Bill Paxton Previews Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Finale: Will Ward Rebel Against HYDRA Honcho Garrett?

Agents of SHIELD Finale SpoilersBill Paxton is feeling big love for his increasingly villainous role on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

“Are you kidding? I think he’s great,” the TV vet says of his ongoing run as S.H.I.E.L.D. legend-revealed-as-HYDRA mole John Garrett. “Particularly once they unmasked me for the person I really was underneath.”

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Paxton perhaps is speaking figuratively, but in the ABC freshman’s penultimate episode, it was revealed to viewers — and Garrett’s longtime padawan, disgraced S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Grant Ward — that he who is also known as the Clairvoyant has some Deathlok-like biomechanics of his own going on, having served as a beta test for the project that turned Mike Peterson into an unstoppable cyborg.

Garrett’s body over time began shutting down, however, crippled by the foreign matter. But when we last tuned in, he compelled the mysterious Flowers to hook him up with the one dose of the Centipede serum they’d been able to perfect, thanks to a dose of GH325 (the alien goo that resurrected Coulson). Garrett’s initial reaction to the “turbo boost” was a violent one, but as the finale opens up this Tuesday at 8/7c, he is, to put it one way, feeling no pain.

“It affects everything around him. He’s been kind of ‘reborn,'” Paxton shares. “He was really a dead man, but he’s coming back stronger than ever in the finale.

“But some of his M.O. has changed…,” he teases of Garrett’s about-to-be-modified endgame.

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Because while Garrett’s team may seem to have the upper hand, Coulson’s ragtag roster of “freelancers” are closing in. Already, that has forced Garrett to make some bold calls — like ordering Ward to “take care of” captured snoops Fitz and Simmons. Ward, though, “merely” jettisoned his onetime colleagues out into the ocean. A sign of weakness, Garrett surely would divine, if he gets wind of it.

Are teacher and student fated to butt heads?

“We saw in the last episode that it’s a pretty warped ‘father/son’ bond they share,” Paxton says, alluding to how Garrett sprang Ward from juvie then used extreme measures to toughen him up as a recruit. And as the final hour unspools, “It’s the classic thing where at some point, no matter how close you are to the father, the son has to rebel.”

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Upon wrapping the S.H.I.E.L.D. season, Paxton landed on the cast of the eight-hour History miniseries Texas Rising, playing Sam Houston alongside the likes of Ray Liotta, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Brendan Fraser, Max Thieriot and Chris McDonald, all under the direction of Roland Joffe (The Killing Fields). “It’s going to be physically challenging,” he acknowledges, “but it’s a great script and coming off of the success that we and History had with Hatfields & McCoys, I think people are going to really dig it.”

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  1. Dennis says:

    my hopes for the finale are simple, Big explosion everyone dies except for Coulson, May and either fitz or simmons although I wouldn’t mind keeping them both

  2. Will it be…game over for Hydra?

  3. Roger says:

    HYDRA won’t be going anywhere. Me personally, I would like Ward to have his doubts about Garrett but still be committed to HYDRA himself. Him being evil is much more compelling television.

    • Jason says:

      Yes, I agree. They really seem to be setting up Ward to take down Garrett but I am hoping that it will not be step one in his rehabilitation back into SHIELD. The show is so much better with him being evil.

  4. Glenn Adams says:

    I’m just hoping they don’t cop out with some redemption story for Ward. He’s done too much.

    • Joe says:

      Let’s see: he murdered victoria hand(the then highest ranking shield officer), 2 other shield agents, the head of providence base, 3 police officers, the entirety of fridge security, a quadriplegic, and a dog…in addition he was complicite in sky being shot, and as a member of hydra part of the insight plot to murder millions…lastly as skye pointed out he is also a nazi…

      • Brie says:

        Keep in mind though that hes also been abused, both emotionally and physically, all his life. (almost to the point where it could possibly be considered brain washing depending on how you look at it) When he got put on the team he found people that actually cared about him, and as we can see is starting to question his choices and loyalty to Hydra. I think he deserves a redemption arc more than anybody, a second chance for him to be his own person.

        • MLO says:

          Oh, frikkin’ boo hoo!

        • Danna says:

          Yes to everything you just wrote. I agree Ward has become so much more interesting since the Hydra thing but I want him back on the team. He has to be redeemed.

        • ANNA says:

          The way I see it is, Garrett has exploited Ward’s abusive relationship with his older brother from day one. His big brother made him beat up his little brother- that was his family hierarchy, or at least the one he chose because his parents were “worse” -shudder-. So Garrett is the new big brother asking Ward to beat up on weaklings. It seems like there was no better personality type for garrett to pick than Ward, he fits the henchman profile to a T, the perfect guy to do his dirty work.
          Does that excuse anything that Ward has done? NO! But I appreciate the construction of Ward’s bad-side that they have shown us. And I think it will make for a meaningful redemption story when the time comes! Not soon of course, because he is so very interesting the way he is now. PS: I don’t think he murdered those cops, it seemed like he shot them squarely in their vests, on purpose.

      • lindsay says:

        I thought he specifically didn’t (couldn’t) kill the dog. Wasn’t that the point in that scene: that he was too “weak” to do so? If I recall correctly, he just let the dog to run off and shot the gun in the air to make it sound like he killed him. I thought the inclusion of that scene was to parallel how he jettisoned FitzSimmons, rather than outright killing them, as well.

        Not that that makes up for everything else, but people keep mentioning him as a dog-killer, and I don’t think that was what happened. (i.e., couldn’t kill the one person/thing that unconditionally loved him)

        • Tenney says:

          Actually, I thought he did kill the dog, he just couldn’t do it when the dog was standing right there in front of him looking him in the eyes. Since the dog runs to collect whatever Ward shoots, I thought he shot the gun in the air so the dog would run off and then once the dog was far enough away, he shot him with the long-range rifle.

          • Mikael says:

            You’re right. It is implied that he couldn’t kill the dog right in front of him, but they later showed him with the dog in the crosshairs of his rifle. I think it parallels that Ward couldn’t kill FitzSimmons face to face, so he jettisoned them into the ocean. Ward was so boring before he came out as HYDRA, so I hope they don’t have him become good because he loves Skye. Have him be like Black Widow: do terrible things to get the job done but become good over time.

          • canadian ninja says:

            See I thought we just saw the dog through the crosshairs and it coulda been Garret or Ward – and even then I didn’t hear a shot. They just cut to Ward jettisoning F&S which could be seen as him obeying the order to kill or not – since I doubt either of them died.

        • Rick says:

          Agreed … my take as well.

    • will says:

      I sincerely hope they kill him. It’d be the best choice for the show and his arc, and he has done too much to redeem himself and return to the team.

      • Rick says:

        Take Ward out .. he cannot re-join the team. I believe that he’ll die in the end … perhaps even by a sacrifice for the (good) team. He’s hurt others, but those in the team.

  5. JC1 says:

    I’ve been loving the show the last few weeks. The Ward as HYDRA twist has really made that character amazingly more interesting. I thought he was the most boring one in the cast before. I’m not sure what I’m hoping for in the finale except that FitzSimmons don’t die. I think, though, that Ward might finally rebel if Skye is threatened. What that will lead to, however….his death, redemption….I have no idea.

  6. ANON R says:

    I only have two things I want to happen in the finale:
    1. FitzSimmons live. If one must die, let it be Fitz. Sorry, Fitz.
    2. No redemption for Ward. He’s so much better and interesting as a baddie. And really at this point, he’s way past redeemable. You don’t throw out a pleading FitzSimmons in the ocean to die, kill Victoria Hand and an innocent Koenig, and betray S.H.I.E.L.D. and be redeemed. Nope.

    • Ward didn’t leave Fitz Simmons to die. In his last scenes I recall that he implied that he’s afraid that if he lets them be on the plane, Garrett will kill them. Hence, he wanted to let them live, in the same way he had acted of killing his dog by shooting in the air, hence, he let them to the ocean in hopes that coulson will recover them.

  7. Joey Padron says:

    Bill have been great on show as Garrett. Can’t wait to see what happens in season finale tomorrow night.

  8. Tran says:

    If Ward goes back with Team Coulson I’ll be very happy but if Ward’s still the bad guy I’ll be very disappointed. Hope they get rid of Garrett for good in the season finale. Happy for Agents of SHIELD getting renewed for a second season.

    • Joe says:

      Has a nazi who killed a quadriplegic AND a dog ever been reedemned out network tv?

      • Wyatt Clough says:

        That may be the funniest thing I have ever read!

      • tp says:

        I thought Garrett killed the dog because Ward couldn’t, which led to Ward trying to kill Fitz and Simmons because they were a “distraction”.

        • Joe says:

          If garrett killed the dog, then he would have known ward failed his training and he would not have kept him as a protoge…ward could not kill the dog up close, like fitzsimmons rather from a distance…

  9. James D says:

    I agree with most I much prefer Ward as a Villain. with that said I do think their is some compelling story if he does claw his way back into Team Coulson. I had no idea about Paxton’s new show I’ll watch anything he’s in it being a western is just gravy.

  10. No one murders Patton Oswald and lives. Not on my watch.

    Though he did kill Brad Dourif before he could be his usual creepy self…

    But yeah, Ward probably needs to either die or find a solid hook to be a villain next season. His actions really aren’t redeemable, especially with the level of brutality he’s displayed (Hi Victoria Hand!). I will say I do find him more interesting as a bad guy since we now know his backstory and what the hell made him such a GI Joel (A GI Joe knock-off with Kung-Fu Grit). Still if they want him to remain an antagonist they’d need to give him a little something extra.

  11. Brian says:

    If they redeem Ward & have him be one of the team again then I’m dropping the show.
    From the start he’s been the weak link & terribly acted.

    They (creators, that twat Loeb) tried to spin it saying it was all on purpose leading to his reveal as being Hydra, but I don’t buy it for a second.

    The first half of the season was poor and I think the fan/viewer reaction gave them a much needed kick up the butt.

    Even so, Ward is still barely interesting to me even with his “I’m evil” stubble going on – he needs to die or become the “big bad” for S2.

    Also, is anyone else getting a bit tired of Skye?
    Dunno, there’s something about her starting to put me off – maybe it’s the croaky “out partying all night” voice going on, but something’s not clicking with her character since the shooting, and that shouldn’t be the case.

    Those criticisms aside, I really do want the show to succeed – they’ve 3 winning players in Coulson, Garrett & Tripplet. The others need to step up.
    (although May was great being Simmons last week!)

  12. Ben Wong says:

    Yes, he shall be the big baddie next season, or just someone who wanted to be redeemed but just went into a downward twirl all the way.

  13. Alex says:

    Oh come on people, they have been making comparisons between Ward and Black Widow since episode 1. Seriously, they go out of their way to make sure to mention how Ward is so much like Romanova in almost every episode. They are setting him up as the next Black Widow type character. His “redemption” arc is all but inevitable and I will not be watching. If the writers can’t even bother to come up with a different story for their characters and just reuse one from the comics then I will not bother to watch their show.

  14. Joe says:

    Except we never saw black widow murder well over a dozen shield agents onscreen…not to mention a paralyzed man and a dog…plus ward freed all the villains from fridge, including blackout, who tried to kill coulson’s gf…

  15. albertj15 says:

    This is a great show. A good fight at the end would be fine with me.

    • Rick says:

      I’d like to see Coulson be super-powered and to have not even known it … until now. Also, Skye has some strange, and yet untold, “value” or power.

  16. Tina B. says:

    I freakin love this show! I have hope for Ward but not sure if he shot the dog? I didn’t hear a whimper, and hearing Fitz beg Ward to not hurt FitzSimmons ripped my heart open, even more than Skye and Ward. I also have felt that Coulson is more of a father to Ward and I would love tho see more of them. In short, more Ward and go team shield! Ward just has to come to his senses!

    • stephanie says:

      yess me too. more ward and shield! but i dont know for sure whether ward is coming back for season 2 or not. ;(

  17. Dee says:

    I realize I’m in the minority here, but I wouldn’t mind the redemption arc for Ward. It’s a nature/vs nurture story. We saw who he became under Garret’s influence. Could he become someone else under Coulson’s? Or is he inherently “bad?”

    • stephanie says:

      i really like agent ward too. and i really really want him to come back and join the team. i think deep down he is a good man .

  18. crusher creel says:

    I think May should give him some kind of head injury that requires hydra to fix his brain giving him photo reflexes to copy other peoples physical abilities and voilà Taskmaster is born.

  19. Talon says:

    After every-thing Ward has done the team will never trust him again, also I like that Ward is
    apart of Hydra. Agent Triplett is a good replacement for Ward but I would like them to add Mockingbird & She-Hulk to the team in season II.

  20. That may be the funniest thing I have ever read! and This is a great show. A good fight at the end would be fine with me.

  21. stephanie says:

    i really like agent ward, he is became evil is the most interesting part, but i really hope that he is gonna come back and join the team. i think there are a lot of secret that we havent disclosed. i dont like agent whatever his name is who seems gonna replaced agent ward in the team. i really really waiting for an episode that ward gonna turn his back on hydra and be a double double agent and pleaseee come back and reunite with skye, i think its gonna be awesome than replaced agent ward existence entirely. i think he is gonna be a good agent again when skye is in danger and i believe that he is going ti sacrifice hisself for skye. and i still waiting for the next twist in marvels agent of shield season 2.