Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley Preview Vampire Diaries Finale: Deaths, Reunions and More

Vampire Diaries Season FinaleWho’s up for some last-minute Vampire Diaries finale scoop? TVLine caught up with Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev at The CW’s annual Upfront event to get their take on tonight’s death-defying episode (8/7c) — and it’s not looking good for either of their characters.

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First thing’s first: How is Elena going to react to the news of Stefan’s (likely temporary) demise?

“She’s going to be upset, I’m not going to lie,” Dobrev told us. “She’s not going to be doing jumping jacks and high-fiving everyone. But you know Elena; she doesn’t take no for an answer, and she doesn’t let death get in the way of anything. … What is death? Whatever.”

But just because Elena is going to do whatever she can to save Stefan, that doesn’t mean everyone will make it out of the finale unscathed.

“You will see a couple familiar faces pop up tonight, and you’ll also see a few familiar faces disappear,” Dobrev teased. “We’re going to reset everything and make it so that once you die, you’re dead.”

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That grim forecast aside, Wesley told us he’s actually loving Stefan’s deadly twist, even citing it as his favorite moment from the entire season.

“I thought it was awesome, I loved it,” he said. “I saw it at the table read and was like, ‘Oh s–t. Great job, guys.’ I was genuinely surprised.”

He also agreed with our admittedly far-reaching theory that The Originals‘ Davina should zip over to Mystic Falls and bring Stefan back, Mikael-style, saying simply, “Davina’s dope.”

That she is, Paul Wesley. That she is.

Browse photos from The Vampire Diaries‘ season finale below, then drop a comment with your thoughts and theories.


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  1. spindae2 says:

    I’m really interested what twist will Stefan’s resurrection include, cause he won’t stay dead that is for sure. Hoping for a great Sterolne reunion.

  2. Kay says:

    I know I might be one of a few but I really like Damon and Bonnie together, when they give her something to do that is! I’m not a Damon/Elena or Stefan/Elena shipper, I think they could to better but that’s what the shows about! I just like to see Damon and Bonnie give it a go because her Jeremy does not work……

  3. nate says:

    i want stefan’s death to switch with Damon

  4. Babybop says:

    I’m happy to hear Nina Dobrev say that they are going to make it so that death will actually stick in Mystic Falls. Nothing is shocking on a show where a character dies and then comes back 2 episodes later.

    • Mélanie says:

      They come and go to please the writes plot of when there needed. Really lowers the quality of a show and sort of turns you against characters you used to love (i.e. Tyler)

    • Kit says:

      Totally agree with you. I didn’t know how I felt when I read they were doing a reset but I’m so happy if this is the big reset and people who die have to stay dead. It just takes the excitement out of the show if anyone can be brought back.

  5. sarah says:

    Paul Wesley was at the up fronts to I now am 100% sure Stefan will come back. However, now I am worried that Damon will switch places with Stefan! Ian was not at he up fronts, he was in Brazil. So either he had a commitment with ISF that he had to keep or Damon will die! I do not want Stefan or Damon dead!

  6. Always26 says:

    I want Stefan to come back and Damon to tell him to never do that to him again. I want to see Damon and Stefans relationship grow stronger because Damon does care about his brother he actually admitted that a few episodes ago saying that he hung on to the fact that he would see him again. Which says that Stefan is important to him and that he is Damon’s humanity. I also want a Damon and Bonnie relationship like the books. In the books he cares about her and is overprotective of her and I want to see that kind of relationship with Damon and Bonnie. But more of a growing defan relationship. Like Rebekah said they may fight like dogs but in the end they would die for each other.

  7. Iqn says:

    Ah, Damon and Bonnie have had some great moments over the season, and Ian/Kat have always had an interesting intense chemistry. But its the Elena Show, so. And when its not the Elena Show, its the Katherine Show. And when its not the Katherine Show, its the Caroline Show. You get my point.

    Bonnie’s definitely deserved better than the side stories and secondary character martyrdom that she’s always gotten though. And now its too late. They will finally kill her off tonight for the last time.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Yeah, I suspect that’s gonna be the deal and tbh, I won’t be heartbroken. Bonnie’s been nothing but a plot device for a large majority of the show’s run, trotted out as a deux ex machina when they need a last-minute save. It got old 2 or 3 seasons ago and now I think it’s time they retired that particular prop.

    • caitlin says:

      my thoughts exactly.

  8. murley says:

    In my wildest dreams they bring back Alaric for good. I would sacrifice pretty much anyone, except Stefan, for Alaric.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Heh, Stefan would probably be the first person I’d sacrifice for Alaric. Either way, looks like he might be back for good, which is a huge plus; show lost a lot when he got killed off.

  9. Ray says:

    I don’t care if they all die and get dragged into oblivion. The characters on this show have become so insufferable and the same rehashed storylines so tedious that I can no longer to force myself to watch in hopes that TVD will improve. I’m should’ve bailed 2-3 seasons ago, but I’m deleting my season pass tonight.

    • Mélanie says:

      I feel the same. Since Elena has become a vampire- which had such potential of a storyline, they brought uninteresting storyline such as the cure and the Travelers- which in itself, a new gang of with is interesting, but not now that Bonnie’s sorta dead. Instead we had that barely explained storyline of a covent. And too much doppelgänger as well.

  10. robba says:

    watched season finale. You got to be frickin kidding me!!!! You seriously killed off Damon?!!! He was the only reason most people watched the show! I will never watch this stupid ass show again. I’m done.

    • Josh says:

      It’s cute that you think he’ll stay dead. Was this your first time watching?

    • I’m with you on that ..WOW !!!! Damon was my favorite and I am praying that he gets to come back somehow. They say we will see him and Bonnie in the next season , but “HOW” we “see” them is the big question …. !!! I can’t imagine the show without him. :(

  11. Maryann says:

    So after all the statements that death would now be permanent, does that mean that Damon is gone for good?!!!!!

    • Josh says:

      Nah, it just means they at least want people to feel the death for the summer and than maybe a couple of episodes of the next season before Damon comes back..probably feral and monstrous and than be back to normal(filled with lots of man pain) for the rest of the season.

      And somewhere in between Bonnie will die and come back a couple more times.

    • Damon is the star of the show so without him there would be no show so yes they will have to bring him back.

  12. Codi says:

    Ok i am so upset Damon is dead. I cried the last ten minutes of the show. If they really reset the show He is off the show now. How disappointing. This sucks he was my favorite character.

  13. Maryann says:

    SPOILERS for finale

    I find it interesting that no one thought to wonder where Aunt Jenna was in the finale. Wasn’t she a vampire at the time she died? So she should have been on the Other Side if she had not been swept away.

    Does this mean Alaric is back to stay and will be on the series next year? At least Elena was not alone in her grief.

    What kind of a reset are we talking about here? Either this interview or another one mentioned there would be one. Is everyone going to move if there is now no magic in Mystic Falls? This finale was so amazing I just couldn’t believe it!

    If Tyler is no longer a hybrid, are the vamps still vamps?

    So many questions and a whole summer to wait for answers! All i have to say is that this was the best episode in years, and I can’t wait for the fall!

    • Jules says:

      About Aunt Jenna: they previously (seasons ago) said that she died pure and as such did not go to the Otherworld but found her peace. So, no she was not there and wouldn’t have any reason to turn up.

      Yes, Alaric is back, the actor Matt Davis has a renewed contract and will be a series regular. (There also is an article up here on TVLine confirming what I just said)

      No idea about the reset, this is the first time I have heard of it.

      Tyler is no longer a hybrid because he was taken outside of the boundary while the Passengers were still controlling him and with it their magic. But due to their death and the spell Liv did, witch magic is back in play, which means that all the vamps are still vamps.

      I hope this helps a little. :)

  14. Ozzie says:

    Bonnie grandmother made a deal on the other side, because of this Bonnie and Damon would return. Did you guys notice whenever someone was sucked into oblivion, it was dark at the end their was a white light with Damon and Bonnie ….

  15. Mark says:

    I think Damon will come back but be human for most of the next season until they need to turn him back into a vampire to save his life. I would like that.

  16. Mark says:

    Jeremy will probably beat him up during the time he is human. Pay back.

  17. trice says:

    There was more chemistry with Damon and Bonnie holding hands going in to the light
    then anything Damon and Elena or Jeremy and Bonnie have . Its a shame the writers
    and the network would rather lose fans then actual write for a popular couple.

  18. Jrc says:

    I don’t care about death staying dead – bring Damon back, and not from some weird place where Elena can’t see him – NO DEAD SALVATORE BROTHERS!!! The story is about 2 brothers loving one girl! I haven’t really liked the whole Other Side thing, but how could they decide to go back to basics with one of them dead? I love Alaric, and Enzo too, but not at the expense of Damon or Stefan . If there is no happy ending (which for me should be Damon and Elena together for eternity!), I won’t feel the same about the series. I was planning to watch the season over again while waiting for season 6 – but I can’t now – sure hope the show is redeemed for me next season. If not, I’ll mail all my full season DVD’s to the writers.

  19. Gilbert says:

    I seriously want lexis and Stefan back