? Exaggerate much?

      • C says:

        Nich said “The only way a woman wins this show NOW”….. Time was when a woman had an equal chance to win. But since Jordin Sparks, back in Season SIX, until last year when they packed the guys’ side with awful singers (except for Devin), a girl didn’t win Idol, even when they were clearly the better choice. Idol’s audience may be getting older, but it’s the tween girls with unlimited time and the ability to cast thousands of votes, who decide who wins. They made a step in the right direction by limiting votes to 50 this year, but they need to go farther in that direction. I think Caleb was the right one to win–Jena’s voice is awful, in my opinion–but a guy still has the advantage, it seems.

        • Matrix says:

          I just don’t know how one can reach that conclusion given the final four were two guys and two girls. Where’s the data?

      • HTGR says:

        All 7 or more seasons ago, when Idol had a much larger and more diverse audience voting.

  8. Mike says:

    It’s outcomes like this that make me lose faith in the American public. Caleb’s lucky to even be in that finale with the likes of Jena Irene. Travesty. Let’s hope someone offers her a contract. She clearly earned it. :(

    • Jaszy says:

      He sure was lucky. And Jena looked absolutely STUNNING tonight in all of her outfits!
      You will be a true star sooner or later, Jena!

      • Rodg says:

        Luck had nothing to do with it.Some of you are more upset than Jena and this result has no effect on your lives at all.

      • I love how Jena could look cute in flat heels, with her skin covered, and still win the votes and the love of teenage fans. You don’t need to expose yourself to gain acceptance in the music world. I hope she keeps it modest. It’s nice.

  9. sg54 says:

    It is what it is. Seeing Caleb so happy, and thinking of all his strong performances, I’m extremely happy for him. However, I believe Jena had the vocal prowess to win it. She would have been a better winner for this franchise at this point in the game. Good luck to her post-Idol; I hope she gets a record deal!

  10. Matt Meaney says:

    Is there any truth to the rumor that the name of “American Idol” be changed to “The Jennifer Lopez Show” next season? There were so many shots of JLo that I felt like I could never connect with any of the contestants this year.

  11. Jake says:

    A joke of a season, a joke of a winner. Fitting.

  12. Bonquisha says:

    Two disappointing finales in a row. I really wanted Jena to win. I guess I’m not watching season 14.

    • Jaszy says:

      Oh, trust me, even though I don’t like the way things turn out half the time (my favorites never win), I will never stop watching American Idol. I love it too much. Been watching it since the beginning, since I was 8.
      I will definitely be tuning in next season, for Idol and the Voice.

      Speaking of the Voice: I will never get tired of saying that Christina Grimmie should have won!

  13. Efe says:

    Caleb is a perfectly good singer. He had a better season than Lee, Ruben, Taylor, Scotty and maybe even Carrie. But Jena deserved this win.

  14. Kristi says:

    I’ve been watching since Lee won, and this is the first time I’ve been disappointed with the winner based on the final two. Why did Jena chose to go first?

    • Davey says:

      Caleb is a much better singer than Lee.

      • Jessica says:

        100% agree Davey! Lee was horrible! Horrible season!

        • Danny says:

          @Jessica- if ya mean this year I thought the talent was good enough. It was other things that made for a terrible season. If ya mean Season 9, yea that was lacking but it had Crystal, Siobhan, and while not the greatest singer also Didi. I loved her voice. I even enjoyed how Tim would drive the judges batty and he kept a great attitude as they ripped him all the time. So while not the best of talent, I enjoyed Season 9.

      • Kristi says:

        True, but I though Jena was better than Caleb

    • jaxguy says:

      And you like Lee? OMG he was so mediocre I couldn’t even watch that whole season and the real talent was runner up. But everyone should remember that many singers on AI get recording contracts and decent careers. Jennifer Hudson, Clay Aiken, Crystal Bowersox, Adam Lambert, David Archuleta and so on, I wouldn’t worry too much about Jena. Often the runners up have even bigger careers than the winner. Daughtry anyone? Where is Taylor Hicks? But I’m still glad
      Caleb won.

      • HTGR says:

        Hicks earned $2.5million last year! That was #7 for 2013 among all Idols. (and damn that means at least a dozen of them are making quite the living)

        • HTGR says:

          Interesting note, it says that recent Idols have to turn over half of their earnings to A.I. for years after the show. It said that Scotty, after A.I. payouts and taxes and all only keeps 1/5th of what his yearly take is
          Underwood took in $31mil last year, Kelly $7mil, Adam and P2 $5mil each, Daughtry $4mil (so much for those here saying that his failing career means he will soon have to give up any hint of his ‘old-fashioned, out-dated’ rock sound in order to remain viable LOL!!!!), Scotty $3mil, Hicks ($2.5 mil as noted), Fantasia ($1.5mil), Pickler ($1.5mil), McPhee $1mil, Hudson $1mil.
          and it’s totally clear that if you want bucks in music country is the name of the game, even average gets you hella money and better than avg makes you giving Oprah a scare hah, OK not quite but you get the picture

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Good post, HTGR! Every time someone disses Kellie Pickler on here I remind them she’s had a very successful career post-Idol in country music. And for those Daughtry haters, please stop. He’s doing just fine.

          • HTGR says:

            She’s kinda funny too (Kellie) briefly met her once at a charity event.

  15. Luke says:

    Jena was the clear winner
    Caleb is just gonna be a self centered moron who thinks he is the best artist in the world because he won
    Hopefully this is the last he have heard of Caleb and only the beginning for Jena

    • Tina says:

      He is so full of himself.

    • jaxguy says:

      It’s interesting that you called Caleb a self centered moron. I’m ok with the moron part because let’s face it he called some of the public morons. What I can’t agree with is the self centered part. He has been very humble every time he stayed in the competition and he was amazingly sweet when Alex was eliminated last week and he was obviously saying kind and comforting words to him as he sincerely hugged him as what was surely a real friend who cared about his friends feelings. In my opinion his behavior on the show has been first class.

      • Lynn says:

        I wouldn’t call someone who says they “gotta go make the old ladies cry” humble. And what was his comment in the “sweat box” about “cash some checks”? Of course he was sweet when Alex got eliminated, lol.

        • marsaili2007 says:

          Really? Talk about nit-picking! It’s amazing how people can know a person based on the bits and pieces we see of them on a reality show. Please, he seems like a very nice, humble guy. I highly doubt Jena would have asked him to prom if he were the type of guy some of you poor losers think he is. Geez.

        • Pam Malany says:

          In the “”sweat box”, he actually said “let’s go break some necks and cash some checks”–a continuation of his crass mentality.

      • I read an article where caleb said he actually cried after alex was eliminated and alex left to go home! He said they were roomies from the beginning and became very close.

        • Lisa says:

          Sorry, but that does NOT make him humble.

        • marsaili2007 says:

          I love how all these armchair quarterbacks think they know who these people are based on a reality show. I have seen NOTHING that indicates that Caleb is a bad guy, in fact, based on how all the other contestants act around him, I’d have to say that he is quite loved by all. He is humble, based on the show—yes he said some stupid stuff to the press but hey, Sarah Palin says stupid stuff every time she opens her mouth and people still love her! I’m so sick of all the haters here—-Haley has an attitude, PP won’t get anywhere—Jessica Sanchez will blow him away when she makes an album, Taylor Hicks sucks, Lee Dewyze sucks, Kellie PIckler, oh she’ll never go anywhere—-you know what sucks–that fact that anyone thinks that they are so much better than these people and that it is ok to smear them online because they happen to have a keyboard in front of them. ALL of these people that many of you like to talk crud about are doing very well—-and they living their dream. How many of you can say that while you are trashing them from your computer? Caleb is obviously a nice guy or all the other contestants wouldn’t give two poops about him! Jena asked him to prom, for pickle’s sake! Get over yourselves and realize that all of these people took a risk and exposed themselves to the world—some are better than others, some aren’t liked as well as others, but at the end of the day they all take their shoes off and climb into bed—just like you and me! I wish that the final four could have tied and all won, because they were all fantastic!!

          • MARSAILI I couldnt havw said it better myself! Speaking of the hat, this is the only site that has tons of hate towards caleb. I have seen the other sites. Some of these people on here are soooooo absolutely mean. not a nice word comes out of their mouth, THEY talk about Caleb and his R word. My god, look at yourselves. If all the contestants love Caleb and even Jena than he has got to be a good guy.

          • I think he treats Jena and the other contestants with love and much respect. By the way I saw an after party interview with Haley Reinhart. She said she and Casey were rooting for Caleb and that they actually hang out with him from time to time. They loved him on their season, but that is one of the times he didnt make it through Hollywood week. Haley said they all became friends then and have stayed friends. They were at the show for Caleb. Thats sweet.

  16. Jill says:

    No. Just… no. So wrong. Caleb did not deserve to win over Jena.

  17. Genesis says:

    UHHHH that was terrible

    • Scott says:

      Caleb really looked lost when he was singing with Kiss. Wow, that was lopsided talent — did not reflect well on Caleb at all (I knew he had won, though, when they put his Dursley-esque brother in Makeup). And then Jena was singing something and I couldn’t understand the words at all. (sigh) Plus all those balloons! (I really want to see how they cleared them all out of there during the commercial) I preferred Jena’s family to Caleb’s — so it’s too bad Caleb won.

      • Rodg says:

        The show isn’t about their families

      • Scott is a sore loser!

      • Mary says:

        Caleb wasn’t my choice to win, but honestly Caleb out sang Kiss. Maybe they should hire him as the lead singer because I know they are old but really that was a bad performance. At least when they sang with Adam he could overpower them.

        • Shin Goon Min says:

          …and even if he could “overpower” them, Adam Lambert knew how to take control of the songs. I still think that he is the best thing that’s ever happened to AI. (He’s my personal favorite.)

          • Brenda says:

            Yes, I totally agree about Adam! My favorite AI contestant for all 13 years. The person I like best has NEVER won. This year it was Alex.

  18. Jessica says:

    I’m shocked Jena didn’t win. American voters got it right all season long but failed on the final. It’s OK though b/c Jena will go further. Let Caleb enjoy this moment. 1st season I think I’m honestly not upset that the wrong person won.

  19. Idols? What idols? says:

    Coming to FOX Thursdays at 9 from the Producers of America Idol. SELFIE starring Jennifer Lopez. No pesky singers or hosts, just one hour of continuous coverage of JLo, her questionable wardrobe choices, and her standing nehind the desk damcing!

    • Amy says:

      THAT…is funny. That is, if it wasn’t so scary to imagine. Please next year…I hope they concentrate on uninterrupted Idol performances, like in the “old days” when we were allowed to watch and feel the whole arc of each performance, not sound-bite frenetic snippets as a back-drop to the J.Lo show.

    • Krista says:


    • Shin Goon Min says:

      She’s definitely no Beyoncé. Neither is she a Madonna.

  20. Amber says:

    Good. He definitely should have won over Jena. Anyone should have won over Jena

    • Jerry says:

      Well thanks for the compliment. I never thought I can ever win against Jena, but there’s at least one person that believes so.

      • Amber says:

        LoL I bet you are better than her!

        Its JMO but I think she was one of the worst the show has had in a long time. I know alot of people like her, but I guess Im in the minority

        • Terry says:

          I didn’t appreciate her dissing Haley’s music on twitter, so I was fine with the outcome.

          • Dan (Haleyloonie) says:


          • Terry says:

            That’s right. You sh-t on Haley’s music, you finish second, fact.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Jena never dissed Haley’s music. All she said was that she would never do a Haley Reinhart song in the competition. Maybe she didn’t think she could live up to Haley’s prowess.

    • Christelle says:

      You are SO RIGHT Amber! People here crying foul just drank the producer’s Kool Aid all season long basically. Jena had more problem vocal issues than most of the people eliminated before her. She is mediocre talent at best. There are thousands of Jena’s out there with their generic, affected voices. She also would not have made the finale at all had the judges not cheerleaded her all year long, propped her up and ignored her problem areas while concentrating their energies on the faults of others (which were usually not nearly as bad as Princess Jena’s). Caleb is a far superior singer to her in every way possible!

  21. L says:

    Is it me or is idol agaisnt women in general
    And they overly praise talentless white guys

    • Jaszy says:

      Yes, and like I said, there is a new version of WGWG, these are the white guys without guitars who win. People can’t get enough of white guys, I guess.

      In my opinion, the white girls are better, well, actually….girls in general are better.

    • Idol Zombie says:

      They put 7 females and 6 males in the top 13. Not to mention some of the guys were just plain average to bad, CJ couldn’t sing a lick, Dexter was a corner bar singer and so was Ben. Not top 13 material at all. Yet the girls fell like dominos.

      It is the primarily girl/lady voting public that mostly votes for guys, because they are more interested in the guys and conversely, some guys only vote for girls that interest them. But, the ladies are the biggest part of the voting block, so guys usually win.

      • Jeff says:

        That’s true. Women prefer male singers. if it’s a love song they want to hear a male singer. If it’s a poor me song they want a female singer. So Bryan Adams for Everything I Do, but Tony Braxton for Unbreak My heart. Love song, just the listener and the guy singing, sad song, misery loves company. Easy peasy.

    • Corinne says:

      Jena was the queen of being overly praised and not really deserving it. She is nothing more than the Lauren Alaina of the year. Just saying.

      • HTGR says:

        It is funny that it’s like a toned down S10, complete with the voice doctor (for the winner this time though) and the weird machination to keep someone out of the top three (failed this time though).

      • marsaili2007 says:

        Lauren Alaina is doing very well on country radio so if Jena is nothing more than her, Jena will have a great career in front of her!

    • Matrix says:

      Yes, the judging panel is made up of three racists…any other theories to explain the final result…or can we just agree Caleb won fair and square. And the Jena will have a great career as well.

  22. carolinalady says:

    All the “polls” here didn’t give Caleb a snowballs chance. Apparently those who answered the polls would have been better off voting. Caleb rules. Bring on the sour grapes.

    • will says:

      Because when people disagree with you, calling it “sour grapes” automatically invalidates all of their perfectly reasonable criticisms.

  23. Lu says:

    Yes! Yes! The right person won. Caleb was the best singer. So happy for him and can not wait for his album!

  24. Kaylee says:

    I am surprised that a rocker finally won. I would never buy an album or go to his concert, though. As history shows, finishing second on AI can still lead to a successful career. Go Jena!

  25. Jerry says:

    I’m with mixed feelings. Personally I thought Jena should win, but if she had won, she would probably get a lot of flack for “poor sales” (And seriously no one from the last two seasons would have sold much). At least now Caleb is the one who will be getting the “Idol winners don’t sell” backlash that tormented a lot of Idol winners including Candice Glover and Lee Dewyze. Not that the runners-up sell, but they don’t get that much flack for not selling well.

    Even though Jena Irene had a lot of momentum these few weeks, she’s also had to work up the ladder from being a wildcard, to being in the bottom 3 with Emily Piriz (!!!) and MK (!!!) to the final 2. She was only the second wildcard to make it to the finale, and I think the first person who made it to the finale after being in the bottom 3 during top 12 week. The last time I checked, the earliest a finalist was in the bottom 3 was back in Season 3 when Diana DeGarmo ended up in the bottom 3 during top 11. I think in the end Alex Preston and Caleb Johnson were too far away in the votes from the start, and she managed to beat one of them, but not both.

    • Becky says:

      The top 4 are going to do well. Malaya and Sam need life experiences and the right key for Malaya and appropriate song. Could of lived without performances by the judges but loved Ryan and Richard Marx. Also I could live out the perceived manipulation to get the end result they wanted or to create controversy. And all the shows do it. Dwts got called out for it. And we saw how the voice kept grimmie in and booted Kirsten out. But at the end of the day Caleb’s YouTube viewings were outrageous! The other top 3 in the top 4 could not touch it. And he is from the south, they love to vote!

  26. Danny says:

    Caleb’s a good winner. Any of the top 4 would have been IMO. I was hoping for Jena, but I can see where Caleb’s a good choice too.

  27. HTGR says:

    A battle of the curses: no northern female has ever won, no true rocker has ever won. As I was sorta thinking, but not quite sure, southern+male (even if rocker) wins out over northern+female. Although a bit different in being more pure rock, Caleb was the one much more similar to every winner in recent memory on the show (the only exception being last season when they stacked the deck before lives began against the males).

  28. Kay says:

    Anyone else notice that MK was nowhere to be found? What happened there?

    • Davey says:

      MK is sick but will be on the tour.

    • Mike says:

      According to Melinda Doolitle, she was sick, but she assured us MK would be in the tour this summer.

    • luvthetop5 says:

      Word on the street is that she was sick, or at least according to MelindaDoolittle’s twitter.

    • Danny says:

      From what other people have posted she’s been sick. I think she’ll still be on tour though. Hopefully she gets well soon.

    • Ben says:

      According to the four people who have replied to you just above me, MK is sick. But she will apparently be on tour.

      • Danny says:

        LOL!! Ben, when I posted I meant other people from yesterday said that. I didn’t see the other responses in this post when I was making reply. Davey’s was 10 minutes before mine, so why his didnt’ show up I’m not sure. Anyway, hilarious response.

    • sol says:

      Oh no…MK!! Get well soon :-( Missed you tonight

  29. Dani says:

    I’m still peeved by Caleb’s controversial comments, even though he did apologize, kinda. I didn’t want him to win because of that, but there was no doubt he was consistent with a few moments during his run, like Candice was last season. I’ll be amazed if he gets big considering this year’s ratings of AI, and the fact that he is literally an 80s rocker.

    • Davey says:

      And I’m still mad that Jena didn’t vote for everyone to stay another week. But I forgave her.

      • will says:

        Apparently Jena and Alex voting to continue with an elimination is equivalent to calling their fans retards. Good to know where you stand morally.

  30. jan says:

    Jena show have won. Caleb just copies other rockers. He has a big head and is rude.

  31. Davey says:

    Yes, the right person won. Jena was the wild card and I’m happy she got that far. I don’t see how Jena winning would have brought Idol more credibility.

    I liked some of the pairing tonight but wish Sam Woolf had gotten to sing a little more. I mean, Malaya got a lot more attention.

  32. taahimar says:

    UGH! Horrible decision he can’t even sing!

  33. duranmom says:

    I have two words for Jena: ADAM LAMBERT. Girl, you ‘ll be fine. Get in your car and driiiiiiive.

  34. HTGR says:

    I have to say it is a shame Jessica got railroaded off just as she had finally broken through and come into her own. I liked that performance of hers with Nettles better than a lot of last night. (And Jeniffer Nettles is a country singer who has a great voice.)

    • Scott says:

      That was some chemistry they had. They looked ready to kiss.

    • Idol Zombie says:

      Yes, Jessica And Jeniffer Nettles were by far the best act of the night, Jennifer also seemed impressed with Jessica and I would not be surprised to see that turn-out to be a good connection for Jessica down the road. ==Alex and Jason Mraz were also good.

  35. Jane Doe says:

    No the right singer didn’t win. I should have been Alex.

    • kp says:

      Right! He was the best. And Jessica was right up there with him.

    • karyn says:

      Completely agree

    • J says:

      Totally agree! Alex was the best, but the judges and Idol producers pushed for a final two that were the “performers” rather than the artist who can sell records and make hits. He consistently, and weekly sold on iTunes.
      Alex was A+++ on his duet with Jason Mraz, BTW. I hope a record label signs him. I’ll be buying his album for sure.

  36. Valencia says:

    Im so sorry for saying this but Caleb probably will be the worst selling winner ever… I mean, I really just feel bad that American Idols crediability is gone.

    • Shin Goon Min says:

      Have to ask…what happened to the confetti? Announcing the season’s winner last night was so dry.

  37. Lynn says:

    Caleb’s CD is already on the 2 for $5 rack at Kmart.

  38. Lunakit says:

    Well, the important thing is that it is over. At least we have that….

  39. Jill says:

    I guess america likes stale, corny 80s karaoke singers who call their fans the “R” word over distinctiveness, genuine emotion, and artistry (at 17 freaking years old). Sigh.

    • Gg says:

      Last year people were writing that only Southern performers win and that performers from the North East example ( Haley) never win. More people from the Southern part of the United States vote…hence the Caleb win

  40. MAB says:

    Wow, I guess if you are not from the South you don’t have a chance in winning. I don’t care i was not crazy about either one. I know I probably won’t be buying his music.
    Congratulations Becca, I am sure you are dancing in excitement. It is great when someone you are passionate about wins. I had that in season 11 and he is still my Idol. He also wasn’t the favorite on this board and I always felt like I was defending him.
    The best part of the show tonight was Phillip Phillips performance. His new album is terrific.

    • Matrix says:

      Now there’s an idol that wasn’t the best singer! Yet he’s doing pretty well for himself.

      • Idol Zombie says:

        PP is doing very well for himself, and when he was on the show, he was also pushed into doing songs from the 70’s and 80’s a lot. But now, he is very current rock and cross-over to some Pop charts. He’s very present in Itunes top 400 with sometimes 2 or 3 songs at a time on the chart.

    • MAB oh thank you , Yes extremely happy for Caleb! I have to say that Caleb and Jena are kinda adorable when they are together! Yes and I loved Phil Phillips new song! Amazing. I also was a Phil Phillips fan. I know what it is like trying to defend your favorite. I have rewound Phils performance and watched several times. Very good, I like that new song better than “home”.Was that Casey Abrahms and Haley in the audience?. and I saw Mary Murphy from “so you think you can dance. I will watch that next and AGT.LOL

  41. Drew says:

    You were wrong Slezak when u proclaimed that Jessica Sanchez should have won against Phil Phillips, and u panned every performance Phillip had that year, and now u kiss his @ss that he’s made it… And your wrong here, Caleb was far the better talent.

    • Jerry says:

      Slezak was quite fair to Phillip Phillips despite his obvious bias towards Jessica Sanchez. You can just check out his previous articles. Even the TVline readers being polled were quite fair and on some occasions they voted Phillip Phillips over Jessica Sanchez. Slezak also graded P2’s “Home” as the best performance of the night.

    • jaxguy says:

      Jessica should have won hands down….Much better singer than Phil. All his music sounds the same to me.

      • Owen says:

        Since no one has said this yet (as the two contenders were both great singers this year) let me remind you with this cliche: It’s American Idol. Not American Singer. Meaning, the best singer doesn’t always mean the best. Phillip had a less perfect, well, traditionally perfect voice than the Lady Jess (who I loved). BUT it turns out, the right person won that year, as Phillip had a success Jessica probably couldn’t (mostly because Idol doesn’t seem to know what to do with female singers post Carrie).

        • JENAinCAPS says:

          Carrie knew exactly who and what she wanted to be in country music and Simon Cowell recognized this attitude and ambition in her. America Idol introduced Carrie, but I don’t think AI steered her career at all.

  42. Kristi says:

    That was a thoroughly entertaining finale though.

  43. Davey says:

    What’s so weird is that Bo Bice was such an amazing rocker singer and he never won. Caleb who is only about 2/3 as good as Bice made it through. Guess the young voters are lost to Idol this year.

    • Alex B says:

      Bo Bice sucks! He could not touch Caleb’s jock strap in terms of singing. I once heard him live and could not believe he lasted as long as he did on the show after that.

    • tealeaves says:

      Bo was up against Carrie. That’s a very different scenario.

  44. Name This Tune says:

    Congratulations to Caleb

    Jena you have a bright future

  45. Georgia says:

    I don’t think anyone in that theater was more shocked/surprised by Caleb’s win than Caleb. He looked well and truly gobsmacked. I think he’s a great performer – probably the best of the season – but I can’t really see him selling records. I hope he has a great touring show!

  46. Kim Moores says:

    I had a good laugh at this result. I’m not the least bit shocked.
    Nonetheless, like someone mentioned weeks ago.
    I shall be ignoring this season harder than hotels ignore the 13th floor.
    American Idol season 13? What? Sounds like some mythical creature.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      That was me! That was me!

      • Kim Moores says:

        Ah, this makes sense.
        I don’t even have the capacity to be upset with the winner. I literally am just all smiles because this is just embarrassing.
        Meatloaf Jr. came, saw, and conquered. WOW.

  47. Gina says:

    I truly didn’t care who won, one way or the other since neither was my favorite…but, I didn’t dislike either of them and thought they were talented. I probably enjoyed the finale more than the season, to tell the truth. Although, honestly, this Per person…needs to take a reality pill and realize a good many of us are POed beyond belief over the J-Lo show. I don’t need to see her face in a box during a contestant’s home town visit. I don’t need to see her gyrating her …lady bits…to confirm that a song is danceable. And I don’t need to see her reacting to every single performance. It’s bad enough to do it during these young singers’ big shot at stardom, but it’s downright insulting to guest judges to have them cut away from their performances to see JLo doing…whatever it is she does. And, I won’t even discuss the True Colors/GoYourOwnWay medley. Hopefully, after a good night’s sleep, I will realize it was nothing more than an auto-tuned nightmare.
    But, I did say I enjoyed the finale, for the most part, and I did love Alex Preston’s light and lovely duet with Jason…loved seeing Majesty Rose and loved, loved, loved Jessica Meuse and Jennifer Nettles. That girl is ready to roll. And, I was actually very happy that JLo was busy putting on her outfit and the guys were off peeing or whatever, because that was the one time the focus was not on the judges, but on the singers. And, she really deserved that moment in the sun. Good finale, overall.

  48. ck says:

    My husband though Jena would win. I thought Caleb would. After watching the finale, we both agreed it should have been Alex.

    • Davey says:

      I would have preferred Alex to win, too. I think Caleb may find a following doing concerts, he has a lot of energy. Have no idea what kind of record he can put out at this time in music.

    • jane says:

      Me Too!!! Me Too!!!

    • Kaylee says:

      When Alex was singing with Jason Mraz, it seemed like Alex was the professional. His voice is amazing, and with his songwriting I hope he does well after the tour.

      • Idol Zombie says:

        Alex is already well-connected in the Pop/Alternative genres. He won’t be playing at the subway gates for dollars, but has some doors open ahead, after freed from the Idol obligations in the contract.

      • Lisa says:

        I’m pretty sure that Jason Mraz will be right there to mentor Alex, and he deserves it. No matter what anyone including myself thinks about who should have won, I’m sure each of the top 4, and maybe even top 6 or 8 have real mentors lined up to help them grow.

        I really like Alex, because to me he is a true artist. I didn’t see the deer in the headlights look in Alex, although I did with Sam, and even Jessica at first. She seemed to get better though. I think actually the majority of the top 4 and actually probably the top 5 will flourish to varying degrees. Of course, I really think that although Alex didn’t win, he certainly made his mark.

    • Scott says:

      Alex just doesn’t connect when he sings, IMO. His face is frozen. Made it hard to root for him.

    • Penny says:

      Agree completely! Alex should have won!

      • Jaszy says:

        Ugh, no, Alex would have been the most BORING idol winner ever.
        Yes, he was musically talented, what with all his instrumental abilities, but his VOICE was not the best voice…not worthy of a win.
        But we all know that this is my opinion.

    • S. says:

      Yeah the rightful winner was probably Alex. I still think the top 4 esp. will make some noise. I also think Malaya, Sam, and Majesty in particular will grow into something one day. They’re pretty young. The fact that Jena’s so young is insane. She needs to work on her lower register but other than that, I enjoy her a lot. There are a few of them that I’d like to get the album of, but looking back, it’s a shame Alex’s musicianship didn’t win out because he’s also current. I bet he’s got a great winner’s single.

    • GeorgeR says:

      HA! Me too!