NBC Greenlights Bible Sequel Miniseries, Says: 'The Crucifixion Was Only the Beginning!'

NBC to Air Bible Sequel Series After announcing the project more than five months ago, NBC has officially greenlit the 12-episode miniseries A.D., which will pick up where History’s well-watched The Bible left off.

Mark Burnett, wife Roma Downey and Richard Bedser will serve as executive producers on the project, which will most likely premiere in spring 2015.

“You might think the story is over at the Crucifixion, but as most of the world knows, that was only the beginning,” NBC Entertainment chief Jennifer Salke said in a statement. “Everyone’s lives were completely altered in an instant and the immediate aftermath of Christ’s death had an impact on his disciples, his mother Mary and key political and religious leaders of the time.

“In the first episode alone,” she continued, “you see the last moments of the Crucifixion, Judas” — SPOILER ALERT — “taking his own life after betraying Christ, Peter denying Jesus three times and then the miracle of the Resurrection.”

A previously released logline for the miniseries read as follows:

In the dark days after Jesus’ betrayal and death, a perfect storm brews in the Holy Land, fueled by social injustice, Roman military oppression and religious unrest. High priests and the Herod dynasty vie for power. Zealot revolutionaries turn to violence to regain what they believe is their promised land. And in the face of terrible odds and brutal persecution, the small band of Jesus’ disciples stand against the combined might of Rome and their own local authorities. In a generation of rebellion, war, famine, and carnage, who can they trust? Who should they fear? Will tomorrow bring a violent death? For many, it does … but others survive, and as the storm around them breaks, the fate of Israel, of Rome and of their faith is decided.

Simon Block (The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall) will write the script, with a director and cast to be announced at a later date.

In its March 2013 premiere on History, The Bible drew 13.1 million viewers, while its final episode — which aired on Easter Sunday — drew 11.7 million, defeating The Walking Dead in the 9 o’clock hour.

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  1. Mercedes says:

    Obviously the best part of this article is the spoiler alert.

  2. Chuck Finley says:

    Personally I can do without all the hateful liberals at NBC being involved in anything that relates to the bible. Hopefully the producers keep the show in line but I am not fond of a group of people that constantly mock Christians on their various networks thinking they should be in charge of making a mini-series about anything to do with any religion. Even the tone of this article is very mocking, but I am not surprised.

    • Jim says:

      I hear you, Chuck. I get tired of the mockery also, so you’re not alone. Matt, your condescending and jokey tone in the article isn’t funny to this Christian at least, but we’re all told to “get a sense of humor.” Yet, if we were to mock ANY other religion, we’d never hear the end of it. Just think about that the next time you write an article on any religion, faith, etc. would you?

      That said, I’m surprised that NBC is the network handling the mini-series, but I guess they saw the success that the History Channel had with The Bible mini-series and wanted some of that for themselves. Actually, I’m not sure if NBC owns the History Channel or not—that might have something to do with their deal to get this show. I’m glad at least that Mark Burnett and Roma Downey are executive producers on this one as on The Bible. Hopefully they will keep the tone as respectful as the first.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        No, there’s no NBC/History connection. NBC simply emerged as the winner of a heated bidding war: https://tvline.com/2013/07/01/nbc-to-air-the-bible-sequel-series/

      • Brian says:

        Was the article edited? Because I didn’t see anything condescending or jokey.

        • Alan says:

          no it hasnt, these people are just very, very, very touchy about their imaginary friend and how he is portrayed in the media.

          • Me says:

            Ugh! everyone is very touchy. You can’t call someone “gay” or “black” on TV because everyone will loose their minds. Liberals are babies too. :D

          • Alan says:

            since when has anyone had a problem with gay or black? i see people being described by those words all the time on tv and nobody has a problem with it.

        • Jim says:

          Yes, Brian, the “SPOILER ALERT,” which obviously was inserted by the writer, not the NBC Entertainment chief Jennifer Salke. For anyone who has watched a movie that follows the days after the crucifixion, or read the Bible, there is no spoiler, so it was obviously a ill-attempted bit of humor at Christian’s expense.

          If Christians are “touchy” it’s only because people who don’t believe love to mock and call Jesus “our imaginary friend,” or a “zombie.” By the way, zombies don’t ascend into Heaven and sit at God’s right hand. But, true Christianity is not a religion but a faith. We don’t have to religiously go to church to have faith in Jesus. Yet, we bear mockery of our faith and love those who mock us anyway. Something that Jewish, Muslim, Atheists, etc. don’t seem to do. Let the anger commence!

          • Francine says:

            I thought it was just an attempt at humor period- I thought it was cute. I have my beliefs and dont care what others believe or even if they joke around about it. It shouldn’t matter. Plus why are you bringing other religions into this?

          • Angela says:

            Yes. Muslims and atheists have never, EVER had anyone insult and mock their beliefs, and harass the people who hold them. Nope.
            Seriously, please tell me you’re kidding with that statement.

          • GoGiants says:

            Yes, maybe if you are lucky, there will be Christian Presidents and a majority of office holders will be Christian, oh, wait, it is already that way.

      • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

        Kind of like how the homosexual community is discriminated against and mocked and called f*gs, etc, and treated like second class citizens… mostly by the CHRISTIAN community. And then are told to just accept it.

        I think you can take a little humor… I mean seriously, a spoiler alert about Judas wasn’t mocking the religion. It was making a humorous nod to the fact that the story has been told for two thousand years so the events are nothing new to behold.

    • Angela says:

      You DO realize that liberal does not automatically equal anti-Christian, right? There are plenty of liberals who could actually do a respectful look at religion/the Bible.

    • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

      There are just as many hateful Christians as there are “hateful liberals.” And why are you being hateful too? Perhaps rather than hating a group of people (liberals), you should denounce the people involved as “hateful people.”

      And maybe the rest of us are just as tired of “Christians being mocked” as hearing Christian opinions of everyone else all the time.

      Maybe if the mainstream voices that are representing Christianity and conservative Christians right now would make fewer stupid comments (ie our lovely Fox News anchor Megyn saying Jesus was white, or that jerk guy from Duck Dynasty saying gays need to go to hell and comparing them to terrorists), then the group as a whole wouldn’t be mocked. Make your voices heard over their louder voices, and set the record straight.

      It’s all a vicious and obnoxious cycle. I’m tired of everyone spouting their beliefs and playing the persecuted card on ALL sides. Conservatives whine, liberals whine, Christians whine, minorities whine, white people whine, we all friggin’ complain too much.

      Jesus would be APPALLED at how we all treat each other in this country.

    • GoGiants says:

      Oh, geez. I just love how “Christians” love to play victim, no matter what. If you feel mocked, it is because you give no respect and walk around with a chip on your shoulders, looking to be offended, while using your religion as a political bludgeoning tool.

  3. dude says:

    Spoiler Alert: Bible Stuff.

  4. JJ says:

    Another zombie show? Enough!

    • ajintexas says:

      So you must be one of those tolerant liberals I keep hearing about huh? Take your offensive comment and shove it.

      • JJ says:

        I’m sorry. I thought when someone comes back from the dead in physical form they are traditionally called a zombie. Why are you bringing politics into this anyway? The Bible story is apolitical as far as I can tell beyond the fact that the Jesus character was pretty darn liberal.

        • Drew says:

          You’re being over backwards to make this zombie thing work but it really doesn’t. By your reasoning, anyone who has flatlined is a zombie. Obviously this is not so. Zombies are walking corpses. They are dead. Rotting. Mindless. Eaters of brains. Blah blah blah.

          Jesus was resurrected. Alive. Therefore the zombie thing doesn’t work at all and I’m thinking that you had to know this going into the comment but you chose to ignore your obviously flawed logic in the hopes of making the joke work. But that was lazy and sloppy. You came off looking like a staff writer from The Following.

          • GoGiants says:

            Please prove Jesus existed. Go on…

          • Alan says:

            ok im going to jump on this one before it gets exploited by the “woe is me” crowd, technically there is proof that a guy called jesus existed two thousand years ago, there is census data that shows that, however there is no proof whatsoever that he did any of the magical things the bible claims.

          • Drew says:

            There is no proof that he didn’t exist. What there proof of is the fact that while countless men existed who claimed to be the Messiah that was foretold, none of those men gained the following that Jesus did. None of those men are remembered two thousand years later. So you have to ask yourself why, in a world full of con artists pretending to be Him, did Jesus and his teachings survive?

            For as long as Jesus has existed in the world, men have tried to disprove his existence and the stories about him. They’ve also tried to disprove other stories of the Bible, like Jericho and Sodom and Gomorrah and they’ve been unable to disprove those stories. With all of the advances in science and the growth of the human species, all they’ve turned up is a bunch of archeological evidence which actually kinda supports the history as told in the Bible. Wreckage of cities. Pellets of brimstone surrounding the area. Census data. The list goes on.

            I’m not going to convince you that Jesus existed or that he was the Messiah because I don’t think you’re even open to looking at the research. But what I can safely say is that it is foolish to dismiss those who disagree with you as simpletons just because you don’t share their beliefs. YOU are the one who is demanding that we prove ourselves to you, and I have to wonder why. I don’t go around to every atheist I meet and demand that they prove to me that the world works the way they think it does (though I’ve had some pretty interesting, long conversations on the subject). Christians believe what they believe. It’s faith, but it’s not something that most people just blindly fall into without thought or consideration. It’s not lack of education or refusal to listen to reason. You believe what you believe because you have faith in whatever that is. You weren’t there to witness it. Odds are that you didn’t do any of the hard research yourself. Your view of the world is based on your own experiences and a lot of faith in what other people are telling you. So how does that make you any different than the Christians out there?
            Most people will allow for the fact that Jesus did exist. As for his divinity… that’s up to each of us to decide for ourselves, based on the evidence in front of us. But it’s interesting that while all of these people will allow for the fact that he did exist, that wasn’t always the case. Funny how the evidence tipped in our favor that time, eh?

          • GoGiants says:

            Yes, I demand proof. Especially as you so-called Christians want to make our laws reflect your religion.

          • Drew says:

            What so-called Christians? What, you think there’s a big conspiracy afoot? People pretending to be Christians just to get under your skin?

            I don’t care what you believe. You’re trying to force your beliefs on me and mine the same way you claim I’m trying to force mine on yours. I’m not really sure what you’re talking about, since I don’t think I’ve mentioned any beliefs that I’m actively trying to force on you. But I’m sure they’re horrible. No murder… No theft… I can see how you’d be offended.

            I demand that you prove that Jesus doesn’t exist. Furthermore, I demand that you prove that George Washington existed. What proof do we have? Some documents? Some witnesses? How do we know they existed? For all we know, George Washington was made up in 1920 because people thought the Revolutionary War needed a more iconic hero figure. It’s all about the marketing.
            Actually, could you even prove that I exist? For all any of us know, I could actually be your own subconscious mind, posting responses to your conscious mind when you’re not looking. I could be a figment of your imagination.

      • Robert Dinca says:

        Hey, don’t been mean, not everyone believes in fairytales. A.D. could be a better spinoff of Once Upon a Time actually

  5. Reblogged this on Keith R. Higgons and commented:

  6. HAP says:

    Jesus was a liberal. His teachings and his actions personify so much of what is considered liberal today. I just don’t get this recently found persecution complex exhibited by so many members of what remains by far the majority religions in the USA.

    • Alan says:

      the tide is turning, people are realizing that religion shouldnt dominate society so they lash out at the people who are realizing this as if we are the devil.

      • Drew says:

        A very liberal belief to hold and I’m sure that Jesus would agr– wait. No. That doesn’t make sense. That doesn’t make sense at all.

  7. “SPOILER ALERT — “taking his own life after betraying Christ, Peter denying Jesus three times and then the miracle of the Resurrection.””

    I was waiting to watch it to find out.

  8. Lara says:

    2 Jesus 2 Furious

  9. Christian says:

    So, despite people finding this article offensive. I am actually really excited that this is being made. I feel like too many people are worrying such minor details. Sure it says SPOILER ALERT, but not everyone has read the bible, so to them it would be a spoiler alert. How about we spend less time focusing on the things that offend us and start doing what Jesus taught us to do?
    Now as I don’t live in the U.S, I don’t know what the fuss is about NBC airing the show. It does, however, seem that as A.D. will have the same production team, including one of the top producers ever, it would make more sense to wait and see before we worry about if the show is any good. (Based on ‘The Bible’ series, it should be great).
    In other words, what I’m trying to say is lets not jump to conclusions about what was written, assume that not everyone is like we are and show a little kindness in what we say to each other in the forums. It is possible to have different ideas and still get along.
    Alright, so enough of my ramblings. Is anyone apart from myself actually pleased this is even being made?

    • Daya says:

      I am! I’ve turned into such a squeaking fangirl of the guy that played Pontius Pilatus that I’d like to see him shaking with rage (or something that the good book doesn’t cover) when he starts to hear rumors of the resurrection. ;)

  10. Scott says:

    I’m a Christian. I thought “spoiler alert” was funny. People need to lighten up.

    • Drew says:

      Yeah. I will admit that I’ve used the same joke when referencing stories related to the Bible. The people in the comments section are way more offensive. Or… well… they’re trying to be offensive but they aren’t doing a terribly good job of it. I mean the whole “imaginary friend” thing and the fairy tales are a bit played. I do wish that people could be more original with their bigotry. If they have to be small minded they could at least be clever about it.

    • Me says:

      By its own definion, spoiler is something that will ruin the twists of a certain story being told. As such, that might as well be considered a spoiler.

  11. Drew says:

    It is funny how people are trying to claim Jesus for their political party. I would LOVE to hear how Jesus would be considered a liberal though, if people want to explain that.

    Second, all of you people mocking Christians for their beliefs are bigots… and also raging d-bags. You act superior and make fun of people, but what do you believe in? I promise you that whether you believe in God or science (not that they are mutually exclusive), you have faith in something and others would disagree with you. Your arrogance is uncalled for, whether you are a sinful soul or a sloppy mess of random DNA. If you were truly superior you would know that. But you’re not so you act like foolish children… and d-bags.

    • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

      Considering how Jesus told his followers to take everything they had and give it to the poor, he definitely wasn’t a conservative. God, in this country, you give a poor person a nickel and the conservatives cry about it for weeks. They can’t even handle a pope who demonstrates Jesus’ love to the needy.

      And while it’s cute that you’re calling others arrogant while being arrogant yourself, that’s also called hypocrisy. ;)

      • Drew says:

        Jesus didn’t tell all of his followers to give everything they had to the poor. Are you thinking of the wealthy guy who Jesus told to give up all of his things and follow him? Because that wasn’t a general rule, it was about that guy putting his worldly belongings above the Lord. There are lessons about building up your treasures in Heaven rather than on Earth, but Jesus never said that people shouldn’t own things. If you disagree, please post the chapter/verse that you’re talking about because it’s hard to discuss a vague reference like that.

        You are discussing charity, which is not a liberal idea. Studies show that Christians and conservatives give more to charity than others. The liberal idea is to rely on government to take care of the people… to take money from the wealthy via taxes and redistribute that money amongst the poor. This is not charity. It is nowhere near what Jesus was preaching.
        Nobody disagrees with giving freely to the needy. Your attempt to say that conservatives whine about giving to the poor doesn’t hold water. You believe that taking from the rich is the same as the rich giving… that is flawed logic.

        Also, I don’t do popes. So… whatever.

        I’m not being arrogant. Arrogant would be me claiming that Jesus would be a Tea Party advocate, like some people here claim he would be liberal. Arrogant would be me calling other peoples’ beliefs “fairy tales” or mocking them because I think their beliefs sound stupid and everyone who is smart must agree with me. I am not saying any of those things. So how am I being arrogant? By not sitting by while small minded bigots insult my God and my people? Is that arrogance now?

        • GoGiants says:

          Jesus hung with the least of people, the addicts, the lepers, the prostitutes. Well, I guess hanging with prostitutes makes him conservative, given their scandals.

          But on whole, his image is that of a liberal, and he would be appalled by the rightwing of today who use him to justify their hate and ugliness.

          • Drew says:

            Yeah. If you look at all of the comments here, it’s totally the conservatives who have expressed the most hate and ugliness. Just look at your comments with the generalization of conservatives as the mustache twirling bad guys.

            None of what you’re saying makes any sense. It all depends on your own, rather naive view of what conservatives believe. It’s all based on your own slanted view of the world. The grand, loving liberal (of course ignoring all of the small minded, bigotted, hateful liberals) and the evil Hannah Barbara villain version of what you think conservatives are (of course ignoring all of the conservatives who behave differently than how you want to see them).
            I’m sure you’ll get a bunch of slaps on the back from other liberals who have as narrow a view of the world as you do, but for the rest of us (the ones who live in reality) you’re reasoning is kinda silly.

            If I ever make an argument like “because liberals are eeeeevil and Jesus would hate eeeeevil” please shoot me. The world doesn’t work like that. You need to give up the idea that it’s good guys versus bad guys. People generally want to do good in the world, but disagree on the best way to go about it. Now, if you would like to make a comment on how the lessons of Jesus conflict with *actual* conservative values, I’m all ears.

          • GoGiants says:

            It is based on what conservatives have been seen saying, from Palin to Rubio to Ron Paul.

            Unless their own words aren’t proof enough? Conservatives are liars, hateful and money-grubbers. Not Christ-like at all.

          • Drew says:

            Ron Paul is actually more of a libertarian. But I suppose that’s probably not a conversation that you’re ready to have, so moving on…

            What have Palin or Rubio said that is hateful? Or do you just think that anyone who doesn’t think as you think is hateful? Because I’ve seen some vile things said about Palin and none of the liberals seem to mind when that happens. Me thinks there be a double standard in our midst.

            Conservatives give a great deal of time and money to charity. They simply don’t believe in the government taking their money against their will… which by definition would not be charity. I could say that liberals hate children and can’t get sexually aroused without being surrounded by farm animals just as easily as you say that conservatives are hateful. That doesn’t make it true in all cases. All you people are doing is making broad generalizations and throwing out insults as though they’re facts. Just because it’s true in your head doesn’t mean that it’s true in the real world. You can’t just make stuff up and expect us all to follow your lead. If you want to make accusations against conservatives, against Christians or against specific people, at least have the ba!!s to make real accusations. Quit punching people in the arm and running away like preschool children.

            Besides, Barack Obama and the Clintons are horrible people. They kick kittens. They break the five second rule on a routine basis. They double dip constantly. They make fun of people from New Zealand, calling them knockoff Australians. And you know how you can tell that all of this is true? Because some random person said it on the internet.