Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on 24, Revenge, Grey's, Dixie, Once, NCIS, Arrow, Sleepy and More!

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Question: Any update on whether Elisha Cuthbert will be back as Kim in 24: Live Another Day? —Jennifer
Ausiello: My sources insist the 12-episode revival will be Kim-free, but there’s reason to believe those insiders are spinning tall tales. Keep in mind, executive producer Manny Coto told us back in January that there “might be” a place for Jack’s cougar-bait daughter in this brand new day, but “it would be later in the season, and it would mean giving away a plot point.” In the meantime, I can confirm that Kim does play an off-screen role in the two-hour May 5 opener, which I’ve seen and found immensely entertaining. If you were a fan of 24, you’re going to love 24: LAD. Chloe acolytes, in particular, will be very happy. BONUS SCOOP: A returning character is keeping a big secret (and it’s of the medical variety).

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Question: Hart of Dixie fan not-so-patiently waiting for George and Zoe scoop. —Ma’ayan 
Ausiello: All I’ll say is that at least six entries in our May Sweeps Scorecard are earmarked for Dixie. Interpret as you like.

Question: On Once Upon a Time, who is ruling over Oz while Walsh is absent? –Marko
Ausiello: “That’s a great question,” series cocreator Adam Horowitz responded when we hand-delivered your query — and it’s one that comes with an answer. The May 4 episode, which is titled “Kansas” and revisits the land of Oz, “will address that pretty directly,” the EP shares.

MADELEINE STOWE, GAIL O'GRADYQuestion: Please tell me Gail O’Grady is coming back to Revenge before this season is over. –Lana
Ausiello: No can do, Lana – it looks like Jack’s mom/Conrad’s ex is staying put in California for the time being. But this may make you feel better: Showrunner Sunil Nayar tells TVLine that “I can almost promise you we’ll see her again next year.”

Question: Any intel on whether Nashville‘s Luke is secretly working with Jeff to sabotage Rayna? –Christine
Ausiello: We took that exact query to series creator Callie Khouri, who shut the rumor down quickly. “No,” she said, adding that Rayna’s relationship with the superstar “is entirely personal” and that Luke’s frustration stems from Deacon’s enduring involvement with Ms. Jaymes. “It’s just a really rough place for another guy to be when the person you’re involved with has this very complicated, long history with another man, and that man is still in her life.”

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Question: Any Under the Dome spoilers you might have gathered so far? —Babar
Ausiello: Season 2’s eighth episode will introduce us to Hunter, a tech-savvy teen who, per the casting breakdown, “doesn’t subscribe to any programmer stereotypes or labels.” (Although he’s fine if you want to refer to him as a hacktivist.) He’s a free-thinking foster kid who speaks his mind. He’s also set to recur. The role calls for an actor in his mid-to-late teens. Got casting tips? Hit the comments!

Question: What’s the plan for the Grey’s Anatomy finale? We know three people (Cristina, Leah and Shane) are leaving — are we looking at a Seattle bloodbath or is everyone getting on a ferry and sailing off into the sunset? —Andy
Ausiello: There will be a catastrophe in the finale — a possible terrorist incident in Seattle sends a flood of casualties to Grey Sloan Memorial — but it mostly serves as a backdrop to the episode’s main event: Cristina’s emotional (and non-deadly) exit. Speaking of said attack, scroll down for an exclusive first look at Stephanie tending to one of the victims in the May 15 closer.


Question: Do you have any scoop on Sleepy Hollow? –Jason
Ausiello: How about: A penny saved is a penny earned. Or: Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead. Nothing? OK, Jason, you’re sucking all the fun out of this, so I’ll just come out and tell you: Season 2 of the Fox drama will find the eminently quotable Founding Father Benjamin Franklin hanging out with Ichabod – in flashbacks to 1775, of course.

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OB2_201_202_D2_0238.JPGQuestion: Any Orphan Black tidbits, especially on Alison? She is so wound up and fussy, I love her. –Leia
Ausiello: As you might have already surmised, Alison’s community theater production will turn out to be quite a show, as her anxieties build with no Team Clone pals available to calm her down. I also leave you to ponder the context of this upcoming line: “I don’t believe I’ve ever done ‘the nasty.'”

Question: Following finale scoop, please. –Mike
Ausiello: According to Valorie Curry, whose pixie-ish psycho [Spoiler alert!] bit it Monday’s episode, the Fox drama shot three different versions of the finale’s final moments – and even she doesn’t know which one they’re going to use.

Question: Burning Arrow question: What can you tease about Oliver’s next move now that it’s clear that Slade is building a super-powered army? —Sam
Ausiello: First and foremost, Oliver is focused on one particular recruit to said army — Roy. In tonight’s episode, “We see the devastating toll the Mirakuru injection has taken on Roy,” exec producer Andrew Kreisberg tells us. “He goes through a pretty surprising arc,” as most everyone debates if he’s too wild a card to let live. “That is the question of the hour, and it’s not just our team that’s asking it, but also Thea and Sin,” Kreisberg previews. “And where everybody comes out on that issue, I think, will be surprising.”

Question: I’m desperate for any scoop on The Newsroom. Is there anything you can tell us? –Anna
Ausiello: The HBO drama is casting an affable, thirtysomething law professor named Jack, who gets into an ethics discussion with one of the News Night producers on a train. The role could become recurring – perhaps this is a new guy for poor Maggie? One thing we know is pretty likely: Series creator Aaron Sorkin is already sorry for how Jack’s whole arc turns out.

Question: Any word on Awkward‘s best awkward couple, Sadie and Austin? Or just any Awkward scoop, in general? That season promo had me worried. —Bear
Ausiello: Don’t worry about Sadie and Austin’s future, Bear. Awkward’s new showrunners tell TVLine they “love” that relationship and promise “we’ll see more of that play out” this season. But you might also want to keep an eye out for Owen, a hot-yet-awkward new guy we’ll meet later this season. Described as being “content to live on his own island,” could he be yet another one of Jenna’s replacements for Matty?

rosie-spence-devious-maidsQuestion: Anything on Devious Maids? —Claire 
Ausiello: I’ve got good news for you, Claire, especially if you’re worried about Rosie’s future with Spence. Executive producer Sabrina Wind assures TVLine that Peri’s plan to keep them apart “will not come full-term,” so to speak. The truth about her fake pregnancy will be revealed –and sooner than you might think.

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Question: Are Lisa and Malik really getting married on Suburgatory? –Midge
Ausiello: Just as surely as Sheila Shay’s realtor jacket is Pepto-Bismol pink, her teenage daughter will be headed down the aisle before Season 3 is over, confirms co-executive producer Andrew Guest. That means another appearance by Malik’s parents (Paula Newsome and Tim Meadows) — and also a “really satisfying” wedding moment between the Shay women. “We have a lot of fun with Lisa’s role in the family, where she stands in the pecking order, and how her parents react to her,” Guest says. “But we’ll finally get a chance to see some of the real love underneath there on Sheila’s side with regard to her daughter. Sheila stands up for Lisa in a really terrific way.”

Question: Is NCIS ending the season with a major cliffhanger? —Donna
Ausiello: As Matt Mitovich shared on Twitter the other day, there will be “no whiff of a cliff” — in part because the season will end with a solemn goodbye to Ralph Waite’s Jackson Gibbs, and not the Tony-centric episode which got moved to May 6. As show boss Gary Glasberg explains, “Because the season was as complicated as it was, we just didn’t feel like we needed to do a traditional cliffhanger. We wanted to ground everything and get things back to ‘normal.'”

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  1. George and Zoe scoop?? Really?? The show is all about Zoe and Wade.

    • Ames says:

      There are a few of us out there who wanted to see it…even just as a speedbump to the Wade-Zoe happily ever after. But just like with Lemon-Levone…it was all buildup and no payoff.

      • e says:

        i think when they had lemon-lavon together, they were going to make them endgame at one point… but then when he got together with AB, their sparks were undeniable, and, in my opinion, they are the best couple on the show. i am sad they broke up, but i have a feeling they’ll be back together soon enough. they were so sweet and drama-free, which is a nice constant among the rest of the mess that is bluebell love connections. i liked zoe and wade together a lot when they were dating, a HECK of a lot more than zoe and george, but it doesn’t feel like the right time for zoe and wade to get back together right now.

      • I’m frustrated that they had Joel come in at all. They should’ve had Zoe/George this season to finally get that out of their system so we could move on with the real love story of the show – Zoe & Wade. This season has been such a waste of main character interaction.

    • lisa says:

      I SO agree! I’m really ready for Joel and Vivian to be out of the picture (for good) so those two can go back to skirting around each other! It’s what made the show, and this season has NOT been satisfying with the lack of them.

      • says:

        I think Vivian is super cute! But I wish they would have never set her up with Wade. Now when they beak up she will have to go away because it would be to awkward. But I miss Zoe and Wade so much! They made each other better…well until Wade cheated and all! And AB and Levon belong together I think!

        • neonsnow says:

          Maybe Vivian will get back together with her ex-husband. Wade can see that it’s best for everyone, especially Vivian’s son and they can have an amicable breakup where they can all see each other as friends.
          Either that or Vivian cheats on Wade and he now knows how it feels because he’s done it to so many other women. He’ll apologize to Zoe sincerely and they can start rebuilding their relationship again. I hope so anyway, I love Zoe and Wade together!

          • John NYC says:

            Ex’s are often Ex’s for very good reasons and so not “good” for anyone in the long haul….

          • Rebecca says:

            Good points about Wade! I’d would be interesting if he was cheated on and knew how it felt.

      • Tina B. says:

        Yes, ITA!!!

    • Tiffany says:

      Exactly. The character of George isn’t worth Zoe anymore. He used to be a “catch” and now his character has been reduced to (bad) comic relief as a bumbling idiot.

      I like Wade with Vivian, but mostly so he learns what it is to be in a relationship so he can take that with him when he and Zoe are reunited.

      I’m worried the show isn’t going to get renewed and we will be left with nothing but unhappy endings for our favourite Bluebell residents. Except for maybe AB. She looks pretty happy, unfortunately that means Lavon isn’t.

      • Katherine215 says:

        I’m not too worried about it’s renewal chances. I think it’s doing pretty well on Friday (by Friday standards, I guess), and it’s one season from syndication which is usually enough to get it that last season.

    • Katherine215 says:

      It really is, and I hope they’re finally getting back to Zoe and Wade now. I liked Vivian, but they should have never let her relationship with Wade progress, because it just makes things too weird for her with Zoe now. They should have used the start of that relationship as the motivation to dump Joel and get them back together in January, but alas.
      I hope to god they’re not going the George and Zoe route. Joel was basically the NYC version of George, and we all saw how boring that was. Plus, I like George with Tansy, or possibly back with Lemon.

      • Ally Oop says:

        I really don’t like the idea of Lemon and George together. Unfortunately the writers really wrote themselves into a corner with George and Tansy, who turned out to be too popular of a couple.

        • Katherine215 says:

          I wouldn’t have thought I’d like them back together but she’s different than she was in the first season when they were together, so I wouldn’t mind seeing them now. I wish Mircea Monroe could be on the show for a season, though. I didn’t think I’d like Tansy at all, but she really makes George likable for me.

    • Boiler says:

      I think some of you are harsh on the show although the passion good. I think Jaime King’s pregnancy along with the loss of the Magnolia, Rose, Shelby and Tansy characters due to other commitments hurt them early. Not sad to Joel go but would like to see Vivian stick around. I wonder if the CW had to do it over again would have done something else on scheduling to work around Jaime’s pregnancy. Other shows have truncated seasons.

      Oh well, I just think it is such a fun show to watch and hopefully we will see it around for a while.

      • Julie says:

        Other shows like Scandal have truncated seasons because it’s Scandal. But HoD can’t afford to be out of sight out of mind for any longer than it has to be during a normal summer hiatus. Lemon is hardly Olivia Pope.

    • Mai says:

      I agree! This season they made it pretty clear that Zorge wasnt gonna happen, they’ve been very friendly and thats all. He even told her about Lemon, which he wouldnt if he still had feelings for her. In another note, about those six entries in the May Sweeps Scorecard, im pretty sure one proposal will be from Lavon to AB, thats the only way he can get her back. One breakup can be Wade-Vivian, which could mean one reunion for Zade.

    • Tina B. says:

      Agreed! Zoe and George are friends nothing more.

    • Tracy says:

      Speak for yourself, Laurene! I am dying to see Zoe and George get together! I hate Wade!

    • Scotty says:

      I was a huge Zade fan but they have completely and totally wrecked that relationship for me. Zoe is unbearable now and while I couldn’t care less about the snooze fest that is George and Zoe, I am all on board the Lemonade train!

  2. I have to pay more attention to the spoiler alerts. I wish I hadn’t read that.

    • Annie says:

      Well don’t scroll down and read my comment, then.

    • DL says:

      Yeah, usually I’m already current on all the shows when I read this, but I forgot I hadn’t watched this week’s Following yet. Kicking myself for reading that spoiler.

    • Leo says:

      Urgh yeah although it’s my own fault to read that spoiler. But the thing about Valorie’s character bit it does NOT have anything to do with the actual scoop about three endings being shot. It’s an unnecessary spoiler.
      Way to troll TVline, way to troll!

    • Brian says:

      There was absolutely no need for that spoiler at all, without putting a *Spoiler alert* at the very top of the article!! Ausiello? you suck!

      • Winter says:

        Seriously? The entire article is a spoiler article, and he put a spoiler warning in the question! How hard is it to skip the question about shows you aren’t current on? I do it all the time because I don’t have time to stay current so I skip them and come back later after I catch up.

  3. Andrew Hass says:

    I’m fine that there’s no cliffhanger in the NCIS season finale but there could still be some loose ends that need to be tied up next season but maybe nothing major.I think Gibbs will find out his father died st the beginning of the episode or maybe at the end of the previous one but because of the case of the week he can’t mourn properly until the final moments of the episode.

    • Andrea says:

      Me too. CSI: NY did a non-cliffhanger in its next to last year because its future was still in doubt, and it was nice to not have a cliffhanger for a year. Looking forward to the good-bye to Jackson, and NCIS will have plenty of story to tell next year.

      • NoChance says:

        With “NCIS” still being the #1 drama I don’t see the comparison with “CSI: NY”. Unless the cast of “NCIS” wants to call it quits after season 12 I can’t see it going anywhere. Besides, the show feels fresh again to me. I’m loving the team being close again.

        • Andrea says:

          NoChance, my comparison to CSI was only in the sense that it specifically chose not to have a cliffhanger for its next to last year because a decision on its status hadn’t been made yet. It was nice, in my opinion, to not have a cliffhanger that year, CSI: NY came back the next year, and there was story left to tell. I’m enjoying Glasberg’s relaxed style very much, and I am also sensing more of the team dynamic than in years past.

    • SandraM says:

      Glad this chaotic season is drawing to a close. Interesting about the CSINY comparison. Currently NCIS has zero major story arcs. I think the show is out of gas. Nothing left but minor family stories.

      • Andrea says:

        No matter how much some people might wish, hope, or want NCIS to be “out of gas,” they can’t make cancellation happen this year (and that’s how Sandra’s comment comes across to me). NCIS been renewed for next season, and after that is anyone’s guess…just like with 90% of renewals. If people want to watch, fine. If they don’t want to watch, fine, but the decision for next year’s already been decided.

      • Pickle8182 says:

        I love, love loved this show before the new girl and the nonsense with her started. Any other season this poor excuse of an agent would have been laughed off the team and show. She really brings it down. And dumbs everyone down with her. Even the acting seems less par since she started. I’m so bummed about it too. I have watched maybe 2 episodes since her first 2. I agree-weak. :(

        • NoChance says:

          If you’re not watching how could you know how she’s doing? It’s really weird when people who aren’t watching a show anymore keep commenting on it. It’s also rather mean to comment on an actor when you don’t have 1st hand knowledge of how they’re doing. Since the ratings are still excellent – #1 drama is #1 drama – it appears you’re in the minority.
          I haven’t missed an episode this season and I think both the actress and character fit in really great with all the others and from the statements from the cast, they think so too.

          • Kate says:

            NoChance I watch it week after week and Bishop is a borefest, puts me to sleep. I watch the show for Harmon and the other actors, supporting them for the garbage that they went through when the quitter left them out in the cold last July. It might be the #1 Drama but this season there has only been 2 episodes of 20 million live viewers, I repeat 2. Last season there were 8 episodes of over 20 million, and 2 episodes of 22 million viewers. It’s had 7 episodes in a row of 17 million viewers, and lets talk about the awful low 18-49 year old demo number it’s getting, low 2’s the past month. Don’t worry there is no way this show is getting canceled in the near future, if the horrid ‘Two And A Half Men’ got renewed for next season, any veteran CBS TV series has a chance of getting renewed each season. The show will go on as long as Harmon wants to do it, once he leaves there is no show.

      • Andrew Hass says:

        NCIS doesn’t need to have major story arcs all the time.Sometimes individual cases are okay,Like they did in the earlier seasons of the show.Plus maybe next season they could have a long story arc that starts in the season premiere.

  4. JJM says:

    I’m still waiting on the burning question as to whether Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr. and Sara Ramirez are coming back to Grey’s next year (and hopefully the year following). Ellen and Patrick both signed back on for two years back in January and was it stated that “We should know by the end of February” if they’ll be back… It’s now April… What’s the story?

  5. What I’d like to know about Arrow is, will they ever introduce Rex Tyler, aka Hourman? Will he maybe take the Mirakuru and refine it to create the Miraclo pill that gives him his powers? Will that may be connected to the rumored Hourman TV show?

  6. Annie says:

    I’m still impressed they killed off Emma. (I can say it down here if you guys did the whole “Alert” thing up there, right? Oh good grief. I hate spoilerphobia. Anyhoo.) I really should have ditched “Following” weeks ago but I’m a sucker for underdogs, I guess. Now I find myself actually a wee bit intrigued to see how it all plays out this season.

    • Dee says:

      I am impressed they killed her but I would have been more impressed if Claire actually died as well! She has no purpose at all…i hope she bites it in the finale for real!!!

    • JJM says:

      I will finish season two once it’s completed and it’s my own fault for reading, but I am not happy to have read they killed Emma. She was my favourite!

    • Winter says:

      SO much for my theory that next season would be able Emma’s following, though that would have been terrible.

  7. spindae2 says:

    Glad you answered my ONCE/Oz question! Think there is a lot more about Oz and the way the story will end this season. Thse next 3 Once Sndays will be amazing

  8. sarah says:

    Arrow: So if it is surprising then I guess Thea and Sin say he can not live but the Arrow team all say we can cure him so we want him to live.
    Looking forward to the Grey’s finale, they are always good, however not ready to say good bye to Christina!

  9. sarah says:

    There is a photo of Chris Gorham but now Covert scoop.

  10. Chris says:

    So ABC has promoting thursday as Cristinas goodbye…but its really may 15th? Greatttttt

  11. m says:

    I had to laugh at the grey’s spoiler. A terrorist attack…really?? So far theres been a bomb, ferry accident, gunman, car crash, no electricity, flood and of course we can’t forget when grey’s decided to turn into lost… i’m surprised there hasn’t been an earthquake episode yet

    • Would you prefer they have nothing going on? No drama? Isn’t that the reason you watch this dramatic television series? They could go sit on the farm with Hershel and Co. n the second season of The Walking Dead if you’d prefer. Oh wait, but then everyone would say how “meh” the season finale was.

    • jen says:

      haha its all about milking the drama no matter how ridiculous it is ;) simple interactions with the characters just isn’t a shonda show!

      • trainwreck says:

        exactly.. cue season 7 finale.. it was highly and intensely emotional with Zola Adoption battle, Meredith and Cristina in tough spots with their spouses and Alex breaking up with Lucy… It was all drama but no catastrophe and as much as I HATE the fact that some of the best finales have been the ones with deaths: Denny (s2), George (s5), Shooting (s6) and lexie’s (sob!) death in crash (s8).. only exception to the rule has been s3 (when burke left Cristina at altar)

        • jenna says:

          the season 3 finale was by far my all time favourite grey’s finale and one of my favourite scenes in television. I just loved everything about it the song choice, acting, writing, direction, cinematography…I don’t tend to get emotional while watching tv or movies but without fail I always shed a tear during that scene. The season 5 finale scene with george and izzie in the elevator was another favourite, george’s death was the biggest jawdropping moment for me in the entire series

  12. lisam says:

    Ughhh no Zoe and George..

  13. Johanna says:

    “We wanted to ground everything and get things back to ‘normal.’”…does it mean Ziva is BACK ?!?

    • Maria says:

      Yep. Back in Israel. Where she will stay. Let’s move on.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        i agree….i’m SICK of hearing about ziva….COTE WANTED TO LEAVE….RESPECT HER CHOICE PEOPLE….she pulled the show DOWN….it became the ZIVA SHOW….and she was allowed to get away with things, that TONY as SFA never would have been allowed to do.

    • SandraM says:

      I’d settle for characters remembering she once existed.

      • SammyL says:

        Hmmm, like holding daily homages for former colleagues who are no longer employed there? You know, like all offices do for past employees… (Some would probably even light candles in the bathroom, except the Fire Marshall frowns on things like that.) SMH

      • Andrew Hass says:

        On one hand i do wish NCIS would have the characters mention Ziva from time to time but on the other hand that could get the audience’s hopes up that she’s returning.

        • Liz says:

          The failure to mention Ziva is one of the things that irks me. If a friend or relative moves across the country or to a different country, you don’t stop talking to them or about them. After a few episodes, it was as if Ziva never existed. This is more like a nasty divorce. The way they handled Ziva’s departure was very cold and not very natural unless they wanted us tho think none of the team liked her anyway. This is so cold that I now have trouble liking the members of the team. The way the writers wrote this season makes the characters seem very shallow. Even if G.G. or the brass were angry with Cote, they shouldn’t have showed it in the writing. They didn’t do this when Sasha Alexander left the show… .

          • Alisa Neely says:

            WHY should we have her thrown in our faces any more?…..they had tony MOURN her leaving for heaven’s sakes…..she CHOSE to LEAVE….she WANTED to cut TIES….and MOVE ON WITH HER LIFE…..i mean, tony named a FISH after her supposedly……she caused them HEADACHE’S with the way she did things…..she was ALLOWED TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER on MORE then once.

          • Lea Connor says:

            If you remember at the start of the season with how Tony was dealing with things, ie badly. That was Tony have trouble with her leaving. Gibbs did mention it. Ziva left she did not die. This is the 2nd time that the character has walked out on them. Unfortunately they didn’t have time to write the Ziva leaving into the show as 5 episodes had been written, when she finally decided to leave and it was 2 days before pre-production of the new series. So they had to write her out of any episode, they had to cover any arc she was in. They had to re-write 5 eps (I would say 3 completely). They had to produce new character/characters. I think they have done really well considering how she left and how little time they had. I like Bishop as she is a complete probie, she is learning all of these things that Kate and Ziva knew how to do.

      • NoChance says:

        I think the show does that already since Abby has her little Israeli flag in her lab, we see it almost every time there’s a lab scene. I think subtle works really well. To me the flag says Abby remembers her friend even though that friend has moved back to her homeland. And – I think it was from this season – doesn’t Abby have her old scarf too?

        Also, it took about 6 or 7 years after Kate’s murder before they mentioned her by name again so it’s not really any different that Ziva’s name isn’t brought up.

    • John NYC says:

      That would pose an interesting recast.

      Any suggestions who should play the character next?

  14. Winston says:

    6 things on the scorecard for HoD? Oh, dear…

    • Babybop says:

      Right?? I was thinking the same thing… and he said at least 6, which means there could be more… I’m starting to think Lemon is going to end up pregnant.

  15. Tracie says:

    6 things for HoD? That is a big jump from last season when there were only 2. I’m interpreting it to be that none of them are for George/Zoe because the show has moved away from that direction. They are moving toward George/Lemon and I think after Wade/Vivian break up that we’ll see them moving toward Wade/Zoe again.

    • madhatter360 says:

      My predictions for what 6 are:
      Wade/Vivian break up
      Shelby gives birth-possibly a big return as well
      Tom/Wanda get pregnant
      Wade/Zoe reunite
      Joel returns
      Joel proposes to Zoe (either she turns him down or we get a cliffhanger)

      • Tracie says:

        I agree with some of them
        Joel returns. I think that is a given with them being on a “break” from Joel’s POV.
        WV break up. That needs to happen and should happen soon.
        Zoe telling Wade she loves him/WZ reuniting

        I think there will be some others for some of the other characters.
        Maybe something with George/Lemon reuniting or maybe a proposal/eloping.

        I don’t think Lavon/AB will reunite before the end of this season, but I won’t be surprised if Davis proposes since marriage has been a big part of AB’s storyline this season. And AB says no.

      • wsmize says:

        Keep in mind an earlier AA also mentions the finale does involve a wedding,.

  16. Ally Oop says:

    I have the feeling Dixie will end up with Wade/Zoe, Lavon/Annabeth and George/Lemon together in the finale and the writers have made it so the season finale can serve as a series finale.

  17. starthebuck says:

    ncis lost it thrill since cotê left the show. i am falling asleep through each and every episode, never happened before.

  18. PPPG says:

    A show not ending in a cliffhanger? Really? YES!!!!!

  19. alistaircrane says:

    I hope Kim Bauer returns! She gets a lot of unnecessary hate, but I loved the character and Elisha Cuthbert. I bet her return is being kept under lock and key.

    • Chlojack says:

      It would be great to see Kim in the finale too. Maybe the writers will take advantage of being able to skip 12 hours by having Jack travel back to the US and reunite with Kim.

  20. CBWBDK1 says:

    Please kille the Roy character! The character is useless and the actor is terrible!

  21. Lore says:

    I hope Ryan comes to the wedding, and without a girlfriend!

  22. Pat says:

    It is that time of year again, when the shows will be having their season finales and I use to feel sad but now I watch so many other shows on cable that will be starting up,for the summer run. I am glad that NCIS will be running a tribute for Ralph Waite. That will truly be a fitting season finale. Cannot wait for OUAT’s season finale. I just know it will probably be a major cliffhanger that will drive us all crazy and have us wishing it were Fall already.

  23. The Rookie says:

    I am uncoditional NCIS lover from the JAG days and it makes me sad that the same people have the same comments in all posts: “the show got bad”, “Ziva come home”, “Bishop this and that”.

    No one forces you to watch, if don’t like the show don’t invest your time in it and find other entertaining ventures.

    For those who watch to support all the cast (Including Emily!) we are happy to get another season.

    • Britt says:

      Nobody is forcing you to read people’s comments either.

    • Mel says:

      I just tune out the haters and their single-focused agenda. Their comments say far more about them than the show.

    • Angie says:

      I agree with you “Rookie”, I am sooooo tired of reading about the “Ziva” comments & no I don’t have to read other people’s comments, but what is the fun of missing what someone posted???
      I am another NCIS lover from way back too, & it does make me sad the way people post about “how bad the show has gotten” I think the show is great & I will definitely keep watching it!!!

      • PatM says:

        I agree with both you and Rookie. Have been an NCIS fan since it’s start on JAG. The same comments over and over become nauseating real quick and while no one is “forcing” anyone to read them–try getting through anything written about NCIS without those comments being force fed to you. God forbid you say anything complimentary about Bishop, (guess what? I like her) once her name comes up so do the knives come out. The show is still fantastic and it hasn’t gone downhill or what other garbage that a certain few spew out. It must be totally galling that it hasn’t declined to those people, I will watch NCIS until it is no more–and I hope that day is a long way off.

        • Angela says:

          try getting through anything written about NCIS without those comments being force fed to you

          Hell, try going to an article like this that focuses on multiple shows, hoping to discuss a totally different show you DO watch, only to have to wade through all those comments in the process.
          Seriously, “NCIS” people-aren’t you tired of this yet?

          • GUEST says:

            Aren’t YOU getting tired of NCIS AND certain crime and police shows that does the SAME THING IN EVERY SINGLE EPISODE?! IT”S predictable! Do you NOT GET IT YET, Angela and everyone else LIKE The Rookie, Angie and 20 million viewers?! Apparently NOT! (IN Megatron’s voice) WE WILL NOT BE DENIED OF OUR OPINIONS! Don’t like our opinions then get your butts up out of here and don’t come back! Everyone else has an opinion show them some respect! Believe in The Shield. Please note that i’m talking about the wrestlers from WWE, NOT the FX TV SHOW.

          • Angela says:

            I’ve only seen random episodes of “NCIS” here and there if I’m at someone’s place and they happen to be watching it, and even then I don’t really pay much attention. So I don’t have a comment on that show itself. I’m just talking about the endless Ziva/Bishop debate, and how old it gets seeing it play out here every other week or so, at least, the way it’s currently done, with the ridiculous insults and the exact same arguments being made over and over and over and over again.
            Also? Nobody has ever said you have no right to your opinions. They might disagree with the way you present them, or might be irritated at hearing the same arguments every single time, but they’re not actively trying to silence you or anyone else. So again, relax.

        • Hannah says:

          II agree with everything you said and I still love the show NCIS including Bishop. Haters can keep hating though – who cares what they have to say. But one thing I don’t agree is that NCIS has not gone downhill at all. To me it is sickeningly obvious that the producers Belsario, Shane Brennan or whomever – and the writers ] – have already moved their focus to the NCIS spinoff shows giving THEM all of the excitement, danger, great scripts and story arcs. I will always be loyal to NCIS but no one ever gets really hurt anymore (unrealistic) and the plots are all weak and alll fluff with no action or nail biting danger. The writing is soooo predictable and it breaks my heart cz these are talented actors who deserve better writing. NO CLIFFHANGER? Ralph’s death may he rest in peace, is the lamest excuse not to give us any ongoing story arc that climaxes into a cliffie. But then again the last 2-3 season cliffies were stupid and lame so now they aren’t even bothering to give their fans one at all this year. It sickens me that they don’t hire new writers to keep breathing new life into the original NCIS – it needs a shot in the arm,

          • zoyarose says:

            Bellisario left at the end of Season 5 and Brennan left at the end of Season 8. The current showrunner is Gary Glasberg, who along with Mark Harmon, are responsible for the potential NCIS spinoff. :)

        • Lea Connor says:

          I like her to. I just posted to another post about ‘Ziva’ earlier in this thread. I like she is a probie we get to see her learn and grow. Even more than we did McGee. Remember how he was at t he start

      • GUEST says:

        (IN The Miz’s voice) Really? Really? Really? really, Angie? Let me tell YOU something, little girl. First of all, why are you readying other people’s comments then if you don’t like what they’re saying? AND secondly, (IN Megatron’s voice) WE WILL NOT BE DENIED OF OUR OPINIONS! AND third, WHY haven’t YOU Angie and all 20 million viewers still haven’t got it yet?! And what i mean by that is EVERY CRIME AND POLICE SHOW IS THE SAME THING IN EVERY SINGLE EPISODE! IT”S PREDICTABLE! AND if you Angie and 20 million viewers know that then these crime and police shows wouldn’t be keep beating the dead horse NOW WOULD IT?! Don’t like our opinions, then get your butt up out of this site and don’t come back! That’s right i said what I needed to say because LIKE EVERYONE ELSE WE HAVE AN WAIT FOR IT… OPINION! (IN BAUTISTA”S VOICE) DEAL WITH IT, Angie and everyone else LIKE The Rookie and Angie! (Evolution from WWE theme plays)

    • GUEST says:

      (IN Marik from Yu-gi-oh voice) Yeah that’s great shut up. Actually, YOU The Rookie and everyone else LIKE The Rookie should shut the heck up! NOT EVERYONE is gonna like a certain show! YOU The Rookie and everyone else LIKE The Rookie likes to bash other people just because THEY HAVE AN WAIT FOR IT… OPINION! I command all of you LIKE The Rookie and The Rookie himself to stop acting like children! (IN Megatron’s voice) WE WILL NOT BE DENIED OF OUR OPINIONS! Don’t like our opinions? (IN The Tyshawn Zone’s voice then get your butts up out of this site and don’t come back! AND one more thing THE MOMENT i see a reply back at me, THE Rookie and everyone else LIKE The Rookie will get slapped! (IN BAUTISTA”S VOICE) DEAL WITH IT!

      • Angela says:

        …got that all out of your system now?

        • GUEST says:

          To answer your question Angela YES i did because EVERYTHING I SAID is true. YOU and everyone else LIKE YOU may not believe me BUT it’s the truth. Everything i said about the crime and police shows being the same thing and predictable in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE was true. Starting believing in what i said about the crime and police shows being the same thing and predictable. And i’m sorry about the”you will get slapped” insult. I don’t know what gotten into me. That apology goes to THE Rookie and everyone else LIKE The Rookie as well.

          • Angela says:

            I have no comment on your remarks about crime shows. Just…wow. Settle. Ease up on the caps a little.

          • Mandy says:

            Umm, I’d go back on my meds if I was you–you sound like a total wing-nut. Or worse, an 8 year old kid watching too many cartoons. Dude, you’ve got issues……..

    • Totally agree. When a character leaves NCIS has been great! about bringing in someone to replace, which doesn’t happen often, that seems to fit in well with the rest of the cast. I like Emily and the character Bishop works me for completely. I am thrilled NCIS got renewed. It is holding it’s own in the ratings and I love it!

  24. Michael says:

    I agree that Lemon and Lavon was destined to happen, but once the chemistry between AB and Lavon showed they ditched that storyline. Also, it appears that originally George and Zoe were meant to be the ‘Ross and Rachel,’ but the chemistry of Zade was too undeniable to keep them apart.

  25. Babygate says:

    I was not surprised but still disappointed that they killed off Emma on The Following. At this point I just want it to be over already. I have no interest on a 3rd season. This has maintained its momentum much better than S1 but it still floundered. Besides, I think Emma was the most interesting character and now shes gone. About 24, I do hope Kim makes an appearance. So incredibly psyched about the return of Jack and Chloe! On Grey’s, I’m relieved Cristina wont be killed off but at the same time, I wish I didnt know because the unknown is what made the finale so compelling for me. I dont feel the same sense of urgency now. It would be a nice surprise if she takes Owen with her. Mostly because Owen without Cristina is as pointless as Mark without Lexie. We will never be able to stomach seeing him with anyone else and that would make him a background player, like Webber who should move to Boston already. Its time for Bailey to take his place as the hospital’s resident guru and parental figure and Chief.

  26. Kat says:

    As for “The Following”: God, I HATE it when that happens… and I have a VERY bad feeling… I mean, seriously, what are they going to do with Season 3 to keep it interesting? With Ryan literally being with Joe it’s highly unrealistic that he gets away and starts yet A NEW cult… so I personally think… well… “someone” takes over as the “big bad”… and I have a suspicion… I just hope I’m wrong…

  27. Colleen says:

    Tell me more about The Black List. Now that Tom is gone????

  28. Erin says:

    Casting ideas for Under the dome….Dakata Goyo (Real Steel), Jaden Smith, Bradley Steven Perry (Good luck Charlie)

  29. RichieS says:

    Here’s what I’d like to see on Hart……..Brick attends his college reunion where him and his buddies realize Otis Day & the Knights are performing and racist hijinx ensue. Coincidentally George heads back to Dillon, Texas for his own reunion where he has to explain he has regained the ability to walk at the expense of slight mental impairment. Not to be outdone, Zoe Hart flies out to the O.C. where she comes to grips with the knowledge that kissing Seth upside down beats anything her and Wade ever did. End of show. Period.

  30. kath says:

    Andrew Kriesburg and Mark Guggenheim really need to stop staying that we will be surprised by what happens on Arrow. Laurel finding out Oliver’s the Arrow behaved exactly as I expected her to, and so did everyone on this week’s show reacting to Roy. Of course Sara wants to kill him, and Oliver, Thea and Sin want him saved.

  31. Guest says:

    Did somebody say I have issues and I need to go back on my meds?! And I sound like a total wing-nut?! To answer these questions i say NO! NO! NO! to both of them! I just stated MY opinion about police procedurals being the same thing in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, that’s all! You all don’t believe me? I’ll give all of you an example. 1. a crime (example murder most of the time) happens. 2. Whatever police procedural and/or crime tv team investigate the crime. 3. The team figures out using tactics like evidence on who did the actual crime. 4. The team then try and find the criminal because its NOT that easy and bring him and/or her or them to justice, episode ends. I called this predictable! Am i the only one that sees that? Apparently so since most of you don’t know or care. As for the 8-year-old watching too many cartoons remark whoever said that, I watch some but not regularly because either the network cancels them stupidly due to not having a toyline(Cartoon Network i’m looking at you) (in Him from the Powerpuff girls scary voice) OR VIEWERS DON”T CARE! Green Lantern The Animated Series, Thundercats(2011), and MY favorite Young Justice all those shows cancelled due to stupidity and Young Justice got the worst of it IT ENDED ON A CLIFFHANGER! GL And YJ both got replaced by Beware the Batman(I was gonna give it a chance before they did the unthinkable with GL And YJ and I knew that it was getting cancelled too due to stupidity thank you Toonami for saving it before it goes to the abyss) and Teen Titans Go! which is a comedy not the 2003 Teen Titans which was better! And as for the endless Ziva/Bishop war, what do people that are sick and tired of it expect?! Most people liked Ziva because she unlike Bishop was a fan-favorite! That’s their opinion. Don’t be bashing at people who has opinions because WE have them and you cannot run from them. That’s the bottom line because I said so! P.S people that watch these crime/police procedural shows and listened to my examples YOU have been warned! (Evolution from WWE theme plays)

    • Angela says:

      …has anyone in this comment section been saying that procedurals don’t follow a formula? Maybe a few people here and there have said that in other discussions elsewhere, but I think even most fans of procedurals will acknowledge that yeah, they have their formulas they follow (though, guess what, so do a lot of other types of shows). You’re ranting and starting an argument about something that nobody in this comment section, that I can see, has even stated.
      And as for the endless Ziva/Bishop war, what do people that are sick and tired of it expect?!
      Well, for those of us who come to an article that deals with multiple TV shows, I think it’s fair for us to expect to have a little more variety in the comments about the various shows. It’d be so, SO nice to not see the Ziva/Bishop debate taking up a vast section of the comments, to the point where we have to scroll past all that discussion in order to try and see if anyone else has started discussion about any of the other shows.
      And for the “NCIS” fans, I think the vast majority of them have the right to expect to go to just ONE article, even, that talks about the show that doesn’t devolve into the same old debate over and over again about the same two characters. A discussion that actually focuses on the other characters (because I may have only seen a few bits and pieces of that show, but I know there are other characters that have been on there besides Ziva and Bishop), or other storylines.
      And I could even deal with the debate if it were mature and calm. But that’s never what it is. It’s always people flinging insults at the actors and characters (there is some disturbing amount intense hatred for these characters-they’re fictional, guys, you know that, right?), or at each other. Why exactly should anyone else who has no vested interest in that debate have to put up with that? Why can’t the people who insist on having that kind of a debate do it somewhere else, or at least have the discussion in a grown-up manner for a change? It’s one thing to voice an opinion on a show and character, but it’s a whole other thing to be jerks. And I think we have the right to expect that people try and act like mature, decent human beings when they’re talking to others online, no matter what the topic is.
      Plus, I don’t know what the constant debate over those characters is going to achieve. Ziva’s gone. She’s not coming back anytime soon. Bishop is there, and it doesn’t sound like she’ll be leaving. Whatever one’s feelings about those facts, be they good or bad, at some point the people arguing about this need to learn to deal with it and either keep watching or stop watching and move on to something else. And if they want to make changes to the show, they need to send their complaints to someone who can actually do something about it. Yelling at each other in a TVLine comment section will not bring a character back or take one away-nobody here has the power to do anything on that front.

      • Angela says:

        And for the record, by the way, I feel this way about ANY extreme debate that unfolds on here with any show. Fans of “Supernatural” and “Glee”, for instance, can be just as bad about this stuff, too (if not worse). And I still remember the ridiculous stuff with “Gossip Girl” fans, too. It’s all lame no matter which way you slice it.

        • Guest says:

          For once i actually agree with you. I remember fans of Supernatural was against the idea of having Bela and Ruby on the show but it was kinda the writers fault for not making these characters interesting. That’s why Bela got killed off because of the negative fan reaction. Now the fans aren’t really against anything like Charlie and those recent females. As for Glee, well… everyone adored it when it first came on the air but once the writers started doing things that viewers don’t like, jumping the shark in the process people started hating it and now it’s hitting 0.whatever which are numbers that The CW usually gets and Fox is shaking their heads going “Why did we renew it for this season and next season” Oh well at least for fans who’s not watching it anymore don’t worry it will end in season 6.

      • Guest says:

        The first question you stated? My answer is(IN Him from The Powerpuff Girls scary voice) DO YOU THINK I KNOW THAT?! You’re saying i know nothing about tv shows formula?! OF COURSE I KNOW! I KNOW that tv shows follows the formula. BUT in a tv show you have to have a well-written story or viewers will lose interest. Well-written shows like Young Justice, Star Wars The Clone Wars, and The Spectacular Spider Man are cancelled but yet reality shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians and police procedurals like CSI continues?! Reality shows keep churning up because they’re cheap( comedies as well) and police procedurals are popular not only on their respective networks but in syndication and internationally due to a lack of a storyline so that the viewers won’t feel lost when watching in reruns. The lack of a storyline is the reason why i have a problem with procedurals. Although i’ll break my problem with crime shows once Gotham comes BUT that’s the only crime show i’ll be watching. Even though Black Lagoon(an anime) is crime fiction, I actually enjoy it. As for the Ziva/Bishop feud, I’m sure it’ll end before next season begins because Ziva ain’t coming back folks, deal with it. True the actress that played Ziva said that she didn’t die and she could come back but not at this second, folks! Ziva people, Bishop people, make peace with each other and stop this pointless war right now! As for myself, I would love to end this feud i have with some people on this site because it’s kinda pointless at this point and i don’t want this war to get out of control.

  32. I am so, so excited for 24! I’ve watched it since I was 9 years old.

  33. john says:

    I find Kate of the 24 season 9 resembling Kim, could she have taken up this role