Grey's Anatomy Recap: Winners & Losers

Grey's Anatomy Season 10In this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina’s possible likely seemingly inevitable Harper Avery victory has her turning to Mer — and turning away Owen, Derek’s increased workload has him pulling out his (beautiful, beautiful) hair, and April and Jackson have the kind of blowout that suggests that, even if the marriage isn’t over, the honeymoon sure is. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. (It’s a jam-packed episode.) Read on, and I’ll give you the deets…

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FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE | Early on in “Go It Alone,” a deaf mother angrily declines to even consider allowing her also-deaf daughter to get a cochlear implant. That’s ridiculous, Jackson makes the mistake of remarking later over dinner with April, who immediately takes this to mean that he thinks she’s ridiculous for agreeing with the mother. Which he does. In no time, April has deduced that, much like her new husband judged the mother for her decision, he also judges her for her faith. He doesn’t accept it, she loudly suggests, he tolerates it. And finally, he admits that, yes, it’s true, it’s true, it’s all true. In response, she says that she pities him since he lacks the ability to believe in anything that he can’t see or touch, and shows up on Callie and Arizona’s doorstep looking to crash with them for a while.

CARRY ON | Speaking of Calzona, before their unexpected houseguest shows up, Arizona realizes that Callie assumes she’ll carry their next child. And, although once upon a time, Arizona couldn’t bear the thought of risking another loss by getting pregnant (in case something went wrong), now she’s… well, changed her mind. So, to decide which of them will be adopting a pickles and ice cream diet, they do what any sensible couple would when faced with a major dilemma: They flip a coin. But, while it’s mid-air, Arizona panics and blurts out, “No, you do it! You do it! I don’t want to,” settling the matter in as funny a manner as it is authentic.

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SWEET McDREAMS | Although Alex’s secret extra shifts at Dr. Butthole’s private practice have him falling asleep sitting up, and Ben’s exhaustion has him dozing off when he’s supposed to be observing an operation, it’s actually Derek who really needs a break. His new project has him so busy that he’s been shirking his teaching duties and postponing surgeries – neither of which can happen, Owen huffs. Unfortunately, when Derek tries to cram everything into one day, he – oops – forgets to tell Mer that the kids are with Calzona, not, you know, misplaced somewhere. Later, he concedes to his missus that something’s gotta give. Her work? she asks. No, he assures her. But if he can’t cut down, and neither can she, what is the answer? (Cloning?)

VICTORY LAPSE | While Cristina’s plan to write her Harper Avery acceptance speech with Mer over drinks goes up in smoke (Richard sticks Mer with an all-nighter), the nominee refuses to let Owen invite himself to accompany her to the ceremony in Boston. In fact, twice, she refuses. The second time he assures her that he could get there “if you don’t wanna be alone,” she responds, “But I do.” However, after an endless night in which Ivy rejects her heart and Frankie experiences heart failure, Cristina arrives solo at the shindig and wishes that she hadn’t. You should be here, she tells Mer over the phone. You and Owen both. And – well, whad’ya know! – they are there. (Surprise!) It’s a good thing they turned up, too, because Cristina’s gonna need some moral support after Catherine announces that the winner is… not her!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did you agree with April or Jackson? Hit the comments!

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  1. otomen87 says:

    HAHAHA I think almost every Grey’s fan gut saying that Cristina are not going to win.

    • jenna says:

      when owen and mer were at the table I knew she wasn’t going to win, if cristina doesn’t end up dieing i’m guessing she will leave seattle grace to go to a hospital with a better cardio department/funds more research. Also has there been any set date for Isaiah Washington’s episode? All I know is that its an episode in may. If he ends up being in the finale episode, I think he will make cristina an offer she can’t refuse (and so decides to leave) but at the last minute makes a decision to go to a hospital where she doesn’t know anyone

    • DarkDefender says:

      I really wanted. Her to win… But once they sat down, I knew she lost. It was sad, but a reason for her to move on to a bigger facility to continue her research. I think Burke is going to lure her to some big name hospital to work on it together.

    • trainwreck says:

      I knew it would be too obvious for her to win.. i was actually expecting to hear Preston Burke’s name as the winner…. would have caused a scene!

  2. Amber says:

    Arizona’s going to change her mind about the baby by the end of the season. The way she was looking at Bailey and the changing her mind about being pregnant…it’s setting up another big fight for Calzona.

  3. animegirl31 says:

    April and Jackson’s fight was uncomfortable to watch but it needed to happen. And I thought Christina was going to lose, actually. Derek is going to end up giving up the project, he doesn’t like answering to people and it’s more work than he planned

  4. Lea says:

    So sad about Jackson and April.. :(

    • cookiekirk says:

      Omg gosh the screeching of Aprils voice drove me insane. This is what they both get running off and not discussing there religious beliefs. She’s Christian and he’s an atheist,awe ooo. Sometimes she makes a mountain out of nothing and her timing is worse. This just highlights what can happen,when these issues aren’t discussed. Feel for them,sorta???

      • Whatevah says:

        Seriously? I thought putting April with Jackson might make her likable. Alas I was wrong. Keep Shane and kill off April.

  5. Jazzy says:

    I may be completely alone in this but I found Kepner to be very frustrating in this episode. I respect various religions and beliefs I really do but I feel like the show simply throws hers in as a convenient plot device so randomly and inconsistently that I just can’t take her very seriously. I didn’t blame Jackson for looking as confused and helpless with her outburst as he did because I had the same reaction while watching their argument pan out.

    • DarkDefender says:

      I think the problem is that the whole argument is lopsided. She doesn’t believe in Jackson’s beliefs of science and what he can touch. She devalues him because he cant believe in something he has no proof exists. Neither one is right, but they should respect and tolerate the other’s beliefs. Which is what Jackson had been doing.. (He told her he truly respects her beliefs) While Kepner just pitied him. She can believe what she wants, but Jackson not believing.. He’s allowed to do that and not be treated like he’s a pitiful soul. They can work it out.. By exposing their kids to all ideas and let them decide. I hope they stay together. I like them as a couple.

      And why I understand deaf culture may be the way they portrayed it.. I would want my child to have the option of hearing. They can remove the implant if hearing becomes too much.. It seems selfish to not allow a child a chance at hearing the world around them, while still fostering culture, ASL and communicating with each other.

      • rowan77 says:

        I have quite a few deaf friends, one with a cochlear implant, and the rest without. Overwhelmingly many deaf people don’t want an implant. They don’t view their deafness as something that needs fixing. They have an entire culture around being deaf and feel that by forcing a child to get an implant to hear, they are demeaning that culture and telling the child that there is something about them that needs fixing.

        Have you ever heard what a cochlear implant sounds like? People think once someone has one they hear like regular hearing folks do. It’s nothing like that at all. It’s metallic and screechy with only a hint of what our sounds and voices are really like. It’s robotic. And I’m talking about the latest ones – not the one my friend got 20 years ago (which doesn’t work properly and hurts his ear). And many parents of deaf children are not told this. They are also not told about the rich deaf culture and how it can emotionally and psychologically affect the child to have an implant without any say or psychological therapy dealing with the idea that the child may feel like a broken toy that needed fixing.

        As for Kepner – she is not tolerating Jackson’s personal views as an atheist. How is her belief more valid that his? It’s not. He doesn’t have to believe what she believes. Tolerating and respecting her right to have her beliefs are enough. Kepner is annoying and childish.

        • RachelNYC says:

          Um. I just got the cochlear implant in my right ear over a year ago, and I can tell you it does not sound metallic or screechy or robotic. It’s an amazing innovation and one that can truly help one hear. That is a wholly inaccurate statement to make. That said, it’s not for everyone and it’s an individual decision.

          • rowan77 says:

            I’m glad that you are happy with your implant and that it is beneficial for you, but knowing what voices sound like AND what the cochlear implant interprets for you, I know it is not the same, it IS metallic and robotic sounding with only a fraction of the actual sound underneath. Is it a vast aural improvement from not being able to hear? Absolutely. Is it like a properly functioning human ear? It is not. And it is not for everyone.

      • Alice says:

        From other shows I’ve seen that focus on deaf culture, I think it is pretty common for deaf parents to not want to surgically alter their deaf children- they are already very comfortable living with deaf culture and raising their child the same way is natural. They don’t consider their child to be missing out on anything. I think hearing parents of deaf children are probably more inclined to get the implant. But it was definitely discussed as a touchy subject.

  6. Sara says:

    I am not emotionally prepared for what they’ve dubbed the “Farewell to Cristina”. And as someone who’s always been a fan of April, tonight was an episode I didn’t love her. I hope she’ll one day understand the hypocrisy of her argument. Jackson might not accept her for her beliefs, but she clearly does not accept him for his lack of faith. Obviously, the argument needed to happen, and it’s unfortunately a common argument, even just between friends with different opinions – but April going so far as to say she pitied him made me kind of angry. Anyhow. I am expecting mass amounts of tears when the Farewell To Cristina stuff happens.

  7. marry says:

    in big finale surprise mathew with a gun shoots April then jackson believes in god while he’s holding her hand

  8. Michael says:

    The stuff between April and Jackson is just drama for the sake of drama. There is a little thing called compromise. I laughed out loud when Cristina lost, the look on her face was priceless.

  9. Kendall says:

    I know Meredith has some weird fear about being like her mother but it is totally absurd that they don’t have a nanny for Zola and Bailey.

    • Aeol says:

      My thought when they were having that discussion was, “hire a nanny!”
      They are both working parents. There’s no shame in that. We can’t doubt that they love their children. They’re also crazy rich. They can hire a nanny.

    • Isaac says:

      last week when callie was looking at (baby) Bailey and her ‘pleasure centre’ lit up I thought… oh no, she’s going to quit being a surgeon and open up her own private day care for Tuck/Sofia/Zola/Bailey/hypotheticalJAprilkid/any other baby that a surgeon has.

      It seems to me everyone was wearing themselves a little too thin, working crazy hours and too many responsibilities. You know what happens when you juggle one too many balls? EVERYTHING falls to the ground. But, hypothetically speaking, is it better to juggle three balls perfectly or juggle seven balls half-assed?

    • kath says:

      I don’t know if it’s because Shonda doesn’t want to be a snob but it’s ridiculous that Meredith and Derek don’t have a nanny. It’s unfair to the kids to keep passing them around to various day care and other adults. They need stability, and Meredith and Derek certainly can afford it.

  10. Jillian says:

    I’m actually mad that Cristina did not win. Since the first season, her one drive has been to win the Harper Avery award. Considering this is her last season, it would have been nice to see her actually reach that goal before she left the show. I seriously hope that Shonda does not pay a disservice to the character of Cristina in these final episodes.

    • H.Houston says:

      I have to say I sort of agree. I was truly upset she didn’t win. Would it have been so horrible for her to win. But I did have a thought – what if one of the end games for Meredith (when EP decides to leave the show) is to win the Harper Avery – just like her mother did… ya know come full circle…..

  11. cycworker says:

    I think Cristina will be back for the series finale. She’ll win her Harper Avery then.

  12. cycworker says:

    And I’m putting it out there now… Leah is going to quit the program or get fired. But I think she’ll quit.

    • Kyle says:

      Such a bold prediction when it’s already been confirmed the actress is leaving! :p Lol I’m just kidding! I think both her and Shane will make a huge mistake and get cut, or they’ll just randomly disappear and never be mentioned again Erica Hahn stylee!

  13. TinLV says:

    Christina should have won. Having her not win is such a betrayal to the character and the fans. But I guess not winning is what propels her to leave…..still, it sucks.

    I hope April and Jackson can agree to disagree and respect each other’s right to their own beliefs. I really don’t want them to split up over this.

  14. Dil says:

    I think the purpose of this nomination was two fold

    1) to let everyone know that cristina is a surgeon par excellence who deserves to be nominated this early on in her career
    And 2) that she finally acknowledges that she needs her people with her to hold her hand and just be there for her in the big moments of life.

  15. Elin says:

    The whole april/Jackson fight thing is so dumb. There are so many couples out there that are of different religions/nonreligion mixes and are prefectly fine. April is totally childish and disrespectful.

    • Lauren says:

      I don’t get why everyone is blaming April. Yeah it was messed up of her to say that she pities him. But it’s downright stupid of him not to realize that she will insist on raising their kids in her faith and she doesn’t want him whispering in their ears that it’s a bunch of bologna. For her the topic is much deeper and closer to her heart. Being an atheist is a lack of any faith in a higher being. It doesn’t affect his day to day. If they were to list what makes them who they are April would put Christian easily in the top 5 and Jackson would maybe put Atheist in the top 50. So yes, April is way more upset, intense and emotional about it because as she said, it’s who she is.
      That being said, it was incredibly immature of her to leave. She needs to sit down and think about if she meant those vows she took because as bad as that fight was, this is a complete over reaction.

  16. joy says:

    I hate Shonda always torture character of Cristina, 10 years is enough , she desert to win!!

  17. N says:

    Too many people on the show! I loved the original 3 in the operating room!

  18. Kay says:

    Melinda Gates got it right when she told Bill if he didn’t have a religion/religious preference that he would raise their kids, they would be Catholic like she was…default rule. Jackson/April take note.

  19. libby33 says:

    Could not take April in this episode. Starting to think they should keep Leah and blow-up April (ok maybe not). Next week I am going to give my DVR a 15 min. pause so I can fast forward pass April that’s how bad she grates on my nerves.
    I knew Callie in the end would be the one carrying the baby. I don’t know if it’s just me but Sara looks pregnant on screen so letting her carry the baby on the show would help story telling around her real life pregnancy.

  20. Moname91 says:

    Okay so I don’t really understand all the April bashing. It is consistent with her character to be a practicing Christian. Her beliefs have caused probelms for her and Jackson in the past, he even interrupted her wedding by saying that even the things he doesn’t like about her he loves. April came to the realization tonight that he doesn’t really accept her beliefs he only tolerates them. He claimed that her God was ridiculous. The hurt look on her face and the look of realization on Jackson’s face said it all. He Went too far. They love each other, but didn’t really stop to Think about how different they are. She grew up on farm and had to work hard for Everything she has, Jackson grew up rich and was handed Everything. They also have to deal with the Avery Foundation, I can totally understand why April would be concerned about Jackson not listening to her or taking her feelings into consideration.

  21. H.Houston says:

    What an episode….
    April and Jackson –
    I truly feel for these two. There are so many times when someone says love just isn’t enough. But with these two I truly hoped it would be. I am not sure how exactly they got the place they are now without April realizing how Jackson felt about religion and without Jackson knowing the true depth of April’s beliefs. There was so much that they have already dealt with that centered around April’s beliefs and why she was upset for sleeping with Jackson during the time they were taking their boards. I know that conflict makes good TV, but there are so many other people, so many other couples already in conflict – why pick on this one.
    Callie and Arizona –
    It is wonderful how the two of them are the responsible ones. It makes me smile thinking about them stepping in and taking care of the children when everyone else suddenly has their hands completely full. I knew that Callie would be the one to want to get pregnant. Arizona isn’t maternal enough (if that makes sense) to be the carrier of their baby. But they are wonderful parents and I loved their scenes tonight.
    Alex and Jo –
    Alex working as much as he did shows who he is at his core. As much as he has always been portrayed as the jerk, the irresponsible one – if one stops and truly looks at his history – he has a huge heart and he has so many times come to the aid and rescue of someone who has needed it. He truly is a good man. Jo is my favorite intern. He is a mix of Bailey, Mer, and Cristina – I love watching her evolve into a woman and a more then capable surgeon.
    Mer and Derek –
    I love watching them. So much of their relationship feels like a true relationship between two highly successful people. I wonder if Cristina’s leaving will shake them up and show them what they truly think is important.
    Cristina –
    I love how much of HER is showing. Who she is on the inside, who she is grown into. I know this is her last season, I know that she is leaving, [if my count is correct we have only FOUR more episodes with her, unless she leaves before the season finale]. She is going to leave because she needs to be challenged, she needs to prove to herself that she truly was the best recipent of the Harper Avery Award. I think Burke showing up will remind her of how amazing she is. She is one of those women who will be like Ellis Grey and Katherine Avery. She will be one of the greats, and it is time for her to move on and be great.
    Owen –
    I could see Owen moving with Cristina. She knows deep in her heart they truly are a wonderful pair, and he does as well.

  22. Kimmie says:

    I don’t understand these doctors, never have. I have about 15 friends who are doctors of all types (pediatricians, cardiologists, neurologists, gastro, nephrologist, etc.) and I don’t know one who works 24 hours at a hospital – they all are there for their kids’ sport and school events, holiday meals, and not one of them has ever worked on some sort of project, ala Mer’s 3-D machine or whatever Callie and Der are doing. Not sure I get why every doctor at SGMW feels the need to be the be-all and end-all of doctors/researchers/etc. Sure, for Cristina it works, but can’t some of them just be normal doctors who are part of a practice?!

    • Ange says:

      It would defeat the purpose of them being Emergency Room Surgeons which is what I believe they are. It’s not uncommon to have doctors who only work/are associated with a hospital. Not everyone wants a practice and clearly for this show that is how it is setup. Private Practice was the show where the doctors had lives and the storyline surrounded their practice.

    • Rose says:

      Are any of your doctor friends surgeons? The doctors at the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital (not Seattle Grace Mercy West anymore) are not doctors in private practice, they are surgeons who work at a hospital. Interns actually do work 24 hour shifts in a hospital. Surgeons who are on-call do actually sleep in an on-call room. Hospital ERs and ORs don’t shut down after 5:00pm.

  23. Dominique says:

    I am so sick to death of April always making everything about her religion. She berates Jackson for not accepting her beliefs, but she doens’t accept that he’s an Atheist. Their conversation wasn’t even about her faith, but she had to turn it around and bring it up. AGAIN. I had to listen to her whine for practically a whole season about how it was Jackson’s fault that God had abandoned her (during those exams, when she slept with him), and now this crap again. That woman needs to stop. People don’t have a problem with her religion. They have a problem with her bringing it up over and over again when it’s not about her faith, and shoving it down other people’s throats. Enough is enough already.

  24. Emma says:

    Bull-sheeeet that Cristina didn’t win! I’ve been trying to remember if Mama Avery has any reason to hold a grudge against Cristina. Does anyone remember anything?

    • Isak says:

      I actually thought the same. It could be an unexplored storyline.
      But it would be kind of unkind to Cristina’s charater to have such a petty storyline for her in her final episodes on Grey’s Anatomy.

    • Sara says:

      Considering that her research is really only done with Phase One and is fairly untested, I could realistically see how she did not win. I was actually (in a way) surprised that she was nominated so soon into her research, but they are moving on an accelerated timeline since Cristina is leaving the show soon.

  25. David says:

    I’m really hoping they don’t pull a Good Wife with Yang. What kind of worries me is that the relationship with Mer is so close so her to not communicate with her anymore isn’t very realistic. But I’m trying to remain optimistic. And I think maybe Derrick will turn to his sister to cone in and help with surgeries right? So he can dedicate himself to the project.

  26. thatgirlp says:

    I think Christina losing is because she is a board member of a hospital run by the Avery Foundation…which in turn will be ONE of her reasons for leaving. Burke will probably come in to help her with the kids with the heart problems and will push her even harder toward her “greatness” to want even more. She is young and so driven. She will probably take Shane with her where ever she going to continue her research…just saying.

    April and Jackson, I really love them together. Their differences are huge but they have to be respectful of each others beliefs and that did not happen last night. April over reacted and BOTH of them were JUDGING EACH OTHER…Jackson her faith is ridiculous/April looking at him in pity for his lack of faith….you both are so foul. They really need to keep talking to try to work it out. April will probably be pregnant by the end of the season and something will happen and they will flip positions….Jackson seeking faith and April doubting. This is a ShondaLand production….HIGH DRAMA sells!

    My fav TV couple Arizona and Callie….whew…they have come along way. Communicating a lil better. Coin flip was cute, with Arizona deciding that Callie should carry their child. I think she is fearful because of the miscarriage. I really wanted Arizona to be pregnant this time!

    Mer/Der get a freaking Nanny already geez….you got the money! You juggling that many balls something going to fall.

    • xime says:

      YES!!! this is my theory too! The way Katherine looked Christina I just knew it!

    • Aimee says:

      I have to agree that Cris losing because she is on the board of a hospital run by the Avery foundation will be one of reasons she will leave. She’ll think she’ll never win if she is associated with it. I would have been shocked if she had won. Haven’t we learned from the past that any big buildup on this show results in a big smack down? Ellis was nominated five times but only won twice. Cris’s work is only in early testing, Shane had to talk her into it and she couldn’t explain why or how it was working on the baby. This sets the stage for us to assume she will win down the road and that the character can come back for the finale being a super star. Although she won’t be on our screen I think Mer will keep up updated on what is going on with her life by casual mentions one in a while.

  27. Ange says:

    I believe April married Jackson because in her mind, it made the whole sex before marriage thing right. This is one issue. They have many other issues they have not discussed. Jackson’s mother tried to warn her/them.

  28. abz says:

    I think I died a little inside just watching the promo for next episode. It’s finally hitting that she’s really leaving. I really can’t imagine how the show will go on.
    I was so upset she didn’t win. I know it may have seemed predictable if she had one but it’s Cristina’s farewell and I don’t care, I wanted her to win and be happy.
    The scene when she saw Mer and Owen at the table brought me so much joy. Cristina is truly one of the best characters I have ever seen on television and I will miss her a lot.

  29. Tom says:

    Was it just me or was anyone else really hoping that while Cristina was on he phone with Mer at the awards that Burke would show up and be the one to sit with her at the table as a former Harper Avery recipient I thought he’d be there.

  30. TishM says:

    I think one of the parents of the kids with heart issues have done something to them to cause their heart issues and Christina figures it out. Maybe she calls in Burke to help her. Then the parent kills her. Or maybe she gets whatever the kids have and it affects her heart. I don’t know, I just feel like they’re somehow linked to how she leaves the show.