Ratings: Grey's Gets Burke Bump, Bad Teacher Worsens, Millers and Men Drop, New Idol Low

Daddy IssuesIsaiah Washington’s return to Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday night drew 8.7 million total viewers — a nine-week high for the ABC drama — and a 2.6 demo rating (per finals), up three tenths week-to-week. (Read our recap.)

Opening ABC’s night, an encore of the Grey’s/Cristina/Burke non-wedding episode did 4.1 mil an a 0.9, while Black Box closed things out with 5.4 mil/1.3, down 22 percent and two tenths from its debut.

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CBS | The Big Bang Theory (15.7 mil/4.5) was flat, The Millers (9.6 mil/2.2) fell two tenths and Two and a Half Men (9.2 mil/2.1) dropped four tenths. Bad Teacher then did 6.5 mil/1.4, dropping 17 and 32 percent from its solid debut. Elementary (7.8 mil/1.6) was flat.

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FOX | Hell’s Kitchen (4.4 mil/1.6) slipped 12 percent and a tenth, American Idol‘s controversially twisty results show (6.9 mil/1.5) fell 10 percent and three tenths week-to-week (setting a new all-time low), while Surviving Jack (3.9 mil/1.0) held steady.

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THE CW | Vampire Diaries (1.8 mil/0.8) and Reign (1.42 mil/0.5) were flat.

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NBC | The iHeart Music Radio Awards averaged 5.5 mil and a 1.7, matching NBC’s best non-Olympics, non-Sound of Music Live! Thursday of the season — and topping Idol.

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  1. sarah says:

    I knew that Bad Teacher would drop and it did!

  2. Gon says:

    Wow @ Idol

  3. dax says:

    Way to go Grey’s! despite of my hatred for Burke, it was an amazing episode!

    • Bryce says:

      I agree. I just had two problems with it. First, I wish we could’ve gotten a Burke/Owen interaction, since Owen has never met him and would probably have had something interesting to say. Second I can’t believe this is the second episode with Amelia in it with no update on the practice. Are they purposely trying to keep that book closed?

      • lar says:

        They seem to be forgetting a lot from The Practice — Amelia was having a beer with Derick at the end. Probably not a good idea for someone who is a drug addict.

    • Babygate says:

      Agreed! I started watching Greys after Burke left so i was never invested in that character. And I do not like Isaiah Washington one bit. But I have to admit, he killed it last night. Owen looks at Cristina with passion and love, but the way Burke looked at her last night and said how his love for her was consuming was amazing. You could see that his love for her was all encompassing. He not only loved, cherished and desired her.. he was lost in her. It’s like nothing else in the world existed. I have to admit I was impressed. I loved the episode. With the exception of Bailey who has regressed and is now acting like an impulsive and undisciplined resident.

  4. Nicole says:

    Surviving jack is really funny. Just give it a try and you might like it!

    • The Beach says:

      Yep, it’s very funny. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how good it is and I had no idea Chris Meloni could do comedy so well.

    • alistaircrane says:

      But it isn’t, though. I watched the pilot and Jack is a sociopath. No thanks.

      • Apples says:

        Agree. Jack is an awful, awful person. I couldn’t stand him at all during pilot. Glad this show crashed and burned

  5. Patrick says:

    Teacher is a good show. Not great, and it is definitely flawed, but it is pretty good.

    Unfortunately, it is making the same mistake as Don’t Trust the B in Apt**. It tries to soften the B at the end of the show to humanize her. Well, that isn’t where the humor is. Just make her unrepentantly bad. Not evil, or horrible, or unnecessarily mean. Just exceptionally selfish.

  6. Boiler says:

    Will CBS please renew The Crazy Ones now?? Put it after Big Bang

  7. Paul says:

    I agree with Boiler. Renew The Crazy Ones. Give it a time slot it deserves after The Big Bang Theory and let it grow. These other shows have all proved that they are worse than The Crazy Ones which has an excellent pedigree.

    • cycworker says:

      I would love that. I caught an ep of Crazy Ones and liked it, but I wouldn’t ever bother to DVR a comedy and I’m not gonna watch it if it’s up against Grey’s.

    • Patrick says:

      This won’t happen. The slot after TBBT is probably CBS’s most valuable real estate. They aren’t going to “waste” it on a sophomore show. They will use that slot to launch what they consider their best new show.

      Given the addition of NFL to next year’s Thursday nights, who knows what their schedule will be like.

  8. eddie says:

    hey matt, what are the chances of surviving jack getting a second season?

  9. LB says:

    I like Bad Teacher, but was too busy to watch live last night. Definitely on my DVR, though, as I adore Ari Gaynor! Glad she’s on TV.

  10. chrissy says:

    Renew crazy ones now!!!

  11. Emma says:

    I hope Idol’s ratings for next week’s performance show are even worse after that “twist” they tried to pull last night. Don’t they realize that the manipulation of results is what turned viewers off in the first place? Maybe they think they’re going to create bad feelings between the remaining contestants and people will tune in to see the manufactured drama. I hope it backfires on them.

  12. Pedro says:

    How many shows would love to have BBT’s 15.7 mil/4.4 season low ratings as their season high?

  13. Emma says:

    I was watching Grey’s Anatomy last night and it was a great episode. I was a bit worried about how Cristina was going to be written off but I’m feeling much better now.

  14. N tTVf says:

    A rerun of Grey’s at 8pm? Does that mean the show is considered 8pm ‘family friendly’ by ABC? Interesting.

    If that is the case, could ABC moves Grey’s to 8pm/Thursday at Upfront for fall, allowing Scandal to be moved up to 9pm, and then to open up the 10pm slot to the new Shonda R drama pilot?

    If that is possible, ABC is in business next fall on Thursday nights.

    • ... says:

      They’re not going to move Scandal to 9:00 (because the show would have to tone down its content, because it gives the affiliates/JKL a big boost), but I could definitely see Grey’s at 8:00.

      • N tTVf says:

        Perhaps then the new Shonda R pilot slotted in at 9pm? I assume ABC will want to find a spot somewhere on Thursday night (9 or 10?) to place the new SR pilot. That would mean either Grey’s or Scandal would need to move – Grey’s to 8pm would be the least disruptive – I guess Wed. at 10, or Tuesday at 9pm might work for Grey’s? But 8pm/Thursday probably best (?)

        • herman1959 says:

          I think that 3 Shondaland shows on Thursday is way to much. Why move GA and Scandal now – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” – the new show should be on a different night. Plus, if I’m not mistaken, they are trying to do something a little different with the new show and putting it on a different night would be in line with that.

  15. John Jacob says:

    Someone please explain to me how Bad Teacher is funny in any way?!?!?!? The principal going through the lockers?? Sarah Gilberts character trying online dating thinking it’s the gym teacher??? Meredith wanting to date the girls father?? I am all for a good comedy but I don’t understand how someone can laugh one time during the whole episode. This show is BAD and is going to continue to bleed viewers until it is cancelled.

  16. Anna says:

    Bad Teacher is just so hard to watch. As a future teacher it makes me so uncomfortable! Also, as a future teacher in Germany it makes me question the choices you Americans made in your school system. Seriously, there is so much wrong with it, I wouldn’t even know where to start…

    • Elyse says:

      Did you go to American schools? They might not be the best but they aren’t like Bad Teacher. At least mine weren’t.

    • Slowride says:

      Well I’m French and I don’t watch Bad Teacher thinking it’s an actual representation of the American school system… I’m more worried about you being a teacher, judging a whole system on a comedy than about the American system itself…

    • Nicole says:

      I haven’t actually seen an episode of bad teacher but I can assure you, no schools in America are that bad. It’s a tv show with exaggerated circumstances, like every tv show and movie. If all foreign people watch an American tv show or movie and automatically assume that’s how it must be in real life should maybe get out more. Not even the “reality” shows on tv are actual reality.

    • You do know this is a comedy on television and not a documentary?

  17. Liz says:

    BBT is my favorite comedy on TV rn, but it’s had some really weak episodes lately…like the past five. Hopefully the finale will be funny. I liked the Proton stuff, the parallel to SW and having Sheldon deal with it that way, but it was mostly unfunny. I did, however, enjoy the vanity card…

    • sonja says:

      I have to agree with BBT. I love it but there have almost been a few “very special episodes” where it got a little too serious. It is a great show though and I look forward to it every week.

  18. I love the lead in Bad Teacher, but she is just too one dimensional. She was so utterly mean to that little girl last night when she read a fake note to some boy in the class, who does that? I don’t care if she redeems herself at the end of each show, but too little too late.

  19. Sam says:

    I blame Harry for picking the final 13– the most uninteresting in the history of the show– also they seem to want to make it difficult for people to vote by not posting the numbers after they sing.

  20. Babygate says:

    Greys was truly excellent last night. I love, LOVE the path that Shonda is carving for Cristina’s exit. It is Yang-worthy..
    What is up with TBBT lately? This episode was rather weak.
    Tried Bad Teacher because I really like the cast, but, wow. Is it bad. Last night I couldn’t even get through half of it.

  21. DavidSask says:

    Why must Idol stick around for 2 more years its just bad?!!