7 Grimm Finale Tidbits: The Wedding, Double Juliettes, Trubel and More Chaos on the Way

Grimm Season 3 Finale Preview Dearly beloved, we’ve gathered here today to dish about Grimm‘s Season 3 finale, in which Rosalee and Monroe’s long-talked-about wedding finally takes place.

Even though the NBC drama is a series about fairy-tale monsters, how likely is it that everything will end with happily ever after? (We wouldn’t bet the honeymoon fund on it.) So while we won’t spill all the rice beans ahead of time — where’s the fun in that? — TVLine does have a few wedding presents we can offer up in advance of Friday’s airing (NBC, 9/8c).

VIDEOGrimm Exclusive: Watch Monroe and Rosalee Rehearse Their Vows

Even better: Stars/groomsmen David Giuntoli and Russell Hornsby chime in with scoop on the chaos-filled episode, as well as what the series’ fourth season may bring. Read on for the matrimonial details.

A DIFFERENT DRESS (THANK GOODNESS) | If you weren’t a fan of the long-sleeved gown Rosalee previewed in a previous episode, you’ll be very happy with what she eventually wears on her big day — and the plot twist that makes the switch possible.

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‘I DO’ DOES HAPPEN | Lest you worry that the Blutbad-Fuchsbau ceremony is interrupted before their union becomes official, allow Giuntoli to soothe your fears… kinda. The clock enthusiast and the spice-shop proprietress “actually get married, and then it doesn’t take but seconds — maybe not even a second — for everything to go wrong,” he tells TVLine. “All hell beaks loose. It gets crazy quickly. Let’s just say, we lose the crowd.”

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A HAIRY AFFAIR? | The happy couple wear sport their human faces — all the better to see their huge smiles! — as they tie the knot. “And then they howl at the moon,” Hornsby jokes.

SHADY BUSINESS | Yes, Nick wears sunglasses (which hide his Grimm identity from the various Wesen in attendance) throughout the event. No, it does not prevent the insanity Giuntoli hints at above.

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ADALIND’S REVENGE | The Hexenbiest’s new parlor trick of morphing into Juliette gets a workout in the episode, causing trouble that will likely extend into the following season. We can tell you that two characters are quick to realize what the disgruntled mama is up to, and one of them ends the episode in a very bad way.

TIME TO MOVE | Nick and Juliette’s home is once again the spot of unspeakable horror, something that the show acknowledges with a funny aside from a member of the Portland Police Department.

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TRUBEL-ING NEWS | Nick’s Grimm padawan comes in quite handy in the finale’s final act, which makes us wonder whether Season 4 will bring more Wesen-fighters to town. “What I think we’re going to start dealing with more are the keys, the royals and this thing that the keys lead to,” Giuntoli previews. “I don’t know if we’re going to meet more Grimms, though. We have Trubel, and she’s a Grimm — so what more do you want?”

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  1. James says:

    I long for the day Nick flips to the dark side. Unless I’ve missed something back in Season 2, I still don’t have any idea what the Royals want with Nick and I’m pretty sure they don’t know that he has 2 of the 7 keys yet.

  2. DL says:

    Based on the previews NBC showed, it’s the Captain that ends up in a “very bad way.”

  3. Pat says:

    I knew that the wedding ceremony would proceed, without a hitch but I also knew that once it happened, something crazy was going to start. Also, Adeline is a mother who was scorned and she will do anything to get her baby back, but posing as Juliette and yes I already read that Nick and her end up in bed together, well not happy about this scenario. I think we all know who gets shot because it was in the promos. I just hope he survives because I have really come to like his character. This should be a very interesting season finale and I am looking forward to it, especially Monroe and Rosalie finally getting married. I love these two characters.

    • James says:

      Not liking what we already know that Nick is probably going to get raped by Adalind in the guise of Juliette.


    • Alichat says:

      I really hope they don’t go down a soap opera route and have Adalind get pregnant with Nick’s baby. Please…..for the love of god……let’s not go down that path.

      • Marc says:

        I don’t know why the Captain wouldn’t immediately warn Nick that Adalind is up to something after he caught her breaking into Juliette’s house.

        • Alichat says:

          I was wondering the same thing. Considering he was affected in her last attack against Nick and he doesn’t trust her, giving Nick a heads up would be the best move.

          • Ambuclao says:

            He did try calling Nick but the latter was taking a show right after he made “love” with Adalind. To be fair, he couldn’t figure why she was even in Nick’s house knowing Adalind have previously made amends of some sort with Nick and Juliette just a few episodes ago.

          • Alichat says:

            Yeah….I know Ambuclao…..I saw the episode too. This comment was made before the episode aired.

        • Georgia says:

          Thank you for saying that! Honestly people, no one commented anything on that no where.

  4. monroe says:

    That guy Josh should stick around.

  5. I hope Trubel is sticking around! I love her character.

  6. Betty says:

    I’ll stop watching if nick losses his grimm powers!!!! I’m not real fond of trubel so I hope nick is still a grimm!

  7. Georgia says:

    Personally, I’m happy the wedding dress was trashed. And I’m glad Monroe said neither he nor Rosalee liked it cause it was truly ew.
    Also, I think a good communication between these people would do tremendous good, but come on, what would we look forward to in season 4 if they all communicated and if Julliete didn’t hung up on Renard too soon? We need a plot to to make a TV show last people.

  8. Abel Garcia says:

    I am beginning to like the HOT female Grimm!

  9. Ann says:

    I hope Trubel sticks around. I really like her character. Great fight scenes. She is a good addition to the show. I think this show is getting better and better.

  10. rosie says:

    I SOOO agree that if Nick doesnt get his Grimm powers back, i’ll loose interest in the show. And Adalind is a REAL witch… all puns intended! PLEEEASE dont keep us waiting too long for Season 4?!!