Parenthood Finale Recap: Change is Good

parenthood-season-5-finaleIf there’s one thing we’ve learned this season on Parenthood, it’s just how much the Bravermans hate change. But as Thursday’s season finale proved, not all change has to be bad.

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TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT | Welcome home, Haddie! Adam and Kristina’s eldest returns home from school, with her “super-awesome best friend” Lauren in tow (who we can all agree looks like Michelle Williams in her Dawson’s Creek days, right?). As Max discovers when he unceremoniously walks in on them kissing, the two aren’t just friends, but they’re dating. Haddie doesn’t want to tell her parents the news, but after Max questions his mom about what it means when two girls kiss, Haddie really doesn’t have a choice. She admits to Mom and Dad that she’s in a relationship, and — as if we should expect anything less — Kristina and Adam are totally cool and supportive. (Side note: Major kudos to Sarah Ramos, who seemed so conflicted throughout the episode, I felt like I was keeping a secret from my family.)

COLD SHOULDER | Back at the hospital, Amber and Ryan get a visit from Ryan’s estranged mother (played by Pretty Little Liars’ Annabeth Gish), who greets him oh-so-warmly: “Well, you’re a damn mess.” Ah, I can really feel the bond between these two. The dynamic isn’t any better between her and Amber, especially when she learns that Amber and Ryan didn’t exactly “just date” a little bit before he was injured. And with that in mind, Mrs. York delivers a bit of bad news: Ryan’s been discharged from the army, and he’ll be returning to Wyoming with her after he gets released from the hospital. Amber confronts Ryan about the discharge, and asks him how exactly he got all banged up. The answer? Drunk driving and using his phone while driving. (Ryan, I am so not happy with you right now.) But Ryan takes this opportunity to be extra-honest with Amber, telling her he still thinks about her every day. If you didn’t reach for the Kleenex at least once as the two kissed (and did a little somethin’ somethin’ on Ryan’s hospital bed), I hereby declare you need to check for a pulse. But that’s not all: Before episode’s end, Amber grabs a pregnancy test at the drugstore.

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HE LOVES ME NOT | As Drew and Natalie say their goodbyes for the summer, she tells him she loves him. And Drew, well… just stands there. Oops. The teenage Braverman remains moody for the rest of the episode, but it’s nothing Zeke can’t solve. After convincing Drew to help him move furniture out of the house, Zeke hands over the keys to the ol’ Pontiac. Yep, now Drew can visit his girlfriend in Portland, and he wastes no time in doing so — and finally tells her he loves her, too.

TOMATO, TOMAHTO | Hank’s season-long character development isn’t all for naught: After he remains a supportive and concerned — dare I say it? — father figure to Amber, Sarah agrees it’s time to finally discuss where she and Hank stand. The bottom line? Despite Hank’s Asperger’s, she needs open communication in a relationship, which Hank recognizes is not easy for him. Still, Hank’s progress throughout the last few months seems to be enough for Sarah, and at the end of the hour, she walks into his studio and greets him with a long-awaited kiss. (My favorite quote of the episode? Hank’s stunned “Really?” after Sarah planted one on him. So cute!)

READING BETWEEN THE LINES | Here’s something to put in the “win” column for Victor: Not only did his entry to the school essay contest win first place, but he gets to read the piece aloud to the entire school. Proud parents Joel and Julia can’t help beaming as they watch Victor recite his essay, and for the first time in a long time, the happy family celebrates together with some frozen yogurt. Later, after Sydney begs Joel not to return to his apartment, he and Julia tuck their daughter in, sharing with her the story of when she was born. And if you audibly squealed when Joel grabbed Julia’s hand, you were not the only one.

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HOME SWEET HOME | Throughout the episode, Crosby and Adam reluctantly help their parents pack up their childhood home, reminiscing about some of their best memories from yesteryear. Bobsledding down mattresses on the staircase? Check. Learning that Crosby didn’t actually make that awesome birdhouse in art class? Check. And although the Bravermans are sad to say goodbye to their beloved home, the entire gang reunites for one last family dinner in the backyard. And all of us watching at home cry, “This show must be renewed!”

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the Parenthood finale? Grade the season ender via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!


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  1. Teresa says:

    I want Joel and Julia to get back together soooo much, but think they still have a long ways to go, especially after Julia’s one night stand. Ahhhh, I love this show.

    • Joe says:

      I want them to get a divorce she already slept with another man keep it moving. I wish Joel would have slept with that woman he works with. There separated a regular would play the field his wife did so why can’t he.

      • David says:

        Hey Joe, man to man, Joel drove her to the arms of not one but two men- with his stupid pride. He was neglecting her; and don’t forget, he was on the verge of getting into foul play with his boss. Julia fought for him by breaking in on them and staking her claim. You can only feel wronged if you there is guilt involved. He should have felt proud that she loved him enough to fight for him. Now if he doesnt take this opportunity and lose that pride, he’all be sitting on the sidelines wondering why he,s all alone while she will have moved on, permananently. As Johnny Taylor once sang “Aint no sense in going home, Jody’s got your girl and gone!”

        • Nadina says:

          Exactly right David! I am late in watching “Parenthood,” but I can understand why the show did not get renewed for season 7. I am three fourths through season five, episode fourteen, and I keep shaking my head. I started out having to pause Netflix when I was interrupted, and even rewinding. Now I leave the room on purpose at certain parts. What about the first season or two, when Julia busted her butt at the office (as a lawyer), and came home to find another woman in her kitchen baking cookies with her husband? And let’s not forget the school function where the same woman was honoring Joel in front of Julia’s whole family? Then came the swim lessons, where this woman was in the pool, in a bikini with Joel. Lastly, he admitted that the woman had the wrong idea, and attempted to get intimate with him. This show is ridiculous! I can’t believe the actors never protested the inconsistency in the story line. Was this a dictatorship with the writer/writers in charge?
          While I’m on that topic, what happened to Zeke’s devastating investment that left him destitute? One season they are totally broke, and another season there is no mention of it. Then one season Zeke buys a trailer, so that they can travel and Millie can paint. Then it disappears, and there is no mention of it! Another oddity in the story line, Sara becomes a Super in a building. It would have been nice to show her deciding that, searching for a place, reasons for it, something! All of a sudden she is just there, from one season to the next. I do love Max’s character though, and even found myself searching as to whether he truly has Asperger’s or not, because his portrayal is so real and consistent (I am a teacher and Registered Nurse).

  2. Shauna says:

    Can I vote A+? Am I the only one that is worried that that episode read like a possible series finale? Must must MUST get a renewal. Need to know if Amber is pregnant

    • JVee says:

      I don’t ever want these people to go away! There’s nothing else like this on TV, and it will be a sad, sad day if it’s not renewed. Quality – a rare commodity – please RENEW!

    • Katie Macfee says:

      She was also drinking what looked like water at the family dinner. They made a point to show her taking a sip. Definitely preggers, definitely following EXACTLY in her mother’s footsteps.

    • Kim R says:

      You are definitely not the only one. It was such a great finale but that last scene of the last dinner at the house with The Times They are A-Changin’ playing made me think that it would be the perfect series finale. I really hope they don’t cancel this fantastic show. If they do, I’m very glad they didn’t leave us hanging. :)

      • Suzanne J says:

        Loved that dinner too…but I have to admit I kept looking for Joel at the table. Due time, due time.

      • HAP says:

        That song was a highlight for me. Richie Havens’ cover of a Dylan song. Come April 23, it will be one year since the passing of Richie Havens.

        Reminds me. Does anyone remember the final episode of Northern Exposure? They ended the show with a scene with Iris Dement’s Our Town, which to this day makes that the best send-off show I can recall.

        • StylinGirl says:

          Totally agree on Northern Exposure- and best use of music! Six Feet Under was also a Best Ever Finale- wow.

  3. Laura says:

    Great season finale! There are so, many, new places for this show to go now. Wishing, hoping, thinking, and praying for NBC to hurry up and renew!

  4. HEATHER says:

    I agree… It felt way to much like a series finale for my taste… We better see another season. FYI…. I am pretty sure the dinner at the end is in the backyard of the NEW house… We see Zeke and Camielle drive away at the end before the dinner…. I love that they have already started the memories in the new house :)

  5. michelle says:

    Kudos to them not labeling Haddie. Maybe we can get an honest betrayal of bisexuality?

  6. Bryce says:

    There are episodes of TV I refer to as “must-stand TV” because I’ll spend at least a quarter of the episode standing up because I’m too shocked or touched to sit down and still. I pace around and cry. This was one of these. Victor’s essay reading was as perfect as Max’s campaign speech a couple seasons back, and it goes to show that there are in betweens from “normal kids” and autism spectrum kids, and that when a kid’s growing up every victory counts. That talk Haddie and Christina had? I’ve had almost that exact talk. The was Adam looked at Haddie’s girlfriend at the fridge with silent understand was so beautiful. But the moment that really got me was Zeke with Drew, because there was just so much sentamentality there. I love that fraternal relationship. Just overall a really great end to a really great season–I can’t believe 22 episodes came and went so fast! I can’t wait for next year.

    • digitalrd93 says:

      Stand up television! I thought I was the only one who had that response to fantastic moments in TV storytelling. Thank you! And yes, Kudos to Katims & Co. For handling Haddie’s plot so well. This series has been must-watch for me since the beginning (and I’m usually just an Sci Fi fan). NBC, please ignore the out of date Neilsens. Renew this treasure.

  7. Bryce says:

    I’m curious as to how this sets Haddie up to return full time next season. I read on here somewhere that her return would set that up, but nothing did from what I saw.

    • Jessica says:

      Well Haddie talked a lot about how much her gf loved it there, and Adam was saying how much they missed her and how it felt right with her around, perhaps a transfer of schools is in order…0

  8. Paul J. Reedy says:

    To cancel this show would be one of the biggest mistakes NBC could make. Parenthood is like no other show on any other network. Family drama multi generational life stories that tug at the heart and make you see how the Braverman family relates to your real life family. It boasts the best acting on television. No other network has a feel good show of this caliber. To replace it with yet another procedural or science fiction scarefest would be so wrong.

  9. Eric says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning how much Lauren looked like Dawson’s Creek-era Michelle Williams, I thought the same thing every time she was on-screen! I absolutely loved this episode, but I need at least 22 more episodes of this show before I’ll be ready to say goodbye.

    • Bryce says:

      I don’t understand why at the end of every season we pray for just one more season. If NBC doesn’t know this is some of it’s strongest stuff, it’s completely dillusional. Could the ratings be better? Yes, but that’s true across the board at NBC. Screw saying “it would be smart to renew parenthood for a new season”. It would be smart for NBC to renew Parenthood for two seasons and then two more after that.

    • dr_spaceman says:

      I also thought the exact same thing about Michelle Williams :) This show really deserves to get renewed.

  10. Mike R. says:

    Great finale, while I agree it had many elements of a series finale, there was still plenty left unresolved for a final season, and I really hope we get one, with Haddie back full time.

  11. Bryce says:

    I really do wish Zeke could’ve been there for Ryan, but ah well

  12. MP says:

    Even when this show isn’t sad it still brings the tears. I left it on my DVR so I could watch it again. This is such a wonderful and “real” show and, like the poster above said, there’s nothing like it on TV. I’m probably in the minority, but if NBC only gave Parenthood a shortened season every year I would be fine with that. I like the storyline tightness of shorter seasons. I really hope it’s renewed because I think there’s more story to tell. If it’s sadly a series finale, I think they did a nice job.

  13. Ann says:

    I also loved the stunned smile on Hank’s face at Sarah’s kiss. There are a lot of genuine looks of love on Parenthood between characters. Pleease don’t cancel it! It takes a LOT of talent to build and maintain such a quality ensemble show and there are many more great storylines left for the Bravermans to experience.

  14. Another great episode. All of it.

    And I loved that the dinner was just moved to Adam & Kristina’s…And with Adam at the head of the table now making the toast. ‘Times they are a changing’ playing in the background…cue tears.

  15. jkp says:

    Frankly, I think they went off the deep end on this last episode. Just like every other show on TV. Sarah cheers Julia’s adultery. Zeke gives his grandson a car so he can go sleep with his girlfriend. Amber impregnates herself intentionally. And really, can’t we have one family drama without a gay or lesbian character? For the first four seasons, bad decisions had consequences. Did they suddenly get a new set of writers?

    • gus says:

      I completelly agree with seems that the writers run out of ideas..what a dissapointment…

    • Bryce says:

      Ew. Take your weird conservative family values elsewhere please.

      • SimonS says:

        Yes, because why in the world would a show about a family want to have any family values, right?

        I totally agree that this season and this finale were disappointing. I still have some characters I enjoy watching, but for the most part everyone has turned into a selfish, whining jerk this year. It’s sad because I was so impressed by this show and how true they made the characters feel the first two or three years.

        • Kate says:

          Because “family values” is code for “homophobic.” And if you’re the kind of person who’s turned off from a beautiful show full of believable characters, then you’re no fan of this show. Good riddance.

          • Bryce says:

            Thank you! With 8% of the population identifying as queer, it makes perfect since for there to be at least one gay Braverman. “Family values” is just an excuse to be really crappy to people who you judge as wrong.

      • Elin says:

        How is saying that making you any better than what you think is so bad? If you don’t want conservatives to hate on your values, don’t hate on theirs. I thought the Hattie storyline was a joke. Remwmber when they freaked that she was dating a black guy? But your lesbian now? That’s great!

    • interloper4501 says:

      Aw c,mon, this is a family show, and real families do through this kinda stuff/We value your opinion (only keep it to yourself)

    • Kate says:

      You’re disgusting. Hateful ignorance has no place here. If you can’t handle the reality of the human experience, go stick your head in the sand of some remote island. You will NOT be missed.

      • SimonS says:


        Try opening your mind and not calling someone disguesting and hateful just because you might disagree with them. When you spout off like that it makes you come across as the person who is hateful and ignorant. If you opened your eyes a little you might see that the reality of the human experience is different for each person and we are all allowed to have our own beliefs and morals we follow or don’t follow.

    • CoryRox says:

      Because we all know gays and lesbians aren’t real people who deserve some sort of portrayal right JKP?

      • SimonS says:

        If gay and lesbian characters were portrayed on TV and in movies in the same percentage as they exist in real life, there would be many less than we see now.

        • Bryce says:

          How?! Nearly 10% of the populate IDENITIFIES as gay, that’s not even including the amount that lives in the shadows because of people like you. If there are over ten Bravermans (which there are), then statistically it makes sense that one would be queer. And it would statistically make sense for almost every show to have at least one gay character. Educate yourself, dude. Masters determined that only 8% of the population is 100% straight, 8% is 100% gay, and the rest are a bisexual mix with bisexual tendencies, even if they never identify or act on them.

          • SimonS says:

            Per Gallup, the gay population is about 3.4%. So 3.4 out of every 100 people.

            http ://

          • Angela says:

            Here’s my question: Who cares what the percentage of gay people in this country is? The fact remains that they’re out there, as are bisexual people (or trans people or so on), they’re human beings with their own stories, and they deserve to have their place on TV alongside the numerous amounts of stories involving straight people (seriously, the overwhelming majority of television still focuses on straight people, so I think people can survive having a gay character or two pop up on a show). And they also deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

    • Michelle R. says:

      What show are you watching?

      1. Joel told Julia that he was not working toward reconciliation. In any case, I do think there will be repercussions for her.
      2. Visit his girlfriend, not sleep with her.
      3. Intentionally?
      4. Since the most conservative estimates say 1 out of 10 people are gay, and most people are somewhere on the spectrum, a show with a huge family would be statistically likely to have someone who identifies with one or more letters in LGBTQ.

    • Ang says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth, jkp. Kudos to you for sticking up for morals, character, and YES PEOPLE, FAMILY VALUES! With the way television is going anymore, I miss the old episodes of the Cosby Show and Family Ties from when I was growing up. Good family shows that you can watch with your children seem to be a thing of the past. It’s sad really. The 60’s brought on a huge sexual revolution with everyone being free to sleep with whomever they wanted, claiming “LOVE” and what ended up happening? Unplanned pregnancies, STD’s, etc etc. Hmm people, ever think that maybe there is a reason that we have some boundaries to which we should be living? Like the poster above said, there is a consequence to cheating. There is a consequence to unplanned teenage pregnancies and every decision you make. Life isn’t all about doing what feels good.

      • Angela says:

        …uhhhhh, yeah, unplanned pregnancies and STDs, as well as adultery and people sleeping around? All of that been around for a long, long, LONG time. None of that is new, it’s all existed well before the 1960s and even the invention of television. We can go back through the centuries and see examples of this all the way back to the early civilizations. Even people living “good, moral lives” can have issues with unplanned pregnancies and STDs, too.
        Also, I watched “Cosby” and “Family Ties”, too, and from what I recall they dealt with some of the similar issues that this show seems to deal with. Relatives who drank, premarital sex (HOW old was Alex Keaton when he lost his virginity again? He was a teenager, wasn’t he? Yeah…), I think Cosby had to deal with a patient who had an unplanned pregnancy in an episode… Call me crazy, but all of that doesn’t exactly sound very “innocent” or “family-friendly”, at least not by your standards.
        Life is not perfect. People aren’t perfect. TV is going to reflect that. “Family values” is an obnoxious term because it implies that anyone who doesn’t dare live up to some unrealistic, idealized standard of “values” is bad and shameful or whatever. Not to mention, the people barking the loudest about family values always turn out to be the ones who have their own scandalous, not-so-innocent skeletons lurking in their closets, so they come off looking like massive, judgmental hypocrites.

    • Dennis says:

      I SO agree with this. So tired of the obligatory gay character. I’m tired of having it shoved down my throat.

  16. Kristin says:

    I didn’t like it. Way too predictable. This season the writers and actors took 2 steps forward, going above and beyond anyone’s expectations and confirming over and over that this show is one of the best on tv, only to take 10 steps back when the same storylines came into play AGAIN. Ryan’s not good for Amber, Hank is not good for Sarah, accidental pregnancy is not a good idea for Amber’s character since she will be tied down in a horrible situation. Ugh. Not a fan of the finale.

  17. Velocisexual says:

    There are a million things I could say about this awesome episode, but really only one thing truly matters. HADDIE IS BACK! When I saw the banner at the start of the episode I squealed like a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert (and I’m a grown man).
    If this show doesn’t get another season I will sue them for emotional damage!

  18. cktailgrl says:

    Richie Havens’ The Times They Are A-Changin’. Brilliant, heartwarming, sob-inducing. A more perfect accompaniment to the final montage there couldn’t have been. What an outstanding episode.

  19. drhenning says:

    I seem to remember Katims wrote Season 3 ender of FNL to be like a series finale just in case only to be saved by DTV.. Also, The Waltons, the family drama of the 70’s and early 80’s, had a number of season enders that could have been series finales but it kept going even replacing Richard Thomas as John Boy and surviving the Ma Walton leaving the show.. It was also that crapfest Scandal’s season finale that for some reason draws more eyeballs… I will say that Sarah Ramos sure looked terrific… I guess it’s the couple years of maturity…

    • SimonS says:

      I first got to know Jason Katims when I watched Roswell and I then followed him to Friday Night Lights. Pretty much every show he touches has amazing character development so I will continue to watch anything he’s a part of. It must be so tough to write for a TV show not knowing if its going to end that year or not. I think if I was in the business and a show I wrote got cancelled before I could give it a proper conclusion, I would have to at least write the ending I would have wanted and it put it on the internet or something like that.

  20. Kate says:

    Rebecca, you missed something. That wasn’t Camille and Zeke’s backyard. That was a passing of the torch scene, as the family dined in the oldest child’s (Adam) backyard..

  21. Merissa W. says:

    If this show does not get renewed, I will cry more than I’ve ever cried from an episode of this show!!

  22. Joyce Howard says:

    I’m surprised at people on here who give their opinions, but don’t want other people to have theirs, especially when it comes to infidelity, homosexuality, adultery, etc., but everyone has a right to their beliefs, so write you opinions about the show and allow others to do the same w/o criticizing them.

  23. Joyce Howard says:

    I did like Parenthood, but won’t be disappointed if it’s cancelled because they are changing the characters & their lifestyles so much that I’m not liking it so much anymore. I think they have written Adam & Kristina too loose with their family values until they don’t really have any. Don’t tell me a mother woukdn’t be surprised and shocked when they learn that their daughter is gay after a year away at college. She accepted it too easily. No questions whatsoever. I’m not believing that.

    • Angela says:

      Don’t tell me a mother woukdn’t be surprised and shocked when they learn that their daughter is gay after a year away at college. She accepted it too easily. No questions whatsoever. I’m not believing that.
      There’s plenty of parents out there who WOULD be that accepting, actually. I know my mom wouldn’t be fazed if I were gay and came out to her, for instance.

      • Debbi Beldon says:

        My mother would have been the same way if I came out to her too. Because just like Kristina said, all she wants is for me to be happy. And being gay isn’t a crisis.

        • Ally Oop says:

          I don’t think it would be an issue for my parents either since I’m a daughter. If one of my brothers came out on the other hand…I think there is a double-standard which exists and there’s a reason the show picked Haddie as gay instead of Drew.

    • She was surprised and shocked as evidenced by her reaction to Max’s question. She was still awkward and startled when she went to talk to Haddie. As for a family’s views and values they can change and should adapt/evolve. To do otherwise does much more harm than good.
      The key point of their values though is to love one another no matter what and support each other throughout. Acceptance should always be the first step. Accept her for who she is, then ask her for details later. Details which I’m sure in Season 6 will be expounded upon. Their core characters haven’t changed they are still the measured loving nuclear family.

    • Lauren says:

      “Don’t tell me a mother woukdn’t be surprised and shocked when they learn that their daughter is gay after a year away at college. She accepted it too easily. No questions whatsoever. I’m not believing that.”

      Yea, she was surprised and shocked but she composed herself before talking to her daughter. Also, if you almost become the mayor of Berkeley, you probably don’t have a homophobic bone in your body, and have a realistic understanding of what it means to be gay in this country now. Most parents freak out and get upset about because they don’t want their kid to have a harder life. Haddie mentioned this, but it’s a much lesser concern now than it once was.I think the best part about this scene was that it wasn’t super dramatic. Most tv coming outs are and this was really a breathe of fresh air.

      • John or Monica says:

        I totally agree with your comment about a parents reaction to their child telling them they are gay or lesbian. We were disappointed that there was not a scene whereas Adam & Kristina connected as a married couple to talk about this news. This is a huge thing, that your child is not heterosexual – even if you are totally open & accepting to gays & lesbianism. We have several friends whose kids have come out and this scene was SO unrealistic as to how a parent would react.

        • Golduchi says:

          I have to agree, as a parent myself, I can’t see any parents not questioning why their child ended up gay, wondering why they would choose such a difficult road. Haddie was perfectly happy in her relationship with a male previously, she was not abused or rejected, she has no reason to turn. Is this the old college experimentation thing? The year she was a lesbian? I also was highly disappointed that they never referred to the heartbreak Drew may have had in his girlfriend aborting their child. This show can be sooo PC that it is not at all real. I feel manipulated at times while I watch. Yes you can tell me not to watch, but it’s like watching a train wreck, sometimes you cant turn away…

          • Dani says:

            @Golduchi A few things to consider… 1) No one “chooses” to be gay, or as you put it “such a difficult road” – it’s not a choice. 2) Sexuality is not black and white. Just because Haddie had male boyfriends before and enjoyed that, doesn’t mean that she or truly happy with it. Plus, she might be bisexual, or pansexual, or whatever… Again, sexuality is not black and white, and it’s a common – but horrible wrong – mistake to see gender and sexuality as binary subjects. 3) Abuse and rejection are not the reason people are gay. It’s also a horrible misconception to think that people “turn gay” because of that.

      • John Colorado says:

        Why is it whenever someone disagrees with an opinion of the left, they are shouted down, called names, or disrespected in one way or another? I thought self-identified progressives were “open-minded.” Doesn’t that mean “open to the ideas and opinions of others?”

        I disagree with you. Period. It doesn’t make me hateful, phobic, or ignorant.

        And Haddie’s bisexuality is odd, at best, considering her history on the show. Throwing in the gay character, in my opinion, if I’m allowed to have one, is usually a sign the writers have run out of ideas and the show is in the process of “junping the shark.”

  24. Robbie says:

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  25. Megan says:

    I loved this episode. I definitely did not see the pregnancy test in Amber’s future. I thought that maybe Ryan’s mom would have run her off. So now what happens? If she’s pregnant, where do they go from there? Not only that, but if they did the dirty in his hospital bed, then how did no one walk in on that or at least see it and say, “Um helloooo? He just got into a really bad accident…” He is taking off with his mom after all of that? You would think that if he “thought about her” so much that he would at least try to make it work with her so that he could stay with her. As far as the whole gay daughter thing goes, I agree that they accepted it a little too soon. What gay teen wouldn’t want their parents to just accept them without criticisms and questions? It’s not realistic, but it was a nice touch. Finally, on the topic of Sarah and Hank…I think that they belong together. Autism is a big deal and if he is willing to work on himself because he has feelings for her, then they are the ultimate couple. I definitely hope that they renew the show. I have to know what happens to Amber.

    • Iown You says:

      I think this season finale was made the way it was in order to provide some small closure in the event it doesn’t get renewed, and there is a chance it may not. Great episode one way or the other.

      P.S. Haddie looked INCREDIBLE! WOW! She should really consider modeling if she hasn’t already.

  26. Heyaa just wanted tto give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the
    same outcome.

  27. JennS says:

    Great recap for a great show! However, the last Bravermen family dinner was at the new house – smaller yard, same feel. It proves locations change, but traditions do not.

  28. Nan says:

    I loved that whole last sequence where The Times They are A-chancing was playing. It was brilliant. I had to watch it several times.

  29. Aaron Smith says:

    I hope that NBC continues with this quality show….and moves it to a different, better timeslot and day away from Scandal and Elementary.

  30. CH says:

    Maybe I’m the only one who thought the Amber/Ryan storyline was stretched. One literally cannot be discharged from the military in a matter of days. A medical discharge in particular takes time because they do screenings to determine if a servicemember is actually not fit for duty. Ryan would have been in serious trouble, possibly followed up by a discharge for behavioral issues. I’m not asking for complete realism, but it screamed plot contrivance.
    He’s injured enough to be kicked out of the military but not enough to keep him from having sex? In a hospital? Where privacy is a joke? Come on.
    And then she immediately discovers she’s pregnant. Okay.
    Sorry, but I expect better from Parenthood.

    • It’s a TV show. I don’t think Amber could find out she’s pregnant overnight either.

      • Ang says:

        She couldn’t. A pregnancy test will not confirm pregnancy until you are minimum 6 days prior to your period which would be about 2 weeks after conception (commonly referred to as the two week wait).

    • You’d be surprised by how fast dine things work out. He might have already been in thin ice. Maybe the paperwork wasn’t final. But the discharge is in the works.

    • Jessica says:

      I agree-that part of Parenthood was what had me confused. The “medical” discharge (that wouldn’t happen except maybe for a higher ranking being given “early retirement”, the “crying kiss”, sex in a hospital with a open door, and pregnancy test what felt like the next day.

      • CMarie says:

        I agree and I’m also completely over the Ryan storyline. Just like Sara (the writers seem to hate them both) she needs a normal, healthy relationship and I wish they would just give her one. I know that makes for boring television, but cut the girl a break.

  31. Isa says:

    I love this show: the acting, the writing, how they don’t feel to say everthing and just show us, the way the treat the diffence (autism, loving a woman…). That felt so much like a serie’s finale, I really hope that was not the case.

  32. Joey Padron says:

    Great season finale. Good to see Haddie again. Hope NBC will renew show soon.

  33. mo says:

    Am I the only one who was kinda hoping Sarah would ask Hank to “just hold still”?? LOL

  34. Katie says:

    Parenthood needs to be renewed for Season 6! It’s the only show my entire family comes together to watch. From day one, the Bravermans have been family to us–we root for them, cry with them, and smile at all the heartwarming moments along the way.

    Last night’s finale was INCREDIBLE! I loved Victor’s speech, and I really hope Ryan sticks around. Matt Lauria is a great actor (that scene last night, wow)! He has such amazing chemistry with Mae. They were perfect last night–sad and sweet at the same time. It was great to see Drew happy and more of Zeek’s sweetness; to see Joel and Julia reconnect; to see Adam and Crosby goof around like kids; to see Hank’s smile when Sarah kissed him. I’m so glad Haddie’s back, too! RENEW PARENTHOOD

  35. Katie says:

    “The Times They Are A-Changin'” last night was sung by Richie Havens–what a perfect choice! Loved Zeek and Camille dancing around the house :)

  36. Judy Lytle says:

    I LOVE this show! Even though I DVR it, I usually watch it in real-time. I also would like to know who sang The Times They Are A Changin? Its not Bob Dylan. Please don’t cancel this wonderful series.

  37. davey says:

    I love almost everything about Parenthood except Hank, who I still find annoying and wrong for Sarah.

  38. Marian says:

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  39. Donna says:

    So many unrealistic story lines, Drew has no money yet drives to Portland? Amber and Ryan doing it in a hospital bed? Amber picking up a pregnancy test so soon (I guess tests nowadays can be positive even before you miss a period). Nobody seems to work much at all and are able to drop everything to travel. Didn’t Zeke have extreme financial difficulties? The house he and his wife are buying looks very expensive and very large and has steps, not the greatest for an aging couple. His wife can travel abroad, etc. Joel and Julia’s son going from very poor student to essay contest winner?
    Anyway………in spite of it all, I do watch the show.

  40. erich says:

    It did feel like a series finale. I think the show is good but unrealistic in its portrayal of the Bay Area let alone Berkeley’s culture. I liked the episode but I didn’t like the whole Amber storyline and there’s no way she can determine if she’s pregnant mere hours after doing the deed in a hospital while the guy is in traction c’mon! Drew is broke but can afford a gas guzzling car trip to Oregon? It’d be cheaper to fly! Definitely cheaper to take the bus. I like the show and hope it gets renewed but it stretches credibility a lot.

  41. Sheila mccarthy says:

    I think annabeth gish is an inspired addition. She is terrific. Enlarge her part after you get renewed. She and lauren would be great together .

  42. vallikat says:

    This episode felt like a series finale to me as well. However I had the same feeling at the season 3 finale and I was wrong that time, so I am hoping I am wrong this time as well. If there was one thing bothering me it was one thing that bothered some of the prior posters as well. Amber and the pregnancy test (and the hospital sex…but I’m willing to let that part of it slide). Even if pregnancy resulted from that encounter there is not a test kit that I know of that can detect pregnancy that early on. I think they should’ve kept that scene out or put it into some context where it was clearly some time in the future.

  43. C says:

    I hated that they wait 5 years to have a gay/bisexual character on the show, and they pick someone who hasn’t been on for a season, and probably won’t be on much more if the show is picked up. I also hated it for Haddies character, because I missed her, and I wanted her return to be about her, not her sexual preference/who she’s dated. Maybe I hate it the most because I REALLY wanted Max to be gay, and now that’s definitely never going to happen (for 1. the show might not come back, for 2. they’d never make two of Kristina&Adams three kids, and 3. if it took this long to make a guest character date someone of the same sex, it’s clear they’d never make a regular). Amber&Ryan were infuriating, too. He was a dick, the way he treated&left her; but once he’s hurt she’s by his side, having sex in his hospital bed? Not to mention the hilariously obvious way Amber flashed the box of the test to the camera. It’s just such a cheap cliffhanger, too. Anyways, I’m done venting = ).

  44. ldylkngb says:

    I loved it! Every minute of it! Also agree about the time slot issue, I’m sure it would do much better if not up against Scandal.
    Also, why does everyone assume Amber thinks she is pregnant from the time in the hospital? It has only been a couple of months since they broke up. So the timing would fit if she got pregnant before.
    Please NBC reschedule & renew!!

  45. Laura says:

    Loved this episode!! Just an awesome show overall. I love the rawness and depth to each character. The acting is truly outstanding. Am I the only one that wants to be a Braverman?

  46. Tammi Rollins says:

    Parenthood is the best show on television…It’s completely relatable and I think that’s what makes it so great! I would be extremely disappointed if it didn’t return for another season!! I do hope that Julia and Joel can get back together!

  47. Lin B says:

    One thing I love about this show is that it portrays an older couple as real people. It shows that love and relationships don’t end when you age, but they change and present challenges just as younger relationships. I love how they show the imbalance in growth and two people working to stay together while remaining true to themselves. Not many shows tackle this age group as more than just background characters. Well done. Their lives are given the same focus as all the other characters, in a whole sense.

  48. Pam Gaffigan says:

    What a perfect end to a fabulous season! I sincerely hope that it was just a season finale, and not a series finale! It’s a beautiful show with many stories yet to tell!

  49. DT says:

    I love this show because it covers everything in a touching way. The actors give their all and the children are fantastic as well. I agree with everyone that it should come back. They opened up some new story lines at the end but they also set it up to be a series finale if it had to as well. Here’s hoping we see it in the fall. It was on the list for series to probably be renewed, yay.

  50. John or Monica says:

    Our family is very similar to the Braverman’s: 4 adult married kids with grandkids. All of us watch this show and talk about it when we get together! Mom & Dad married only once for 36 years. We are always striving to build a closer knit family unit, by resolving the “normal” life conflicts, as they continually surface… and trust me, our family has had them! What we love about this show is that conflict resolution is important to the Braverman family. All 4 siblings respect and support each other, even in their differences of opinions. The underlying message is to work things out because “family” is IMPORTANT and a VALUE worth working at. Nothing good in life is easy. Our 36 year marriage has survived because we work at it, we have stayed committed to “US” and tried our best to be a role model for our kids saying… not to “give up”…. The grass is not greener, may appear to be, but it’s often times only painted concrete. Loved the scene when Zeek tells Joel, “do you think you could try a little harder…”

    Comments about the finale… don’t care if some things seem a bit unrealistic, this is a TV show. But we do feel some things are being candy coated, that should not be… such as: Hattie’s news. While it was good the parents did not freak out and shun her, we thought there could have been more truth in how it felt inside a mother & father’s hearts. We wished there would have been a scene whereas Kristina & Adam connected in their pain and shock. I totally believe in accepting and loving a child, straight or gay, BUT… I don’t know any parents that would not have shown more sadness. I know that this can all come out in season 6, and I’m sure they can elaborate. No parents wish their children grow up to be homosexual – this is a fact – this comment of Kristina’s of, “I just want you to be happy”, is not reality.

    • Bonnie says:

      I would have reacted exactly as Kristina did. That’s reality. No sadness, no pain, though perhaps a little surprise. It seems Haddie is bisexual (and I think most people find themselves somewhere on a bisexual spectrum between 100% gay and 100% straight) as she was clearly attracted to and felt strongly about her boyfriends in high school. That’s why I’m glad she said “I’m dating” rather than “I’m gay.” It’s far more accurate to what she appears to be experiencing. She feels affection, and even love, for *people* and who they are. Gender is Immaterial. That is an accurate reflection of the experience of so many humans. I’m glad they took it on. Adam and Kristina’s reaction may not be reflective of the reaction of all or even most parents, but it is reflective of some, and I believe it is in keeping with the characters they’ve developed on this show.