Revenge Recap: Giving the Devil His Due

Revenge Season 3The season’s penultimate Revenge doesn’t merely reveal the identity of Charlotte’s kidnapper, deliver one massive game-changer and set up yet another for the finale – although, really, that would be quite satisfying enough – it also serves as an exquisite reminder of what a slick and enjoyable soap it can be. So read on, and savor the guilty pleasures offered up by “Impetus.”

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A KING’S RANSOM | Immediately, we learn that Charlotte hasn’t been abducted as I suspected by Kurt, she’s been abducted by Emily and Aiden. If Conrad wants her back, he must call a press conference at which he and Victoria will cop to their roles in the downing of Flight 197 and framing David. (The coconspirators even send Conrad an ear as proof that there’s no length to which they won’t Van Gogh.) Unfortunately, the scheme hits a snag when Emily gives Charlotte a panic attack by making her watch archival news footage and old home movies starring Amanda and Declan. (Hey, I wasn’t crazy about him, either, but c’mon, a panic attack? Can you say “drama queen”?) With Aiden now complaining that Charlotte is reminding him of Colleen and Jack having arrived on the scene with a pocketful of his own objections, Emily has no choice but to run to CVS to get her sister a chill pill. And that’s when things really stop going according to plan…

SLY FOX | Meanwhile, when not going all Henri the Existential Cat about Pascal being turned into a chopped salad, Victoria hangs out at a playground until Carl gets a booboo from which she can obtain a blood sample. (File this info away for a bit. It’s not important now, but it will be.) Then, back at Grayson Manor, Conrad stops her from going all Porscha Williams on him by showing her “Charlotte’s” ear. She isn’t too keen on coming clean, however. So she has Kurt (if that’s even his name) get a quickie lab test run – presumably, on a lock of Charlotte’s baby hair and the ear? – and, discovering that her daughter hasn’t been and probably won’t be harmed, pulls out of Conrad’s press conference. (This, in spite of the fact that he’s already figured out that their confession will be meaningless – it will have been made under duress!)

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FRISKY BUSINESS | Emily is just about to leave the drugstore when she’s hauled in by a conspicuously attractive detective. Turns out, a camera caught a rear view of her leaving the rooftop the night Pascal was killed, and Daniel, recognizing her backside, thought he might be able to bust both her and his father in one fell swoop by tipping off the authorities. Of course, as usual, he thought wrong. A combo platter of Nolan’s computer hackiness and Aiden launching himself at Daniel in the middle of the squad room gets Emily sprung from the hot seat. (Just go with it.) While all this is going on, Jack is left alone with Charlotte. And, although Aiden’s already told him that the only way he’ll ever get Amanda back is if this plot works, thus eliminating her need to make-believe that she’s Emily, he still sets Charlotte free. So it appears that he’s doing the right thing – releasing the prisoner regardless of how foiling the plot will cost him his true love. But, as an Emily voiceover might remind us, appearances can be deceiving…

ONE DOWN… | While Daniel reluctantly fills in Margaux on what a vile creature her father was (and, again, they nearly kiss), Charlotte makes her way back to Grayson Manor and accuses Conrad of everything from bombing Flight 197 to canceling Almost Human. Rather than deny it, he calls her an “ungrateful bastard” and threatens to eliminate her the way he did David, Amanda and yes, a whole plane full of people. And that’s all she wrote. Charlotte’s unwittingly wearing a transmitter, allowing Nolan to broadcast Conrad’s entire rant on live television! (That’s why Emily needed him to call a press conference – not to hold the press conference but to get the satellite trucks parked outside the house.) “Ems,” Nolan says to his misty-eyed gal pal, “you got him.” Did she ever! Catching sight of himself on screen, Conrad knows he’s been bested. He could pull a Lydia and head for the hills, sure, but, as he tells Victoria, “Running would be undignified.” So instead, he waits for the police to arrive with a snifter of brandy in hand. “Bye, Conrad,” Victoria says with a Cheshire Cat smile as he’s carted off. “Do rot in hell.”

… ONE TO GO | In the aftermath, Jack shows up at Emily’s beach house only to find her canoodling with Aiden. D’oh! Seems Aiden lied when he said that he was going to have to let her go! (Moreover, Jack released Charlotte on Aiden’s orders – to facilitate the plan, not foil it. He let Charlotte go in hopes of helping Emily complete her vendetta and once again become the girl he loved and lost.) In any case, Jack needs a moment alone with Emily to tell her about the D.C. ring that he found at Kurt’s cabin. It is, in fact, David’s, she confirms. Hmm… Later, she visits Conrad in prison, revealing that she brought him down in memory of David and Amanda – and he shouldn’t worry that Victoria’s getting off scot-free, she’s next! Or is she? Remember earlier, when Victoria stalked Carl for a blood sample? Well, now she’s sitting on a folder full of intel that, unless I’m off the mark, proves that the little guy’s mother was not the real Amanda. And, judging from the look on Vicky’s face, she might finally have a hunch who is!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Was this not Revenge at its best? All that was missing was the Sharpie! Hit the comments!

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  1. aa says:

    Best episode since the season one finale. Absolutely incredible.

    • iMember says:

      Crying with tears of extreme satisfaction. Excellent hour of television.

      • Lexy says:

        Me too!
        I teared up a bit when Emily got Conrad. I can’t recall being that satisfied by a single moment on television since forever. The whole episode was a thrilling, satisfying one hour, yes, even when Vicky found out. Daniel being punched, Conrad’s last scene with Ems, everything was spot-on.
        However, I can’t help but wonder, is this the last season? Will they have a shortened season next year to tie up loose ends? If it were up to me, I’d set up a Emily and the world vs. Victoria and Daniel final season and call it a day. I’m just hoping they don’t ruin this wonderful episode next week :/

      • Gio86 says:

        When the show is this good its definitely one of the best.

      • Brandy says:

        Agreed! This is why I love this show! Although seeing her X out Conrad’s face with a sharpie would’ve been excellent.

    • queenbrat says:

      It seems like they are trying to wrap things up to me. And ok Victoria figures out that Emily is Amanda, what then? Is she going to expose her, help her? If there is another season will it be Victoria and Emily going after each other since there are not that many left for Emily to get revenge on? That would be a boring season.

  2. Emgee says:

    The episode was great and all, but this should be the last season. Honestly, where can they go next?

    • abz says:

      I agree. I can’t bear to sit through another amnesia-like filler story arc. I think they should have one more shortened season to tie things up and then end the show.
      And seriously, they need to get rid of Margaux. She’s so damn boring. Not one single storyline she has had has interested me. Not one! Oh and Daniel too. I loathe the character. Every time he shows up, I have this urge to punch him in his face and wipe that damn smile off.

      • Kevin says:

        Well, bad news, she has been promoted to series regular.

        • abz says:

          I know and I think it’s a stupid decision. Not one person I know that watches this show likes her and from the many times I’ve been to the Revenge columns on this site, the dislike for the character seems to be widely shared.

          • Joe says:

            The problem with her character is that sometimes they treat her character like a pawn, and sometimes not, so we don’t know how to treat her story. I hope that by giving a series regular status, she’s not going to be the biggest sucker on the show. They should do it quick, too, because I still can’t really take Daniel seriously; his character was written like such an idiot at the start of the series.

          • The Real Amanda Clarke says:

            Don’t base the entire viewing audience’s opinion from what some people post in the comments section here (especially considering this place is infested with Jack/Emily shippers who have never given Margaux a chance from the start), go to sites like the AV Club, TWoP or Go Fug Yourself and there are plenty of people who openly like Margaux, myself included. She’s truly a wildcard in the show now which makes her interesting IMO, she could go either way entirely depending on what happens to her in the finale and the beginning of the next season. The writers clearly have a plan and a purpose for the character or they wouldn’t have bothered promoting Karine Vanasse (who is a FANTASTIC actress btw) to series regular status, so it’s way too soon to discount her just yet. I personally hope that Margaux is going to be Daniel’s downfall, I want her to finally wise up to his involvement in her father’s murder, lure him in and then stab him in the back. That would be fantastic.

          • abz says:

            @Real Amanda well I guess it’s good that some people like her. I don’t. I’m no Jack/Emily shipper. To be honest, I could care less who she ends up with. My interest in Revenge is primarily the revengenda. Anything else is secondary. Not a single thing she has done on the show since she first came on has interested me and they have spent almost a full season trying to make her character happen and in my opinion they have completely failed. I haven’t seen this actress outside Revenge that I can recall, so I can’t completely judge whether or not she is good in other roles but I don’t think she is good in this one. She is whiny and has pretty much similar facial expression for all emotions. I guess though I can’t completely blame everything on her. She’s acting what is written for her and its clear what they’re writing for her sucks. One minute they write her as this smart, ambitious woman, yet more than half the time she is just naive and falls for everything Daniel tells her. They need to cut their losses with this character.
            And also, I think Daniel’s downfall should be Emily’s doing. I want to see Emily destroy Daniel, not some random character that I care nothing about. That’s just my personal wish.

        • Gio86 says:

          Yeah she will be back next season.

          • Bob F. says:

            Don’t rule Margeoux out yet. Now she has reason to plot revenge on those who killed her father, (sound familiar), this may make an interesting twist should this turn into a new battle against old foes. She may have more backbone then we think should she decide to go up againt the bad guys. They wild card is we don’t know who they all are yet.

      • Gio86 says:

        I think season 4 will be the last. Victoria VS Amanda and I think the show has a great chance to end with a bang.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I agree, all we have left now is more Emily/Amanda vs Victoria which is a total bore fest. I stopped caring who Em was a long time ago, it stopped being an issue on the show as soon as Jack found out. I mean, pretty much everyone who is relevant already knows anyway. And now her Daddy is going to be alive, ugh. Enough already, lol.

  3. dude says:

    One of my favourite episodes ever! Great hour. My only problem is that I always wanted Emily to reveal her true identity to Victoria on her own terms. I wanted the satisfaction of seeing the look on her face.

    • Jess says:

      C’mon. That was never a possibility. Victoria’s not stupid. She was bound to figure it out on her own. And it’s better storytelling that way. The more conflict, the better.

      • Alichat says:

        Eh….I’m with dude. After all the crap, I wanted Emily to reveal it to Victoria too.

        • Mike says:

          Yup! I’m with you two. Really want Emily to reveal her own identity once she knows Victoria is caught. The ultimate satisfaction.

    • abz says:

      Agreed. Out of all the reveals on this show, the only one I truly wanted to happen before the show ended was Emily revealing her identity to Victoria. I wanted that moment so much. :(

    • Tamara says:

      Sigh, me too. Ever since the first season, I pictured the moment Emily had during last year’s season finale with Jack, but with Victoria. I always figured it would happen near the end of the series and be on Emily’s terms. If Victoria knows who she is, what next? She blackmails Emily into leaving her alone? No idea where this is going.

      • Angel says:

        Did we ever even see Jack’s immediate reaction to Emily’s confession? All I remember is it just skipped ahead to him being mad at her.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          There was a huge build up to it and then it was pretty uneventful, at least I thought so. He was just pissed, like, yeah duh, of course he’s pissed. Then about two, maybe three eps later he was over it.

    • Gio86 says:

      I think while Victoria is on to Emily she still has not figured out her true identity.

  4. Scott says:

    I can’t believe how easy that ended up being to have Conrad confessing on live tv. Now Charlotte really knows how her “father” feels about her

  5. Nate says:

    That was beautiful is it next week yet! !!

    • Gio86 says:

      I cant wait till the finale and if there is something Revenge always does good, its finales.

      • Tennisnsun says:

        A great finale would be a loud thunderclap and the Lord speaking from above reminding all the characters that “revenge is mine” and to just chill. Maybe that’s the true message of the show. Look at all the chaos and collateral damage seeking revenge has caused everyone involved. Of course they won’t listen……..

  6. Kevin says:

    It is a great episode, but I don’t know if I can stand one more full season of this never-ending vendetta. And please David, stay dead!!!

  7. N says:

    I loved the episode. Did I pass out or something? How did Kurt get to Victoria’s house?

  8. Sarah says:

    Is it more depressing that Victoria ran the test with Charlotte’s hair against Carl’s blood rather than the human ear that presumably belonged to her kidnapped daughter?!?

    Loved this episode, and excited for the possibilities of what the ring my lead to. I’ve always subscribed to the theory DC has always been alive and hiding to protect anyone from coming after Amanda, can’t wait for next week’s episode.

    And excited that Barry Sloane booked a pilot, because I’m waiting for emily and Jack to finally be together!

  9. Rebecca camlin says:

    Great episode…the show could easily end there or if it is picked up for next season, she could pursue Victoria

    • Mélanie says:

      Probably what it’s gonna be. She can’t get Victoria in one episode. And I think it will end with something far more complicated than her making Victoria pay. Those characters relationship needs to be further explore as of when Amanda was young

  10. Ray says:

    I feel this episode jumped the shark. First I am having a hard time dealing with the fact that Emily basically terrorized Charlotte to get Conrad to confess. Secondly, I feel Charlotte turning against Conrad was out of left field. The episode didn’t properly convey Charlotte’s feelings and how she slowly turns against him. Conrad wraps his arms around Charlotte and then Charlotte attacks him, but the craziest part was how Conrad doesn’t deny it and basically goes on this rant, threatening Charlotte and confessing to everything. It seemed way too forced and way too rushed. I guess I can accept it if his is Conrad’s downfall, but if it’s not then it just feels like a waste.

    • Scott says:

      Conrad probably felt like he was the one being betrayed after all he did for Charlotte then she’d go turn him into the police

    • neha says:

      I didn’t think that Charlotte turning on Conrad was out of left field, considering she already has turned against him a few times during the past. Even earlier in the season, Conrad believed that she was the one who caused the car accident, because she was so angry at him and thought he was responsible for Declan.

      I did think that Conrad’s turn-around was way too quick and obvious.

    • abz says:

      Conrad clearly felt betrayed. He was willing to turn himself in to save Charlotte and in his mind, she came across as completely ungrateful and that in turn led him to go off on his rant because despite not being his biological daughter, he still loved her and once again David Clarke was shoved in his face.

  11. Nate says:

    Have you people never watched tv? Lol. If there’s no body they’re not dead

    • Scott says:

      and even if there’s a body it doesn’t mean they’re dead

    • Ray says:

      But David being alive is too predictable. Everyone has been calling it since Season 1. Mike Kelley himself said it was too predictable. We saw Gordon Murphy stabbed Davis Clarke in a flashback and why would he let Emily go through everything that she went through. It just makes no sense.

      • neha says:

        Just two weeks ago, that other guy was poisoned in jail and everyone saw him die…and yet, he was alive. It could definitely happen. And, I’m guessing that David Clarke is being imprisoned or something, to explain why he couldn’t reach out to Emily sooner. I’m sure it’s going to be the main plot going into next year, as Conrad is in jail and Victoria has figured it all out.

        • abz says:

          Yeah, but unlike Mason, David Clarke is so important to the foundation of this show and his death and framing is the whole reason for Emily’s revenge. Him being alive is way too predictable and lame and if the show resorts to it, it would make it seem like they have no more ideas and are using him being alive just to further extend the show. I hope they don’t go that route.

          • tvfan says:

            It isn’t lame if Emily needs to go through her revenge scheme in order to prove his innocence and free him from whatever keeps him from revealing he is alive.

      • Gio86 says:

        I think David is dead! Someone is just playing with them.

      • Nate says:

        Just because he got stabbed doesn’t mean he’s dead. Plenty of people have been stabbed and survived

      • Goldie says:

        So if DC is really alive, didn’t a lot more innocent people die for nothing by way of Emily and crew? I think Emily should get hers too. She is not much better than the Graysons who justify their own agendas just like she does.

    • Gio86 says:

      While that was true with Lydia, I am not so sure it will be true with David. He is dead! Its the whole point of the show.

      • Nichole says:

        also it was the white haired man that took David out, he worked for Conrad, what possible reason would Conrad have for keeping the man he framed alive?? If David was alive, I’m sure he would have plotted revenge or to clear his name, which Conrad couldn’t allow, so it stands to reason that David really is dead. As others have said, if he showed up alive after all this, it would be a very weak, lame, disappointing turn of events on a show that has had some surprisingly good twists over the seasons. This isn’t the short of show I would normally watch, but like Ringer from CW, it’s the surprising plot twists that keep me coming back for more, hope that doesn’t change. But do feel like it has another half season to full season at the most to play out the rest of the story, otherwise it would just be rehashing and dragging out things past their best and would ruin what has already been accomplished.

  12. N says:

    Yay Nolan!

  13. schu says:

    Solid episode! Kept me guessing every next move! For even a split second I thought maybe somehow Emily had gotten to Victoria and convinced her to help with Conrad’s confession, quickly saw how silly that thought was. Hope the finale is as good!

  14. Scott says:

    I like Emily w/ Aiden, but if Barry Sloane doesn’t come back she should get with that hot detective

    • Anna says:

      Hear, hear!

    • Prissi says:

      I love Emily and Aiden together…..he won’t be back because of his new series. I think he agreed to do guest shots next season if they wanted him. I will miss him.

      • Nosey says:

        Don’t like Aiden and her together, but wish writers would have done better w/ his character, he is a good actor. His character really was not needed, she was doing fine w/out his help. With Takeda gone though, she had someone else on her side, but how he was written in never really made sense to me.

  15. erin says:

    Amazing episode! Was that Officer Tony??

  16. Dee says:

    I think this set up a perfect final season of Revenge! I think the Season Finale will end on a cliffhanger as usual leaving next season as I one last jam packed season devoted to Emily taking down Victoria!!

  17. Scott says:

    unless this new EP is going in a different direction, I still think David will remain dead

  18. Tbw gsl says:

    I really liked this episode. It remindede of why I loved this series

  19. azu says:

    Wow!! Can’t wait to watch it!!!!

  20. Stan says:

    Yes! Revenge is finally back up to S1 quality. If we get one more season, please let it be like this.

  21. Anna says:

    Great episode! Not a fan of Jack+Emily but I did feel bad for Jack when Aiden played him.

    • Nosey says:

      Wow, I think Aiden is the one being played, It is evident she’d does not have feelings for him. She always chooses Jack over Aiden, she goes to Aiden only on rebound. Aiden was just help to her plan.

  22. Alichat says:

    Victoria sent off the sample of Carl’s blood and Charlotte’s hair…….not the ear and Charlotte’s hair. Apparently proving that Charlotte and Carl aren’t related was more important than finding out if the ear was really Charlotte’s.

  23. Alichat says:

    Forgot to add…..I was bothered that they didn’t take Victoria down for questioning. I find it hard to believe the FBI doesn’t suspect her as well.

  24. Emily and Conrad have nice tv chemistry (or whatever.) I hope he helps her catch Victoria cuz otherwise the odds don’t look good. I like how Conrad didn’t even seem angry with Emily. Rather, he looked like he admired her. One predator recognizing another or something put into words in a Josephine Hart novel.

  25. I think perhaps their is another “Nolan” out there, someone David mentored. Either that, or Ems has a brother by another mother. Or Mama went off to the loony bin pregnant, and someone else raised the baby. IOW, some sort of long lost brother, rather than David himself. (Unless David has been in witness protection this whole time…)

  26. abz says:

    Best episode of this entire season. It really make it clear that ABC made the wrong decision in not agreeing with the creator about shortened seasons. These past few episodes have been amazing. Looking at the season as a whole, the first half pre-Christmas break was great, then all the episodes from January to early April have pretty much sucked and majority of them filler and with these final 5 or so episodes they have picked. The entire middle of this season with the stupid amnesia storyline and anything Margaux-related was a complete waste of TV air time. With the first season as the exception, this show is defenitely better IMO when it isn’t stretched out over 22 episodes.

    • Andrew says:

      I totally agree about the blackout storyline and “Marg-HO.” A good chunk of the season was just pointless. This episode made up for it, however, and I truly hope Victoria figures it out next week! Henry Czerny’s performance during that scene with Charlotte was more than Emmy-worthy – as was Madeline Stowe’s when she ran towards Conrad with her fists swinging!

  27. I imagine a finale scene where Victoria is in a straitjacket screaming, “you’re Amanda Clarke” to every woman coming into her room.

  28. abz says:

    How awesome was that final scene between Emily and Conrad? :)

  29. Renee says:

    The Revenge of old is back! The last few episodes have been AWESOME. I’m looking forward to the season finale :)

  30. mpd says:

    I don’t know where you guys are getting all these wild theories from. It was made clear in this episode and next week’s preview that “the creepy cabin guy” works for Victoria. The whole cabin is a ploy to bait Emily. Victoria probably had a copy of that DC ring made since she knew David intimately. This is a ruse to trick Emily into thinking he may be alive. David Clarke is dead. Furthermore, she now has DNA evidence that fauxmanda is not related to Charlotte. She will have definitive proof that Emily is the real Amanda Clarke
    I think the true core of the show has been the battle of wits between Emily and Victoria. We shall see what denouement the writers have concocted for the finale.

    Can the show really go on for a whole new exciting season? I don’t think so given the revelations that that happened this episode and will undoubtedly happen next episode. I truly don’t want a season of Jack+Emily+Nolan against Daniel+Margaux with Javier+Charlotte floating from one camp to the other: boring and boring. No other villains will ever be as unscrupulous, evil, and riveting as Conrad and Victoria.

    As for who will die during the finale, I hope Jack dies but I think it’ll be Aiden.

    • Nick says:

      True. Without Czerny and Stowe, there’s no show out there. My guts is Aiden and (Jack) or Daniel. Or maybe even Charlotte.

    • Marlene says:

      I totally agree on your first point, it was very clear that the guy of the cabin is just helping Victoria and the whole cabin is put up by her to trap Emily. It might be the real ring though, she could have got it from David when they were together or something. Either way she is using it to lure Emily and its probably gonna work..
      The battle between Emily and Victoria is indeed one of the most important themes of the show, and it should get a proper great end instead of a new long dreadful season without going nowhere. Besides, another season without Conrad? That’s not that highly entertaining, his scenes (especially those with Victoria indeed) are great to watch, It’s good that Emily got her revenge on him, but the show can’t continue without Conrad!

  31. Vandy says:

    Conrad is so damn fun to watch!!! That last line in the jail…loved it. Not loving the Daniel and Margaux thing happening. I hope they’re not building them up as the super villains of the 1%. My back goes up every time Daniel walks into a room.

    • Tennisnsun says:

      I agree about Conrad! He is totally delightful. What a great performance last night. Truly Emmy worthy.

  32. Candice says:

    This was the best episode since season 1. I read somewhere that the creator of the show said next season would be a whole new show a “resurrection” or something along those lines. So I’m assuming everyone will find out Emily’s true identity in the finale. At first I was worried about that because I didn’t really know what direction the show could go in if her identity was revealed but really it might make the show more exciting. Emily and Victoria have always been at war the only difference will be now Victoria knows just who she’s messing with.

  33. Jenny says:

    was so used to boring eps .. I went through the episode thinking it would all turn out to be a ruse or something. Kept thinking something would get in the way of the plan as it always has. I agree with some ppl it all seemed rushed, writers just seem to be going with the flow. It’s as if they don’t know what they’ll be doing next. For that reason I think next season should be it’s last. Just wrap it up and make it exciting and call it a day.

  34. Gio86 says:

    Amazing episode!

  35. Jon says:

    Hold on a sec. So the guy who Victoria instructs to get the lab tests is the one who owns the cabin? Or was he just following charlotte?

  36. SouthernBelle says:

    Jeez, what the heck Vicki! She had to hurt Carl to get that blood, right? “We all have to take our bumps and bruises”. Evil witch.

    Amazing episode. I think it’s the best I’ve seen since season 1, but there have been a lot of great episodes this season. Bummed next week is the season finale, but in truth this episode could easily have been the season finale.

    • SouthernBelle says:

      OH and I forgot, is Henry Czerny not one of the greatest actors ever? That slight hint of glee that crosses his face when Emily tells him she’s not finished yet when he asks about Victoria, despite his current circumstance, as he tells her “God Speed” gave me chills. This had better not be the end of him on Revenge, as far as I’m concerned he makes the show.

      • ratneck says:

        Yes, Mr. Czerny is excellent !! Love the scenes between he & Ems.

      • Ray says:

        I think a true test of the writers skill would be to keep Conrad in prison and still make him a part of the fourth season. I really hope he isn’t acquitted because then this episode would have been a waste. They can’t top the scene where Conrad is arrested. It isn’t the most epic scene, but it is the best scene in the series imo.

  37. No says:

    I thought the acting by Henry Czerny (Conrad) was incredible tonight in this episoide… when he turned unleashed his true rage on Charlotte it was chilling!!! Give him an Emmy!!!

  38. ngarrett says:

    I think next season will be Daniel getting revenge on emily/amanda for taking down his mother and father

    • Nosey says:

      That would be awesome, she could live as Amanda, and Daniel can begin by taking down those close to her, although she does not have a long list. We could wonder what would Charlotte do in the middle of the battle between her 1/2 brother and sister. Only watching Fauxmily’s revenge was not enough, seeing others revenge w/ good writing could make season 4 incredible. Seeing Daniel become a Grayson was excellent writing, and he became a Grayson as a result of Fauxmily. I actually think that plot will work. I can actually see Daniel’s revenge beginning w/ Aiden, then Nolan, and he promised Charlotte he would not touch Jack. Daniel’s revenge is a result of him losing Sara. Victoria and Conrad help make the show, but w/ good writing, it is possible to keep Conrad in jail, and have Daniel carry the tortch.

  39. ngarrett says:

    And for someone who “loved” David Clarke so much, Victoria had no sentiment for his daughter. I’ve never understood that.

  40. Roger says:

    Best episode of the season! Revenge certainly deserves renewal for a 4th season – the final confrontation between Emily and Victoria should be memorable. I agree that Margot needs to go. This is the best soap since Dynasty years ago!

  41. Sharon Robb says:

    What about Margos brother isnt he about to show his face?

  42. Tammy says:

    Not making a prediction here, but it could be that if David Clarke is alive it could make Emily question everything her life has been about. It could have very interesting ramifications for the character and would not necessarily undermine the premise of the show.

  43. Nosey says:

    Love the episode, still not sure what triggered Victoria to swab Carl. There was no indication she suspects Fauxmily is Amanda Clark. The only thing I can think of is, Charlotte revealed to Victoria that Fauxmily said her father was David Clark. But the test could just reveal Charlotte is not David’s, not necessarily that Fauxmanda was not the real Amanda Clark, the 1st DNA test was Fauxmanda and Charlotte. I was actually expecting her to finish the list, then take down the Graysons, but maybe she wanted to get the Graysons sooner than later after Fauxmanda’s and Declan’s death. A very good episode, timing of the episode is questionable. If there is a Season 4, not sure how it will pickup. But will add, loved what they did w/ Daniel’s character, the verbal exchanges between Fauxmily and Daniel at the police station is priceless, and loved the comment by the PI to Emily that he pretty much feared for Daniel, totally awesome!!!!! This leads me to believe Daniel is not the one who will be killed, b/c that statement by the PI indicates Fauxmily will be the suspect if Danike is killed.

    • Lucie Loing says:

      Victoria figured out that Emily was targeting those involved in framing David Clark, so she may have had a hunch that Emily was Amanda thus deciding to test Charlotte and Carl’s DNA. The next move would to be testing Charlotte and Emily’s is she suspects Emily is Amanda. All she knows right now is that FauxAmanda was not David Clark’s daughter.

  44. azu says:

    Look at next week’s promo. Seems like Victoria found out that she’s Amanda. She’s so wicked. She’s even worse than conrand as far as I’m concerned. She pretends and cries that she loved David but she destroyed him and his daughter without even looking back. She’s a monster

  45. eka says:

    what did Conrad say to Em at the end?

    • SouthernBelle says:

      Upon seeing Emily…”You”
      After Emily tells him she did it in memory of David and Amanda Clarke he says “Huh. What about Victoria”
      Emily tells him she’s not finished yet, and he says “Well then, Godspeed”

      That’s right folks, I’ve watched that scene so many times I just quoted it from memory. I need a job.

  46. this episode has been such a relief after weeks and weeks of off revegenda drama. like great pascal died an ugly death, the way i see it, conrad just marked off a guy from ems photo with red blood instead of a red sharpie.
    Victoria makes me so sick after this one. like bitch you RUINED your lover and his daughter’s life yet you have the nerve to go after Emily after knowing her secret?! plus can someone just kill daniel already? oh so he told margaux the ‘truth’? pfft! which truth?
    The star of this episode for me was definitely charlotte. handling the truth about both her fathers and confronting Conrad that way, daymn you just proved you’re a Clarke girl!
    definitely one of the top 5 revenge episodes of all time
    (hoping the finale isn’t a letdown after this killer ep)

  47. Beda says:

    Wouldn’t it be a hoot if Emily finds out that David and Victoria had an affair and she was the result? How would they both handle that??

  48. Ariel Simas says:

    I think people will crucify me for this but I actually think Victoria should win this war simply because she deserves it more than Emily does. Don’t get me wrong, Emily is a great fighter but truth be said most of her moves rely on her allies, specially Nolan, who’s sort her genie in the bottle, always coming up with this magic hacking trick. Victoria, on the other hand, practically fought the entire series on her own, relying way more on her brain and experience than in anything else and yet she’s this giant to Emily. Should we put them on equal terms, Ems wouldn’t have a chance. Therefore, on merit grounds, Victoria should win but as I think that’s probably not happening, at least I hope they give her a proper ending.

    • Nosey says:

      Totally agree w/ you, Fauxmily knows nothing about revenge. She always has to have help, she had to be trained. The fact she has to do it under a new identity and still not even 1/2 done is a clear sign. Also, the fact the Frank and Tyler easily found out who she was, is also a sign, Fauxmily can’t even touch Victoria w/ a 10 foot pole. Victoria definitely knows what she is doing. The fact she baited Fauxmily the way she did is pure brilliant!!!!!!

      • Ariel Simas says:

        I agree with you. Truth is, Victoria’s a predator: every step she takes is carefully thought, she has the patience to wait for the right moment to act and she destroys whoever crosses her path with that matchless impish smile on her face… Victoria’s sort of the female counterpart of TV greatest villain ever: Mr. J.R. Ewing! Should these two work together, not even the devil would be a match, lol. Bottom line is: Victoria deserves the victory!