Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Big Bang, Castle, Once, Arrow, Good Wife, NCIS, Reign, Glee and More

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Question: Got any Glee scoop — preferably Klaine-related? —Erin
Ausiello: Their transition to same-coastal living will continue to prove rocky. Loosely translated by Chris Colfer: “We pretty much fight up until the end of this season.” And Colfer wouldn’t have it any other way. “I love it whenwe fight,” confesses the actor, whose Glee script-writing debut airs next week. “It’s funny, the fans get upset with me when I say things like this, but we’re actors. That’s why we go to work, for the drama. I’m very happy when there’s some drama with them.”

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Question: Anything on The Big Bang Theory finale? I’ll take anything! – Elli
Ausiello: Even though Laura Spencer’s Emily doesn’t appear in the May 15 season-ender, “there will be quite a bit of discussion about Raj and Emily,” teases exec producer Steve Molaro, who adds that the penultimate episode on May 8 features “a really, really beautiful scene” between Spencer and Kunal Nayyar that was completed “in one take… They were both so great in it and were so natural. And there was so much chemistry. [The scene] was done, and we moved on.”

TBBTQuestion: Greetings from Germany! Do you have any scoops for The Big Bang Theory? —Felix
Ausiello: Not sure if this is out there, but the aforementioned May 15 finale marks the return of Christine Baranski as Leonard’s mother, Beverly. Rumor has it she once again pays her son a visit via Skype.

Question: Any scoop on The Good Wife? —Renee
Ausiello: The May 18 finale ends on a cliffhanger-ish note. “It’s not a cliffhanger in that, ‘Oh, which way is Alicia going to choose?’ explains EP Robert King of the professional dilemma awaiting the show’s leading lady. “It’s more a cliffhanger in that, ‘Oh, NOW what does that mean? That’s an interesting decision.’ It’s a cliffhanger of a new chapter opening in Alicia’s life.”

Question: Did the election-rigging storyline on The Good Wife die with Will? —George
Ausiello: It’s not dead, it’s just resting comfortably. Shares King: “Never say never, but at least for this season, Will’s [death] got Peter off the hook, which is playing into some of Alicia’s angst about Peter. But that doesn’t mean [it won’t] come back, because things tend to — especially for the Governor of Illinois.”

Question: Is this the last we’ve seen of Enchanted Forest flashbacks during that missing year on Once Upon a Time? Are we supposed to believe that Regina spent an entire year living under the same roof as Robin Hood and never saw that tattoo? —Nina
Ausiello: Whether in flashback — or not — it sounds like there are definite blanks to be filled in on the Outlaw Queen front. As Once co-creator Adam Horowitz teases, “The Regina/Hood relationship will be further explored and tested through the rest of the season.”

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Question: Ausiello! Please tell me you have some scoop on Chicago P.D.! —Sarah
Ausiello: Sarah! I do! A blast from Lindsay’s past (played by The Lost Boys’ Billy Wirth) shows up in the May 7 episode to uncover a bit of the detective’s troubled history. “Everybody wants answers as to where she comes from. How dark was her past? What did she go through? What did she see?” previews her portrayer Sophia Bush. “The person who shows up will give the audience a little information about where she comes from. It throws her in a way that we’ve never seen her thrown before.” The aftereffects will reverberate through the May 21 season finale, in which Lindsay has to “confront her past, not just sweep it under the rug, but do the right thing. Past Lindsay and Present Lindsay really have to learn how to coexist in the finale. She gets tested.”

Question: Any scoop on NCIS‘ Tony-centric episode? — Mary Kate
Ausiello: The season’s penultimate hour is no less than Michael Weatherly’s “favorite episode in a long time, one where I got to do some other things,” the actor told Matt Mitovich during a extended Q&A that will post next week. As DiNozzo escorts an admiral’s daughter (played by Boardwalk Empire alum Meg Chambers Steedle) from Marseilles, France, to the States, Weatherly promises, “Charade-style fun — sort of like Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn on the run.”

Question: Castle, please! Anything you have from Castle will be good! –Sophia
Ausiello: How about putting a face to the man who just might (might!) officiate at the long-awaited wedding? Randy Oglesby — who judging by his IMDb resume has played many a clergyman — will guest-star in the finale as the minister at a small-town church in Upstate New York.

ArrowQuestion: Huge Arrow fan over here (i mean, who isn’t?) and it keeps getting better and better! What can you tell us about Sara aka Canary? — Catarina
Ausiello: Rest assured that, despite the way she high-tailed it out of town after breaking up with Oliver,  she will be back in time for the May 14 finale — and she won’t come back alone. (See photo, right.) “It’s good — really good,” Caity Lotz told us of the season ender. “It was a lot of fun to shoot, so I think it will be a lot of fun to watch.”

Question: Nashville‘s concert special piqued my interest in Chaley Rose. Got anything on whether Zoey will have a bigger part in the show next season? –Beena
Ausiello: First, I’m sure the producers of the ABC drama appreciate your optimism. (The series hasn’t been renewed yet.) And second, creator Callie Khouri tells TVLine that Zoey will get some chances for career advancement before the end of this season. But will she take them? “The opportunities that she gets are the best of times and the worst of times, in terms of keeping a relationship,” Khouri teases.

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Question: Anything on Orphan Black? —Kerry
Ausiello: The religious-y cult angle soon will get pretty freaky-deaky, Allison will impress you with her handling of an unexpected run-in and Cosima will delight you with her brief impression of Dr. Leekie.

Question: I’m shocked to say, as a former Frary fan, I’m loving Bash with Kenna on Reign! What’s next for them? —Tina
Ausiello: Speaking of being “shocked,” Tina, it sounds like French Court’s new “it” couple has a few surprises in store for us. Specifically, Kenna might soon be changing her selfish ways. “Love changes you,” executive producer Laurie McCarthy tells us. “That’s when you learn to sacrifice, so it’ll be interesting to see where that takes her.” (And yes, McCarthy did just drop the L-bomb.)

Question: Will we find out next season on Parks and Rec why Andy’s arm was in a sling in the finale? —Kim
Ausiello: Maybe. “It’s just a fun, little detail we threw in there,” explains EP Mike Schur. “I’m not a hundred percent sure whether you’re going to [learn] what happened to him or not.”

Question: Hi. UK-based Hart of Dixie fan here. Any scoop on Season 4? I know you have it as a sure thing to be cancelled, but is there any hope? —Caz Monk
Ausiello: Someone needs to take another look at the Renewal Scorecard. New intel suggests Dixie isn’t the lost cause many (yours truly included) thought it was.

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  1. Andrew Hass says:

    Regarding Glee i agree with Chris Colfer that without drama for their characters actors might get bored.For the record when Glee ends next season i want Blaine and Kurt to be together and maybe even married but i do want some bumps along the way before getting there.

    • Cait says:

      There are other types of drama besides relationship drama. it’s getting boring and predictable, which should be a concern for Chris Colfer.

      • Carmen says:

        I agree. We are living in such challenging times. Conflict can be generated from so many sources. I could spin a few dramatic tales based just on coping with weather in the city this winter of 2014. I’m a Klaine fan and I’m exhausted from watching so much fighting. I don’t want to have to brace myself for Glee every Tuesday night. I love Kurt and Blaine and the actors who portray these characters. Please give us all a break, Glee. Let this young gay couple enjoy their lives together and celebrate a freedom that many of us couldn’t have even imagined a few decades ago. I could use an hour of television to smile and sing and feel at ease.

        • Fernanda says:

          Klaine compete each other and sometimes against each other. That’s the beauty of their relationship. First Blaine was the alpha gay in high school, now is Kurt’s (at least at NYADA). I enjoy the episode about Blaine’s insecurity and love when Kurt says “We are equals”. Maybe fans are pissed off with Colfer when he says he likes Blaine and Kurt having conflicts but we also enjoy when they back together. Maybe the final season the things change for both of them, a time jump is coming and we could see them apart and find the way to get back together.

          • Mike says:

            Or we could see them apart and find the way to other people who are more compatible with each of them (or enjoying being young and single). I don’t find anything beautiful in regards to the way they compete because it always seems to come down to Blaine finding a way to come out professionally on top of Kurt. Even with NYADA, Blaine seemingly not only got in right off the bat while Kurt had to struggle to be accepted but he also managed to talk himself into all of Kurt’s classes. I hated the episode Tested because Blaine didn’t learn a thing from the issues revolving around his insecurity and proved that he still didn’t see them as equals in this most recent episode. Tested revolved around Blaine pissed off that Kurt was getting the attention over him and Blaine whining over not being seeing as a protector or the best anymore. So what happens after that? Blaine winds up being chosen by June over Kurt (Kurt never should have invited Blaine along in the first place), goes right back to becoming the center of attention exactly where he wants to be, and chooses to completely disregard Kurt’s wishes by thinking he should lie to protect Kurt’s feelings. How is that showing them as equals? If you respect someone enough, you don’t lie to them because you don’t think they’re capable of handling the truth even though Kurt had clearly been showing he was more than mature enough to handle it considering he was supporting Blaine spending time with June despite being jealous and knowing that June hated him. Which goes right back to- Kurt’s been able to show that he’s still willing to support Blaine even when feeling jealous and wishing he could be doing what Blaine is. Yet in Tested when Blaine was the one feeling jealous, did he show support towards Kurt? Nope, he whined about it, tried to fatten Kurt up, called Kurt manorexic, and thought in his head about how he didn’t understand why Kurt was getting attention instead of himself. Blaine learned nothing from Tested and clearly didn’t suffer any consequences from his bad behavior. It’s like Blaine is only capable of supporting Kurt when Blaine too is getting attention and praise but the second Kurt’s the one getting the attention and praise Blaine turns into a whiny little brat. Whereas Kurt is capable of supporting Blaine even when Kurt’s the one having to sit on the sidelines.

        • Alice says:

          No way Ryan is going to close this show with no successful gay relationship. That’s a given. The only question is when – finale or half way through the season. I believe that is the only predictable storyline right now. What I am curious about is the structure they’ll put together next season for the remaining cast to pop in and out. I would love it if it was a tv show for Rachel – sort of “Friends-lite”.

      • Alice says:

        I just think focusing so much on couple relationships gets a little boring. They are all 18/19 years old and just starting their adult lives and there is more going on that who their boyfriend or girlfriend might be. Twenty years ago it was different, as women in particular were searching for a husband, but this is 2014 and that’s all changed. I would like to see more of the challenges in their thinking about their future. Does Kurt really want to be on Broadway? Kurt has already toyed with a few other things that did not quite satisfy him – I hope he decides to be a writer. Does Blaine think this is what he wants to do the rest of his life? They have Rachel at that point now and I find it interesting. Santana (if she’s back) clearly does not have a career focus – Mercedes wants music, but I think she’s still confused about the kind of music she wants to pursue.

  2. Cornelius says:

    Cant wait for Orphan Black!

  3. Sheila says:

    I really wish people would stop combining names. Kevin Smith, what have you wrought upon this country?

  4. Del says:

    Good lord, just let Klaine break up at the end of the season. Can’t everyone see what a horrible couple they are by now? PLEASE break them up. They should’ve done it for good in S4, or even S3. These aren’t bumps along the way. They’re irreconcilable differences.

    • Cheri says:

      Please!! I wish they would too.

    • Sol says:

      I wish. The production klainer is already codling the poor klainer babies, but yeah.

    • Nat says:

      Have to agree that these differences, particularly what was aired in Tested seem very irreconciliable. I’m still stunned at Kurt’s easy-going reaction to the things Blaine said to him in that episode, because that was some pretty hurtful stuff, and game-changing in terms of the absolute foundation of their relationship, how they got together, and the history of their relationship up to this point. The Glee writers need to learn that a big hug just doesn’t fix these sort of issues, and the fact that this couple continue to fight makes it obvious that its not working. And yet, according to Glee, this pair are going to get married. Well, they might, but when April Rhodes said they’d be heading to inevitable divorce, she wasn’t wrong, considering what we’re seeing on our screens.

  5. MIL says:

    Chris Colfer really doesn’t get it: no one is going to root for a couple that fights all the time. I used to really like Kurt/Blaine, but at this point they’re one of the worst couples on TV, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better. Break them up and let them find guys who they actually like.

    • Reality.Bites says:

      Colfer doesn’t write the show (except next week). As an actor, conflict is more interesting, but either way he doesn’t get to choose.

      • MIL says:

        I never said that the drama was his fault – I just disagree that it makes Kurt and Blaine a more compelling couple. It might be more interesting for him to act, but it’s tedious to watch and alienates me as a viewer. Who would want to watch two people who constantly make each other miserable?

    • Maria says:

      Chris really does get it and he wants Klaine to break up, just like many other Kurt fans do. He’s always pretty been open about this.

      • Katie says:

        Not true…not sure where you read your fantasy

        • Mike says:

          Well he was at the very least upfront about how he didn’t believe they should be getting married and he’s made sly comments about how he’d like to see Kurt in other relationships. Plus he always seems pretty excited when given the opportunity for his character to play and flirt alongside other actors.

    • Mike says:

      Maybe he doesn’t actually care if people root for Klaine anymore. Maybe as a young actor he would have liked to spend more time exploring the character outside of revolving so much around Klaine but unfortunately Glee is crazy obsessed with all these characters staying with the same people from their high school (or they’re just too afraid to go against loud annoying fanbases).

  6. Mel says:

    Thanks for the NCIS scoop. Excited about this episode, and can’t wait to read the Q&A wth Michael Weatherly next week!

    • Darlene says:

      I’m with ya! I’m looking forward to ‘The Admiral’s Daughter’, and very excited about the Q & A with Michael.

      • Joni says:

        Count me in. Michael’s “Charade” comments along with Gary Glasberg’s “Three Days of the Condor” comments have me hooked on the episode already. Is it next Tuesday yet? :-)

        • Darlene says:

          Oh, how I wish it was next Tuesday! I’m going to make an evening of it. A big bowl of popcorn and some caramel candy; phone on silent; and surround sound turned way up! I cannot wait!

  7. KC says:

    Kurt & Blaine won’t break up. Season 6 is the last and they need to show drama to strengthen their relationship. I love the drama, but they will marry in Srason 6.

    • Dee says:

      They could break up at the end of this season and get back together in season six. And I don’t see how fighting constantly would strengthen a relationship. Good couples rarely fight, and when they do, they work things out. Kurt and Blaine have a terrible relationship and are better off apart.

      • Larc says:

        Kurt could do much better, IMO.

      • Jen says:

        They have worked it out – their arguments don’t carry on episode to episode. They talk and resolved them by the end of each episode. If they were constantly fighting and it just went on and on an not dropped, I would agree they were heading for major trouble. But since they work it out, I can see them still being engaged at season end.

        • Mike says:

          Which IMO is stupid that it doesn’t carry over into the next episode because the issues are NOT resolved at the end of each episode as the same problems keep popping up. Clearly they didn’t actually have Blaine listening to a thing Kurt said at the end of Tested or he wouldn’t still be trying to protect Kurt when Kurt doesn’t want or need that by lying to him now.

    • Nat says:

      Wow, if you think this sort of drama strengthens their relationship… I have to agree with Dee. Strong couples find a way to work through their issues, without demeaning one part of the couple. I’ve yet to see Klaine manage to do that. What happened in Tested was incredibly demeaning for Kurt but yet they hugged it out and moved on. This sort of stuff weakens a relationship – it does not strengthen it.

      • Jayne says:

        Guess you didn’t see the part where they worked things out and made up.

        • Mike says:

          Well clearly they didn’t work things out well enough if Blaine didn’t comprehend what Kurt had said at the end of Tested when Blaine decided to lie to Kurt because he didn’t think Kurt could handle the truth (even though he was already handling it by supporting Blaine hanging out with June knowing she hated him). If characters hugging it out and then going on to still make the same mistakes all over again equals working it out then there are some problems. If Blaine was actually supportive of Kurt when Blaine himself wasn’t also getting attention and praise then maybe it’d show Blaine having learned something from what they worked out in Tested but instead Blaine only had to wait a few episodes and he’d be right back at the center of it all exactly where he whined about wanting to be in Tested.

  8. tv2day says:

    Haven’t seen ncis on dvr yet but this is the first season where there is no arc. There isn’t enough episodes left to start one.

  9. Caroline says:

    I do hope someone takes a hard look at “Hart of Dixie”. Yes, most of it is a happening fairy tale, but in these times of unrest, everyone killing, disrespecting life in general, it is a welcome change. Oh, I so do wish I could live in Bluebelle, granted this is a utopia, but we can wish!

    • MP says:

      I feel the same way about Bluebell as you do. We can be neighbors! This season has been terrible though, it’s lost its charm for me. I hope they’re able to right everything next season.

      • Boiler says:

        Think Jaime King’s pregnancy and other characters in different shows they lost their footing. Has been a lot better recently.

    • A says:

      Yes Hart of Dixie is such a pleasent escape from the worries of the world

    • ... says:

      Agreed. It’s comfort food in the best sense of the phrase.

      • Isobel says:

        I don’t know why tvline ever had it not getting renewed, it needs a 4th season for syndication purposes

    • Boiler says:

      Agree with others. This is just a fun show to watch with great actors and characters.

  10. Srsly says:

    The Tonycentric NCIS episode looks absolutely EPIC! I am so happy to see this Tony again! This entire season has been such a treat! We’ve been repaid a thousand times over for our perseverance! MW deserves a fun episode such as this!

    • Darlene says:

      Yes, MW does deserve a fun episode! I’m happy that he’s happy about it. The preview looked like fun, but you know NCIS…They’ll throw in the twist that will make things serious and tense. Just the type of twists and turns that Michael plays so well.

      • Joni says:

        What grabbed my attention on the preview is that Tony and “the daughter” didn’t show up at the border on schedule. Sounds like Tony runs into a few problems on this covert mission to Marseilles.

  11. Apples says:

    Some random officiant for Castle? Nah, I don’t buy it. Has to be a MilMar fake-out.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Could be there’s no big wedding (this season) and Caskett finish the finale’s COTW and get secretly hitched in the end scene… Because life is too short, Bracken is done and 3XK is stalking them… Cause they haven’t found a venue yet and the penultimate episode has them on the run to clear Becketts name.

      Or something like that…

      • Apples says:

        Apparently there’s not even a murder in the final ep, and Fillion says it is very light-hearted, so I don’t think it’s like that.

        • DarkDefender says:

          I can only hope you’re right, Apples. But with all the “wedding talk” throughout this season, we really only have “in the spring”, some “save the date cards” and a questionable dress.

        • shirley says:

          We need light hearted right now beciase many of us Castle fans are waiting with baited breath, so light will be good.
          We don’t need a murder just a wedding.
          Murder can return next season.


          • Lucy Sylvia says:

            agree Best show on t.v

          • Kathie says:

            My heart is still pounding after the Castle episode tonight (5/5). Of course, I knew she would be OK in the end, but YIKES! I did wonder at the time if Smith was really dead.
            Loved the look on Bracken’s face when he realized the “jig was up” and Kate escorting him to the police car. WhooHoo! It was definitely time to put that storyline to bed. They should have told Gates the whole story a long time ago.
            I mentioned on two of these threads last week that I had seen a pic of Beckett in a pretty wedding gown in TV Guide. Tonight in the previews for next week –there she was in the pretty gown! Hallelujah! Maybe the powers-that-be saw all the complaints here and on Facebook about the ugly gown and changed it. It looks like the snag in the wedding plans comes when they’re trying to get the license and are told Kate was married before. She has no idea what the clerk is talking about. Maybe she jumped the broomstick in Figi like Angela did in Bones, lol.
            Well, obviously with those two there will be at least one more bump in the road.
            Love this show. I’ll be watching them again on demand this summer besides the TNT re-runs. Our local CBS affilliate shows Castle re-runs after the late news on Sat. and Sun.
            PS–How did I miss that the venue was in a small church in upstate NY? Did they mention it in an episode? I don’t remember ever hearing them talk about a venue or even a date.

      • shirley says:

        Nah1-way off track.
        But clever thoughts


    • Rich Abey says:

      “Small-town church in upstate New York”. Now why would Kate & Rick get married in a small-town church unless mitigating circumstances forced them to..or are they desperately in need of some privacy?

      • lauri5567 says:

        Do they decide to get married so they can’t be compelled to testify against each other regarding Bracken? Isn’t Kate’s father supposed to have a cabin up state that would make a decent hiding place?

  12. Lol says:

    ‘Loosely translated’ , nice way of saying you twisted his words

  13. Sol says:

    I can hear the cries of the klainers. They are delicious. You go, Mr. Colfer.

  14. EL says:

    Thank you for so much great coverage of almost ALL of my favorite shows!
    Very excited to see how OUAT wraps up & where the next adventure will take our beloved fairytale family & how they grow and change with one another.
    Love all TBBT info and hope that all the discussion of big life changing events end up with happy choices and moveable moments.
    So STOKED that Hart of Dixie will most likely have a season 4! I hope they can turn things around and go back to the fun, funky, adorable and lovable story-lines and character arches as season 1 & 2. The last few episodes have been much better, so lets hope that momentum sticks around!
    Lastly, cannot wait to see the conclusion of the fantastic season of The Good Wife! Talk about reinventing the shock value of a show and thus creating such great character development and bold story telling!

  15. ArcticT says:

    I’m really looking forward to the Tony focused NCIS episode and your Q & A with Michael Weatherly next week. He seems to have been a busy guy this year.

    • Darlene says:

      I can’t wait for the Q & A with Michael Weatherly. I have loved seeing Tony’s growth this year (‘Shooter’ being the latest example of Tony as SFA, making decisions without Gibbs and using his team to execute those decisions). Now we get this! ‘Cary Grant/Audrey Hepburn on the run.’. Fantastic!

  16. Elle says:

    Yay!!! Hart of Dixie is coming back! Thank goodness! Love that show, and was honestly a little nervous for it, especially with the switch to Friday’s.

  17. Rich Abey says:

    Thanks for the Castle scoop Matt. With this and the photo on TV Guide Magazine of Kate in a new (admittedly far superior to Matilda King’s gifted) wedding dress, it seems the Caskett wedding is definitely on!

  18. Metallicangel1 says:

    The Admiral’s Daughter episode will not be the finale as planned. They’re going to do a farewell for Popa Gibbs. Ralph White

    • Joni says:

      Correct. They switched “The Admiral’s Daughter” to the penultimate episode so they could honor both Mr Waite and Jackson Gibbs. The team all together as a team – as chosen family.
      On a side note: I really love that they’re not ending the season on a cliffhanger.

      • Jerri says:

        Agreed! Refreshing change to have the season end without a cliffhanger. I’m looking forward to seeing how they’ll honour Ralph Waite and Jackson Gibbs.

      • Pete says:

        I’m in the “glad there’s no cliffhanger” group too.
        A good show shouldn’t need to resort to that every season to keep viewers ‘interested’.

  19. Dee says:

    On The Good Wife they apparently can’t wait to have tension between Alicia & Cary. There are three episodes left and Cary fans are still waiting to see the promised new love interest and why they added a second Car”e”y. A couple of hook-ups with Kalinda is not a new love interest for Cary. And we were told that there was a plot point coming that would explain the second Car”e”y. So far all we’ve seen for the last three episodes is trouble brewing between Alicia & Cary. I suppose that was inevitable for dramatic reasons. But can they please follow through on their promises about Cary and also not turn him into the villain going up yet another Saint Alicia?

    • MJW says:

      l am only hoping that Alicia is true to her marriage vows, after all girls when we marry warts and all we take the men we love as they come, if any reservations about him, do not marry. Peter does love his wife and allows her to carry on her career despite being the Guv’s wife, and Eli, leave them alone to have their life as man and wife. There is too much pressure in American politics, not to this and not to do that so as not to upset the very fickle voters The personal life of the Guv and his missus should be of no concern to anyone else, but not of course if something is criminal. Love Chris Noth. mmmm.

      • Gwen says:

        Alicia was not “true to her marriage vows” when she slept with Will, but even so why do you only mention her being true? What about Peter? Not only did he break his marriage vows, he has broken the law on more than one occasion, including fixing his election as governor. And he “allows” her to carry on her career? Please. Perhaps you’d like the little woman to stay home and cook and clean. But then there wouldn’t be a series, would there?

    • dman6015 says:

      Why do you insist on everything being resolved immediately. You know the show doesn’t move at warp speed. The Carey character was brought in to fill a “Will” spot which will be fleshed out more next season. Patience, Dee.

      • Dee says:

        Carey was NOT brought in to fill the Will void. There was no void until Will’s death. Finn was brought in for that. Also, waiting an entire season is not expecting immediate resolution.

  20. Kate says:

    Thanks for the Castle scoop. I can’t wait for the next two episodes!

  21. Liza says:

    While I agree with most everyone that this was a weak, disappointing season of HoD, I hope it is back next year. I also love the quirky folks of Bluebell. I wish I could live there too. Or at least take a vacation there.

  22. Ashley says:

    So excited to see Nyssa back! I really would love a random scene of Slade, Amanda, and Nyssa to get a Spartacus reunion on Arrow!

    • Hmm says:

      Oh GOD yes. I have been giddy on the edge of my seat since confirmation of all three being a part of the show. I miss Spartacus like you wouldn’t believe.

  23. Brandy says:

    So glad Dixie’s looking good for renewal.Excited about Reign but hope they don’t change Kenna too much.

  24. Patty says:

    Thanks for the scoop about ‘Castle.’ No doubt, Mr. Marlowe will surprise us.

  25. Natalie says:

    Ncis: all I can say is, I hope that this episode isn’t totally disappointing like most of the rest of this season has been! I’m excited about a tony centric ep, but also disappointed that they chose to make Gibbs the center of attention for the finale once again. I hope that MW gets to show his acting chops and I also hope that Tony gets to act like the real investigator that he is, without all the pedestrian humor we’ve had to endure this year. I really hope that tony gets most of the screen time. I’m really tired of Gibbs getting all the storylines.

    • Jerri says:

      If you don’t like the show, change the channel & quit complaining! “The Admiral’s Daughter” was supposed to be the season finale until Ralph Waite passed away, then they switched it to the penultimate episode so they could do an episode to honour both Ralph Waite & Jackson Gibbs.

      • Guest says:

        HEY, Jerri! Natalie has never EVERRRRRR said that she doesn’t like NCIS anymore! I think it’s predictable BUT that’s MY opinion! Speaking of opinions, WE have them and you cannot run from them. Back to what Natalie said, I BELIEVE she was talking about HOW THIS SEASON is terrible, NOT THE WHOLE SERIES! Read what she said before you start talking trash, you witch! P.S everyone here is respectful to actors/actresses who passed away so don’t accuse anybody that’s NOT respectful witch!

    • karen says:

      I believe the “gibbs” they are referring to is Jackson Gibbs / Ralph Waite (RIP). So they can honor Ralph for his previous work and give Jackson Gibbs his farewell funeral. Most appropriate for the character / actor and his fine work all these years !!

    • OlivaJ says:

      Strange, Michael Weatherly, has been quite happy with the way the episodes have been going, enjoying the season etc. Yet, here you are complaining–if he’s content with everything why aren’t you? Or, as I pointed out to another complainer, are you implying he’s too dumb to not speak up for himself? The last episode is a salute to a NCIS family member who is no longer with us, try and show a little respect of that fact, your constant criticisms are not only baseless, they are downright annoying. You have been “disappointed”, all season? Why are you continuing to put yourself through all this agony? If I don’t like something I change the channel, or is there a underlying “disappointment” you aren’t mentioning? Gee, wonder what that could be?

      • John says:

        I’m surprised the name of she-who-shall-not-be-named hasn’t been thrown around in here yet and her ‘fans’ aren’t complaining about how the season finale of NCIS won’t be focusing on Tony and his “angst” over being separated from she-who-shall-not-be-named.

      • Guest says:

        Maybe because Natalie had an opinion JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE HERE DOES?! Yes Ralph passed away and it should be an episode dedicated to him BUT DO NOT come up here chirping just because YOU don’t like HER opinion. If YOU don’t like OUR opinions, then don’t look at them and go on to the next comment. YOU are acting stupid and foolish right now because THIS is suppose to be a CIVIL conversation and you up here acting like a fool! JUST as i told Jerri, Read what she said before you start talking trash and grow up, as a matter of fact YOU should show some respect to our opinions and get a life, witch!

        • Guest says:

          I forgot to put in @OlivaJ before i typed in my sentences.

          • OlivaJ says:

            Anyone who comments on this site should expect to have others comment in return. To throw it right back at you, if you don’t like what I say, don’t look at it and move on. Calling people names and acting like a petulant child is portraying you in the worse possible light. Plus, you don’t own this site and have no rights to tell people what to do. You aren’t showing much respect yourself are you? You are not being civil, you are acting more of a fool then anyone.

    • Pete says:

      To me, a tribute to Ralph Waite implies that if anybody is the center of attention for the episode it is Jackson Gibbs.

      I’ve been tired of the juvenile humor we have had at Tony’s expense for the last couple of years, if what we have now is ‘pedestrian’ – gentle – humor then I am all for it, Tony hasn’t been allowed to act like a real investigator for some time, he always had to defer to and worship Ziva.

    • I agree in all Natalie and not more to say.

      • mary says:

        She was being disrespectful. Ralph Waite died, so the last episode should & will be for Jackson Gibbs.

        • Guest says:

          Mary, how in the world was she disrespectful WHEN SHE JUST STATING HER OPINION?! All she stated was how THIS SEASON is terrible and about how she DID NOT want Gibbs to be front and center in the season finale. Yes Ralph passed away and everyone respects the work he’s done BUT DO NOT come up here accusing her of being disrespectful when she really wasn’t. Lighten up a little bit because NOT EVERYONE IS GONNA LIKE CERTAIN THINGS ON TV SHOWS! We have opinions show us and/or them some respect!

      • Patricia says:

        I too agree with Natalie. I hope that this long awaited episode isn’t just a light fluff story, but instead a rare opportunity for Tony fans to see their favorite portrayed as a clever and brave agent in a dangerous situation. I hope the episode has more substance than the usual portrayal of Tony as comic relief. I too was disappointed that Tony’s episode was moved from the finale position. No slight to the lovely Ralph Waite intended, but I’m personally tired of the over abundance of Gibbs angst on this show. But I do understand the cast and crews desire to honor Mr. Waite. I would love to see Michael Weatherly be flatteringly portrayed as having the character to deal with weighty issues in season 12 .

        • OlivaJ says:

          Wow, an episode honoring the live and death of a great actor, whose character was the father of the main character and we get this from you– “No slight to the lovely Ralph Waite intended, but I’m personally tired of the over abundance of Gibbs angst on this show.” To me, that’s a very shallow statement. Considering the focus of the episode is the death of Gibbs father, what part would Michael Weatherly “flatteringly” portray to personally satisfy you? Pallbearer? Perform the eulogy? The service itself? You are pretty ridiculous with your lofty statements. The things you continually complain about have no merit. SMH

          • Patricia says:

            Please read more carefully Olivia before go off on a self righteous tirade. I am bored with Gibbs angst, but as my post stated – I understand the cast and crew’s desire to honor Mr. Waite. As for my desire for a flattering portrayal of Tony- upon a more careful reading you may notice that I was referring to season 12, not to Honor Thy Father. So before you resort to condemnation and name calling (shallow) please display the depth to read comments in context and comment accordingly if you must.

          • OlivaJ says:

            Well, if this had been your first comments on the subject matter, you might have had a point. However, you have been whining continually on Tony never being the center of the stories, or Tony never being allowed to show the great depth he can truly reach, or how you are so sick (or bored) with all the Gibbs angst. Self righteous? No, just flipping annoyed. You did not care for the shallow comment? Too bad, I didn’t care for bringing the focus again around to how poor Tony never gets a break with not dealing with serious issues, when the entire final show is devoted to the memory of Ralph Waite. One episode, where just a little respect (and restraint) could have been shown and that wasn’t even an option. It is truly hysterical that you tell me to display depth, when all your remarks are of a one track mind. “Comment accordingly if you must”, wow, thank you, your majesty, for granting me the right to comment, sadly (and thankfully) that is not your call. I suggest you get over yourself, pronto………

          • Guest says:

            (IN MVP FROM TNA VOICE) ENOUGH! EVERYONE HERE HAS AN OPINION! Patricia JUST STATED HER OPINION! Read what Patricia said before you start talking trash you witch! SO YOU SHOULD GET OVER YOURSELF because NOT EVERYONE IS GONNA LIKE CERTAIN THINGS ON TV SHOWS! 1. IF YOU reply back to me, I’M GONNA PUT YOU ON BLAST! 2. Respect our opinions or (in Steve Wilkos voice ) GET OFF THIS SITE! OR WORSE 3. I should let Patricia and/or Natalie and/or EVERYONE ELSE go on their tirades should YOU continue acting like a fool! Are you going to be civil about this OR are you gonna start a war? Your choice, OlivaJ!

          • OlivaJ says:

            Well, “Guest” (how sad you can’t even step up and give your name). I’m entitled to my opinion just like everyone else. Sorry you can’t understand that, however, I will give it when I want. Calling me a witch? Wow, how utterly juvenile and childish. And telling me to get off this site? Funny, not only is that not your call, I’m quite sure the moderators will have something to say about that as well. As far as putting me “on blast”, well, putting everything in caps is basically screaming at people, that’s something children do when throwing tantrums–really not a good way to make a point, your choice. One thing I have absolutely no respect for is bullies…….

    • John NYC says:

      They chose to make Ralph Waite’s character the “center of attention” and that’s a gesture of respect I fully agree with.

    • mary says:

      How immature can you be? Ralph Waite died. Of course it will be Gibbs-centric being that he played his father.

      • Guest says:

        How immature can YOU be for not liking other people’s opinions?! Yes it’s gonna be a Gibbs centric episode BUT like OlivaJ and YOU, mary you both are accusing people of not being respectful to an actor who sadly passed away when they really are being respectful. I mean COME ON, Both you AND OlivaJ are acting like fools with your bullying! AND if one or both of you reply back to me, I’M GONNA PUT BOTH OF YOU ON BLAST! My advice to both of you? Grow up and quick or (in Steve Wilkos voice) GET OFF THIS SITE!

        • Patrick M. says:

          Just a little FYI, “Guest”, I’ve sent a note to the site asking them to investigate your erratic behavior and demeanor for trying to bully people off this site. If anyone is acting like a fool by bullying it is you, and I hope the moderators take notice of it. You have NO right to demand ANYONE gets off this site, and I hope that is made very clear to you.

          • Guest(whose name shall NEVER be revealed) says:

            They are gonna have to try a little harder to kick ME out. Erratic behavior and demeanor?! Please i was just stating MY opinion, that’s all! OliviaJ was bullying people who has opinions because SHE didn’t like them! So what did i do? Bully her back at her! I may have no right telling people to get off this site BUT I’M STILL entitled to my opinion just like everyone else! I suggest you stop being mean to me before i really get mad!

          • Patricia says:

            This comment is at Guest (whose name shall NEVER be revealed). I couldn’t get it to post after your May 4th post, but hopefully you’ll see it. Thanks! OliviaJ obviously doesn’t know how to remain civil when he/she disagrees with someone else and resorts to smug insults and name calling. He/she certainly didn’t like it when you used those techniques on him/her. Some people seem to be such control freaks that their scary little world requires complete dominance even in a discussion forum with total strangers.

          • Brian Masters says:

            So, Patricia, you condone “Guest’s” behavior, (but state their name shall Never be revealed) odd, something tells me you already know the name. Personally, you “both” claim to giving your opinions–but, when others give theirs (especially ones that do not agree with yours), you cry foul and start harassing them. I read all of the comments, theirs and yours and the only ones who are not being courteous, especially “Guest”, are you. Now, you, Patricia call people “control freaks”, because they respond to your comments and don’t agree with you–perhaps you should revisit the dictionary and reread what control freaks mean. So, is “Guest” coming after me now for disagreeing with you–or will SandraM show up? What was it Matt said–“only one name per IP address”? What you both should remember is, EVERYONE is entitled to voice their opinions, if someone disagrees with what you say, deal with it like an adult. Funny thing Patricia, your “thanks” is really showing your character with regard to how you handle other people disagreeing with you–speaks volumes.

  26. Ally Oop says:

    Okay Ausiello. Now with that last bit of Dixie mention you have me intrigued. I was thinking the show was a goner myself. Methinks CW will be issuing a press release by the end of this week.

    • ... says:

      If it was a first or second season show, it would probably be in trouble with these ratings. But it’s got three seasons under its belt and The CW likes to give announced final seasons to its veterans, so Hart’s been safe pretty much all season, IMO.

    • Patricia says:

      Brian – you have made some valid points. I guess I supported guest because I felt like someone was in my corner and I appreciated the support. I too have engaged in the mean spirited replies so yes – I guess that have been uncivil. While your post is well said you didn’t resort to incivility except for the accusation that I am currently posting with more than one identity.. I will have to disagree with you that guest and I are the only ones who have been uncivil.

      I felt like my opinions about the show, obviously not shared by everyone, were answered with insulting personal attacks.

      • Brian Masters says:

        Frankly Patricia, I guess that is in the eye of the beholder. If you feel that way, then why is “Guest” also attacking Mary and Jerri as well, in regard to what they said above? They didn’t do anything except voice their opinions and “Guest” went into a rant against them as well. Thanking “Guest” for support is condoning the behavior that I personally find abhorrent. Yes, sometimes the comments get heated, however, whatever is posted is the opinion of the poster, like it or not. Lately, I have seen some extremely childish behavior on many people’s part–however, the antics of “Guest” should be reported and curtailed and I think Patrick M above made the right call. Telling people to “get off the site” or the other nonsense, (this is not the first time I have seen this immature antics by “Guest” on this site) is not acceptable to anyone who wants to have people remain civil to one another. Thanking “Guest”, for this bizarre behavior is basically giving the green light for this to continue, regardless of feeling the need to have support. From your statement supporting “Guest”, you obviously know who it is (I say that from your statement, “whose name shall NEVER be revealed”) I wonder how you can find what was stated in all of the comments made to the people above acceptable? Is this the way to show people how to be civil? No, it is not. I am disappointed that you do.

        • Patricia says:

          As I admitted – I thanked guest because he/she seemed to be defending me in the midst of attacks. Your assumption that I know who guest is, is wrong. I called him/her “guest whose name shall NEVER be revealed” in my reply post because that’s how he/she signed the post that I was responding to. To me – all the “get off this site” or ” if you hate the show so much why do you watch” blah, blah, blah, is just anonymous bossiness and bullying without any teeth, no matter where it comes from. I don’t think guest or anyone else is waiting for a green light from me in order to post a response. I will say again that it felt comforting to have someone who was saying that I too had a right to my opinion and didn’t deserve personal attacks for stating them on a forum designed to allow fans to air and discuss their views.

          • Brian Masters says:

            So, basically, since “Guest” had your back and defended you, it’s quite all right how that was accomplished. When it is done on your behalf, the comments are without any teeth, when comments are directed at you, they are personal attacks. Being rude and offensive to others is OK, calling people witches is OK,–by thanking “Guest”, for doing this, yes, you have given the green light to do it again. You state that it felt comforting having someone do that for you, and yet, the fact that “Guest”, is now leveling personal attacks at others (something, you imply was done to you), it’s OK, because they deserve it? So much for civility. Sorry, bad behavior is bad behavior, in my book. You dismiss a great deal to anonymous bossiness and bullying without any teeth, no matter where it comes from, yet, when all that anonymity was directed at you, then it was personal attacks–I’m sure you can see why I find that answer very conflicting. You say you have a right to your opinion–well, so do Mary, Jerri and OlivaJ and others–it is not a one way street by any means.

  27. Lucy says:

    I personally don’t give a damn about the umpteenth “new chapter” in Alicia’s life. Especially if it means that they’re going to screw up Cary/Alicia relationship and if it means they’ll have Cary doing suddenly and something disappointing and totally out of character to move the plot. And I don’t care if the show is called “The Good Wife” and it is mainly about Alicia and bla bla bla. They should respect all the characters and being loyal to all of them. Not just Alicia.
    And they should respect fans. I was told that year would have been the Year of Cary, the season when Matt Czuchry would have been finally allowed to kick ass. They lied. It wasn’t at all. Florrick/Agos was all about Will vs Alicia war. They just used Cary and F/A to give Will his swan song and then to introduce his substitute who’s getting more material and exploration that Cary ever got. Oh, I forgot. Carey! Who never got any exploaration, who disappeared in the second half of the season and that now has been introduced again just to screw up F/A for good. And then that awesome storyline about Cary and Kalinda which was written so poorly that it looks like they did it on purpose to screw up their relationship for good. He just became one of Kalinda’s many poor lovers and writers didn’t even bother to show what that relationship means for him. And now they’re going to screw up his character in the finale too. I don’t give a damn if we’ll get an “explosive scene” in the finale(that after almost an entire season of mediocre scenes for Cary’s character and Matt Czuchry), because next season they’ll do exactly the same they have done with season 4 finale explosive scene. Nothing for Cary and for Matt Czuchry.
    Matt Czuchry needs to go. If even that season and with that storyline they didn’t know how to give him better than this, no way they’ll allow him to be anything more than a plot device with poor material next season.

    • Dee says:

      I think this season has been better for Matt Czuchry’s Cary Agos and I was/am willing to give the benefit of the doubt to the Kings and writers about their promises this year for Cary, With only three eps left I am starting to be concerned again. We have no love interest, as promised, for Cary. Kalinda visiting Cary a couple of times a year is not a love interest. It is amazing since this show is so good at human interaction yet drops the ball with Cary. Cary would have no shortage of love interests in real life. I did not like the idea of naming a new character “Carey”. I saw no reason to dilute the name. We were told was a reason for this and it would come out in the plots.
      Well, I hope this happens in the next three eps. I’m thinking maybe the “explosive scene” with Cary & Alicia has something to do with a mix-up in the Cary(e)’s. When I look around the internet and twitter I see how much critics and viewers love the work chemistry between Alicia and Cary. They are very very good together. TGW please don’t screw this up and please, for once in five seasons, follow through with Cary.

      • Lucy says:

        3 episodes left and it seems that very little time will be devoted to Alcia and Cary relationship, besides what is going to happen in the finale.
        And IMO that season wasn’t better for Czuchry and his character. It was worse, because while in the previous seasons they had good excuses to say that they couldn’t use him properly, that season was their better chance to do with him what they’ve promised for two years but never did.
        Instead they managed to turn Cary into a background character in his own firm. There was no exploration of what that firm meant for him. His point of view was completely forgotten by writers. His role was marginalized. It was all about Alicia, Will and Diane.
        And the same goes with Kalinda and Cary. The writers have only shown the relationship from Kalinda’s point of view. It was all about Kalinda trying new things in her life and using him like a tester. We have no idea why either one of them is in the relationship, especially not Cary. That relationship has no meaning and doesn’t matter for Cary and writers have spent zero time convincing us of the opposite.
        So they did screw up two Cary’s storylines this year. The firm and that thing with Kalinda. And then there’s the Carey thing, which was another failure. So, yeah, 3 storylines.
        And let’s think about the fact that they added Nathan Lane to the cast and they also did nothing with Clarke and Cary, who were the highlight of Cary’s storyline last year (they could have done a lot of awesome things with them but no, let’s focus on Will vs Alicia because Josh Charles was leaving and everything had to be postponed because of this),
        So much potential completely wasted.

        • Dee says:

          Well I sure can’t argue with you about what is happening at F/A. It has been Alicia giving orders right and left and she was the last person in on the firm! Cary took some charge with the merger thing but I was amazed that Cary’s name never even came up…even for one second…while Alicia and Diane were talking merger. I also have a problem with them adding Finn as a regular so quickly. Will’s death should have meant more time for the regular cast the rest of the season. Instead we get Alicia and Finn and even Alicia with a guest star this week! Anyway, it will be interesting to see the last three episodes. It will be a huge mistake if they turn Cary into the villain vs. Saint Alicia. Also, the people running and writing TGW need to own up to the promises made for Cary’s development on the show.

  28. Maria says:

    Agree with Chris and only wish the fights led to an actual break-up. Klaine is clearly not working (and yes, Klainers, I know it’s “endgame” – it doesn’t make it any less messy though). Tired of Kurt being a doormat while Blaine cheats, is jealous, needy and self-centred.

  29. jazzcolfer says:

    It really hurts me to see such an amazing character like Kurt Hummel paired with blaine on the blaine show. Anyway, I love Chris Colfer and I can’t wait for the episode he wrote that will air next tuesday. The few things I’ve seen about it already makes me giggle like crazy :)

  30. Waxaroo says:

    hi there. I’m wondering what summer shows you are anticipating?

  31. Mary says:

    Thanks for the Castle scoop! I just tought that maybe the officiante won´t make it to the wedding in time? I know I´ve been a guest in a wedding where everyone (bride and groom included) had to wait 30 minutes for the priest to arrive:) Today I laught at it, because he even arrived in a moto, but at the day it had no fun, particulary to the weds, lol!:)

  32. Louise says:

    Thanks for the OUAT scoop! It will be interesting to see what the writers came up with to test Regina and Robin, but I’m sure they and their relationship will come out stronger than before.

  33. Maryann says:

    I would prefer any one of my long-shot favorites on the CW (BATB, Tomorrow People, Star-Crossed) be renewed over Hart of Dixie, but I guess its renewal means that now none of them have any chance at all.

  34. tvwatcher says:

    Add me to the list of fans happy to know that Hart of Dixie is likely to be renewed. And now with Joel gone (sorry, Joel, you’re a nice guy and all, but watching you and Zoe is like watching grass grow), and Wade and what’s-her-name broken up, there is room for some fun and interesting storytelling!

  35. zoyarose says:

    Really excited to see Tony will be front and center for a change cause we’ve only seen him like this a few times this season. And MW definitely has the acting chops for this. I look forward to reading his interview next week.

  36. Florence Carlson says:

    Looking forward to a Tony-centric episode! They have not used MW’s acting ability to their benefit this season. In fact NCIS has been mediocre all year! There’s so much talent on the set with their veteran actors they need to use it and scrape off the newbie!

  37. Gwen says:

    Looking forward to another appearance by Leonard’s mother on TBBT. I’m still hoping for an episode with both Leonard and Sheldon’s mothers. I think that would be so much fun!

  38. Freddy says:

    Can we have Emma Swan back in centre of the show! She is the MAIN hero! Im kinda getting fed of Regina to be honest and giving her all the glory

  39. Andrea says:

    Thank you for the Castle scoop!

  40. Luis says:

    I suppose I am just so old that when I read about Cosima’s “brief impression” of Dr. Leekee, there could be a little “Max Headroom” thrown in

  41. shirley says:

    Thanks for the info on Castle.
    Helps us out a whole lot.

  42. Rick Katze says:

    Concerning the picture of Sara’s companion. We know Merlin will be back next week on Arrow. Wonder if he is the masked man with Sara? They both have reasons to want to help Oliver. Assume that Roy will also be active.

    Will Laura find out about Sara? While I think it is likely, I’m not sure that Thea will learn about Oliver although she should suspect what is going on by now based on what happened with Slade.

  43. Lily says:

    Let me guess…. Regina was inadvertently responsible for Maid Marion’s death. It is not true love, until OUaT puts the couple through the meat grinder. Season 1 featured Snowing angst, while Season 2 had Rumbelle angst. Season 3 is all about CaptainSwan angst. By that pattern, Season 4 will probably have OutlawQueen angst. Congratulations on your originality, OUaT…. no one is going to see that “twist” coming.

  44. kath says:

    Do you have any scoop on Arrow’s Felicity? Is she finally going to be able to get out and do some real vigilante work?

  45. Charles MARTIN says:


    About Tony in France in the next NCIS :

    I’m French and i must say it (because that’s the second time you’re spelling it wrong) : there’s no “s” in “Marseille”. Sorry :)

  46. elizabeth says:

    Don’t take out heart of dixie,,,, I need that show,, my dream I to live somewhere like that n I can’t make it happen right now,,, please!!

  47. Pat says:


  48. Barbara says:

    you have to bring heart of Dixie back this is the first time that I watched it and I watched it for four days all three seasons and I am totally totally hot please bring hard to text you back