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Grimm Finale Post Mortem: David Giuntoli and EP David Greenwalt Talk Adalind's Tawdry Trickery and Nick's New Normal in Season 4

Grimm - Season 3Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Grimm‘s Season 3 finale. If you haven’t watched, make like an eisbiber and scurry away.

That was one heck of a wedding reception, eh?

By the time the credits rolled on Friday’s Grimm, Rosalee and Monroe’s marriage was the only event that unfolded as expected — too bad the couple had all but banked on a Grimm-Wesen brawl, and their fears were realized not long after the new Mr. & Mrs. said “I do.”

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Elsewhere in the episode, Adalind got Nick to sleep with her by posing as Juliette — and he did! — and Captain Renard took a couple of bullets in the chest, thanks to Weston, whom Trubel later beheaded. (Later, Ponyboy!)

But the biggest surprise of all came during the aforementioned wedding throw-down, during which Nick realized that none of the Wesen were reacting to him… because he’d lost his Grimm abilities!

TVLine chatted separately with star David Giuntoli and series co-creator/executive producer David Greenwalt about the tumultuous hour and what’s ahead in Season 4. (You’ll notice there’s not much on Renard’s fate; some knowledge, like the mysterious keys, must be left for you to acquire later.)

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TVLINE | So Nick slept with Adalind… and didn’t even know it until after?!
GIUNTOLI | It’s the only state-sanctioned way to cheat on your lover: Have someone else embody them. Yes, Adalind turned into Juliette and slept with me, and I did not know the difference — except there was a certain wild, witchy energy that I think Nick maybe liked.

TVLINE | Nick went from being a Super Grimm at the beginning of the season to basically having no powers at the end. Can you tell us about the decision to de-Grimm him?
GREENWALT | We had this idea that, at some point, it would be good for him to lose his powers. Then we thought, “That’s a great way to end the season.” And I like what you were just saying, Kim: He started as a Super Grimm, and you just think he’s going to get Grimm-er, but in fact by the end of the year he’s lost his power. When we began noodling about just how he was going to lose his powers, it became very exciting… We said, “Well, Adalind has his blood in her. What else could she possibly get in her? What if she made herself look like Juliette?” Obviously, there’d be no other way for them to ever do that with Adalind. And then we were on fire. The whole thing became so much fun. It’s almost farce, really. It’s our normal drama/comedy/horror/adventure, but there’s a little bit of farce in this one.

And then we got so excited where Adalind-as-Juliette is driving the captain crazy, sleeping with Nick, doesn’t know who the heck Trubel is and just raises hell – but for a good cause. The nice, new thing that happened toward the end of the season, she wants her baby back. She’s not just being evil; she’s like, “I have to do this to get my baby back, and I’ll go to any lengths to do that.”

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TVLINE | I kind of hoped she’d gallivant as Juliette a bit more. It was fun to see Bitsie Tulloch play Juliette the way Adalind sees her.
GREENWALT | We could’ve done it for two or three episodes, I suppose. But we needed to get her on that plane to Europe. Of course, she thinks her baby is there — and guess what? [And] obviously, Nick has no powers,and Trubel can become his eyes and ears for the Wesen world.

TVLINE | Does this mean that Trubel is going to be around for the next season?
GREENWALT | She’s definitely going to be around for a good part of next season, possibly the whole season.

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TVLINE | Even though Nick had been complaining about it earlier in the episode, the de-Grimming comes as a shock. Percentage-wise, what part of him is happy he’s no longer a Grimm, and what part wants to go back to the way things were?
GIUNTOLI | Split it down the middle. For every personal life reason, he does not want to be a Grimm. But now that he knows so much and he knows he’s needed… he would like to be a Grimm. But that’s a big struggle, between personal life and crimefighter life.

TVLINE | Juliette’s been very understanding of everything that’s happened, but this episode is the first time we see her chafe at that. Will she argue for not reinstating Nick as a Grimm?
GREENWALT | That’s going to be her first point of view, and it’s going to eventually become his point of view. But then you realize: He’s only half a man if he’s not a Grimm. The way to get him back is very complex and kind of fun, too. They will come to agreement, eventually, but it’ll be over a long period. He might even quit the force for a while.

TVLINE | The antidote spilled out of Trubel’s hands during the wedding melee. Was that a time-sensitive thing? If Nick can find the rest of it and take it, will he be OK?
GREENWALT | It’s a time-sensitive thing. First of all, they’ve got to find that storage shed where all that stuff took place. But then, [by] using Rosalee and Monroe and another very interesting character that’s going to have a relation to our captain, they have to figure out how to reverse this, what they’re going to have to go through.

Grimm - Season 3TVLINE | What does life look like for Monroe and Rosalee now that they’re wed?
GREENWALT | They did have a beautiful honeymoon planned, but they put that on hold to throw in with Nick and Juliette and their problems and see how much they can help fix what’s happened. Eventually, there are a lot of Wesen who don’t like interracial Wesen marriage, if you will. They’re going to run into a lot of trouble with some very radical Wesen like that, and that’s going to be a big thing that happens to them in the first half of the season.

TVLINE | At the very end of the episode, Wu sees Trubel’s drawings and has a flashback to his encounter with the aswang. When you and I talked a while ago, you mentioned that his Wesen-related story isn’t over.
GREENWALT | They’re gonna have to decide if they want to bring him into this or not, because now he’s been through enough… Definitely, all of this “Is it real or not?” will be coming up for him, big time.
GIUNTOLI | I think it’s better if he [remains in the dark], for the show — probably not as fun for Reggie Lee. If Wu knows, then everybody we know on the show knows. Certainly there’s a precinct full of people who have no idea what the hell’s going on, but the audience does not know those people. He represents that other side. And if we lose that, then the story is a very different story.

TVLINE Nick now has another key and a partial map of the Black Forest. What can we look forward to, regarding that plot, in the next season?
GREENWALT | We can look forward to a third key, and we know the royals have four, and Nick and his cohorts have three, and in Year 5 — we promise –we will put all this together and find out what the hell they lead to.


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  1. thatdude says:

    That was quite the finale…so good

    • Theresa says:

      I think Nick losing his powers temporarily would be a good thing. After his problems with the Baron it might have been slowly killing him. By removing his powers the Baron’s attacks can no longer work and eventually flush out of his system.

      • Frederick says:

        Very temporarily, let’s hope.

        • El Shadd says:

          For a hexienbiest to get back was pain in the ass. Because u have to have resources and all….Nick got them all, a spice shop , a grimm and a Zaurbiest and his mom who will show up soon…So I guess he will get them in 2-3 episodes….

          • Dj says:

            This feels like an arc that will last at least 4-6. You have to deal with the shock of what happened. Then the what did she do to him and how to fix it. Him adjusting to not having his powers and does he want to fix it and after that they will deal with what it takes to fix it.

        • Brent says:

          I agree. I also hope that he gets back his other super grimm powers like the hearing and super stamina, and after this ordeal I thing he deserves to get one more cool power… Like the ability to hide him being a grimm, or the ability to spot other grimms or something.

      • El Shadd says:

        No, it cant be….He have to have Barons drug in him….He have to remain as super strong …every thing cant go 0 just because he lost power temporarily…and I think Sean Renards mother will show up to help him to get Grimm power back…

  2. Nate says:

    That ending was cruel -___- lol

  3. Nate says:

    They better talk about that whole semi dead zombie Nick, next season

    • sanchopanza says:

      That was one of my first thoughts too. He hasn’t zombied out in a long time, and I dislike it when they just drop elements like that, where they’ve made an issue out of something. Keeps you from buying into other elements that they want you to take seriously.

      • Rima says:

        They still haven’t touched on the thing in the bushes when Nick and Juliette are standing at Aunt Marie’s grave. I don’t know if they have forgotten about it or if they are eventually going to bring it back and if they do I hope its this season. I may even go as far as to say that it is starting to get me angry.

  4. Dj says:

    The key thing is a HUGE spoiler. I’m shocked they said that. It’s good to hear that Trubel might be around for the whole season. She was a great addition to the cast.

  5. Maryann says:

    -Trubel is such a great addition! I’m so glad she is going to be around for quite a while. Would love to see her as a permanent addition to the show.

    -This business about Nick losing his powers — good grief! I’m ok with them taking the whole next season for him to get them back, I just want it to happen eventually. And I want Nick and Juliet to stay together. It is so refreshing to see the hero in a stable relationship.

    -The Captain? He’s going to live, right? It would be a great loss to the show if he died.

    Can’t wait for next year’s premiere!

    • Maryann says:

      P.S. If I had seen that headline before I saw the episode, I would be VERY angry right now! A “normal” Nick is a HUGE spoiler!!!!

      • sanchopanza says:

        “New normal” is not the same as “normal Nick”. It means that something in your life is different, but not necessarily you.

    • MrTemecula says:

      Other than being able to see Wesens, what sort of power does a Grimm have? It just seems Nick uses his normal cop training to beat or kill Wesens. All Nick needs to do is get Trubel to point out the bad guys and he can be just like his police partner, Hank, who seems to have no problems handling Wesens.

      • Kaye237 says:

        They have a sort of ”genetic memory” of figthing, Nick move a lot faster and fight lot better than a normal cop. When they’re fighting against many wesen at the time, Nick pretty much always give the advantage. Plus the super-hearing.

        • Dj says:

          The super hearing might be something only Nick had. I agree that Nick moves faster and sems to be a more skilled fighter then a normal cop. Plus Trubel has no training and she is able to do everything Nick does, but the hearing. I’m thinking being a Grimm improves their strength, speed, and endurance.

          • Rima says:

            His hearing was from when he was temporarily blinded by the sandman and he had to rely mainly on his hearing to get around. It has nothing to do with him being a Grimm, Although it does help a lot. I agree with that.

  6. anice says:

    It was good, can’t wait to see where it leads to next season.

  7. Carm says:

    That was a great finale! The captain better live even though it didn’t look like he was going to make it. I love him! Can’t wait for Adalind to see that there is no baby when she gets to the Royals. I agree about Wu. Somebody should stay in the dark. Also glad Trubel will be around next season. I did not like her at first but now love her as part of the cast.

  8. JASon says:

    Did this show improve from the first few episodes? I didn’t like the first few but didn’t realize David Greenwalt was involved. So I may want to give it another try?

    • iMember says:

      Grimm has propelled itself into such a fun and enjoyable show with a great cast and set of characters. I would certaintly recommend getting back into it. The second half of season one was where it really found itself and it has only gotten better ever since.

      • KevyB says:

        I’d question the “great set of characters” part. The Adalind story this year has dragged ON and ON! It felt like she was pregnant for like 1000 years and all that time not being evil just made her not scary anymore. They need to kill her off and find a new baddie who is actually frightening and not just annoying people to death!

        And Juliette, while less boring a character than she was previously, is still pretty boring. She is either outside every story commenting on the proceedings or a constant victim of them. Even Sgt Wu looks like he’s going to be part of the Scooby Gang next year, meaning every character will be involved EXCEPT Juliette! I was pretty excited when it looked like she was going to leave Nick! If she and Adalind stick around and Renard dies, I’m going to be perturbed. Though it’s great to hear Trubel is going to be around next season. Though here’s to her becoming less stupid!

      • Rima says:

        Personally I liked the first season of Grimm a lot more, but I do enjoy where the story is going and I cant wait for Nick to get the third key!!! :)

  9. Elle says:

    Trubel is going to be the Grimm version of a seeing-eye dog.

  10. Valerie says:

    Not sure the point in having a seeing eye Grimm, I just will not see Grimm without Nick. I do not like shows that drag that sort of ting out, kinda sorry to see it go that way. Loved the new addition, but if it was to take Nick’s power then bummer on that. I love Grimm, and as for Cpt Renald he is not a person not only for the Royals but for team Grimm that needs to be alive so hope he makes it, ok well Royals would like him dead..

  11. Diz says:

    Poor Rosalie & Monroe. I didn’t care for Truble at first, but she’s growing on me. Reminds me of Claudia on Warehouse13.

  12. I was disappointed that Nick, Juliette and the Captain were so clueless about both the plan to keep Adelind in the dark about her baby (AND expect her to stand for that) and Adelind’s latest scheme. Really people? None of you learned anything from before? No one immediately thought Adeline might be up to something!? smh Doesn’t seem believeable and I’m frustrated that we will now spend part of next season waiting for Nick to get his Grimm back – just like the start of this season when we had to get past him being zombie Nick for a while! It’s basically a repeat/slight variation of the same storyline. I do like the addition of Trubel, but liked the possible stories that could be told with she and Nick as a two-Grimm team — not her as a seeing eye Grimm. As much as I like this show, these storylines and the dumbing down of the characters are making me lose patience/interest. Sigh.

    • Bob says:

      The captain was well aware that Adalind was up to something. Why do you think he was having Wu keeping tabs on her for the last 2 episodes? There is always going to be a big cliffhanger for the last episode, and Grimm isn’t the only show that does that by any means. This year Nick loses his Grimm power. Last year he was in a coffin on a plane bound for Europe. The year before that Juliette was put into a coma. How is all that the same? I say BRAVO to the writers.

    • Frederick says:

      I agree with you, Mary. I’m tired of seeing Nick being placed in a position of weakness at the end of each season (at least the last two).

      • Dj says:

        I’m ok with Nick being in some sort of peril at the end of each season. Grimm story is pretty much ongoing and it doesn’t have a new big bad every season. So you can’t end the season with him defeating that big bad. The only other way to end the season is to put Nick or some someone Nick cares for in a weaken position.

  13. James D says:

    holy crap on a cracker that was intense. I’m not sure i agree with how they went about it, but i trust their ability enough to give them the benefit of the doubt. you would think after their history with Adelind they’d be more hyper aware of her plotting. And I don’t really see the point of going through all the trouble of establishing Nick as a Super Grimm just to squash it at the end of the season, maybe because of his super status it will make it more likely for him to regain his powers at some point next season. Good stuff though I like Trubel and i really hope Renard isn’t dead. can’t wait to see how everything plays out next season.

  14. Michael says:

    I love love LOVE Trubel! I am so glad that she will be sticking around. I hope they keep Nick De-Grimm’ed for a while. Making him try to do his job without all of the mojo, will make him a stronger Grimm when he gets his powers back.

    • Frederick says:

      I would rather not see Nick De-Grimm’ed for very long. You’ve got Hank to fill the role of a non-Grimm doing the job.

  15. inorionsweb says:

    Best Season Finale…Ever…I love Nick as a Grimm but seeing his human side will be amazing.

  16. Project Legacy says:

    – I get the feeling that we’ll finally see Captain Renard’s mother next season (the interesting character related to the Captain that was mentioned).

    – Absolutely love that fact that Trubel is sticking around, Trubel is basically what a Grimm should be, similar to Nicks Mom, which just goes to show how different Nick really is. Also you can clearly see there’s this brother-sister bound building between the two and at least IMO it makes a lot more sense that there’s another Grimm besides Nick and his Mom.

    – I’m hoping that Monroe and Rosalee are used more frequently next season and with better story arcs, felt that they were underutilized all season (especially Monroe), and IMO the strength of the first season was the relationship between Nick and Monroe. Yes things have to evolve and grow, but IMO since Hank found out about everything there’s something missing from the show.

    – BTW, I thought Nick only had 2 keys, the one from his aunt and the one from the old man’s cane, am I missing something ?

    • Isobel says:

      They’re saying he’ll get a third key next season, and then the seas

      • Isobel says:

        The season after that the three keys added to the four keys the royals have will show the complete map and I presume season 6 will be gett

  17. wordsmith says:

    I was REALLY hoping that when Renard went into the storage unit and picked up that witch hat, the fumes were going to make HIM turn into Juliette too. Totally a missed opportunity.

  18. scotlore says:

    This is the first episode of the series I decided to delete without watching. I like Monroe and Rosalee a lot but I am just not interested in the direction they’re heading with Nick. And I can’t feel any sympathy for Adalind’s antics when I just watched her pimping out her unborn kid for her own selfish ends for 2/3rd of the season. I’d like them to deal with her once and for all and move on already. I like Victor and love Nick’s mom too and I hope they feature them again next season. I’d even like to hope that somehow Renard’s half brother is somehow still alive and will surface again down the road (as I like James Frain a lot).
    So far Truebel doesn’t do anything at all for me, in either character, or plot, but I am happy that the actress gets to be on Grimm for her big job. Congrats to her.

  19. Raine says:

    Another superhero loses his powers, well that is original. I can’t wait for more boring domestic action next season, I just love watching Juliette and Nick do normal boring stuff and be a couple, it’s so great and exciting!

    • James says:

      They’ve been actually doing domestic stuff alongside helping out in solving Wesen-related cases. And I don’t think Nick can even be considered a superhero as in the general context.

      Superheroes tend to wear costumes and quite a number of them don’t really possess powers.

      • makeanincision says:

        I know they have been doing the domestic stuff all season, I’ve been watching. Well half watching because so much of it has been boring. On the superhero argument I guess we could get into semantics but that sounds like a boring discussion as well.

        • Ambuclao says:

          You just have to choose what kind of Grimm show you want to watch: 1) Grimm the relationship drama, 2)Grimm the cop show, 3)Grimm the mystery series, or 4)Grimm the main series.

    • terell says:

      Hey boo

  20. hello says:

    I’m just happy the wedding wasn’t interrupted before they were married

  21. Ray says:

    “Well, Adalind has his blood in her. What else could she possibly get in her?” Eww. Greenwalt just went there. That said, I thought the Adalind storyline was a hoot. I’m always up for some more hexenbeist action on Grimm.

  22. All I can say is if Nick doesn’t get his powers back and kick butt, I will no longer be watching it. This series is based off him and his family and all he has learned and over came. Taking that away is just wrong.

    • Kaye237 says:

      Of course he’s going to get his power back, not sure why there’s people who doubt it. The journey of dealing with it, having to weight the good and the bad of getting his power back and how desperate will he be to do it and everything….is what’s gonna be intesresting. I just hope they don’t wait ’til the next finale to give him his powers back

      • Patrick says:

        When people talk about him getting his powers back, I think they mean PDQ. If it doesn’t happen within 3-4 eps, I will be tempted to tune out. If it takes an entire season, it could kill the series.

        • Mary says:

          More like, it better happen within 1-2 eps! Anything more than that would be unacceptable in my view and I’ve been a loyal Grimm viewer since the beginning.

          • Patrick says:

            I pretty much feel the same. I want his powers back within 1-2 eps, but out of deference to the guys who created the show I was/am willing to give them 3-4 eps, but that’s it. I am a huge fan, so I will watch, regardless, but an extended period of Neutered Nick will kill the series. It will shed fans to the point that S5 would be an abbreviated order to get to 100 eps to wrap up the series. This is a good show that does solid numbers on a night that is usually a wasteland. It will sell pretty well in syndication, because it pairs well with Supernatural, CSI, Bones, etc.

            If they botch next season, it will kill the show prematurely.

          • Kaye237 says:

            For me it will depend how the writers handle it. If it give some nice characters dev. and an emotional arc, I can be on board for a 3-4, even maybe 5. if it’s just straight forward, without any ”deep impacts” , if you know what I mean, than yes 2 ep. would be enough.

            I don’t want Nick to just shake it off, be ok with the whole deal in 10 minutes, decide ”well, let’s get everything back”, go to buisness and that’s it. If it’s just that, they can do it in 2 episodes top. If it’s well handle, they can go to either a ‘,vulnerable Nick” (mentally/emotion-ly speaking) and/or a, sort of, Dark Nick desperate to get his power back, charging without thinking and the ”Scooby gang”, as the actors call themself, holding him back. if we have something like that, I can handle a bit more than 2 episodes of it

          • Sam says:

            Agreed! The show is called Grimm and Nick is the lead character. But each season more and more characters have been brought in so it is changing the dynamics of the show, and for me, not in a good way. and now Truble! I like her as an actress and am happy she caught a big break, but not here, not this show. She has put the lead characters on the back burner. Last week she had 85% of the air time and the leads shared the rest. Fix it soon or I wont be watching.

        • Frederick says:


  23. Robyn says:

    Not sure I will watch if the captain is killed off. Still find Juliette boring prefer Adalin really like Trubel hope things are finalised with the Verrat and the keys. Would love to see Renards mother. Look forward to season four but only if Trubel and Renard are in it. Think she should be more than a seeing eye dog!

  24. The Kaibosh says:

    Did I miss the part that explains HOW Nick lost his abilities? Are we supposed to simply accept that its only by the mere fact that a Grimm had sex with a Hexenbiest? Or that the cure just happened to be the same concoction that Adalind whipped up when she toked through the Sorting Hat bong to turn into Hexen Juliet? The premise and plot are entertaining no doubt: but the execution is sloppy and lazy. It stinks of green meteor rocks from Smallville.

    • jenferner8 says:

      I think the guy Adalind thinks has her baby gave her instructions on what to do/how to take Nick’s powers. When they were on phone he mentioned how Nick took her powers, and offered to help her “return the favor” but we never heard exact instructions.

  25. Kay says:

    Loved the episode but Juliette still bores me! She’s getting upset about all the Grimm stuff, I was wondering when she’ll think about having kids with Nick and they’ll be fighting or get killed by Wesen…..I think that needs brought up before an engagement!

    • Nicole says:

      I really like Juliette and hope they stay together. It adds another interesting piece when the main character is in a strong relationship and has someone they could lose-always makes them more vulnerable.

  26. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    I have 3 words……W-T-F!!!!!!!!!!!! The finale was GREAT. Nick needs to get his GRIMM powers back. Captain Renard HAS to survive and Adalind that BITCH can’t wait to see her face when she finds out that the Royals DON’T have her kid……..Nick’s mom has her dummy hahaha

  27. wrstlgirl says:

    Without a doubt my favorite finale of the year!!! Well, at least so far anyway :-)

  28. Mary says:

    Gawd I can’t stand trubel (stupid pun/spelling). Not gonna lie- I’m behind on the eps but I’m not a fan of this trubel business. I really feel like the producers are shoving her down our throat ever since they “discovered” her. They’re not letting it happen naturally. It’s not making me want to watch the eps.

    • NoMoreCastration says:

      Roger that! New trubel taking the reigns in order to move the show towards a new age “Buffy” is a huge fail. The estrogen cocktail that Grimm has become is more than I or most of my friends can bare to endure. If they get back to basics then return is possible.

      • “NoMoreCastration”? Seriously? If you feel ‘castrated’ by the presence of strong women working alongside men in a TV series, you’ve got some serious emotional issues to deal with. Trubel is a great addition to the team, I just take issue with the ‘idiot plots’ the writers came up with for the last two episodes of S3.

    • Kaye237 says:

      Why aren’t you watching the Trubel episodes before judging her? Or more like, why are you judging her so harsly before seeing her? She was harsh and ”wild” in her first episode, but that’s pretty much what you would expect from a girl who’s be pretty much fighting for her life on her own since she was 12 YO. She’s slowly letting her walls go down and by the finale, she’s jumping into the pool to help the gang without thinking about herself . There’s a progression with that character that you would see if you would watch.

      • Mary says:

        My feelings aren’t completely based on nothing – I’ve seen the trailers featuring trubel and I’ve not been impressed and I also read the interviews the creators gave about her character and the actress and I was more irritated than piqued. It’s not entirely my fault if the trailers featuring trubel don’t want to make me watch.

        • Kaye237 says:

          You can’t really judge her only by some 20-30 seconds promo. In the first episode she barely had any scenes with Nick cause they were just introducing her, showing her daily fight for survival, while the second promo was a bit missleading. Missleading in the sense the talk between Juliette and Nick they putted the much ”focus” on in the promo (”She’s going to get herself kill”/”there’s a learning curve”) is like seconds before she actually enter the room, appologie for jumping in without thinking (to save other girls without a family, like herself) and let the walls fall down just a little more. And of course they would show the more ‘wild’ part of her in the promos and not the nice and funny moments. They only show the tense moments in the trailers. It wouldn’t be fun, wouldn’t it to have only the cute and ‘,everything’s good” moments in the trailers?

          Don’t really remember seing much of her in the promos for the last 2 eps since it was more focus on the wedding and Adalind if I remember correctly. From what we’ve seen in the last episode or 2 maybe, she looks like a nice, loyal, person. Nick and his gang are the only person in nearly 10 years who cared about her and don’t try to kill her or caged her in a psychiatric hospital. She didn’t think twice in the finale before running off to try saving Nick from something she didn,t even know what it was.

          • Mary says:

            Look I get what you’re saying and I’m not saying that I’m being fair here. All I can say is that the promos did not make me like her or want to watch the episodes. I also really didn’t care for her especially the way the creators/producers pushed the actress as the next best thing since sliced bread. And now I’m hearing about how nick is no longer a Grimm and that trubel is going to be his Grimm eyes. That’s not making me excited about the show at all. I will eventually watch the episodes and I hope that my initial thoughts are wrong. Especially since it sounds like she’s not going anywhere. But I started watching Grimm because of the core group and their dynamic. Nick was special because he was a Grimm. Now it sounds like there’s going to be grimms everywhere!

            Sidebar- old school reference but I didn’t like Buffy when suddenly there were slayers everywhere! At least they had the decency to do that at the end of the series. I know this makes me sound like such a grouch against change. What can I say, I just hope that’s not what’s going to happen with Grimm.

          • Kaye237 says:

            I don’t understand all those people freaking out that there’s ”’grimms everywhere”. If you take out Nick and his family (his aunt and mom), there’s not of lot of them. There’s Trubel, the old guy with a key (who came to Portland in search for another grimm) and the other guy who got kill in another city. If you compare to the number of wesen around, the grimms still are pretty rare. They never said Nick was the last one, he was ”ONE of the last”.. With the old guy being dead, his son not being a Grimm, it only leave Trubel and Nick (when he’ll get his power back) at Portland. Not much of a grimm army.

  29. Frederick says:

    Trubel is great, but Nick is the Super Grimm. I’d hate for it to take a long time to get his powers back.

  30. Nichole says:

    Glad to see a mention of season 5 before we even get to season 4!! As much as being in a relationship puts Nick in a more interesting position story wise, I’m just not buying Juliet as that person. She went from knowing nothing to being a know it all, very annoying. Really hoping that the relationship comes to an end and Nick moves on, probably not next season but the season after. With the talk of another key showing up next season, perhaps that could bring with it a potential Grimm girlfriend for Nick. As much as Nick see’s Trouble as a sister type character, that general kill first ask questions later attitude could be an interesting aspect to bring to a possible Grimm girlfriend for Nick, would make for some great tension and storylines.

    While I agree it’s good to have a character on the show that has no idea what’s going on, I do feel it’s time Wu was brought in on the action, more Reggie Lee on the show and even better wise cracks from Wu are a worthy pay off. Too much has gone on this season for him to remain in the dark. Plus they could always bring in a new “Wesson clueless” character. Please please please don’t kill of Renard, besides being a great part of the show’s story fabric, he adds some great contrast as a character to Nick’s good guy approach, in that Renard is both wanting to be good and having his own agenda to work towards.

    • Elenna says:

      Oh, yeah! Absolutely agree with all opinions about Captain Renard HE MUST BE ALIVE! I hope it will be. I”m sorry English is not my native language.

  31. shazar says:

    a hexenbiest and a grimm…wonder what kind of powers a grimm biest hybrid have? That would be an interesting twist as a result of that coupling.

  32. I might be wrong as I often am but wasn’t Wu a wessen in this first season? I swear I remember him and the Capt talking together about the key and the map or was that some other Asian cop that ain’t on the show for some reason I missed?

  33. Diane Araujo says:

    i’d like to see adaline come up pregnant with Nick’s baby in season 4.

  34. andy says:

    so Adalind has Nick and Renard goo in her churn? what does that make, a fight to the finish for Grimm vs. Royals, one eats the other like twins are said to do? Hmmm… maybe a little pregnancy roulette is in store, since Adalind seems to want to be mother now. I wonder if Nick’s mom is going to let the Royal baby play with her grandson, you know, the hexenbiest, haha… A clue as to how Nick gets his powers back, might be the way Adalind had to get hers. Something ritual, painful, and hopefully involving a recalcitrant Juliette in a three-some…

  35. Wild child says:

    I guess I’m going to have to address the elephant in the room. Why is no one else bringing up the fact that Adalind essentially raped Nick(and yes rape by deception is a crime) and that bitch girlfriend of his, Juliette blamed him?! Ugh. Yet when she had her affair with Renard Nick never blamed her because once he learned it was a spell he knew it was not her fault. Adalind also raped Hank. Had the gender roles been reversed more people would be up in arms but it seems like not so many people are because of the double standard regarding rape in our society. Food for thought.

    • Just Me says:

      Ok, I’m not completely sold on Trubel…it could go really well, or completely blow the show… Other shows that I’ve watched where they bring in a young, unruly teen usually come to a quick and painful end. I really love this show and would hate for it to go out like that. But I trust the writers enough to go with it for a while.
      Oh, and before I forget, Nick needs his powers back, and the sooner the better. Drawing it out would be VERY BAD. And he needs to be all Super-Grimm again. I like Nick being hard core, and everyone not sure about what he can do.
      And maybe bring in some more zombie-Nick plot too. I gotta know if there are going to be any more “side-effects” :)

      • Sam says:

        Excellent observations. I, too, like the hard core, tough as nails, unpredictable Nick. I hate the way he has been emasculated. Bring back super Grimm and let’s see what he’s got!! Too many characters, not enough air time. They bring in Trubel and ignore Wu. He is much more interesting and would bring the fresh air the writers wanted without stepping on Nick’s toes, or maybe I should say my toes. Let Trubel move on. Give her spinoff, Grimm in Florida or something and let the stars be the stars.

        • Raine says:

          Totally agree. Edgy Nick is the one I like too. Grimm is just getting a bit too cute. Is this a supernatural show or a family drama? Trubel should be shipped off to college asap.

    • Al says:

      That is *exactly* what I was thinking.
      Nick was raped. That is what happened.

  36. mrC says:

    Only thing that surprised me was Nick losing his powers, beside that every word and action in this episode was so cliche and badly written and thought. I mean come on, communitcation between main characters badly written. How could Adalind slip past Nicks senses, and captain Sean not warning in time Nick or Juliette about Adalinds plan, and the conversation between Sean and Juliette – she could told him she was away with Nick and not act like children and hang up, to me that was stupid scene, they could done so much better writting this episode where Nick loses his Grimm powers. I really hope they make an effort writting something better in next season!

  37. Grimm is my favorite series currently in first run and I’ve bought every episode, up until now, on Amazon and watched religiously a little after midnight of the day an episode aired. The chemistry between all of the cast is great and all of the actors are awesome, and I truly LOVE the characters and the premise of the show. But, it seemed to me that the producers and writers of Grimm were trying to shoe horn every done-to-death genre trope they could find into this finale. The plot elements of “Blond Ambition” have been done to death long ago in David Greenwalt’s previous series (BtVS/Angel) and even in Grimm itself. Another thing that annoyed the living daylights out of me is that they have been having Juliette act very much out of character for the last few episodes. I know they want to create tension, but having a character make such a drastic change with no obvious reason is plain old bad writing and there is just too much ‘Idiot Plot’ in these last two episodes (‘The Inheritance’, as well as ‘Blond Ambition’).

    To say that I am disappointed is a gross understatement and I will definitely be waiting to see how season 4 goes before I buy and watch another episode. If Grimm continues in the fashion of the season 3 finale and penultimate episode, I’m done, love of the cast and the characters they portray not withstanding. I went through this with Stargate Atlantis and truly regret having watched most of the second half of that series, which ruined my perception of the show and the characters I loved so much. I refuse to make that mistake again with Grimm because I love the show and the characters too much to watch it go completely sour for me.

  38. TWM says:

    I like that they will resolve the Nick de-Grimmed thing soon in the next season (rather than drag it out like the stuff they did in Season 2), but to me it makes a lot of sense to have him face it as a choice of staying normal and marrying Juliette, or going Grimm and her leaving him. I felt that there was a little eromantic tension building between Nick and Trubel…mostly from Trubel’s side. Her bit about why she can’t stay made me feel like it was founded in growing emotional attachment to Nick. My hope is that Nick goes Grimm, loses Juliette, but over time, builds a romantic relationship with Trubel. If you were to pick a partner in that world, might as well make it another Grimm, right? I have always been annoyed with the faux chemistry between Nick and Juliette…he’s always ready to hop in the bed with her at the slightest suggestion (so many cheesy lines in Season 1 as the show runners tried to convince the audience of their relationship), but yet when Adelind transforms into Juliette, he can’t figure out that the woman he’s sleeping with is not actually his long-term partner.

  39. Shannon says:

    I’m very curious to see how they handle this whole Nick losing his Grimm powers and I wonder if there were some unknown side-effects for Adalind.

    I do think that the mysterious person connected to Renard is his mother. She popped up a few times this season (mentions and phone calls) to the point where I thought she was going to show up, but since she didn’t, I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see her appear fairly early on (especially because her son was shot a few times).

    I am interested too to see how they handle the Victor and Adalind encounter and what she will do when she realizes he doesn’t have her baby.

    Can’t wait for next season!

  40. AW says:

    I love Trubel and I hope she becomes series regular in Season 4 and beyond or even spin off to her own series! Regarding Adalind fooling Renard and Nick into thinking that she’s Juliette, I find that to be unbelievable and unoriginal because Renard and Nick aren’t that stupid when it comes to Adalind’s tricks, plus Nick would have been able to tell the difference between Adalinda and Juliette by the way “she” kissed.

    • AW says:

      One more thing, I hope baby Diana will never be reunited with Adalind, especially after all the awful, evil things that she did to almost everyone on this show. If I were baby Diana, I would want someone better than Adalind to raise me!

  41. violeta says:

    Wow, is this show bad–pretty much everyone was hit with the stupid stick, Trubel is pretty much in major Mary Sue territory, Nick and Juliette still don’t really have a particularly believable relationship, and newly de-Grimmed Nick was quite a predictable choice. And after three seasons anyway, I don’t see much difference between Nick the Grimm and Nick without his Grimm “essence.” He’s never really been all that badass, IMO. Dean Winchester (of Supernatural) is about 150 times more badass than Nick has ever been.

    • Ray says:

      I can’t discern much of a difference after Nicks de-Grimming other than his ability to see wesen woge. I suppose the super hearing will be gone too, but that hardly ever comes into play now anyway.

    • Really? says:

      Then why are you still watching?

      Also, uhm… we only saw de-grimmed Nick for about what? five minutes? literally? So…. I’m thinking that maybe you haven’t been really watching the show. I love Supernatural, but I’m annoyed and embarrassed by some of other fans… Please just go back to watching Supernatural and stop “watching” or talking about a show you do not like.

  42. bumzki says:

    I love the show :) the scene where Adalind just lost her baby to Victor and is crying on the street is absolutely epic :) Keep em coming !

  43. jenferner8 says:

    I LOVED this finale!! I had to laugh at “Ponyboy” crack cause I said same damn thing! I really like Trubel, great actress and she’s from my neck of the woods, but I liked her before I knew that. I found it interesting that Nick moved the trailer to piece of land he bought where one could also build a house on just as his home gets thoroughly destroyed. I agree with keeping Wu in the dark, it makes the show more fun and Wu’s lines even funnier. No, Wu, weird stuff doesn’t happen at Nick cause he’s a cop, it happens cause he’s (was) a Grimm. I have no doubt Nick will get his Grimm mojo back but it’ll be interesting to see how that happens. Also, I assume Captain Hottness will survive (thank you, Grimm for giving us more of that man’s bare chest, but you really didn’t have to shoot him to do it)

  44. eugene says:

    so what will happen to nick???? is he going to get his grimm abilities back???

  45. Lightpost says:

    Wu still in the dark? I thought that was Franco’s role.
    Wu’s bound to find out sooner or later especially since he doesn’t have anything to distract him from Wesen while he’s exposed to them; he’s dedicated to his job and has no love life, etc. to keep his thoughts from lingering on the unexplained.
    It would be nice to hear him quip about Wesen and not just about the crime scene….

  46. Nita says:

    Nick debe recuperar sus poderes, el elenco de protagonistas y co-protagonistas se debería mantener, no hay problema que se incluyan nuevos, los expectadores tardamos un poco a acostumbrarnos a los cambios de protagonistas en especial a un papel tan característico como el del Grimm que ha sido Nick, fue incrédulo, fue creyente, bueno, malvado, tuvo nuevas habilidades, hizo nuevos amigos, cambio tradiciones y ahora perdió su don o naturaleza x así decirlo; la nueva temporada en mi opinión debe seguir siendo el protagonista principal, acompañado por todo su equipo q ha demostrado ser muy eficiente en todo momento hasta el punto de convertirse en una sola familia o especie….

  47. fan says:

    wa! spoiler
    .. Nick better get them powers back it will be boring without them.. It will kill the series. But loosing them ain’t a bad twist.. I love Trubel, they could make a great team.

  48. Amaranta says:

    I don’t like the character of Juliette at all. I think it’s better to integrate a new element on the show. Hope the new girl character will stay.

    • jann j says:

      Omgs, I am in absolute agreement! Juliette BITES!!!! No pun intended, but that is THE lamest character I have seen! Its all about her.. Geez, Louise, dimbo, there’s a WORLD out there, you are SO not number one! Unless its middle finger one! Aunt Marie was right.. Dump the skank, keep Trubel, and Renard! Oh, and Rosalee and Monroe, a little Wesen of their own? Hint, hint!

  49. Evelyn says:

    omg!! I can’t wait until october!! now it’s time for Adalind to lose everything!! it’s no fair she always gets her way, the other guys are fools, they know she is a witch and can do tricks. Poor Renard, hope he gets well!!he is important part of the story

    • morgan says:

      And that is probably what is going to happen to adalind karma’s a b***h. Because now she not only doesn’t have her baby but also no one to turn to. Everyone that offer to help her she betrayed, she literally screwed herself over.

  50. tscchope says:

    Still unresolved question from season 1 -why did aunt marie tell Nick to ditch Juliette
    zombie Nick is not tied to his Grimm powers
    Baby Diana has got someone better to raise her. Capt Rennad or Eric the father of Diana, Will we ever find out who it is? Capt Rennard seemed to be unnecessary. Following his advise has ended badly for Nick twice now. Why did Rennard try to wake Juliette?
    Trubel’s wanted in a number of states. ladt seen with Nich not under arrest and then the Capt turn s up dead (I hope) along with a decapitated wesen FBI agent.
    Nick would be up to his eyeballs in internal affairs. Vicktor will likely grab him and bring him to Europe.
    Rosalee and munroe know about the verat’s fatal opposition to mixed wesen marriages, yet it never came up in discussion,.
    How to give Nick his powers back? There’s this baby with strange powers with a locket with his face in it and Adalind could just kiss him. She’s likely to have a bun in the oven and will bear him a son.
    Wu’s decided what he saw was real, but will pretend it wasn’t. I think he’ll be more peeved that hank and Nick don’t trust him, something hank may suffer from when Wu is paired with him.