The Voice Playoffs Recap: The (Rise and) Fall of the House of Usher [Updated]

The Voice - Season 6I suppose it was too much to expect The Voice‘s coaches to bat 1,000 during the Season 6 Playoffs, but gosh dangit, they sure came close.

After all, with Blake, Adam and Shakira all racking up perfect scores in narrowing their teams from five artists down to three — or at leas that’s how I saw it — the prospect of a rage-free Top 12 rested solely on Usher’s broad shoulders.

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Things looked pretty good, too, after producers put Melissa Jiménez (who chose a song that was three sizes too big for her voice) in the dreaded No. 2 performing spot. (Fun fact, Teams Shakira and Adam advanced artists No. 1, 3 and 5, while Blake went with 1, 4 and 5. So if you’re second in the lineup, you might as well take your dreams out to the Dumpster in a Hefty Cinch-Sak.)

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In the end, however, predictability (a sad hallmark of Season 6) prevailed, with Usher’s four-chair turn (and NBC’s early promo child) Bria Kelly winning out over the clearly superior Stevie Jo (a one-chair turn who never received any mentoring with regard to his hairstyle).

On the plus side, though, under-the-radar T.J. Wilkins emerged as a serious Season 6 threat, while Josh Kaufman joined Tess Boyer in the race for Most Astute Steal.

Shall we get on with it and get to the letter grades for tonight’s perfomances? Yes!

T.J. Wilkins: Rufus and Chaka Khan’s “Tell Me Something Good” — Grade: A | I was unsure about T.J.’s charisma levels (and originality) going into the Playoffs — to be honest, my most vivid memory of him was his shiny blue jacket from the Blinds — but Usher’s peculiar “imitate a horn!” instruction brought out a heretofore unseen funkiness in the California music student. I loved the way he infused a little scat in the midst of the chorus, the risk he took in playing with the rhythms of this R&B classic and even those spot-on falsetto runs. To paraphrase the lyrics, I’ll tell him that I like it, ye-aa-ah.

Melissa Jiménez: Beyoncé’s “Halo” — Grade: B- | Why would I write this critique of my personal Battle Rounds dark horse to the tune of “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now”? The better question is, why wouldn’t I? And so without further ado… There were moments of gold and there were flashes of meh/ She was hoping for Top 12 but then her coach just said “eh”/ She tried a risky, sparse arrangement/ It’s too bad she just ran out of air/ M.J.! M.J.! Oh your head voice is sweet/ But your soft notes were beat/ Lost your spot on the show/ So on Twitter we’ll follow you now!

Stevie Jo: B.B. King’s “The Thrill Is Gone” — Grade: A- | I know pitch is king when it comes to reality singing competitions, and that’s usually the way it should be. But while Stevie lost some of his accuracy in the final third of his performance, his commitment to the groove and his ability to lose himself completely in the music had me absolutely captivated. Yeah, Shakira was correct when she twistily pointed out that Stevie “might’ve stretched for too long some notes,” but something about his approach made me feel like I’ll continue to dig and follow what this kid does in a post-Voice world. Usher may not have seen it that way, but with Stevie’s ouster, a little of Season 6’s thrill is gone, too.

Bria Kelly: Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses” — Grade: C+ | I was genuinely surprised when Blake praised Bria’s restrained notes in the opening verse — since, to my ears, her intonation wobbled like a wonky restaurant table whenever she wasn’t full-on belting. (Thankfully, Usher noticed said shakiness, too, so it’s possible I’m not insane? Yes? Anyone?) Even worse for me, though, was the way Bria tortured almost every note in the last third of the Rolling Stones’ romantic jam. Yeah, she did hit most of her notes, but there’s something about Bria’s tone and her almost violent use of vibrato that pushes the teenage rocker into bleaty, unpleasant territory whenever she’s “Emoting With a Capital E.” It’s like, girl, c’mon, you’re only singing about wild equines, you’re not supposed to sound like they’re dragging you across rugged desert terrain. Sheesh!

Josh Kaufman: Bruno Mars’ “It Will Rain” — Grade: A | Yes, I got irked by Carson Daly pronouncing Josh as the “performance of the night” — prior to him singing a single note. But, yeah, OK, our hostbot was correct: Josh displayed so much range and texture, and managed to hit even the trickiest sequences of notes with such effortless, that I stopped taking notes on his performance and simply enjoyed it. There’s something about Josh’s vocals that reminds me a little of Billy Vera or maybe Dan Hill — one of those alternately gruff/smooth pop/rock/soul voices that could’ve easily fit on ’70s AM radio, and would really add something different if he cracked a modern-day playlist, too. If anyone’s going to challenge Blake’s powerful troika, Josh could be the one. [I pause here to put my brain back together after imagining a Josh-Tess-Sisaundra finale. Whoa.]


Advancing to the Top 12
Bria Kelly
Josh Kaufman
T.J. Wilkins

OK, your turn. What did you think of the final night of the Season 6 Playoffs? Did Usher make the right choices? Who gave the best overall vocal of the night? Who got robbed? Take our poll, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. Spencer says:

    Ok, People are like Bria because her body of work is impressive, bit really to me she sounds like a sxreaming billy goat on helium

    • Wendy says:

      I was so angry that Bria desecrated Wild Horses. That song should never be screamed. I was even more angry that none of the Coaches called her on it. Ugh

      • gregk says:

        Agree, the original Stones version is pretty much untouchable, certainly not by a screamer. Too many of these shrill women have been dominating performance shows. Please, we need another Karen Carpenter who had such a pleasant, indelible lower register that was unique for a woman singer. Maybe never will find someone like her again!

        • Zoo says:

          Ohh how lovely Karen Carpenter’s voice was… gorgeous. And she called herself a drummer.

          • Jon says:

            Wow, there’s a musical reference I haven’t heard in years…and it’s a shame, because as you said. Karen Carpenter’s lower register was just wonderful to listen to. Bria, who had such a great blind audition, has never lived up to it since, IMO. The last half of her Wild Horses was just a screechy mess — and unlike similar big-voiced singers like Sisaundra, Bria hasn’t learned how to control her tone. A real disappointment.

      • Tenney says:

        I agree with you that Bria totally ruined Wild Horses. It would appear that when she wants to get into the emotion of a song, she goes full-on angry growl/yell. That’s not the emotion behind Wild Horses (at least how I interpret it). I too was disappointed that none of the coaches called her on it. She was my least favorite from last night.

        • ULTIMATUM says:

          And I disagree. I really enjoyed Bria’s performance and it looks like America agrees with me. She’s the top-selling singer from Team Usher on iTunes this morning.

          • Kristina says:

            Thank you! I think Bria Kelly is the best singer on the Voice. I thought her performance was amazing and I seriously question the musical taste of those posters bashing her.

      • RobNJ says:

        Bria should have listened to the excellent cover The Sundays did back in the 90’s. a good cover can be done.

    • Flicker says:

      The reason I was annoyed with her is that she decided to hang the guitar on her neck, but she never actually played a chord. It was a joke.

      • MamaLis says:

        ^^ HA! Someone else caught that!!!! Wt —??

      • MC says:

        Hmmm. Play back the video. Watch the first minute. I think you’re wrong about this.

        • justsaying says:

          Maybe a little hyperbolic, but Flicker was right. Essentially, she didn’t play. She plucked a string or faux strummed every now and again, but it was the band doing the heavy lifting. Which was fine. Just why bother with the guitar at all? Maybe if she’d focused solely on her vocals, she would’ve sounded better!

          • MC says:

            I don’t have a strong opinion about Bria yet, but she played a couple of chords and probably a little more than that. That’s a yes or no question, not really open to interpretation. Should see have abandoned the guitar for this number? Probably, but that’s a different question and that is open to interpretation.

    • In my opinion, either you will love the rasp, or hate it! I personally love it! Some people in this world were heavy critics to Michael Jackson’s singing voice, so what! I love her rasp, it makes her stand out.

    • JVee says:

      Did something for the first time: went back and listened again to a song. That would be Josh Kaufman. Could do it a hundred more times. Wow, this guy is the real deal. I wish him great success (for him, but for me, too – I want to keep listening to him!) What a great singer.

    • guest says:

      Agreed. She reminds me of Michael bust-a-gut Bolton–if they scream loud enough, it proves they mean it. Just ruined “Wild Horses.”

  2. Angie_Overrated says:

    Tonight was a whole lot of “oh hell no!” MJ deserved an F-minus. That was horrendous! #BringBackDaBox
    And Bria. Oh Bria. No, honey child.

    • Kaba says:

      Bria’s growl/rasp will be the death of her chances of even getting to the semi-finals (save the top 6) this season. I’d suggest Usher give her a load of fast paced songs to drown out the goat-y quality to her voice.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Bria is legitimately terrible. I was trying to hide my disgust and look on the bright side of things, but I can hide my disgust no longer. I am wholly convinced now that she sucks.
        But on the brighter side, I’m kind of loving the 9 contestants on all the teams that aren’t Usher’s!

        • Kaba says:

          Lol, ruthless.
          I want to believe. I truly do. It’s just hard, it’s so hard.
          Josh simply isn’t enough for me to be cheering for Team Usher at the end of the day. Sigh.

          • MC says:

            I think Josh is a shining star. He’s probably my favorite from this season. The “Happy” battle was my favorite moment of the season. I know I’m not the only one who will cast many votes for him.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I don’t really root for the teams. I will freely admit Josh is excellent and can maybe even win the whole show. But Usher is not likely to have a whole lot of luck getting his other 2 past the first or second episodes.

        • OhMy says:

          I don’t mind rasp, and it is a good song. But I did not like that performance.

          • Kaba says:

            I sense it being a problem, and her tone is just very…it needs specific care.
            No one is gonna need Usher’s bootcamp like this girl will.

        • justsaying says:

          I’m also a bit concerned that she’s destroying her vocal chords every time she sings…

        • I really don’t believe that any of you who don’t like Bria have an idea of what you’re talking about. Since when has rasp been a bad thing when it came to singing? Since she’s a girl she has to have this sweet and sultry sound to her? Hell no! Bria Kelly’s voice is bad ass, in a good way! Most of America is on my side with this one. If the majority says Bria is awesome them unfortunately it just looks as if you don’t know what your talking about. It’s okay if her style of singing is not your style, but to say she is horrible is just stupid. I am horrible at singing, I can’t even hold a tune. But to say that the judges did a four chair turn for someone who is horrible is plain stupid.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            If you don’t believe me, then go ahead and google “how to sing with a rasp” and see what advice you get. The people who know what they’re talking about say “don’t do it,” and the ones who think they know what they’re talking about tell you to “scream at the top of your lungs until it hurts for 2 minutes straight, then sing for another 45 minutes straight before you get onto stage. Then at that point your voice will be so fried that you have an awesome rasp.”
            I would not classify such vocal torture and hygiene as “bad ass.” It’s a sure fire way to develop callouses on your vocal cords that may prevent you from ever singing again.

          • HTGR says:

            No you are going overboard. Nobody should ever sing with a rasp? Rasp has made some famous for ages. You are too set on classical sounding technique or forget it I think.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Not really, HTGR. Like I said in my post, go ahead and google it if you choose not to take my word for it. Their advice is “scream until you voice is fried” or “start chain smoking” or “get hammered the night before” etc. Do these sound like healthy ways to prepare your voice for performance? The only way I know of to make that sound is to slam your cords together and grab the tone with your throat, both of which are going to kill your voice. Just because other people are doing it doesn’t mean it’s good technique. Need I remind you that Adele has already had surgery for vocal polyps because of her “rasp” earlier in her career?

          • lynn says:

            Some people can only appreciate classic voices. Bria’s been singing this way for years, she’s been able to do it, and it hasn’t ruined her voice. Not only that, but she has a top notch vocal coach.

            Slezak’s just plain old wrong about her missing notes in the verses. She didn’t. It’s measurable, and girl was dead on. Her first word was slightly shaky, but that’s probably more nerves than anything. It’s not like she struggles to sing softly.

            I do think she overly embellished. No different than was just likely she wanted to show Usher the extent to what she could do vocally, instead of getting into the song. She’s need to show versatility, but she’ll be fine. She sold the most on itunes of any of the Tuesday contestants.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Lynn, I’d be more inclined to believe you if Bria’s speaking voice had a scratchy quality to it. It doesn’t. And if you listen to her AGT performances from 2 years ago, no rasp. There’s no way that that magically became part of her sound in 2 years if she’s not synthetically creating the tone in her throat.
            If you listen to singers’ speaking voices like Haley Reinhart or Michael Bolton, they sound raspy when they talk. So it makes perfect sense that they’d sound raspy when they sing. There’s a few reasons that can happen: smoking, dehydration, drinking, aging, or irregularly shaped vocal cords. I’m guessing both Reinhart and Bolton have the last one.
            And she is missing notes. Trust me, she is. Anytime you’re micromanaging the tone in your throat, it’s nearly impossible to stay in pitch.

        • Colton Smith says:

          you are terrible,bria is amazing, people cant apreciate great singers this days,and love to hate people,

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Wrong on all counts.
            I’m not terrible. I’m totally awesome. Everyone says so. Just ask around. You’ll see.
            Bria is not amazing. She is terrible.
            People can appreciate great singers as 11/12 of the best singers made it to the live shows
            People may love to hate people. I’ll give you that one.

          • Colton Smith says:

            wrong again, you are terrible if you think bria is terrible , she is an amazing singer and if you cant hear that you should check your earing

          • daezyg says:

            Colton… How do I put this delicately? Well, here’s just the thing. Angie’s a vocal coach, so I actually think there’s a legitimate reason she doesn’t like Bria. Also, not everyone is going to like Bria. If you haven’t realized that by now, then I just don’t know what to tell you. I had a favorite last season that everybody else thought was terrible. I accepted that. What did I do? I supported them every week and made that known that I wasn’t going to stop supporting them in a KIND fashion.

            Opinions can’t be wrong. They aren’t facts. FACTS can be wrong when proven to be, but musical taste is subjective. Some people like this, and others don’t. That’s perfectly fine. All you have to do is keep supporting your favorite.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Daezyg, who was your favorite last year whom everyone pooped on? Was it Jacquie? If so, I feel for you. The Jacquie hate was simply weird. She wasn’t my favorite personally, but the negative comments I was reading were so bizarre and, quite frankly, objectively wrong.
            Mine this year is going to be Kat. I love so many of these people, but Kat just speaks to me. And I’m fully prepared for her first-round ouster. Now if it’s Kat and Sisaundra gone first, I will spontaneously implode.

          • daezyg says:

            No. It was James Wolpert (he was poison on these boards) and Kat (not the best vocalist, but she brought some actual life onto the stage! Her performance of “Sail” was just freaking awesome!). I didn’t like Jacquie (sorry, just telling the truth). She was an amazing vocalist, but her performances and Christina’s song choices for her just weren’t believable (coming from a fellow 16 year old vocalist). I enjoyed her performance with Hayley Williams, though. She seemed like she was having fun, and the song was relevant.
            I like Kat. She seems real. I don’t like her tone, but her performances are going to be enjoyable. I think mine this year’s going to be Kristin since all my favorites were already eliminated AND hardly anyone were real fans of them on these boards (by Stevie Jo and Morgan! I’m really going to miss you guys!). If Sisaundra leaves on the first round of eliminations, I’m going to spontaneously com-bust. She may not be my favorite, but a gross, unfair, and totally bizarre elimination of a spectacular, superior-to-anyone-currently-in-the-competition vocalist like that… No. No to the power of infinite.

          • HTGR says:

            Well, how about this Kat and Sisaundra go first and then Josh and Devin go second.
            How will you react then? ;)
            (I have a feeling that Kat and Sisaundra might not make it more than half-way. You can already see extreme polarization over Sisaundra and moderate over Kat and Delvin. Josh seems to be polarization free. He isn’t a hot female. He isn’t a female raw belter (or even a male raw belter). He doesn’t have a huge prior resume and doesn’t seem too practiced and perfect (although Tess had a magic out of nowhere comeback from both of those last season, so I guess those are not guaranteed to get you booted). He doesn’t offend Middle America. He sings in a way that won’t offend rock or pop or country lovers. That said I still doubt he will win. But he should go very far. A ton of polarization over Bria and Christina but also huge support bases coming in, Cassadee Pope-like scenarios, especially for the latter.)
            As for me, as for very top favorites of the season, first Jacquie went from total love to total hate on this forum in a way that never made any sense to me last season. And then the year before it was all the Sasha Allen hate from start to finish here. And then before that, while it was pure love here, out in the voting world it was Amanda Brown like not even doing better than 5th place or something??
            I still like Bria though :). Maybe she will be a frog in two years from how she sings, if you are correct, but for now she’s fine. Not 100% sure who my favorite is this season. Perhaps Josh and Tess and Kat and that makes three not one but whatever. It’s a bit early yet and there are a whole bunch this season at this point.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I honestly don’t remember the James Wolpert hate at all. He was good! Maybe I’m recreating history in my head because I liked him. He had a few not great performances, but overall the dude was very solid.
            Kristen’s cool. I really actually like all of the top 12 with one exception that I’ve already discussed. Not sure Kristen can win, but I’m definitely looking forward to her performances.
            Kat has gotta make it at least 3 episodes. I need to hear more from her. Sisaundra I have a feeling will stick around for awhile. HTGR, I really hope you’re wrong. These two ladies need to last a very long time.

          • HTGR says:

            If I recall correctly, James W. was VERY polarizing here. I was never impressed with him at all myself other than for the one time he did that quiet, totally stripped down thing, that was good. I have no idea why he only went that way once. Wasn’t he missing notes all over the places, and straining a lot and trying to play rock guy while singing like musical theater otherwise?

          • daezyg says:

            Adam was the one who really saw him as a rock guy and started giving him all these crazy ballads. I still liked him, but I knew a lot of people didn’t.

          • Colton Smith says:

            people can like who they want but if 4 coaches that understands one or two things in music says she is an amazing singer so she probably is
            you can not love the genre, you can not relate to her but to tell that she is terrible
            maybe angie should be more specific , terrible in what?

            and also , kat is also my favourite this year

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Colton, I was pretty specific as to what I don’t like about Bria’s voice. Please see my posts above on my take on “rasp.” I’m all for cool things in different genres, but I get very nervous when I hear unhealthy and unsustainable tone production. Even the highest paid opera singers are often guilty of these sins as well. And we agree on Kat! So you like the rocker chicks? I wouldn’t call myself a rocker girl, but hey, I’m lovin’ me some Kat this season.
            Daezyg, I’m starting to remember what went wrong with Wolpert last season once HTGR mentioned the polarizing thing. Adam Levine was having both Wolpert and Will Champlin sing songs that were wayyyyyy too high for their voices. Adam totally screwed both of them. No matter how good you are, if the song is out of your range, you’re gonna sound like poop. But I give you props on taste cuz I liked this kid too.

      • JM says:

        I agree. Usher needs to tame her rasp, or she will be gone.

        • Matrix says:

          If you look at videos of Bria on xfactor, she didn’t sing with a rasp. I think she’s trying to find something that sets herself apart (and people like Shakira seem to be encouraging her). But to me it doesn’t sound pleasant and sound like she is shredding her vocal chords.

    • Peaches Jackson says:

      I support the hashtag #BringBackDaBox Girl, I downloaded Music Box’s Itunes audition, and homegirl slayed!

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        If Ddendyl was robbed based on last night performance by Deja, then DaBox (I refuse to use the other name) was super robbed based on tonight’s disaster from MJ. Ok, maybe DaBox is even more vulgar. I think we just need to completely get rid of the word box. I think we’ve pinpointed the real problem here.

    • Adake says:

      With respect, I have to disagree. I thought Bria Kelly’s performance brought back great memories of her blind audition. Also glad that T.J and Josh made it. This is a very good top 12 and should produce some great music moving forward. Remember, it’s just a reality music show so should be fun to watch.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        It’s their best-ever top 12. I will agree with you on that. I have more than a few people i’m excited to root for, one or two I don’t care about, and one I kind of actively despise. I’ll just focus on the extra generous handful of contestants that I’m truly excited about.

      • Adake says:

        Interesting Fact –
        Adam has four current/former members in the top 12: Christina, Delvin, & Kat (Team Adam) & Josh (now Team Usher)
        Blake has three: (Audra, Jake, & Sisaundra)
        Usher three: T.J. & Bria (Team Usher) & Tess (Team Shakira)
        Shakira two: Kristen & Dani
        But it only takes one to win!

        • HTGR says:

          Makes sense. All the four chairs pick Adam and even many of the rest (unless they are country). Contestants seem shockingly unfamiliar with Shakira and pick her the least during the blinds.

    • BrewsterFly says:

      I enjoyed Bria, but totally agree with you about M.J. Her voice is so awful. I never enjoyed her tone. I would have chosen her opponent in each of her battles! Stevie Jo reminded me of a goat every time he forced his vibato! UGH! LOVED Josh though.

  3. James Smith says:

    Bria a C+ I have watched your show for years and agree with you 99 percent of the time but really I’m sorry but she should get so much higher than that!

    • Terry says:

      I agree with Slezak’s grade. It wasn’t pleasing to my ear. In fact I would have kept Melissa (when did we start calling her MJ) before Bria. Not saying it was Melissa’s finest hour but I can’t understand how all the judges could say her performance had issues but Bria’s didn’t. I just don’t get it. Oh well, the only one I was really rooting for tonight was Josh, so I’m happy he made it through. I preferred Stevie Jo over T.J. but really neither one was that great.

    • Ruiroxo says:

      And Steve should get so much lower and a A-! really Michael? what are you smoking? however i wouldn’t give higher than a B or B+ to Bria! I honestly didn’t like Steve’s performances!

    • Colton Smith says:

      you are totaly right,a+ should have been her grade,slezak want sisaundra to win, so he go down on her rivals, sorry slezak , it won’t do you any good, sisaundra is a great singer but so is bria

  4. heka says:

    I thought Bria was awesome !!!!

    • MA says:

      Me too! She seemed a little trembly a couple of times, nervous maybe. But otherwise I thought she was fantastic. I don’t understand the hate.

      • justsaying says:

        i’m thinking you don’t have a very discerning musical ear. Here’s a test: Do you think Miley Cyrus has a great voice? Uh hunh. there you go.

  5. JM says:

    I cry ‘Foul!’ Last week, the promos clearly said that one singer falls apart and even showed a clip of Adam saying, ‘that was disappointing’. What happened???

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      You must have missed tonight’s episode. Usher’s whole team fell apart. I think that’s what they were alluding to. You know you’re in trouble when Shakira’s team looks invincible.

      • JM says:

        I respectfully disagree. I thought TJ and Josh did well (and I haven’t been a TJ fan).

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Josh did do well. It was those 3 performances in the middle leading up to Josh that had me cringing with displeasure.
          And yeah, to your original point, the editing misdirection with teasing a drop out was kind of weak.

    • Crystle says:

      It was in his final decision portion and he said something like, “I was disappointed by no one”
      Haha, voice producers are manipulative!

    • Shannon says:

      I know what you are talking about. The voice-over said that one artist “collapses under pressure”. The preview showed Adam saying “I feel” and then cut to a picture of his team with him saying “let down by what happened tonight”.

      If you watch the “Adam’s Big Decision (The Voice Highlight)” clip on YouTube you see that what he actually says is “I feel let down by no one”.

      Basically they put together Adam speaking at two separate times (not sure where they got the “what happened tonight” part from) during the filming to make it look like he was let down by someone and then added a voice-over saying that someone collapsed under the pressure.

  6. Kaba says:

    Got no interest in blowing smoke up Bria’s bum tonight, but I definitely did not hear an A worthy performance from Stevie Jo tonight. In the beginning? Yes. End? Oh no. Then again I’ve never been enamored by Stevie Jo
    I’m listening to it now and I still have no clue what I’d rate it.
    Honestly aside from Josh I wouldn’t rate anyone an A tonight.
    I’d say tonight knocked team usher down a peg, probably to 4th place, let’s see how the season rounds out.

    • OhMy says:

      That was not a good version of “The Thrill is Gone.” At all.

      • Kaba says:

        He genuinely had me…then somehow he epitomized the title in the end to that song and I was just over it.

      • MC says:

        I just love B.B. King when he sings it. I think any cover will pale in comparison.

      • The Beach says:

        I agree. It severely needed B.B.’s guitar work in the middle to break it up. It became repetitive and a bit boring…something I would never say about the original which I have loved for years.

        • MC says:

          Fortunately, I just went back to watch B.B. kill this song. Great guitar and very gritty, emotionally raw vocal. The real deal!

        • Jon says:

          Totally agree. Stevie Jo’s arrangement just plugged along pleasantly in midrange, with no peaks or valleys (or intense guitar work) to beak it up. It wasn’t emotionally heartfelt, like Dani’s version of Edge of Glory, just sort of *there.* He’s a good vocalist, but this wasn’t his night.

    • claudia says:

      If MJ’s song was 3 sizes too big for her voice, Stevie Jo’s was at least 10 sizes too big. I thought all the judges blew smoke up his ass. I like his voice but he is not a blues singer. Where was the grit? Where was the pain? He should have done rock. I’ll bet Usher went in thinking he would choose Stevie over Josh but Stevie didn’t deliver & Josh did.

      I love TJ – have from the blind audition. I loved his performance & would have given it an A.

      I don’t like Bria at all.

      • MC says:

        ITA with everything you said (especially about Stevie Jo and Josh), but I’m willing to keep an open mind regarding 18 year old Bria. I did notice the goat quality to her vibrato, but I believe her emotionally when she sings. She does have some technical issues, but it’s all relative. Bria would probably dominate this thirteenth season of AI (warts and all), but she has an uphill climb here on The Voice.

      • Rose says:

        Here is where you say, size doesn’t matter. I am sure MJ wasn’t expecting the world to compare her directly to Beyonce! Let’s keep it real, and not over look real talent! Sure hope Usher didn’t have anything personal going on!

    • Bear says:

      Stevie Jos mother was enough reason to get rid if him for the get go. She was soooooo annoying I think she needs to have a couch session with Freud.

  7. JM says:

    Bria did sing well, but she has been inconsistent and can be grating. I would have picked Stevie Jo over her.
    TJ impressed me tonight–wasn’t expecting that. I was all for MJ, and I’m still sad to see her go.
    Josh was the best by far.

  8. Quinn Carson says:


  9. Annie says:

    Based on tonight’s performances, I think Usher made the right choices. Stevie Jo was my favourite, but his performance fell flat for me tonight. Still wish he went through though

  10. M says:

    One too many A’s tonight.
    TJ- No, but thanks for making me addicted to the song again
    Melissa- …….*sigh*
    Stevie Jo- Yes…but then it turned to a huge no.
    Bria- yes and no…I don’t know how to feel about this girl
    Josh- Y-e-s.

  11. lynn says:

    Way off on Bria Slezak, way off. She was on pitch in her lower register. And she’s got a ton of power and potential. Stevie Jo was easily the worst.

    It’s all right, I’m confident you’ll jump on the Bria train eventually.

  12. Francine says:

    TJ was a no brainer and I really thought Usher would pick Stevie Jo. Bria was going through no matter what. That left Josh that I thought for sure would be left out. I’m surprised and happy Usher picked him though. Bria…. I do not get that performance. At all. It sounded terrible to me. I was never a big Stevie Jo fan but based on tonight alone, he should have been put through over Bria.

  13. HTGR says:

    Hmm I thought Usher had one the strongest teams coming in, now I’m not so sure. And Team Blake I’m not so high on now either (Sisaundra is good though). I think it’s Shakira’s and Adam’s teams for me.
    I wasn’t sold on T.J. at all. I actually would’ve given MJ a shot, yeah she had some struggles, but her best moments were a lot better and a lot more exciting and she sounded a lot more richly toned than I thought she was, there was a lot more great there than struggled, but I know everyone will focus 100% on the struggled parts for her for sure and 100% ignore the great parts, oh well. T.J. was just kinda alright throughout, not bad, but did nothing for me. He hasn’t been on my radar coming in either. MJ can also have some pretty strong stage presence too. Kinda disappointed in that decision. I think she might have come together to something in the live rounds.
    I was never sold on Stevie Jo and still wasn’t. I was 99.99% sure he was going through though with the way he was talked up, so that was a shock. I thought he’d bump off MJ.
    I’ve loved Josh all along although I wasn’t that crazy about him tonight. He had to move on though so that was good.
    Bria was kind of weak to start for a while. She was good later on. I am starting to wonder a touch if that actually might not be bad for the voice though? Glad she made it though.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      To answer your question on Bria, yes, I can definitively state that what she is doing is atrocious for vocal health. I can’t even listen to it. It’s a violation of my senses. Even when she’s not screaming, she has that super unhealthy alien vibrato which is yet another sign she’s ruining her voice. It’s just so wrong at every technical level.

      • Francine says:

        I know nothing about the technical aspects of singing, but its good to know I’m not imagining things. Bria’s voice is extremely grating and it sounds physically painful….

      • HTGR says:

        I just wonder, if it really is that damaging, then why not one of the coaches is bringing it up though. (at least behind the scenes)

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          I honestly don’t think they themselves know. They’re (mostly) very talented singers, but all that means is that they know how to sing themselves, not that they know how to diagnose or fix other people’s vocal issues. i know from my colleagues who have a few rock and pop students that there is a way to do that gritty thing without slamming your chords together. I myself don’t know, but I really wish someone who did know could get this girl on track.

          • MamaLis says:

            Is that maybe what Shakira was getting at when she said, “I really don’t know how you do that? Hit your falsetto and make it gravely at the same time.” (Or something close to that.)

            Maybe she was saying exactly what y’all are saying.

          • Bear says:

            I also think Blake was suggesting she shouldn’t do that but complimenting her lower register.

      • The Beach says:

        I have one comment to make about Bria…nodules!

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          They’re already forming, Beach. You can’t sing like that for long without developing them quickly.

      • Adake says:

        Angie since you can’t listen to Bria, we will expect no further commentary from you about her. Ha! I thought she was great and look forward to her future performances.

    • JM says:

      I agree about MJ. I really liked her going into this night, but she kinda blew it. But yeah, I would’ve put either her or Stevie Jo through before Bria.

      • Jon says:

        Yeah, MJ wasn’t *that* bad. IMO her best performance was with Britnee Camelle on “Give it to Me Right.” Some producer needs to pair those two up as the Destiny’s Child/En Vogue of the 2010’s.

        • Amy Renfro says:

          There was only one person who took a big risk in last nights performances….. Yes, it was MJ!

        • MC says:

          That was a great battle. They actually could be quite good together. I’m on board with that idea. I was thinking how Brittnee would just destroy the field on AI this year, but the competition on The Voice is just so much tougher.

  14. Jamison Moore says:

    Or instead, they could bring back Clarissa Serna. She would have done better than Usher’s entire team! I did like Josh Kaufman though.

  15. Bonquisha says:

    C+ for Bria? R u kidding me. She deserved at least an A

  16. Stev says:

    an A for Stevie Jo a B for Melissa & a A for TJ but a C for Bria not saying Bria deserved better but nothing from stevie Jo Melissa or TJ was an A B A

  17. CM says:

    Two words: JOSH KAUFMAN

  18. HTGR says:

    I don’t get how Usher’s Team got all these great grades and then for Adam’s Team yesterday it was like all a D+ is too high! What???
    Also I just heard a bit of Idol for the first time in weeks, just hear Jena’s 80s Joan Jett, how in the world did that get scored higher than Kat’s 80s Open Arms??
    How did T.J> get higher than Kat? Tess? everyone. T.J. tonight was the performance of the season?? what??
    And Josh is great, but tonight was his best and best performance of the season for anyone???? what?

  19. Kimbo says:

    What is with these B’s and C’s hiding out in the forms of A’s on your review Slezak?

    • HTGR says:

      Maybe he was making up for radically under-grading Adam’s team yesterday and getting grief over that? But now, hah, poor Slezak, now he is getting grief for over-grading Usher’s team.

  20. :) says:

    Um, WHAT?! You gave BRIA KELLY a C+? She was incredible tonight, she made the song completely her own and I am picking her with Audra and Tess as my favorites to win the whole thing.

  21. Quinn Carson says:

    I’m gonna go ahead and say Christina, Sisaundra, and Josh for the finale.

    • HTGR says:

      Tess, Kat, Josh

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        You’re both SOOOO close, but the correct answer is Kat, Sisaundra, and Josh. :)

        • The Beach says:

          I could live happily with that.

        • NotVirgin Mary says:

          But sadly, it’ll be Christina, Christina, Christina.


          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Maybe. I’m not as sold on that outcome as everyone else seems to be. If nothing changes, there are several contestants this year who can sing circles around her (Sisaundra, Delvin, Josh, Kat, Audra). I’ll give Christina the benefit of the doubt. If she blows me away with a future performance, I’m amenable to backing her.

        • Jon says:

          I tried to play this game, but realized that after slotting in Sisaundra and Josh for the final I also love Dani, Kat, Delvin, Tess, Audra, and Jake Worthington. Oh, and Kristen. DAMN this is a good Top 12!

  22. Eidi says:

    Man, I was blown away by the flawless performance of Josh Kauffman, to whom I have never paid attention before. Usually Bruno Mars’ song choice is a suicide, even in the playoffs, but he’s not only handled it. He’s nailed it and thus far he’s a serious contender to rob the crown from female frontrunners!

    • The Beach says:

      Josh has the kind of voice that I gravitate to and would gladly purchase.

    • MamaLis says:

      I know. I LOVED Josh’s performance tonight. (With his cute little ankled self!)

      Besides being deliciously technically fantastic, he sang it with SUCH emotion. Like, there’s a grown-ass man (in a seas of Deja’s) singing a song with real life and emotion and tenderness and love behind it.

      To me, it was HIGHLY refreshing and very enjoyable!

  23. HTGR says:

    It’s weird that going in everyone was like Usher and Adam have the strongest overall teams by far and Shakira trailing by a mile. And now….

    • MC says:

      I loved Dani’s originality last night. It could have been a cliched performance and she made it into something great.

      • Jon says:

        Dani was FANTASTIC. So emotional and heartfelt and beautifully sung. I suspect she’ll be great on the lives, as well.

  24. dbanimate says:

    Even though it wasn’t Stevie Jo’s best performance, he’s a memorable character that people are likely to vote for. I’d have swapped him for TJ. “Teege” (as Blake calls him :) has a nice voice, but he’s bland in the personality department – Stevie Jo would have gone farther + like her or not, Bria is more memorable too.

  25. Kaba says:

    Bria’s voice is somehow going to have to become technically perfect asap….
    I’ll still root for her in the sense that she’s from Virginia. End.

  26. Kaba says:

    Imma just say it:



    Usher save your team now.

    • HTGR says:

      I’d put it more or less the same:
      (Not long ago I was thinking:

  27. Faye says:

    I loved Josh’s performance. I’m sad Stevie Jo didn’t make it through. I liked him.
    I don’t really care about the others.

  28. Bbloves says:

    I don’t get it with TJ. He seems like a nice guy and he has a good voice but he’s so bland. Bria and Josh were the strongest going into tonight. And wow at Melissa just bombing on that song. She was brave for the attempt. I hate that Stevie Jo is gone. I loved his voice.

  29. NotVirgin Mary says:

    Bria’s blind audition showed promise, but that growl is so… grating. It doesn’t sound natural. I feel for her vocal cords. The performance wasn’t terrible, though.
    Stevie Jo… I didn’t feel anything from him. You need to feel that song, and I didn’t feel it.
    I didn’t enjoy it. At the end, he sort of ran out of energy, and the whole style he was doing it in became repetitive. He’s uncomfortable to watch. Someone fix his hair.
    I enjoyed the middle section of MJ’s performance, but the rest felt out of place. Her voice can’t carry that song. She doesn’t have that strong, powerful, attention-grabbing tone that the song needs.
    I didn’t like Josh’s song choice, but he performed well. I can’t say no to that guy, but it felt like he didn’t do anything different with it. I still love him, though.
    TJ did nothing for me. He stayed on the same level, throughout. I wouldn’t say it was A-worthy.

    What is with these grades, though? Kat > Any of todays performances (And she got a B!)

    But seriously, can we get Clarissa back?

  30. Kristi says:

    Bria was awful. That growl/wail was just so grating and unpleasant to listen to. Stevie Jo should have made it instead of her.

  31. Evan says:

    Oof, Stevie Jo was NOWHERE near the top tonight. That was the expected top three for Usher’s team, making this 4-for-4 (yay coaches!), but I don’t see anyone as a serious threat yet (maybe Josh). I kinda like Bria, but tonight felt forced. TJ was okay, but not great. Josh was the best, but I wouldn’t even give him an A, especially with superior performances on other nights from Sisaundra, Dani, and Christina, to name a few. My ranking of the top 12, as of now:

    12) Kat
    11) Kristen
    10) TJ
    9) Bria
    8) Jake
    7) Josh
    6) Delvin
    5) Tess
    4) Audra
    3) Dani
    2) Christina
    1) Sisaundra

    • Reiver says:

      12) Kat
      11) Christina
      10) Kristen
      9) Dani
      8) Delvin
      7) TJ
      6) Jake
      5) Bria
      4) Sisaundra
      3) Audra
      2) Josh
      1) Tess

      sorry but i dont like Cristina, to be honest her voice is not unique.
      Tess, Josh, Audra for top 3.

      This is just my own opinion. Mind your own.

    • lostinthought says:

      My preferences after this week’s performances:

      12) Bria
      11) Dani
      10) TJ
      9) Kat
      8) Tess
      7) Sisaundra
      6) Kristen
      5) Jake
      4) Christina (if her performances continue to be as good as this week’s)
      3) Delvin
      2) Audra
      1) Josh

    • BrewsterFly says:

      Her’s my list….
      12) T.J. – He’s just kind of blah…not bad, but not great.
      11) Jake – Though I think he’ll go far based on his personallity and coach.
      10) Kat – Love her but (and this may be shallow) not her look…and that cat headband??
      9) Christina – Loved her last performance but everything else has been…eh.
      8) Delvin – He may draw me in eventually. His voice is sick though!
      7) Kristen – Have not seen enough of this chick! I’ve LOVED both of her performances!
      6) Bria – Don’t get the hate. Her gravel growl is exciting to listen to.
      5) Dani – High ranking based solely on her Gaga performance. Can she do it again?
      4) Audra – I have loved her since day 1 and her last outing cemented that love!
      3) Josh – I had to put at least one guy in the top 5!! I love listening to him.
      2) Tess – Her voice is so awesome!! She has really grown on me in the last couple shows.
      1) Sisaundra – DUH!! AMAIZING VOICE! C’mon, she’s the BEASTMASTER!!

    • Scott says:

      12. Kristen
      11. Dani
      10. Bria
      9. Christina
      8. Jake
      7. Delvin
      6. Kat
      5. T.J.
      4. Sisaundra
      3. Tess
      2. Josh
      1. Audra

      • Viajero says:

        My ranking based solely on how I liked their playoff round performances:

        12. Jake
        11. T.J.
        10. Dani
        9. Delvin
        8. Kristen
        7. Bria
        6. Sisaundra
        5. Audra
        4. Tess
        3. Christina
        2. Josh
        1. Kat

        It was tough to rank these as I thought my top 10 above were all very good. For me, only Jake and TJ didn’t quite match up to the rest (even though they were pretty good as well). Surprisingly, I do think we ended up with the best 12. That’s never happened before at this stage of the competition.

        • Bonquisha says:

          My Top 12 Rankings:

          12) TJ Wilkens- Very boring and old fashioned, but a pretty good preformer.
          11) Kristen Merlin- A decent singer, but we barely seem what she has done.
          10.) Audra Mclaughlin- Good singer, but she usually over sings simple songs.
          9.) Kat Perkins- For some reason, I just can’t connect to her when she sings.
          8.) Jake Worthington- Great personality and decent singer, but may be outshadowed by the “louder” singers on Team Blake.
          7.) Delvin Choice- I have to admit, I kinda hated his audition, but on his battle with Josh the screams we would do were pretty much flawless
          6.) Christina Gimmie- Had one of the best blind auditions and one of the best preformence with the Jason Miraz song, but she obviously has the biggest fa base of the while top 12 so I don’t want her to win by default.
          5.) Bria Kelly- I love her voice and I don’t get all the undeserved hate. I thought she was fantastic on wild Horses.
          4.) Tess Boyer- She probably has the most restrained voice out of everyone and is just a fantastic singer.
          3.) Dani Moz- Coming into the Playoffs I kinda hated her for bearing Clarrisa Serna, but her cover of Edge Of Glory was like her way of saying I deserve to be here and I don’t care what you all say, and I kinda redpect that.
          2.) Josh Kaufman- His falsetto gives him an advanteges to do more with the song. Also, The Voice seems to love dads on the show so that’s a plus.
          1.) Sisaundra Lewis- Easily the best singer The Voice has ever had. I have chills the second she sings a note. She is usually as flawless as a you can be. She easily gets my vote!

  32. Ram510 says:

    Am I the only shocked that Melissa didn’t make it through? Plus she deserves at B+/A-

    • HTGR says:

      I don’t know about putting her scores quite that high since she had a few big misses too, but yeah TJ is just always bland for me, bland staging, bland vocals, boring, not bad at all, just doesn’t ever do much for me. A whole chunk of her song was a lot more exciting and impressive so I’d take that any day, despite a couple stumbles over what to me was a steady, solid even and dull. Stevie Jo kinda the same (although he pulled of some tricky vocal things the other weeks, but still boring), he did have some misses himself this week too. She has some misses, but she can carry the stage and she has a lot more hits than misses and her hits are lot more exciting and impressive than TJ’s hits. I thought that was a mistake. Maybe neither would win, but she had potential for some excitement and it would’ve been interesting to see how it worked out. TJ might not never have a really deep stumble but he doesn’t get too high either. Average and safe doesn’t thrill me for next week. What is the point of bland. So yeah I’d have put her through for sure.
      But as I figured, any miss of hers will be all that gets focused on and forget the rest, oh well.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I think you might be the only one. Words cannot describe how bad that was. But if you liked it, hey, you liked it! Buy her singles and support your girl!

  33. SPB says:

    Can’t help but want josh to succeed….appears he’s been working hard for many years. Hard to believe he was singing in a sandwich shop at lunch time just a short time ago! How can you not root for the talented guy who keeps reaching for his dream? MJ needed to go, based on performance, but on a side note, that creepy ” you pulled me from the audience and we had a moment” comment kind of sealed the deal for me. Beautiful girl but just have to wonder if she was focused on the right thing. Bria’s screaming makes me cringe, just for the sake of her voice. I did think she showed another side with the song choice.

    • HTGR says:

      how was her comment creepy?? jeez we are in the era of creep. every little thing under the sun creeps someone out these days. let’s just chill out. relax. chillax. whatever. people didn’t use to be like this.

  34. Sean says:

    Team Usher was disappointing. For me, he went from having the second best team to the worst. Still, I think he has a contender in Josh. Bria is getting very polarizing feedback, so I’m not sure she’ll make it far. TJ is good, but the competition is great, so I don’t think he will make it far either.

  35. AlyB says:

    I like Bria & am glad she made it through. If Stevie Jo had made it through instead of TJ it would have been my perfect lineup for Usher’s team. TJ singing Tell Me Something Good was just kind of embarrassing. I kept thinking it might have made a good SNL skit with Kenan Thompson. I know people here don’t like Bria much but my guess is she’s going to last a lot longer than TJ.

  36. Wendy says:

    I think Josh’s children are little doll babies. I have a soft spot for gingers. :) As far as the performances, I would have to give it to Josh. Bria’s tone is too weird for my taste. It’s a cross between a billy goat and a banshee. Not my cup of tea. I ff’d over TJ’s performance. MJ had moments. Stevie Jo ran out of breath towards the end, besides the fact that the emotion wasn’t there. With all of that being said, I would have swapped out TJ with Stevie Jo, he seems a bit more seasoned than TJ, who has the personality of a wet dish rag. I quite liked TJ in the beginning. I just can’t tolerate that particular song.

    • Terry says:

      His kids are adorable, although his son didn’t seem to be enjoying it there as much as his daughters were, hahah.

  37. Crystal says:

    Viewing these comments I’m guessing these people are young. There is a distinct difference between a ‘fake annoying growl’ and one that is legitimate. Bria’s growl is legit. Expand your music knowledge people, a voice like that comes around once a generation. 18 years old with a voice like that??? I’d say she is a finalist… but I think Adam or Shakira has the winner this season.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      I’m 34, a professional singer, and a vocal teacher, and I can very firmly and categorically inform you that Bria’s growl (not to mention her entire technique or lack thereof) are the furthest thing ever from legit. Whoever’s been teaching her to sing like that needs to be publicly flogged.

  38. Kiwiland says:

    I find Shakira incredibly personable and just so genuinely caring. Therefore, I was getting increasingly nervous that she was building a subpar team that would crash and burn in the finals! But I am so pleased that it appears that there was some method in the apparent madness :) In my eyes she appears to have one of the strongest teams at this point and while I focus more on the individuals I like rather than the team aspect it would still be cool for Shakira to take on the boys and win. I feel like maybe she takes the approach of fostering diamonds in the rough so we as an audience really see the improvement while judges like Adam and Usher get selected by the early front runners in the four chair turns. However these early stars often have no real room to grow and as a result they stagnate in the audiences perceptions.

  39. daezyg says:

    I’m convinced Stevie Jo is gone because his fanbase keeps growing and was beginning to show signs of posing a threat to Christina and Bria’s fanbases. While he may not have been the best tonight, he was (in my opinion) one of the most well-liked and memorable contestants on the show (especially with those long locks – seriously. I like ’em, but I know a lot of people are automatically turned off by it, so I’d suggest cutting it up to his chin and putting that boy in some formal suits. You give him a more pressed and polished look, then people will flock.)

    I like TJ. I really do. But he was just as forgettable as that really hot girl that performed after him (I’m not kidding. I already forgot her name.). I’m really surprised Usher kept him when we know that his current chance at the finale is Josh.
    Oh Bria. Bria, Bria, Bria! What happened?! She was a serious contender, and then she just flopped (in my opinion). She needs to stop depending on her rasp. It sets her apart, but it will end up being the death of her later in this competition. Also, I find her yodel-y vibrato to be quite frustrating and grating at times.

    Josh was fantastic, but then again I’m a little biased towards him (even though he’s not one of my favorites – all my favorites are gone.) since he’s from my hometown. Go Hoosiers!

    All of my favorites are gone :(. Bye Morgan and Stevie Jo! I guess I’ll just find someone else to root for… Maybe Kristin? She’s pretty good, but we don’t know much about her. Huh. Yep. It’s official. I can’t really connect with other contestants on this show. They just don’t strike me as anything new.

    Eh. I’ll still probably keep watching.

    • Grenador says:

      True..True…my fav. were Stevie Jo and Madilyn..but both of them are out…:-( Now I am only watching this show for Sisuandra ( I know she will not be the winner, but atleast her performances will be electrifying) Stevie best of luck for your future man…Better start writing songs now about your grief from being out of the competition…think of it as you have a head start than other contestants..I would love to hear some more originals in ur channel

  40. Christopher says:

    I like TJ but let’s face reality: He will be cut the first week, especially since he will be directly competing with the more showy and pimped Sisaundra and more vocally talented Delvin in the same niche! It was fair for Usher to advance TJ based on tonight’s performance alone, but from a strategy standpoint he’d have been better off with Stevie Jo. I also think either Kristen or Audra will be out first week since they are both country; probably Kristen because they montaged both her battle rounds so audiences have barely seen her. I may be the only person to think this, but I also wasn’t that fond of Dani’s performance. I found it overwrought and kind of irritating actually!

  41. Cagney says:

    I find Bria’s voice very unpleasant to listen to. She has vibralto that is ard on my ears. I really like Stevie but I found his version of The Thrill Is Gone to be monotonous. But I like the tone of his voice. Bria-just no.

  42. Matt says:

    Bria was a finalist on America’s Got Talent in 2012…so yeah.

  43. Grenador says:

    I like performances which make me like the song more and I am definitely going to buy Stevie Jo’s “Thrill is gone”. I respected his interpretation.I dunno how many people did this song at all in reality singing shows. I dunno why people think it’s weird and not good but I liked it.
    I absolutely couldn’t listen to Bria..I just closed my eyes and thought…ok this is all about the voice…hear the song…and I couldn’t get the lyrics at all…they were kind of overtaken by the grit in her’s a great advantage to have grit in ones voice but to the point to use it for every single line, Aww..that girl has to strengthen her lows otherwise she’s the first from the ushers line up to be out..
    Josh…I never understood why the judges liked him that much…but hus performance was awesome..
    My top 3 tonight(I kinda of agree with Mr. Slezak on this)

  44. Dee says:

    Sorry Slezak Stevie Jo did not do well tonight! His horrible performance due to song choice was his undoing

  45. Titina says:

    I agree with you Michael!
    I am gonna miss Stevie Jo so much! He totally deserved to go to the live rounds instead of Bria.
    That kid has a special talent. Hope he continues to pursue music. Great potential in some years.. I love him!
    Boo Usher. You let go a great one..

  46. danin says:

    I thought Usher’s team was strong across the board. Save for TJ’s blandness-loved the song choice.He’s a good singer w/out any thing unique. MJ- terrible notes at the end of her song. She has a strong voice but she’s a little to pagenty for me like Tess&Dani. Stevie Jo- he reminded me of what I found unsatisfying about Tess’s performance last night- neither were quite there, they were still in the realm of learning their songs and it showed,their incorporating of the notes their coaches gave them. So it felt &sounded chopped up to me. Bria- same w/her though love her or hate her she’s got that distinct sound.Right now I’m on her side& she’ll give Christina a run for her money. Josh- Josh has been my fave from the get& he still is

  47. lostinthought says:

    Usher made a big mistake letting Stevie Jo go. He was easily one of the most likeable and interesting talents this season.

    Billy Vera and Dan Hill -you nailed it Michael. I’ve been wondering who he reminded of all season. Josh is a frontrunner to my ears. Now, if you can do that same musical memory magic with who Will Champlin (last season) sounds like, I would be in reality TV recap heaven.

  48. skrable2 says:

    Quickie quiz: Bria, Christina, Sissaundra and Kat sing a quartet. Who hits the loudest, strained note?

    As for why Blake keeps praising Bria, even when she isn’t at her best? Bria’s bio says she has opened for Miranda Lambert. There’s a possibility there that Miranda and Blake are already backers of her young career.

  49. ElleKay says:

    I’m a Bria fan but would have put her performance last night more in the B range…not sure anyone but Sarah Simmons from Season 4 should have put that much rasp into Wild Horses, but she still did OK. Usher’s a fave coach of mine, but his team had the most smh song choices for the playoffs anyway.

    • @_pranamaya says:

      I totally agree with you! I wonder why did Usher chose that song for her? I mean, she’s and incredible singer, but Sarah’s rendition of Wild Horses was just amazing… i still listen to it.

  50. Simon says:

    Wow, Bria sure is polarizing, huh? everyone on here seems to think the C+ was either too high or too low. Personally, I can’t stand her voice. Any decent female singer can strain her throat and sound like that. It’s in no way “unique.” But other singers choose NOT to do that, and for good reason. It sounds like she’s completely destroying her throat. And while TJ and Josh are undeniably good vocalists, they just don’t interest me at all. The only one I liked on Usher’s team was Stevie Jo.

    Anyway, I’m calling it now: TJ and Kristen are gonna be the first two eliminated next week. As for my own personal rankings:

    12. Bria
    11. Josh
    10. Kristen
    9. Kat
    8. TJ
    7. Jake
    6. Delvin
    5. Christina
    4. Audra
    3. Dani
    2. Sisaundra
    1. Tess

    • Colton Smith says:

      12. Jake
      11. Dani
      10. Kristen
      9. Audra
      8. TJ
      7. Delvin
      6. Tess
      5. Christina
      4. Sisaundra
      3. Kat
      2. josh
      1. bria – one of the best singer not only this season but in all 6 years