Grey's Anatomy's Caterina Scorsone: Will Amelia 'Betray' Addison By Joining Team Meredith?

Grey's Anatomy SpoilersShonda Rhimes has resurrected a bit of Private Practice by bringing Grey’s Anatomy doc Derek Shepherd’s recovering addict sister Amelia back to Seattle. As Caterina Scorsone‘s recurring run continues this Thursday (ABC, 9/8c), Amelia will back pocket her loyalty to Addison to consider joining Team Meredith, reveal some truths about her complicated personal life and, yes, work some medical magic. Here, Scorsone previews all that and an “explosive” season finale.

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TVLINE | How did this return come about? What were you up to when you got the call?
I’d been talking to Shonda [Rhimes] on and off ever since Private Practice ended — I love her and we have a great relationship. She has always liked the character of Amelia, so it was kind of always in the back of I think both of our minds that it would be possible that Amelia would come over. But in between Private Practice and now, two big things happened. One, I did a sort of action movie, The November Man, with Pierce Brosnan, and I had my baby, so I’ve been home with her breastfeeding in between. That’s pretty much what I was doing in the interim.

TVLINE | What did Shonda tell you up front about the “why” of Amelia’s return, what she wanted to do with you this time around?
She stays very tight-lipped, as you know, so all she told me was that Amelia would come to Seattle and there would be stuff with Derek and the babies, and that she was “mulling.” That’s a key term for her, she was like, “I’m mulling…. I’m not sure exactly where it’s going to go, but I’m mulling.”

TVLINE | From those first couple scenes, Amelia almost seems a little bipolar. I mean, she arrives all chipper and by the end of the episode she’s ready to “check out.”
Well, I think if anyone has experienced spending an entire day with two small children, it can make anybody feel bipolar. You’re laughing and thrilled one minute and close to tears the next. It’s a long day with toddlers.

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TVLINE | I was looking at my first interview with you, from 2010, and I asked you for three words to describe Amelia. You said “wild card,” “black sheep” and “lovable.” Do all of those still apply?
Absolutely. I think now she’s also got some wisdom that comes with pain.

TVLINE | And maybe now she’s more of a “gray” sheep.
She may be more of a gray sheep. I mean, it’s all contained within her.

TVLINE | Is she still battling any demons?
Absolutely. Amelia is not an uncomplicated character. She’s endured enough traumas that she’ll be working it out for the rest of her life. So, I’m sure there’s plenty to plumb in the coming episodes.

TVLINE | Tell me about the case that Derek and Amelia work on in this week’s episode.
It’s a very complicated neurology case involving conjoined twins, so we need two neurosurgeons working in tandem, ELLEN POMPEO, CATERINA SCORSONEbecause you’ve got two brains as one. Luckily, both Shepherd siblings are brilliant neurosurgeons.

TVLINE | And then in the May 8 episode, Meredith becomes privy to Amelia’s true feelings about being in Seattle. Is there more to what’s going on with James (played on Private Practice by Matt Long) than we’ve heard thus far?
Again, I think like everything in Amelia’s life is a complicated situation. One of the nice things that starts to happen in the next episode is there starts to be a bit of a bond formed between Amelia and Meredith. Amelia was always very, very close to Addison, Derek’s ex-wife, so she hasn’t really had an opportunity to get close to Meredith – it was almost like a “conflict of interest.” But as it turns out, Derek knows how to pick them, so she starts getting closer to Meredith.

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TVLINE | What can you tease about the May 15 season finale? We know that there’s some sort of terrorist event that floods the hospital with patients.
Yes, it’s an explosive episode. It’s going to be “all hands on deck,” absolutely. It’s chaos. It’s Shondaland!

TVLINE | Do you think Shonda might want you back for, at the very least, the start of Season 11?
I sure hope so. To the very last second, we don’t know what’s happening as the actors on the front line. But there are so many complicated aspects to where this story could go in the future. I would absolutely be game to play in this world as long as she wanted me there.

TVLINE | By then, maybe Amelia will be single and ready to mingle?
Who knows. We’ll have to find out. Whatever happens, there will be drama!

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  1. joterri says:

    Well I hope they keep Amilla with James.

    • Rook says:

      I’m hoping Scorsone will be promoted to a regular next season, if so then I would want her to break up with James. As I don’t think they would bring both of them to the show.

      • Peaches says:

        The first thing I thought when I found out Amelia was coming to Grey’s was: here’s the filler.
        Shonda needs someone to “fill” the void Cristina will leave when she will be gone, which means a new BFF for Meredith and a new lover for Hunt.
        And I think Amelia is capable of both these things; if you think about it, she already “filled” the void left when Naomi left in PP.
        Shonda is already lining the pieces: she will make Amelia bond with Meredith, and at the same time, she will destroy Amelia’s relationship with James, so that she is already available when Derek will make here vice-chief of neurosurgery because he is so busy with is Obamaproject (or something like that).
        And she and Owen are so perfect together: they both have a dark past, important failed relationships, and want a family. SO predicable.

        • jen says:

          Well thats just wrapped so perfectly in a bow that its almost inevitable. And since she was on PP i’m sure there will be less of a backlash of ‘owen moving on’ since its a character a lot of shonda fans already know

  2. Sara Leigh says:

    Looking forward for the Meredith/Amelia bonding!

  3. Jessica says:

    I never watched PP, and I wasn’t too fond to know.. about Amy siding with the one who cheated on her brother.. but I’ll give her a chance.

    • dax says:

      it wasn’t like that. Amelia was very little when Derek and addy got married – and Derek was always a bit controlling due to Amy’s track record.. Addy was kind to her so naturally she tilted and sided with her.

    • twilight123 says:

      I agree with @dax’s comment. Amelia saw Addy as a cool older sister for most of her life– long before Addison cheated on Derek. And Derek has traditionally been a bit controlling and even icy towards his baby sister. They were together in the shop witnessing when their dad was murdered, but they had very different reactions/ life paths as a result of it. He became hyper focused on the black/white of life and what is right vs. what is wrong (I think Meredith has helped him out of that a bit), whereas Amelia became fearless to the point of being reckless and very volatile with an addictive personality. Derek never really figured out how to communicate well with her.

      So, given how young Amelia was when they got married, she tended to go to Addison for support and advice. That relationship continued even after Addison and Derek’s divorce. I think on some level that is realistic, family lines get blurred as people marry and divorce and re-marry, etc. Just because on paper something says that you aren’t family anymore, it doesn’t mean that your heart has a chance to catch up. Amelia saw Addy as a confidant when she most needed one.

    • Imogen says:

      If you’ve “never watched PP”, don’t decidedly jump to the conclusion that Amelia was “siding with the one who cheated on her brother”. You don’t know about their history at all. Like twilight123 said, Amelia’s bond with Addison started long ago. It was mentioned that Addison already knew her when she was twelve years old.

      • Jessica says:

        I was just talking about my first impressions, and the stuff I knew from those who watched it and commented on this, like I said I will give her character a chance.

        • Aimee says:

          I agree with the assessment of Addison and Amelia, but Addison has since married happily to Jake and has a baby, so it stands to reason that things could have shifted a little for Addison/Amelia. It seems very natural to me that Meredith and Amelia would bond. The fact that Meredith and Derek have been married for years now with a family of their own makes the shift of Amelia coming here and bonding with not only Meredith but her niece and nephew as well as reconnect with Derek and I’m really looking forward to it. Meredith has lost a sister in Lexie and will (by seasons end) lose another really when Cristina leaves, so to have a member of her family arrive; one who has some ‘dark and twisty’ moments in her life as well seems like a really good pairing. I’m looking forward to Amelia and Meredith getting to know each other and the sisterly bond forming. Have a feeling both will really need it as the new season rolls around next fall. Thank you for the great interview Matt :)

          • Twilight123 says:

            I completely agree! I’m looking forward to this new dynamic as well!

          • Kris says:

            Amelia herself was the one to say she’s still family to Addison. Amelia has already said yes when Addison asked if she would take Henry if anything were to happen to Addison.
            Bond with Meredith, sure, but it wouldn’t make sense for Amelia to suddenly move altogether to Seattle.

  4. dax says:

    not that i would EVER want Cristina Yang to be replaced as Meredith’s Person (as i would consider this an abomination to my utter and devoted respect for the character and actress (Sandra Oh) ) , it would be nice to have a familiar face that Meredith can lean on to in times she needs a person! With Yang and Izzie M.I.A, Mer needs a person she trusts and shares a common ground with!

    • twilight123 says:

      I was just thinking the same thing! With Yang leaving and Lexie already gone, Meredith could use someone around for when times get hard and she needs a good girlfriend’s shoulder to cry on. I think that Amelia’s personality is already a bit of Yang and a bit of Lexi. She tends to believe in the light, but she has some serious dark and twisty about her as well. She could get along well with Mer.

      • Imogen says:

        I have to disagree here. Amelia is *anything* but Lexie.

        • Dmav says:

          I believe she says “a bit of Lexie”… Look I loved Lexie but she wasn’t perfect and could get annoying as hell, which is why I loved her character. There is no need to get upset when a comparison is made as I do shades of Lexie in Amelia as well.

  5. hello says:

    Please make her a regular, and resurrect Lexi

  6. Tia says:

    Can’t wait to see Meredith and Amelia bonding :) They are so much alike, so I think they will get along well, I am hoping Caterina will stay next season especially with Meredith’s loss of Cristina.

  7. Frankie says:

    Amelia is great, but I’d hate for Grey’s to have her move to Seattle full time, without James, just so this over-crowded show could add another person to the cast.
    I’m fine with her showing up randomly, but characters like Ben Warren and Catherine Avery have more to do at GSM than Amelia does at this point. If they were to add to the cast, I’d peg either of those two first.
    Amelia put her roots down in LA, on PP. It’d be a shame for the show to change all of that.

    • O-Town says:

      Two of the interns are gone by next year and I don’t see Debbie Allen settling down on a regular series. I think she’s too worldly for that. I think Derek’s sister would be a nice addition.

      • jen says:

        likewise i’m not sure what her capacity will be on the show now that her relationship with richard seems to be over

  8. sharona says:

    Bring back Addison !

    • R says:

      I’d rather not have her subject to all the torments of Shondaland again.

      • Aimee says:

        Agreed. Addison was a favorite of mine, but her time has come and gone on GA and the writers couldn’t even figure out what to do with her when she showed up for crossovers back in the Private Practice days sadly. Not to mention I have been loving Kate Walsh’s new projects lately. Sad when Addison’s time ended on Private Practice, but I think Addison is better off far away from Seattle anymore.

  9. emmy says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Addison wouldn’t particularly care at this point? Everyone seemed to have mad peace with the situation last time she was around and Addison and Meredith were very cordial to each other…Will they ever be each other’s favorite person? No but I don’t think Addison would mind Amelia befriending Meredith. Also, I think it’s time Addison popped in for a visit. I would say bring her back full time but I don’t know if I trust Shonda to treat her right.

    • Kris says:

      I don’t care if Amelia bonds with Meredith. But this “Amelia will stay in Seattle to help out with the Shepherd kids” is just OOC and completely unnecessary.

  10. Andrew Hass says:

    I can’t wait to see Amelia bond with Meredith.It doesn’t mean she’ll be betraying Addison in any way.Amelia can have relationships with both women but in different ways.Plus since it sounds like Amelia will be in the season finale it may make sense that she’ll be in the season premiere next season at least if there’s a cliffhanger this season.

  11. Lea says:

    Meredith is Derek’s wife now, has been for 5/6 years with GA’s timeline, and the mother of his kids – Amelia’s niece and nephew, so she’s not betraying anyone, by get to know her new sister in law.

    • jenna says:

      Greys timeline has always been really wonky but based on cristina’s fellowship status I think Mer/Der have known each other for 6 years now and have been married for 3

      • Aimee says:

        Still through break ups and makes ups, Derek has always loved Meredith. Even in S2, so while their marriage may be in about the 3-4 year range, that relationship has been going on forever (even in GA time). It’s a good time for Amelia to get to know her sister Meredith better now. I’m looking forward to seeing Amelia around next season if that happens. I hope it does.

        • Pedro says:

          Seasons 1, 2, 3 were one year. Seasons 4 and 5 were another year. Every season since has been one year. Meredith and Derek have been married 5 years on the show and have know each other for 7 years.

          • jj says:

            if i’m remembering correctly it was mentioned that lexie was 27 when she died (s8) and told mark she was 25 in s5

  12. woodyinho says:

    Bring James to Grey’s as well!

  13. Addison is team Meredith. Only here because of the stupid title. It’s not betrayal to like your sister-in-law especially when the ex is a) remarried and b) likes the new wife too

  14. LOL, Addison was Team Meredith over Team Rose.

    I don’t think it’s a betrayal either, but I do want Amelia as a regular. As others have said, it’s the perfect “fill” in Cristina’s absence, and if they hook Owen and Amelia up, I don’t think Amelia will get the backlash since a lot of Shondaland fans (including myself) already like her. I always thought Amelia was PP’s version of “Yang,” so it makes sense she’d come to GA after Cristina leaves.

  15. hmm says:

    Well, I secretly, but not so secretly, want Amelia and Alex together.. who knows with Shondaland..

  16. Michelle says:

    I think Shonda knows that no one can fill the void Cristina will leave, but Amelia’s a pretty awesome character. (I miss PP!)

  17. dman6015 says:

    Ugh, enough of this “Team” nonsense. So annoying. Just watch the show and enjoy it.

  18. jaimelynn11976 says:

    Bring Izzy back and save her from having to do another NyQuil commercial!!

  19. Lala2369 says:

    No. Izzy is one of “HollyWild’s” worst & difficult actress to work with. She allows her mom to manage her career. That’s great, but when it starts trashing your career then there is a problem. She allowed it. When it was brought up that whether or not she be back, the casts choked on laughs & said no. What does that tell you????? Isaiah Washington was snarky, arrogant, and full of hatefulness . He may not live his life a certain way, but be careful what you say & do. Others reflect on your actions. That’s how you lose your respect & fan base. I have none for him nor Katherine Heigl . Their lil temper tantrums & arriving outta the trailor to the set late. Nah. There are a few more out their that I “used” to love. They lost me. Arrogance, self centered ness , etc is not classy. Kinda like some of the big mouth actress / models. Their mouths are so foul. Remember people are watching . Most of which when true colors finally showed, turned me off. Too much drama. They forget where they come from are not genuine. Gag!