How I Met Your Mother Alternate Finale Ending Will Be Included in Complete Series DVD Set

HIMYM Alternate EndingHow I Met Your Mother‘s series finale featured one of the most polarizing conclusions in sitcom history, but it looks like disgruntled fans might get a second chance at happiness, as an alternate ending will be included in the complete series’ DVD release.

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The alternate ending, our sister site Deadline reports, is simply edited differently than the version that made it to air and does not contain any additional footage. That said, an insider describes version 2.0 as a “happy ending.”

HIMYM‘s co-creator Carter Bays confirmed the inclusion of the alternate ending on Friday, tweeting:

If you didn’t like the finale, I guess that happens. We tried something and it didn’t connect with you. I hope we’re still friends. So anyway, here’s a bit of news: 16 days ago today we were in the HIMYM edit room, trying to decide between two very different endings. We only shot one script, but through edit room magic we had two possible outcomes for the series. We chose the ending we chose and we stand by it. But we loved the other version too. We’re going to include that version on the Complete Series DVD as an alternate finale to How I Met Your Mother.

Bays also tweeted a first look at the complete series’ packaging:

Though it’s not yet known exactly how the alternate ending will be edited, one fan-altered ending — which removed the mention of Tracy’s death, as well as Ted and Robin’s reunion — was met with much approval when it went viral earlier this week.

How do you think HIMYM should have ended? Browse our gallery of the finale’s biggest moments below, then drop a comment with your dream ending.

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