Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Chicago Fire, True Blood, Reign, Mentalist, S.H.I.E.L.D. and More

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Question: Pretty please give us scoop on the Reign season finale! — Julius
Ausiello: Brace yourself, Julius, because it sounds like French Court will never be the same after next month’s finale. “There will be an incredible payoff and a shocking ending for Mary and Francis, as well as Bash and Kenna,” executive producer Laurie McCarthy teases. “The king’s madness will also escalate in a shocking way. All of those events will come together in a very surprising and dramatic end.”

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Question: A couple months ago, TVLine reported that John Leguizamo was cast as the State’s Attorney who would replace Peter on The Good Wife. However, in Sunday’s episode the State’s Attorney was played by Michael Cerveris. Is John still going to appear or did I just miss the news of this switch? Don’t get me wrong, I like Cerveris. Just wondering what happened there. —Katie
Ausiello: Nothing gets past you, Katie. Yes, there was an 11th hour switcheroo, and the reason behind it is about to be exaplined to you by series cocreators Robert and Michelle King: ”We were so honored to get John Leguizamo for The Good Wife, but felt we were not utilizing him in the best way possible as James Castro. We are hoping to work with him again in different role, as he is such a splendid and collaborative actor.”

Question: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has gotten so good. I was wondering if you have any scoop on whether or not Victoria Hand could still be alive? —Joseph
Ausiello: Exec producer Maurissa Tancharoen at first answers, “She sure looked dead to us!” — but then notes, “This is the Marvel universe, and our show is based on the fact that a guy we thought was dead is not [dead] at all.”

Question: I’d love to know if you have anything juicy on Hannibal. Thanks and have a wonderful day! —Sam
Ausiello: Well, Sam, it depends on how you define “juicy.” Let’s allow Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller to take a crack at, um, quenching your thirst. “In Episode 10, we have a six-and-a-half minute seduction/sex scene involving five different characters that is as kinky and subversive and suggestive as any sex scene that you have seen on network television,” he teases. “I would put it as a contender to challenge cable sex scenes — not in terms of the nipple and crack of nakedness — but more in the psychology and sensuality of sex amongst the mad.” But wait, are all five of those people in the same room together? “It depends on how you define room,” replies Fuller, with a chuckle. Well, alrighty then!

Question: Do you know if we’re going to meet any of the beloved but sadly departed characters of the past on True Blood‘s final season? If not, do you have any other scoops? —Kenn
Ausiello: No word yet on any Nights of the Living Dead, but I can tell you that we’re getting what sounds like a new Big Bad in Mr. Gus. Though he’s a Japanese businessman, he’s apparently been so Americanized that he’d make J.R. Ewing seem Asian. (By which we mean he rocks a 10-gallon hat and speaks with a drawl.) Oh, and thanks to a business back-stab, he’s got a thirst for vengeance that’s described as “infinite.” So, while he’ll appear to be middle-aged, I have a hunch he’s immortal.

Question: Will The Mentalist‘s Jane and Lisbon ever talk about how they felt during the two years they were separated? —Elaine
Ausiello: “I mean, there might be a line [somewhere later this season], but it’s not a major topic of conversation,” EP Tom Szentgyorgyi answers. “That’s not to say it’s not something we wouldn’t return to next year, if we have one.”

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Banshee Season 3Question: Is it too early to ask for scoop on Banshee Season 3? —Craig
Ausiello: Nope. In fact, your timing is impeccable, as I just learned that soap grad Tanya Clarke (As the World Turns, One Life to Live) is joining the cast in the recurring role of Emily, a headstrong hospice nurse who also happens to be the ex-wife of Deputy Lotus!

Question: How about some Arrow news? –DJ
Ausiello: As part of our upcoming May Sweeps Preview Extravaganza, EP Andrew Kreisberg said that before the season has wrapped — and in addition to the action-packed “roller coaster” ride taking place in the current timeline — “there are a couple of flashbacks that are going to blow people’s minds.”

Question: Can I please get some Masters of Sex scoop? —Morgan
Ausiello: Indeed, you can. Not only is Betty back — as you already know, Annaleigh Ashford is a series regular this season — but we’ll also get to meet Helen, the newlywed’s wacky former lover. How wacky is she? She’s a palm reader who really, truly believes she’s a psychic. But, on the other hand, she’s also with-it enough to be unashamed of her lesbianism. And, since she’s still carrying a torch for Betty — and she’s probably the ex-hooker’s soul mate — I’d wager there’s some great material in store for whomever’s cast, as well as for Ashford and Greg Grunberg, who plays odd-man-out Gene.

Question: Do you have any scoop at all on Sons of Anarchy, True Blood and Game of Thrones? – Katrina
Ausiello: Let’s head to Westeros for a little update on that verrrry interesting Cersei/Brienne conversation in Sunday’s episode (y’know, the one that happened before all hell broke loose). What does Gwendoline Christie have to say about the possibility of a Season 4 romance between Brienne of Tarth and the Kingslayer? “Jaime Lannister is a fine figure of a man, a traditional concept of everything a man could want to be,” she cagily tells TVLine. “The idea of that relationship, with all of its tension and complexity, lacking a sexual aspect is very interesting to me” — (boo!) – “because we see a man finding a woman truly attractive for her character. It transcends, or just not yet includes, a sexual motivation.” Yay? (I’m choosing to focus on the italicized part of that last sentence, by the way.)

Question: Got any Revolution scoop to hold us over until it comes back on April 30? —Stacie
Ausiello: How about this finale teaser from series star Tracy Spiridakos: “There’s a battle with the Patriots. They step up their efforts in trying to take out Miles and Monroe, and they’re trying to start a war between Texas and California. We’re in this place where we’re trying to do what we can to stop that.”

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Question: Can you please give me some scoop about Dawson and Casey on Chicago Fire? Will they be getting engaged before the season finale? —Emma
Ausiello: Their future looks “hopeful because, at the core, they care deeply about each other,” says executive producer Matt Olmstead of the couple, who, if the promos for this week’s episode showing Casey checking out rings are any indication, may be marriage-bound. Or… not. “That impulse [to settle down] is coming at the wrong time really with Dawson,” notes Olmstead. “When she decided to become a firefighter, it all came together for her in terms of, ‘Wow, this is really what I wanted to do all along without even knowing it.’ It’s definitely a conflict between the two of them, and it’s a bit heartbreaking because they do love each other. But are they going to be able to overcome this obstacle?”

Question: Got anything on Mistresses? —Jeri
Ausiello: Whereas Season 1 found Alyssa Milano’s Savi wondering who was the father of her unborn baby, Season 2 will explore a different set of daddy issues. Episode 2.9 of ABC’s addictive sudser will introduce us to Savi’s dad Bruce Sappire, a painfully awkward accountant in his late 50s to mid-60s who decades ago walked out on Savi and her mom Janet (JoBeth Williams) and “cut them both out of his life like an abscess.” When Savi unexpectedly shows up on daddy dearest’s doorstep in Paso Robles, CA, though, it won’t be a case of absence having made the heart grow fonder. In fact, Bruce will wind up blurting out a cruel fact of their relationship that he should have kept to himself.

Question: Any chance I could get a Grimm spoiler, por favor? Like, will we get to see Nick’s mom again this season? –Sarah
Ausiello: While the Woman in Black won’t return for the rest of this season, “We will get her back in Season 4,” series co-creator James Kouf promises TVLine.

Suits - Season 3Question: What about Jessica on Suits? —@bonobochick:
Ausiello: Pearson Specter’s boss lady is getting some romance next season! “There is talk of adding a love interest for Jessica and we are heavily exploring that,” reveals executive producer Aaron Korsh. And it sounds like she’s not the only one getting lucky. “We are attempting…to give Donna a story of her own that is not law-firm based, and I think we’ll try to do that a little bit more as the season goes,” teases Korsh. “But [the arc of Season 4 is] a little bit of a firm story and it’s Jessica’s love interest. So we’re not going to focus too much on Donna’s love interest in the first half of the season.”

Question: What’s coming up on Suburgatory? —Angel
Ausiello: Look for a little bit of nature and a little bit of nurturing in the April 23 installment. In the former column, George, Noah, Fred and Victor will embark on a camping trip that’s “somewhat inspired by [Discovery Channel’s] Naked and Afraid,” teases Co-Executive Producer Andrew Guest. Meanwhile, Tessa and Dalia square off when they serve as mentors for contestants in the Little Miss Chatswin beauty pageant — where Sheila will serve as a guest judge.

Question: How about some dirt on Season 2 of Devious Maids? Now that Marisol has revealed that she’s not actually a maid, what sort of connection will she maintain with the rest of her new friends? — Sean
Ausiello: Fear not, Sean! Marisol will remain close to her former crew, and given the latest developments in her life, she might find herself leaning on them for support more than ever. “Marisol has a whole new life this season,” explains executive producer Sabrina Wind. “She has found true love for the first time, but with that comes dark stories of its own … and a great new haircut, though [Ana Ortiz] did that herself.”

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  1. Sara says:

    Hey, will Spoiler alert return this season…miss you guys & also the lovely guests

  2. Bonnie Maynes says:

    There really needs to be another season for the Mentalist.

    • Mike says:

      I think the Mentalist could use another season, so fix the mess they had this season. This whole Lisbon with a boyfriend thing is just plain stupid! What else can Jane do? He tells her he loves her, he writes the letters while he was on the run, he saves her life, gets her a job at the FBI, they where always close just no response from her. Now she just ups and gets a boyfriend because they like pancakes! Jane needs to grab amazing women and bring them by the office every chance he gets to rub it in her face! Making Jane jealous makes no sense, she is not worth it if she disrespects him like this. It’s like the writers have written off the Jane/Lisbon connection which is what makes the show work for a possible romance that makes no sense!!

      • Seuss says:

        I’m glad Lisbon is making him jealous. He needs to not be on top for once and not feel like he can get anything he wants so easily … like he always does. I love Jane, but he tends to treat people like they’re there for his amusement. She has put up with a lot from him. I want them together and they will be, but he needs to see he can’t just have her at his beck and call. It’s good for him to get a little jealous. Make him work for it. Really can’t wait to see their relationship develop romantically. And c’mon, Lisbon knows she can’t do better than Jane but he needs to see she won’t just always be waiting for him whenever it’s convenient for him. And he won’t take a backseat for long, I’m sure.

    • enri says:

      I agree. Give the Mentalist one more season to end the storylines how they want…with Jane & Lisbon together. :)

  3. wrstlgirl says:

    Is that really Revolution scoop? Cuz it’s pretty clear already that’s what’s coming :-)

    • Katherine215 says:

      Right?! They basically said that was what the Patriots were trying to do in the last episode (though it’s hard to remember for sure since it’s been so freaking long between episodes!!).

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Is Revolution off until the 30th really? I thought it was on next Wednesday.

        • Katherine215 says:

          Yep. :( I was eagerly checking my DVR’s scheduled recordings for a synopsis of the next episode and couldn’t find anything. So I assumed my DVR must be broken until Google assured me it was not and Revolution wouldn’t be back until 4/30. What a joke, no wonder they are losing viewers with multiple breaks like this.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Hmmmm, my dvr is showing it as new so I guess it hasn’t been updated yet. Bummer. Yeah, NBC is not doing much to support it, makes me think……….

          • Alex says:

            Breaks are typical for most shows. If people like a show enough, they’ll keep watching it. If they don’t, it’ll crap out in the ratings because its supposed fans don’t really like it that much.

  4. Liz985 says:

    Having seen Michael Cerveris on “The Good Wife” this Sunday, I can’t even imagine John Leguizamo in role of State’s Attorney. Cerveris was fantastically understated and infused that small part with a lot of constrained menace. I suspect the Alicia & Finn story line going up against “Jimmy” Castro is gonna be a good one.

    • rowan77 says:

      I don’t know if I believe the crap about “not utilizing” Leguizamo properly. I think its more like they wanted it played one way and Leguizamo may have chosen another, so they replaced him. It happens sometimes. Leguizamo is a great actor, and always interesting to watch, but Michael Cerveris (I didn’t realize how much I missed Fringe until now) is so great and natural in the role of a “nice-guy” who is clearly more of a shark than he wants anyone to know. Great casting.

      I hope they use Leguizamo in another role some other time. Something meaty.

  5. ladida says:

    I haven’t read the books that far to know what will be the fate of Brienne and Jaime’s situation.. but i most certainly do ship!

    • Isobel says:

      Well the books published so far haven’t gone into much detail, they’re physically seperated right now but they are presumably going to meet up again, so them being physical with each other probably won’t happen for quite a while

  6. Ally Oop says:

    Grrrr. Argh. I have to wait until April 30th for a new episode of Revolution. And FYI, that so-called spoiler was already revealed last episode so in fact it was completely pointless.

  7. Ally Oop says:

    Glad for the Reign spoiler. Last episode was the best of the season IMO. The show seems to have either awesome or awful episodes depending upon their focus. I don’t much care for the supernatural elements on the show even though normally I like supernatural stuff. I hate all the pagan ritual and evil being in the cave nonsense–hopefully the show gets rid of that plot line because it drags it down. I’m excited to see which direction Reign goes into in it’s second season.

    • Foedhrass says:

      I’m not spoilered at all, but I somehow have a hunch that this evil in the cave is actually the king… Very curious about how everything turns out.

    • cuius says:

      Given that it’s AKA “Ye Olde Gossipe Girle”, it’s disappointing to find that the spoiler gives no hint of the imminent arrival of Princesses Selena and Blair from across the waters

  8. lizzie says:

    Donna’s new love interest?? hmmm that better be Harvey LOL

  9. Amy says:


    What’s interesting is that the TVLine article about John Leguizamo came out AFTER Sunday’s episode was filmed (in late January).

    While there was a switcheroo, it sounds like TVLine tried breaking the Leguizamo news AFTER the state’s attorney role had long been recast and even filmed. I guess not everything can be reported accurately on this site…

  10. Ryan says:

    Is Agents of Shields recent increase in quality going to help its changes of renewal, or has that been decided?

  11. alex says:

    I’m dying for some Revolution and some Charloe. This show needs to be renewed.

  12. Karyn says:

    I am beyond bummed by Revolution’s umpteenth hiatus…seems to me NBC has already decided to cancel & are no longer supporting this show. And that finale scoop suggests we won’t get a conclusion to the show…that could be good or bad.

  13. Thanks for the Mentalist info.

  14. doris maninng says:

    What about Graceland??

  15. JC says:

    Re: the SHIELD spoiler – just as I thought. That just reinforced my belief that this was all a setup to get Ward inside HYDRA.

    • Ryan says:

      Whether it’s a set up, which I agree it is, or if it turns out he’s a traitor, I think it’s a good story line for the character.

  16. I think if Grant is a SHIELD plant within HYDRA, it started long before he “killed” Hand. There was an interview a while back about how his behavior has subtly been hinting at him being HYDRA all along. I hope he is really HYDRA. It makes his character a lot more interesting. As long as it doesn’t end with a “true love” solution with Skye. Their relationship is so boring. // Kelly Burkhardt better be back! And she better bring that baby with her. That entire situation is so messed up. I feel so bad for Adalind.

  17. Stacy says:

    Thanks for the Chicago Fire spoiler. Their producers are way too secretive so any news is good!

  18. Dj says:

    I wanted some Arrow scoop on Summer Glau characters connection to Slade. But I asked before the pic leaked of Summer in the Ravager costume. But still some really good stuff coming up on Arrow.

  19. ? says:

    Why do people waste column space asking for spoilers on a show that follows (and CLOSELY follows) a book series? If you want GoT spoilers, they’re everywhere . . . no need to beg them from Aus.

  20. whitewalker says:

    Hey! As long as Jaime loves her too I don’t care if he & Brienne keep it platonic until the wedding night: they must be the single most interesting couple, not only for Game of Thrones, but for TV ever.

  21. Bona says:

    Next season? Well, I hope they get one, not just or the possibility if this discussion, but because I really like the show and want more than this for a last season. Also, I hope Jane and Lisbon finally get together, this season. Thanks for the spoilers, Aus. And also for the ‘Bones’ & AoS.

  22. I know some people question Revenge. I absolutely love it. I just wish that Emily would smile once in a while. She is living out my fantasy . I would go to jail for what she has done so instead on t.v. she gets revenge in fantasy for what I will only ever imagine. What about 19-2 and Homeland? With Homeland I heard a few people in the background putting the show down. I don’t believe that. Brody’s wife was the ultimate dolt in all of this, “No, don’t say anything, it was FUN???” Her lines were completely empty as she blamed Brody for everything as she had been sleeping with Tom forever while he was being tortured. In real life she would have been told once not to keep asking questions and after that he would have let her know for one second what he went through while she was playing the virgin! If anyone was going to be replaced I would ask that it be her.

  23. Caroline says:

    I hope they give the Mentalist another year! Based on the comment about Jane and Lisbon it doesn’t seem as though the show is preparing to end which means we will be left hanging if the show is not renewed and I HATE it when shows do that!

  24. Erin says:

    How about Alexander Skarsgard for a love interest for Donna on Suits….

  25. kath says:

    I’m excited that both Jessica and Donna on Suits will be getting their own storylines next season. Those are two of them most kick-ass female characters on TV.

    Don’t know about the Arrow flashbacks though. It was a good idea at first but now that we know what went on, there’s little new information coming in from the and it just seems like an excuse for stunts and blowing up things. I’m also on overload from the Lance sisters these days and the island flashbacks are Sara heavy. I’d rather they spent the time on Diggle, Felicity, Thea and Roy.

  26. Staci says:

    Hilarious that Mistresses’ Savi winds up in my neck of the woods of Paso Robles… daddy must be a vintner. :)

  27. Louise Leamen says:

    Hi David
    About Game of Thrones, Will the New Queen fess up about poisoning the king or will she let our favorite midget take the rap for something he didn’t do?

  28. N says:


  29. Maren says:

    Thanks for the Reign spoilers. I hope Bash gets a happy ending this season because the writers always seem to be putting him through heartbreak, I hate it. I also hope he will be in the next season. Him and Queen Catherine are probably my fav characters. I like the Bash/Kenna pairing that is happening in the show right now though I still ship Bash and Mary.

    • MaryR says:

      I like Kenna and Bash together too. I hope the writers make them fall in love at some point. Not so much a great fan of Mary and Bash though. I prefer her with Francis, but it seems they will have lots of trouble coming up!

      • Louise Leamen says:

        I love the show Rein. I especially love all the beautiful dresses they wear. Aside from that, I do have a question that does not apply to the show. It applies to Bitten. Do you know if it is coming back for a second season? I always read your stuff about what is going on in tv land.

  30. macchief says:

    EP Tom Szentgyorgyi’s reply makes me think that Lisbon will except Pike’s proposal at the end because, to me at least, because I can’t see how Jane and Lisbon could get together by the end of the finale and one of them not having a converstation about how they felt during the two years they are apart.

  31. iDontCare says:

    I’m going to state the painful obvious…TOO. MUCH. DAWSON! UGH! Everything revolves around her. How *she* feels. What *she’s* doing. WHO she’s doing, etc….enough! The overexposure has made me dislike her tremendously. Now, the sound and sight of her is like nails on a chalkboard. She’s NOT the star of the show. Please spread some of that love around to the other cast members/characters. This is getting ridiculous. Why not just name the show “The Obnoxious Chronicles of Dawson”.

  32. sarah says:

    I have never been a fan of Dawson and Casey! I would be just fine if they break up!
    I am looking forward to Mistresses.
    I think the remaining episodes of Arrow are going to be so good!

    • Guest says:

      The writers of “Chicago Fire” insist on shoving this couple down our throats. I don’t understand why. “Pimping” certain couples or characters never works out in the long run. It could backfire. I am *SO* sick of Dawson and her relationship with Casey that I actually have to switch to a different channel when they’re on. It’s gotten to the point of ridiculous. I also don’t understand the writers sick obsession with the character of “Dawson”. She is SO gawddamn annoying! Too much is revolved around her. The actress must be related to someone higher up. Other then that, I just don’t get it. (Everyone falls in love with Dawson. Dawson knows everything. She’s a medical encyclopedia People are threatened by her. She’s the bestest. Ugh! Stop! Enough!)

  33. betty says:

    seriously, what’s the probability of The Mentalist being renewed for another season? After the Red John killing the show seems to have lost its footing. Have the writers/creators lost interest in their series?

  34. Briggs says:

    I, for one, am excited for island flashbacks. They fuel story lines for present day! Not all of them, but definitely the whole Slade thing. *I* want to know how Slade got off the island with Oliver presuming him dead. Not to mention what happened to get Sara of the island and into the League of Assassins and whether Oliver really thought she was dead or merely did as she asked and told her family she was dead.

    The flashbacks are necessary back story, and if you think they are a waste of time, watch them again. Seriously. It would never have been enough for the characters to just talk about it, especially since then you would be griping about exposition-heavy dialogue. Of the two, I’d want the flashbacks.

    Also, consider what the island actually did to Oliver. It adds to the story that he’s still haunted by what happened there. And you *know* he’s not working through it via counseling. To be honest? I wouldn’t want to talk about it, either. If I didn’t have to.

  35. Hmm says:

    The only love interest I need to see for Donna is Harvey. Bye.

  36. Find more TV Line articles here!

  37. aura754 says:

    Love love the casey and dawson story line hope she says yes but I also hope the show doesn’t end up being all about them and their relationship all the other characters also need to be developed and us as viewers get an insight to their personal lives but I will still be watching CF no matter .

  38. Dana says:

    Will Mary be beheaded front that one picture it looks like she is near the chopping block. It does say shocking ending.

  39. Arnoldo says:

    Hello there! I know this is kinda off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could locate a captcha plugin for my comment form?
    I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having trouble finding one?
    Thanks a lot!