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Post Mortem: Vampire Diaries Boss on the Bonnie/Damon 'Mystery,' Alaric's Struggle, Stefan's Journey and More Season 6 Scoop

Vampire Diaries Season 6 SpoilersThursday’s Vampire Diaries season finale left two of our favorites on the Other Side, and left viewers with endless burning questions. TVLine reached out to showrunner Julie Plec from the other side (of the country) for answers, including which characters are truly gone forever.

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Below, Plec explains what happened to Bonnie and Damon — Ian Somerhalder and Kat Graham will be seen in some form, she confirms — and previews how those left behind will react to their absence in Season 6. (I’m especially worried about Stefan going “dark.”)

TVLINE | What’s the difference between those who found peace, versus those who were sucked into oblivion? Did they end up in different places?
That whole idea of finding peace, versus getting sucked into oblivion, was deliberately structured this year to be left open to interpretation. We don’t like to say things like “heaven” and “hell” on our show, but anybody can define what they saw the way they want to define it. I can say that Lexi, in my heart, found peace, and I believe the same is true for Grams. I definitely know that Silas and Markos and everybody else is definitely gone for good. As for Damon and Bonnie, the question is: What happened to them? What did they find?

TVLINE | Now, for some questions about the people who came back: Is Tyler fully human, or just back to being a werewolf?
He’s back to being a human with the werewolf gene, which means he’s going to have to relive that whole experience all over again, this time knowing about it much earlier. He won’t be that messed-up kid with all the aggression he can’t understand; now he knows where it’s coming from. But he’s still going to have to work hard to keep his temperaments reigned in, and to find an outlet for that physical frustration that comes along with having the werewolf gene. If he hurts someone again, he’ll have to go through that whole journey. And as we saw, it was not fun for him.

TVLINE | So, no more dungeons and chains for him?
Well, you never know. Hopefully, he succeeds at holding his rage in.

Vampire Diaries Season 6 SpoilersTVLINE | And is Alaric still a vampire, or did he go back to being a human?
Alaric is still a vampire, who is struggling in a weird way. We never got to see him respond to being one, because he was quote-unquote evil at the hands of Esther back in Season 3. So this is a much more human experience for him. He’ll struggle with what he’s become and how he’s supposed to live with that.

TVLINE | Enzo also made it back. Is he still pissed at Stefan, or is he over all that?
Oh, Enzo’s not making any friends. The beauty of Enzo is that we find him delightful, but he doesn’t need any friends. He definitely is a thorn in a couple people’s side, and will continue to be so in that delicious, devilish way that he has.

TVLINE | And will Michael Malarkey become a series regular?
Yes, he is. We’ve got our two new bros [Alaric and Enzo], the potential points of the Damon love triangle. [Laughs]

TVLINE | What can you say about Stefan’s state of mind in Season 6?
I think it’ll be surprising. I don’t want to say too much about it, but he lost something very profound, and there are a million ways he could go. He could go light, he could go dark, he could go pure, he could lose his mind and get on a motorcycle and drive to Miami. So what he ultimately ends up doing will be an interesting reflection on his state of mind at the moment — and very fun for Paul [Wesley] to play.

TVLINE | Given Caroline’s feelings for Stefan, and now the return of her ex, might there be a triangular shape forming there?
Honestly, we can officially say that Caroline and Tyler have reached a point where they genuinely and legitimately care about each other and have found their way back to being friends, but are no longer a couple. I think Caroline and Tyler’s individual responses to losing Damon and Bonnie will set each of them on a new path in their life. Caroline is holding very strongly onto the idea that “We need to stick together in order to find our way back home and be allowed back into our town.” And Tyler’s thinking, “Hey, maybe it’s time for me to go live my life.” So everyone’s response to the events of the finale will be different and profound.

vampire-diaries-season-6-spoilers-bonniedamonTVLINE | We’ve been told that the finale would make death irreversible from now on. What does that mean for Bonnie and Damon?
I think it means there’s a mystery attached to how the show ended. Did they die? Did they find peace? Are they still on the Other Side? Does the Other Side still exist? If not, where the hell are they? And will they ever come back? Certainly, we will see Ian [Somerhalder] and Kat [Graham] again, but where and in what context? That’s part of the mystery of Season 6.

TVLINE | I assume we won’t meet their doppelgangers.
[Laughs] No! No doppelgangers. That was some Season 5 fun we got to have, but with Katherine and Silas gone, I think we’re done with that.

TVLINE | I’m sure this mostly has to do with scheduling, but in terms of which characters got to come back, how did you decide who made the cut? There were definitely others, like Aunt Jenna, who would have been a welcome sight.
Aunt Jenna, we had always said, has found peace. So she wasn’t on the Other Side and wasn’t part of the disintegration of it. She’s always been off in that beautiful netherworld, whatever it may be. I think there are characters we’d already given goodbyes to, and there are characters that — even though we say goodbye to them a million times — we get excited anytime they show up on the screen. So in trying to show the consequence of the demise of the Other Side, we really did have to say goodbye to some fan-favorites. And it was our only opportunity to bring back any fan-favorites, so there were a lot of conversations about who we might like to bring back, and Alaric was the first name on everybody’s lips. If you couldn’t live with losing one of these characters, who would it be? So we asked Matt Davis if he’d be interested in coming back, and he said, “Yes.”

TVLINE | OK, now for the big one: Where is Matt going to work now that the Mystic Grill is gone?
Weirdly enough, in spite of the grief attached to the circumstance of what happened, Matt Donovan came out the other side in the strongest way. He’s in a town with no supernatural entities, he’s out of high school, he’s grown into a young man, and he begins to find his way as he steps out on a new career path that might lead him to being someone you’d like to have protecting you in the town of Mystic Falls. [Editor’s note: Anyone else picturing Matt Donovan in uniform? You have the right to remain excited.] He’s living a pretty decent life, so it’s sad that his friends can’t be there with him, but at least it’s peaceful.

TVLINE | Rumor has it he also might be getting a love interest next season?
It’s possible. We’re definitely introducing a new female character next year, and she will be able to live in Mystic Falls. So that leaves Matt, Jeremy and Tyler — on a good day — for dating opportunities in that age range. One of them might get lucky.

Browse photos from The Vampire Diaries‘ season finale below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on Julie Plec’s answers to our burning questions. What are you still wondering about Season 6?

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  1. Gabriel Anthony says:

    I think that it would be great if Damon stays dead. But we know that it wont happen. I mean, all of the fans who doesnt care about storytelling would be all like “omgggggg where is Ian, he is so beautiful, why is he dead?” blá blá bla

    • alistaircrane says:

      I would love it if Bonnie stayed dead. I thought we were done with her at the end of last season, but then she came back. Ugh.

      • Fox says:

        Well, Bonnie’s my favorite, and I was glad to see her FINALLY get the screen time she’s always deserved. She was the star of the episode for me. This is the first time in a few years that I’m actually looking forward to the next season.

        • Bella says:

          ITA Bonnie is by far my favourite.

        • Asia says:

          me to I can’t wait to see Bonnie again but I wonder if Elena will come back?… I would really like to see Elena and Stefan together.
          – P.S. I am using dads email

          • Daedae says:

            I can’t wait to see Damon and Elena back together I mean come everybody knows there love was epic and I’m pretty sure she’s over Stefan she did kind if kiss Damon in front of him and cried because of Damon not Stefan

            IM A DIE HARD DELENA FAN!!!!

          • Anthea says:

            No I dont want Elena & Stephan together she had heard him so much by sleeping with his brother he deserves better, although they make a cute couple.

          • brooke walsh says:

            Thank you! I just hate delena!

        • Tsn Tan says:

          I predict Bonni and Damon gonna have something in the other side while the get back she wouldn’t care much about Elena.

          • Sutton says:

            I so don’t want Damon back because of how he looks. That’s ridiculous. It’s about his character. I’m not one of those people that likes characters because of how they look. I hated him in the beginning! He grew on me and most people.

        • I agree i can’t to see her

      • blackpanthershay says:

        If Bonnie stays dead who would be there to rescue your useless favourites in Mystic Falls?

        • Howard says:

          I feel like they really need to bring Bonnie back, it wouldn’t be fair for us fans to suffer again. She is always doing sacrifices for her friends (besides Elena) and I wish they could somehow bring her back next season. And maybe give her powers back.

          • A says:

            I agree, Bonnie needs to come back and have her powers restored. I’d like to see that she’d learned something totally new wherever she disappeared to and comes back with the new info and power. I get that they need limits on her or it derails their complications & jeopardy, but they are creative writers – they can figure a way :D

          • A says:

            As I said, I agree about bringing Bonnie back with her powers. But I also wanted to mention that IF they had to do this sucked into oblivion thing – I’m glad they put Damon and Bonnie together. I have never seen them as a potential couple, but I loved it when Elena says that Damon kind of loves Bonnie – but she always kind of hates him, maybe this experience will bridge them into friendship. Maybe she will see him over there more completely and honestly than she ever did in life? Something – I hope – for WHEN THEY BOTH COME BACK :D

          • I agree with that, Bonnie didn’t really get any face time unless she was trying to save someone. I hope she gets to come back with powers.

          • Anon says:

            agree completely Bonnie needs to come back and have some sort of powers back with her, slowly would be interesting because i find if it happened all at once it would become a “something in the past” to viewers and they might not appreciate the show as much, just saying.

          • eLIzabetH varghese says:

            Stupid serial….i reallly cnt stnd damon n Elena gtng tgthr….. Especially Elena she s not less than a slut who sleeps wd both of them hte herrrr truely….. Bt in the cse f d flm twlight the main attractiveness is true lv betwn Bella n Edward eventhough Jacob comes btwn them it nvaaar tchd their relation n that’s where true lov stands for …which s totallly lackd in dis stupid seriel

          • Nancy says:

            I agree bonnie is the best i wish they bring her back as a witch!!

        • I could not have said it better my self.

        • mj says:

          i hope bonnie and damon come back and also when does Season 6 come out ? wow i can’t wait to watch lot’s more i just love this show .. i do how ever think it’s great the old ones came back well 1 Alaric ….yeah …but i was kinda mmm wishing that the originals would come back they was way to funny to have , and Jenna and lexi wanted to see them back they was good and fun to have … miss lexi she was fun…. i liked all the old people they made the show !! cant wait to see more and great job! i been watching all old ones lol ,,but i will say i kinda miss Katherine Pierce she was a b….but more fun to watch …

          • Asia says:

            Elena and Stefan are my far favorite stars.. I hate Kathrine but i can tell Nina (Elena) was playing that character to. I wonder what happens to Stefan and if Elena and him get back together? I also wonder if they are bringing back Rebecca..ugh!! I started crying when Stefan died i cried really hard it was sad!!

        • Martha says:

          Some sense there. She is more like the one who cleans up their mess


      • Violet Yates says:

        I love Bonnie and I don’t dislike any of the main characters. But I do have to say that if Bonnie was not brought back to be the anchor, Elena would have Damon right now, Amara would be long dead and the other side destroyed long ago…

        • Ss says:

          Ya lets all go blame it on bonnie cause she didn’t bring back jer she wasn’t used as the gangs toy that was only needed when magic was involved and back at the toy box cause she was the whiny self centered vampire who couldn’t get over the fact of being a vampire and whole world had to find the cure for the golden vagina which had nothing to do with Silas and the travelers or Jenna’s alarics Jeremy’s Stefan’s bonnies mom Bonnie’s Damon’s her own death mason rose Tyler Matt the list keeps going although some weren’t her fault they were all for Elena she should have died in the wickery bridge

      • Michael says:

        Why you dont like bonnie she is my favourite as she played a big role and she seems so powerful and strong to go through being an anchor and all.

      • MoniMarie88 says:

        ME TOO! I was like oh good riddance lol, than she came back and I was like -_-

        • Assia says:

          I personally think that caroline has to go because she’s always complaining and gossiping and she can never keep her mouth plus she always pretends like she’s perfect and always has to tell people what they do wrong but if she does the same thing nobody makes a problem out of it so i wouldn’t miss her if she died

      • Maddie says:

        Bonnie’s witch knowledge was helpful at times but after a while I feel like she was always about to die. Damon needs to come back. When he held Bonnies hand at the end, I cried as if my best friend had died.

      • vanessa says:

        Bonnie is the best person on Vampire Diaries including Elena She is always doing sacrifices for her friends and I wish they could somehow bring her back next season, and give her powers back.

        • Jared says:

          Omg Team Delena all the way they need to bring back Damon for sure and I honestly couldn’t stand to see Elena with Stefan her and Damon make a great couple!👌

      • Ann says:

        If Bonnie stayed dead who’s gonna save them all

      • Synnova says:

        Why did u want her dead!?

    • CBWBDK1 says:

      I hope he stays dead!

      • sophia says:

        damon? WTF i love him so much. How could you not?

      • says:

        Damon is what makes this story you morons!!!! Bring him back and do not put Elena and Balearic together he was a father figure!!!!

        • Lilly Smith says:

          yeah, I agree. But I’m pretty much positive they wouldn’t put elena and Alaric together but if they did ewww:p

        • Violet Yates says:

          They’re not going to put Alaric and Elena together. They were talking about a bromance between Alaric and Enzo/Alaric and Damon.

        • Ro Maissa says:

          we all want Damon back !!!! i mean seriously , the hole story wouldn’t be the same if he dies !! he MUST come back , nd i’m not sying this bcuz he is handsome nd sexy (although he is ^^’) but i’m just saying it beacause he belongs with Elena , i can’t imagine elena spending the next season withut him ._. and moreover he is one of the most important carachters of the story , AND what is the point of having Alaric back if there is no Damon/Alaric broance ?

        • Ann says:

          I think so too he is the story whenever it gets bored n at times it really does or if that episode does have damion I don’t watch I love him he’s a good actor who satisfies his viewers

        • Ss says:

          Ew Alaric is her step dad remember he was isobels husband

      • abbie says:

        you dont have a heart !!!

    • EJ386 says:

      Yeah well we are superficial and he is really pretty ;) But also I liked the two brothers thing and the main reason why it would be great to have Alaric back was the relationship he and Damon had.

      • Katie says:

        Agreed. I’ve always loved Alaric and Damon’s friendship, and having Alaric alive again is one of the main reasons I want Damon back.

        • Sarah says:

          I think every charakter has to go on and continue. Elena changed and stefan also, so why shouldn’t damon. He changed his mind. He becomes from “an evil, crazy vampire who did whatever he wanted” to really nice guy. For example like chuck in gossip girl. I know that tvd will be more like the books until now but bonnie and damon are different charakters (book and tvd). Its not a story
          when they has only one mind/opinion over more
          than five seasons. Thats kind of naive when someone think this.

        • Raluk says:

          yees ! :)

        • A says:

          The friendship between Damon & Alaric is also one of my favorite parts of the show and that seems messed up now. I hope they fix this :( What is the point of bring Alaric back if Damon is effectively gone?

    • Babybop says:

      He IS beautiful (I started watching this show because I wanted to stare at him), but I agree that he should say dead. His character was destroyed these past couple of seasons, and I feel like he drags down every scene he’s in. They need to rebuild his character if they even think about resurrecting him.

        • Babybop says:

          Because he’s basically a slave to Elena. He does nothing but moon over her and whine. He used to be this evil, crazy vampire that did whatever he wanted, no matter what the cost. But now he just follows Elena around like a lovesick puppy.

          • Faster says:

            You’re forgetting that Damon was “an evil, crazy vampire who did whatever he wanted” because what he wanted to resurrect Katherine from the tomb, and he lost his mind waiting for it. He has a pattern, and this is exactly in line with it.

          • Ann says:

            Damion maybe evil but that’s wat the story is about he alway get the job done so if there’s gonna be no damion there should be no returning of Silas Michael n they should kill nick cause he’s the evil boss I love him too

      • sophia says:

        NOOOOO YOU ARE SO WRONG! he got better and better each season

      • Claire says:

        I completely agree with everything you said, @Babybop.

        • Aislinn says:

          Damon should come back because Elena and Stephan need him and his is a big part of this story and don’t think for a second he should not because you would be crazy… And Bonnie to everyone loves her she is amazing they all are and Jeremy needs bonnie and Elena and Caroline need her to so stop being selfish and have a heart.!!!

    • sophia says:

      no thats the opposite of why i want him back. He made the show funny and exciting at the ams time. He was such a great actor and i mean….you start to fall in love with characters on tv shows, right? Well, I loved him because Ian created such a greta character. He was selfish and selfless. He cared fro everyone inside, but was tough on the outside. He truly was broken before Elena. And Elena will be broken without him.

      • Stephany says:

        yes yes yes…..I will QUIT watching the show if Ian (Damon) isn’t in it.

        • Lilly Smith says:

          Same Here:) and I actually hate when people say they’re gonna quit a show just because it is not going their way, but this is DAMONS LIFE!! They are literally taking away the only reason I watch TVD. Of course I am really attached to Elena, Stefan, and Caroline, but they’re are not enough. who knows, may be if Damon didn’t come back I would suck it up and watch it but it would be sooo boring!! They really need to bring him back ASAP!

        • Lexi says:

          Same here. I TOTALLY AGREEEE !! I WILL refuse to watch this show if Damon is no longer in it… he is like the star of the effing show. He needs to STAY in the show, or else I guaranty Julie Plec will lose ALOT of fans and viewers. -____-

      • A says:

        I agree with you about Damon. He is far and away the most complex and important character on the show. The guy above is wrong about the first 5 minutes of the series – Stefan is talking and he says it’s his story. But the writers must have been surprised as the characters developed. The fact is that whatever they set out to do in the beginning, Damon took over the second they showed him as a tragic instead of evil character. Season upon Season we’ve had more revealed about him. Yes he was immature and in love and then he died and was subjected to those things amplified (just like Carolyne’s issues.) But when we first met him he was supposed to have his switch flipped (revealed in the Lexi New York episode) and reinforced with the Enzo history – yet we found out when he met Elena for the first time he was not quite a monster, was he? He’s revealed as someone who doesn’t handle his own misery well, and who’s never been loved by anyone but his brother who perpetrated the greatest betrayal. Yah, he was mad. But the relationship with Elena was working that out …and they did it brilliantly, the way real people actually grow, one step forward – 2 steps back – till you get the hang of it and – as we saw last episode…just when it was too late! he seemed to have learned to hold it together … no matter what… Damon’s is a redemption story done well… if they finish it and let us see him end truly happy. (Not dead angelic happy – but proved he could live on earth, be healed, be himself and be happy and be civil.)

        • kiki says:

          Everything you said is so true and you put it very eloquently. Thanks A!

        • mj says:

          well said on most of what u all put ….i hope they keep Tyler and Carolyne together or for sure have her b with kalus and Damon he makes me laugh …think it sucks The Originals are not on the show with them it was fun to watch ….but on well its just tv lol but i will say this i watched it a lot and loved watching when The Originals was on it to made it fun …now i’m watching the show The Originals lol

        • Martha says:

          Couldn’t agree more with you. Like Damon just found peace with himself and I was and still looking forward to a new side of my favorite character. Trust it’s gonna be real awkward without him around. He deserves to be happy cause he has really sacrificed a lot for all of them. They all look up to him like a father figure. Nothing can be done without him there and Bonnie also honestly

        • Haëlie says:

          God, that was a great monologue. Everyone was saying a lot of crap up there but you understood the show like few of the people i read. some of them thought that we loved him only because he was beautiful but there completely wrong… And don’t forget he has the greatest lines in the show. What can we do wouldn’t him? Even with Ric back we need their bromance. I didn’t even cried when he said goodbye to Elena (even if she couldn’t hear him) cause i couldn’t believe he would not come back from the dead. I guess it mains Elena and Stefan will end up together even if Damon and Elena have a lot more of chemistry this season. I can’t believe this finale. It was hard to process all the death and the coming back to life thing..

      • Miss May says:

        Sometimes when it’s late but I can’t stop watching netflix cause I need to know what happenes next, I just fast forward to the Damon parts cause that’s the part I need to see in order to sleep at night and then I go back and watch the rest later. DAMON IS THE SHOW TO ME. I’ll stop watching without him; everyone else are just fillers. To the person that had the audacity to claim we want him for his looks: you clearly are not paying attention. If I wanted to stare at someone attractive, I’d by a fireman calendar and not waste over 100 hours of my life. Intrigue to such depths as displayed by ALL these fans obviously stems from something deeper- generally known as a personality- his witty one liners, his charm, his sarcasm, his humor….but most of all, HIM! You don’t like that he’s not empathetic to all. But that means when he cares, it’s more genuine. He doesn’t hand out feelings to all. So when he expresses them to someone it’s real and strong, stronger than anyone else in the show- he’d do anything for someone he loves. He died saving everyone-voluntarily. BRING HIM BACK.

    • skye8102 says:



      • daniellee says:

        Vampire diaries will never be the same without Damon. I cried so much it’s unbelievable. I just hope he comes back next season, if not, the series should end.

        • Stephany says:

          TOTALLY AGREE!!!!

        • tazzya says:

          TOTALLLY AGREE I Cried so much, damon needs to come back, or i wiill stop watching

        • Nancy says:

          I totally agree, I also cried they need to bring both back (Damon & Bonnie) or it won’t be the same, it won’t be worth watching, I want them both back or I also will stop watching…. bring them back.

        • David :) says:

          I will stop watching The Vampire Diaries if Damon stays dead… :(

          • Jalisa says:

            I have already stopped watching it. I don’t have the channel anymore. Delena is my favorite couple; I was Stelena at first, but since Damon and Elena got together, I fell in love with the relationship and chemistry these characters had. Damon can’t stay dead. They need to bring him back! DELENA ROCKS!

        • eRintjie says:

          I Totally agRee that damon
          should come back.
          But what would the show be without bonnie also.Jer neeDs bOnnie just as elena&stephen neeDs damon.but i really want bonnie and damon back truelly.I know they didn’t get along much but they are once 2 of my favourite characters..:( i just cant believe they are gone! Hopefully just for now because i cried like a little girl at the end of VD. :'(

      • Luna says:

        Please bring damon back!!!!!! Please

    • Iain says:

      It’s obvious that Damon and Bonnie will come back, but as long as Damon and Elena don’t go back together, fine! Their relationship ruined the show this season and it’s become unwatchable. It’s time to put Elena with Stefan again (I kinda miss them) or someone else!

      • Stephany says:

        My Daughter thinks the same way but I don’t agree. I think Damon and Elena should be together. Supposedly the Doppelgangers are destined to be together so I think it was absolutely perfect for Elena to end up falling for Damon instead of Stefan. Damon is much more attractive to me than Stefan anyway but that’s partly because I like the bad-boy type. He’s the perfect bad boy actually because he is a bad boy type but would do anything for his girl (Elana)…he’s not a goody like his brother Stefan.

        • A says:

          I love that they revealed that the whole Doppleganger’s are fated to be together was a lie all along. And I don’t get how anyone could thing Damon & Elena together could ruin the show – it’s the way it needs to be. Stefan is the golden boy, yah he lost Elena – but he get’s everything else he wants. Damon on the other hand, needs to win this. They spent a lot of writing on defining Stefan & Elena’s love as first love and in the wake of tragedy – but pointed out that it didn’t work for Stefan if E was a vampire – Damon just loved Elena – no matter what. Also, there’s something perfect about his loyalty. No matter what it costs, he will always do what he thinks is best for her – his love is truer. AND he needs to get the girl he wants finally. Also, I always liked Stefan and Carolyne. I’m glad they might take her there. She deserves Stefan’s sweetness and she’s got enough fire for them both. Stef and Elena were too alike.

          • I was told Ian signed for 6 seasons, so he will be on the 6th season in some form or another, maybe not on every episode, but he will be there. As to a 7th season… I don’t know, but I do agree with all that you said, A. I hope Ian reads some of this, I know He knows that he is loved, but it would be fun to hear what he thinks of the 1st several seasons.

          • Sarahliz says:

            If you’re contracted it means YOU have to stay for that many seasons, but they don’t necessarily have to KEEP you for that many seasons.

        • Patricia m says:

          Damon should come back completely in love with Bonnie. Stefan should be with Caroline and Elena should fall for Enzo. And everyone will realize she never really loves anyone but only wants to be the hero and somehow save the vampires from themselves.

      • Jelybeans says:

        TOTALLY AGREE @laln!! I watched the show, but it was painful through season 5 because of Delena’s drama. It made me dislike Elena who is a main fixture on the show…I’m a Stelena fan through and through, but I’m OK with them moving on as long as it’s not onto Delena…Delena is destructive to everyone but Damon. Damon needs to stop falling for his brother’s girl. I know Katherine was evil and played them both but still…And I kinda hate the idea of Caroline and Stefan. They are friends and i like that dynamic. Everytime TV has a man and woman as friends they try to push it further. He was friends with Lexi just fine, why do they have to push them into a relationship?? Caroline and Tyler were pretty darn cute too. Also Damon and Bonnie would be an interesting FRIENDSHIP development but I like her with Jeremy (SO friggin cute!!). I think Damon and Elena both need to take a breather from relationships and develop on their own as “people” (characters/vampires). I feel like the show will definitely bring back both Bonnie and Damon (they said so above…sorta?) but Damon needs to cool off or come back with a new perspective, while Bonnie NEEDS to come back with some sort of spark of magic. Maybe not full blown magic and just has to learn it all over again…but something to give the fans hope of a witch!! So…Yeah…these are my thoughts/opinions…everyone’s entitled to have them plz don’t bash on me for voicing mine! Thx.

    • Sachi Arora says:

      what do u mean it would be great TVD is nothing without damon .Many viewres watch this show bcoz of him so better watch ur mouth

    • UMMMM what is your problem

    • Ann says:

      Lest we all forget, the opening dialogue of the entire show, S1E1, states clearly it is Damon’s story. So, no. I don’t think Damon will ever go away. :)

      • Sarahliz says:

        Actually it’s Stefan’s story. So you either have amnesia or are being facetious.

      • Lilly Smith says:

        I also feel like it’s Damon’s story or at least seasons 4-5. But I guess technically it is Stefan’s story because it pretty much told us it the beginning. But whatever:p I honestly I feel like it’s Stefan’s story of how elena fell in love with his brother and he fell in love with Caroline.

        • Cas says:

          Yeah I just watched episode 1 from season 1 and it is Stefan talking in the opening line. Not sure how people are forgetting that since season 1 was basically about him, and really I think that was his story: season 1.

        • jada says:

          Here this , there’s no vampire diaries without damon and bonnie
          Damon has to come back because he is one of the best main character and bonnie to
          Look I just honestly love vampire diaries
          And if damon don’t come back I will stop watch vampire diaries because it won’t be the same

    • Lilly Smith says:

      I would be devastated if Damon did not come back and it’s not because of how he looks. It’s about how he’s the most entertaining character on the show with the most character development. Every delena fan I no/ talk too would say the same thing. I also pay extreme attention to the story line and am attached to many other characters, so I don’t know where your getting that from:/ Seriously just because Ian/Damon is really good looking doesn’t mean that’s the only reason so many people love him, I get so sick of hearing that from some TVD fans. I honestly feel like you guys say this because you have know other reasons, If there was a legit reason I would respect it, but accusing people of only liking a character for the way he looks is sooo annoying. Just Stop!

    • A says:

      Damon is my favorite character; so much so that it’s kind of taking the shine off my favorite show to be unable to see how he can possibly come back as a normal character and have a real chance with Elena. They looked like it was going to be perfect…for a second. Though I’m glad to see Alaric back – but wish Lexi had come too.

    • Katie Robbins says:

      That’s not right. Yes, Ian may have a pretty face. But he also has a lot to offer the show. He has changed the show in so many ways that you and your big head probably didn’t even realize. For instince ever since his character Damon and Nina’s character Elena got to gether Damon has not killed people unless it was to protect his friends, and because he has not been off killing random people he has solved most of the problems that have come to town.

    • Mo says:

      Damon is not just handsome. He is a brilliantly,on the dark side, funny person. He is bad but also surprisingly good as well. The relationship with his brother is so much a part of the show. Just wouldn’t be the same without him

    • abbie says:

      you dont deserve to watch the vampire diaries !!!

    • Damon101 says:

      Damon Salvatore,him being death is out of the question.! he can’t be dead permanently, because Damon is part of the very main character,it nothing to do with the fact that he is “Ian”,…….its simply becoz Damon, Elena and Stefan are a package till the end,.,.even Bonnie.i know she’ll be back…,soo the writer better bring them back to life!! can’t wait till next season 6 :'(

    • Mari says:

      Lol no way, Damon is what makes the show. If he dies, so does TVD.

      • Haëlie says:

        You’re so right. Ian Somerhalder will definetely stay on the show but as they say in the interview he won’t come back from the dead so no more Delena, i’m kind of in denial right now but i can’t see where it is going without him really alive and not invisible(probably…)

    • Karen says:

      Are you kidding me Damon is what made TVD worth watching

    • Daedae says:

      It’s not that he’s totally gorgeous ( which he is) that’s not why most people want him back if u haven’t realized a lot of people r die hard DELENA (and I am one of them)!!

    • sidney says:

      I don’t want damon and bonnie dead.I want them in because I don’t see reasons why they should die.

  2. How are Jeremy and Matt able to live in Mystic Falls? They have both died and been resurrected by the magical ring, so wouldn’t they have died upon entrance as well?

    • Nina says:

      I think the Travelers’ spell only works against active magic (the daylight rings, vampirism, witches’ powers), so like, NOW if Matt died while he was wearing the ring and inside the Mystic Falls borders, he would stay dead.

  3. spindae2 says:

    Nice interview!!!! Season 6 can be a nice reset button, so we can forget some of this season 5 stuff. Interesting Andy you didn’t asked about Elena’s suffering & if the wicked twins will be back?

    • Andy Swift says:

      I only had 10 minutes, unfortunately. My question about the Blunder Twins had to be sacrificed, Hayley’s baby-style.

      • alistaircrane says:

        Should’ve followed up on Vicky! I am sickened that awful Enzo will be a regular. Ugh!

        • Andy Swift says:

          Vicki was already sucked into Oblivion, unfortunately.

        • Sarah says:

          I agree that Enzo being a regular specially without Damon cannot work. Plus Enzo Ugh!

        • Skittles&Bits says:

          You said it! Enzo is terrible. He’s insanely whiny; I’m surprised no one’s stapled his surly mouth shut. He practically suicides and then spends episodes groaning on the other side and torturing folks on the living side about wanting to come back. I don’t think I could bear another season of his petulant drawl.

          • Raluk says:

            exactely!!! He practically suicides and then spends episodes wanting to come back ??

      • spindae2 says:

        I understand! But as the only member of their fanclub, I would love to see them back with the other “oh so powerful coven members, who sent 2 teens to kill other teens. -,-

  4. chloe says:

    So going off her interview Stefan will end up with Caroline when it’s all said and done. And Elena will some how be reunited with Damon. And both Ian and Kat will make a few guest appearances. Pretty sure next season is there last, imo.

    • alistaircrane says:

      I would be interested in seeing Elena with Matt. The idea of her with a human would be nice for a change.

    • Julie Plec already said in a recent interview that TVD is going to have at least sevens seasons. So, season 6 will not be the last!

      • sarahliz1624 says:

        Julie Plec has absolutely no control over that. With the abysmal drop in the ratings this season, season 6 will most likely be its last. People have left it behind, and the CW has seen that they’ve gone from 5 million viewers in season 1 to a pathetic 1.6 million for this season finale. I would be incredibly surprised if the CW renewed TVD for a 7th season, they’ll more likely put their weight and money behind giving The Originals a 3rd.

        • 80s says:

          Regardless, TVD is still among the top rated shows on the CW. It would take far more for them to axe TVD.

          • Sarahliz says:

            They’ve been bleeding viewers at the same consistent rate for the last 5 years. If that trend continues next year, they’ll premiere at just under 2 million and by season’ send they could be as low as 700,000 viewers. The CW will not continue with a show that loses that many viewers every single year, especially since contracts are all up at the end of next year, and at least Paul Wesley DEFINITELY won’t be back. They’ll try to bring one or two over to The Originals. TVD is coming into its final season. And it is time to put it out of its misery. Julie Plec’s focus is on TO now, and it is a far superior show.

          • Mark says:

            Even the Originals is bleeding viewers I will be surprised to see either show come the end of next season being renewed. TVD lost to much when the originals left, and the Originals although good lost a lot when Claire Holt left, but with the Originals you can only write the same story so many ways. Two brothers fighting. One brother fighting with is prodigy. Constant love triangle quadrangle — before it becomes boring. either drop TVD and move some of the characters to New Orleans or vice versa drop the Originals and move them back. But I don’t buy Plec’s excuse for aunt jenna, if she wasn’t on the other side how has she been appearing as a ghost everytime. And if she found peace,didn’t Alaric the last time he was on in the 100 episode so he should have moved on. Using Plec logic. Using that reasoning where is some of the Originals ?????

          • Sarahliz says:

            You quite obviously haven’t been watching both shows because that has all been explained, and Aunt Jenna has never been shown as a ghost. Also, The Originals took a dip post-hiatus (which was coincidentally when Claire Holt left) like all CW shows did, but lost far fewer viewers this season from season high to finale than TVD. If TVD is the “greatest show” on the CW, it wouldn’t bleed viewers like that year after year. The Originals also had to go against NCIS, the most popular drama on TV this year, but was one of the most popular shows for the CW in terms of DVR and online views. As far as plot, there is far more potential for a power struggle in NOLA, especially with 3 more Originals in play now (and Kol also returning next season) than the ridiculous orgy love triangles TVD has been selling for years.

          • Mark says:

            Ghost – Spectre – Hallucination – Memory in the end my argument about Plec’s reasoning for some characters returning and some not is still sound.

          • blakely says:

            what makes you say paul wesley won’t be back? has he said so? just curious.

          • Sarahliz says:

            He’s made it very clear over the last year or so that he dislikes being on the show and is ready for it to be over. If you’re part of the fandom it’s an undisputed fact. Check out tumblr, people will tell you.

          • Sarahliz says:

            Let’s put it this way — at Paleyfest we all played a drinking game. Every time Paul did something that made fun of the show, it’s writing, or the characters, we took a shot. We weren’t too disappointed.

          • Cas says:

            And what was he doing before VD? Yeah that’s what I thought? My thoughts are

          • Cas says:

            Oops…anyway my thoughts are it’s okay if an actor makes his opinion known once or twice but to continually bash a show that has accounted for a lot of your success is not a very good thing. I mean who would want to work with him in the future? If I were a writer or producer I would not.

          • Sarahliz says:

            Well let’s be honest here, the man’s not starting in Citizen Kane. It’s the bottom of the barrel as far as material is concerned. I’m sure he’ll think twice before signing a six year contract again, but Katherine Heigel still gets jobs, and she’s much more notorious for being “difficult” to work with. If you’re saying it outright, that’s one thing. If you’re being hard to work with on set, that’s one thing. If you’re being subtle about it, thats another. He won’t have a hard time getting another job because he has talent and he’s easy to work with. He also has a good reputation in Hollywood and a strong fan base. That’s all they care about.

  5. alistaircrane says:

    What about Vicky? She was one of my favourite characters. Did she find peace? What happened to her? She never should have been killed off in the first place! Yes, I am still bitter 5 years later!

    • Andy Swift says:

      She popped back up a few weeks ago, but she was — sadly — sucked into oblivion. Maybe she’ll date Silas or something.

    • Ava says:

      Unfortunately Vicki didn’t find peace but was sucked into oblivion a few episodes back. Matt witnessed it. :(

      Last night really gave us a glipse of the true Damon/Bonnie dynamic. I’m glad they will be able to explore it more next season. Ian and Kat are amazing. Both had me in tears last night.

      • alistaircrane says:

        I’ve always thought Kat Graham’s best chemistry is with Ian Somerhalder. Not sure why they wasted her in a pairing with Jeremy, when Jeremy has better chemistry with Tyler!

        • H says:

          Jeremy and Tyler will finally be together this season! We’d been waiting since season 1 and they better not chicken out again!

        • Naye says:

          I love ur comment @alistaircrane… True s**t..

        • Lilly Smith says:

          I honestly think Damon and Bonnie would be really gross together, but Idk may be I’m not seeing this chemistry thing w/ them because I’m a delena fan. although, I never thought Stelena was gross, I actually like them and respect what they had, I just like Damon and Elena so much more. Same with other couples on the show, I never thought they were gross together. Idk, It’s just when I think about Damon and Bonnie, I find it gross. And it has nothing to do with bonnie as a character because I love her and I think she amazing and loyal, she literally dies for her friends. But her and Damon to me, It just doesn’t seem right. At least with Steroline their was always a friendship and some build up. But with Damon and Bonnie, there was nothing. Just like an unexpected hug.

      • katy says:

        i agree with you,is amezing the chemestry that they had in the last episode, it was like they had forgotten all the bad experiences they had , ir order to go through this together.last´s episode also taught me about friendship,i cant believe how an awesome friend lexy is,i’ll never forget her.

  6. alistaircrane says:

    With Alaric back, I hope they consider bringing back Meredith as his love interest. She never quite reached her potential to be as cool a character as she was in the novels.

    • Alexandra says:

      Meredith is played by Paul Wesley’s ex-wife, so that’ll never happen.

      • alistaircrane says:

        Not necessarily. Perhaps they are on good terms. Not all divorced couples hate each other’s guts and refuse to work together. Stefan and Meredith barely interacted.

  7. Delena forever says:

    OMG u think ppl need to get over the fact that ian is hot OKAY? I’m not saying I want damon dead all I’m saying is I want him alive because he is an amazing actor and us very talented not because he’s super cute or bla bla bla

  8. Damon and Bonnie are definitely not heading into the light. Remember when Grams told Bonnie that she’s looking out for her and has her own agenda, etc. She must have done something crafty to avoid Bonnie The Anchor dying with the other side and since Damon was clearly holding her hand, he survives as well. Where they end up…who knows. Personally, I would be fine with Bonnie really dying this time. The show has drifted so far from Caroline-Elena-Bonnie BFF4EVA (which I incredibly miss from their HS days) and since she’s no longer a witch, what will she do?

    • P.S.: Alaric was so eager to come back. It’s weak that the whole cliffhanger could have been thwarted just by Bonnie holding Damon first or vice-versa. But hey, I guess life is like that sometimes, all up to chance.

    • Fox says:

      Why does Bonnie have to be a witch in order to have a purpose on the show? That’s part of what I hated about this show, they never seemed to treat her like a person, just a tool in a magical fix-it kit. Why couldn’t she be in on the planning, strategizing, etc.? Her role as a non-magical being would only be limited by the creativity of the person writing the episode. There’s plenty she could “do.”

      • Alice says:

        Another limitation was that she wasn’t really friends with Damon- so she was always brought in at the last minute to do something “for Elena”- presumably because she couldn’t stand the guy. If they were to bury the hatchett and become friends whilst inter-dimensionally marooned, then she could be more present and involved.
        She seemed to like her magic in the beginning- and it is her heritage- I’d like to see her be the Bennet witch again, maybe with more power and control.

        • Liz says:

          I imagine whatever Grams did to save her will also restore her magic. There was a reason the camera focused on the Bennett tombstones, reminding viewers of Bonnie’s magical ancestry. Plus, if the twins’ coven becomes the Big Bad of season 6, Elena and co. will need a witch or two on their side to help balance the scales.

          • Fox says:

            Yes! I thought the same thing, that Grams’ parting gift is somehow going to restore Bonnie’s magic.

      • blackpanthershay says:

        What Fox said

      • A says:

        I mostly agree. I never liked how they wrote her. She was judgmental, and underdeveloped and this weird mix of mean girl people treated like the nice girl. And they used her as mostly a tool or a mouth-piece for the lines that needed to be said. However, I think they could give her back her powers AND write her character more fully. I think Bonnie want’s her powers back and logically they should come back – if Tyler is human again she should be witch again (as she was naturally born that way.) Though I’ve read Alaric is still crazy magiked vampire — why?

    • pamela says:

      exactly what i was thinking, i remembered the scene with grams and when i saw damon and bonnie holding hands i was just waiting for something but that will be next season.

    • sophia says:


  9. Jen says:

    so killing the Travelers didn’t undo their spell across Mystic Falls? interesting…

  10. Ray says:

    I wish every damn character had been sucked into that oblivion never to be heard from again. Done. Perfect series finale. Instead Bonnie and Damon will some how be resurrected or return unscathed. No longer willing to invest my time in a fantasy/supernatural show where death is not permanent because it’s become abundantly clear Julie Plec flies by the seat of her pants and makes up rules as she goes. No thanks. Goodbye TVD. You were entertaining for a couple of seasons, but then you became a dreadful, repetitive bore.

    • sophia says:

      okay obviously you don’t like this show if you say that o why do you comment on this and watch it?

    • Foxy says:

      I absolutely agree with everything you said

    • Hyphen says:

      I do see how some wouldn’t like it because death is never permanent but I’ve come to kind of expect that. I do appreciate the creativity they have in the ways in which they are able to bring people back. It’s different every time. My only real grievance is that Katherine is gone. She was my favorite. They could have Elena turn off her humanity again as a reaction to losing Damon. Then Elena tends to be carefree like Katherine.

    • blakely says:

      i agree! now i just wish i could stop watching it! i get upset every time i do. damon and elena are barf burgers. the character dynamics have lost all of their meaning. these villains are a joke. the rampant alcoholism is distracting. i wish it had ended after season 3. nothing past it makes sense.

  11. ggny says:

    So will Enzo and Alaric become bros? Also im happy Enzo is a series regular

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yeah, the two best things to come out of another, otherwise uneven season was the intro of Enzo and bringing Alaric back permanently. Good incentives to stay tuned for next season.

    • sls says:

      Yes! An Alaric–Damon–Enzo “Bro-angle”

  12. katy_917 says:

    I’m so glad you asked about Aunt Jenna because that’s what I’ve been wondering – why they didn’t rbing her back! But so glad to see the return of Alaric – does this mean he’s back as a series regular? Cuz I totally love him :)

  13. William says:

    I just can’t swallow the idea of Katherine being gone for good. The writers butchered her character severely this season, but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss her. Even if the writers gave us a quick glimpse of what Katherine’s life was like in “oblivion” I’d be satisfied because her ending was left way too open for my liking.

    • alistaircrane says:

      Butchered? I disagree. I thought she was great this season. Her arc was the highlight of the year.

      • sarahliz1624 says:

        Absolutely. People are just pissed that Elijah didn’t come back for his “one true love” who he hated and hunted for 500 years. They obviously weren’t paying attention to the characters at all. Katherine loved Stefan, but she became redundant and it was time for her to go.

  14. The Original Original says:

    So Damon and Bonnie not dead but lost, Tyler a (pre)werewolf again, Elena, Stefan, Alaric and Enzo still vampires, and the theme of the season is finding your way back home.

    Pretty much what I predicted, and also the fresh start the series needed. Looking forward to it.

  15. Ruiroxo says:

    Long Shot, but Matt and Liv’s Brother? No One??

  16. S says:

    Yay, I’m very happy to read that not only Alaric but Enzo will be series regulars for S6. Now they both need to go save their buddy! Damon has always been my favorite character and if he’s not on every episode it just won’t be the same for me.

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  18. hello says:

    I was hoping Elena was human again, never cared for her as a vampire

  19. Luli says:

    They had the opportunity to bring Lexi back, and now she is goneeeeeeeee! :(

    • Slimsmom says:

      I absolutely agree with you! Why didn’t they make Lexi a regular too? She has always been a favorite character for me and the only time they drag her out is when she has to pluck Stefan out of the fire. Sheesh. And now there is no hope of ever seeing her again…..

  20. Nate says:

    The girl that plays Lexi has another show people, get over it

  21. WTactualF says:

    Glad I stopped watching last season. I think death should be permanent, otherwise it carries no weight and the audience reaction will be minimalized. I have no faith in Julie Plec as a storyteller.

    • Audrey says:

      you make a good point there. If someone dies in TVD I catch myself thinking they will be back anyways before I can even be in shock or be like nooooooooooo!! ;) Hope they will be back thought, because I’m a sucker for all’s well that ends well :D

  22. Kay says:

    I kind of hope for a Damon/Bonnie adventure! With both of them realizing they have feelings for each other!

    • Liz says:

      We might get the adventure part, but I wouldn’t count on them developing any kind of relationship. Ian and Kat have both expressed their interest in working together and their fascination with the Bonnie-Damon dynamic, but Plec made it clear that Bonnie would never get involved with a vampire. At best, they might develop a casual friendship thanks to whatever they go through on the other side.

      • Fox says:

        I’d like to think that the steady decline in ratings would open Julie Plec’s closed mind to a Bonnie/Damon pairing. That whole Bonnie-would-never-be-with-a-vampire excuse was lame anyway. Bonnie and Damon being stuck together on the other side is the perfect opportunity to work through whatever issues they have with each other. Fingers crossed Plec & Co. FINALLY decide to capitalize on Ian and Kat’s onscreen chemistry.

        • Cas says:

          Well they don’t want ratings to decline more and I doubt many people want to see Damon and Bonnie. Besides few lets try to have some characters not hook up. I mean Bonnie is Elena’s best friend, come on it has to end somewhere. And yeah the ratings may be declining slightly but most shows do as they age. In fact, this Spring overall was terrible for ratings across all networks.

          • Fox says:

            What does Bonnie being Elena’s friend have to do with anything? Certainly the girl code doesn’t mean anything on this show for the other characters, so why apply it to Bonnie to keep her from getting paired up with one of the main guys on the show? Elena and Caroline both dated Matt. Elena and now Caroline, it seems, were/are in love with Stefan. The biggie, of course, is that Elena was with Stefan and left him for Damon. So no, let’s not hamstring Bonnie’s romantic interests with some code that doesn’t apply to anyone else on the show. YOU may not be interested in seeing Bonnie and Damon together, but I guarantee you there is a very loud and loyal fan base out there for the pairing. There’s more to the ratings slide than the age of the show — tired, craptastic writing, tired, recycled plot lines, tired, recycled love triangles that never go anywhere. Take your pick.

          • Jenster024 says:

            I am very sad about Damon’s death as well as Bonnie’s for all you people that have been talking about those two being together I do not see that happening. Bonnie is he’s over heals about Jeremy and vice versa. Also I doubt that Damon or Elena will ever give up on one another. And i sure as hell won’t either. I loved those two being together. I would however love to see what kind of chemistry Stefan and Caroline could get into. I feel their friendship is and could grow into something wonderful. Also about the people that mentioned Alaric and Damon’s relationship. I completely agree. Damon and Alaric had killer ass chemistry on the show and I would LOVE to see that back again. So very happy Alaric decided he would re join the show. I so can’t wait for the next season. It is definitely going to kill me with anticipation.

          • Dmav says:

            And Stefan was Damon’s brother and that didn’t seem to bother her.

          • Cas says:

            My point is I don’t think Bonnie seems like the type to do that to Elena…

  23. Mary Kate says:

    Of course Damon will be back, he’s on the season 6 promo poster. If that isn’t enough confirmation, then I don’t know what is. I for one, loved the finale. Great interview!

    • mike w says:

      Just because he is on the poster or is contracted for next season thats not to say how much camera time he get and did all the stephen fans get this mad when the k him?elana needs to go back to Stephen they are. What made the show great in the start

      • Ann says:

        Yuck boring Stefan is so not her type she like excitement n damion is the one for her

        • Cas says:

          Stefan and Elena were not what made the show great in the beginning. It was the better writing, their relationship scenes were actually quite boring. I found myself waiting for her screen time with Damon back then. However, it seems once they put them together they just got lazy. But as with any show, writing goes through slumps from time to time. Lastly, is English everyone’s second language on here?

  24. sarah says:

    I was wondering if Matt would become a cop in Mystic Falls.
    Maybe the deal that Grams made was for Bonnie to live and Damon was holding her hand and so they are both alive!

  25. Danilo says:

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  26. wikitirid says:

    The other side collapsed in on itself and thanks to Bonnie’s mother, somehow Bonnie is taken away from oblivion at the fall of the other side and is brought back into the real world. Because Damon was holding her hand at the time, he’ll come back with her… There’s the start of the next season :D

  27. Cas says:

    While I don’t always agree with every aspect of the show or every decision of the writers, the show would not be the same without Damon. He provides great comedic relief, as I just watched the episode with his interaction with Markos and was pretty entertained. Really nobody else besides Enzo who is new, provides the comedic relief he does. It’ll be a nice reset for season 6 but I hope he doesn’t stay in oblivion for too long because that’ll get boring fast. Love Alaric and Enzo being regulars though! I wasn’t sure how I felt about Caroline and Stefan but I think I’m coming around.

  28. chris says:

    g Wheres COLE!!!!! Want him in the originals next season.

    • wikitirid says:

      Cole is already in the Originals next season, didn’t you see the end of the Originals? Cole and his mum came back in different bodies :)

      • Tookster. says:

        Kol is not coming into TO because he wouldn’t go againest his family. I really think Finn was the one to return with Esther (it would make more sense). And if Kol is the one, then he’d probably warn his family about Esther’s return but I really believe Finn is the one that came back with Esther.

  29. Liz says:

    I love how they looped Jeremy in with Tyler and Matt as being single. He’s only “single” because his thinks his girlfriend is dead. When Bonnie returns — as we all know she will — there needs to be closure. Either have them reunite (my preference) or have them break up because of whatever experiences they went through while Bonnie was gone. But having Jeremy just move on like it’s no big deal would be a huge slap in the face to Bonnie and the fans that liked them together. You can’t have Jeremy run after her like that, so desperate to see her one last time, and then act like she meant so little to him.

    I don’t mind having Alaric back but why is Enzo sticking around? The only person he cared about was Damon and he thinks Damon’s gone. Don’t tell me he’s hanging around because of that minor flirtation he had with Caroline. He had more chemistry with Bonnie anyway.

    It’ll be interesting to see how they handle Stefan/Caroline next season. I love their friendship but I’m not convinced the writers can make a romance between them work. Especially given their track record in that department. I do like that Plec confirmed Caroline/Tyler is in the past. And I like that they’ve gotten back to being friends, but it’s probably time for Tyler to just move on. There’s really nothing tying him to Mystic Falls anymore. He can have long-distance friendships with everyone he cares to keep in touch with.

    Matt as a cop makes a lot of sense, actually. I hope things work out for him.

  30. S says:

    So.. Jeremy will have options in dating? Wow, I guess that says it all about Beremy. :(

    • Liz says:

      The writers treat the Bonnie/Jeremy relationship as badly as they treat Bonnie. They threw them under the bus so they could explore Jeremy/Anna in season 3, only to kill Anna off a few episodes later. They finally got them back on track this season and they’ve had maybe 7 scenes together in the back half of the season? And now Jeremy’s might be moving on and dating again despite losing the girl he loved? Unless there is a significant time-jump between seasons, Jeremy shouldn’t be dating anyone. Once Bonnie returns, if they break up, he can go date this new girl but not before that. I’m hoping JP only threw Jeremy’s name in there so people weren’t 100% convinced the new girl was going to be Matt’s love interest. But given their track record with the Bonnie/Jeremy relationship, I wouldn’t be surprised if the writers break them up 5 minutes after Bonnie returns.

  31. Court says:

    Why is Tyler human and not the others? That would have been a great, Stefan and Elena has human.

    • I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

      Because he was human when he died. Well, a potential werewolf human.

      • Faster says:

        No, Tyler was a werewolf when he died and that is how he became a hybrid. He is human now because the Travelers threw him out of Mystic Falls and undid the witch magic which reversed both the werewolf and vampire spells.

  32. Alyssa says:

    So, how come Tyler lost his vampirism and reverted back to pre-werewolf, but the other characters are still vampires?

    • Audrey says:

      because tyler died and went to the other side after he entered mystic falls and the spell had the chance to have its effect on him. So all magic in him was undone before he died, hence he was pretty much human when he died. Only thing making him go to the other side instead of dying for real is probably his werewolf blood.

  33. april says:

    I’d love for Damon to come back human. Or Stefan should have came back human. I think it would give a fresh take on the relationship between the brothers

  34. Philip says:

    I find it strange that Tyler is Human and Elena isn’t.

    I thought and was hoping that everyone returned to life as they were when they died. Stefan died and went to the other side as a Vampire same as Enzo and Alaric, and as so they should get back as Vampires.

    Tyler, Elena and Damon died as humans due to the spell and they should return as humans. There is no reason why one would be returned to life human and the other 2 not. TBH I hope Elena is human, she was far more interesting back then than she is now and wishing that she didn’t realize that something has changed in her cause she was caught up with all the “Damon is Dead” thing…

    • Audrey says:

      you are not entirely correct. I agree that Tyler died human, so it is obvious that he came back as a human. But Damon and Elena died in the explosion before the spell could have its complete effect on them, so they died vampires. Therefore, it is natural Elena came back as a vampire and if Damon comes back he will too.

  35. The Original Original says:

    To anyone confused by the fact that Tyler is human whilst Elena and the rest are all still vampires, Tyler had his vampire side stripped before he died, so went to the other side as a regular werewolf, which is the state he returned in. Elena died a vampire, and so returned a vampire too. Tyler didn’t revert because he died or because he was on the other side. That was done to him when he was forced to enter the spirit magic free zone. Make sense now?

    • The Original Original says:

      And side note, Damon and Elena were definitely not human when they died. If they had been they would not have reached the other side in the first place in order to have a chance to come back. Humans don’t go there. Tyler only did because he is still technically a werewolf.

      • I want Damon back says:

        Elena would have because of her being a doppelganger I think? Didn’t she say even when she was human that the back to life ring wouldn’t work on her, because as a doppelganger she is supernatural?
        So human Elena would have been possible I think, but I’m pretty sure she died a vampire therfore came back a vampire.

  36. guy says:

    LOL this lady just makes it up as she goes along…

  37. blackpanthershay says:

    Bamon forever!!!!

  38. Jason Francis says:

    Hang on. Is Alaric a regular vampire now or does he still retain an Original vampire’s strength and gifts? And I kinda feel bad for him since there’s no witch on the show currently to make him a daylight ring.

    And what happened to Katherine?! She was sucked away into oblivion even before entering The Other Side. And that happened before Markos came through and caused The Other Side to disintegrate. I wonder who took her.

    • The Original Original says:

      Up to now there’s no reason to believe that Alaric isn’t still an Original, given that was what he was when he died, so the ring issue shouldn’t be a problem. And from how the scene played out it looks like Katherine was taken directly to Hell, or whatever passes for Hell in the TVD universe. I still don’t know why Katherine was considered to be any worse than the likes of Silas but apparently someone or something thought that she didn’t deserve her time in purgatory. Whatever the reason, I get a feeling that we really have seen the last of Katherine.

      • Jason Francis says:

        How is having no day-light ring not a problem for Alaric? If he is still an Original vampire (or a regular one for that matter), he will need one. Only Original hybrids/regular hybrids are able to day-walk and don’t need rings.

        • The Original Original says:

          Sorry, I reworded a sentence or two there and managed to delete what was basically the entire point of what I was saying. Teach me to not pay attention. What I originally meant was that everyone comes back as they were when they died. Body, soul, power, clothing and accessories, including daylight rings. I mean, why would the magic restore everything down to Stefan’s specific hairstyle and not also recreate the rings too? Alaric died an Original and so would come back with the ring that he was wearing when he died, same as Elena and Stefan were seen to do.

          Except… now that I think about it, I don’t recall Alaric ever being given a daylight ring, unless Esther gave him one offscreen. If not then obviously it’ll be a problem they need to sort out.

          • Jayson says:

            Alaric never had a daylight ring its why in season 3 had everyone in the school and after he had to wait til sunset before going after them when they escaped.

  39. J says:

    I would love to see Matt in a bigger role next season. He’s been one of my favorite characters from the very beginning. Getting him on the police force sounds good to me. Also happy to see there brining Alaric back. Matt Davis truely is a fan favorite!

  40. sophia says:

    Okay I am leaving this comment for everyone to see. Damon and Bonnie need to come back. Grams said she sacrificed something and damon and bonnie were together. Plus, Damon had promised Elena. He will know that he is breaking her to pieces if he never comes back. Damon is by far my favorite character. He got better and better each season. For everyone who said, “you only like him because he’s hot,” and all that, well you’re wrong. He is yes very hot, but thats not the point. Ian is a great actor and made his character bring the show to life. He made it funny and exciting and he made you love him or get so pissed off at him. Damon and Bonnie need to come back. Other TVD lovers should know what it feels like to fall in love with tv show characters, right? Well, a lot fell in love with Damon. So for the sake of our hearts, please allow Damon baby to come back….

  41. lindsay says:

    Is Sheriff Liz Forbes dead? Hers was the character I was most confused about at the end. When Damon found and lifted the wreckage off of her, which side was she on? She didn’t pass through Bonnie, so I’m guessing that means she’s either dead for good or Damon/Alaric were able to lift the beam off her from the other side.

    If she is dead, I’d think Caroline will be pretty distraught.

    • The Original Original says:

      The show never really made it clear but the ‘Other Side’ is basically our world but slightly out of phase with normal reality, if you see what I mean? What you see when you’re there is the regular world but from the spirits’ point of view. So when you saw Damon and Alaric helping the Sheriff, you were seeing it from the perspective of the other side but it was still happening in the real world.

      Look at it like this. When you saw Bonnie talking to Enzo in her room you were seeing it from the real world perspective of Bonnie. Had you seen it from Enzo’s side it would have been all dark and shady because he was over there. When the ghost of Alaric was sat behind Damon in Memorial from his perspective it was always the other side. The spirits we see on the show are always still over there and always see the world that way. The ‘other side’ isn’t another place so much as a different dimension of the real world. That make any sense?

    • I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

      Liz wouldn’t be on the other side because she’s human. She was on the regular side, which we’ve seen ghosts can manipulate objects, so Damon and Alaric lifted the beam from The Other Side.

    • Ricardo from BRAZIL (CURITIBA) says:

      She did not die. Damon and Alaric were on the other side, but Liz was alive when they found her.

  42. Tori says:

    She is alive. Alaric said she would be okay. Caroline will know that Damon rescuing her mother made him late. He, in essence, sacrificed himself not once when crashing into the restaurant but a second time by saving her mom. Would give Caroline guilt and make her want to help Stefan through this even more so.

    Does the gang know Bonnie was with Damon at the end, I wonder?

  43. Cara says:

    This was actually the first episode that I thoroughly enjoyed all season. Some rough edges (like why so much delena angst and so little defan?) but it was good. Excited to see how Stefan’s gonna to deal with the death of his brother and his relationship with Caroline seemingly starting to bloom (yes please tvd, let’s go there). The Damon and Bonnie heading off into the light moment was beautiful and hats off to whoever wrote that scene and/or directed it. It gave me shivers! I wouldn’t mind seeing these two be happy without their dull-ass-dishwater significant others. Here’s a thought–Elena and Matt, Jeremy and Tyler. Problem solved! Excellent finale though. For the first time, I actually and intrigued about what comes next and with the time jump, it’ll be awesome to see just how much everyone’s changed without Damon and Bonnie there.

  44. AT says:

    So Vicky is in “hell” while most of the other characters found peace? They might want to re-think their choice to never revisit the characters who were pulled into oblivion. It’s kind of silly and just kind of awful if you think about it too hard. Same with Katherine. What made her so much worse than everybody else?

  45. brike2001 says:

    Taking Stefan, Damon, Elena, or Caroline out of the core of the show will end the show for most of us. Damon brings excitement, he is sensual, seductive, witty and everything people love, but Stefan is everything everyone wants: loyal, a good person, sexy, and, most of all, he keeps the balance of the show. The crush of Caroline on Stefan was really fun. I actually rooted for them. On the human side, Matt, Geremy, and now Tyler make a perfect team. I honestly wished Matt would stay with Rebekkah, but she left both shows, TVD and The Originals, where her role became too small for her (my opinion). She deserves something bigger.

  46. Kalee says:

    Not a fan of Stefan and Caroline as a couple. I love them as best friends and not just another male/female coupling. Close male/female friends don’t always go romantically.

    And Alaric AND Enzo coming back full-time? Unless one of them goes gay (wink wink at Enzo), I’m getting pretty sick of TVD becoming a straight male sausage fest.

  47. Lexi was not back mainly because Arielle is right now on another show. I love Lexi, i was very happy to see her again, even if was for a briefly moment!

  48. Alright, so to recap: Back from the Dead: Stefan, Tyler, Enzo, Luke, Alaric, Elena.

    It was a Ok finale, i’m actually surprise about how much i actually liked the final scene with Damon and Bonnie, really.

    And omg, Elena is being insufferable since she became a vampire, but in this season finale was a whole new level, and a new level of obnoxious and annoying.

  49. Roxi says:

    Bring Bonnie back! she was a strong force for the team, she loves all of her friends and is will to sacrifice for them. Need I remind you of her willing to sacrifice herself when Klaus had came? or maybe when the veil to the other side got dropped? what about the time when she had to preform dark magic? or the time she brought Jeremy back? Point is, Bonnie needs to come back. Liv can’t take her place, maybe as a witch but never as a friend and true support system for Elena and Caroline. Damon needs to come back as well! he was what gave TVD a comedic streak, what good is a love story without at least one bad boy? Enzo can never be Damon, sure he’s sexy and darkly comedic as Damon but if they bring Damon back, the bromance can rekindle and the forces will go stronger and besides, when you look at it, Damon was the brains in a lot of the gang’s plans. Bonnie and Damon are two very important life lines for TVD, BRING THEM BACK! BOTH OF THEM!

  50. Ricardo from BRAZIL (CURITIBA) says:

    OK. What is wrong with you people? BRING DAMON BACK ASAP. We want Katherine back too. Stop killing the characters, specially the ones we love. People in Brazil are really thinking about not seeing season 6 if the killing doesn’t stop!

    • speedy says:

      I agree. Stop killing the characters and resurrecting them…after resurrecting Damon and Bonnie. And then focus on FRIENDSHIPS–Damon and Alaric! Bonnie, Elena, and Caroline. And let’s get back to the love story between the brothers. That’s the heart of this show. I, personally, can’t stand the love triangle!

      • Martha says:

        Couldn’t agree more! Like seriously stop the killing and bring Damon back now that Alaric is back. Stop subbing one for the other!