Castle Recap: Board Games

STANA KATIC, NATHAN FILLION(And I may have spelled a word wrong in that headline.)

So… remember how there was a Castle episode earlier this season — the ninja one — that we all assumed would be a clinker, and yet it wasn’t? In fact, it was quite good?

This was not such a situation. IOW, get here fast, “Veritas” and “For Better or Worse.”

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I’m still not entirely sure what the Case of the Week was about, or why the murder was committed. I do know that I pegged Trust Fund Kid from the get-go, just because.

We then look at this episode from the POV of character work. And on that front, you had Ryan and Esposito lobbying to be chosen as Castle’s best man, and that B-story had its mild amusements — though I wondered the whole time if, in fact, Alexis would be the ultimate pick.

And then there was the Scrabble subplot.

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Now, I often see TVLine commenters here craving some “Caskett” development that isn’t always about this wedding detail or that one. But I can’t imagine this is what anyone had in mind. Because while I “get” bestselling author Rick’s pride as a wordsmith, just as with the videogame folly of spring 2013 (which was almost exactly a year ago), this episode posited him as a guy who’d choose a Scrabble rematch over… well, the alternative. And hear me clear, I am a Scrabble nut. I once myself may have even hit the triple-word score with “QUIXOTIC.” (I call that, by the way, a “7-Letter Slam.”) The strip poker stinger, for (ahem) assorted reasons, salvaged it some, but… yeah. Hmm.

God, was there even something about an Albanian crime boss…? And Beckett’s tie…? But hey, there was some Tory.

A notable quotable:

“I used to think catching killers was pretty extreme. And now I’m marrying you….”
“Ah, yes. I admit I am extreme. Extremely handsome.”
“Yep — with a high degree of difficulty.”

What did you possibly think about “Law & Boarder”?

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  1. madhatter360 says:

    I liked the little fist bump between Kate and Alexis. It’s nice to see them getting along and having a good relationship.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I liked Kate saying, “Brah” to the murderer dude — and Rick’s amusement at same.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Not to mention the first Scrabble board had the words Rook and Recoil.

        • KMV says:

          I would like to know where prop team found that Scrabble board that was used on the April 28 Castle? Just exactly what I have been looking for over a year. Anyone? Reply here to Karla. Thanks!

          • DarkDefender says:

            There are several versions.. It’s the deluxe game. Any stores that sells games will have it.

    • shirley says:

      I agree. I thought that scene was perfect.
      The ” family” having a good laugh and all going well.


  2. Laura says:

    Terrible episode ,this season has been a complete disaster. I feel sorry for Nathan and Stana , they looked so bored and I don´t blame them.

    • gaby6034 says:

      Do you understand why Nathan talks about Firefly all the time and Stana has disappeared from twitter and even form the US? they don’t want to be part of this mess.

      • shirley says:

        awhat a shame that some feel this way.
        Not every episode is going to be perfect.
        Nathan and Stana don’t looked bored to me.
        Maybe tired, but not bored.

        I’m glad most of us Castle fans are there to back the show and look forward to more.


        • Patty says:

          Amen to that. After filming for 14-16 hours a day; over an 8 day period (for one episode), Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic may be tired, but not bored. Here’s to ABC-TV renewing ‘Castle’ for a full, 7th season. The network will be announcing its 2014-2015 season line-up on: 5.13.14. Also, Nathan Fillion is a scheduled guest on “Late Night with David Letterman,” on 5.9.14.

    • Bob says:

      Real simple for all you haters…flip the channel or shut up

    • Cynthia V. says:

      As much as I don’t want to, I have to agree. I don’t watch the show consistently anymore. It’s really a character driven show – and somewhere along the way, it lost the two leads who used to embody so much sparkle together, you could feel it through the screen.

  3. Teri says:

    Wow, too much pessimism for me. I liked the Lanie and Alexis hug and Beckett’s excitement for the wedding. Ryan and Espo were great trying to butter up Castle. Kate rubbing it in to Castle was so cute. Castle is Cadtle and he can appear like a baffoon sometimes, but he is a love able baffoon. I really enjoyed this episode.

    • Kim R says:

      I agree. I really enjoyed all the character interactions. I didn’t really care about the case so much but was thoroughly entertained by everything else. :D

  4. RBA says:

    Not to surprising to anybody, but I love this review…. Matt, in this review you said everything about the state of the show. It has become boring and predictable. The end scene could not save the episode for the folly of that scrabble scene. Trust me there is no guy out there that would pass on sex. It doesn’t happen…..

    • Mike says:

      I guess I’m the only one who will say that yeah…. men do pass and it does happen… It doesn’t happen very often but I work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week and sometimes I’m tired…. And sore… And just want to relax with my wife. Sue me! Granted it’s few and far between but it happens. That being said, to see it on a TV show like Castle- yeah, it’s not a good thing to show and will always come cross as silly, and for scrabble??? I can’t get on board with that one! Not a fan of that scene at all.

      • RBA says:

        I can see when one is tired from a hard days work, but over a game (a board game) no way…

      • Francine says:

        I think you nailed that (no pun intended!). In real life, yeah it’s understandable, but most people aren’t watching Castle for real life issues and well… Rick isn’t a manual labor kind of guy and to pass it up to play scrabble…. Oy. Not the show’s best moment.

        • Just one thing says:

          On a purely superficial level, it does seem pretty dumb to suggest Castle wouldn’t let the game go for sex with Beckett.
          But I feel it has been so consistent with the show’s approach to physical intimacy, I actually had a hard time buying that last redemptive scene. I’m not gonna say “too little, too late,” but an overtly sexy, 10-second scene every 20 episodes just seems strange now. And forced.
          But ya’ll already know my thoughts on that business. I thought the episode was OK.

          • Apples says:

            Don’t underestimate a wounded male ego. I refused to have sex with my ex once because she beat me at HALO.

          • Just one thing says:

            Given what we’ve seen since Season Five, that sounds exactly like something Castle would do. :-P

          • Apples says:

            Castle is my spirit animal in so many ways.
            It is so weird when the audience castigates him for turning down sex though. It’s like dudes have to be horny 24/7. Whereas when Beckett’s not in the mood, nary a whisper.

          • Just one thing says:

            I’m afraid we have yet to see a moment where Castle is ready to rock and roll in the bedroom and Beckett isn’t.

          • Just one thing says:

            And Murder He Wrote doesn’t count, because they both did that. :-)

          • Apples says:

            ‘Number One Fan’: “Castle what do I do?” “Well I have some ideas…” “Nooo, not that.” etc.

          • Just one thing says:

            Like I’ve said before, Castle is great at talking the talk with Beckett. :-) Walking it is a whole other situation.

          • Apples says:

            If you read that conversation as anything other than Beckett turning down morning sex, then I’m going to have to start taking your posts a lot less seriously…

          • Just one thing says:

            Oh, no. She totally turned down morning sex. Job drama aside, though, it was pitched rather loosely and with zero physical movement to match the suggestion. Almost like how one might ask, “Would you like waffles or pancakes today?”
            But purely for the sake of this discussion, yeah, you’re right; it counts.

          • Apples says:

            That’s what strikes a chord with me and feels realistic though. Sometimes in a relationship, sex comes after romance and massages by candlelight, sometimes after a couple of glasses of wine and a game of strip poker and sometimes you just roll over to your other half in the morning and ask if they’re up for a quickie…
            Unlike pretty much every other couple on TV, C/B actually feel like a real couple in a real relatable relationship to me. What I find funny is that what works for me is what so many people complain about…

    • jcraines719 says:

      This episode was upside down from the beginning.

  5. Jerri says:

    Alexis is Castle’s ‘Best Man’ and Ryan and Espo are his ‘Groomsmen’ ? err.. okay. Are Castle and Beckett going to have a Ring Bear(er)?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:


    • Joe says:

      I knew it was going to be Alexis, but in real life, the situation would have been Beckett with Lannie and Alexis, and Castle with Ryan and Esposito – one, for the sake of symmetry, and two, a symbolism of Beckett and Alexis accepting each other.

      • Katherine215 says:

        Seriously? A woman can stand up for a man in the 21st century. My stepdad had his daughters standing next to him and my mom had her daughters. The Best Man/Maid of Honor is usually just the most important person in the bride or groom’s life (aside from their future spouse).

  6. I didn’t mind this one. Definitely not a classic, but as what it is it was decent filler between big episodes. Character dynamics were played with and we finally saw some of Castle’s obsession over Scrabble. Man, I think they first mentioned that in like season 2, then maybe once since… Still considering some of the dumb episodes we got at the tail end of last season this was definitely an improvement. Probably one to skip come the time of DVDs or Netflix though…

  7. gaby6034 says:

    Dear ABC: Could you rehire all the writers who left the show at the end of Season 4 and fire all the new ones? thank you.

    • Laura says:

      I agree , I believe the new writers never watched the first 3 seasons . It´s painful to see Castle (the character) now , he is a shadow of what he used to be.

      • Just one thing says:

        So, that’s the fault of new writers. And veteran writers? And the creator of the show? Because there are at least 3 veteran writers still on staff, not including a handful of showrunners and Terri Edda Miller. Are they all to blame as well?
        Should we blame studio execs, too? The network? Paul Lee, perhaps?

      • shirley says:

        If you are in that much pain….stop watching.


    • jcraines719 says:

      At the end of the day the writers follow the direction of the show runner. So this is all on Marlowe and his sick and disturbing ways he treats the fans and the show.

  8. Jules says:

    Wow what a boring episode. This season has been a disappointment for me, and sadly I doubt things are gonna change. Looks like the writers/producers have given up, and because of their shoddy work the actors are looking horrible onscreen as well; I have never seen Stana and *especially* Nathan look so bored, and I feel for them cuz I’m bored. Caskett has been pretty much dead this season with the odd scenes here or there but they mean diddly squat in the grand scheme of things. I dunno it’s hard to give up a show that you’ve invested so many years with, I want to give up but I love Caskett so much I just cant :( I wish they could’ve done Caskett differently, all they’ve done is make Caskett look awkward (I don’t know if that’s the writing or the actors) but they don’t have any romantic chemistry and their kisses and PDAs look kinda awkward (I know, I know I’m gonna get hated on for saying that and I bet I’m in the minority but that’s how I feel). Also I mean c’mon Stana’s shirtless in that last scene tonight couldn’t they get Rick/Nathan to take his red shirt off?!!!? UGH this reminds me of that bedroom scene where they had Rick covered in his sheets, it just ruins the scene IMO. Anyways. I’ll stop rambling. Not impressed with tonights episode so there’s that.

    • Kris says:

      Maybe because…man boobs? Dunno.

    • Just one thing says:

      I’m sorry for being snarky, but it really should not be rocket science to explain why one actor is often more clothed than another. And, to be honest, I don’t need to see them nekkid to buy the characters relationship.
      Sometimes more can be conveyed through simple glances and touch than any any amount of skin on display.

    • Mike says:

      The ABC show your are commenting on is Castle not Casket! It’s not Nashville where beds are used more then a mattress test center? It’s not Scandal with a serialized drama. It seems like every week its the same old tired rant about “Not enough Casket” or Nathan and Stana are “board” and the writers are horrible. Wake up and realize the show is about Castle a writer who is growing up and a big kid who follows a broken yet witty detective, they fall in love and solve crimes. Castle not a weekly soap opera, it is what it always is, some episodes are better then others, however, the show is what it is!!! Next week this board will be the same, give me more Casket! give me more disinterested actors, might as well through in….give me more cow bell as well, it least that would be original.

  9. Britt says:

    I’m not going to lie, but this was a pretty boring Castle episode. Even Lanie, Espo, and Ryan could save the episode. I feel the same way about everything you said in this review, except I didn’t know who the killer was because the show started to lose my attention towards the end.

  10. leigh says:

    The episode was ok. It did move the story along with the wedding and answered a few questions so not a total loss. But next week will be better. And hey, people who mentioned the lack of intimacy finally got their wish and saw it. Sort of. But it was something!

  11. James D says:

    good episode. Oh Castle you dingleberry she pulled out quixotic for triple word score, i would of jumped her right there in the living room :) nothing sexier than a woman with a knowledge and appreciation for the English language. And are you serious with Alexis being the best (man) that is so lame it has to be one of the guys.

  12. martina says:

    To those people that say this season blows because of the lack of banter between Castle and Beckett: Last season was ten time better than this one. How many times have they kissed, four or five times tops? In 24 episodes? For me it is not about them acting as a couple, it is all about the storylines! Excluding maybe two or three episodes, the rest of this season can go straight to the recycle bin and it won’t be missed. I still remember how much promise the season opener showed, and still don’t get how the writers alowed the story to get this boring.

  13. DarkDefender says:

    I completely disagree with the negativity. I thought the Caskett-y moments were cute and true to character. They are steamy.. we don’t need to necessarily see that every week. The end scene with her unbuttoning his shirt was sexy. They are in it for the long haul and people have “game night”.. I imagine it is less a character thing than a “my mother and daughter are in the next room thing”.. Kate didn’t spice it up until she confirmed that Martha and Alexis were out for the evening. TCOTW was a bit haphazard and the trust fund kid seemed obvious. But this episode (like a few each season) are about the Caskett relationship and not TCOTW… Not too long ago fans were screaming for more “long talks” and less conflict in the relationship front.. We now have a generally happy and secure couple who will not be all in each other’s “other bits” every waking moment.

    I am still loving this season, it is tops overall due to more consistent episodes, with Season 4 in 2nd and Season 5 a close 3rd.

    • Francine says:

      Nice post! Honestly, I enjoyed the episode and am really enjoying the season overall. I have a few complaints but nothing that takes away from my immense enjoyment of the show. I don’t need to see super steamy either. The implications are clearly there that Caskett are a passionate couple and I like the little innuendos and teasing comments much more than any kissing or sex scenes. They are a stable couple and that doesnt mean boring. I admit I did NOT like the scrabble scene. It was just too over the top silly for me. But it didnt ruin the episode at all. I’m not sure its my favorite season, but its still a show I can’t wait to watch every week.

      • Just one thing says:

        I agree, Francine. Castle and Beckett still seem like a loving, fun couple to me. They “get” each other – which is precisely why I like that Beckett beat Castle twice at Scrabble. Not counting Alexis and Martha, the women Castle once surrounded himself with either would have avoided Scrabble like the plague or they would’ve lost repeatedly to him. So, for me, it was worth him being a competitive doofus. :P

    • shirley says:



  14. Apples says:

    Disagree heavily. Thought it was a funny, sexy, interesting. The case had me intrigued (though the overall murder-to-cover-up-murder plotline has been used by the show often), the domestic C/B were hilarious (till they were steamy in the final scene) and Ryan/Espo subplot cracked me up. Alexis was a great choice as best man.
    Loved it, thought it was one of the best eps of the season.

    • jcraines719 says:

      You are only saying that because of the final scene. A retired TV executive said to me after it aired, how could ABC approve this?

      • Apples says:

        No, actually. I rather quite liked it even before the end scene. Please don’t presume to speak on my behalf.

      • KC says:

        With all the dreg broadcast on the networks over the decades I would hardly call TV executives the final authority on what constitutes good TV. If Apples likes the episode that’s his opinion and one I share.

  15. Just one thing says:

    I didn’t think it was as bad as last week. The humor was less OTT and more reminiscent of seasons past, from Rysposito’s competition to the topical murder case.
    It wasn’t riveting, but it clearly felt like a filler episode leading up to the last two episodes. I truly liked the Scrabble scene (even more with proper context), and I respect the decision to make Alexis his Best Woman, even if I would’ve preferred the more traditional bridesmaid position. It also leaves me wondering who on earth Kate could ask to fill out her side… Madison would’ve been a nice choice, but odds are slim on that front.
    Anyway, I would take this episode over 70s costume parties and ninja nonsense any day. Now, bring on the drama goods.

    • sigh says:

      I’m with you, I preferred tonight’s over last week’s (overall). I didn’t care for the case (yawn), but I’m surprised the rest didn’t bother me. The ep felt way less rushed than usual — something that’s been bothering me for a while. It seemed slightly more like how past seasons filler episodes were. Anyway, yeah…sweeps time!

  16. skrable2 says:

    Some day, years from now, I will see this episode on TNT and not remember a moment of it.

    And then, years from that day, I will see it again, and not remember a moment of it.

  17. lame says:

    As far as filler episodes go this wasn’t so bad. At least we got to see alot of the quirks from all the cast. I can recall some fillers where we got nothing.
    I can understand why some fans decry the new stable of writers. The awkward change from partners to bethrothed, I contribute to the change in writers. Without an intimate history of Caskett, the determined, dogged persuit of Beckett by Castle was lost momentarily during the transition of scribes. It took three or four episodes to get Castle to appear as someone who had finally captured the elusive fox of his dreams and actually reveled in that fact. After five years of butting his head against her defensive barriers, her throw away romances and relationship insecurities, you would’ve thought his celebration would have resembled an outragous NFL touchdown dance.
    We’re beyound that now, the newbies have hit their stride, Caskett finally looks like a couple in love.
    Looking forward to finishing the season with a bang.

    • Just one thing says:

      I still don’t see how new writers could ever be blamed for that transition people often mention. The creator of the show – the captain of the ship – was still there to guide the story and characters. They still had Miller, whether officially or unofficially. They still had EPs/directors Rob Bowman & David Amann to guide the visual elements and work with the actors. And, of course, there were the actors themselves.
      With all those key people still in place each season, how could new writers with traditionally less creative control and ZERO executive power be to blame? I truly don’t understand.

      • Apples says:

        David Amann is an EP and a writer, not a director (he wrote last week’s episode, but usually writes more dramatic eps)

        • Just one thing says:

          You’re right. I was thinking of John Terleskey, a non-EP director.
          Regardless, I don’t see how new people get blamed for the things some fans dislike.

  18. Q says:

    Dear TVLine, why do you insist upon doing a recap of Castle? There are better shows on TV you know, for instance the 100, the Good Wife, etc. Then atleast you would have something to cover. Castle doesn’t deserve the no. of words you print each week in a full recap because most of their episodes are just average with hardly anything in them that is worthy of a mention (and no a total 5-8 mins of good tv within a 42 min runtime episode is not worthy of a recap).

  19. Jim says:

    This episode suffered from to much going on. They tried for a strong C story line with Ryan and Espo. It took time away from the A and B story lines. The episode seemed disjointed and jumpy. Happened with the bar scene in the ninja episode as well.

  20. Robin Taberner says:

    Get the negative comments about 621. Heck we are all on tenterhooks about the final two episodes, the end of JB case and, from the rumours etc, the increasingly unlikely happy ending for the wedding. Getting very gittery about that. I have always thought Castle series progression has worked well, but the whole story arc needs a heartwarming season finale.

    I think we all must realise Castle is not going to go for ever and various mumblings and grumblings suggest season 7 could be it. And as a fan I do not want some lousy no mark finish to the whole story arc. Which when taken over the whole 6 seasons ( so far) has been great.

    • Just one thing says:

      If Season 7 is it – for whatever reason – I hope they don’t shy away from that fact, and go all in. I would hope for tighter storytelling, an integration of the ensemble that isn’t so obviously Caskett dependent, and more character development. Maybe less case-heavy stories, which really aren’t their strong suit sometimes.

  21. Astrid says:

    I liked last week’s episode more but this one was still good. Looking forward to the last 2!

  22. jcraines719 says:

    This episode was lacking on so many levels it’s hard to pick a spot as where to begin. I’m curious if we remove the end scene, how great is the episode then? I’m thinking most people live this episode because of the end scene.

  23. jcraines719 says:

    I am also of the belief the writers no longer take fans seriously. They gave the new guy this scene because if any of the veteran writers had it wrote people might be calling for their heads. All the more reason why ABC needs to remove Marlowe as showrunner.

    • KC says:

      Which fans are you talking about? I’ve seen comments that loved the episode and others that hated the episode and everything inbetween. Which ones should they be taking “seriously”? I guess it’s just the fans that share your point of view. Andrew Marlowe is the show runner and creator. It’s his to do with as he sees fit. Catering to one set of fans over another is bound to upset someone. The best he can do is keep true to his vision of the show. If you don’t like his vision you have the right to change the channel. TV is not a democracy and the show is not public property. Once the network decides something else would be more profitable to air they will cancel it regardless of it’s artistic value.

  24. Alex says:

    Well after this final scene I understand why Marlowe doesn’t give us more “hot” scenes, it’s really uncomfortable to watch two actors being uncomfortable.

  25. lauri5567 says:

    I would have liked to have seen Rick win at Scrabble and then Kate beat him at poker to give them both a game they could win rather than SuperKate! winning everything.
    Also, did Rick not have any male friends or relatives in his life before working at the 12th? Not a fan of Alexis as best man, but I called it.

    • KC says:

      I think they both won at poker. That’s what’s great about strip poker: everybody wins!

      • lauri5567 says:

        Well yes, they do. I would have rather have watched both characters win at different things then have the second be a draw.

    • tp says:

      I thought I was the only one that felt that they portray her as SuperKate. She’s good at everything and now Rick Castle is a buffoon. He used to be confident and playful but not in ridiculous way. Now she’s perfect and he’s lacking in almost every way. I simply refuse to give on another show I’ve been watching for years (NCIS, Grey’s and Bones I’m looking at you) so I’m in it for the rest of the ride. Or at least for the rest of this season.

      • eli says:

        I agree too. It’s been long obvious to me that in their attempts to make Beckett a “strong, independent, intellectual, hot, modern” woman, a role-model, they lost their protagonist. Nothing bad in trying to portray a strong woman, but you can’t build up one character by removing cool features from another one. First, it takes two to tango, you run a risk of the audience not getting what such an all around awesome woman sees in this half-wit. Second, it’s still your title character, show some respect and interest! It’s been a long time since I felt in the script some genuine interest for Castle, what makes him tick, what different sides he has. And I’m not saying it from the perspective of Beckett vs. Castle or Stana vs. Nathan debate team, as it often turns out in the Castle fandom. Honestly. I just see that the story is very unbalanced.

      • lauri5567 says:

        Remember the episode where they ran into Joe Torre? I’d like to see something like that at a book launch or a murder at Black Pawn, somewhere that Rick is the expert.
        I read an article a few years ago that talked about “bad dog feminism” where the female characters have to strong because the male characters are weak and immature. Castle is not the only show to fall into this.

  26. Maria says:

    I’ve never seen the cast “phone it in” to quite this level before. Especially Nathan, but really…most of them. A few of the guest stars were more convincing than the leads were.

    • Stormy says:

      Me too. And not just in scenes with Stana. To me, it seems that Nathan has totally lost his sparkle. No bright twinkle in his eyes, no mischievous grins. He just seems weary. He’s working but he’s not loving his job any more.

      • Carol says:

        ^ SO THIS!!! Nathan has been phoning it in all season. As much as he’s getting paid, he needs to suck it up and do his job, ACT.

  27. Lisa says:

    Still my favorite show. Of course I would watch Nathan Fillion in anything. Nice episode before the heavier ones that will follow.

  28. Emma says:

    I feel really weird when they kiss, can’t they just move their lips ? They just put their mouth against each other, I’m not asking for tongue but they could try to make it more believable that they want each other … And why the directors don’t say something to them ? The physical scenes between them have become creepy to watch, I almost feel bad for them everytime …

  29. Liam says:

    Is it too late to cast a new love interest for Beckett? One who doesn’t feel like is a torture acting like a man in love and still desires her sexually?

    • blabla says:

      Am I the only one who find Kate too in love this season ? I prefered how she was last year (well except maybe in TSATQ and Watershed), she was more “herself”, there was more depth in the character in my opinion… Now I feel like all she does is smile at Castle and being amused by everything he does. Or maybe I just feel that because Castle is the opposite, not enough in love …

  30. bj says:

    Beckett looked like she was dressed for a British riding competition.

    • LGC says:

      LOL. Yeah, she did. That, or she looked like she worked at a hotel or a restaurant, or a lobby. And it’s not like we actually got to see her strip off the tie which would have served some purpose then. No more ties, please! Except maybe in bed. But oh wait, we never see them there.

  31. Andrea says:

    I thought this was nice filler epiosde, but that’s all it was- filler. There’s nothing wrong with that though, every show has filler epiosdes. I laughed quite a bit, so overall I thought it served its purpose. I’m looking forward to the last two episodes of the season!

  32. lena says:

    And Castle emasculation continues in this episode … They’ve made him a loser this season, it reminds me of Chandler in the end of Friends, a funny character becoming almost a pathetic one …

  33. Alex says:

    Why Espo wanted so much be Castle’s best man ? He always talk to him like crap since season 5 …

  34. LGC says:

    Spot on review, Matt, and thanks for some post-episode chuckles to make it more bearable. You’re basically the only prof reviewer for Castle these days so I hope TPTB are paying some attention…

    Boring board games is right. This was a setting with huge potential to be sexy, playful, witty. All desperately missing on Castle these days. All good things Castle was great at in its early seasons. What happened, writers? Instead we had to suffer through another emasculation of Castle who can’t best Beckett at anything anymore, and who was inconceivably more excited about Scrabble than getting into bed with the love of his life/sexiest woman on earth! This was poorly done with the videogame/Vaughn fiasco last season and poorly done again here. Why can’t Castle ever take the lead when it comes to the bedroom? Beckett’s almost always written as the one who has to lure him and more often than not is turned down! The writers need to think about what attracts these people to one another and really showcase those traits, instead of doing the opposite which is just a passion killer. Castle needs to be written as a man Beckett would be attracted to.

    They really need to inject more natural and free-flowing affection and physical intimacy between Castle and Beckett because they are just not really coming across a passionate, loving couple who can’t wait to get married to each other.

    The writing of the COTW, the dialogue in general, is so poor these days. Writers need to rewatch episodes from S1/2 and learn from those writers. Or watch other network procedurals like Elementary and The Good Wife, which are doing a hell of a lot better when it comes to character work and scripted dialogue.

  35. Kosha says:

    One of the pitfalls of having your main characters develop a personal relationship is the show then follows the relationship and neglects the show that everyone loves. The few successful TV relationships are where the show continues and the relationship remains a secondary storyline. I think Castle does this perfectly! I really enjoyed the episode – it was funny and smart with a graceful balance of personal and professional story lines. I like the development of the relationships between Kate, Martha and Alexis and the continued love story between Rick and Kate. Don’t forget – Kate is 35 and Rick is in his 40s, this is a more mature, grown-up relationship, not 2 kids on a hormone high. Not to say there is no spark left, but the writers are pursuing a more grown up relationship!!

  36. LCA says:

    I didn’t think this episode was the “best episode ever,” but I thought it was quite funny. I was actually surprised that so few commenting here liked the Scrabble story line. I thought that bit was one of the more amusing ones of the evening. Speaking from the viewpoint of someone who is extremely “type A” (and just a little competitive), I thought Castle’s wounded pride at losing to his significant other — twice– was decidedly hilarious. I think the point wasn’t that “oh, here we go again: Castle is yet again turning down some nookie,” but rather, “Let’s make this *funny*.” And it was. Beckett’s reaction was even amusing. And come on: For all we know, they enjoyed some, er, “quality time” later that night. But even if they didn’t, who cares? I joke with my boyfriend all the time about that stuff. He makes fun of me for watching “Castle,” and I tease him about the, ahem, consequences of said fun-poking.

    I love that Castle and Beckett can be, well, slightly awkward, both together and as individuals, and still have this amazing relationship. I love the banter, and frankly, would prefer to see/hear more of that than to see the down and dirty all the time (though a little of the latter is always welcome.). :-)

  37. tara17 says:

    I turned off last night’s episode after 15 mins, super boring, but I’ve enjoyed most of this season.

  38. Susan says:

    We are fans of Castle, but have been disappointed with the way the writers are treating the Castle character. The first few seasons, Castle was written as being a witty and charasmatic person. He was energetic and had so many interests & abilities. The character is a shadow of what he used to be…….

  39. Aaron says:

    I actually thought this episode was an improvement over last weeks mess of a 1970’s episode. Castle is one of the few shows that I trust to do high concept well (The aforementioned ninja episode, their take on ‘Taken’, the brilliant 1920’s episode, etc) but there was no saving that one. In comparison, this last episode, while certainly not one of the very best, was at least not cringe inducing. All that said, every show is allowed a few clunkers, Castle is still one of the all time best of the Detective Show genre.

    • This was filler,it had some cute scenes,and I thought good. Not everyone will always be happy. I trust the crew to keep me entertained. Yes, Castle should show more affection. Realistic couples do not live in bedrooms glad we don’t see that. The main point this ep solved cold case murder!!

  40. Ana Rubio says:

    I liked the episode, not the best one but it was light and fun

  41. Teri says:

    Castle is always great in my book. I love all the character interactions, especially when Lanie and Beckett have a scene together. Thought this review was somewhat harsh.

  42. KC says:

    I enjoyed this episode. Definitely more than last week’s. The COTW wasn’t the best but the personal stories made me laugh. The scrabble story line was very entertaining. As was mentioned above, Castle and Beckett are more mature and not teenagers. It’s not like they’re at the prom and the opprotunity for sex with Beckett might never happen again. It could have happened that night. When Castle’s pride was hurt by losing the game, Beckett offering sex as a consolation was condesending and not very romantic. Castle not jumping at her offer shows how disappointed he was at his failure to best her at something he prides himself in. Give the guy a little time to get over the disappointment before saying he has no passion for her.
    I wonder who Castle’s best man was at his other two weddings. I wasn’t suprised he picked Alexis. He doesn’t seem to have any close male friends. Ryan and Esposito seem more like work buddies than personal friends. We never see him going to either of them for advice or having the kind of conversation you have with someone that you would consider your best friend.
    I’m looking forward the the next 2 episodes. Maybe the Bracken story will finally be resolved and then the wedding(?)

  43. Mark says:

    Because of the stringent safety net this show has on it so nobody is at risk or where the main characters are not allowed to shock the hell out of the audience I feel this might dumb down the bachelor party. With the various times Alexis has shocked her father since going to college it. Could have been interesting for us to see the darker side of her in this party planning and execution which would have shocked the hell out of her father…..

  44. scott says:

    I don’t understand why some people are saying ”Finally the scene we wanted to see” .That was what you wanted to see ? It was the same awkward, frustrating scene as usual, nothing has changed …

  45. Nit Picker Jr says:

    There are a few episodes in each season we pass on when doing the rerun marathons in between seasons? This was that type episode. A fun and/or goofy moment here and there but that was all. An okay filler. And it doesn’t matter much because: the good episodes are still better than most other long-running shows (imo).

  46. Patty says:

    I enjoyed last night’s episode of ‘Castle.’ Along with ‘NCIS’ and ‘Blue Bloods,’ it’s the only program I watch ‘live” week after week.

  47. NeedHeat says:

    My biggest concern about this show right now is how they/writers managed to stomp out every flame the two leads had in previous seasons. On paper, the “intimate” scenes they shared should be good, but since last season, these scenes are missing something. I can’t put finger on it. It comes off as awkwardness without steam. Not even a half-naked Beckett could save the scenes.

    And they seriously need to fix Castle as a character, pronto. Most often this season, he comes off as a tired old man. Where’s the witty, energetic, and lovable Castle in season 1,2,3, and even 4?! If I was a new viewer and had only seen the part where Kate excitedly asked Lanie about her dress, I would assume her love interest would have something to back up her excitement. Instead, in the same episode, I see him passing over the more exciting event because a game of scrabble. Is there really mutual love?

    Overall, I thought this episode was okay and had a few good moments, but the overall trend of Castle as a character needs work! Marlowe and Fillion need to go back to the planning board.

    • Just one thing says:

      Things Writers Can Write:
      Witty dialogue
      Interesting backstories
      Illuminating conversations

      Things Writers Can’t Write:

    • Patty says:

      As a relatively new viewer of ‘Castle,’ on ABC-TV, and a viewer of the reruns on TNT, I’ve noticed that some of the twinkle and spark of the previous seasons, seem to be missing, in Season 6. Could it be that Mr. Marlowe is signaling that his characters are “telling” him that ‘Castle’ could be coming to an end in Season 7? The show still averages 10 million viewers per week, so all signs point to its being renewed – but for how many episodes? ABC-TV will announce its 2014-2015 fall line-up on: 5.13.14. ‘Castle’ is a favorite show of mine, so I’m hoping that it’s renewed for a full 2014-2015 season – even if the twinkle and/or spark are missing.

      • Just one thing says:

        It’s all truly subjective. Some people see no sparks or twinkles, some people do. Some people think the actors are phoning it in, and some think the actors are still giving 100%.
        I’ll just consistently defend the writers in the same arguments, because it’s not ALWAYS on them. Weak episodes, insulting the audience’s intelligence, disregarding key aspects of a story arc or dragging it out in non-creative ways… That’s on the writers. Some of the other complaints people have about the show? Not so much.

  48. KMV says:

    Thanks Dark Defender. My friends and I have tried several stores where we live and could not find it but I am not giving up. Forging ahead to find the perfect Scrabble board!!!

  49. As a former tournament Scrabble player, I’m always to see the game played on TV shows. However, in this case, could they not get the scoring right? Castle said that Kate’s play of QUIXOTIC scored 314. First of all, for a triple-triple (word that hits two Triple Word Score squares) that uses all 7 tiles, 314 is an impossible score. Subtracting the 50-point “bingo” bonus for using all 7, that leaves 264, which isn’t divisible by 9.

    The proper scoring for the letters themselves is 10+1+1+16 (X on the Double Letter Score)+1+1+1+3 = 34
    Multiply that by 9 (for 2 Triple Word Scores): 34 x 9 = 306.
    Add the 50-point bingo bonus: 306 + 50 = 356.

  50. Rob Schmidt says:

    I took 314 to be Beckett’s total after playing QUIXOTIC. Since Castle announced he was ahead 312-175, she won by two points.

    Which would mean she scored only 139 points for her play. Which is also wrong, I know.