Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Revenge, Big Bang, Blacklist, Mentalist, Once, Newsroom and More

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Question: Please, any scoop about Revenge? —Julien
Sunday’s season finale isn’t just gonna be nuts, it’s gonna be an entire display case of Payday bars. We’re talking handcuffs for one major character, toe tags for two others, the emergence of a new scheme team and a scene that’s so horrifying, it’ll make Pascal’s death-by-helicopter-blade seem mercifully tame by comparison.

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Question: I will happily take a Big Bang Theory season finale spoiler. —Kerry
Ausiello: And I will happily give one to you. Jim Parsons is confirming what CBS’ official finale logline strongly hinted at: Sheldon goes AWOL by the end of the episode. “He gets the hell out of there and I have no idea where he’s going or what he’s planning,” the Emmy winner tells me. “I won’t know until I come back and read the first episode [of Season 8].” What Parsons does know is the reason behind his alter ego’s fast break. “All the [personal and professional] changes that are taking place finally start to come home to roost for him as problems,” he explains. “It was very interesting to read it for the first time and then to play the final episode because it really gets at the crux of something that is perhaps his defining characteristic as a character on television — which is his resistance to change. If you look at it through that lens, so many of the things he does, the things he says, the places he sits, etc, have everything to do with the fact that this is the way it’s done, this is the right way to do it and this has served him fairly well as a human. They’ve got him in a situation now, the writers do, where it’s not possible to carry on without some of these changes.”

Question: Is there any hope for Bash and Mary on Reign? —Sara
Ausiello: Don’t shoot the messenger, Sara, but star Toby Regbo tells TVLine that Reign‘s original love triangle is no more. “The writers might come back and turn it on its head, but for the most part, the show has entered a different [chapter],” he explains. “I don’t think people expected things to settle down that quickly; Francis and Mary were married by Episode 13. So this whole Team Bash/Team Francis thing they set up … that part of the show has shifted.”

tenneyQuestion: I love Major Crimes and I can’t wait to watch it again! Do you have some spoilers or info for us? –Luana
Ausiello: Jon Tenney will reprise his role as G-man Fritz in at least one early episode of Season 3, which opens June 9. Alas, still no signs of wife Brenda Leigh! 

Question: Are we going to meet Will’s “friend” from Texas on Nashville this season? They keep alluding to him. —Kelly
Ausiello: We put that Q to series creator Callie Khouri and here’s what she A’d: “Not this season.” (I’ll take that to mean we’ll be meeting him next season. Or never.)

Question: Got any intel on next season of The Following? –Kevin
Ausiello: Lest you think Max and Mike’s romantic moment was a one-time thing, executive producer Marcos Siega assures TVLine the attraction will continue. Their finale kiss gives you “just enough… to clearly set up that there’s going to be something [in Season 3],” he says. He adds that the first kiss almost took place in Episode 7 – “They were pursuing something and their car had gotten into an accident and they were trapped in the middle of nowhere” – but the moment didn’t feel exactly right, so the plans were scrapped.

Question: Is the plan still on for Will and Margot Verger to have a relationship on Hannibal? And is it the result of some matchmaking by our titular psychopath or are Will and Margot hooking up with their own agenda? —Nicole
Ausiello: Intersting that you use the word agenda, Nicole, as the beleaguered Ms. Verger may be thinking of Will as not just a boozy booty call, but also as a potential baby daddy who could stand up to her awfully dangerous — emphasis on awful — brother Mason, and give her some claim on the family fortune in the process. Of course, with Hannibal serving as the therapist to Margo, Mason and Will, you can bet the good doctor is composing a twisted symphony of his own, too. The question is, will any of the “instruments” realize they’re getting played?

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Question: I’m loving NBC’s Hannibal, but sometimes it’s so freakin’ scary I can’t deal. Is there any chance Bryan Fuller & Co. are going to ease up on the terror factor the remainder of the season? –Michelle
Ausiello: Ask a silly question, get a chilling answer. Indeed, the opening five minutes of Friday’s antepenultimate Season 2 installment feature three separate scenes guaranteed to send you into the emotional fetal position. And if you’d like some cryptic hints, let’s go with: Birth, birdies and Ghost Rider.

The Mentalist finaleQuestion: Do you have any Jane and Lisbon spoilers for the season finale of The Mentalist? —Erin
Ausiello: These two new images from the May 18 closer (see photos, right) suggest a quite different, maybe-not-so-happy ending for the pair (at least compared to these more optimistic-looking pics).

Question: I know it’s probably early yet, but anything on the huge, final season of Haven? –Amy
Ausiello: Could the Syfy series possibly end with the titular town cured of all its troubles? That’s something to ponder as the show sets out to cast the recurring role of a military vet/doctor who comes to suspect that science might be able to snuff the supernatural.

Question: Will Arrow‘s Laurel reveal Oliver’s secret to her father before the season is over? —Markus
Ausiello: Whether Laurel plans to go against her father’s wishes — remember, Quentin has gone on record as saying he’s fine not knowing — will be made clear during Season 2’s final two episodes (kicking off tonight). “She definitely wants to tell him,” Katie Cassidy shares. “But whether she does or not… you’ll have to wait and see.”

Question: I would love a scoop on The Good Wife’s final episodes. —Curt
I’m all tapped out on The Good Wife Season 5, but I’ve got a Season 6 scooplet burning a hole in my pocket. According to exec producer Robert King, the events of the May 18 finale will catapult the show onto a “bigger battlefield” in the fall, complete with “bigger emotions” and “more serialized storytelling.” Adds the EP: “We’re taking what we thought worked in Season 5 and seeing if we can make that stuff do something different in Season 6.”

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Question: I’m dying to know if The Crazy Ones will be renewed! Please, tell me! It can’t be cancelled after that finale. —Annie
It’s not looking good, and it breaks my heart. Keep tabs on TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard for the latest pickups and cancellations.

Parks and RecQuestion: Any chance Chris and Ann will pop back up on Parks and Rec next season — even if for just an episode? —Joel
Ausiello: At the very least we’ll get an update about them via one of the show’s regulars, per exec producer Mike Schur, who tells us, “They were such a huge part of the show that I don’t think it would be appropriate to go a whole season without knowing what’s happening to them or seeing them.” The fact that their portrayers, Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones, have already booked follow-up gigs — he has the NBC pilot The Pro, she’s starring in a new TBS comedy — could create “practical production” challenges, notes Schur, “But no matter what, the show will keep tabs on the two of them.”

Question: Do I smell another Chicago Fire spinoff? Maybe…Chicago Medical? —Gary
Ausiello: It was discussed but I’m told it’s not happening.

Question: Even with addition of the Knave next season on Once Upon a Time, is there any chance Robin Hood could become a series regular? I love him and Regina together! —Robyn
Ausiello: Even though series cocreators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis are both fans of Sean Maguire’s work as the Prince of Thieves, “It’s too soon to say,” Kitsis answered when we ran your Q by them. “I would wait and see.”

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Question: Any scoop on the third and final season of The Newsroom? Will Maggie and Jim end up together, and will the Sloan-Don relationship have legs? –Laura
Ausiello: I’ve got some scoop that could affect both of those relationships, as well as the ribald work atmosphere at Atlantis Cable News. The show is casting Wyatt, ACN’s head of human resources (AKA someone in charge of dealing with interoffice relationships), and Alex, a female 20-something ACN staffer who files a complaint against two of the network’s producers. Now, a question for you to ponder: Might this be a chance for Sloan to finally stop getting called “girl” by Charlie and a way for series creator Aaron Sorkin to officially address claims that women on his HBO series are treated as inferior to their male counterparts?

Question: Avid Blacklist viewer here, asking how long will it take to find out about the relationship between Red and Elizabeth? Or will it just be a continuing theme? Love your spoilers. –Mickey
Ausiello: Matt Mitovich just got off the horn with Megan Boone, and somewhere amid their in-depth talk, she promised “a lot of answers” — on assorted fronts, the Red/Liz bond possibly included — in Monday’s freshman finale. Among the show’s other ongoing mysteries, while we might not finally put a face to the nefarious “Berlin” in the closing hour, “You certainly get more of the back of his head, for sure,” Boone quipped.

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  1. I was wondering, will the Red Queen/Anastasia also appear OUAT? Given how Wonderland ended, it would make sense, no?

    • Brandon says:

      Honestly I hope not. The less Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, the better. Not to be mean but the show failed so it’s best not to repeat it in any way. If she makes one appearance that’s okay but no more than that.

      I still have high hopes that Sean Maguire/Robin Hood will be part of season 4. I can’t see why not.

      • Katherine215 says:

        Just curious, did you watch the show? (not meant to be snarky) If by failed you mean it didn’t garner high ratings, then yes, you’re correct. But the storyline was really quite good, and Ana’s character was rather interesting. It would be odd to NOT have her appear with the Knave, if they are still in the current timeline in Storybrooke.

        • Lily says:

          Will Scarlet and Anastasia were good, and well-developed characters. Frankly, they were the only thing decent about the Wonderland spinoff. While I am not the biggest fan of anyone crossing over, hopefully this is a good thing in regards to Robin Hood. Though, I cannot shake this feeling, that Regina is responsible for Maid Marian’s death. While I adore Regina, and want her to have a happy ending; she devastated countless lives, during her reign as the Evil Queen. Besides, it is not True Love on OUaT, until the couple goes through a major angst stage.

          • Mark says:

            Well I hope Jessy Schram (Cinderella) makes another appearance on Once Upon a Time as at the moment she’s been on both versions.

        • Mike says:

          Completely agree! I’m the minority that LOVED ‘OUAT in Wonderland’. The storyline was actually really good, already missing Knave and Anastasia. The graphics were terrible, Alice’s acting was bordering on McPhee-annoying in Smash, it was also rushed towards the end (blame it on the cancellation) – but overall, it was solid storytelling and has so much potential.

          I can’t wait to see Knave on OUAT and hopefully Anastasia makes an appearance! True love will find each other, no?

    • Have u heard if Hannibal is getting renewed?

    • S. says:

      Sadness. :( Maybe they’re gonna do a whole piece on it though. That’s the thing, why give away a small thing now when there’ll be an article on it later? I find it hard to believe there’s not something to say, so they probably have a different time and place to say it than Ask Ausiello while other shows may need to real estate here more.

    • JimmyC. says:

      It’s a boy

  2. rawley says:

    To Michelle asking if Bryan Fuller will “ease up on the terror factor” in Hannibal – Honey, you are watching the WRONG show.

    • alistaircrane says:

      Maybe of us watch Hannibal because we liked Bryan Fuller’s previous shows Pushing Daisies and Wonderfalls.

      • rawley says:

        Okay, but not all his shows need to be carbon copies of one another. Dead Like Me was pretty violent just from a more comedic angle. Hannibal is a show about a serial killer that eats people. If it’s too violent for you, stop watching. It’s pretty silly to expect Bryan Fuller to completely change the show’s [perfectly brilliant] tone to appeal to his Pushing Daisies audience.

      • Rich Abey says:

        but you gotta realize what sort of show you are dealing with just by looking at the title: “Hannibal”, which is not going to be as fun/charming/crowd-pleasing as Pushing Daisies in any way!

        • wingsstef says:

          True. I wish Hannibal well because I like Bryan Fuller, but I don’t watch the show because I am not into heavy gore. No hate, just not my thing.

          • rawley says:

            Exactly. My best friend hates heavy gore as well, so I actively encouraged her NOT to watch it. And that’s okay. It’s not everyone’s thing.

  3. fatalsin says:

    what happened to spoiler alert.. i miss the banter!

  4. Ryan says:

    Revealing Oliver’s secret would be the final nail on the coffin of Laurel’s usefulness and anyone liking her.

    • Boston2AZ says:

      That coffin was nailed shut long, long ago for some of us.

      • SallyW says:

        ^ Yes!

        I loved her character on Supernatural and was hoping she would be even better playing a successful woman, but I can’t stand her at all. She’s annoying as all get out and looks way too thin. I hate to admit it, but I really hope they write her off the show somehow…

        • Joe says:

          @SallyW Katie Cassidy “looks way too thin?” Really? Can we please stop attacking women for the way they look every chance we get? The body shaming really has to stop, okay? You appear to be female from your handle. How about you show us a photo of yourself and we’ll all criticize your appearance? How about we all pick apart your flaws?

          You should really be ashamed of yourself. This body shaming has to stop. Some women are thin. That’s how their bodies are built. When I was 19 I dated a girl who was under 100 lbs. She was perfectly healthy. Just thin. Thin shaming is just as wrong as fat shaming and it is NOT okay.

    • Dj says:

      Her dad would have to be an idiot not to know who the arrow is. This is the type of thing where he is pretty sure he knows who it is but will never admit and doesn’t want anyone to conform it. It’s better that way for him.

  5. Bianca says:

    Adam & Eddy aren’t really going to confirm any series regulars until the season is renewed I would think. Hopefully Sean is added as a regular.

  6. C says:

    Say no to Will’s “friend”, say yes to Brent. Where is Brent?!?!

  7. qj201 says:

    OUAT timey wimey: Perhaps when Emma and Guyliner get sucked into the EF’s past…they run into the Knave after the events of wonderland..and he comes back with them!

    Remember Alice’s “home” world was turn of the 20th century Victorian England.

    • Where Alice came from was severely mishandled. Did she come from the past or did she come from a realm that resembles 20th Century Victorian England like the world Frankenstein and the world Hook come from do?

      • Ash says:

        I thought Alice was from a fictional Victorian England that included Jane Austin character, as her stepson tried to marry her off to a Mr. Darcy.

        • Here’s what I’d like to know. What was the Knave doing in Fairy Tale Land when the curse was cast? He had to have been there in order for him to have been in Storybrooke when the Rabbit found him in the first episode of “In Wonderland”. How did he get there? Why did he leave Wonderland?

          • Amy says:

            He did not have to be though…he may have come with the second curse or he may come back with Hook and Emma …once they removed the wraith from the orginal pilot the timeline in Storybrooke was never established …Knave was living there with his heart in a box…I highly doubt he came with the first curse ‘now’ and whenever Socha leaves the main show or it ends the White Rabbit can come get him and thus the events in Wonderland will occur then

          • What second curse? He was there in Storybrooke before they returned to Fairytale Land this season. Why would the events in Wonderland come after the current events in OUAT? They most than likely took place concurrent with the events of the first half of the season.

          • Katie says:

            I might be misremembering some timeline details that would invalidate this, but I always assumed that he went to Storybrooke after the first curse was broken. Maybe after Emma and Snow went back to FTL in season 2, word spread through the realms about Storybrooke. The Knave was looking to get out of Wonderland, and figured that was as good a place as any to run to. He’s pals with the Rabbit, so getting there wouldn’t have been an issue.

  8. Charlie says:

    Love the scoop on the shows. Keep them coming
    Do you do spoilers for showtime

  9. Maryann says:

    I would far rather watch Chicago: Medical than any of NBC’s new pickups that have been announced so far. Here’s hoping they will change their mind on another spinoff a year or two down the line.

  10. Olivia says:

    Here’s to hoping Sean becomes a regular.

    • I’m very puzzled by the response. “Its too soon to say” and “I would wait and see” don’t make much sense. Robin has been in the show almost as much as some of the main cast so how can it be too soon? It almost sounds like there’s maybe a plot point somewhere here. Either that or it simply means they haven’t even started to think about the next season yet.

      • rebecca says:

        yeah i thought that, like they’re killing him off or the changes to set up the new season send him away. hope not would like him to stick around.

        • Lily says:

          Hopefully it is nothing more, than Regina and Robin going through their obligatory angst stage. Like if Emma and Hook figure out the full story of how Marian died, when they travel back in time. Meaning Sean Maguire would not be promoted, because he will appear the same way as this season…. rarely seen in the first half, but featured heavily in the second. Now if only OUaT would demote Belle, from the main cast. There is no need to have Emilie de Ravin on contract, her character is mostly a plot device.

      • Amanda says:

        More than likely they can’t say as the show isn’t offically renewed or maybe Robin goes missing by the new villain so Sean would still be recurring. I highly doubt they’ll kill him off. Will Scarlet is his half brother in the old “Robin Hood” stories so maybe Regina needs his help to find him. We’ll just have to wait till the finale airs and once ABC confirms season 4, but them adding Will shows to me that more of Robin’s story will be explored.

  11. dax says:

    CBS, please don’t cancel the only decent sitcom The Crazy Ones that premiered this year! It’s just too good to be cancelled!

    • Dan says:

      Please let this be cancelled. Robin William’s schtick got tired years ago and a show full of it is full of it. I tried the first three episodes and then watched again when Brad Paisley was on (just wanted to see if he could act) and couldn’t stand it. The only redeeming factor was that it is a half-hour show.

      • trainwreck says:

        Robin Williams isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but then this a comedy legend we are talking about (your taste may vary but you can’t deny he has fan following to still pull millions) .. in the show’s defense, everyone had unrealistic expectations as it was the great return of RW and SMG.. but the show took its time to gain the momentum and one thing that a sitcom SHOULD be: it is FUNNY and makes me laugh! I have never laughed loudly through BBT but yeah The Crazy Ones makes me LOL – literally!

        • elf says:

          In my opinion, and I’m prepared to be in a very small minority, the best thing the show could do is lose Sarah Michelle Geller and make Brad Garrett a regular. She is a comedy vacuum on this show (who knows, she could be hilarious in another role on another show, but here she’s floundering), while Garrett was the only one who could keep up with Robin Williams and few times he even left Williams in the dust.

      • rawley says:

        No way, the whole ensemble is fantastic. dax is right, it’s one of the best sitcoms that premiered this year, ESPECIALLY at CBS. Way better than the boring (and renewed) Mom.

        • dan says:

          Agree! The ensemble is great and the show isn’t your typical sitcom. Robin Williams’ schtick works in this setting and there is terrific chemistry w/the supporting cast. I’ll be sorry to see it go (assuming it gets cancelled as expected).

        • Jess says:

          HEY! Mom is hilarious!

          • Julie says:

            I think Mom is hilarious and Allison Janney really makes it so. Except for her whacky appearance as the Mother on Lost the only other show I watched her on prior to this was The West Wing and I didn’t realize how hilarious she could be.

    • tvaddict says:

      Agreed! I love The Crazy Ones, is no one watching it? I can’t understand that they would cancel this show but keep so many other sitcoms that just bore me.

    • wenraz says:

      I know! I love the Crazy Ones. It has a great ensemble cast. If I had to choose a “weak link” it would have to be Sarah Michelle, but I don’t think she’s a bad actress. I just think her character isn’t so great. I wish there would be more Brad Garrett too. He and Robin Williams play off each other so well. I already lost one of my favorite comedies, Saving Jack. C’mon CBS, don’t take away the only show on your network I watch!

    • Alex says:

      Wow, I think the show is a stinker and a half! Terrible waste of a good cast–lousy writing, horrible characters, BORING. Good riddance to this dud!

    • cindy says:

      No, it’s too crazy; we’re glad to see it go. If you want a comedy that is clever,well-written and acted and relies on topical and relationship humor rather than slapstick or sex give Last Man Standing a try. (It’s been on ABC at 8 on Fridays; I don’t know when it will be on the new schedule, but it has been renewed, Thank G…d

  12. Alex says:

    Even if the love triangle in Reign has ended, I still think the way Mary quickly got over Bash was ridiculous. Her feelings for him seemed to disappear after episode 13. And there was really no proper closure for them.

    • deme says:

      Well the ending matched the beginning because I think she developed feelings for him to quickly. And let’s be honest everything Mash related had Francis as the underlying tension. Heck even their first scene w/him saving her dog had Francis at the center. And how proper of a closure can you get when Mary tells him face to face that she’s marrying Francis because she loves him more.

    • Radha says:

      There should have been no Mary and Bash to start with. That came out of nowhere and those episodes that focused on them were only saved by Catherine.

      I still don’t understand how people ship them to be honest. But to each their own.

      • Lea Lima says:

        I don’t understand why people ship Frary, I think only Mary saves it, and also their real history, because Francis tries to be a good husband and a good king, but he fails at being a good husband, Mary forgives him because she loves him and is a good person, and then he fails again and the same thing happens. It is so boring :P It doesn’t sound like an epic love story, I think it happened all time at that time, I mean, people got engaged without really knowing each other, and fell in love only because they hadn’t another person to love, I’m sorry but at least to me it doesn’t sound like real love O.o But bash and mary it was not a common love. It’s not every day that a Queen and a Bastard fall in love with each other. ¬¬ Also they haven’t came out of nowhere, they came out since the first episode with feelings for each other, and nop, they weren’t saved by Catherin (yeah I love Catherine), but the episodes who focused on them must have been boring for you, because you don’t ship Mash, and because Mary wasn’t fighting for her country, there wasn’t a real history-line, just their relationship, so if you’re not a Mash shipper, you wouldn’t supposed to like them, not really. She spent time with Bash to save Francis, who she believes she loves, but Frary love was constructed over a contract, Mash love was constructed above nothing (and also above her desire to save Francis, the guy she was supposed to marry, and she started loving because she was going to spend her whole life at his side, and forced herself to, because she thought she wouldn’t have other better options, she wouldn’t be able to choose after all… and I truly believeshe only choosed Francis because she spent a much longer time with him, because if she spent the same time with Bash, she would love him too, in fact, if she spent the same time with any other guy, she would’ve felt in love O.o

      • alexandrrina says:

        I am kinda disgusted by the whole idea of shipping…

  13. tvgeek says:

    Please please let that whiny little slimeball Daniel die on Revenge and take Margaux with him. Maybe a murder, suicide.

    • trainwreck says:

      yes please! useless annoying prats!

    • wingsstef says:

      LOL, I am guessing at least one of the death’s will be someone Emily cares about enough to cry as seen in promos. My guess Aiden is one of them. The other? Maybe Daniel or he gets his bum thrown in jail though that could be Victoria who is jailed. Maybe Margaux. Though I am thinking one of the lesser characters like Javier or better yet that goon we saw hanging around that cabin. Margaux might be part of next season’s Revenge scheme. It will be fun to see.

    • The Real Amanda Clarke says:

      Daniel can go (and I hope he does) but Margaux’s definitely safe (yay!) as Karine Vanasse has already been promoted to series regular for season four. So that’s a big fat HA IN YOUR FACE to all the Margaux haters. ;) I hope she becomes part of this new ‘scheme team’ that’s mentioned in the spoiler. I wouldn’t mind them getting rid of Jack tbh, I don’t hate him (and I’m not an Emily/Aiden shipper – I don’t acually ship her with anyone) but he outlived his usefulness a long time ago and all he does now is judge everyone and get in the way. Baby Carl can go live in LA with Stevie or something.

      • wingsstef says:

        I’m not a Margaux hater. I feel she might be part of the new revenge too. Sunday she revealed that she believes that Pascal was murdered and didn’t believe when Daniel decided to blame Emily. I do hate Daniel though, and have since the first season by the way. I feel he shown his true colors when he found out what his parents did.

        I don’t agree with Jack having no use though. And not just because I am Jack and Emily shipper. There is that friendship yes. The friendship he has with Charlotte (hope she isn’t killed off, but that to is an option) too. Also, keep in mind that it was just introduced that Jack is the son of Conrad’s ex-wife. Victoria’s DNA sampling from Carl could have revealed more than Carl’s mother not being Amanda Clarke.

    • cas says:

      This!! I really liked Daniel in season 1 but he has steadily gone down hill since.

    • alexandrrina says:

      well, Margaux is pretty & I love her style, so she can stay, but Daniel is welcome to drown in a cup of coffee, for all I care!

  14. spindae2 says:

    Michael honestly your spoilers where in the past especially during may sweeps. ICYMI you revealed your may sweeps item about leaving town/aka Sheldon. Greatings ;-)

  15. SandraM says:

    Thanks for the Blacklist spoiler. Will Matt be posting the interview with Megan?

  16. @ilonarcari says:

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyy some Major Crimes love from Tv Line! Oh I can’t wait to see that man again on tv soon! and my fingers and still crossed for BRENDA’a come back! Thank YAW, Thank YAW so much Michael :)

  17. Stephanie says:

    I love Anna Ferris and Allison Janney but could not get into mom. I don’t get how that is renewed and The Crazy Ones doesn’t. Sigh!

    • rawley says:

      Agreed! I stuck with Mom for awhile too. It’s just because it’s a Chuck Lorre show. That’s literally the only reason.

    • wenraz says:

      Seriously. I tried to get into Mom solely for Allison Janney and despite her awesomeness, I just couldn’t take it. I’m happy for the fans who enjoy it, but it’s just not for me. PLEASE KEEP THE CRAZY ONES!

  18. shelly says:

    Chicago medical has been was called ER

  19. Louise says:

    I just want more Robin Hood on OUAT. If they can give us that with Sean still being recurring, cool with me too. But I would nevertheless say that Sean has earned himself a promotion to series regular after what he’s done with the character this season and how well he and Lana Parrilla work together as Robin and Regina.

  20. Liz says:

    Lisbon in that dress-yowza! I hope they get together, they are so good together. Thanks for the spoilers, Aus.

  21. @JoS11235 says:

    Please tell me, are they going to kill Klaus and Hayley’s bady on The Originals? I hope they don’t; give me good news!

  22. Brandon says:

    Hopefully Adam and Eddy didn’t waste everyone’s time with Robin Hood in season 3 only to not bring him back in season 4. I really like the story of Robin Hood and the character on the show. It would be very disappointing if he wasn’t a regular but Will Scarlet was.

  23. kath says:

    Re Arrow: since Quentin has specifically told Laurel that he *doesn’t* want to know who The Arrow is so that he can call on him to help, she’d be pretty stupid to tell him it’s Oliver. But then, this is Laurel so who knows.

    The Mentalist: If Lisbon is throwing her glass of water in his face and running out of the room, I’d say their getting together is a shoe-in.

  24. I’m sure Quentin knows already. But he has plausible deniability since no-one has actually told him and he hasn’t spoken to Oliver about it.

    • BTM says:

      I just figure they use comic book logic. Superman is obviously Clark w/I glasses, but they’ve milked that for decades!

  25. I am simultaneously happy, excited, sad and depressed about The Newsroom. Still am in shock that HBO is cancelling after only three seasons. However, I am really looking forward to the Don/Sloan stuff. Jim and Maggie were interesting, but I am not feeling the love there any more. Bring on Will & Mac and I am really hoping we see actual nuptials between them!

    • S. says:

      HBO isn’t cancelling it. Sorkin doesn’t wanna do it any more, either due to enthusiasm or scheduling or a combination of things. The point is he had to be talked into a S3 even when HBO was anxious for it. I think he knows he’s not in the zone, but he’s aware of it and trying to get better so I gotta give him credit. The truly depressing thing is it usually takes him years to get back to tv and given how the last two shows have gone, it might take him longer to muster the energy and come up with the idea to return.

  26. rosanna says:

    I wouldn’t had minded the love triangle ending if the writers hadn’t advertised it so much from the beginning. They built up the Mary/Bash relationship and I got really invested in it – and BAM they end it after 13 episodes, just when it was getting good. Very annoyed and sad about that. People sometimes complain about love triangles but I liked it and it was mostly the reason I tuned in. My friends too.

  27. Jane says:

    just leave your father alone laurel, I like your father,if he doesn’t want to know, let him, it’s his choice

  28. Guest says:

    The Reign love triangle was never really a love triangle, it was basically a plot device, The show is much better now that is finally over. Let’s move on.

  29. me says:

    “It’s too soon to say,” Kitsis answered when we ran your Q by them. “I would wait and see.”

    Wait, does this mean there might not be any more Robin Hood or Regina/Robin Hood?? wait and see what? o.O

    • Lily says:

      Regina might unknowing be harboring a dirty little secret, in regards to how Robin Hood’s wife died.

  30. Heather says:

    Ahhh, the OUAT answer is so frustrating. I REALLY hope Robin Hood sticks around next season. I’ll be so mad if something happens to him and Regina is left devastated. :\ Hopefully they are just being coy.

  31. Stephanie says:

    Robin and Regina are the only reason I watch Once. Love them.

  32. Judy Miller says:

    Will “Growing Up Fisher” be renewed? It’s one of the few shows that is family-friendly for all ages.

  33. kirads09 says:

    Regarding Hannibal: ” Ms. Verger may be thinking of Will … as a potential baby daddy who could…give her some claim on the family fortune.” EXACTLY what I have been thinking. She only “went there” with Will to conceive an heir, so she can kill her brother (or have someone do it for her) and inherit.

  34. May says:

    Noo I want the love triangle back on Reign. I know some people hate triangles but it was what got me hooked on the show. Now I find myself not so excited about the show anymore. I’m thankful for Robin and Regina on OUAT though. I love them.

    • wingsstef says:

      I need to catch up! Will be doing a marathon tomorrow. Though, I sure there might be other triangles with the other girls? Or are they just doing the Darkness? (Yeah, like I said I need to catch up.)

      • tp says:

        Honestly there aren’t any triangles left. The only person not married is Greer and she’s betrothed to Castleroy. The only thing that might upset that is if Leith comes back. The political drama going on is good.

  35. rachelle says:

    I hope they don’t ruin Robin and Regina. I hope they don’t do anything to ruin any positive progress.

  36. Mike R. says:

    Hmmm. A more serialized The Good Wife… I’m both excited and nervous, I mean it is already a pseudo procedural/serial with no more elements from one than the other. As long as they keep their character as strong and likable in the new era, it could work, but as my favorite procedural on air, I’d hate to lose some of the awesome cases of the week.

  37. erin says:

    This Wyatt guy better not get in the way of Don and Sloan!

  38. Bonnie Maynes says:

    Oh no what did Jane do now. They need to learn to communicate. Please renew the Mentalist.

  39. Liza says:

    I love Robin Hood and Regina on OUAT! Please keep him around next season. After losing Neal/Bae, we really need this character!!!! In terms of Reign, I am so glad the love triangle went away quickly. There is nothing worse than when these things are drawn out (think TVD)!!!! It was well known that Mary married Frances in history, so why people are surprised is beyond me.

  40. Catalina says:

    Wait, what?? I don’t remember having previously read that the next season of Haven will be its last. Is that official? (tears in my eyes already)

    • tp says:

      This is the reason I scrolled though the comments. I was hoping someone would say if it had been officially cancelled.

    • tigersmurfette says:

      technically its been renewed for 2 more 13 episodes seasons(iirc). and when it was announced as 26 more episodes, they clarified with the over 2 yrs part. but yes, they are the last *2*.

  41. N says:

    Freddie Lounds is dead…….

  42. Lucy says:

    “According to exec producer Robert King, the events of the May 18 finale will catapult the show onto a “bigger battlefield” in the fall, complete with “bigger emotions” and “more serialized storytelling.” Adds the EP: “We’re taking what we thought worked in Season 5 and seeing if we can make that stuff do something different in Season 6.””

    Bla. Bla. Bla. Also I suppose they’ll keep doing a damn nothing good with Cary’s character or just using him a plot device to give other characters bigger emotions, more serialized storylines and bigger battlefields. Since that’s what they’ve done for 3 years I suppose they think it’s something which worked.

    • Dee says:

      It sounds to me like the “bigger battlefield” may be a reversal of the great working relationship between Alicia & Cary. That would be a monumental mistake as their chemistry is simply terrific. Or it might be Diane joining Florrick-Agos against David Lee & Canning. Since Canning is a guest role I don’t see how they would do that though. I’m getting ready for yet another let down with Cary. Two eps left and still nothing on the promises made this year. If it turns out that Alicia is fighting Cary again next year it will not be good for TGW. That ground was already covered in the first three seasons. Looking forward to the last two eps though to see exactly what the Kings are talking about here.

      • Lucy says:

        I don’t have any faith in those writers. Especially when it comes to Cary’s storyline. Season 5 and F/A was a let down for Cary. Season 6 won’t be different. Whatever new storylines they have in mind they won’t contemplate giving Cary’s character and Matt Czuchry what they’ve promised for years and never did. And it’s100% sure they’ll screw up Cary/Alicia relationship in the finale and they’ll have Cary doing something on her back.
        That’s because they “need” it to introduce a new plot (one which will allow them to put the new male energy at center of everything and which I’m sure it will have to do with the SA election) not because they’ve a shred of respect for the Cary’s character or the actor who plays him.
        The only purpose of F/A was to give Josh Charles his big exit and now to give Matthew Good his big introduction. It was never conceived to also give Matt Czuchry FINALLY his chance to get a good storyline and good material. The same goes for whatever storyline they’ve already planned for season 6. So, no, I don’t look forward to those last finale episodes because I already know how everthing is going to end.

        • canadian ninja says:

          Wow, are you Matt Czuchry’s mom or agent or something?

          Not that you aren’t right about how Cary has been horribly underused this season but your post just reads like some personal tragedy about it.

        • Pam says:

          Honestly that was clear since the starting of F/A. I never thought RK was serious about this being the year of Cary. He was just jerking fans about it exactly like he did before. Yeah, they’ll likely keep screwing up Cary’s character next year and doing nothing interesting with him and with MC. And sincerely I don’t care anymore. It’s just a shame that MC has a contract for season 6 too and that he won’t be able do something else because the show.

        • Dee says:

          I just find it odd that just about every story involving Cary is tied to another character’s story. They don’t give him any individual development beyond a couple of visits from his dad. And even then his dad was involved in business with LG. If the producers and writers make comments and statements about what is going to happen with Cary they should follow through with them. That’s not too much to ask. If he’s just going to be background in his own law firm then don’t make statements otherwise. Having said that I am happy that Matt Czuchry has a good job on TVs best show. Acting jobs are hard to come by and this gig is one of the best. We’ve had almost one season of great work chemistry between Cary & Alicia. I hope that is not wrecked on the King’s new “bigger battlefield” next season.

          • Lucy says:

            Cary is just a knick knack for them and they’ve turned him exactly into this. When he was at SA he got his cases, his storylines and even a couple of episodes centred on him. I think than when a bunch of writers left around season 3 everything started to go wrong for Cary. I don’t think there’s a single member of the actual writers stuff who knows what to do with Cary and Robert King is not a good mentor as for Cary storyline: he’s obviously not able to give him the right hins about his characters if they managed to turn him into a background character into his own firm.
            And I don’t think this job is good for Matt Czuchry anymore. He didn’t get one single solid storyline this year and didn’t get even good scripts. And that after 2 years of underuse. Often he also got no lines when he shares scenes with someone else. Critics ignore him because every season he got zero storyline and are so used to it that they don’t even notice anymore with the usual “Next season we want a storyline for Cary!”. It became old and also stupid to say since every season writers do exactly the contrary. He didn’t get any pubblicity from the show. Network, producers and writers don’t promote him. His fans, the ones who are still watching it even if now he’s nothing more than a tool writers use to give others something else to do, are pissed off about it. It’s not so good for him.

        • Dee says:

          I have to add that I agree with you about Matthew Goode’s character Finn. All of a sudden he’s a regular and getting more screen time than some of the regulars. I don’t mind Finn as a character but they should have added him next year not this year. It is like the character is being forced upon the viewers because, heaven forbid, Alicia might go without a love interest against Peter for a couple of episodes! Way too much and way too soon.

          • Pam says:

            They’re definitely forced him upon viewers. He got the quickest backstory ever. Also it’s a tragic one so fan can feel for him. He’s been shot. He has PSTD flashbacks as a result (let’s remember Cary was beaten up in a parking lot and writers didn’t spend one second to show what happend to him). He lost a child, lost a sister to drug addiction He is married but he’s either separated from his wife or a widower because he doesn’t wear a wedding ring. He already has more backstory than any other character in that show, besides Alicia. Too much and too soon. Instead they should have used that time to make up for the fact that other characters have been seriously marginalized during the JC’s swan song.

          • Dee says:

            Agree with you Pam. And your reminder about what they did with Cary’s beating is a perfect example of what we’ve been talking about here. Only a black eye and zero follow-up for Cary’s huge beating. Compare that with all of the Finn story already shown. Not only his backstory but they have already set him up to run for the SA office! It is starting to look like it will be all Alicia & Finn next year with Cary being Alicia’s enemy once again. I hope that is not true.

          • Lucy says:

            “It is starting to look like it will be all Alicia & Finn next year with Cary being Alicia’s enemy once again”
            Yeah, something like that. They did give MG character “flashbacks”. It’s a clear sign that next year everything it will be about him. It’s already all about him. He got more to do in 3 episodes than Cary got in 22.
            Let’s be honest. They’ve used Cary and MC like a stopgap that season. No real intention of doing something worthy with him. And the way they’re ending that season will be just the appropriate conclusion for that big joke called “Florrick/AGOS & Associates”.

          • Dee says:

            I’m not upset that Matt has a job. Seeing that beautiful smile at least once in while is better than nothing. But you hit on something about the lack of respect and publicity. It is disturbing to see the show’s writers praising everyone else on Twitter during the live tweets but seldom even one tweet about Matt/Cary. Of course, if they aren’t giving him any screen time…….Matt’s performance has been praised by critics all over. It is just sad to see him so underused because something so valuable should never be wasted.

          • Lucy says:

            Dee, you’re saying this from your point of view. It can be still good for you to see his smile once in a while. But he’s an actor and should be respected for his work not for his smile and in that show he’s not getting a chance to do it. Clearly producers and writers think he’s a third wheel who can be put in the background everytime they want to focus on someone else: Josh Charles, MJF, Matthew Goode or the umpteenth guest star. He’s not worth their attention. He’s not “male” enough to get a more prominent role or just good scripts and storylines. Kings didn’t spend one single word about Cary that season. They conceived an entire storyline about his firm and he’s the only character involved in that thing they never bothered to talk about. That’s because they already knew they’re going to screw up his character in the process. In terms of Cary Agos the F/A plot was a complete failure.

          • Dee says:

            I understand your concerns Lucy. I know Matt should be recognized for his acting but I can’t help but love that smile too…LOL. I’m sure we’ll be having many more “comments” here if the last two episodes go as badly feared. We are way overdue for something good.

          • Dee says:

            I have to add that one of the best tweets I’ve seen recently read something like: “Give Matt Czuchry some “A” storylines”. Amen.

  43. K says:

    The Good wife got a lot of publicity through their kill-off-lead-character-in-a-soapy-twist … They have run out of ideas and are slowly turning the show into a soap opera…

  44. Krithika says:

    Man I have this dirty, dirty feeling I’m gonna hate the TBBT finale. And that’s a friggin’ shame ’cause I fell in love with this show and Shamy just this season!
    Hope to God I’m terribly wrong.

  45. sarah says:

    I am pretty sure they have shows Berlin in the Blacklist previews!
    I will be very sad if the Crazy Ones is not renewed! Such a great show!
    On last nights Arrow I did not get the inclination that Laurel was going to tell her tell or even wanted too.
    I would love to see a Chicago Med. Oh well, maybe down the line.

  46. Jean Alica says:

    Glad to hear more news about the Blacklist. Love this show not just the Blacklist aspect of it but the up and down relationships of the main cast member particularly Liz and Red. I like emotion in the FBI because it makes good TV.

  47. Leebro says:

    Lexie Grey was killed off of Grey’s Anatomy…how can she be next season’s Grey on the show? We all know characters are often not really dead, but Rimes and the actress who played Lexie took to the media and airways to reveal that they had chosen together for the character to die. Pompeo said of her Meredith character that she had told all the Meredith stories she could tell. So if the show was written just to shine a light on her character…perhaps it’s time for the show to come to its end.

  48. erica says:

    Love the Newsroom scoop!! I am SO excited for it to come back, even though I have a bit of a wait & it’s the final season.

    Jim & Maggie fo’ life.