The Blacklist Finale Recap: Major Burns

the-blacklist-season-finaleHow are you doing, Blacklist fans? Have you recovered yet from Monday’s finale? Picked your jaws up off the floor, after the NBC drama delivered one helluva conclusion to its freshman season?

To keep your head from spinning, let’s revisit the five biggest moments from The Blacklist’s final installment of the year.

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Not a single agent on the FBI task force deserves the fate that Meera suffers, but watching her get her throat slit by an accomplice of Berlin’s is especially heartbreaking. (Side note: Later learning that her children are just 5 and 8 years old totally didn’t help. Thanks for the knife in the gut, Blacklist.) Meera’s death occurs as she and Ressler visit a nightclub, hoping to track down a Russian fugitive that escaped from the unmarked plane that crashed in last week’s penultimate episode. Although Ressler is able to track down the prisoner, Meera isn’t quite as lucky. Her throat is cut, Game of Thrones-style, and Liz is just seconds too late to save her life.

Unfortunately, Berlin’s accomplices are not quite able to scratch Harold Cooper’s name off the list of task force members they want eliminated. After Cooper takes a secret meeting with Special Agent Martin, who tells Cooper to track down Liz and Reddington, Cooper returns to his car and is very nearly shot to death by the same man who took Meera’s life. As we later learn, though, Cooper is clinging to life in the ICU. And at the end of the episode, he indicates he’s still hanging on with a twitch of his finger.

For much of this final hour, Liz, Red and the rest of us are still trying to figure out who the mysterious Berlin is, and why he’s so furious with Red. Liz and Ressler visit the only surviving guard from the plane crash, who is bed-ridden in the ICU, to learn who Berlin is. The answer? He is a former member of the KGB, who was notorious for sending his enemies to work camps in Siberia. After Berlin’s daughter was imprisoned for having a secret relationship with a dissident at the end of the Cold War, Berlin helped his daughter escape, causing him to then be held captive in Siberia as his daughter’s remains (and a pocket watch belonging to her) were sent to his jail cell, piece by piece. But after a time, Berlin filed one of his daughter’s bones into a knife — how, uh, sweet? — and escaped prison using the newly fashioned weapon. Later, Fitch believes he has tracked down Berlin, and Red meets him face-to-face…. before shooting him dead not long into their conversation.

But wait. There’s more! Before episode’s end, it is revealed that the man Red shot was, in fact, not Berlin. Rather, the one they seek is the “guard” that Liz and Ressler spoke to earlier, who has escaped the hospital by the time the agents return to arrest him. (Of course.) Berlin’s most distinguishing feature? His lack of a left hand, which he himself cut off before jumping out of the unmarked plane. Red tells Liz that he knows Berlin is still on the loose, but he hopes the convict will soon come out of the woodwork once more.

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During Red’s face-to-face with The Man Who Is Not Berlin, Tom enters the room with Liz at gunpoint. Quite the scuffle ensues: Tom shoots Red, Liz shoots Tom, Red flees the scene, and before Liz leaves Tom to bleed out and die — which we later learn he doesn’t — Tom whispers something in Liz’s ear: “Your father is alive.”

Quick show of hands: Who assumed from Day 1 that Red was Liz’s real father? (I expect to see lots of hands up, TVLine readers!) As revealed in the final seconds of tonight’s finale, that popular theory seemed to be proven correct. After Liz relays to Red that her father may still be alive, he reassures her that her real father — whose identity she must not know, for her own protection — died the day he saved her from that house fire. But just before the screen fades to black, Red is seen at home, revealing a back full of burns as he takes off his shirt.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the Blacklist finale? Grade the season ender via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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  1. Well..Red can be the one who saved Liz from fire.Doesn’t mean he is her father.Why he was there during the fire is another question and I am scared to hear the answer.

    • Alichat says:

      Yeah….that was my thought too. It’s possible that he meant her father died metaphorically, and it’s also possible that he was there and was burned in saving her from the fire. Of course, considering everything Red has gone through for Liz, it’s probably the former instead of the latter.

      On another note…..I really wish Tom had died. Haven’t liked that character from day one.

      • Wait a minute..Liz said he told her ‘your father is alive’ before he died.Did she lie?
        BTW it was an amazing episode! I didn’t need all answers in one season – I am enjoying the show and want to take it slow. :)

        • Alichat says:

          What do you mean “did she lie?” Are you talking about regarding Tom? If so, where’s his body? I think the point of the scene where the authorities found the faux ‘Berlin’ was to let you know Tom’s not dead.

          • Yes,you areright: they didn’t find his body..I forgot that for a moment.

          • Joe says:

            The writer’s copped out. They didn’t know if they wanted to bring tom back or not so they made his body disappear. If they decide to keep him dead (which he clearly should be given his injuries and how he passed out next to lizzie) they will just throw in a mention that his body was taken by Berlin’s men to be buried or something. If they do bring him back, it’ll be stupid and annoying just like this season. Seriously, how do you not notice someone is pretending to love you for years? I love the show, but sometimes the writing is so sloppy.

          • hairy says:

            “how do you not notice someone is pretending to love you for years”

            Well, who said he didn’t love her? I know he said in an episode that he knew he got her when he found a heart drawn in the dust of his boot. He may have fallen in love throughout the years. He’s had a chance to kill her, (her name was on the task force list), when he had her under gunpoint, and he didn’t.

      • Mare says:

        You are not the only one: I hate Tom, and it hasn’t changed with the reveal that he’s a bad guy. Plus, the actor is just horrible IMO.

        • helen says:

          I love Evil Tom Keen and I’m glad he hasn’t died. He was the most interesting part of the second half of the season. Megan Boone’s acting is horrid and even Spader has been phoning it in lately with that monotonous dull tone.

          • jen says:

            i can’t be the only one who was really excited for about half a second when it wasn’t clear who was shot (tom/liz). Was reallllly hoping liz would be killed off (or megan boone was replaced)

          • mainecane says:

            i like megan boone. I loved james spader as red too. I don’t see why people dont like the. this is such a well written suspensful show and i never can guess what is going to happen next usually. while i think red is liz’s dad , this show is all about liz and red no way can they kill either one off. I never once suspected she would die. james spader has been a pretty good bad guy in all this.

          • joe says:

            mainecrane whats there to like about megan boone? Her single deadpan stare or her monotone performance? Her poor acting ability is the shows biggest liability and I really don’t understand why she was cast in such an important role

          • Ryan says:

            I’m a fan of Megan Boone. She works well with James Spader. What can Tom do next season to be a regular? Most of his season involved arguing with Liz and the marriage story was boring compared to the rest of the show. I hope they are moving on.

          • Maggie says:

            U should all realise these people are acting and for me and many thousands of Aussies this is the best show to come out of America hope it goes for ever and as for the actors except for Tom they are terrific the best

          • albertfan says:

            Tom Keen plus Lizzie = Boring. Tom Keen had more chemistry with a car he drove in one of the Blacklist commercials than with Lizzie.
            I would like to see Ressler and Lizzie together. He looks square, right? But, he does not have to. He seems to long for Lizzie.
            I hope Reddington is Lizzie’s father.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            It will be one of the most unbelievable things ever if he is still alive, he was shot what…4? 5 times in the gut? And was bleeding out for a solid 45 seconds afterwards until he finished whispering? Sorry, but biology says hes dead by the time he could pull himself outside of the room to the stairway.

        • I think the actor who plays Tom, Ryan Eggold, is great. Evil Tom is way more exciting than good husband Tom – but I’m not sure that he’s completely evil and/or unfeeling.

          • Wilma 08 says:

            He just has sexy eyes good or bad

          • davej13 says:

            I think the bottom line is that the actor who plays Tom does a great job at playing a slimy guy pretending to be nice. To me, it is good acting. It is similar to how Bellamy Young is such a horrible First Lady on Scandal. I have never met the woman, but I would want to punch her in the face if I ever did because the characters she has played going all the way back to a guest spot on Law & Order have been such witches.

      • joe4 says:

        yes i didn’t like tom character from the start either. at least liz keen character has gotten better but if it wasnt for James spader and nice guest stars the show wouldnt have been renewed) Berlin aka peter stormare was good he might be liz’s grandfather and red’s wife/lover (the one in the photo) was berlin’s daughter

        • RandomVisitor says:

          ooh maybe Red is the dissident Berlin’s daughter was having the affair with and Berlin blames Red for the death of her.

        • julie says:

          I agree. I think Berlin’s daughter is Lizzie’s mom. I still do not think Red is her dad, but could have been involved with Lizzie’s mom. Or maybe, he is responsible for sending Berlin’s daughter back to her in pieces.

    • Jessica says:

      Yeah, I don’t think the ending necessarily proved that Red is her father. When he was telling Liz about Sam he said a friend brought him a little girl to raise after her father was killed in the fire. In that case maybe Red was at the fire (maybe set the fire…) got burned and then took her to be raised by Sam. So idk, maybe he’s her father, but maybe not.

      • JM says:

        This is what I was thinking, too. He’s the friend. Maybe there to kill her father, and he feels guilty?

      • vee cee says:

        Why did he burn that house down in an earlier session and what little girl was he remembering in that house. I don’t get it.

      • Diana Wolfe says:

        Liz said hermladt memory ofnher father was saving her from the fire. So her father didn’t die in the fire, and Red is her father

        • joe4 says:

          red is either the father (it might be too obvious) or is her husband/lover ofliz’s mother which looks likely to be berlins;s daughter

          • Pearl says:

            Or both…
            So Berlin’s daughter falls for a dissident (Red), when she “escapes” from prison, she and Red go to America, where he becomes an Agent.
            Everything looks good until the day he finds out that her wife is gone, so he goes after his daughter and wife, and finds out that his wife was killed by that men from who he took the photo from. But is able to find his daughter, but have to kill someone of a high rank, that will upset too many people (and was part o the Alliance, i guess), so he gets the info he needs to blackmail them, gets Liz, goes to Sam, says that her father had to die on that fire, and that he’ll disappear. Berlin starts to receive those parts from her daughter, thinks that is Red’s fault that she’s dead, cause he didn’t protect her enough. Goes crazy and decides to destroy him, without knowing he has a granddaughter.
            That’s why Tom CAN’T kill Liz, cause he has orders to protect her, not to kill her.
            Cause in the end her grandfather wants to kill her father and be with the only piece of his own daughter that’s left.
            So, he never lies when he says that her father died in that fire, cause, in truth, the man he was died, and he became another person, the kind of person who can’t be a father, cause has done too many bad things, and too many enemies.

      • Amanda says:

        Well plus, if you remember to the beginning of the season, Red had a family that he left on Christmas Eve. So i would say unless it’s a fake backstory, He’s NOT her father but rather he was there that night. And he can say for certain her father is dead because he was there. On the other hand, he could in fact BE her father and Tom actually TOLD her Red was her father and that is why she came back to him at the end. She knows but she wants to see how and why it plays out.. Although really, she’s not very good at keeping secrets, sooooo…

      • Heisenblergh says:

        You’re crazy to think that after all this he’s not her father. I knew from the pilot episode that he was her father. It’s glaringly obvious … especially with the music box thing. Her “father dying” in the fire was a metaphorical death.

    • Ruby says:

      I really hope this is the case. This show is too good to pull the lame, overplayed “Leia, I am your father” routine.

    • James Brydon says:

      I agree. Clearly they’re trying to make it seem like Red is Lizzie’s father, but I don’t think so, as that would be too simple. Also, Lizzie asked Red point blank “Are you my father?” on the phone when her dad was in the hospital, and Red said “No” then on a later episode, he told Lizzie he has never lied to her. Of course, he could have been lying then, but I don’t think so. It seems like he’s genuine with her, at least on the most important things.

      • Ron says:

        I agree. I think Berlin is Liz’s father. And that Red has something to do with the fire. We can only wait and watch for the suspense to be resolved.

      • Joe Strummer says:

        It’s true, Red has never lied to Liz so he is not the father. He didn’t lie about Killing Sam when he easily could’ve. I don’t believe he has ever lied to Liz.

    • sophie says:

      I think that red is liz’s father and Berlin is red’s father in law… Berlin blames red for not protecting his daughter from the KGB and that is why he wants revenge. As why Red tells Liz his father is dead.. Well.. earlier in the season when red tells the farmer story.. of the farmer loosing everything and than realising that he had turned into the very monster that killed his family. So in a manner of speaking he is a diferent person

    • S. says:

      C’mon! They imply he’s her father in almost every episode from the very beginning. How they expect us to believe she’s an FBI agent and not figured this out yet is kind of infuriating! But I still like the show. I just wish they’d get that part of the story over with already.

    • Erin says:

      Ok, here is what I think. Berlin is Lizzy’s grandfather. I think Red was a friend or even supposed to be the protector of Berlin’s daughter. The show stated that Berlin’s daughter was imprisoned for having a relationship with a dissident at the end of the cold war. This means she was old enough to have a child (Lizzy?). Berlin helped his daughter escape and then was imprisoned. After a time (how long, nobody knows), his daughter is sent back to him in pieces. If Red was supposed to be the one to protect Berlin’s daughter, and failed, then this would cause Berlin to hunt Red down. If Lizzy’s father was a dissident to the cold war then he would indeed be on some most wanted lists, thereby placing Lizzy in jeopardy. We should remember, that while Red has walked around the truth or has not told Lizzy everything, he has never lied to her. He told her flat out that he was not her father. If he was supposed to protect Berlin’s daughter, and failed, he would still watch out for Lizzy and her father. When the fire happened, I think Red was there to save her and tried to save the father as well and that is how he got burned. Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

    • bingewatcher says:

      occams razor. / but then with all the resources of the FBI, technology advances like DNA matching, Liz Keen should’ve been able to do a simple DNA test to see if Red was her father.

  2. brandon says:

    That finale was unsatisfactory they left so many things open to speculation after dragging them out the entire season finite answers to at least so of the basic questions would have been good.

  3. Sparky says:

    I’m still confused about the picture of the girl that both Red and Berlin had. I was 100% convinced that Red was her Dad up until tonight’s episode. Now I’m about 99%

    • Alichat says:

      I am confused too. It had #79 at the bottom, and I think she’s dead in the picture. Plus they conveniently covered the name. Wonder what the number means.

      • Katherine215 says:

        Wasn’t that picture the one Red took from the guy who kidnapped Lizzie in like episode 4? I forget his name but he had a cabin in the woods and it was the episode Ressler hugs Lizzie while she cries after she’s rescued.

          • chris says:

            If you re-watch the season finale to me it looks like the picture Red has from the stewmaker episode very closely resembles the real Berlin’s daughters photo in the pocket watch look at it again tell me if you see the same thing also. And remember red did everything in season one to draw out Berlin.

      • Red says:

        The number is the number The Stewmaker gave her. The picture Red has was the one he took out of the Stewmaker’s album in episode 4. I am going to venture a guess and say she’s Red’s wife. What’s obscured in Red’s picture is the date 12/90 (clearly visible in the Stewmaker episode), not her name.

        • Alichat says:

          Ohhhhh……thank you. Forgot all about that.

        • This. I totally thought that it could be his wife.

          • Heisenblergh says:

            It’s not his wife. That picture he’s holding is the exact same picture as the girl in Berlin’s pocket watch.

        • Amanda says:

          and to add to that, I’m going out on a limb to assume that that picture was taken in 1979, probably the year Lizzie was born (It’ll make her 34). My assumption is that Red is Lizzie’s father and Berlin is her Grandfather.

          • Marcy Lytle says:

            that’s what i think too! exactly . and by the way, i think the actor who plays tom is awesome…he can look so innocent and nice…and so mean and horrible!

        • Pearl says:

          Right? December… IT would go right with the story he told about getting home for christma’s and finding no one there.

        • Arnold says:

          Wasn’t The Stwwmakers whole deal that he turned all the bodies into stew? Not cut them up and send them to someone?

          • Connie James says:

            The picture from the stew maker looks like it’s IDENTICAL to the one in the watch… and I’ve been thinking the same thing about her being killed by the stew maker. Maybe Berlin is assuming that she was killed by or because of Redd – but the body parts/bones belonged to someone else. The stopwatch in no way confirms how she died.

        • If The Stewmaker killed Berlin’s daughter, then how were there any body parts to send t Berlin in prison?

  4. EJ says:

    Making him her actual father is WAY too obvious.

    • Ryan says:

      I agree. The show doesn’t like the obvious. It intentionally avoids the obvious to go for the more mind-frakking route.

      Like Adriana said, just because he rescued Liz, doesn’t mean that he’s her father. If her father is so dangerous, as is implied by even Redd not wanting to name him, then, it’s entirely possible that the fire was caused by an assassin to take out her father, who then set fire to the house to remove any evidence, and she would have just been a casualty (intentional or accidental) of the housefire. And, Redd being Redd, maybe was there to confront/warn Liz’s dad and he saw the house ablaze and assumed he was already dead, but he heard Liz screaming and went to rescue her.

      • zimvadef says:

        And he also knows about the music her dad used to sing to her and tell her it’s alright at night? seems a bit of a stretch… I’m going to go with the women in the pics are the same and red is the reason she was killed. Now her father is going to make him pay for it.

      • judi says:

        my thought is this: berlin is her grandfather, Redd is her father but says her father died in the fire because the man he was until that night did die inside he is not the father she would remember. berlin blames Redd for his daughters death not knowing all the circumstances, I am sure that will all come out in season 2. I don’t think Redd is even aware that berlin is his wife’s father at this point.

        • Brea says:

          Berlin is played by Peter Stormare — would they cast him as a grandfather?

          • Joe says:

            Uhm, why wouldn’t they? He obviously is playing a character with a kid, why not a kid with a kid? He’s clearly old enough for the role. I don’t get your logic.

    • Pix says:

      On one hand it’s obvious, on the other – it allows them to poetically play with all the methaphors (your father is dead! no, not really, he’s still there!) and allusions. The effect is kind of sweet, it reminds me of Hannibal, where we know how the story ends but this way enjoy the details of how it gets to that point more. You can enjoy their bond growing while they are both together and estranged. I enjoy it, at least ;)

  5. CK says:

    I enjoyed the finale. I was a bit bothered that the only protagonists killed or in danger, were the people of color. I know that they aren’t going to kill off Ressler, but sending him for a summer long trip in the ICU would have made the danger seem a bit realer. I especially enjoyed the maybe he is the dad/maybe he isn’t reveal towards the end.

    • nate says:

      theres ALWAYS that 1 person that makes something about race^^^^^

      • taran63 says:

        Exactly. You shouldn’t be racist. You should be sexist and note that the only people the bad guys have killed so far have all been women: Red’s accountant, Resler’s fiancée, and now Meera.

        • Ronnie says:

          In fact, the show has actually murdered 4 of the 5 women on the show and now has 1 woman and 6-7 men.

          Alive: Lizzie,
          Dead: Meera, Luli (reds bodyguard), Jolene (toms handler), Fowler(dept head).
          Bonus female murder: Audrey (Resslers fiancé).

          Alive: Red, Tom (likely alive), Ressler, Cooper, Dembe, Aram.
          Bonus male alive: Fitch (Alan Alda).

      • lillie says:

        yes…and what a stretch this particular race comment’s a TV show!!!..guess they forgot ressler’s fiance was killed and he was almost killed…ridiculous!!!

      • sherry says:

        I agree, I was so disgusted by that comment!

      • jessy says:

        I AGREE WHY IS THAT THERE IS ALways someone that always have to look at the stupidest things and kills the whole purpose of the show

    • M says:

      Let’s not forget that Ressler was badly injured in the Anslo Garrick episodes and was then hospitalized.

    • Leroy says:

      So you are saying the only thing that would make it real for you is to kill whitey? Sorry, but your comment was a bit prejudiced. They killed and put in danger the 2 characters who seem to not really be doing anything. And Red’s right hand man and the FBI hacker were also people of color, and they weren’t in jeopardy tonight.

      You’re seeing what you want to see, not what’s actually there. From a story standpoint, they trimmed the fat – nothing more than that, and nothing intentionally racial about it. Fight that war on something meaningful, not anecdotal evidence from a television show.

      • Ronnie says:

        The original poster said “enjoyed the episode” and “slightly bothered”. Don’t see how saying that 2 of the 4 poc (and one doesn’t speak) on the show were dead or In a hospital might make them “slightly bothered”.

        And it’s ok to say, “it might seem that way in this episode, but the arc of the season was more balanced and lots of people were put in the same situation.” And the poster may go, yah good point on the ressler torture, I forgot about that

        But we don’t have time to actually discuss civilly, address systemic racism in media, or understand the cultural impact of how poc have been portrayed on tv for decades.

        Also, if they were just clearing out the dead weight, then shame on them for making the poc characters uninteresting and ripe for a culling.

        And much of this also applies to the women on the show. Of which, they killed every one on the entire show across the season. It is now just Lizzie and the boys.

    • jen says:

      right i’m sure it doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that both characters were useless…

    • Jenny Johnson says:

      Let me guess? you are a racist!!!!!!! get down off the cross, someone else needs the wood!!!

    • Ali says:

      So what did you think when Ressler was referred to as a “Ginger?” did that sound racist to you?

      • I’m rewatching “The Blacklist” from the beginning (probably something I will do every summer from now on – the show is just that good!), and I was wondering who that guy was referring to. Thanks for your comment. I honestly thought that he was blond until I saw your comment.

    • jessy says:

      please not this again..enjoy the show always people like this that kill the fun out of it.

  6. Teresa says:

    More questions after tonight. Did Red get the burns because he saved Liz from the fire or is he her biological father? And what the heck happened to Tom? Why can’t he die already! Then there picture Berlin had in his watch and the one Red looked at just before he took his shirt off. Was Berlin’s daughter Red’s wife? And what is Red’s connection with the high up official of the FBI? I need answers!!!!

    • Alichat says:

      I wondered about that…..if Berlin’s daughter was Red’s wife, until I saw Berlin…..then I knew that wasn’t the case. (Peter Stormare and James Spader are about 5 years apart in age) Then the number on the picture at the end sealed it.

      • Monk says:

        But maybe Red was simply older than his daughter when they got together? If we assume that Liz is 27 that could put Red at 30 when she was born and her mother anywhere from 17-18. 6 to 8 years difference( Sean Connery played Harrison Fords father and he was 10 years older) and you have an explenation. Maybe Berlin thinks he used his little girl and got her killed

      • Amanda says:

        They may only be five years apart in age, but typically Peter plays older.

    • JM says:

      I’m happy Tom isn’t dead. He’s a great character played by a great actor.

  7. enri says:

    Wowza! Great season finale. It’ll be interesting to see where season 2 goes.

  8. Monk says:

    Is it possible that maybe Berlin is Liz’s grandfather and he blames Red (the father) for his (Berlin’s) daughter’s death ? Thoughts ?

    • Katherine215 says:

      That’s my guess, too.

    • Denise Grice says:

      Yes, I agree that Berlin is the grandfather assuming Red is her father….but how is the woman in the picture connected or is she connected, to the woman or girl who was the ballet dancer in Red’s past life? Could Liz’ mother have been the dancer and did Red know her as a young girl?

      • Monk says:

        Yes I think there must’ve been an age difference. Who knows maybe Red was a spy for the US and was friends with berlin for a few years before falling for his daughter

      • Lyndsey says:

        More likely the little girl who he remembers dancing was Liz, his daughter.

    • Laura Pickering-Polstra says:

      Puzzled out: I believe the stories, both Red’s and Berlin’s. And, unless he was speaking metaphorically, which he may have been, I believe Red has not lied to Lizzie. Therefore, she is not his daughter. He does obviously care about her more than anyone else one earth.
      Red definitely saved Lizzie from the fire (due to his fire flashbacks and burns).
      The woman in the photo that Red took from the binder (murder victim #79) is Berlin’s daughter.
      Red seems to have cared for the woman in the photo, as he carries it with him and looks at it.
      Berlin’s daughter “fell in love with a dissident” at the end of the Cold War. Implied: Berlin’s daughter had a child (same age as Lizzie). Lizzie is Berlin’s granddaughter.
      Berlin’s enemies tracked down his daughter, killed her, and sent her body parts to him, via the murdering serial killer. (Did you see the bone shiv in the hospital?)
      Berlin blames Red for her death, either because Red was the “dissident” whom Berlin helped his daughter escape with, or, more likely, Berlin was Lizzie’s step-father, and Berlin blames Red for not keeping his daughter safe. If Red was the dissident, then Red would know who he is. Thus, it is more likely that Red was married to Berlin’s daughter, and Lizzie was his stepdaughter, raised from birth until the fire.
      Red came home to find his family dead at Christmas. (The fire.) Then Red hides Lizzie for safety and goes after everyone. Where does Red get the skills? See below.
      Red has flashbacks of a young girl playing before he blows up the house. Could be Lizzie or his own daughter, just as the ballerina could be Lizzie or his own daughter. But I think it’s Lizzie.

      The question I am asking myself right now is this: Does Berlin know Lizzie is his granddaughter? (Does he even know he had a grandchild? If he did, does he think the child is dead too?) Or does he just believe that Lizzie means something to Red and that is why he is targeting her, as a way to get to him?

      Tom supposedly telling Lizzie that her father was alive: I think that idiot woman is helping him to stay alive now so that he will give her answers (she thinks). But do we believe Tom? Personally, I do not.

      My theory about Red and Alan Alda’s big secret? They and Sam, Lizzie adoptive father, as well, are Russian sleeper agents. Red knows the other sleepers and thus has leverage, but it will hurt him as well. This would also explain Red’s link to Berlin’s daughter, and how Berlin got her to safety in the U.S.

      Did I miss anything?

      • Laura Pickering-Polstra says:

        Berlin does not know that Lizzie is his granddaughter. Either he did not know he had a grandchild or he thinks the child is dead too.

        Also, date of Berlin’s daughter’s death: Dec 1990. Christmas. Red’s dead family story holds up. And it was just after the end of the Cold War, when Lizzie would have been the right age to be Berlin’s granddaughter.

        • spartansoul says:

          U are very Right my Friend!! I think also that Red married to Berlin’s Daughter who is Liz’s Mother and Red was that time a CIA agent if i recall it right but then his enemies took Liz’s mother alive form the fire and tortured her and Red has only saved his daughter from that and then he gave her to Sam cause he knew it was dangerous for his enemies to know that his daughter was alive!! Berlin on the other hand felt that Red betrayed him cause he thought he would protect his daughter from the American Scums that Red was working with cause he knew he was a good fella that’s why he wants to kill his Daughter Liz! Liz is truly the daughter of Red cause Tom said it to Liz in the last scene!! He did not only said that her father is alive he also said the name!! And that’s why she has return to Red in the last scene

      • osofine says:

        @Laura, Great post! I found the finale disappointing, as we never got a straight-up answer to the question of “Who is Lizzie to Red?” but I love your analysis. What doesn’t make sense to me is, if Lizzie is Berlin’s granddaughter, why did he want her killed? I have trouble believing that this uber-criminal that has eluded Red and everyone else and staged this elaborate plan that kept Red in the dark, wouldn’t know exactly what Lizzie is to Red. I think Berlin must know the relationship of Red to Lizzie. I like the idea that Lizzie’s mom was Berlin’s daughter, and that he blames Red for his daughter’s death, but if his daughter meant so much to him how could he torture his daughter’s only child by setting Tom on her and then (have his stand-in) order Tom to murder her?! She would be his only living descendant and connection to his child! If only this episode had been less obtuse. (I’m going to re-watch it to see if there is anything I missed. I was pretty exhausted by the time I watched it.)

        I did suspect immediately that the “guard” in the hospital was Berlin. That actor is way too popular/recognizable to be a minor character. His telling of Berlin’s “story” (legend) was right out of “The Usual Suspects”! I’ll be generous and call it an homage to the film.

        I really hope season 2 features a smarter Lizzie. Hopefully everything she’s been through this season will open her eyes and she will become a sharper detective who has learned that people lie and in order to get to the truth she needs to demand answers and/or figure them out on her own. Getting rid of Tom (or at least her relationship with him if he is alive) and learning the truth about her marriage should show in her character and make her stronger.

        • Diana says:

          I don’t think he sent Tom to kill her. I think he sent atom to protect her!!! If you listen to those stupid commercials, Toms character is giving you clues. Tom was put in her life because Berlin knew he could find Red through her

      • MrTemecula says:

        3 shots to the gut. Tom is made of stern spy stuff.

        I do have one quible. Why did Berlin cut his own hand off?

    • Tony bennett says:

      That can’t be, if he was the grandpa, why does he want Lizzie dead? Remember the command for Tom to kill her!

      • Redder says:

        Maybe he doesn’t know Lizzie is Red’s daughter, and just wants her dead cause she is important to Red

    • Redder says:

      I think the same

    • Lucie Loing says:

      I would agree except that Lizzie was on Berlin’s hit list. He wouldn’t kill his granddaughter.

    • Diana says:

      That’s what I posted on the Blacklist FB page. It makes sense to me.
      Both have pics
      This has no connection to Red’s underworld activities
      If this is true then we will see a flashback of Red with Berlins daughter and Red & baby Lizzie escaping when she was captured

  9. Betsy says:

    I’m a little disappointed the recap didn’t draw the connection between Berlin cutting off his hand, and that actor doing the same to T-Bag in Prison Break. 😃 maybe because even tho I have seen that actor in other roles since, he will always be Abruzzi to me.

    Blockbuster finale. I enjoyed fake Berlin saying “then we kill the ginger.” Hahahahaha. Poor meera.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Red took the picture from the stew maker who dismembers bodies. Berlin had the same picture who was his daughter. Red is the guy that his daughter fell in love with who she in return got imprisoned for. Lizzie is their daughter, Brtlins granddaughter.

    • Sparky says:

      James Spader is only 7 years younger than Peter Stormare. That might be asking a little much to assume that Berlin is Lizzie’s grandfather and Reds wife was Berlins daughter. Doesn’t make sense…there has to be some other reason why they are all connected!!!

      • hmmm…perhaps Berlin is Red’s brother in law? THe girl in the picture is his sister? Lizzie is his niece?

        I still want to believe that Lizzie is Red’s daughter and I hope that burns prove that.

      • Mare says:

        It’s really not out of the realm of possibilities, despite Stromore and Spader’s real ages. Several parent/child characters have really been played by actors only a few years apart. Dorothy and Sophia on “The Golden Girls” as daughter and mother (but Estelle Getty was actually a few years younger than her onscreen daughter); Susan Sarandan and Melissa McCarthy are playing grandmother/daughter (24 years apart); Dean and John Winchester on “Supernatural” are son and father, but the actors are only 12 years apart. Casting can often play loose when it comes to actor’s real ages versus character’s real ages.

      • Soopah Soopah Soopah says:

        Berlin is the Mother’s father, for all you know she was 20 years the Junior of Red. Red and Berlin could be the same age and he still could have been with the Daughter and fathered Liz.

      • rflairfan1 says:

        While it’s true that Peter is only a couple years older than James. But in all honesty Peter looks to be about 20 years older than James. Either he just hasn’t aged well or the have a bunch of makeup on him. I thought Peter looked very old.

      • Laura Pickering-Polstra says:

        The ages of the actors are irrelevant. A younger woman cannot marry an older man? Be serious.

      • arial2 says:

        They’re ACTORS! They often play characters older or younger than the actors are in real life. Sometimes the same actor plays the same character all the from young man to old age. I’m not sure if Red is Lizzie’s father, but I wouldn’t have an “age difference” problem with the two men being different generations.

      • Danish says:

        You would be correct to say that IF the show was about James Spader and Peter Stormare. Its about Raymond Reddington and some guy named Berlin, i hope people try not to keep bringing this point up over and over, their real age difference doesn’t mean squat.
        PS: really stupid end for Meera, tacking on the bit about her kids was a stupid attempt at tiny sympathy, at no point was the character developed enough for me to give a crap about her personal life. Maybe they could’ve had less open-mouthed-Lizzie-staring-off-somewhere and more Agent Malik, maybe then I’d feel the way the way the author did about that scene…

      • Nicole says:

        On tv real age doesn’t matter. Plus it wouldn’t the first time ever a man married a much younger woman and had a child.

      • Amanda says:

        Everyone keeps saying that matters.. Its doesn’t. Peter PLAYS older. He just does.. i mean come on. The Mom on the golden Girls was only a year younger than the chick who played her daughter… In fact, she was the same age as the rest of the cast. Their age difference in REAL life, make NO difference to the show.

  11. Joey Padron says:

    Great season finale. Sad Meera died. Glad Cooper is gonna be okay. Surprised who real Berlin is. And surprised Tom is still alive after getting shot a few times.

    • Denise Grice says:

      It was sad to see Meera die and to die in such a horrific way….her poor children. I also wonder what Tom REALLY said to Liz….since she did not “finish him off” as she said she would as evidenced by his missing body…. I have never cared about Tom and was hoping we were done with him. Wouldn’t it be a twist if he comes back in Season 2 as a good guy?

      • Connie James says:

        I am so glad that someone finally mentioned that we couldn’t hear what Tom said to Liz. I was going to write a post about that very thing… It’s totally possible that she lied to Redd.

    • jenna says:

      to be honest i hope cooper ends up dying or leaving the unit, the actor doesn’t have the gravitas or authoritative nature which becomes even more obvious whenever there is a scene with alan alda. Really I hope they clean house with the entire FBI unit… liz (or really megan boone) included. I can’t be the only one who was really excited for about 2 seconds when I though tom had shot her

      • jen says:

        i was really hoping liz was shot as well! Can’t stand megan boone!

      • joe says:

        jenna i completely agree, the entire FBI unit is pretty useless. I liked the finale, didn’t find it as strong as past episodes, but theres so much ‘dead weight’ on the show that I don’t know if i’ll be coming back next season

  12. Arlene Todd says:

    Who is singing the song ‘Lucky Man’ at the end of The Blacklist Finale tonight 5-12-14?

  13. JM says:

    Keyser Sose lives, and his name is ‘Berlin’.

  14. Deion says:

    If nothing else, Berlin blames Red for his daughter’s death. Probably Liz’s mother. Still think that her father is #1 on the blacklist. Berlin was only #8

  15. Justsomeguy says:

    Finale was decent, but I honestly felt like the Anslo Garrick episodes before Christmas packed a much more significant punch. Everything since that first episode has paled significantly in comparison. I guess they set the bar entirely too high with that episode.

  16. Chris says:

    It was very Keyser Sose-like to have that guard tell the backstory of the legend of Berlin. I knew right away when he was telling that story that he was the real Berlin.

  17. Christian Dyer says:

    Maybe red left the FBI because lizs father was killed

  18. Dino says:

    I can get on board with Red’s wife being Berlin’s daughter, but if Red is Lizzy’s father, making Berlin her grandfather, why would Berlin want to kill his own granddaughter? She was, after all, on the target list.

    • to get back at Red, if he feels Red is responsible for his daughter’s death?

    • Monk says:

      Maybe he doesnt even know his daughter had a baby, since he was imprisoned

      • Monk says:

        Maybe that’s exactly why Red doesn’t want anybody to know. Because it would put her in danger and Berlin’s main target

      • Dawn Dixon says:

        I agree. That’s why it’s so important to Red that Lizzie not know who her father is. Then Berlin finds out she is his granddaughter.

    • skipper2425 says:

      But I thought the “list” was the faux Berlin’s so she wasn’t on Berlin’s since he had none.

      • julie says:


      • Lucie Loing says:

        Faux Berlin got the list from Berlin. Faux worked for him. It doesn’t make sense that Berlin wouldn’t know if Lizzie was his Granddaughter and would allow her to be in danger. It also doesn’t make sense that Red wouldn’t know who Berlin is if Lizzie is Berlin’s Granddaughter. Red won’t tell Lizzie who her real father is because she would be in too much danger, but being so important to Red puts her in danger too. If Red really wanted to protect her, he would never have inserted himself into her life.

        • Lauren says:

          Berlin already inserted Tom into Lizzie’s life before Red turned himself into the FBI. She was married to a Hitman and was about to adopt a baby with him. Seems like Red’s intervention was warranted.

        • Lee says:

          Faux Berlin got the list from Tom…

    • Laura Pickering-Polstra says:

      You are right. Berlin does not know that Lizzie is his granddaughter. Either he did not know he had a grandchild or he thinks the child is dead too.

  19. sladewilson says:

    Great season ender. Can’t wait for season 2!!!

  20. Julie says:

    “Just Breathe” by Pearl Jam

  21. Soopah Soopah Soopah says:

    I think the burns are a misdirect, but you forgot one big thing! How about the fact that the Berlin’s daughter is the same woman in the photo Reddington took from the The Chemist guy in the beginning of the season. If we didn’t already know he was Ex-US Navy, I would have guessed Red was the dissident the daughter was with. Then MAYBE I would believe he was Liz’s father, especially if Berlin’s daughter turned out to be Liz’s mother.

  22. Hodan says:

    This episode left me with soo many questions while barely answering all of my previous questions. It was sort of watching a Lost season finale.

  23. Nice to know Meera was a giant waste of time. Seriously, that was so pointlessly random… I get they clearly didn’t know what else to do with her character but usually when a show realizes this problem they don’t solve it so insultingly. Also nice to know they’ll happily kill off what few female characters they have but leave the fates of male ones ambiguous.

    Done with this crap.

  24. FSN Global 's Rick Fox says:

    Reblogged this on Global News Now.

  25. Ryan says:

    Good episode. Is there another source of info that they author has in order to definitively say Red is her father? I didn’t exactly get that certainty when watching it.

  26. bkm says:

    Red and Sam were Lizzie’s older brothers

    • Carla says:

      That’s what I think! Red is Lizzie’s older brother! And Lizzie and Ressler for sure will hook up next season.

  27. Bruce says:

    Both my wife and I cheered when Meera had her throat slit. Her character was a waste of time to watch.

  28. Tran says:

    One of the best season finale in years and I will continue to watch The Blacklist once Season Two begins in the Fall. RIP Meera Malik :-(

    • Tran says:

      BTW, really hope that Amir Arison gets promoted to series regular next season because his character is so fun loving.

  29. Leonora says:

    StewMaker dissolved people, so… how someone could sent to Berlin parts of the body of his daughter?

    • rflairfan1 says:

      My guess was fake bones from another dead person. They never showed him getting the head.

      • Leonora says:

        It is weird, but you could be right about fake bones

        • rflairfan1 says:

          Because yes you are correct about how StewMaker dissolved people. As soon as I saw that picture in the watch I said “fake bones”. I clearly watch WAY to much TV. LOL

    • Laura Pickering-Polstra says:

      I could be remembering incorrectly, but I was under the impression that #79 was killed by an assassin. That, yes, he was going to dissolve Lizzie, but it doesn’t mean that he did that to every one of his victims, especially when you consider Berlin’s enemies probably wanted #79’s body parts sent to Berlin as torment.

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  31. rflairfan1 says:

    I have to admit that was a very good finale. I was a little disappointed Meera died, she was the only one that knew the older lady that Red killed was the mole. But I guess this keeps that secret.

    Glad Cooper lived. I expect him to go down the rabbit hole of what type of “people” wanted Red loose.

    Ressler was just…there. I didn’t get a whole lot out of him this episode. But he already had his big episode.

    Tom being alive is awesome. I can’t be the only one that was hoping Liz was the one that got shot. LOL

    As soon as Peter Stormare’s name came up in the beginning of the episode I knew he was “Berlin” but still loved the story he told in the hospital. I am a little surprised the FBI wouldn’t put the whole cutting of his hand story together a little bit faster.

    I have never believed Red was her father and I still don’t believe it. He already told her he wasn’t and I truly feel like at this point it would be a slap in the face to fans. I do believe he rescued her from the fire. I can get on board with Sam and Red being brothers.

    I had told myself that if the finale wasn’t satisfying I wouldn’t stick around for Season 2. Well I will be damned if the finale wasn’t super satisfying. I still don’t care for Megan though. LOL

  32. vee cee says:

    If fake Berlin told Red the incident happened in 2010 in Beirut, and they found him because of his weakness, (his daughter) how could it concern the real Berlin’s daughter. Don’t get it.

  33. Heather says:

    Gahhh! There are still so many unanswered questions that the finale didn’t answer. The biggest one is still, who is Red to Liz?? I am curious to why both Red and Berlin have the same picture. The summer is going so long!.

  34. Melodye Joy says:

    Theory? Red is her father. Her father died in that fire metaphorically, as her mom did die (that I’m aware of).

    What if Liz’s mom was Berlin’s daughter/Reds wife? Is that too far fetched or could this be the beef between the two gentleman?

    Perhaps Berlin is hell bent on vengeance and doesn’t know that his daughter had a child before she was killed?

    If you look at the photo, the young woman does favor Liz, in my opinion.


  35. Chad says:

    So all the searching the FBI did in the beginning to make sure Liz and Red weren’t related didn’t include DNA testing? You would think that would be the first thing they would do! You can’t change DNA, so Red can’t be her father!

    • Blacklist Rocks says:

      Actually, didn’t they have an episode about a blacklisted who faked deaths by changing the blood and teeth to make people think you were dead?

  36. Blacklist Watcher says:

    Is it possible that Berlin is Liz’s father? I think maybe the age of the girl in the picture taken from the stewmaker means that it wasn’t young Liz, having blocked out the memory of being previously kidnapped (and saved) from the stewmaker (which would be the only way to explain him having that picture if it was her)… Or a sister? I think these theories probably aren’t correct, but I hadn’t seen it brought up explicitly so far…

    • Blacklist Watcher says:

      …Taking into account other theories about Red rescuing her / possibly setting the fire, etc. etc…

  37. Ra Vi says:

    Red is father and Berlin is grandfather.

  38. Susan says:

    If the guy in the hospital who told the backstory of Berlin was Berlin, why doesn’t he have a Russian accent? He sounded like he had an American accent, possibly western.

  39. Tony says:

    So let me get this straight, the dissident was Reddington, who is the father of the Liz. So Berlin’s daughter is Liz’s mom and Berlin would be her grandfather. Berlin is killing everyone involved in his daughters death. Berlin is after Red because of him this is why she was imprisoned which eventually led to her death. Berlin blames Red. ???????

    • zimvadef says:

      Berlin doesn’t seem like he’d go after his own granddaughter. I’m thinking maybe red is the reason and he’s holding him accountable but lizzy isn’t his granddaughter. Like red just had an affair with his daughter then left her to die so now he’s going to destroy him

  40. james says:

    This was a complete bust and a big mistake for the show. They should have made it clear for the finale and give views the satisfication after building up the suspense. Its like having sex and right before organism flatline, huh?

    Most of the shows these days dont know how to keep viewers watching. Start out great then overshoot the runway. Red, hands down should of been the father, it makes since. Also, Berlin should of been made clear and exposed in the last episode. The finale should of been about tying up loose ends, giving viewsers satisfication.

    Next season could of been of a blank page having viewers excited about whats next. Id doubt I’ll be excited as now to see another episode. Altimate the show wil start to fail after next season, the writers have average vision, there not creative or talented.

    Weeds is a perfect expample of how this show will fail, it could have been a contender but its too late now. Only a skilled writer like myself can bring it back to life.

    • Pix says:

      I think they made it quite clear that Red is her father, even with all the denials. I don’t mind it not being explicitly (well, more explicitly than the scars) confirmed.

      • james says:

        Pix, the different between “made it quite clear” and “clear” is that it’s official. Due to the writer’s lack of vision/talent, they believed they should keep viewers via curiosity, well, that’s fine for a a while, but it gets boring after so long. Again, align it with sex, how much foreplay can one have before it becomes boring and annoying?

        Give viewers the satisfaction, the release, the aah by letting everything come together. In the new season, give it a new twist to start the cycle over. Therefore, I disagree that it was clear and they should of made a dramatic ending with Red as the father, it would of taken the show to an entirely new level. For the new season, they could of did a father daughter team up for example, completely blank page. Now what viewers have to look forward to? The same old drama and tease we’ve already seen.

    • Amanda says:

      LOL.. skilled writers know the difference between SENSE and “SINCE”.

      • james says:

        Hey Amanda,

        Now you see, I gave you something you could read and be involved in :). It’s not what I say it’s what I mean.

  41. christopher bee says:

    the real Berlin guy was so obvious from the first second Mr. Peter Stormare enters the scene. Somewhat lame, but what realy annoys me is the lead actress. Seems to be a nice person in the real life, but she can´t act besides her two facial expressions- Stare or cry.

    • Lisa London says:

      I agree completely on both counts. It was very obvious from the beginning who Berlin was – when a show pays too much attention to a character that would otherwise be barely mentioned, you know there’s a twist coming. Also, Megan Boone cannot hold her own next to James Spader or even the guys playing Ressler and Cooper. I will keep watching but this was not an exciting finale. It’s also never good when you keep thinking the FBI is totally useless: they only send TWO people in the club; Liz is left alone in a car when there’s a prize for her head and Tom sneaks in – I mean, seriously…

  42. anakl says:

    Ever wondered if Lizzie’s mom is the Blacklist #1 (maybe it was her who set the house on fire)? Or that she faked her death (remember the Alchemist)? She could be a double agent…It’s not that far fetched from what we’ve seen so far… It could be a mislead but I’m going with Red being the father, he changed after the fire (went over the dark side) as he told Ressler (hence her father, as he was, died that day). My guess, Tom’s a sneaky bastard, so he’s alive. Liz will hook up with Ressler.

  43. Sammy says:

    stare or cry – haha

  44. x says:

    i’m amazed by the amount of people believing Red is just some guy that pulled and saved Liz from her fire and that her biological father is now dead (or alive per Tom saying). this is not the behavior or the empathy of just some random person that saves a little girl from a burning house. Red (in his capacity) is the kind of person that saves and moves on. not looking back, taking care of the person or getting deeply involved. maybe unless if that was a woman, but Liz was a little girl. this (all that happened -said and done by red twoards Liz- in whole s1) shows in one direction only either he is her father/brother or highly unlikely grandfather. not even an uncle acts like this. the convo in the end of 1.21 makes it pretty obvious. those are not the words of a man that saved a little girl. “NOTHIS IS WORSE THAN LOSING YOU”. like really, if that is not obvious i dunno what is. so oither father (which now in my eyes is confirmed he is) or a loved (highly doubt since i don’t see why and how). go back and watch the end of 1.17 when he made and gave her the music box. the way he held Liz in his arms. yes Red told her her father is dead, maybe bc he truly believes it. that once he put her in Sam’s care he no longer exists as her father. Red now wants redemtion for some horrible thing he did in the past, but for what? is linked to that girl (teen) in the picture both him and Berlin have. while Berlin was telling his story i honestly thought that it was Red that killed his daughter and sent her piece by piece and now Berlin wants revenge for the same doing the same to Liz. maybe #79 is actually year 79 as 1979.

  45. Donald says:

    Yes, it was proven that Red is Liz’s biological father. The man Red was before the fire ceased to exist the moment whoever (maybe Berlin) killed his wife and set fire to the house.–it’s a play on words, with “dead” having two possible meanings (literal or figurative) In the last talk with Lizzy and Red, she fully understood that Red was speaking figuratively about himself (her biological father), and literally about Sam (the only father she really knew). They even alluded to the use of word play with “he cut off his hand.” It’s sad that people have become so used to outrageous plot twists (thanks M. Night) that a straightforward plot point like this is lost on so many.

    • Lisa London says:

      I don’t disagree with you but this is still your interpretation and assumptions, not hard evidence.

    • AnnieM says:

      THANK YOU!!! At this point, after all the things we’ve been shown, it would be a cheat to the audience if Red *wasn’t* Lizzie’s father. Besides, anyone who is a parent understands the depth of feeling behind those quiet scenes between Red and Liz. And as a side note, didn’t she already refer to Red off-handedly as her father to Tom the first time he saw the music box? “What’s that?” “My father gave it to me.” Donald is right – TV has become so obtuse and red-herring filled nowadays that perhaps the only way for the creative team behind The Blacklist to get their point across is for Red and Lizzie to wear neon signs that say “Lizzie’s Father” and “Red’s Daughter”. :-p

    • Pix says:

      Exactly, i think at this point we’re not only supposed to realize that he’s her father, but also that she KNOWS that. Their conversation makes it quite clear, not everything has to be spelled out explicitly. (“he cut off his hand”, on the other hand (hehe, sorry), was the weakest point of the episode, to me – did anyone really interpret the prisoners’ words the way the FBI guys did?)

      • Nan says:

        I actually did interpret the “he cut off his hand” comment to mean that he cut off his own hand; Peter Stormare, as many of you will recall, starred in Prison Break with Robert Knepper, whose hand he chopped off with an axe. Knepper’s character had his hand re-attached but is forced to cut it off again when he is restrained. Knepper also showed up in The Blacklist as the courier unable to feel pain.

  46. Gabi says:

    Hopefully Red is not Liz’s father. It would just be too easy and a copout for the show. I expect better from TPTB.

    • Pix says:

      Right, why go for obvious answer that makes perfect sense, if you can sacrifice logic on the altar of SURPRISE! Surprise is worth nothing if it belies the logic established within the show, and if there’s another reason for Red’s actions, it would have to be reeeeally farfetched.

  47. jmissy says:

    Hmmm I thought that berlin may be lizzies grandfather at first due to the pictures both red and berlin had of the same women and reds burn scars. I do think its to obvious that reds lizzies father because it generally what we the audience thought from the first episode. Way too obvious though still not implausible. What interests me most is that lizzy with all her daddy issues and memories / flashbacks never mentions her mother. Its always tge father. And this is where I think the big surprise will lay. Maybe lizzys mother is really alive. I dunno why but I keep thinking of alias and that russian double agent who was sydneys mom. Lena olin ithink? But heres a point, berlin and red had the same photo it definitely was the same person. If it was the same pucture it would mean that the pic berlin had of long was thatvif his dead daughter as the stewmaker would have took it? Anyho the stewmaker got rid of his victims bodies so there was nothing left except sludge. Thr pic red had was of one of the stewmakers victims, sp no evidence except for that photo ( which technically cant prove whether that person is alive). So if this was the case how could berlin be recieving his daughter’s dead body parts ??? Thr stewmaker leaves nothing behind. Also it was only the pocket watch berlin recieved that signified his daughters involvment, the ear, eyeball etc could be anyones. On a random note I thought lizzy was supposed to be a profiler because apart from when she built a case for tom she hasnt done much profiling. And also red and berlin seem to two sides of a coin. They both go to extraordinary lengths, their drive seems to come from a sad past ( berlins story on hospital) and they both have a flair for this poetic talk, and metaphors etc. Both gentleman in ways? Anyho berlin seems that he will be likeable in the way tgat red is. Ruthless but with class snd eloquence. Oh, and with a touch of misguided humanity.

  48. TracyWX says:

    Makes for good TV that Tom is alive. The problem with TV is that when you get a star like Peter Stormaire playing a guest role on TV you know he is the killer or person they r looking for. As soon as I saw “Berlin” in the hospital bed in the beginning with his hand cut off I knew he was the guy (berlin) they were looking for. They should have killed Cooper too. Makes for better TV when regulars get bumped off lol!

  49. TracyWX says:

    Red is not her father. The show would lose it’s air of mystery it relies upon.

  50. DramaMomma says:

    I am not voting that Red is Liz’s father. If he is there have been too many misdirections this season.
    1.) In the pilot, they say that Red abandoned his family on Christmas Eve.
    2.) just before Red kills the Congresswoman/Senator, she tells him she can tell him what happened to his family, and he replies that just means someone else does too. If his wife was Berlin’s daughter, he would have known what happened to her.
    3.) Berlin’s daughter fell in love with a dissent. Red being in Berlin would have been a spy.
    4.) Fitch doesn’t seem to know the connection is between Liz and Red. Anslo didn’t because he didn’t even know about Liz until she was found at the Post Office
    5.) The producer said earlier this week that Liz is not connected to Berlin. Granted he could lie, but fans get ticked off real quick or get really annoyed with story inconsistencies.

    I do think Red rescued Liz from the fire, but just because Liz thinks it was her father doesn’t mean that it was.