Ratings: Bad Teacher Schools The Crazy Ones, Black Box Opens OK, Parks Ticks Up With Finale

Ratings Bad Teacher PremiereCBS’ Bad Teacher done good, debuting on the first Thursday of May Sweeps with 7.8 million total viewers and a 2.1 demo rating (per finals) — up 51 and 62 percent versus bubble comedy The Crazy Ones‘ week-ago season finale (which, admittedly, aired amid a sea of repeats), but also up 24 percent from Crazy Ones‘ season average.

TVLine readers gave the new comedy an average grade of “C+.”

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Opening the Eye’s night, Big Bang Theory (16 mil/4.5) slipped one tenth, The Millers (10.2 mil/2.4) dipped a tenth and Two and a Half Men (9.5 mil/2.5) was flat. Elementary capped things at 10 pm with 8.1 mil and a 1.6, flat in the demo but adding a handful of viewers.

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ABC | Leading out of a Jimmy Kimmel Live: Behind the Scandalabra encore (2.8 mil/0.6), Grey’s Anatomy (7.6 mil/2.3) fell 11 percent and three tenths (tying its series low). Black Box — which TVLine readers gave an average grade of “C” — then debuted to 6.6 mil/1.5, up sharply from The Assets‘ Thursdays-at-10 premiere (3.8 mil/0.7) and marking ABC’s best 10 pm drama launch since Nashville (Oct. 2012).

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NBC | Parks and Recreation‘s perfect season finale drew 2.7 mil and a 1.0, up 13 percent and a tenth.

FOX | Hell’s Kitchen (4.8 mil/1.7) and Surviving Jack (3.9 mil/1.0) were flat, while American Idol (7.6 mil/1.8) shed a few eyeballs and dipped a tenth in the demo.

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THE CW | The Vampire Diaries (1.8 mil/0.8) and Reign (1.4 mil/0.5) each inched up a tenth in the demo.

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  1. Jim says:

    I’m sorry, but the Crazy ones premiered with what, 15.5 million total viewers? By my math, that’s more than twice what bad teacher could muster. Let’s compare apples to apples & wait & see if it can maintain those numbers. I’d be surprised, because IMO, bad teacher wasn’t that funny. Hopefully it’ll improve, but only time will tell.

    • sarah says:

      I did not watch Bad Teacher but I had the same thoughts about Crazy Ones and the better numbers it had! I bet that the ratings for Bad Teacher WILL drop next week!

    • Martoukian says:

      It’s certainly fair to point out that Bad Teacher will likely slip in the future. And I agree that it wasn’t great–for that matter, I don’t really think the plot works as an ongoing series. If she doesn’t improve as a person, the story could really be unpleasant. But if she does, the whole raison d’etre for the show disappears.
      But The Crazy Ones has slipped pretty severely. It debuted with good numbers, but they’ve been dropping pretty consistently. And when the network flipped it with 2 1/2 Men, it became pretty clear that even the lower numbers were pretty dependent on “viewer inertia” rather than actual fondness for the show itself. I’m betting it’s dead.

      • Lincoln says:

        “If she doesn’t improve as a person…” Uh, what? By the episode’s end, she was already rallying against the bullies and helping out the bullied. It was fun and it looks like it has potential. Not to mention, the cast is GRADE A. This show belongs on cable, I think. You CBS watchers are too haughty and snooty to appreciate something fun.

  2. N says:

    I turned Black Box off half way thru

  3. Eric7740 says:

    Thank you Matt for at least acknowledging that The Crazy Ones was the only new show last week.

  4. GS says:

    I couldn’t get past the first 15 minutes of Black Box. Just awful. Not even in the same country as Scandal.

  5. Ames says:

    Yikes TVD…guess the horrible plot lines are catching up with it…didn’t realize it had fallen so far

  6. ninergrl6 says:

    Reign was SO GOOD last night. Wish more people were tuning in but I’m glad it ticked up a little. I suspect all the sexy Kennash (seriously why not shorten it to Kash?) gifs flying around online will pique more people’s interest. So glad it got an early pick up for season 2 so I can relish the end of this season knowing it’ll be back.

  7. Boiler says:

    I hope Bad Teacher bombs next week. The Crazy Ones has to be better. Given grades given I hope it comes true.

  8. Billie says:

    I watched all of Black Box. I will watch a couple more before I decide yea or nay.

  9. I couldnt make it past the first commercial of Bad Teacher

    • Tenney says:

      Agreed. I though Bad Teacher was absolutely horrible; and I had high hopes for it because I really liked the movie. The Crazy Ones is so much better.

  10. Joe says:

    If bad teacher comes back it will be with 2 broke girls 2.5 men it’s in the same vain comedy wise

  11. Mark says:

    Looking at the numbers of TVD and Reign that have been renewed. Then I look at Star Crossed which has had little or no help on a Monday and remained constant. How are these shows renewed when the figures aren’t any better week in and week out. Yet Star Crossed without a major lead in and on probably the hardest night of the week is heading straight for the chop.
    CW need to come and explain to the fans of these shows why. Some really badly and now expensive shows, as the longer a show is on the higher the wage and licences, are still on. Yet shows which are doing just as badly but not as expensive to produce, but maybe on the wrong day or time but not given a chance elsewhere are cancelled. Star Crossed isn’t the only CW show but a good example. ABC had Revenge. There are others across all networks but CW seem the most at fault be it with The Secret Circle, Life Unexpected, Ringer, Veronica Mars and now Star Crossed and the 100.

    • Television Scout says:

      For those who love Reign, they would say that it is all about tweets and retweets and DVR+30, and ‘likes’, etc. Anything other than the tangibles that bring in the money and revenue. Bless them.

      Who knows what CW brass is doing these days? It may not matter anyway – CW may end up just streaming their shows on the Internet [ala Netflix or Amazon Prime], via subscription service and will close down their broadcasting service, freeing up the airwaves/spectrum for broadband services from the telcos and cable companies. There is just no point in continuing on like this – 1.4 million viewers live, and a 0.5 in the demo. How to justify the cost at this point?

      There’s a point where the CW (and their broadcast affiliates) cannot justify the spectrum – they just can’t anymore. There will be a push to get that spectrum away from the broadcast networks, and one has to assume the most vulnerable of the group will be CW (and their local affiliates. Solutions? – put all the CW series on Netflix or Amazon prime, stream them to their younger 18-34 audience, and then CW will be able to really determine which shows fans are willing to watch on demand, and the ratings won’t matter at that point.

      I remember when 90210 was getting these types of numbers a couple of seasons ago. We were all laughing here on TVLine about how much longer that show could go on – it was getting like 780,000 viewers and a 0.2 demo – just silly, ridiculously low ratings. It was funny. CW just two season ago couldn’t and wouldn’t tolerate those numbers, so it was goodbye 90210. Now shows like Reign are putting up those types of numbers week in week out, and it lauded by CW brass. They are congratulating themselves, taking victory laps around the office. I’m sorry to say this, but that is pathetic.

      The networks are tolerating less and less from their shows – renewing them as fast as possible, showing little or no interest in their pilot shows. Good luck with that strategy. The pilot shows are the future of these networks – the life blood of their success. Rewarding failure never works for very long – it has a way of catching up – and it will catch up with the CW brass, maybe sooner than they realize.

      For Mark P and his team – I wish you all the best at Amazon Prime – you may not know if yet guys, but that’s where you are all headed – into oblivion.

  12. John Jacob says:

    No numbers on Vikings? You’re going to get Blood Eagle’d.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Cable ratings, as you may well know, come in much later — sometimes a whole day later. Plus, with cable, TVLINE traditionally only reports on premieres, finales and superlatives.

      • Television Scout says:

        Thank you Matt. You guys are doing plenty for tracking the cable shows – there are just too many (and more coming) to track all of them. And here comes Netflix and Amazon Prime – hundreds of shows, all getting smaller and smaller portions of the audience.

        For all those who want more cable ratings, look folks, there are just so many cable shows out there, and more coming – how can anyone track those numbers week in and week out? And for what purpose? To find out some cable show went from 700,000 viewers to 725,000 viewers and a demo rating from 0.09 to 0.1? What can we all do with that information? It just gets to a point where it may not matter what the ratings are for these cable shows – they tell a story, the networks sell advertising space, and when the cable network finds the next ‘shiny object’, they move on and cancel the old, bring in the new. There are exceptions (GOT, Mad Men, BBad, Homeland, TWD), but not too many.

        Here’s my question – how much longer should CW shows be included in the ratings? I hate to say that, but what happens when many of these CW shows hit ‘90210’ levels of live audience viewing? How much does a drop in the demo from 0.4 to 0.2 really matter for a show that brings in 1,000,000 viewers? The numbers are getting so small, that any change, up or down, is still so insignificant, that it may be difficult to gauge success or failure. It will get to a point where we will be looking at demo changes that may be a result of a couple hundred thousand viewers, up or down. That’s a very small segment of the population, and of the TV viewing population.

        A CW show gets 0.3 in the demo, and it gets renewed; CW mgmt high fives all around. Another CW show get 0.2 in the demo, and it gets canceled – just not enough, a failure. Fans start shrugging their shoulders – the numbers don’t make any sense at that level – the granularity is just too tight between ‘CW success’ and ‘CW failure.’ There is a point reached where you just throw up your hands.

  13. Rich Abey says:

    Parks & Rec a clear winner. I mean in a perfect world where episode quality reflects viewer numbers, then Parks would have been the one clocking 20 mil viewers while Big Bang Theory (which this season has been dissapointing. Why in the world did CBS renew it for 3 seasons..it has lost sense of originality!) would have gained less that 7 mil viewers.

    • Adam says:

      I feel that both Parks & Recreation and The Big Bang Theory have been a bit stuck in stasis this year. They were both fine seasons, but I wasn’t particularly excited all season for either. It was especially disappointing for Parks & Rec which normally has been able to keep itself really fresh. That said, the season finale will be a major shake-up for everything which has gotten me excited for the show all over again. I expect The Big Bang Theory is going to make a lot of changes in their finale as well.

  14. Sara says:

    Reign was great. I’m so glad they got past dragging the love triangle as the big issue in their lives. I’m loving all the political stuff…really brings out a diff side to the characters.

  15. monieet says:

    Bad Teacher: OK, but could be much better. I love Sara Gilbert, but another person should play this role or just get rid of it. The principal’s character was good; sad funny. The role Kristen Davis plays is missing something. Could be a hit if some changes made, but I would watch again.

  16. Will says:

    Bad Teacher has potential. It would be better off on a different network (like NBC)… it just doesn’t fit with the multi-camera/live audience comedies. I could see this airing among About a Boy and Growing Up Fisher. Too bad CBS got it.
    That being said Ari Graynor is a complete joy to watch if this doesn’t work out I hope she lands somewhere else on tv.

  17. drew096 says:

    Bad Teacher was brutal. I watched the whole episode, and I just can’t see how it survives this season. Anyone interested in starting a pool to see how many episodes actually air before its cancelled?

  18. Gerald says:

    Crazy Ones is the best new comedy, Millers is great too. I didn’t give bad Teacher a chance, but I hope those numbers don’t deter them from renewing Crazy Ones.
    Can someone please tell me what Big Bang Theory numbers were like in it’s first year.
    Sometimes it takes a few seasons to get big numbers. Crazy Ones has a lot of potential.

  19. Hi says:

    Assets was never Thursdays at 10pm. Assets was Tuesdays at 10pm.

  20. Metoo says:

    I don’t think Bad Teacher deserves to be mentioned in the same sentence as Crazy Ones.

    • Ann says:

      Agreed. The Crazy Ones is a very brutal show to watch. Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar deserve a better show.

  21. JASon says:

    WHat about Firefly?

  22. Teri says:

    Regarding the tv show Black Box: Individuals w/bipolar disorder work hard to educate the public. Famous actors like Patty Duke when finally diagnosed with manic-depressive disorder & received the help needed stated in an interview “never ever even remotely thought of not taking the medication,” because when her disorder was out-of-control it hurt her children & herself. I have worked as an MSW. People suffering from mental health disorders have enough difficulties finding the correct meds. Show does a disservice to the public to suggest not taking medication and glamorizing the results.

  23. cindylou says:

    Black Box started out to be a very interesting story about a Neurologist deeply trying her best to help the mentally ill. I thought. Great! Someone will finally portray the mentally ill as individuals with unique personalities. They are your sons and daughts. They may be tor beloved mom or dad. Even grandma may suffer from mental illness. But, what if it is you? What them? Why? Why me?. Sadness. Depression, no you’ve been diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disease. What did I do to cause this? Am I a bad person? Man, This must be a death sentence of my life never being normal again. Hope, Do people with Bi-Polar disease ever have hope of having life that will be good, fun, normal life again. Bi-Polar disease is just like any other disease. What do you think of someone who has Diabetes? Heart Problems? Poor Vision, and people who wear glasses? Maybe you have Arthritis, Do your friend and family think any less of you for it ???? Why no, you say. I can’t help it. I just happen to have this condition. I am no better or less a person, for it. I was diagnosed with the mental health condition of Bi- Polar Disease about 5 years ago. I did not dealvwith it well. The stigma made me feel all alone, and defective. I only suffered from the depression and some forms of low grade, lots of over spending, considered a form of mania. Do you ever really overspend a lot? Do you overdo it a lot in any part of your life? I can’t speak for all people who suffer from Bi-Polar Disease in one of many types and form. Some people may experience the effects that Dr. Black displays. I for one, am very offended that this program program portrays the life of one Bi-Polar person in this manner. I stay on my meds. I am not promiscuous. I have a Masters degree and celebrate life in a healthy high functioning way. Out is my educated request that the producers of this show put a simple DISCLAIMER statement before each and every

  24. cindylou says:

    Please excuse my smart phone override typos. I challenge others to try to persuade the producers of Black Box to Display a Disclaimer Statement before each episode to educate the publc that indeed this is not the norm for all the people who have been diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disease. It would even be helpful to include another charachter who suffers from Bi-Polar, bit displays the direct opposite behaviour. A highly functioning person who leads a normal life, takes their meds. regularly, and has their disease most generally under control. This would be a good contrast for the storyline and also provide hope and a sense of dignity for those of us that are diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disease.

  25. cindylou says:

    The above comment was made in agreement with Terri. She wrote the article before me. If you shew with my view of the type of response the public should take concerning the program Black Box, please let me know. My suggestion was to have the producers of the sitcum write a disclaimer before each and every episode. I even suggested they create another character who also suffers with Bi-Polar, but stays on their meds. This would provide a sharp contrast. It would most generally show how a person can live a healthy normal, and happy life, full of hope for their future. This would educate the public and help to lift the stigma of what mental illness can be like. It would also help people who suffer from Bi-Polar to