Fall TV Preview

Fall TV: NBC's Blacklist Due for Midseason Move, Parks and Rec MIA, DC's Constantine on Fridays

Fall TV Schedule 2014 NBCNBC is the first broadcast network to unveil its schedule for the 2014-15 TV season, and the biggest news regarding returning shows involves a midseason move (and a post-Super Bowl showcase) for The Blacklist and a TBD premiere plan for Parks and Recreation‘s final (yes, officially final) season.

Also of note: Katherine Heigl’s CIA-themed TV comeback will lay claim to The Blacklist‘s to-be-vacated Monday time slot, Debra Messing’s The Mysteries of Laura will lead off Wednesdays and Casey Wilson’s Marry Me comedy will pit Penny versus Brad as it faces off against Damon Wayans Jr.’s New Girl.

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On tap for midseason or later are the Russian spy thriller Allegiance, the Traffic-like Odyssey, the comedies Mission Control, Mr. Robinson, One Big Happy and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and the “event” series Emerald City, Aquarius (starring David Duchovny), A.D. (aka the follow-up to The Bible, premiering Easter Sunday) and the 13-episode Heroes Reborn. You can also expect to see somewhere new cycles of Hollywood Game Night and Celeb Apprentice, as well as Season 3 of Hannibal.

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All told, the NBC schedule looks like this; new shows are in CAPS, click for details.

8 pm The Voice
10 pm The Blacklist (STATE OF AFFAIRS premieres Nov. 17; Watch Trailer)

8 pm The Voice
9 pm MARRY ME (Watch Trailer)
9:30 pm About a Boy
10 pm Chicago Fire

8 pm THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA (Watch Trailer)
9 pm Law & Order: SVU
10 pm Chicago P.D.

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8 pm The Biggest Loser
9 pm BAD JUDGE (The Blacklist moves to the 9 o’clock hour starting Feb. 5, Watch Trailer)
9:30 pm A TO Z (Watch Trailer)
10 pm Parenthood (FINAL SEASON)

8 pm Dateline
9 pm Grimm
10 pm CONSTANTINE (Watch Trailer)

Encore programming

7 pm Football Night in America
8:20 pm NBC Sunday Night Football

NOT RETURNING NEXT SEASON: Believe, Community, Crisis, Dracula, Growing Up Fisher, Ironside, The Michael J. Fox Show, Revolution, Sean Saves the World and Welcome to the Family.

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  1. Nessie says:

    I thought you meant that the Blacklist wasn’t premiering until mid-season. Scared me!

  2. CBWBDK1 says:

    I’m confused about The Blacklist? Will the first episode air on january 5? Will it be a full season?

    • CBWBDK1 says:

      I mean february 5.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        THE BLACKLIST will premiere in fall, on Monday (as denoted above), then go on hiatus in mid-November and return Feb. 1 (after Super Bowl) and then airs Thursdays starting Feb. 5.

        • Jebbypal says:

          So nice to knwo that NBC has not learned anything from the crash and burn of other shows with extremely long mid season hiatus like revolution and such.

          • Britt says:

            I know right. NBC better hope they don’t have to cancel some of these new shows in the first 3 weeks. Then they will have to move shows around or show repeats of something else (Yawn!).

          • r0ckmypants says:

            But how many of those shows returned with the Super Bowl as their lead-in after a long break?

          • Gary says:

            I hate that revolution has been canceled .I really liked that show. Also like Growing up Fisher and Believe these shows had good writing and cast.

          • dman6015 says:

            People are going to have to change their viewing habits, as this will happen more often than not going into the future. You’ll essentially be getting two mini-seasons out of each show. Just wait until U.S. TV seasons get down to 6 episodes, like in Britain for most shows.

        • CBWBDK1 says:

          Ok. Thank you for explaining.

        • S says:

          So they learned nothing from what they did to Revolution.

          • Ben says:

            The exact same thing works fine for other networks with other popular shows. I’d far prefer this to the constant ‘this week is a repeat’ dragging out of a season. I am a fan of Revolution too, but I’m not sure the midseason break can be blamed for its cancellation.

        • Ali says:

          I hate these stupid hiatus breaks that blow the continuity of the show and make us forget about it while it’s gone and then miss it when it starts again due to a changed time/day etc. It seems there is no common sense applied with show scheduling and also with the renew/cancel drama. Shows don’t get enough time to get a foothold and gain an audience. Bleh, it just makes me watch less and less TV. I wisely DVR’d both Almost Human and Intelligence and didn’t watch them as I won’t buy in any longer until a show is renewed. That is when I start watching it so I’m at least guaranteed one year without wasting my time. Why does it have to be this way. Why do studios invest so much money but not give a show at least two years to get going? The whole thing seems silly.

        • Julie says:

          ugh… why would NBC put The Blacklist against Scandal/Greys Anatomy/Black Box…I love all of these shows. Usually I am on that channel on Thursday nights. The only good television is Sunday and Thursday… I liked having this on a Monday night…

          • Patty says:

            yes ugh I to watch ABC on Thursdaynight only. I really love that Blacklist is on Monday night (against football :) . NBC I am not happy about this

          • Patty says:

            yes I agree I watch abc on Thrusday nite. Why put Blacklist on then. I will have to watch it on demand with our cable co now.

        • The only time they should move “The Black List ” should be during the Superbowl…Not everyone wants to watch football 12 months a year!

        • Jesus guys, are you kidding me? Someone traded ‘State of Affairs” slot for the Blacklist time slot? This chick Katherine Heigel is boring, Spader’s character and that cast(his tall black bodyguard) rocks. The show is really intriguing, and it was traded for S.O.A?
          -First Sergeant.

      • No, it premiers in September, looks like the last fall ep is Nov 10 (STATE OF AFFAIRS premieres Nov 17), and then the next ep is Feb 5 after the SuperBowl

    • Jace says:

      I think it means that its starting as usual on Mondays, then in February, it’ll move to Thurdsays

      • Jace says:

        Then again, looking at the premier date for State Of Affairs negates that… I’m confused, as far as im aware NBC haven’t been great in the ratings in the last few years, now that they’ve got a show that’s regularly getting in the high 2’s, and they decide to screw with the schedule.

        • Yes and ditto! I had never been a fan of NBC. however when the The Black List forst aired I was hooked! Then I talked to my family,freinds and just about anyone I knew, how I had discovered this awsome TV series
          The Black List ” and they were surprised that I was watching a series of this genre because I am sort of the Bettty White type! So due to their curiousity they mentioned we’ll check it out… Now we have a family, freinds, and aquaintances that all say: “we are hooked” and now NBC is even entertaining the idea of switching this show to another spot…There it is…no wonder most peeps don’t like NBC… maybe if they did something right… we might keep watching other shows as well…

      • cathy says:

        Why move it at all ? It work prefect on Monday!
        Give me something to look forward too. That will
        really suck! when they move it.

  3. So they’re going for a 3-month hiatus for the Blacklist?!!! It’s a popular show and all, but a long hiatus plus a time change is apt to make a big dent in it’s viewership.

    • mewp12 says:

      They do this all the time and it ruins viewership. You would think they would learn.

      • Amelia says:

        Ruins shows? Tvline posted more than one article showing how the long delay didn’t hurt any of the abc shows that did it last year.

  4. Jimmy says:

    Grimm and Constantine on the same night. Friday just got interesting. Still, this probably means Constantine won’t get the audience it could have gotten on any other. Night. So, if Heigl’s series takes over in November does that mean Blacklist is off the air until February when it moves to the overcrowded Thursday?

    • Thursday is a bit of a weird choice for Blacklist. It’s going up against CBS’ comedy night, and is being led in by Community and Parks&Rec. Why put a rather heavy drama on a comedy night? Counter-programming? Having said that, I think NBC believes the audience will follow, and some will promptly drop out at 10 for Elementary. Elementary is my only Thursday show right now, since I’m not a big fan of American comedy.

      I also worry about sophomore blues for Blacklist. Let’s see how it works. I suspect it’ll probably be back on Monday again. It surprisingly succeeded against a ratings powerhouse like Castle (and Intelligence was doomed once it competed with those to after mid-season), and I don’t think Heigl is a Spader-clone :)

      • Eric says:

        Blacklist won’t be led in by Community and Parks & Rec on Thursdays. Or at least not Community, which was cancelled. We’ll know what its lead-ins are for sure later this year.

      • Olivia says:

        Well, it’s NBC. They’re gonna kill one of my favorite shows… again. I don’t expect them to make clever choices, they’re proven idiots.

        • mewp12 says:

          True and they wonder why they don’t have good ratings.

        • J Knight says:

          I hope that NBC does kill Blacklist so Netflix can buy it.
          How awesome would it be on Netflix?
          Nudity and coarse language would really improve Blacklist….plus….when a new season gets released u’d get the whole season all at once…no waiting…no midseason break…no commercials.

      • Babygate says:

        Blacklist is being scheduled on Thursdays against Grey’s Anatomy. A drama that has been #1 in thats spot forever. With the Biggest Loser as a lead in and the Russian thriller as a lead out, Thursdays are being redefined. Though I hate this change to Thursdays, the move to 9pm makes sense. Blacklist is such a strong show it could catapult another drama. However, that shiw wikl be going up against Scandal, the biggest drama on network tv right now.

        • Pixley says:

          Key word: forever. Grey’s has indeed been there forever — which is why it’s vulnerable. NBC is taking their highest-rated drama and putting it on the most profitable night on TV in an attempt to grow its audience. It’s the exact same thing a young upstart named Grey’s Anatomy did to a venerable veteran CSI seven years ago — and it chased it out of the timeslot. Big Bang Theory has 8PM locked up, and Scandal has 10PM. 9PM is extremely vulnerable — Grey’s has control, but it’s tenuous (and Person of Interest nearly broke through, until CBS tried comedies there).

          This might be a moot point, if the rumor of Grey’s going to 8PM on Thursdays is true. I do hope ABC isn’t stupid enough to now put Scandal at 9PM against The Blacklist, which will weaken both shows in a war of attrition. Otherwise, I’m happy about The Blacklist at 9PM. It’s as if NBC has decided to wake up and play competitively for the first time in years.

          • Ali says:

            At least I’ll be able to actually watch Blacklist at 9 instead of having to DVR it due to getting up at the asscrack of dawn for work. But, it makes me nervous that it will now be vulnerable and could get cancelled. I only watch it for Diego Klattenhoff and Spader (in that order) so if Diego gets a new show then I don’t care.

          • David says:

            Greys at 8 makes sense. They haven’t been able to put anything in that shot for years with any success and it won’t hqve Big Bang Theory until after Football so it could help launch something at 9 like Shonda’s new Viola Davis show.

          • Patty says:

            Yes Greys will be 8pm and Scandal @9pm with a new show by Greys creator Shondra Rhimes . Blacklist will be hurting against this . And I don’t have a dvr :(

      • r0ckmypants says:

        CBS hasn’t announced its schedule, so there may not be a comedy block at 9:00 (and even if there were, it’s currently lower-rated than The Blacklist is), and Parks & Rec hasn’t been confirmed for any timeslot at midseason, so it may not be airing in the 8:00 hour.

        • David says:

          CBS has football for a while so who knows what they’ll end up doing with the comedies. Big Bang will probably lead out Monday for a while and maybe they’ll hold some of them back until closer to December.

  5. Stacey says:

    Stupid. They have a show that finally succeeds and they plan to move it off Mondays. Look at what happened to Revolution and Smash! But then who knows if they will stick to the plan. Midseason is a long time away!

    • David says:

      I kind of feel like they have to. It’s not like they have a ton of hits at this point. They need to try and build hits behind The Voice and then try to move them to other nights to build their audience there. It’s much easier to build something after The Voice than on is own or after something lower rated. Chicago PD after SVU was a natural fit so i don’t see that being broken up. The hiatus may not be the best choice though.

  6. Timmymommy says:

    If you look at the schedule, The Blacklist will start in the fall, take a hiatus after November, and then start in its new timeslot Thursdays (bad choice btw, NBC) in February.

  7. Chris says:

    I was hoping for a show called The Unbreakable Kimmy Gibbler

  8. Timmymommy says:

    Just another reason for me to dislike Katherine Heigel.

  9. Rdub says:

    So where is Hannibal?!

  10. I don’t watch Blacklist, but Thursdays is the #1 night in terms of viewership, their hope is for the Blacklist to grow beyond it’s Mondays at 10 time-slot. & I don’t see why the timechange is already being scrutinized when this is almost a year away, a lot can happen between now and then. Revolution was doomed not because of it’s time change, but due to lack of a cohesive main story-line, BLACKLIST, from what I’ve heard, is the opposite of that. Regardless of the day & time, Blacklist will be around for a few years.

  11. dji says:

    so they are going to move the black list. they have a great success and now they are going to destroy it by moving it. who the hell is making these disastrous decisions at NBC. this is how they killed revolution.

  12. alistaircrane says:

    What a terrible timeslot for Constantine. They obviously don’t want many people watching it. Look at the ratings Dracula and Hannibal got in that timeslot.

    • David says:

      Not many options and it fits okay with Grimm. I think with DVR they are feeling a little more comfortable programming Fridays. Shark Tank does well there as does Blue Bloods so there are options. Hopefully Constantine takes off and they can split it with Hannibal for several years after Grimm.

  13. rflairfan1 says:

    My guess to why NBC is moving The Blacklist to Thursday’s is to see if that it can be the first drama since what ER to work.

  14. Ally Oop says:

    Not a fan of this schedule. I was hoping Parenthood would get an earlier slot and almost all of the new shows Im excited about from NBC, are being held for midseason including Emerald City, Odyssey, Allegiance, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, One Big Happy, and Old Soul if it is still alive. The only new shows in the fall I will check out are State of Affairs and Marry Me though neither sound like keepers to me. It hurts to see Revolution not on this schedule. In conclusion, the fall shows I’ll watch are Parenthood, Chicago PD, Marry Me, State of Affairs and Bad Judge but I likely won’t be sticking with the last three.

  15. Fridays at 10 a horrible time slot, yet, Hannibal got renewed…. Hmmm? I fail to see the point there. This is the television business everyone, yes, you may have right to be upset, but, to bash a business, all because it’s convenient from the safety of ur bedroom/basement, etc. TV isn’t a wake of life, it’s meant to entertain the sooner we can grasp that reality the better. I watch my shows regardless of the night without issue, don’t see why so many are having a problem with this.

    Again, I remind, you that Blacklist is being moved in an attempt for more money & ratings,

  16. Tammy says:

    I don’t care where they air Parenthood as long as I still get Parenthood! YES! Sad that it’s the last season but I agree that it’s probably time for it.

  17. Joey Padron says:

    Glad The Blacklist new season will start sucks it will be on 3 month break until next year. Hope ratings won’t be bad when it returns. Hope About a Boy will do well at 9:30 time slot without The Voice lead in.

  18. Jo says:

    I am not understanding. Thursdays is all drama now. And when in the heck is parks and rec coming back. I mean it’s for full season right?

    • rflairfan1 says:

      The Blacklist is a full season and it is taken a 3 month break. Parks will be midseason but I haven’t seen how many episode. I don’t mind it starting late, it just means less breaks in between. More than likely after CBS airs its 8 weeks of football on Thursday it will have comedy shows.

      • Mark says:

        13 episodes with main cast agreeing to be in at least 9 full details are deadline website

        • rflairfan1 says:

          When I looked earlier it just said it would be the final season. I am just glad we are getting an ending don’t care how many episodes

  19. Mark says:

    It wont make it to the Thurs day move as Katherine Heigl cannot carry a show and going up against Castle and probably either CSI Cyber or NCIS LA this show wont make Christmas before its pulled or yanked — NBC will need Blacklist there to firm up its Monday night.

    • rflairfan1 says:

      Your assuming that CBS and ABC keep their exact same schedule. I’m not saying they won’t but there is no rule that says they can’t change days.

      • Mark says:

        Castle wont move its Castles flag ship and one of there success stories so moving now after 5 + seasons would be suicide. NCIS will be partnered with the new NCIS Nola to help it along I can not see them putting all three on one night I might be wrong but doubt it. If they do that just means its either CSI Cyber/ Person of Interest then the new show would be up against. Still no competition and still gone by Christmas….

  20. Dennis says:

    Kate Walsh is returning to Thursdays, same time as when she was on Grey’s and Private Practice!
    Smart move, NBC!

  21. David4 says:

    NBC really should have renewed community for like 10 episodes as filler when their shows fail.

    Why waste post The Blacklist on an ending show?

    • rflairfan1 says:

      Why not but Parenthood there? Nothing has worked on NBC at 10 in forever. The people who watch Parenthood are going to follow it there no matter what, it’s not like it will have new viewers.

  22. Kenny says:

    Not ready to say goodbye to Parks & Rec :(

  23. A says:

    The blacklist it’s the new Revolution. Once Nbc moved Revolution to Wednesdays we all know what happened.

    • TMJ says:

      But Wednesdays at 8:00pm was a terrible time slot for “Revolution”. The move hurt it, but it was where it moved that killed it.

  24. rflairfan1 says:

    People complaining about The Blacklist taken a 3 month hiatus. Look at it this way in the month of Dec and Jan there are always quite a bit of repeats with the holidays. So this way there is less repeats. I would rather have it this way then 1 new episode and then 3 weeks off.

  25. Drew says:

    Straight to Friday with Constantine. Yikes.

    • Superhero says:

      That’s not a bad timeslot for it at all. Grimm has had plenty of success there, and they’re obviously hoping that another genre show will be a good companion for it.

      • Drew says:

        It isn’t necessarily bad. If NBC lowers its expectations because of the night, it could be good for the series. But there is no denying that most Friday shows get canceled quickly.

  26. David says:

    Wow they have a ton of midseason shows. Constantine at 10pm Friday is interesting but I guess it works well with Grimm then they can slot Hannibal in later. Launching Heigls show at 10pm Monday isn’t a bad choice and some of the Blacklist audience could be into it. I do feel like Blacklist’s audience will follow it but we’ll see. I don’t see comedy being abandoned or limited on Thursdays a bad choice at this point considering how poorly they have been performing but there aren’t a lot of other places for it. Bad Judge looks funny.

  27. Babybop says:

    I knew that this would be Parks and Rec’s final season, and I’m okay with that. Everyone is exactly where they should be now. I will miss it, though.

  28. greysfan says:

    You really need to change your headline to mid-season move for The Blacklist not midseason start!

    Its surprising that NBC is going to risk their biggest drama to Thursdays for me. I mean its a bold move that is for sure. I am very worried though because this is what happened with Revolution and Smash. They moved from their Voice lead-in and crashed. I am hoping The Blacklist is stronger than that but Thursdays are the toughest night of the week. Sad to see Parenthood have its final season coming up but at least NBC are giving us a proper ending. They really could have cancelled it but they didn’t. Very happy for that.

    • Sean says:

      The Blacklist already aired without The Voice and still got good ratings.

    • david says:

      I see this as their plan initially but honestly there isn’t any way to predict what will happen by the time it is ready for this move to actually happen. Parenthood will be done by then so they will have to program the 10pm slot opposite Scandal (not a good place for Blacklist because I assume there is probably some crossover between viewers of the two shows). I do think Blacklist is strong enough to hold it’s own for a move and while it’s more of a “10PM” show the thought is probably that it can help lead into something (maybe Hannibal?) to boost ratings. CBS is getting Football on Thursdays so it will be interesting to see where their Thursday comedies land. Some will probably get pushed back and others will probably get pushed to Monday (Big Bang Theory).

      I think State of Affairs has potential but KH is definitely a wild card at this point. She left Grey’s in a manner that really left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouth and basically killed her movie career at the same time. Putting it on post Voice is probably a good idea and gives it the best chance.

      • Babygate says:

        While I don’t care for the way she left Grey’s, the truth is she hasnt stopped working since then. So, maybe that was the best move for her.

  29. Teresa says:

    Only 2 shows I love ~~ Lae and OrderSVU and Grimm. Why cancel Believe? :( not reality or violent enough , so disappointed, but not surprised…

    • david says:

      I’m hoping they burn off Crisis and there is some closure. Similar to Hostages it didn’t really seem like it could have made it past one season creatively anyway but just hoping it has some kind of a conclusion.

  30. LE says:

    So, Parks and Rec order it’s not a full 22? Even if Bad Judge and A-Z are hits they are only going to be limited to 13?

    • jasie says:

      I was wondering what Parks and Recs order was as well

    • david says:

      They can always pick up a back 9 if the shows end up successful. I think a lot of their comedies look weak. Bad Judge has some potential and it will be interesting to see Kate Walsh in a comedy. A lot of the midseason shows that they have look weak as well. Sometimes when I read the descriptions I think is that really the best that is out there? So many things will end up getting cancelled and it just seems like a waste. They gave a full season order to that horrible Michael J. Fox show last year based on his star power. At least they are being more cautious with that. CBS has stolen Thursday’s from NBC being comedy based so I’m kind of surprised they aren’t being more aggressive with comedy while CBS is running NFL on Thursdays.

  31. Dean says:

    Grimm, both Chicago shows and SVU are still in their normal spots. NBC must be under new management.

  32. Jo says:

    I need parks and rec for a full season. I’m not worried about The State of Affairs. I bet first show cxl next season. Yuck to Katherine Heigel. She’s just gonna get angry at that show and leave

  33. sarah says:

    First off, so happy that Parenthood will be back for one final season, sad that it is just 13 episodes! However it is more than a lot of shows get for a final season if a final season at all!
    I am not sure what to say about the Blacklist, to me it could be a good thing. ABC did the same with Grey’s and Scandal. They had all new episodes of the first half of the season were off for a couple months and then back with all new episodes. The Blacklist was off for 6 weeks this season so it will just be twice as long between!

    • sarah says:

      Oh! Just read it will come back and be on Thursdays and one hour earlier, this show is more of a 1000pm well 900pm central time show.
      However I can already bet that State of Affairs will be cancelled and Blacklist will go back to that time!
      I am also excited that it appears that Chicago PD will get a full season! YES!

      • Ana says:

        Even if State of Affairs get canceled, the blacklist won’t go back to that timeslot because it’s a crucial timeslot to the success of a lot of NBC shows. The Voice lead in is too important to waste on the show for a second season.

  34. Pam says:

    Hate the idea of The Blacklist being on thursdays. It never fails. Every year, one of my favorite shows ends up on thursdays. It’s gotten to the point where ALL of my favorite shows air the same night. I don’t have time to watch all these shows. I already have The Vampire Diaries, Greys Anatomy, Scandal, American Idol… It’s too much. Unless one of those other networks changes their schedules as well. I hope so.

  35. Chris H says:

    What’s the point of upfronts if the networks are just going to pre-release everything. As for NBC schedule it may be the worst scheduling I’ve seen in 10 years. Ouch NBC just be glad CW is out there so you won’t be the worst rated Network.

  36. tv2day says:

    NBC should leave well enough alone. Blacklist is strong on Monday 10pm. With that said I dvr everything. Doesn’t matter when it comes on for me. But when they base a shows survival on antiquated live viewers blacklist may suffer against greys anatomy. No correlation w revolution which had god awful writing in season 2. The light thingys taking over someone’s body n mind….really smh!

  37. With the exception of Blacklist most of NBC lineup is just awful

  38. LuLu says:

    They are moving The Blacklist to Thursdays to compete against Grey’s, are you nuts NBC. The Blacklist is so strong on Monday nights and it is a 10 PM show. Uh and to air after the Biggest Looser, I am just going to DVR or Hulu next season.

    • Babygate says:

      While I don’t like the move, Blacklist has better ratings than Grey’s. Same day and L+7. So the threat here is to Grey’s, not to The Blacklist.

    • cmfullylove says:

      I agree, NBC won Monday night spot hand down with The Blacklist. Why would you Wrist losing people with a move to Thursday when the show is doing so very well. On Monday! Please help me to understand

  39. Gary M Raskopf says:

    Can’t believe you have cut off Believe. It was a great mixture of drama, mystery and family.You have got to clear Tate and our little heroine needs to get all her powers so she can right all the wrongs.;…

  40. Amanda says:

    Blacklist is the BEST show on television, I can barely wait a week between episodes. To have such a long hiatus is a terrible idea. Nothing like trying to kill off the best after the first year of success.

  41. Tran says:

    Good thing The Blacklist is getting the post Super Bowl spot instead of the Heroes reboot. I’ll keep watching Blacklist for life because the series always gets me hooked. Wondering if State of Affairs has high hopes for the Peacock network because of Katherine Heigl’s return to TV post-Grey’s Anatomy.

  42. johnhelvete says:

    NBC is actually changing things up by giving The Blacklist 8 episodes or so after the Voice in season 2, but NBC is going to continue using the Voice as a way to launch new series.

  43. Steve says:

    If NBC is giving Parenthood a final season. Why couldn’t have done the same thing with Community? I don’t see how putting The Biggest Loser on Thursdays will help.

  44. I really hate when they move TV shows I watch – I will have to give something up next fall. Blacklist – you might be it. You should really stay where you are. NBC sucks, they don’t renew the best show Revolution then they totally mess with the blacklist – well, NBC you might just loose me as a viewer if you keep it that way.

  45. Spencer says:

    Devastated that Parks is ending, but I’m even more devastated to see that NBC is still treating it like crap, even in its final season. It’d be really nice if this network could treat this show kindly once before it leaves the air.

  46. I couldn’t care less what the network thinks its schedule is. I watch the shows I like when its suits me to watch them.

  47. Amanda says:

    The issue with Revolution taking such a long hiatus is that it was way too serialized to be able to survive. People forgot the mythology during the hiatus. While The Blacklist has an overarching mythology, it’s much more of a procedural. The hiatus isn’t going to hurt it that much, particularly since it’s getting the very high-profile post-Super Bowl slot.

    Comedy on Thursday nights hasn’t been working for years. Plus, as people have pointed out, Grey’s isn’t the powerhouse it used to be. It’s going into its 11th season. The Blacklist isn’t going to have a ton of buzz following the Super Bowl and if it can keep up the quality, it could very well become appointment television the way shows like Scandal are.

    Plus, putting The Biggest Loser at 8 actually makes a lot of sense. It does have a pretty big following and it’s a better launching pad for their new comedies than Parks & Rec, which hasn’t been able to launch new shows in its entire history.

    This is actually one of the smartest schedules I’ve seen NBC do in recent memory. They’re finally working to their strengths, which are The Voice and The Blacklist.

  48. Karen says:

    Here we go again, a good show and NBC screws things up again….I can’t believe Revolution has not been renewed, it made Wednesday a nice NBC night, now with no decent lead in, just tape the other 2 and to heck with NBC, hopefully one of the others like CBS or ABC or Fox, might pick it up. NBC, I hate to watch any of your shows because you never put them in a spot that helps the ratings. Thought maybe you were changing your ways, but no same old NBC!!!!!

  49. NBCreally? says:

    Why does NBC continue to move stuff around and put shows on huge breaks in the middle of a season? That never works ever. Look what happened to Revolution. I think Blacklist is amazing, but moving it to a time slot that will be originally occupied by a show that will probably be a disaster isn’t going to help any.

  50. Renee says:

    And yet again NBC is pulling a great show for three months. I always lose interest when they do this.