Fall TV Preview

ABC Fall Schedule Revealed: Shondaland-Themed Thursday as Grey's and Scandal Make Way for Murder; S.H.I.E.L.D. on the Move

ABC 2014 Fall ScheduleShonda Rhimes owns Thursdays on ABC this fall.

ABC unveiled its schedule for the 2014-15 TV season on Tuesday, and Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal are moving up an hour to make room for Rhimes’ new drama How to Get Away With Murder at 10/9c.

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Also of note: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. moves to 9 pm, with the new comedies Selfie and Manhattan Love Story now opening Tuesday night. Marvel’s Agent Carter and Galavant, meanwhile, will air during the winter, bridging the split seasons of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Once Upon a Time, respectively.

In addition to Agent Carter and Galavant, on tap for midseason are the dramas American Crime, The ClubSecrets and Lies, The Astronaut Wives Club and The Whispers, the comedy Fresh Off the Boat and new seasons of The BachelorThe Taste and The Great Christmas Light Fight.

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All told, the ABC schedule looks like this; new shows are in CAPS, click for details.

8 pm Dancing With the Stars
10 pm Castle

9  pm Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

8 pm The Middle
8:30 pm The Goldbergs
9 pm Modern Family
9:30 pm BLACK-ISH
10 pm Nashville

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8 pm Grey’s Anatomy
9 pm Scandal

8 pm Last Man Standing
8:30 pm CRISTELA
9 pm Shark Tank
10 pm 20/20

Saturday Night Football

7 pm America’s Funniest Home Videos
8 pm Once Upon a Time
9 pm Resurrection
10 pm Revenge

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NOT RETURNING NEXT SEASON: The Assets, Back in the Game, Betrayal, Killer Women, Lucky 7, Mind Games, Mixology, The Neighbors, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Suburgatory, Super Fun Night and Trophy Wife

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  1. Mike says:

    SHIELD IS IN TROUBLE :( REALLY DONT LIKE THE 8-9PM SHOWS THAT NIGHT…. We all need a break from the word “selfie” and this show would probably flop! I’m terribly concerned for SHIELD!!!

    • Esaul says:

      It’s better for Shield to be against NCIS: LA over NCIS.

      • Aryn says:

        I’d like to see them bring back Trophy Wife in place of Selfie…ugh, not even trying to be creative there are you ABC???

      • Andrew Hass says:

        Shield will now be up against NCIS:New Orleans and not NCIS:LA and that could be a good thing too.However it might not be good that Shield will be on a night with 3 new shows on ABC.

        • I love Blacklist it’s a great show and Resurrection is so good on many levels I cant wait 4 it 2 come back Im looking 4ward 2 ncis new Orleans, and then of course we love scandal its great and I’m so waiting on my revenge 2 come back 2 me I’m one that DVR’s my shows and I love good shows with good acting I would love 2 them make it back sooner can anyone say tv addict I know that’s just sad right

    • Rob says:

      It’s way too early to be concerned for SHIELD. Despite not being the gonzo ratings smash ABC had hoped for, it’s still one of the top-rated dramas on their networks, which experiences a significant DVR bump each week. Also with ABC/Disney being in the Marvel business, it’s even safer, particularly with the potential for further Marvel Cinematic Universe crossover material…Add to that the fact that they didn’t only renew SHIELD but greenlit an Agent Carter spin-off, I highly doubt there’s anything to worry about. Or at least nothing to worry about this early. I’d say relax and just enjoy the victory of the second season happening at all before worrying about it further down the line.

    • Bryce says:

      I have a feeling it’s going to be treated just like Cougar Town. A title with an already played-out buzz word. Hopefully the quality will at least be in line with Kapnek’s Suburgatory.

    • Scooter Smith (@scoboot) says:

      It’s better for them to have the 9pm timeslot. The 8pm competition is much stronger (NCIS is the top rated Drama, The Voice is one of the highest rated reality programs, Fox’s new show Utopia will probably do big numbers to start, and CW doesn’t really matter.

      At 9pm, the competition is 4 comedies and NCIS:Watered Down version, and they will not pull as many viewers away from them.

      But I agree with you about the lead ins. They will most likely suck, and be cancelled quickly. What I don’t understand is why they constantly pair Shield with a comedy block. Yeah it can be funny, but its not a comedy. It should have a strong lead in, like Shark Tank and have the other 2 comedies paired with the two comedies airing on fridays. Just makes sense. Shark Tank is a strong ratings grabber (at least by ABC standards), why would you waste that lead in on 20/20??

      • sydney says:

        I always thought if they moved DWTS to Tuesday with a comedy block and let S.H.I.E.L.D. be the lead in for Castle and put something else (not a comedy block) strong for a lead in for S.H.I.E.L.D. I feel like Castle and S.H.I.E.L.D. would go well together.

        • JC1 says:

          I’ve thought that moving Castle to Tuesday at 10 pm might fix that problem spot, but then I suppose it might open another one Mondays at 10 pm. DWTS isn’t as strong of a lead in as it used to be for launching new shows.

          • Television Scout says:

            You are correct …and to make matters worst, not only is DWTS not the strong lead in it used to be, but if you look around the ABC network, there are not a lot of ‘other’ strong lead shows left either. They’ve got Greys and Scandal, and ….? Yikes. Even Modern Family – that show is not what it used to be – story wise and ratings wise.

            That’s why the networks really need to push themselves hard this time of year – the clock is always ticking on them. If you have a hit series, that series can burn red/white hot, but only for a limited amount of time. The networks need to take advantage of the opportunity quickly before that bright, white hot star burns itself out. NBC has that with Voice now – they are doing this the right way. Each year, they quickly bring in another series to catch fire behind Voice, then try to use that series to build another night. That strategy didn’t work so well w/Revolution, but it could (I think will) work with Blacklist. NBC has to quickly get State of Affairs up and running asap in that Monday/post Voice slot. Me personally? If I were NBC, I’d cut that ‘cycle time’ of post-Voice Monday 10pm down to 1/2 season, rather than a full season.

            When Blacklist moves to Thursday at 9pm in February, I’d move State of Affairs at the same time to Thursday at 8pm – by that time/Feb., State of Affairs should be up and running [from Nov-Feb]. Then use that post-Voice Monday slot (again) to launch another NBC drama (Odyssey?) in February/March’15 until May’15. And then repeat the process in fall ’15. They have to move quickly and be smart. The Voice won’t be around forever. Ask FOX. AI was once a launch-pad for new FOX series. Now? No more.

  2. Bill says:

    Is resurrection a full season?

  3. Lucy says:

    Oh no please tell me we’re not getting a split-season of SHIELD, I’m not sure I can handle a break that long in a show this good!

    • puredieselbc says:

      So you prefer the two episodes per month ABC did this season. Come on.

    • Yes there will be a break, but Agent Carter will be in that break. So really you can look at them together as one long series with no breaks

      • Misscar says:

        That’s the way I’m looking at this. It’s all the same universe, just at different points in time. I think it’s a good idea.

    • Tony says:

      You’re going to get 36 straight weeks of Marvel though, with Agent Carter airing in the time slot during the hiatus.

    • MaryLou says:

      Although I hate the split-season, at least it’s better than having it messed up the way FOX did Almost Human where they showed everything out of order. The other thing they could have done was make it a short season, like Sleepy Hollow on FOX, which actually saved that show. With the way shows have been thrown away by most networks this past season, I guess we’ll have to take what we can get.

  4. S. says:

    Great move on Thursday. Grey’s fans will watch it no matter when and nothing else would succeed on that timeslot.

    • Cdeno says:

      I beg to differ. Many grey’s fans also watch the Big Bang theory which airs Thursday at 8. Moving it to 8pm basically guarantees it to fail in the ratings.

      By mid season I expect an announcement saying that season 11 will be the last.

      Bye bye Grey’s Anatomy

      • Thursday night is the night for fighting says:

        Don’t bet on it. I think (?) Grey’s may have recently signed up for 2 years, so I believe they are set through 2015-16 season. They are fine – heroes now in the eyes of ABC for helping them to solve one of the biggest headaches they have – Thursday/8pm. Believe me, this move will work fine for Greys. Younger fans will DVR one of the two shows – TBBT or Greys.

        For those fans who also watch TVD or BONES, that could be an issue. They probably will stream one or both the following day.

        Thursday nights is ‘the night’ on TV – each network *must* compete on that night. My question is to NBC. On a night where all the networks try to place their best, what on earth is ‘Biggest Loser’ doing on Thursday night.? That is a Friday night show now – at best. Maybe Saturday?

        Funny, I don’t see anyone saying – “What am I going to do? DVR TVD or ‘Biggest Loser.” Is anyone out there worried about not being able to watch live/DVR ‘Biggest Loser’?

        • cycworker says:

          Well said. Grey’s gets a big bounce from DVR numbers. ABC knows that. I’m sure it played into the decision. And better a ‘known’ product at 8pm than trying, and yet again failing, to successfully launch something at 8pm.

        • Boiler says:

          Don’t watch The Biggest Loser!!

      • wingsstef says:

        Also keep in mind that Football with be on CBS Thursdays for the first few weeks of the Fall season. Countering football with women targeted dramas (thought I know some women do watch football as well), is a smart move.

        • wingsstef says:

          *I mean “though I know”

        • N tTVf says:

          Correct – ABC has made a nice counter-programming move with Greys-Scandal-Murder, this move will work wonders for ABC. Here’s something we may be missing – if ABC can get off to a good start (they will) in September, and the NFL football games chosen for Thursday night turn out to be duds or blow-outs, this move by CBS may backfire. They may be counting the seconds until TBBT rolls back into Thursday 8pm.

          The NFL Players Association is not crazy-wild about the idea of Thursday night games, week after week. They play a tough Sunday afternoon game, and then they have to jump on a plane Tuesday morning to be ready for Thursday. That’s a short week, and could effect Thursday night performance, particularly with time zone issues added in.

          I understand CBS going after Thursday football, but you never know, this could backfire, and if it does, ABC stands to be the big winner. NBC may want to reconsider [hiding] staying with their current lineup until February. I know they want to use the Super Bowl to promote the Blacklist move, but its a very long time until February. Who stands to benefit most with Blacklist away from Thursday night (and on Nov-Feb hiatus?) until February? Answer – ABC.

          Once Scandal gets rolling, ABC may have another hit with ‘Murder’ at 10pm. That will make it harder for ‘Allegiance’ to gain traction or NBC at 10pm once it arrives in February. By that time, ‘Murder’ may not be considered just a ‘new show’ any longer. By that time [Feb], ABC could have three Thursday night hits back-to-back-to-back on their hands – a juggernaut, and a big, big headache for both CBS and NBC.

          • Television Scout says:

            And of course, here’s the other thought to consider regarding what my colleague just said regarding ABC’s schedule. If you are CBS, and you see what is happening with the various Thursday night lineups, what do you do in November? Do you say, ‘oh well, I guess we’ll stick with comedies and hope for the best” –

            TTBT-Millers-2.5Men-Odd Couple-Elementary

            Remember, 2.5Men is entering it’s last season, and I believe a short-order (13) season (we’ll know more tomorrow at Upfront). So, by Feb’15, ‘The Millers will probably be at 9pm. Is that the show CBS wants to go up against Scandal and Blacklist? Really? CBS will be laughed off the stage in NY tomorrow if they propose that option. So, what to do?

            PoI. Person of Interest was once a very successful 10pm Thursday show – that 9pm slot is waiting for PoI – they’ve earned it. PoI is one of CBS’ best shows, and certainly their strongest non-CSI, non-NCIS dramas. The show is new’ish, on the way up, just like Scandal and Blacklist. 9pm Thursday is where it belongs. The best belong on Thursday nights, and the very best at 9pm on Thursday nights.
            Here’s my prediction for the big move CBS will announce tomorrow/Wed. at their Upfront –
            Thursday night lineup (post NFL football in Nov) — TBBT, 2.5 Men, PoI, Elementary
            Go all out, all in, as fast as possible in November. Make a statement, just like ABC and NBC are doing. Thursday night matters, and everyone is going all-in, including CBS.

            Once 2.5 Men wraps up (probably in late Feb?), then slot in Odd Couple at 8:30/Thurs. to try to build a winner with that series. Millers will need to move to Monday in Nov. once TBBT moves back to Thursday. Risky move for Millers, but risk is what this business is about – risk and reward.

    • Lin says:

      not exactly true…big bang is moving back to Thursday…I’m so mad I just might not watch either…

  5. Teri says:

    As long as Castle isn’t moving, I am a happy camper.

  6. Khalil says:

    Grey’s moves to the death slot !

    • Tran says:

      Don’t know if Grey’s is going to get passed CBS’ Thursday Night Football for the time being.

    • Bryce says:

      If anything can hold that slot down it’s Grey’s or Scandal. Things will be alright. I wouldn’t expect more than two more seasons anyway, so I’m okay with the swap.

    • DYS says:

      It is a death slot for new shows because starting there with no fanbase means a short shelf life. For established shows, viewers will bleed but there will still likely be enough to make them last for 2-3 years.

    • Thursday night is the night for fighting says:

      No, ‘Forever’ got placed into ABC’s real death slot – Tuesday, 10pm. The good news – in about five months, all of us here will forget that 8pm Thursday night was ever a ‘death slot’ for ABC. No more – give Greys’ a couple of months, and some good scripts/story arc, and all will be fine. It is a win-win for all involved. More viewers tuning into TV on Thursday nights, particularly for ABC at 8pm. That’s all good.

    • Darkstar says:

      Agree, they have already seen a drop in their ratings, in the usual timeslot this year.

  7. Andrea says:

    This actually looks pretty good to me. It seems like they are trying to plug some trouble spots. And Castle stays on Monday, which makes me happy!

  8. Ashley says:

    I wish they’d move their comedies to Friday nights like a TGIF deal and move Agents of SHIELD to Wednesdays. It would do so much better instead of up against a double (soon to be triple?) threat of NCIS on Tuesdays.

  9. Martina says:

    Scandal at 9pm? Hope this doesn’t mean it will be watered down

    • Britt says:

      I hope not! Plus there is a lot of competition at 9PM especially when the Blacklist moves there.

      • jen says:

        i’m more worried about blacklist getting watered down than scandal… that being said criminal minds holds a 9pm slot and I find that show significantly more disturbing than either blacklist or scandal

        • Lena says:

          As a Blacklist fan, I hope it performs well on Thursdays against Scandal. Not every viewer wants to watch a bunch of sex scenes and the President’s mistress. Some people actually don’t care about Shondaland.

      • Esaul says:

        Replying to both with this comment since I’m on my phone and it sucks. There’s no hard fast rule saying what a Scandal gets away with at 10 PM can’t translate to the 9 PM slot. And talking about ratings I’m not worried about The Blacklist against Scandal especially when it’s a midsession move there against Scandal anyway.

  10. Boiler says:

    Too bad they didn’t give Trophy Wife the same slot Black-ish is getting. Black-ish seems to fit but Trophy Wife struggled while we had bombs like Fun Night and Mixology

  11. Laura says:

    Scandal does not seem like a show that should be airing before 10 PM.

    • John NYC says:

      In comparison to BONES where they routinely pour semi-dissolved human remains out of various containers at 8? With closeups of the ooze?

    • Bryce says:

      You say that but you have to realize that it only airs after 10 in one part of the country. I already watch Scandal at 9, now I’ll watch at 8. There’s no way to control it because it ultimately doesn’t matter.

      • Thursday night is the night for fighting says:

        Ahh, I didn’t think of that. I live out here on the west coast – Scandal airs at 10pm on east and west coasts, but (I forgot), 9pm central time. Yep, with this change, it will air at 8pm central time.

        Wow, you folks get to watch some great TV at a decent hour. I envy you. I can’t tell you how much good broadcast TV I miss each week because I have to hit the lights at 10pm to get some sleep and get ready for work the next morning. I DVR a lot, but never seem to be able to get back to watching all the shows I’ve recorded.

        So Scandal and Blacklist will be on at 8pm now for you guys? Wow.

        • Jenna says:

          Ahh!! As an Australian I have never understood what 10/9c means in regards to timings of shows. So the West & East always air at the same time (East being delayed due to time difference), and “Central” america air the same time as west but are an hr behind?? (sorry… thinking to myself!!)

          • N tTVf says:

            Yes, network broadcast programs [ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX and CW] air their programs from 8pm-11pm, eastern standard/dst time, and western/pacific standard/dst time – with the western/pacific time having a three hour *delay* from the east coast broadcast. For example, the pacific time broadcast at 8pm airing would be 11pm on the east coast – three hours after that same broadcast had aired in NY/east coast time zone. The central time zone airings are an hour earlier (7pm – 10pm), and are synched with their east coast time zone counterpart’s airing.

            The genesis of this broadcast strategy is before my time, so I don’t recall how it got started. I’ve read and studied it quite a bit, and I believe its origins are from the 1950’s and the b/w golden age of live TV. Because so much of television in the 1950s (in the US) originated from studios in NY, and those airings were live, they were broadcast live in both the eastern and central time zones, with that one hour difference between central and east coast zones. Due to significant time zone difference with the US pacific west coast, a three hour delay was implemented for these ‘live’ [not live at that point] airings.

            Sixty plus years later, we’re all still living in that broadcast model from the 1950s, and many of us have never lived a day of our lives without that timing structure – it is one of the few technology infrastructures (although updated over the decades from analog to digital) from over half a century ago (radio is the other, all funded by the advertising model) that continues to be with us, although with broadband streaming, cable-TV, on-demand viewing, time shifting, etc, that model is clearly under stress these days.

    • Ray says:

      It’s time for the American Censorship Board to be totally overhauled. The landscape of network television in the USA is so tame and lame compared to what is aired in primetime all over Europe.

      • Eliza says:

        ‘European’ here.
        Here in the Netherlands kids shows are untill 7PM. Most shows such as scandal, greys, law and order, bones start at 8:30 PM followed by another one at 9:30PM and some rerun of law and order at 10:30 untill very late just after the news/soap operas.
        Movies with nudity (naked breasts or butts) mostly start at 9PM or 9:30.
        After 10PM you can show all sexscenes you want and after 12 some have ‘nightprogramming’ basicly commericials for the xxx hotline.
        We hold the idea that if you don’t want your kids to see bones…tell them they cannot see bones and turn of the tv. The TV is not raising your kids, YOU ARE.
        You can record if you want to see it.
        Untill I was 12 I was not allowed to watch soap opera’s(bad relationship examples), police shows(for the violence) and we held to the age ratings on movies, seemed reasonable to me, as I got older I got to watch more grown up stuff.
        Also the ageratings are more based on violence then on sex (because sex is mostly a normal part of human life and violence is bad)

        • Code Boy as he says goodbye to his colleagues in the office says:

          That’s it – that’s it guys, I quit. I’m quitting my job, good-bye to you all. I”m moving to the Netherlands! ;)

  12. Boiler says:

    Also as an Elementary fan, thanks for moving Scandal, even though won’t matter early with football

  13. Where’s the marvel spinoff agent Carter

  14. alistaircrane says:

    Dang, the shows I’m most interested in are midseason. :-(

  15. JC1 says:

    Well I’m not thrilled about its lead-in, but 9 pm is a better slot for SHIELD than 8. I thought they might do this when they tried it there earlier this season. And I’m glad they’re going to the split season model – I think it’s worked well for OUAT, and I think the ratings will be better without all the random weeks off. I’m also hopeful that using Agent Carter as a bridge means that show might fare better than OUATiW did.

    • John NYC says:

      And, hopefully, they’ve learned their lesson and will stick to they’re bridge schedule.

      • Jack E. says:

        I think what happened with the bridge schedule idea last season (In particular the plans for OUATiW) was that ABC didn’t factor in the Olympics and how they were avoiding putting really any new programming in at that point. So rather than have to have a gap in the bridge plan, they made it it’s own series. Dealing with the winter Olympics always seems to throw off programming on every network, and ABC just made the wrong decision in my opinion last season.

  16. Jana says:

    YESSSS for more Castle Mondays good job abc i like it

  17. Any word on any being final seasons

    • N tTVf says:

      Well, they didn’t say anything (this is ABC we are talking about), so ABC probably won’t say anything (ever again) until next May 7th, 2015, a Thursday night at midnight, when ABC will dump all their news on cancellations and pilot pickups into a one hour fury. Good ‘ole ABC.

      That said, I think we can ‘connect-the-dots’ here ourselves – frankly, we all probably know as much as they do at this point about how things will shake out. For all you Nashville fans, enjoy this upcoming S3 – it will be their last. ABC’s refusal (I assume) to move Nashville to another time slot is just perplexing to me. They/ABC fight like crazy to cut costs on the show w/producers, and then after that is accomplished, they turn around and place the show in the exact same spot where it is struggling. Very, very strange move by ABC. But again, it’s ABC.

      Castle? Next season is S7, correct? I believe the television series contracts are for seven seasons. At that point, the actors/agents have great leverage. If ABC loves Castle, they’ll need to ‘back up the truck’ – both stars (NF & SK) are going to get (and deserve) enormous pay increases for an S8. So, either ABC negotiates a short-order for S8 to wrap things up, or Castle will close shop next May 2015… or ABC sends NF and SK a Brinks truck loaded w/money (unlikely).

      Revenge? That is probably 50/50. They are still all under contract – so it will be up to the ratings, and whether ABC has any pilots in the hopper better than Revenge. Honestly, I think Revenge’s potential S5 (2015-16) is tied to what happens to Nashville and Castle. If both get renewed into 2015-16 season (which I think is unlikely), Revenge is finished next May. However, if both Nashville and Castle end their runs next May 2015 (likely, I think), then Revenge is almost a guarantee for S5 in 2015-16. ABC can’t end all their series at once. Grey’s may wrap up in 2015-16, so ABC has to plan this out. I’m sure they are aware of that.

      Maybe Nashville and Castle wrap up in May 2015, and Grey’s and Revenge in May 2016? That means ABC really (really) needs to get it together and put together some hit dramas this upcoming season – and I think ABC can (Get Away w/Murder, Forever look good). I like Forever – that cast is gold [AdlG !).

      • Christina says:

        Based off the chatter surrounding Castle/NF, I’m feel pretty confident saying S7 will be their last. I’m hoping for more, but it seems like a longshot.

        • JC1 says:

          Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if that was the case. Seven seasons is a good run, and if they knew in advance and could plan out a good finale, I’d be happy with it.

  18. Stephanie says:

    But people are so USED to the time Grey’s is on….

  19. Lysh says:

    Oh thank goodness, I really enjoyed the split season format of Once Upon a Time. It felt like two seasons and maybe less filler storylines.

  20. Amanda says:

    So ABC is going to put Scandal up against the Blacklist (NBC) and the CBS comedies? That going to be DVR hell in my home (Reign, CW, comes on at the same time). There wasn’t anything wrong with Scandal staying at 10pm, if anything, they should have put in the new show at the 9pm time and hope that people just don’t change the channel between Greys and Scandal.

    • Esaul says:

      Perchance did you observe scandal’s ratings? Both Grey’s and Scandal serve as excellent lead-ins ratings wise. It’s best to put the strong shows first than to rely as a freshie lead the pack.

      • N tTVf says:

        Yep, you are 100% correct. You get a solid ‘A’ for TV programming. If you get chance, could you give our friends at ABC a call, and ask them to follow the rule you just noted regarding their programming on Tuesday night. ABC placing ‘Selfie/Manhattan’ to lead off the night is insane. Complete insanity!! Moving SHIELD to 9pm makes great sense, but ABC needed to lead off that night with a returning comedy. Which one? I know fans won’t like this, but Goldbergs was (at least temporarily before moving it to Wednesday) the obvious choice. ABC made a big mistake with their Tuesday night schedule.

    • Will says:

      I’d imagine Reign is most likely going to be moved when The CW reveals their fall schedule; no way they’ll waste The Vampire Dairies lead-in on a sophomore show when they can launch a brand new one. Your DVR should be slightly better off..

    • Lena says:

      ABC feels Blacklist will not be much of a threat to their prime time soap opera. Who will Olivia sleep with next week on Scandal? Duh, duh, dum…

      • Nesha says:

        I love Scandal. So whatever time it comes on I’m watching. I don’t think Scandal will have to worry up against Blacklist. It just going to get those viewers who were not Scandal fans to begin with.

    • Debbie Jones says:

      I hate comedies and football so I love ABC’s Thursday nite lineup. My two shows will my Scandal and new Viola Davis – thank u Shonda and ABC

  21. Deion says:

    Grey’s is moving to the 8/7c block? Cue 1 million moms.

  22. Ezzy says:

    Here’s a thought::

    Move SHIELD on Sundays to air after Once

    Move Last Man to Wed after Modern Family.or before.

    • N tTVf says:

      Last Man is probably on it’s last season – they need those open Wednesday slot for new/younger comedies. ABC and 20th battled this past week over ‘who is paying for what’ regarding ‘Last Man Standing’. Once the series has enough episodes for syndication market (as early as next May 2015), ABC will cancel Last Man, and then FOX may pick it up. But the days of Last Man on ABC are numbered. Enjoy the show now, while we all can… the clock is ticking.

      • acurat says:

        You are probably right. Tim Allen still brings the viewers in, but the show is too expensive for ABC to continue too much longer. Probably headed to syndication after season 4 ends (May 2015).

  23. Tran says:

    I’m surprised that Scandal is now going up against Blacklist in the 9 p.m. Thursday night time slot come February. Grey’s should’ve went toe-to-toe with Blacklist. BUMMER

  24. jen says:

    i think it would be a better decision to sandwich shonda’s new show in between grey’s and scandal but this seems like a pretty good lineup. The match up with modern family and the goldbergs is one that should have started out at the beginning

    • lll says:

      I agree. Scandal should stay at 9pm central time and place the new show in the middle like Resurrection was for OUAT and Revenge. It worked out for Resurrection. ABC’s schedule is more stable than NBC and Fox, although I believe Tuesday night is a hot mess.

  25. Liz says:

    Any word when Agent Carter will be premiering? Is it a mid-season show?

  26. Bryce says:

    All the new shows I’m interested in besides HTGAWM are at mid-season, bummer.

    • N tTVf says:

      I think most everyone is saying similar – why are the networks holding back their pilots/new series until mid-season/winter 2015?

      There is a lot of competition w/Sporting events in fall – Football, Baseball post-season, and lots of preemptions. Then the December holidays arrive, and the January awards season. So, many networks (I guess I can agree with their view) are saying, let’s just wait until Jan-Feb and run our series full and complete, with limited interruptions.

      That model may be what we see in the future – show ‘event’ and ‘live sports’ in the Sept to Super January time frame (that includes Super Bowl, awards ceremonies, etc.), and then run our series start-to-finish each season from Feb-May. That may be a change coming as to how (at least) new series are presented by the broadcast networks to their viewing customers/public.

  27. Katherine215 says:

    So, is How to Get Away With Murder going to focus solely on the one murder for the length of its run? That seems like it could get kind of boring after a time. But I’m sure the “who’s sleeping together now” part of a Shonda show will keep things interesting…or not.

  28. Nene says:

    I’m sad today they put two of my favorite shows on at the same time… Big fan of both… How can they switch Grey’s Anatomy time slot it been on at nine for years…How about put the new show on at eight so I can still watch Bones and Grey’s Anatomy…

  29. Geoff Gentry says:

    Happy with the Shield move and that Agent Carter will play in the same time slot during the winter break.

  30. sarah says:

    So Forever is up against Chicago Fire for me.
    Grey’s is moved up an hour and so that is up against TVD for me
    How to Get Away with Murder is up against Parenthood for me for half the season!
    There will be lots of PVRing for me!

    • sarah says:

      So I just realized that makes Forever up against POI too! I really hope CTV in Canada airs POI in the fall at 600pm like it did this season!

      • N tTVf says:

        ABC may move Forever – the show looks good (has an Elementary vibe) – ABC can’t just let Forever stay in that ‘Tuesday death slot). SHIELD will continue to struggle on Tuesday at 9pm (terrible lead-in shows for SHIELD) – ABC will have to decide around November if Forever is worth moving – probably to Wed at 10pm.

  31. Scott says:

    Assuming the CW keeps Supernatural on Tuesdays at 9, that’s going to hurt both SN and SHIELD as they attract the same fan base. ( like me)

  32. Eric says:

    The Wednesday night comedy lineup finally seems to make sense. Four comedies about family, without any outliers like Super Fun Night. Also glad they smartened up and decided to use Agent Carter as a bridge, like they should have with OUATIW.

  33. tv2day says:

    Why would ABC move a kids show like shield to 9pm? The last few episodes have been better but its largely a kids show the way its written n acted.

    • N tTVf says:

      Shield was getting beaten up at 8pm by NCIS. ABC needs to try it somewhere else, and they didn’t have many options. If (when?) the 1/2 hour comedies at 8pm (Selfie and Manhattan) fail, ABC may not have a choice but to move Shield back to Tuesday at 8pm. That’s bad, but that’s ABC on Tuesday night – a near disaster.

  34. Claudia says:

    How Shield does with moving to Tuesday at 9 will depend on what else is airing at the same time. The one unknown, until Wednesday, is whether it will go head-to-head with NCIS LA, the New Orleans spin-off or. albeit unlikely, CBS putting something else in the Tuesday 9 p.m. time slot. We will see.

  35. marcinho says:

    Smart decision to move Grey’s. People will still watch it.

  36. meah says:

    I said it blacklist vs scandal come midseason!who will win the ratings war?
    Can’t wait for how to get away with murder.should be fun

    • N tTVf says:

      It will be a win-win. That’s the best part. You’ll see both shows getting increased viewers. Many folks didn’t watch those two shows because they were on too late -10pm, and many older viewers are not DVR/PVR experts.

      Now, Blacklist and Scandal will become massive hit series – their demo numbers may not go up significantly, but their overall viewership numbers (w/ the 50+ crowd added in) will explode upwards – that’s good news for both series, for both networks, and for broadcast television in general. A win-win. This is how it is done – well done by both ABC and NBC! :)

      • cycworker says:

        I think that the idea that older viewers aren’t DVR experts is a bit of a stereotype. It may have been true at one time, but it’s changing. Even my MOTHER uses a DVR. She’s 68 and she took forever to even learn to use email.

        • N tTVf says:

          Thank you for the clarification. You know, we may give your Mother a call (no email, as you noted!) – we’re always looking for bright, new talent (of any age – youth is a state of mind) to keep our technology moving forward.

          Thank you again – I will need to bump up my numbers a bit – maybe 90 year olds don’t use DVRs at this point??? 95?

      • Boiler says:

        As a 60 year old it is really nice of you to stereotype us:( I can use it just fine just like I can use a computer, play video games, use an ipod. Tired of hearing older people don’t matter.

        • N tTVf says:

          Younger people do matter – those in the 60 age range I consider still quite young, particularly for television viewing. Ouch – I didn’t mean to insult anyone. Now, the older people (I mean like the **really** old people) of say, 90 years old [now watch, someone will write in and say they are 95 and using a DVR and writing Java Script – damn me to Hell!!], those folks ‘may’ not be able to work a DVR. That’s sort of where I was going with my comments … my bad.

          But seriously, I do appreciate you correcting me – I will say this, the more people who use DVRs, all age ranges, the better, because in that fashion, advertisers won’t be able to ‘assume’ that they are hitting a certain age group, or missing a certain age group.

          I encourage you to pass along your knowledge of using a DVR and other technical knowledge to any of your young associates and family members (in whatever age group they may be in – remember, 70 is the new 55) so that they can gain the knowledge of being more in control of what they watch on television, and when they watch it. That is all good.

          Keep up the good work.

  37. marcinho says:

    it doesn’t bode well for SELFIE and MANHATTAN LOVE STORY.

  38. Liza says:

    The Goldberg’s at 8:30 on Wednesday is perfect! Now if they just would have put Trophy Wife on at 9:30 and given it a chance, ABC would have had a super comedy block.

  39. marcinho says:

    hmmm…they’re airing back to back eps of Galavant for 4 weeks?

    • Will says:

      I don’t get it.. why not air it over the course of 8 weeks (Jan – Feb) officially filling the gap until Once would return ending of Feb/beginning of March.

      • JC1 says:

        Galavant is a half-hour comedy, but I haven’t seen anything saying they were airing it back to back. Deadline said it would likely be paired with something else.

        • marcinho says:

          “The network will use the same tactic for Dan Fogelman’s new fairytale musical comedy Galavant, which will link the fall finale and winter premiere of Sunday fairytale drama Once Upon A Time, with its eight half-hour episodes airing back-to-back in the 8 PM hour for four weeks.”

          That’s from Deadline.

          • JC1 says:

            Yes I see it’s been edited now, but when the schedule was first released this morning they speculated that it would be paired with something else. I hadn’t seen the latest news before I posted my comment.

          • marcinho says:

            Matt just clarified the 08:30 ep won’t be always new.

  40. david says:

    Blackish after MF sounds like a good choice and Goldberg’s does belong after The Middle. Kind of sad about Suburgatory. I read they are shopping it to cable networks so hopefully someone will pick it up. They might end up cutting the fees for it to get it to syndication numbers.

    They have had so many issues programming Thursdays at 8 PM I’m not surprised they are trying Grey’s out in that spot. I’ll be curious to see what it does on Big Bang Theory is back against it.

    It seems like every network is holding back a significant amount of shows with potential to mid season. I don’t know if the thought process is to put weaker shows out first and then replace them with stronger ones? Or if they are really making a go of trying to program a larger portion of the year.

    It never fails Tuesdays is always one of the weakest nights of shows I end up watching and this year is shaping up to be more of the same. Curious to see what CW ends up doing. I think CBS will end up doing a full night of NCIS.

    I’m kind of over Agents of Shield. It started out okay but I’ve kind of lost interest and it wouldn’t take much to skip over it.

    Outside of Blackish the sitcoms debuting in the Tuesday 8pm slot sound really weak and won’t make it.

  41. Jacqi says:

    Ugh!!! Why must my shows all be on thursday at 8! Greys, tvd, big bang theory.

  42. Will says:

    Have heard nothing but great things about Cristela.. shame that it’s gonna be squandered on Friday’s after Last Man Standing. Doubt it’ll get much buzz/eyeballs that way.

    However, I do commend ABC for having 3 comedies focused on diverse groups (Black-ish, Cristela, Fresh Off The Boat). Progress!

  43. Jane says:

    So AOS will be against Supernatural? No, I love both of these shows and having them go against each other will just hurt both. Boo

    • wingsstef says:

      CBS and CW haven’t released their schedules yet. So that may or may not be a problem. Though the one time ABC aired the new episode of Agents of SHIELD at 9pm, it seemed to do well. Though I understand it might cause problems to some fans. I don’t watch Supernatural regularly but the show seems to do well even though it has been moved several times.

  44. Mikael says:

    SHIELD will be much better off at 9pm. Did its ratings go up when they had that 1 episode air at that time this season? I’m really excited for Agent Carter too; that One-shot on the Thor 2 blu-ray was amazing.

  45. rflairfan1 says:

    I got my wish The Middle and The Goldbergs back to back. Those are the only shows I watch on ABC.

    • Television Scout says:

      Wish granted. Enjoy. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade today, (but), placing Goldbergs in that Tuesday 8:30 slot is TEMPORARY. It is folks – I’m sorry to be the one to say this, but it won’t last beyond next May, if that long (until Feb?)

      ABC has to expand their comedy night blocks beyond Wednesday – they have to. Remember Suburgatory. It was doing fine on Wednesday nights at 8:30 – what happened? It got moved. Why? Because those 8:30 and 9:30 slots are prime real estate – *both* those slots *must* be used to shepherd new series while both Middle and Modern are up and running. For now, if ABC wants to fortify Goldbergs with that Wed/8:30 slot, fine, but over time, that can’t last.

      What might happen for ABC on Wednesday nights – ABC might move ‘Middle’ to another night, and them move Goldbergs to 8pm/Wed. But one of those two *will* move by this time next May. Friday nights is going to be a problem for ABC at this time next season. Last Man is on its last season at ABC – the network and 20th barely came to an agreement this season. They did so to enable a) Last Man to get enough episodes for syndication, and b) to get ‘Cristela’ the green light for pilot pick up. That agreement will not be necessary next pilot season.

      When Last Man leaves the air in May 2015, ABC will be down to one night of comedy. That can’t be allowed. Middle and/or Goldbergs will be needed to resolve that problem. My bet is the Goldbergs will be on the move again (similar to Suburgatory) – that’s not fair, but that’s the nature of this network programming business.

      • Television Scout says:

        typo correction: meant to type ‘Wednesday 8:30 slot’ in line one of my comment.

      • rflairfan1 says:

        In all reality I don’t really care what night it is on. Some times I get to watch it live other times I just find other ways to watch. It really doesn’t matter to me when things air. I use the internet to my advantage. But yes I agree that it will probably move. I can’t imagine that The Middle goes on much longer it is still funny but not as good as it once was.

  46. mewp12 says:

    I hate split seasons. they are inane to begin with. They lose a lot of viewers that way.

  47. Jennifer says:

    Big Bang may be moving at least fall through winter because CBS has Thursday football so moving Grey’s to 8 is putting it against football and not Big Bang.

  48. Joey Padron says:

    Smart moving Agents of Shield at 9 pm time slot, it will do better at that time. Looking forward to see Agent Carter in winter.

  49. Jc says:

    Not sure why the network insists on pairing a comic book/fantasy show like SHIELD with a bunch of comedies… that is not a good balance of show genres. Figure it out ABC. Valid efforts to move the timeslot, it clearly wasn’t on par viewership-wise with NCIS. But perhaps you should consider pairing it with another fantasy or drama show?

  50. Diana says:

    We think that it is great having Once Upon A Time again on Sunday nights. We really thought that Grey’s Anatomy would have been cancelled. They could always have How to get away with Murder and Scandal switch times before the fall season starts.