How I Met Your Mother Star: 'Heart-Wrenching' Funeral, Cut from Finale, May Have Softened Blow

HIMYM Tracy FuneralA funeral scene that was filmed but didn’t make it into the How I Met Your Mother series finale might have helped fans process the CBS sitcom’s final, polarizing twist.

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Speaking with TVLine at Friday night’s Taste for a Cure event in Los Angeles, HIMYM vet Alyson Hannigan said that the finale that aired last month was some 18 minute shorters than the script they worked off of at a “perfect” table read. “But [the full script] was also much more heart-wrenching,” she shared, “which maybe people wouldn’t have liked.”

Among the deleted scenes was what Hannigan described as a “one-second” montage of title character Tracy’s funeral. Instead, viewers only learned from Narrator Ted that the kids’ mother had become ill, then passed away — some time before he decided to rekindle things with their “Aunt” Robin.

“Honestly, if you saw [that] cut, it would be even more heart-wrenching than what the finale was,” Hannigan noted. “They were like, ‘No. It’s just too gut-wrenching.’ And I was like, ‘That’s what I want. I want my heart ripped out and slammed on the floor and, like, stomped on!'”

Hannigan also believes that missing moment “would have been better for the audience, so that then they can process, ‘Oh, [Ted] mourned. He got closure’ — and then they’d be happy that [he and Robin] got together. Rather than be like, ‘Oh, wait. She died? What? They’re together, huh?’ And credits. That’s what I think was too fast.”

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Hannigan can see a merit to the finale as aired — at least based on a theory she came up with. “Maybe it’s just me trying to make myself feel better about [the fans’] disappointment… but you know how if you’re in a relationship and you get dumped, you’d rather be mad at the person? I feel like maybe they’re just like, ‘Well, that’s all right. You sucked anyway!’ That they just want to be mad at us for leaving them. They want to go out, like, angry, because it’s easier for them.”

While Hannigan is unsure if the funeral montage will ever see the light of day — series cocreator Carter Bays, acknowledging that the finale “didn’t connect” with some viewers, has promised a differently edited, happier alternate ending on the complete series DVD set — the aforementioned “perfect” table read reportedly was caught on camera, and thus could end up on said DVD set. Says Hannigan, “I just wish they were all there, all the people that didn’t like it.”

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Next up for the TV vet: the CBS comedy pilot More Time With Family, which resulted in her having less time off than planned. “I was fully prepared to take a break until I read the script, and it was too good to pass up. And I just loved it so much,” Hannigan said. “By page 9, I was like, ‘All right. Well, the break was shorter than I thought.'” (With reporting by Scott Huver)

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  1. John NYC says:

    Best of luck to her. Unlike the HIMYM train wreckers I’ll follow her work anywhere.

    • I suppose I qualify as one of those “train wreckers” but I don’t blame the cast. The finale is an outright abomination, but not due to the fine work of the cast. The blame lays squarely with the writing and editing. Bays and Thomas will never see another dime from me. But I’ll give a chance to anything the principal cast is involved with.

      • John NYC says:

        It’s Bsys and Thomas I was referring to.

      • Robert says:

        This finale and the final 6 episodes were Legend… wait for it… dart!!!. Call it a bait and switch if you want but it is only because you were lead to feel a certain way and life doesn’t always work out the way it feels. How else could you explain a show about “How I met Your Mother” that spent more than half its episodes focused on the aunt? seriously, this was the only way it could end and I never would have thought of it. It was a great save and it all made perfect sense. One thing you should all do is go back and watch the episode about Ted and Tracy running out of stories. There is so much going on in those restaurant scenes that you don’t get until you know she passes. The writers gave us everything we could have wanted. Some of you just can’t see it. They gave us a story “How I met Your Mom” that was a cover story for “Why I want to see what can be with Robin.” Barney never being able to say, I fully fall in love with you to any woman until he met his daughter was brilliant. Anyone who thought Barney and Robin were a match made in heaven just wasn’t thinking it through. Their divorce makes more sense than their marriage. However, that is how life is. Sometimes people fit and its not forever. Sometimes they fit and they die. But, anyone can love again and everyone should. Nuf said.

        • Andrew says:

          “Sometimes people fit and its not forever. Sometimes they fit and they die. But, anyone can love again and everyone should.” Well-said.

    • JennieErin says:

      I think I’ll still watch something with the cast members but not sure. I don’t have much respect for them standing by such an awful finale. If one or more of them come out and say they hated it too, then I will respect them again

      • sarah says:

        Even if they did hate the ending, do you honestly expect them to come out and say it? Doing so would not only be highly unprofessional, but it’d be biting the hand that feeds you. I hated the ending too, but I’m simply saying that if they were to pull a stunt like that just to gain favor with the public, it could prevent their future job prospects.

        • Maya says:

          Once upon a time someone named Katherine Heigl dared criticize god awful writing of a huge successful show she was part of and we know how that ended. After that, do any of you really expect anyone in the industry who cares about his or her career to do the same mistake again, think carefully??

        • The finale was fantastic. It’s you that didn’t understand the story. Nothing they have to apologise for.

  2. Esaul says:

    Hm. Interesting.

  3. Lily says:

    Ted and Tracy are clearly not locking eyes in that first photo, she is staring off into space!

  4. Azerty says:

    As much as I agree about the first part (the finale lacking of something, maybe that funeral scene) I disagree with the second part, I am not mad because they left. HIMYM had to come to an end but not that one, not with Ted and Robin getting back together. I liked them at the beginning but they spend so much time showing that T/R don’t work as a couple and Barney/Robin being right for each other, that I am mad at them (the writers not the actors) for destroying the 9 years evolution of Ted, Robin and Barney.

    • Casey says:

      I don’t even feel like I have to write my comment. You just summed up my feelings perfectly.

    • wgsecretary says:

      Exactly! I still love the cast and will watch them in their future endeavors. Honestly, the reason I tuned in to the first episode was because I am a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan and I wanted to see “Willow’s” new show. :) I watched every episode of HIMYM, and I was incredibly disappointed. All of the build up to “the mother” and she was barely a speck on the last season and we wound up right back where we started.

    • LOST says:

      You’re right. Ted and Robin weren’t right for each other.. at the beginning. He wanted a family and she wanted to travel. Ted got a family with Tracy and Robin traveled the world with her job. They were perfect for each other at the ending.

      I am a big fan of the finale because it teaches us a great lesson that you can have more than 1 love in you’re life.

      As for “Tracy was the one for Ted”, well guess what, Ted wasn’t the one for Tracy. MAX WAS. But then he died and Tracy let go of him and found love again with Ted. As did Ted with Robin in the final scene.

      It was a perfect finale to a perfect tale of love. I’m just dissapointed that many of you “die hard fans” can’t understand that because you’re used to you hapilly ever after endings.

      • Young Matthew says:

        Thank you for this!!!! I thought I was the only who liked and understood the finale. Well said!!

        • No one misunderstood the finale. Everyone who hated it realizes that this is how things end up in real life all the time. But this show was never about being realistic. This is a love story set within heightened reality that has an endless supply of whimsy and coincidences. But that’s not even the point. The point is they spent years showing us how the mother was THE soul mate and Robin was NOT. They spent the entire last year on Robin’s wedding weekend, only to render that marriage a dead end before anyone (the audience) can enjoy it. It’s just not fun to think about Tracy being a baby incubator and Barney being someone Robin just gives up on because he was always a Ted substitute. If you’re okay with all that, fine, but there’s no need to insult the majority of fans who were not.

          • Olivia says:

            THIS. Thank you.

          • Aly says:

            Absolutely. 100% agree. Yes.

          • LOST says:

            Tracy wasn’t a baby incubator. She was with her soulmate Max until her 21st birthday. You have to understand that without having a whole season of Max and Tracy being happily in love (as we had with Barney and Robin). But then Max died, and yes nobody likes that but that’s just what happens sometimes in life. And Tracy met Ted after 8 years and fell in love again.
            If you are against Ted ending up with Robin after Tracy dying than how come you’re not against Tracy ending up with Ted after Max dying?! It’s okay for Tracy to find love after a fatal loss, but Ted should suffer and live in his memories for the rest of his life just because refers to how Ted and Tracy met?

          • LOST says:

            just because the title refer to how Ted and Tracy met **

          • But... says:

            I don’t think Ted being with Robin is why so many people are upset. It’s the WAY Ted ended up with Robin. If we had watched him grieve more, if the finale had been slowed down, if there was just better writing, if we had more time to understand the divorce … it could have been a different story. Sure, some people are upset Tracy died. But I think more people are upset with the way it was handled.

          • You miss the point, LOST. And it’s interesting that you won’t address Robin’s possibly non-existent feelings for Barney. Maybe Max was Tracy’s first real love and Ted was a genuine second real love. But the list of events is not what is important. It’s how we see them. An unconventional love story is one thing, but this is just a bait and switch version of 500 Days of Summer (which famously started with the line, “This is not a love story”). Robin might never have loved Barney, but we know Barney loved her. If this was the story of Ted moving on from Tracy, it would have been narratively more satisfying to begin the story shortly after Tracy dies. If you act like the entire story is about your life leading up to meeting THE love of your life, but it turns out it was about this person who was completely wrong for you throughout the freaking entirety of the actual story, it’s not going to be satisfying to anyone except the most illogically diehard shippers.

          • Jen says:

            Couldn’t agree more!!!!! I don’t watch tv for realism!!!! I watch it to escape from the drama all of our lives have!!!! I want to be able to forget about my stressful day or a bad break up or a bad meeting and laugh and be happy with the characters. I also hated that ted just went back to robin with the blue french horn!!! Its like he learned nothing!!!! Also robin was horrible in the last episode and was completely hating her by the end of it, she didn’t deserve ted!!!!! I don’t think that we should have to be ok with the ending to be consdiered true fans!!! you signed on to the show believing it was going to ultimately end with ted finding the one and us seeing him live happily ever after.

          • ginny pastor says:

            I think what I hated most about the finale was not the fact that Tracy died, but the way she was overlooked. It felt like Robin was his soulmate/ true love, and Tracy was second choce. Maybe that is why he waited so long before marrying her. She told him he was the love of her life. She also said she would get married in a White Castle if that is what it took. Yet Ted dragged his feet about marrying her and never said she was the love of his life. I believe he loved her, but after watching the finale it felt like I she was not “the one”. Robin was. And that felt like a huge betrayal of the series title, especially because Tracy was so kind and perfect for Ted. And she treated him so much better than Robin did. So when I saw that French Horn at the end, I could not believe it. Oh and one more way that Tracy was overlooked….she never really felt like part of the gang. There were alot of scenes where Ted, Marshall and Lilly were together but Tracy was not there. I had the feeling Ted’s life with her was separate from his friends.

      • MissMel says:

        And I’m disappointed that you seem to think having the protagonist wind up with the girl he’s been pining over for decades is somehow a super original ending that doesn’t qualify as “happily ever after.”

        I understood the finale perfectly and you know what? I still didn’t like it. And my reasons for not liking it weren’t all connected to Ted winding up with Robin (although I was never a fan of the pairing.) I hated that they spent half the series’ run developing Barney’s character only to have him revert back to the walking stereotype he was in the first few seasons. I hated the implication that Robin couldn’t have a career AND a succesful relationship (with either Ted or Barney), that she was some lonely, bitter woman living with her dogs until Ted’s wife happened to die and they finally got together. I hated that there wasn’t a single mention of Lily having a career and that she seemed relagated to a baby-making factory.

        Many fans have said it but I’ll say it again: This finale might have made sense when it was conceived, it might have made sense after season 5 or 6 but it didn’t make sense after 9 seasons. IMO, it didn’t gel with the way the characters developed in the later seasons. I didn’t need a “happily ever after” ending but I did want an ending that felt true to the growth of the characters I had grown to love.

        • JLK says:

          Get out of my head! Stop posting my thoughts! It’s kinda creepy. :)

        • LOST says:

          Barney’s character never reverted, he just had to spend those 3 years with Robin to understand that he is never going to be the “I love you” type of guy romantically speaking. Instead when he met his daughter he found true love and grew out of the one night flings.
          As for the show taking too long to do this, I completely agree. But if something has a steady rating on tv as HIMYM had, nobody wants to end it after 5 or 6 seasons. Although I think the writers should have made the final season in half. 12 episodes building up to the wedding and the other 12 being the developments that happened in the finale. The story that was told in those 42 minutes could have easily been stretched into 12 episodes. That way more fans would have understood the way the show ended and would have loved it, as I did.

          • Susieqt79 says:

            This is EXACTLY the reason I hated the finale. They could have done that finale last year and been fine but jerking us around for a YEAR to say hey that season meant nothing b/c they divorced within 20 min of the finale. I’m ok with the rest, would have rather kept the mother alive, but I’m not upset by the end.

        • Percysowner says:

          THIS! They took two strong women and punished Robin because she didn’t want kids and made Lily a baby making machine. They introduced Tracy for the sole purpose of giving Ted the fruit of his loins then had her die so that Ted could get back with Robin, who could not be loved because she wanted a career. They had Barney have a child with a woman only called Number 31. The finale was horribly misogynistic. I was repelled by the treatment of the women and it has soured the entire series for me.

      • DJ Doena says:

        Ted & Robin were last together in 2009. Now it’s 2030, 21 years later. Robin had left the group for good because both of Ted/Tracy as well as Barney beause she put her work above anything else.

        And we are supposed to believe that now, 25 years after their first meeting, after not having seen her for ages, it will work out with the French horn? Unlikely.

        • mike says:

          Actually Ted had been seeing Robin as mentioned by his son that she comes over for dinner, perhaps in the 6 years after Tracys death, Robin and Ted have been building up somewhat of a relationship and in order to get his kids to understand he sits down and tells them this story.

          • DJ Doena says:

            That would be even worse. Robin left because of Tracy and when Tracy died and Ted (hopefully) was a grieving widower with two young children (if Tracy died six years ago his kids would have been around 10) and she puts herself back into Ted’s life now that he’s a “free agent” again?

      • Mae says:

        actually Tracy told Ted he was the love of her life.

      • powerturtle90sdudemon says:

        YAY SMARTS!

      • kay says:

        If the story was about how you can have more than 1 love in your lifetime, it should have been called’ my 2 love’s or some variant thereof. It was called ‘how I met your mother, marketed as the love story of Ted and their mother and ended as something else. People tend to respond negatively to that kind of bait and switch.

      • Shawn says:

        What happily ever after? Robin’s going to dump Ted again in three months. There’s your realism. And why weren’t you rooting for a Lily/Marshall divorce if you’re so opposed to happy endings in shows?

    • Rich in NJ says:

      Agreed. I blame the writers, not the actors. The only way, IMO, for the series to end would be for the six of them to be on Lily’s porch. Tracy passed “the porch test.” And maybe then you’d have the final slap and fade to black.

    • malexa says:

      Yes! THANK YOU! That’s it exactly!

    • davej13 says:

      Well said. I would like to add that if the producers thought we wanted a happier ending they are still out of touch with the fans. I didn’t want a happy ending – I just wanted the ending to be consistent with what they have been showing us all along.

      I said this before – the last half of season for me was so great and I got mad that they filled 3 seasons with crap just to get to the good stuff. The material in the last episode alone deserved at least 10 episodes. If they had shown how Robin and Barney drifted apart over at least 2 or 3 episodes, I could get it.

      I totally get the idea that people meet and it clicks for one person right away and it doesn’t for the other until much later. If they wanted to show Robin realizing what she missed out on with Ted, Tracy would have had to die about halfway through the last season. Then, they could put all of the great the stuff in the last episode into at least 8 or 0 episodes. But nooooo, they couldn’t do that because that would not match the show title.

    • Little Scarf Girl says:

      This exactly. If they had wanted that ending, they should have had the character portrayed differently. Instead, the majority of the show is explaining how time and time again, Ted and Robin aren’t right for each other, and the slow build-up to Robin and Barney’s romance. The finale essentially dumped all Barney’s character developement out the window, made it so that Ted had learned nothing, and turned Robin into even more of a heartless loner than she had been originally. :\

  5. mari25225 says:

    My problem is the fact that after a whole season about the wedding of Barney and Robin who I love in 2 minutes they divorce and are over….. everything that came after that was ruined… yes it was fast, but if they wanted to do it the way they did the wedding should have been 5 episodes earlier and they should have gone through the story slower….

    • Patrick says:

      No, the entire final season was about how Robin and Barney SHOULDN’T have gotten married. Barney makes these grand gestures of romance. But he was a very selfish person, as was Robin. Each wanted the marriage on their own terms. Each was unwilling to compromise. Barney unwillingness to truly commit to being committed was because of who he was. Robin’s hesitation was all due to her subconscious, and maybe fully conscious, realization that Barney wasn’t ever going to truly commit to being married.

      From the first episode, it was obvious that Ted was the relationship guy, and Barney wasn’t. At all. He never really progressed. When some girls were harder for him to get with, he pursued relationships. He like the hunt, but didn’t really care about the maintaining. In him, people saw what they wanted to see. He is a good enough friend, capable of moments of empathy and self sacrifice. But he was ultimately a selfish rogue. At numerous points each character referred to Barney as a high functioning Sociopath. I am sure viewers sort of took it as a joke. But it wasn’t. He exhibits very little empathy, and only helps others when he himself stands to gain. He is a good pal, but it would be very hard to count on him no matter what. I think he ultimately overcomes this with his own daughter.

      • Dee says:

        No. The entire season was clearly about them resolving the last of their issues. Did you not see the way Barney hugged her without question when her infertility was brought up? How thrilled and in love they both were at the rehersal dinner? Yes, they panicked, no, they’re not perfect, but they love each other to pieces and the final season (finale aside) was all about them ironing out the final creases – but at the end of the day they’ve known each other 8 years, they understand each other and love each other for who they are.

        Compare this to Ted who in “Baby Talk” told Robin she wasn’t needy enough (then Barney full out told her it made her awesome) and who ignored her when she was at one of the worst times of her life at the end of season 7 because she didn’t love him (hmm another reason why the finale was stupid) when he had pounced on her, moments after breaking up with Kevin (compare this again with Barney who, after Robin broke his heart in “Tick TIck Tick” immediately asked “are we still friends?” and tried to make sure she was feeling ok). Barney isn’t perfect, but he treats Robin a hell of a lot better than Ted.

        At the end of the day they have spent years telling us the Ted and Robin are not right for each other and Barney and Robin are soulmates (they’ve actually used this term several times). To reverse this all now so it fits their script that they wrote in 2006 – that they actually admitted doesn’t really fit the show now – is criminal.

        • Very well said. Point point point, reason reason reason. Unlike some people who ignore much of what actually happened.

        • Celina says:

          I agree! What I hated the most about the finale was the divorce of Barney and Robin. When Barney met the mother he was in a bad place. This showed us that his lifestyle wasn’t good anymore, just pathetic. Then, we see how Barney decides that he loves Robin and wants to be in a relationship with her forever. Then, the finale makes Barney go back to his lifestyle. It was character undevelopment.
          Plus, since Robin and Ted broke up, Robin never wanted Ted anymore, but the Barney and Robin relationship never really came to an end. Sometimes Robin wanted Barney back and sometimes Barney wanted Robin back…
          I like Ted a lot too and I think he deserves better than Robin. What he needed was The Mother who wanted the same things that he wanted and do not freak out about everything. I bet the Ted and Robin relationship lasted 5 minutes. Robin probably said something like: Ted, I can’t do this. We tried before and we failed. What you want and need is a new mother for your children and it’s not me. THE END

          • Lucy says:

            Brilliant! And well put together…that summarizes Robin who is actually the Sociopath in the group and the most selfish ones with huge issues.

        • Red Balloon Ted says:

          I agree with many of your points, but I wanted to give you (and those who replied to your comment below) a counter argument, not because I think you (and the other replies) are not correct [in many ways you are], but just so that you can see another point on view – for what it might be worth.

          1. Regarding “Baby Talk” – yep, Ted is frustrated with Robin because he felt she didn’t need him when they dated, and perhaps didn’t need anyone, which I think hurt Robin’s feelings. So, she goes over to Barney’s to determine if he felt the same way. He/Barney does – Robin doesn’t need anyone, but Barney’s fine with that and Robin feels better having heard it. The question is – did Robin go over to Barney’s to see if he was okay with her being independent and not needing anyone (‘which makes you the most awesome chick I ever banged’), or did she go over to Barneys’ to hear him say that she did need someone, perhaps Barney?

          When I first saw this episode, I thought the former – that Robin was happy that Barney agreed with Ted, and that Barney was happy about it. I felt this way for years. Then I saw ‘Daisy’ and ‘End of the Isle’ last month, and I realized Robin did need someone, and I think that is what she was struggling with – the perception that she needed no one, and the harsh truth that she really did need a guy she could depend upon who would go ‘big’ for her. She finally made this realization when she spoke with her mom on the Barney’s Farhampton room balcony.
          2. Ted didn’t ignore Robin in ‘The Broath, etc.’ – he was cordial to her and they talked, but as Marshall told Robin, they (T & R) had to get some separation, for Ted’s sake if nothing else. I think Robin understood Marshall’s reasoning, and moved out of Ted’s apartment. Robin was frustrated that Ted was avoiding her (The Broath), but many B&R fans always claim that Ted was ‘stalking Robin’ and wouldn’t leave her alone (which was not true btw), and then other B&R fans say Ted abandoned Robin when she needed him most (also, not true). With B&R fans, Ted can never win. That’s fine for B&R fans to think that way, but it’s not true to the story.

          Ted needed to get away from Robin, to get his head cleared, and she (Robin) pulled him back. That lead to the ‘Good Crazy’ episode where Ted begins to see Robin everywhere he goes. He misses her, and eventually they make up and try to remain ‘platonish’ friends. But it is important to remember that it was not Ted who asked Robin to leave – it was Marshall. And Marshall was correct in asking her to leave, and Robin realized her leaving was necessary.
          3. Ted didn’t ‘pounce’ on Robin after her breakup with Kevin (again, the ‘stalker’ theory) in ‘The Drunk Train’ – he did tell Robin he loved her, but I think that was an honest reaction-response to her saying that no one could get over the fact that she couldn’t have children. In the next episode (No Pressure), Ted goes out of his way to check with Barney first, to tell him that Kevin has broken up with Robin and to see if Barney wants to get back with her. He doesn’t, or perhaps he lied, but that’s not Ted’s fault if Barney lied to him. So, Ted give it one last shot, and if you watch ‘No Pressure’ again, you’ll see that Robin clearly has some feelings for Ted at that point – although those feeling are not ‘love’.
          4. It is fine for anyone out there to say that Barney treated Robin better than Ted, but I think we all know that’s not true. No one, no one treated Robin better than Ted [the locket?] – probably too much so, and that always scared Robin off. Barney lied to Robin over and over again (granted, he lied to everyone, but that’s Barney, the magician). Robin wanted the ‘bad boy’ – be it Barney or Simon – remember, B&R first hooked up after watching the Simon-Sparkles video in ‘Sandcastles in Sand.’ And that’s what she got – ‘the bad boy’ – twice. And twice it didn’t work. That’s not Ted’s fault. It is not Barney’s or Robins’ fault either – it just didn’t work… to ‘awesomes’ don’t always make for a happy union for very long.

          5. I agree, the HIMYM writers did spend years telling us that Ted and Robin did not make a good match, but within those years, there was ‘The Front Porch’/S4, ‘Robin 101’/S5, Dopplegangers /S5, ‘False Positive’/S6, ‘The Best Man’/S7, ‘No Pressure’/S7, ‘Last Page/2’/S8, ‘Something Old’/S8, ‘Sunrise’/S9 and ‘End of the Isle’/S9. There were consistent episodes and ‘moment’s all along the way that kept hinting that Ted and Robin had some form of ‘destiny’ in front of them – whether it be ‘the Universe’, or Ted’s ‘Red Balloon’. There was always something there – as a viewer, I kept seeing these episodes come up, and thought – ‘wow, they are not letting this go. I wonder why?’ Now we know why.

          Anyway, I wanted to at least give you a different perspective on the very same episodes and scenes that you saw – I’m not saying I’m right and you are wrong, or vice versa. I’m just saying, many fans see the same scenes and see something different – and that’s okay – that’s what makes for a cool, complex TV show.

          Now, I gotta run off and go watch SHIELD – Robin (I mean Maria) is guest starring in tonight’s episode. AWESOME!!! :)

          • Dee says:

            I won’t go into all of these points because it will take forever but I’ve answered the two most pressing ones

            3. “Ted didn’t ignore Robin in ‘The Broath, etc.’ – he was cordial to her and they talked”

            It states they didn’t talk for weeks, he deliberately avoided her at Lily’s baby shower. He doesn’t even call her after she nearly dies, he sends her a text. Here’s a direct quote from “The Broath” – “The one person I want to talk to most barely looks me in the eye anymore, much less returns my calls.” and again at the end when they’re supposed to have made up “We wouldn’t see each other for a long time.”

            4. “It is fine for anyone out there to say that Barney treated Robin better than Ted, but I think we all know that’s not true.”

            Completely disagree. While I agree Ted does the odd nice thing for Robin more often than not he is really doing them for his own gain. The locket is actually a prime example of this, he gets the locket not because he loves her – he gets it because he wants to win Robin back (I’ll give you he gives in and gives it to Barney in the end – but not before all his ex-girlfriends call him out on having an ulterior motive. That speech he gave to Jeanette was one of a stalker not a lover (even she calls him out on it). This is not the first time he does this either, there’s the blue French orchestra that he gets soully because he wants to get Robin to date him (and he gets antsy and nags her after she says no – Barney backs away every time this happens because he actually respects her choice). Nor is this the only girl Ted’s done this for, I see all these romantic gestures as no different from tracking down Victoria in “Drumroll please” or Ted’s 3 minute date with Stella – this isn’t a man madly in love with this girl, this is just what Ted does, grand showy gestures for girls he has a small amount of feelings for just to make himself look great.

            Compare this to Barney’s romantic gestures, getting her a job in “The possimiple”, letting her win the race in “subway wars”, trying to get the Canadians to accept her in the pole vaulting team in his blog entry for “Symphony of Illumination”, giving her and Don the super date – these are quiet gestures – some of which he doesn’t even let her know he’s done. They’re about her, for her, they’re to make her happy not to make him look good and Robin love him.

            Another example of Barney treating Robin way better than Ted: Ted makes Robin give away her dogs (while ending up keeping the stuff that upset her) Barney not only goes with her to give them away back when they were Barney friends but, once they get engaged he buys her puppies.

            “Barney lied to Robin over and over again”

            Over and over again? I can think of 4 instances, one was the wedding episode – pretty much doesn’t count – Ted told him to lie to her so Ted is just as (if not more) complicit in the lie as Barney, plus it all gets resolved by Barney promising not to ever lie to her at the end. The proposal, which was mildly manipulative, but Robin is notoriously skittish about relationships and he had to get her into a position where he could honestly show her he’d changed and make her realise she loved him, and note he didn’t manipulate her into saying yes: he told her everything, put all his cards, all his lies and confessions on the table before he proposed. The rehersal dinner, she liked it, she had run a play like this on him before, she said she was going to get her back, any final fears were resolved in the wedding episode (and again Ted knew about it, so he was lying to her too). Not burning the playbook, I’ll give you that one made me uncomfortable, but at the end of the day he realised he’d screwed up, blew it up for good and appologised, he’s only just got into a solid relationship he’s going to screw up on occasion (and again Ted knew about this).

            Feel free to tell me if there’s any more lies I’ve missed.

            “remember, B&R first hooked up after watching the Simon-Sparkles video in ‘Sandcastles in Sand.”

            How is that a point about Robin wanting a “bad boy”? She kissed him because he (unlike Ted who left her) came over and comforted her after she’d been dumped, he was being very sweet to her and was clearly not expecting anything else out of the night (compare how he “comforts” Claudia in “The Wedding” for an example of how he acts when he wants to take advantage of a crying woman).

      • murley says:

        Except then they made the reason the marriage fell apart seem to be much more about Robin putting her career first and them constantly traveling and never being at home. Barney’s commitment issues didn’t come into play at all. It felt like the entire last season was about one thing for all the characters and then the finale was about something else entirely.

        • Jen says:

          yeah she broke his heart, he would have stayed in the marriage if she seemed committed. He went back to his old life style because he didn’t want to have his heart broken again! I really grew to dislike robin during the course of those last 42 minutes that were the bad finale!!!!!

          • Barn Door says:

            I think we may have saw something different in that Argentina break up scene. Robin asked Barney if he wanted out – he said ‘Yes’ – to his credit, he didn’t/couldn’t lie to her – I admire him for that. I just wanted to set the record straight on that one point. For some reason, many want to blame Robin for the Argentina break up. What was Barney angry about in that scene? That the hotel didn’t have WiFi?

            It takes two to tango, and two to break up. Robin didn’t break Barney’s heart – come on, Barney’s a big boy – just ask #31. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, and I respect your opinion. But I wanted to ensure the readers here get a full-view of what happened. This blaming everyone but Barney routine is getting old, and frankly, not true to the story or Barney character.

      • andrea says:

        Barney and robin generated more electricity than Ted and Robin. The scene with Barney and his daughter proved Barney could commit. I would rather have had Robin, perhaps through some advanced technology, be the mother of Barney’s child. Did you ever hear NPH sing “Marry Me a :Little Bit’ from “Company” which I tt should have been the basis of the Barney/ Robin marriage. The Barney and Robin relationship makes more sense than the Ted and Robin relationship.
        After spending a season on Barney and Robin’s wedding, the finale felt thrown together. Having Tracey die in the finale ruins the fun of watching reruns. The Marshall road trip time period could have been abandoned in order to concentrate more on the Ted /Tracey relationship.
        Maybe the writers should have let Robin and Ted escape down the drainpipe on the Wedding Day. they ended up together anyways. .It would have saved everyone a lot of trouble.

        • Just a second opinion - we'll ignore it and go on with the Barney-fest says:

          Yes, it would have saved ‘everyone’ a lot of trouble to have B&R run off together, but that would not have been true to the story. B&R tried to make it work * twice * – for whatever reason, it didn’t. Who to blame for that? I guess anyone but Barney, right?

          When you have a chance, watch HIMYM in syndication and watch – ‘Sunrise’ [next season in syndication], or ‘Something Old’ and let us know what you think about electricity.

          B&R could definitely generate electricity, but watch ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Something Old’, and ‘Dopplegangers’, and then let us know about ‘electricity.’ B&R had a lot of juice, but the electricity T&R had often came out of nowhere – hidden just underneath the surface, ready to pop. That’s more of an ‘adult’ level of electricity, something that doesn’t have to be publicly displayed over and over again (look everyone, look at us, I guess we’re love – look at us). Two different types of relationships – some like the B&R ‘look at us’ type relationship, and perhaps others like the more ‘under the surface’ type of relationship of T&R. Both are good and worth valuing.

  6. Kevin says:

    I feel sorry for the excellent cast who spend time on every talk shor or interview they are now on trying with no success to defend a very poorly conceived ending to a sit-COM that ended without humor or growth for any of the main characters. They will likely spend several more years half-hearted ly defending the lame ending like Alyson here and Neil Patrick the other night on Letterman.

    • Pin to burst your bubble says:

      Or perhaps, they [cast] may be honestly saying what they think, and maybe your theory that the entire finale was ‘wrong’ will be proven incorrect. But hey, it is fun to live in your own little bubble isn’t it?

  7. Natalie says:

    Sorry, Aly.

    That’s not why we hated it…

    • Sorry, Natalie says:

      Why did you hate the finale? Because Barney and Robin didn’t stay together? That’s it? That’s your reason? Come on, be honest. No B&R shipper gives a damn about Tracy – it is all about B&R. You poor, sad people.

      • murley says:

        Personally I hated the finale because it violated the basic rule of ‘show, don’t tell’. For example we spend the entire episode seeing Robin pull away from the group, bitter about Ted and Tracey, uncomfortable with her friends’ lives. And we are supposed to be excited about her reunion with Ted because of a throw away line that the kids love her when she comes for dinner all the time? That isn’t good story telling. And this is only one example of how they relied on ‘tell not show’ to wrap things up. Irregardless of the story they wanted to tell, the execution was fatally flawed. That made it bad.

  8. shay says:

    They don’t show us TR is not right for each other but how it was always a bad timing for them in their life they were not in the same place till the end. As a couple they were good, the only reason for their breakup it’s because they wanted diffrents things at this point of their life but theu grow up, realized theirs dreams and time was right to be together again.

    They are not my OTP, Marshall/Lily are but as a couple they worked when they were together, it’s not the case about BR and throygh the show I see more BR as the couple who couldn’t work in a long time. The things they had are common don’t make them a good couple. The last season is the worst they were all loved dovey it’s not them. The reason of their first break up was legitime! They don’t work as a couple even if they loved each other. Love is not enough and they tried to hard, they tried to persuade themselves… 3 years of marriage is already well, some people stay together less… The finale was reaslistic, it’s life, death, dovorce, love again happens…

    I wanted more of ML and what happened to Lily’s career and a group scene as old people

    • JLK says:

      Realistic? Please. The only thing missing from this fairy tale was a true love’s kiss to seal the deal at the end.

  9. tamy says:

    why people think the cast needs to defend the finale? It wasn’t perfect but the cast before even the finale aired, said they loved it, full circle and such nice things so the haters don’t find stupid reasons to make them in “your side”

    • Dee says:

      Oh so Neil going on and on about how much he loved Barney and Robin together and how he loved the fact that through that relationship they’d allowed him to develop and that his favourite scene was saying his vows to Robin wasn’t passive agressive?

    • Sheila says:

      They’re trying to make sure TV viewers still like them and will follow them to other projects.

  10. Rachel says:

    If she thinks we’re masking our feelings of being sad with anger because that’s what some people do after a break-up, she needs to watch the “bad breaker-upper” episode of Seinfeld again – sometimes it IS just anger.

    Sometimes you ARE actually mad instead of sad, particularly when the relationship ends with the other person throwing everything you trusted them with in your face and betraying you, like I know a lot of us felt this show did.

    It didn’t just leave, it told me I have a big head and acted like nothing we had mattered!

    (The big head is a reference to the Seinfeld episode. I promise my head is normal size.)

  11. Elle says:

    I refuse to keep going over why the finale sucked. If they don’t get it by now, they’re never going to get it.

    • KathyNYC says:

      Yup. Totally sucked. The end.

    • Meg says:

      amen to that, the finale sucked. 9 years of hard work by the actors and the finale makes the complete show something that is just not watchable. Psych and Raising Hope ended around the same time. Two shows with less frenzy around them but loyal fan following that had near perfect ending. The difference they actually cared about what viewers felt about the show and didn’t treat them like jerks. I wish all of the cast members all the best with their future projects but never again will I watch another show made by the same creative team, NEVER.

    • no, no, go ahead, tell us again - B&R got divorced says:

      No please, please tell us *again* why YOU didn’t like the finale Elle – can’t wait to hear it *again*. B&R got divorced. That’s why isn’t it? B&R got divorced. B&R divorced.

      WE GOT IT. Thank you, no need to tell us *again*.

      • powerturtle90sdudemon says:

        I look at the “Where Are They Now?” at the end of “Gary Blauman”, at Patrice’s segment, revealing she has an advice-based radio show. ROBIN is the one we hear calling in. This was the end of the episode right before the wedding occurs. This should’ve been obvious foreshadowing of marital strife. And why was the wedding weekend so focused on? It was the last time they were all together before everything changed big time. Every moment was important. And why does he gloss over the time with Tracy? 1. He covered a bunch of the moments over the previous 23 episodes 2) A good chunk of those years were while the kids were alive. By the time you’re 5 you start remembering stuff better. 3) That stuff? Would be reliving the pain of the entire illness. That would only make the story dig deeper into the sad part. That’s OVERKILL by this point

        • I'm sorry for the B&R shippers - they didn't get what they wanted. says:

          There were many instances over the years of a foreshadowing of B&R marital strife, including the Patrice moment you noted. This was all coming, but many viewers chose not to notice, or to acknowledge. So, now they say they got blind-sided, tricked. I don’t know what to say to those people – I hope they find another comedy someday that they will like.

          I didn’t agree with everything that took place on HIMYM, but that didn’t/doesn’t stop me from remembering the show fondly, and enjoying in rerun syndication. But, certainly, if a fan/viewer was a B&R shipper, they are not going to be happy. That’s understandable – they didn’t get what they were watching the show for – they didn’t get what they wanted. I’m sorry that happened for them.

  12. Red Balloon Ted says:

    From AH’s interview and Matt’s article above, here’s the two parts that really caught my attention –

    “the aforementioned “perfect” table read reportedly was caught on camera, and thus could end up on said DVD set” and “the finale that aired last month was some 18 minutes shorter than the script they worked off of at [the] “perfect” table read.”

    If nothing else, I’d like to see that ‘full table read’ on film – not just deleted scenes [although, that’s fine], but I’d like to see that full 18 minutes [and/or whatever was filmed for the finale] chronologically placed into the finale [as a separate part of the DVD set] so that there is a better flow to the storyline of the finale, and we can see the entire story – regardless of how good/bad/heart-breaking it might be. That would make the finale a bit over an hour long [w/o commercials.]

    I know many fans don’t like the B&R breakup – I don’t know if any deleted scenes are in those 18 minutes that might help tell that part of the story [2016] better. But since Tracy’s funeral would be in 2024, and the T&R café summit [I’m guessing here] would be around that same time, that funeral montage might go a long way to at least showing the T-R-B-L-M relationship at that moment in 2024 – who attended, body language, interaction with the kids [Penny and Luke], etc. It could go a long way to detailing the event and what followed – particularly for T&R.

    I hope we get to see those 18 minutes (and the funeral montage) in the DVD set. I know for many, it’s too late, it won’t matter. I understand. But I’ve got to know the full story of that finale – good or bad; if it was captured on film, that’s it, I gotta see the whole thing.

    • cjeffery7 says:

      agreed. i’m not going to sit here and complain about ruining character development, blablabla, the writers chose a path and i’m not going to claim to be smarter than them or that i could have written a better finale, blablabla. working within the confines of the story they told, i felt a piece was missing for the audience, and Allison said it in the 5th paragraph above. we needed to see Ted grieve and get closure so we, the audience, could do the same.

  13. Gretchen says:


    • S. says:

      Totally, they need to stop with the convincing. It didn’t work. At some point they’ll reach the stage of acceptance. Oh by the way, you’re looking very fetch today, Gretchen. ;)

  14. Boiler says:

    Love most of the cast but sort of wish they would quit defending the finale

    • Would everyone please stop giving their opinion - remember, my opinion is all that matter. Right? says:

      Why, why shouldn’t the cast say what they want about the finale – why can’t they talk about the show anymore? Because you don’t agree with them. Is that it?

      They worked on the show. Last time I checked, you and I and the other’s here didn’t work on HIMYM. Yet, for some reason, you feel that your opinion of the finale and show is all that matters, and anyone else who happens to disagree with you should ‘quit defending the finale.’

      I guess you didn’t like it – has anyone told you here at TVLine to stop complaining about the finale? No, and no one should – you are entitled to your opinion. Shouldn’t the cast, or anyone else, be entitled their opinion?

  15. patrice says:

    Um…I’ve been waiting for HIMYM to end 5 seasons ago…so, no, I wasn’t sad they left. I wanted it to end. I was ready for it to end. I was ready to meet the mother and feel like 9 years of watching were worth meeting Tracy (4 years of loyal watching, 5 years of once-in-awhile watching–like I said, I was ready for it to end). And I hated the ending so much, I will never even watch another rerun of the show, nor will I ever check out whatever else the creators come up with.

    It was a terrible finale. One of the worst in the history of television. And yes, if they still don’t get what was so awful about it, they’re never going to get it.

    • someone who didn't ask. says:

      nobody asked you patrice!

      but i agree…

      • Red Balloon Ted says:

        Very good. :)

        Hopefully time will be able to heal some wounds, but if it doesn’t, it’s okay, it’s understandable. Regardless of the ending for HIMYM, the ride, the getting there, the blogs and TVLine each Monday night, and interviews and magazine covers for the cast over the years (particularly this past final season) – those were all really good times and nice moments. The journey did matter, and that journey all of us took together, along with the journey the cast and crew took over these past nine years – that journey was quite remarkable.

        That’s something everyone can share and still feel good about. These types of journeys are rare – we’ll know how rare when the new comedy pilots come along this fall – we may not see another HIMYM or TBBT or 2.5Men or Office or 30 Rock or Modern Family for a very long time. It is then, at that future date, that we’ll all look back and feel some good towards HIMYM and how special (regardless of the ending) that show and that cast and crew really were. Timeless.

  16. JB says:

    She’s absolutely clueless or rationalizing to the point of complete ignorance. The finale stunk yo high heavens…..pure and simple. And to not understand why the majority of us hold that opinion, just shows yet again how self-absorbed most actors in Hollywood are. Just pathetic the way that entire cast and crew keeps trying to tell us, I mean sell us, on how good the finale really us. I am not buying.

    • Percysowner says:

      I can see where the cast, having worked on this for so long would feel positive about the end. It’s a job they loved. It was written by people who gave them a job for nine years. Aly and the others may have really liked the ending. I didn’t. All the “why the ending was great”s in the world won’t make me like it, or ever watch another rerun, or buy DVDs or watch the creators’ shows. The people who liked and even loved the ending can do all that, I’m out.

    • Once upon a time, I was in junior high school, and this kid says - "The majority feels like I do..." says:

      And that’s okay – you are certainly entitled to your opinion about the HIMYM finale. But why is AH ‘absolutely clueless’ and ignorant about the finale? Why do you feel that way? Because you disagree with her, therefore she is ignorant and should remain silent? She’s wrong, and must be wrong, because you don’t agree with her regarding the finale?

      “The majority feels like I do, therefore, I am right.” Really, you want to stick to that assumption?

  17. JennieErin says:

    Um, no I still would have completely hated it. Robin was completely wrong for him & they brought in the perfect person for the Mother and then killed her off. There is nothing in that scenario, funeral or not, “beautiful goodbye scene” or not that would not make me hate the finale and vow never ever to watch this show again

    • Um, and I think B&R should be together, um, l ike forever, and um, when I get back to my locker at school, um.. says:

      Um, no problem, you won’t have to buy the DVD. Um, it’s funny how when people want to act like they ‘know better’ than the rest of us (or any of us), they say ‘um’.

      Well, um, I guess you will continue to hate the final. Um, do people in junior high still talk like this? Um, do let us know when you get back to school.

      Um, someday you will grow up into an adult, and um, you may find that love-matches are not all about love, and Barney is cool, and um, stuff like that.

      You get where I’m coming from?

      • JennieErin says:

        So sorry that my admittedly lame attempt at humor did not appeal to you a**hole! I apologize for my vernacular. Why you feel the need to rudely reply to so many people is beyond me. FYI, I am not a B & R shipper, this show was always about Ted and the Mother for me. The whole B & R debacle is completely separate and I honestly don’t care that much about them. I care that they brought in an amazing actress to be the Mother and then underused her and got rid of her for a lame ending. I was snookered and it pissed me off. Not that you care about any of this. Not sure why I felt the need to respond and defend myself but so be it.

  18. She’s wrong. The problem with the finale is that it was written for a show they stopped making after season three started. It was an ill-fitting ending for the seasons and episodes that preceded it.

    • Hi, I see you are in a hole - would you like a shovel to keep digging further? says:

      You’re going to stick with that theory, right? Everyone else is wrong, Aly is wrong, but you – thank goodness for you – now we’ll all know ‘the truth’ about the HIMYM finale – from you.

  19. Asia says:

    Honestly, the actors can defend this abomination of a finale until the cows come home; it still won’t change the fact that for a lot of people it sucked (and on unbelievable level at that). It was truly terrible for reasons beyond the mother dying and no, a one second funeral wouldn’t have fixed it. The writers destroyed seasons of growth and development over an outdated ending. It was just bad story telling all around and the finale makes previous seasons pointless. This show did not deserve 9 seasons especially since the writers couldn’t be bother to adjust the ending as things changed. One thing for sure is I will never waste my time on another Carter Bays and Craig Thomas’s project.

    • What? You are not a B&R shipper? Well then, %$#*^ yourself. says:

      Ah-ha. Got it. Thank you. I think you are writing in code, but even a dummy like me may be able to decipher your sentences. Let me give this a try, and they you tell me if I’m getting close to the truth? Okay, here goes?
      1. “abomination of a finale”
      2. “The writers destroyed seasons of growth and development ”
      3. “It was truly terrible for reasons beyond the mother dying ”
      4. “outdated ending.”
      Okay, I’m going to take a wild guess here – are you ready? Good. You are a B&R shipper aren’t you? Yes, another one! Oh boy. And now, because you didn’t get your way, everyone else is garbage, everyone else’s opinion about the show and finale doesn’t matter, the cast of HIMYM is corrupt, people like me, who may disagree with you are no good, etc.

      That’s it isn’t it? How could I have possibly figured this out? A dummy like me , a worthless. And why am I stupid and worthless? Because I don’t agree with you. Exactly.

      Very good – no problem. Glad we had this chance to chat.

  20. GuessWhat says:

    So they’re all there doing PR to save the horrible finale?
    NPH was on Letterman this week talking about it, too.
    He said, “I know people want their sitcoms to be funny.”
    horrible ending

    • GuessWhat says:

      they’re all out there* — i.e., it’s like this strange press tour AFTER the fact. a month after the finale. I guess to help save the DVD sales. uggh.

    • Danyelle says:

      How is answering TVline’s question at what sounds like a completely unrelated event “doing PR”? And if I read Allison’s quotes right, she comes off kinda disappointed herself. You have a odd definition of “doing PR.” LOL

      • Quite sad what is happening here - it needs to stop says:

        This ^ You are correct – the trashing of the cast for answering questions about the finale (what else are they supposed to do? Hide inside the house for the rest of their lives?) is really crossing the line.

        One thing I’ve noticed is that there are a lot of angry fans on this site (and others), and that’s okay, but now they’ve taken to attacking the cast. That’s just sad. But you know the best part, there isn’t a one of them on this blog, not a one, who will come clean and admit to the rest of us that they are B&R shippers – that’s why they are angry.

        They know so much about so much, and yet not a one of them who will come onto this blog and admit that they are angry because they are B&R shippers.

        They come here and say that they wanted the mother to live – they don’t give a damn about Tracy – they just wanted Ted with someone else (ANYONE ELSE) so that they could have their B&R fantasy.

        Let them rot in their sad, toxic fixations. But, all you B&R shippers – leave the cast alone.

  21. I may have missed it and I refuse to ever watch it again, but my biggest problem with the ending is that Barney and Robin didn’t say they fell out of love with each other but with the traveling lifestyle. Robin and Ted each admitted they weren’t in love with each other. The Mother was really well cast and her little screen time this season pointed to a happily ever after for Ted. Barney and Robin were happy when they wed. Of course Lily and Marshall were happy. Most people watch comedies to be happy. Why tear almost all the couples apart so that two people who couldn’t make it work over 9 seasons could go on a date? And turning Barney back into a cartoon was especially irksome.

    I would have much preferred a last shot of all three happy couples – Lily and Marshall, Barney and Robin, Tef and The Mother sitting on a porch eating brunch. That’s my ending.

    • RJ says:

      This ^ Absolutely 100% agree

    • This. The whole narration of the series makes it sound like everyone was still close, but in the finale, they were anything but! That finale scene would have been perfect and much more in-line with the show’s themes.

    • Martin says:

      Sorry, with that kind of ending, there’s no point having a story about “How I Met Your Mother” for 9 seasons, it could be wrapped up in one season, two at max. “I met your mom at my best friend’s wedding”, that’s it. It’s more like a short essay than the story the writers wanted to tell. The story was good, but the execution of the last season and the ending was bad, I agree with Lily completely.

  22. RJ says:

    “And I was like, ‘That’s what I want. I want my heart ripped out and slammed on the floor and, like, stomped on!’” Reminder that Allison Hannigan came from the Whedonverse.

  23. Katie says:

    I actually really liked Barney’s ending. It showed that you don’t have to have a partner to be happy. It was really sweet that his daughter finally gave him the motivation to change. Nobody else ever managed to do that (including Robin).

    • JLK says:

      I agree. You don’t need a partner to make you happy. That’s one of my biggest complaints with some of the people defending the finale who keep asking things like “What would you do with Robin if she doesn’t wind up with Ted? So she’s just a lonely, miserable spinster?” Um….no. Why can’t she just be a successful career woman who’s not obsessed with getting married/being married because she tried it and it didn’t work for her. Why can’t she find fulfillment in her professional accomplishments? And she could have a relationship or two during her travels that are more casual, but completely enjoyable for her. I would see that as a win for her. She doesn’t need a man to be happy.

    • someone who didn't ask. says:

      I liked his ending too. what i didn’t like was that just like that ,he went back to womanizing. if maybe he eased back into it, i would be able to buy the whole story a little more. but it was cute.

    • jenna says:

      the problem is that (on screen) he DID change, he didn’t go back to his womanizing ways in his marriage with robin and there was nothing to point out that he still had his commitment issues. Had the writers made this the reason for their divorce I would have been fine with it however as mentioned by other posters their divorce seemed to be a result of travelling more than anything else

      • Red Balloon Ted says:

        I could be wrong, but I think their divorce stemmed from a power struggle – it can happen to the best of us. Barney (in Argentina) was upset with Robin’s travel because he couldn’t find any WiFi connection, but we know that was just a small portion of his general frustration.

        Barney needed to be a guy in control – there’s nothing wrong with that. I could never see (and stomach) Barney following a woman (any woman) around the world like a puppy dog. That’s not Barney, but someone had to give in to keep the marriage going, and it was Barney [at that point]. I’m sure Robin had to give in to many of Barney’s quirks – that’s how you keep a marriage going. They both were adults, they understood the risks of getting married. Robin had her career – this was her dream. Barney was a good guy – he could not ask her to give up her dream. So, they folded their hand of the cards they were dealt. It happens.

        I don’t blame either for the break-up – yes, I wish we had more details of what happened to Robin and Barney while they were married (maybe on the DVD?), but I made my peace with it. I always said (and meant it), if Robin couldn’t be with Ted, I wanted her to be with Barney. But most of all, I wanted Robin to be happy. I think that’s the best anyone could ask – to find happiness. If she found happiness with Barney, great. If she found happiness with Ted, great.

        I think that’s how the series ends – CT/CB wanted there to be some hope – and it is left up to the viewer to decide where and with whom Robin finally finds some (lasting?) happiness. Maybe with Ted? Maybe she goes back to Barney to help raise his daughter? That’s up to the viewer to decide, but there is always hope that Robin will find her happiness in life. I think she deserves that.

        • murley says:

          My perfect finale would have been even more open ended. They could have kept in the part about the mother getting sick and then as a viewer you could decided if she died and ted and Robin reunited, if she lived, if Barney and Robin reunited and raised his daughter together etc.

  24. Aly says:

    I just watched the Psych finale with the producers’ commentary and what struck me was that the creator said that he had a plan (from the beginning) on how to end the show but realised that the characters have evolved a lot in 8 years and it just wouldn’t work anymore, so he changed the plan. All I kept thinking was … if only the HIMYM creators had been as smart as Steve Franks. At least he got it right.

    • shuayb says:

      Ha! Couldn’t have sid it better. They were to sruck in their ways to realize how messed up they made it…

    • JLK says:

      I don’t watch Psyche, but I’ve seen plenty of writers note that things often develop on screen…or on the page…differently than anticipated. Some of the best writers say that they originally thought X, but once they took a step back and took another look at their work, they realized that another path would lead them to better stories. Carter & Bays were so convinced of their genius “surprise ending” and misnomer show that they kept going full speed ahead instead of taking that step back.

    • Naomi says:

      Kevin Williamson said the same thing when he had always planned for Dawson and Joey to end up together as soulmates on Dawson’s Creek, yet as he was writing the finale he realised how much the characters had evolved and that ending no longer made sense

    • Jenna says:

      The Psych finale was everything HIMYM was not. It was satisfying for the fans because it remained true to itself and its characters.
      I truly hate when writers try to justify a breakup, or other unnecessary dramatic character twist, by saying ‘that’s RL’, when most of the show is anything but realistic.

  25. DonLunte says:

    I feel like its correct what she said. But thats not the only reason that the finale didnt really work.
    After 9 seasons Barneys character evolved. I didnt believe for a second that he would go back to that “bimbo f*cking” guy. As funny as it was the first seasons, that just didnt make sense!

  26. jj says:

    For me .. it wasn’t Mother dying that disappointed me. (I guessed that much.) It is well the kids said (paraphrasing) “This is not about Mom, it’s about Aunt Robin.” So basically Ted trick the kids and the audience that the story was about “How I met your Mother” when the end game was all about Aunt Robin. That’s just lame.

  27. Jon says:

    It’s too late to fix what’s been broken. No amount of explanation or defense is going to help that they screwed up the finale.

    • John NYC says:

      That’s more or less my feelings about it. They got one try at a finale and that’s it. Once it failed, it failed forever for those who’ve followed the series.

      I guess they do have a chance with completely naive people who binge watch the series in the future.

  28. Fernanda says:

    the final episode was THE FINAL SLAP for Barney and of course for the audience. Maybe the real problem was how the writers execute the stories, marriage, divorce, death and relinked with an old flame, but I’m OK with Ted/Robin but I feel the writers mess with the audience with Barney’s character.

    The Final season would have been the plot from the final episode and not the long weekend

  29. Nikki says:

    I appreciate Alyson Hannigan’s comments and how she realizes and understands our (fans, like myself, who were very disappointed) feelings about the finale. It’s refreshing compared to Josh Radnor’s overt love of the episode, Neil Patrick Harris trying to explain it into being good, and, of course, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas’ complete intolerance for those who did not like it. I don’t agree with her theory of the fans being mad because the show and the characters “leaving us”, but, as she said, that’s just HER way of coping with our anger towards the finale.

    Do I believe a funeral scene would have helped? Yes, but only in the sense of Tracy’s death. Do I like that Tracy died? No, but I expected it. What I did not expect and do not think could have been explained in any way, with any amount of footage, is Ted and Robin reuniting. I will never understand that.

    If Carter and Craig had this horrific ending planned from the beginning, why did they not write FOR THAT ENDING? It seems as if, after season 2, they wrote a completely different show and then just snapped their fingers and went back to season 2 in the finale. It just doesn’t make sense. Don’t show me all the reasons Ted and Robin don’t belong together, have several, ad-nauseam, episodes of Robin clearly NOT loving Ted and him “letting” go, don’t go through nine seasons of character development, only to destroy all of this in the finale. I will never understand why they made Robin a pathetic, bitter spinster for 15+ years, just so Ted could wait until his wife was out of the picture and he could go to her. It was just terrible.

    For people who defend the finale and say “it’s real life!”- guess what? “Real life” isn’t waiting until your wife, the supposed love of your life, is dead, and going to your first love, who is still, miraculously, single and who happens to be your best friend’s ex-wife. NPH has said, of the finale, that HIMYM always did a great job of blending heart-wrenching moments and comedy, but the finale was not funny, and it is not the time to drive home “real life” moments. Us viewers, we live real life every single day. Many of us have experienced death, divorce, and other subjects. When I’m watching one of my favorite SITCOM’s last ever episode, I don’t want to be reminded of those things. I want to laugh and be nostalgic and know that these characters that I watched grow and change and whom I’ve loved and hated and loved again, have been sent off in a way that makes me feel like my investment in them meant something.

    I’m not holding my breath for the “alternate ending”. Everyone has said they did not shoot extra, alternate footage, aside from the scenes on the cutting room floor, which just plays into the original ending. I’m sure through editing they made it seem like Tracy didn’t die or something akin to that, but none of that will make up for this horrendous hour of television and it really disappoints me.

    • Natalie says:

      This entire thread has made me feel a little better. I was thinking that maybe I was ridiculous for feeling personally victimized. I’m clearly not the only one out there.

      • Sergeant Friday says:

        No, you are correct. You have been personally victimized by the HIMYM writing staff. Would you like to report this to the police? Someone should be arrested for this victimization that you have had to tolerate with this horrible, ‘wrong’, finale.

  30. JB says:

    As an occasional watcher I was disappointed in the finale…and not entirely because the mother died.

    It’s just after nine years of PROMISING “How I met your Mother”, in the final few minutes the entire series became: “How I ended up with “Aunt” Robin…oh yeah, I was briefly married to a chick who gave birth to you…but we didn’t even bother to get married until you were school-aged.”

    Really, the old “bait and switch”. I’ll say again that I can’t imagine a series that had less respect for its long time viewers.

    • Red Balloon Ted says:

      The show turned out to not be about ‘the mother’ – it just wasn’t. I think it is okay for fans (long time and otherwise) to be upset with the finale at the end, when the title of the show didn’t (in the end) match the end-game. Perhaps ‘bait and switch’, but perhaps not.

      I watch HIMYM whenever I can in syndication, and now (knowing the final end game), I see the show differently (which is good, kinda cool) and I watch for those Ted-Barney-Robin moments, to see how soon Barney fell for Robin, when Ted made his comeback pitches to Robin, Robin struggling with trying to get together with Barney, and Robin making her ‘lobster crawl’ moves towards Ted.

      As I watch, I realize that CT/CB left some clues once in a while in the episodes as to what could/might happen in ‘the end’. ‘The end’ was never a foregone conclusion: Ted and the Mother. That T-R-B triangle lasted too long for any of us to know for sure how this would all end, but we all knew that that ‘triangle’ (as Victoria warned) would produce some ‘consequences’ in the end.

      Bait-n-switch? I wish it was that simple. I think CT/CB gave us clues – but I missed them. I wasn’t fooled, I just missed the clues. Hence, I watch the episodes again to figure all this out.

  31. Pat says:

    Sorry, adding the Mother’s funeral would not have added nor softened the blow, that this finale awarded us. They all need to stop talking about it and just get over the fact that fans of this show were pretty unhappy with the finale’s outcome.

  32. wingsstef says:

    I didn’t hate the ending, but yes it could have been a bit longer. They should have kept the 18 minutes.

  33. greysfan says:

    Funeral or no funeral i truly don’t agree with the ending of HIMYM and the writers are idiots if they think changing it AFTER we’ve seen it will work for everyone. They should have asked CBS to include the extra 18 minutes of footage and have an hour and half finale instead of an hour. Why not go for that? Either way they spoiled the whole nine years with the ending they aired if they change it or not.

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  35. bbussey says:

    Horrible ending to the series, and the fact that people involved with the show continue to attempt justifying the ending a month after it aired (and doing it poorly) shows that *they* know it was a horrible ending. It was beyond ridiculous to stick with the ending they devised for the series that ran years longer — and therefore had its characters evolve farther — than the producers originally anticipated. It surely leaves a sour taste with fans that they hope will watch the spin-off and stick around for multiple seasons. And yes, it sure is beginning to look like an attempt to salvage sales of the eventual DVD set.

  36. brad says:

    I liked the ending, but I think the part that was “cut” should be made available in some way.

  37. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Uffda, you got it way wrong, Alyson. I couldn’t care less about the break up aspect. I’ve seen series finales before that I have loved and made me happy. Breaking Bad is the perfect example of a show that went out well. It was one of my favorite shows, and I never felt ill will towards them going off the air or towards the finale. And as for the funeral montage thing they’re talking about, it wouldn’t have softened the blow for me at all. I still would have been mad they chose to end it with Robin and Ted together, and Robin and Barney divorced.
    I think I am glad they didn’t go for the “heartwrenching” finale though. I’ve been watching the Doctor Who reboot for the first time over this last month, and I just got through a very heartwrenching episode with the goodbye between River Song and the Doctor (ugh, and Matt Smith’s goodbye too), and it was a little too heartwrenching for me. At this moment I regret watching the series a little because those scenes were pretty painful. My heart definitely got stomped on by Doctor Who. I’m sure I’ll get over it by the time the next season comes back, but for now I’m all blue and depressed.

  38. There was no blow to soften. We never really met the mother. I barely made it through Season 9. The entire season was a weekend wedding that would not end about a relationship we already watched fizzle with way too many cartoonish situations.

    I really wished they showed the gang in their regular weekly hijinks and just added a whole bunch of near misses until Ted finally catches the mother on the train platform. The End.

  39. Rob R says:

    It is not Alyson’s fault that the ending was absolutely horrific and unbelievably out of touch with the audience that had committed for so long ….so so long……for a happy ending. We are not unintelligent or unsophisticated for wanting a happy ending. Nor were the writers incredibly clever to throw this “conceived all along all the way back to 2006” twist. It is simply BAD writing at the end of a string of badly written seasons. The performers always rose above the sometimes abysmal material they were given, so I am sorry they are the ones always asked to explain and apologize for the horrific final episode.

  40. Sandy Rivers says:

    There wasn’t any merit to a single episode of that horrid final season culminating with the 2nd worst series finale in recent memory (thanks Dexter!).

  41. Bob Smith says:

    The “perfect” table read doesn’t really matter. The Mother still died, which is what most (definitely not “some”) fans were disappointed with the finale.

  42. If you need to defend the finale of a sitcom this hard, chances are people genuinely don’t like and aren’t going to like it more because you act like they “just don’t get it.” If that many people “just don’t get it,” I think maybe the writers are the ones who didn’t understand the way to properly end the show.

  43. Thank you, Alyson. That was EXACTLY the problem. The creators seemed to dismiss the fact the fans managed to make a connection with the character of Tracy (and many agree with you that Cristin did a wonderful job in the role). Giving the fans time to react and “mourn” her would have made a big difference.

    And I agree with those people who hate when people say “you just didn’t get the finale.” I understood the Seinfeld finale perfectly, all the way through to the Sartre-like fate of the four being locked in a room like that for a year. (Sartre’s definition of hell.) That doesn’t make the Seinfeld finale good. It sucked.

  44. JB says:

    I wish one of the producers would read these comments.
    He might learn something…..

  45. Jen says:

    Can people please stop saying that people who didn’t like the finale just misunderstood it.
    Espescially when it’s followed by Robin was the love of Ted’s life and Max was Tracy’s. Carter Bays himself tweeted that Tracy was the one for Ted and him getting back together with Robin was his way of surviving this situation. I don’t want to underestimate the importance of Robin to Ted but she was NOT the one for him.
    It’s also funny how people get criticised for wanting the “happy-cliché” ending and not appreciating the “twistful-real” one when they create a scenario where Robin was the one all along. Sorry, but that’s just the T/R version of the “happy-cliché” ending.
    Bays and Carter tried a real-life ending. No shipper group won in the finale (T/R -Fans kinda did but obviously not how some of them wanted it as you can tell by the “love of his life comments”)

    • Is it true? says:

      But clearly, the B&R shipper didn’t get what they wanted. True? That’s why there is so much anger on these web sites, isn’t it?

  46. The only thing that REALLY bothered me about the ending was Marshal and Lily getting rid of the old apartment. They should have had Robin move back in (while playing BNL “Old Apartment” in the background).

    If you go back to the episode where Robin’s mother comes to her wedding, at the end, Tracy says something like, “Well, of course she came to the wedding. What kind of mother would miss her own daughter’s wedding?” and Ted started to cry.

    I can agree stylistically that maybe the writers should have included 1-3 more episodes to tell the end of the story a little slower. I liked the story that was told, but it could have slowed down. It might not have even needed that much time. I was reminded of the movie “UP,” which told one of the most profound love stories in 8 minutes without narration or dialogue, so maybe just the montage would have been sufficient enough to slow the ending. The dialogue with the kids is really important, “Dad, you’ve spent the whole story talking about Aunt Robin…” If they are okay with Ted finally moving on, the everyone else should be, too. It would have been better if the kids were standing beside him with the blue French horn, though.

  47. Upset says:

    Let me start by saying I LOATHE Robin. I didn’t want her with Ted, & I didn’t want her with Barney. She didn’t deserve either of them. She was a spoiled, bitter, selfish cow.

    I despised the finale for one reason… Tracy died. Were there episodes hinting toward that outcome? Yes, & I understood them, but I hoped against hope that I was wrong.

    My husband, & I felt like this show was US. Our sense of humor, etc… and irrational as it is, Tracy dying young, & leaving her family behind feels like… foreshadowing for my life. I’ve always been afraid of dying, & leaving my kids without a mother. The finale felt like a confirmation of my worst fears.

    I didn’t watch this show for the reality of it. I watched it to escape reality. I don’t need to be reminded that people die all the time. I see it all around me. This show made me hopeful, until the crushing blow that was this travesty of an ending.

    • Christina Ferrari says:

      I could not even watch the ending. Bad news is given to people about the shorten life spam everyday in my job. Why would I want to live that in a comedy when I come home to relax? BAD choice!

  48. Marnie says:

    You guys realize it’s just a TV show, right????

    • Percysowner says:

      No! Really! You’re kidding right? It can’t just be a TV show. Why I make sure I’m showered and dressed and my hair is fixed, because those people come right into my living room and live their lives in front of my eyes. You mean Robin isn’t REAL? And Lily and Marshall aren’t married? I’m shocked, SHOCKED I tell you. /sarcasm

      Get a grip. People get invested. It’s what made the show a hit. Caring about the characters kept me watching the show after I felt the quality of writing went down. Shows live by viewer investment and they die by it if they let people down to the point where enough viewers feel they have wasted their time watching the show.

  49. Robert says:

    This finale and the final 6 episodes were Legend… wait for it… dart!!!. Call it a bait and switch if you want but it is only because you were lead to feel a certain way and life doesn’t always work out the way it feels. How else could you explain a show about “How I met Your Mother” that spent more than half its episodes focused on the aunt? seriously, this was the only way it could end and I never would have thought of it. It was a great save and it all made perfect sense. One thing you should all do is go back and watch the episode about Ted and Tracy running out of stories. There is so much going on in those restaurant scenes that you don’t get until you know she passes. The writers gave us everything we could have wanted. Some of you just can’t see it. They gave us a story “How I met Your Mom” that was a cover story for “Why I want to see what can be with Robin.” Barney never being able to say, I fully fall in love with you to any woman until he met his daughter was brilliant. Anyone who thought Barney and Robin were a match made in heaven just wasn’t thinking it through. Their divorce makes more sense than their marriage. However, that is how life is. Sometimes people fit and its not forever. Sometimes they fit and they die. But, anyone can love again and everyone should. Nuf said.

  50. Dyan says:

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