Hart of Dixie's Scott Porter Previews George and Lemon's Future, 'Huge' Season Finale Cliffhanger

Hart Of Dixie Season FinaleSomething big is going down in Bluebell tonight — several somethings, actually. Hart of Dixie‘s season finale (The CW, 8/7c) promises major pay offs for the town’s many hopeless romantics, Scott Porter tells TVLine, adding that the episode’s “last five minutes” will set DVRs ablaze.

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Below, Porter previews the season finale “shenanigans,” including the new “spark” in George’s relationship with Lemon, as well as the “huge cliffhanger” that will leave Dixie fans anxious for the show’s fourth — and potentially final — season.

TVLINE | It seems all possibility for a George/Zoe romance has been squashed. Were you surprised by that decision, considering how much history they have?
I think if we had a feeling we were going to be around for seven seasons, you’d see more of the Zoe/George relationship, but they would probably reach the same conclusion. We just went ahead and figured it out a little earlier so we could refocus the show going into the fourth season, what may be our final season. We wanted to make sure the writers and actors were on the same page, and it makes complete sense, character-wise.

Hart Of Dixie Season FinaleEver since Season 1, there have been these forbidden fruit-type feelings between Zoe and George. They were never single at the same time and never available to each other. And that’s enticing to someone. Over the course of time, things never worked out for them, and it seemed like fate was trying to tell them something. So even when they were both single, they were tired of playing the game. They realized they need each other, but not in an intimate way as much as a friendship way. They’re a support system for each other, and I think it’s the right move. I also think we delivered it in a way for fans, even ones who were hoping Zoe and George would get together, could enjoy. I look forward to seeing more of them as friends.

TVLINE | That leaves the door wide open for Wade to make his move. Do you think George will, or would, be supportive of that?
You have to remember that George and Wade have been the best of friends since they were kids. George has always wanted to push Wade, and you see frustration from George sometimes. He was there the night Wade decided to cheat on Zoe, and he was not happy about it. He wants Wade to be happy, but he also wants Wade to realize his value and his worth. I think he realizes that Wade is reaching his full potential when he’s with Zoe. Ever since he met her, he’s become a business man and taken on more responsibility. He’s become the man George always knew he could be. I don’t think George will have an issue with those two moving forward. George has his own problems. [Laughs]

Hart Of Dixie Season FinaleTVLINE | That’s putting it mildly. What can we expect in the finale between George and Lemon now that he’s redeveloping feelings for her?
I don’t know if it’s quite “redeveloping.” These feelings have been dormant for a long time. When their relationship was fractured in Season 1 — between the affair and the wedding — that was just the two of them not being ready as individuals to be married at that point. They’d been together for 15 years and had never grown into mature adults who knew what they wanted out of life. They were both muted in different ways; Lemon didn’t have a job, while George was very successful, but was just an idiot when it came to relationships. Now that they’ve both grown and become complete people, these feelings they’ve had are starting to spark again. Anyone yearns for that type of closure; could this work now? We weren’t the greatest couple then, but can something be salvaged from those times we had together?

TVLINE | And you know we love a good cliffhanger. Will things be left open-ended for George this season?
You can expect a huge cliffhanger for George. The same with Zoe and Wade and Lavon. We’ve been hurtling towards a number of things in the last third of the season, which will definitely pay off. We’re thrilled to be heading into Season 4, because everything we’ve put in motion will really pay off next season. It’s going to be a season finale to remember. And that’s just in the last five minutes. Getting there is a whole adventure of shenanigans in a typical Blue Bell, Alabama, fashion.

Dixie fans, what are you hoping to see on tonight’s season finale? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    I couldn’t stand Lemon when HOD started but once she loosened up, I love her and I’m all for George & Lemon re-do.

    • Katherine says:

      Me, too! They suddenly have sparks and chemistry and I love it. I did kind of like him with Tansy but if this is the last season, it’s probably going to be about settling the characters down and tidying up their lives a bit.

    • ChrisGa says:

      When this show started, I couldn’t stand Lemon. Over the course of three seasons she’s slowly become not only my favorite character on the show, but one of my favorite characters in primetime, thanks in large part to Jaime King’s winning portrayal.

      • John NYC says:

        I have to agree: I was completely surprised by how much I missed her when Jaime took her break. And by how much the show improved when she returned!

  2. ames says:

    Who the heck is Lamar? Did he mean Lavon, aka Mayor Hayes?

  3. Rebecca says:

    Ps. Cannot believe we have to wait for midseason for the new season!

  4. Katherine says:

    Love this show! Thanks for the scoop! I just hate that it won’t be back until midseason. :(

  5. Michael says:

    Show could EASILY get to a season 5 or 6. But ending after 4 seasons? Seems a little premature, but if it’s what the writers want, then so be it.

    • Katherine says:

      I think it’s more what the network wants. The ratings unfortunately aren’t great.

    • Ever says:

      It obviously depends on the ratings, which were bad this year. The writing sucked though, so if it’s good next year, there might be a season five. They did not announce this would be their final season.

    • Brandy says:

      The ratings are bad and it’s close to syndication

    • pinkypoo says:

      Seriously? I mean I’m a fan but the ONLY reason this show got a 4th season is because of the syndication possibilities. The ratings were lower than some of the shows CW cut this season. Let’s just be happy with the 4th season and hope we get some closure.

  6. Juliana says:

    I’m so glad that we’re going to get a final season to wrap things up! yeyy

  7. Babybop says:

    Cliffhanger? I was going to say that Joel was going to appear and propose to Zoe just as Wade was going to tell her he was going to stay, but now that said George and Lavon were part of it… I don’t know. Maybe Filmore is going to take over Bluebell or something…

  8. leola says:

    So excited for more HOD.

  9. Ally Oop says:

    I hate George and Lemon together. I think them getting together is a bit contrived and does not stay true to the characters. I liked George with Tansy but since that’s not gonna happen I hope he finds someone else likeable (not someone like Lynley! I did like that bible teacher lady for him.) And Lemon needs someone mild and easy-going who would worship her–she needs to be the boss in the relationship. I actually think someone like Meatball would work for her. She needs someone who is the complete opposite of her.

    • Harmony A Frazier says:

      I completely agree but I want George with Zoe I really wanna see how good there cemetery would feel as a couple

  10. Beth says:

    I’m so glad they gave up on George and Zoe, it’s just too obvious. I thought Lemon was the most annoying and unlikable character in season 1 but now they have molded her into someone I root for. I don’t think it would be bad for George and her to rekindle a relationship. Wade and Zoe belong together, even George made subtle hint that she belongs with him.

    • No! I have to disagree! George and Zoe did belong together too! The writers that wrote the scripts, they should have put the two of them together! George and Zoe connected from the very first moment they met! I’m not saying that Zoe and George belongs together because of their careers, he’s a lawyer, and she’s a doctor! They belong with each other, there’s a connection, and chemistry between them! The show would have higher ratings, and would not be canceling if George and Zoe were together!!!!!

      • Harmony A Frazier says:

        I agree 100% they have so much in common and when people don’t get in the way they have fun and could talk forever about those old movies and new York and stuff like that

  11. rose says:

    hope lemon and lavon get together in the end and tansy come for george in the end to
    want to see lavon marry his one true love lemon are Ruby in the end off season 4 I hope ??
    wade and zoe to get together in the end tonight .

  12. AT says:

    Hmmm. I’m not really rooting for George and Lemon to be together, that just feels counterproductive to the entire series. Characterization wise it just doesn’t ring true for them. It feels contrived. The problem is, is that the writers created believable relationships outside of the end game couples and then have had to end them all one by one through overly contrived means. Completely getting rid of George and Zoe feels contrived in the sense that they never even had a chance to try and make it work as a couple (and with the fact that George ended an entire wedding to be with her ala romantic comedy style this seems silly). And then they made Joel and Zoe so believable as a couple it was hard to take in their break up because it didn’t quite make sense. Not to mention the George/Tansy relationship that worked which will now completely be over in favor of George and Lemon. And we knew the Wade/Vivian breakup was coming because of the ex-husband, but this was also a relationship that worked too well. So the inevitable breakup also felt contrived. I’m wondering if they’ll do the same thing with Annabeth now. They’ve given her the perfect guy, but if the writers think she’s supposed to end up with Lavon they’re going to come up with an overly contrived way to end it.

    I guess it’s a compliment in a way to the writers that they made such believable relationships outside of the end game choices. THAT all said, I believe a Wade/Zoe ending since that’s been pretty much the end game from almost the beginning. But I don’t believe a George/Lemon ending. They aren’t good for each other. Personally, I would be happier if Lemon ended up alone as a career woman and leaves Bluebell behind going to the big city. That would make sense. Not every character needs to end up in a relationship. I think she should find her true love off screen. Kind of like the “I Capture the Castle” ending. “I love, I have loved, I will love.” Lemon is all about finding herself and I think it would be funny if it was she who left the small town for the big city since it was George and Zoe who were the ones so connected to it before. It would feel like backward characterization for her to end up with George in the end. Just my opinion of course. :)

    • Marc says:

      My prob;lem with this season’s writing is that they have made every single major character fall in and out of love much, much too quickly. Their love lives are a complete and utter joke and it doesn’t make the characters likeable or even trustworthy in that they come off as fickle and indecisive. One minute they are in love with one person and an episode later, its someone else.

      • Yes! I will have to agree! To me, I thought it was pretty stupid when George called off the wedding because he had fallen in love with Zoe, and then dum dum Zoe tells him to go out and venture because for 15 yrs Lemon was the only woman he had been with! He loved Zoe so much that he was willing to risk everything for her, no matter the talk of the townspeople! OMG! Really? You’re kidding me? Stupid girl! All Zoe had to do was jump up into his arms, she had him, he was hers, and she let him slip through her fingers! I mean, how much clearer could you get than that? Who knows? George might had been her happy ending of true love!!! I don’t get it! RRRrrrr! Oh yeah, and what’s even more crazier, is that in the end of season 2, Zoe goes to George telling him that she lied, she does still have feelings for him! I couldn’t believe it, George actually goes over to Zoe’s place the next morning, and WAM! Wouldn’t you know, He catches Zoe and Wade together! Do you hear me? George went after her again the next morning, even after all she had done to him back when she chose stupid Wade! George went there to give them another chance! That girl was just off her rocker!

    • ankiris says:

      I didn’t get to the end, sorry. Zoe and Joel belivable?!?! I would have more chemistry with my 80 years-old neighbour. Best friends maybe, but NO and I mean NO! sexual tension.

  13. Bobbie says:

    AnnaBeth has easily become my favorite character. I would love for her and Lavon to end up together, either engaged or a quickie wedding.
    I was always rooting for George and Zoe, but now I would really like to see Zoe and Wade together. But George and Lemon still don’t make sense to me.

  14. Emelie says:

    I love this show! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for everyone. I love Anna Beth with Levon. I hope they also get a second chance.

  15. Alice says:

    Curse cliffhangers! I want Zade biw, darn it, not in 2015!
    My tantrum aside, I am very glad they decided to let Zoe and George be friends, if only because one of the most incomprehensible parts of this season was George blaming ALL his problems on Zoe. It seemed out of character for the town lawyer to refuse to accept any responsibility for his own actions and it made me really hate George Tucker. Glad to see him grow up. Zoe is.. Zoe, but she doesn’t have that kind of power.

    • Ally Oop says:

      If anyone should get the blame for the wedding not working out it is Lemon. She’s the one who cheated and her affair with Lavon lasted quite a while. George and Zoe didn’t even really get together and I think George liking Zoe had to do with the fact that Lemon wasn’t the right girl from him. I would HATE it if George and Lemon took a step backwards and got back together. I really don’t like Lemon most of the time. While the character really adds to the show, she is selfish, bossy, and a snob. I was starting to like her when she and Wade were running the Rammer Jammer but lately I’ve found her annoying.

  16. MDEP says:

    I am for Lemon and Lavon, definitely not for Lemon and George, too much negative history. I also felt like Lavon knew Annabeth wasn’t the one because of his feelings for Lemon. I hope AB gets married to Davis and lives happily ever after with him.
    I am a bit disappointed that it seems like Zoe and George will never happen, it’s like the carrot dangled in from of your face to keep you going. But then the writers made such a great relationship with Zoe and Wade, that I can see why they would go that route.
    Really, this show has done a great job of mixing and matching couples, I am always wavering over who I think should end up with who!

    • Caro says:

      How are Zoe and Wade a great relationship? They have nothing in common, all they do is snipe at one another and have sex! You can’t build a life on that and the only person who would say otherwise is a divorce lawyer!

  17. Denise Rambo says:

    Here’s how I’d match them up: Lemon & Lavon; George & AB, and Zoe & Wade (although I’m still not sure Zoe is good enough for Wade).

    • Marc says:

      You don’t think that Zoe is good enough for Wade? Why do you think that?

    • Ally Oop says:

      While I like Lavon and Annabeth together, I do think Lemon/ Lavon would work and I also think that George and Annabeth might make a nice couple. Zoe and Wade make a good couple to and I think they bring out the best in each other.

  18. Boiler says:

    Would hate to see this show end next year. It is just a fun show and hopefully more people will watch next year or, likely, some of the new stuff bombs.

  19. Brandy says:

    I can’t Belive they’re putting Lemon/George back together-she had an affair,George called off the wedding cause of his feelings for Zoe partly and partly if I remember right,he said he and Lemon weren’t right for each other/weren’t ready to marry.Plus two of the most reccent episodes showed them doing nothing but fight,that’s not healthy.

    • Ally Oop says:

      That’s exactly my sentiments. This whole them running Fancys together is so stupid too. These two are clearly wrong for each other and the writers would be ignoring everything that came before by getting them back together.

  20. Jill says:

    They should’ve kept Zoe and George moving toward being together. Booo, this is why i pretty much stopped watching. They had more chemistry than any other couple on that show combined. Again, boooo.

  21. Rebecca says:

    What got me hooked in the first season was Zoe and George and to know now they are never going to happen makes me sad. I don’t really like the routes the writers took with some couples over the years but I’ll keep watching to see what’s going to happen.

  22. Brandy says:

    I hate that Zoe/George won’t ever happen, why introduce the triangle in season one if it’s gonna be two sided and not a triangle.All Lemon/George did in the last episode was list a dozen things they hate about/in each other.Thats not healthy .

    • Radha says:

      They introduced the triangle in season 1 b/c the writers initially wanted a triangle. But, when they saw that Zoe clicked better with Wade, they wisely decided to drop the whole triangle nonsense.

  23. Jill says:

    George and Lemon will make an awesome power couple when they reunite. They weren’t ready to be married the first time around. Now that they have had experience with other people, they can go into a new relationship with their eyes wide open about each other. They are both creative in the same way and will use their skills to be the next generation of Bluebell movers and shakers.

  24. Nicole says:

    Not happy with any of that but I will probably still watch next season anyway. I feel a little cheated that Zoe and George are never going to happen, even for a little bit. :(

  25. Caro says:

    Hart of Dixie missed the boat by never giving George and Zoe a chance! They have great chemistry and I think they would have made a wonderful couple! I stopped watching after that ep where Zoe and George decided to be friends. I don’t appreciate having a showrunner tease a potential relationship for 3 seasons and then just say “Sorry… we’ve decided not to go there and no, we don’t care about the Zeorge fan base!”. They cancel HOD for all I care! As for Scott Porter, he deserved better!

    • Radha says:

      And I think it’s really immature of you to wish the show would get cancelled and have all those actors and crew members out of a job just because you didn’t get the couple you wanted.

      • Boiler says:

        Agree!! Plus didn’t she say she stopped watching. So what does Caro know anyway? I don’t watch for the couples but personally I can’t see Zoe and George

  26. Caro says:

    Lots of Zoe and George fans here! If you really want Zoe and George to get together then start asking for Zeorge on the HOD facebook page (ignore the obsessed Wade fans who will bash you for it) and go to the HOD web page and start asking for more Zeorge! The show doesn’t come back until 2015 which the show time to change their minds! I’d rather see Zoe/George, Lemon/Lavon, Tansy/Wade! Who’s with me?

  27. I’ve been a loyal Hart of Dixie fan since the very first episode aired. I hate to see this show go on hiatus for so long, it’s really become a big part of my life. I’ve spent a lot of time this week trying to decide which characters I thought would ultimately wind up together in the end. And, of course, tonight’s season finale would have to point towards the beginning of the end. That being said, here goes. I know some characters are a given, but some others have left and come back. And others have taken a back seat and are being moved up. And still others may be leaving. That being said, here’s my pick: Obviously, Zoe and Wade will be in Bluebell and taking center stage. Also Lemon and George, Lavon, AB, but I do not think David will be there at all, I do think we will see lots more of Magnolia, more of Dash, more of Tom and Wanda and possibly a baby Tom or baby Wanda, no Joel, no Lynley and no Vivian (in my opinion), no Tansy, and no Shelby next season. Of course I could be all wrong, but I think the writers will be taking us back to “good ole’ Bluebell”, the place we all fell in love with in the beginning. I think we’ll see more Bluebell festivities, more of the Belles and much more of Earl. Maybe even a wedding or two. Did I forget anybody? What do y’all think?

    • Beth says:

      Patti, I agree with your predictions, though I think we may get one last glimpse of Joel next season to stir the pot. I think they definitely have the end game in sight and read on twitter that they will be given 10 more episodes. I’m glad they are giving them room to wrap it all up but will be sad to see it end. I also have become attached to the characters and wish them the best.

      Marc, I agree with you that this season was full of too many serial relationships…made me feel indifferent toward them because of the revolving door.

  28. bethnbriggs says:

    With regard to Zeorge, they slammed that door shut several episodes ago. In the Scott Porter interview piece he explained that the writers thought it was time to put closure on that thread as they make their way toward the end of the show. Personally, I’m glad. I think they make better friends than lovers.

  29. Carla Krae says:

    Really liked this season until they broke up Lavon and AB, Zoe and Joel, and Wade and Vivian. I don’t think Wade and Zoe should hook up ANY time soon. 1) they’re different people than they were at the time of their break-up, and 2) it would just be rebound from 2 very serious relationships. Vivian was really good for Wade and Joel was really good for Zoe. I don’t want to see another pass at the Zoe/Wade fight-then-screw-then-fight merry-go-round again. Also felt like the writers took half of George’s brain away and made him a buffoon this season, and not in a natural character way, but just for the point of the script.

    • Radha says:

      I think you’re looking at this whole thing from a strange angle. Wade and Zoe were in REBOUND RELATIONSHIPS with Vivian and Joel. They never dealt fully with Wade cheating and then Zoe ran to New York to have some space for 3 months and to work at the hospital. Except she ended up staying for 5 months (or was it 6?) and when we come back she’s in a relationship with Joel and they are in love? What? And about to move in together? Yeah I didn’t buy that at ALL. Joel was her rebound and Vivian was a Zoe 2.0-minus the neurotic and nutty shenanigans. I can’t believe people didn’t get that.

      So while they were with other people, Zoe learned to forgive Wade and see him start to shine as an adult-FINALLY. And Wade learned to believe in himself and be responsible. THAT is what Joel and Vivian were there for. So the fact that you say Zoe and Wade getting back together would be a rebound makes no sense.

  30. pamela says:

    i want a redo back to season 1, george/zoe and lavon/lemon, that’s what drew me into the series. it’s obvious the former won’t happen and it’s too bad because i could never warm up to wade/zoe the way so many have that it changed the writers course of the show but at least give me the latter.

  31. Katie says:

    I might be the only one who feels this way, but I thought Lemon and Lavon have the very best chemistry. I don’t want Lemon to get back with George. I’d like George and Zoe to be together, but I’m okay with Wade and Zoe too.

  32. Lauren says:

    I don’t mind George and Lemon, I actually liked them in season one and I’ve been enjoying their scenes – but I am disappointed that if they get together it means we’ll never get Lemon and Lavon. Unless Lemon and George get together now and Lemon ends up with Lavon. But still, I’ve been waiting for Lemon and Lavon to have a proper relationship for years and I’m scared we’ll never get to see it.

  33. amy says:

    It seems that after tonite we all will get at least a “little more” of ZADE. As far as couples are concerned there really are not many with as much attraction and tension between them! They are fun to watch…its great seeing Wade come full circle and seeing Zoe acknowledge her feelings(for once!) Wades character has ‘grown up’ and it makes him super sexy!! and worth fighting for. Zoe has needed to acknowledge all the changes in him and deal with her fears of “loving” for a while now. No more rebound seasons. Plz!!!!!!!! Their relationship developed over time…made it so much easier to be involved in. That said…I think it will be fun to see Lemon/George take a second look…whether it works out or not…they both have had so many ‘dead end’ romances that have ended so abruptly…its as if u knew it was going nowhere from the very start. Or maybe Lemon/Lavon? It would be nice to see the chemistry between them again as well…they were pretty convincing in season 1…maybe they should bring that back and revisit it. Either way…THEY MUST NOT CANCEL AFTER SEASON 4!!!! They can’t leave AB dangling with a broken heart forever!! Maybe she needs to be the Belle that breaks the mold, flings caution to the wind…and follow Joel around while on his road to success…they seem like they would make a great couple!! and after what I saw tonite…their seems to be real potential with Zoe and Lemon becoming ‘real’ friends.

  34. Gemma says:

    I am astonished at the comments I have seen. No one seems to be talking about the obvious folly in saying Zoe + Wade should be together in the end. If Zoe’s character was written realistically she would not handle herself as she did in the season finale. She is an intelligent, fashionable woman from New York – where did that all go? She is now a pathetic, indecisive, babbling, dependent woman for a man who brushes her aside at a whim. She has NOTHING in common with Wade and when they end up together and marry (if Zoe buys Wade the ring of course) it’ll end up in divorce. Part of Wade and Zoe’s initial breakup also had to do with the fact that they had nothing to talk about and their relationship was purely physical. Even Wade got offended at the fact that Zoe underestimated his social skills. Check that episode out – it exists. Aside from Zoe’s random “doctoring”, the show should consult with an actual academic – to see that an intelligent person will need a mental connection with a person. Even with Wade’s so-called maturity this season, he is still adolescent-like. Her role as a doctor should naturally progress into her personality. One minute Zoe’s inability to function (making basic decisions – aka the time when she had to use Lemon for advice re: dating etiquette) turns into her making crucial decisions and saving lives. Ridiculous.

    Where is a strong female character on this show? The strongest one being Lemon – has to be made SO annoying that it is impossible for viewers to see that an intelligent, strong-willed woman CAN ALSO BE polite, likeable and friendly.

    Also, since when was it normal and marriage-worthy (we all know Wade is the man Zoe wants to spend the rest of her life with) for a man to cheat on a woman? Did everyone forget Wade’s cheating?! Of course – since the joke of a show chooses to focus more on Wade’s non-stop lady’s man antics and fact that almost every woman who sees him either wants him, has had him or wants to have him again.

    Now to George – he has been cheapened to a side-kick role. He is now a lawyer who lives in a boat house. Way to show bro-code – Lavon and George are SO brotherly it’s not even a regular friendship since G and L seem to have no other male friends. Why would Lavon go for Lemon without at least sharing that with George who he JUST spent a day/night with.

  35. Gemma says:

    LAVON + RUBY. Done. Forget what the show is trying to promote. He had the most respect, chemistry and affection for her. He proposed remember? But they just had to eliminate Ruby because apparently Lavon must be in an interracial relationship. What’s wrong with Ruby? It does not mean Lavon is better for not going with her.

    Lavon – he is the mayor who has become more of comic relief this season. George tends to pick up his slack. George should be mayor and Lavon should just lust after Lemon.
    Annabeth – another pathetic female character. FINALLY someone proposes to her again (isn’t this her life goal and dream?!) and she can’t say yes. She needs to hunt down a man aka Lavon who obviously has no interest in her. Guess it’s okay to have her beg. Maybe we’ll see that scene soon with Lavon looking down at her while she babbles endlessly about him being the love of her life. Also she needs to do a more convincing Southern accent.

    Overall – even if this show lasts a million seasons it is an insult to underestimate the intelligence of fans. This is a wanna-be “Sweet Home Alabama” and “Gilmore Girls.” Writers should do research on the South, Southern Belles and actual REAL characters before making a mockery into what they call a show. After being a loyal fan I’m not watching the next season. With such great actors it’s sad what this show has become.

  36. Sarah says:

    Personally I’m surprised by the comments on here, most other social media and forums I’ve seen show a very strong support base for Zoe and Wade, rather than Zoe and George.
    I agree that it would have been interesting to see the writers actually explore Zoe and George in a relationship, however as Scott says in this interview, the show is probably not going to be renewed again. There is only so much the writers can show with the time they have, while still having a believable finale, without characters switching affections last minute, making the characters look fickle and the writing contrived.
    At the end of the day, Zoe and Wade’s relationship has also been developed equally as much and shown by the writers since the very first season, (even in the premier), and the chemistry between the two characters was strong from the get go. I would be glad to see these characters find happiness together, I think it shows character development for all.
    Zoe letting go of the ideas she has in her head of what her life should be like (aka with the “perfect” guy like George) and actually finding what makes her happy (like her decision to stay in bluebell rather than become a surgeon in New York), Wade growing up and accepting responsibility in a mature and supportive relationship, and George making a decision for himself about what he really wants, rather than allowing the women in his life to dictate what kind of partner he should be. (This doesn’t necessarily mean George should end up with anyone, although I still like him and Tansy, someone who isn’t that great for him on paper, or in the minds of his parents; someone that he actually enjoys being around and chooses for himself.)
    Zoe and George have had countless opportunities to choose each other, yet Zoe has actually made the decision to be with Wade over George more than once, I think that shows where her true feelings lie.

  37. waterfall says:

    lemon and lavon have the right to be together is they chance now George have his is time to let lemon go to be with the man she always love and that man is lavon she happy with hem stay back George is lavon and lemon time now in season four and as zoe and wade to people let’s the love begin in season 4 fan’s

  38. Dora G. says:

    Am I the only one around here who still, desperately, hopes that Zoe and George get a chance to be together AND preferably even stay together til the end ? Even if it would be cliche, they are perfect for each other and I root for them every second I’m watching! If the writers made it seem from the start that they belong together, let that happen!! I would hate to see George and Lemon being a thing again, they just don’t match. I guess I’m way to naive or hopelessly romantic, because i want the Zoe-George-romance…

  39. Zoe thorn says:

    Well since Rachle Bilson is pregnant in real life and recindild her romance on the show the writers will make it a zade baby and gorge tucker wants to recindil her romance with lemon so third no way that Gorge and Zoe will get to get to gether.sorry for those of you rooting for them😒

  40. rose says:

    lemon with george will never happen lemon will marry lavon in the end .
    on christmas day the day they first meet , team lemvon haysland .

  41. Harmony A Frazier says:

    I want to see George and Zoe get close and try things at least once and maybe think its better as friends or give it a shot and have alot of people mad

  42. Zoe&george says:

    I hope Zoe Hart and George Tucker be together!!!! Or Just one night again. They had a crush in all those season, it’s not fair!!!!

  43. Kitkat says:

    They put Zoe and George through so much they have to end up together! I thought wade and lemon would be so cute together… Lavon and annabeth am I the only one?

  44. hannah says:

    Will dang, I wanted lemon and Levon to b together, and George and zoe. The romance is so beautiful, and every season makes you excited to see those couples get together… but no. It goes back to where it was in the beginning of the show. To me, thats boring and a waste of time, watching George and lemon get together, break up, then get together again. Gosh, I hate it when shows do that -_-