Dancing With the Stars Week 5 Results: Did The Right Couple Go Home?

photo-3Doesn’t it seem like ages since we’ve had a good, old-fashioned, sob-inducing elimination on Dancing With the Stars? Between the injury withdrawal of Billie Dee Williams and last week’s elimination-free Switch-Up, Season 18 has been sorely lacking the crackling tension of those agonizing/delicious moments waiting for our latest celeb casualty.

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As our final nine fancy-footed celebs (now back with their original partners!) graced the ballroom for Week 5’s a Disney-themed installment, tonight’s live show also showcased yet another guest judge – welcome back, former DWTS champ Donny Osmond! — and (yes!) the long-awaited next ouster.

Let’s high-kick right to the highlights:

DANCE OF THE NIGHT: Amy Purdy’s magical waltz was worthy of a Disney princess, and Meryl Davis’ samba was sensational (a “whamba of a samba” according to Len) , but for my money, here’s the top dance of the night:

James Maslow & Peta Murgatroyd: This contemporary routine to “Let It Go” from Frozen (someone had to pick the ubiquitous tune, right?) was so good it elicited a spontaneous group hug from Tom Bergeron. Bruno (“you dance with such sincerity … fantastic”) joined Carrie Ann (“absolute artistry … I was touched. I cried the whole time”) and Len (“that would melt the coldest heart, even mine”) in universal praise, while Donny made sure to compliment Peta’s amazing choreography (a reference to last week’s non-rumba rumba criticism?). Nothing less than a string of 10s (the first perfect score of the season) would do, and James seems to have that Mirrorball squarely in his sights.

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CO-RUNNERS UP: Danica McKellar & Valentin Chmerkovskiy — With a quickstep styled perfectly to “Be Our Guest” from Beauty and the Beast, Danica “knocked it out of the park” according to Donny, while a bowled-over Bruno just couldn’t resist an all-too-obvious metaphor (“You tamed the beast!”). But Carrie Ann took their enthusiasm to a whole new level, jumping out of her chair, bear-hugging Danica and gushing “it was like my own version of Beauty and the Beast, just for me!” Once again turning into a nitpicker for details (hey, no dropped umbrellas here!), Len felt they lost their lines at times, and his ‘9’ spoiled an otherwise perfectly scored dance.

Charlie White & Sharna Burgess — What happens when you combine jazz with the Mary Poppins classic “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”? Lots of joy, fancy footwork and plenty of fancy umbrella tosses (despite Charlie’s one unfortunate fumble). Donny was upbeat (“that was an amazing performance”) before adding, “I was so worried you were going to drop the cane…and you dropped the cane!” Bruno summed it up perfectly (“Almost perfect…do it again!”) while Carrie Ann gushed “You’re like a wave of happiness…stupendous!” Completely dismissing the umbrella mishap, Len’s assessment was super (“eye poppin, show stopping, jaw droppin”) and earned the night’s first ‘10’ along with a string of 9s.

Now for the not-so-happy news…

NeNe Leakes & Tony Dovolani
Cody Simpson & Witney Carson
Candace Cameron Bure & Mark Ballas

Cody Simpson & Witney Carson
Candace Cameron Bure & Mark Ballas

Cody Simpson & Witney Carson

“This has been a very new experience, an amazing experience, so it’s tough, but it is what it is,” said a stunned Cody, while a teary Witney called dancing with Cody “an incredible experience” and that she hopes they stay friends after the show.

And with that, it’s your turn. Did the right couple go home tonight? Is James becoming the heavy favorite for the Mirrorball trophy? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lindsey says:

    I loved James’ dance to Let It Go, but doesn’t it seem like whoever dances contemporary always gets the highest scores? It’s like back in week 1 when Candace’s contemporary was the top of the leaderboard, and she hasn’t been able to get near as high since. Wish there was a way to score the contemporary dances more fairly…

    • MDEP says:

      While there have been some great contemporary dances, I have not warmed up to the addition of it to the show. It seems the judges cannot really judge on it, which is why I think they always give high scores for it, and the Pros don’t always seem to be well versed or comfortable with it. I think they should just keep it to the ballroom dances.

      • Lindsey says:

        I agree… Contemporary is my favorite to watch, but I don’t think it works on the show right now. If they could find a way to score it more fairly that would be great…

        • cjinsd says:

          Leave contemporary for SYTYCD. It just doesn’t work on DWTs except during the finale.

        • Shel says:

          Glad to see I’m not alone in my feelings about the Contemporary dances. I have loved them, most of them the last few years have been really good. But, it isn’t a ballroom dance. As everyone has mentioned, they always get scored the highest….I think mostly from emotional reaction.
          And Donnie was right – great choreography. But, you know what? This week’s dance proved Len’s and Carrie Ann’s point from last week: That rumba was not a rumba. I’m no expert, believe me. My experience is from watching this show. lol But even I thought to myself that last week’s dance didn’t seem very rumba-ish, and even also agreed that it seemed more Contemporary.
          However, Peta & James did amazing. I’ll give them props .I think it was Bruno who mentioned the last lift he did? That takes skill, and Peta herself said the lifts hadn’t been working early in rehearsal.That said, it just bothers me to have the first 40 go to a Contemporary number when this is supposed to be a ballroom competition. And, frankly, while it might be “exciting” to see our Pros panicking over doing a genre they don’t know, I just find it unfair to both them AND their stars. I’m sure it does not help the stars at all to have their Pros all stressed out, too.

  2. TheFactsR says:

    First, Charlie should be counted off for dropping the cane! He missed several steps and it did cause the routine to be off for a few ‘bars’.
    Second, Amy should be counted off for the lifts. When I catch a lift it is a BIG lift!

    Score them all the same! They are have their advantages and disadvantages.

    Third, Peta is disgusting to the reputation of DWTS! I knew as soon as I knew her costume was ‘white’ that what would happen and DWTS missed the delay button again. Totally cheapens Dancing With The Stars.

    • Beth says:

      The tempo of that song would be hard for anyone to contend with, let alone get back on beat after that. Charlie recovered nicely in my opinion. I believe he was marked off because had he not dropped the cane, he would have gotten the perfect score before James. I didn’t see anything happen with Peta, I thought they captured the tone of Frozen perfectly.

      • TheFactsR says:

        You must be deaf and blind, Len SAID he ignored the cane drop and I have a screen grab that I am sending to Mr. Lee president of ABC.

        • Beth says:

          You are extremely rude to anyone on this thread who disagrees with you. Why are you looking for things to send to the president of ABC? I did not say one inappropriate thing to you in my response, just my thoughts on what I saw. I am guessing they will put your complaint in the filing cabinet of things you have already sent them. Grow up.

          • TheFactsR says:

            hahahahahahahaha That’s your opinion. What I do on my own time is totally my business.

            I wasn’t addressing you with my comments. If my comments differ from you lopsided opinions you start calling names.

            People on this page are usually less abrasive than you, you must have a chip on your shoulder.

          • Denise says:

            I dont get it Beth-you give your opinion which you have a right to do,-someone calls you names while dissagreeing with you–and they want to report you?

    • duranmom says:

      Peta is lovely. Back off.

  3. Mark says:

    Loved the theme. Loved the incorporation of the animation throughout the show. Really cool episode. My girl Nene killed it tonight too. Didn’t much love all the pandering to voters though with the crying about not having a leg and the bringing in a down syndrome girl to try and boost your vote count. Let the dance speak for itself, no need for these sly tactics.

    • Shel says:

      Totally agree with you, Mark, regarding the theme and the animation. I would add that everyone really went all out with their choreography, too. I love Disney, love DWTS, loved the song/character choices, loved the dances. I am already regretting that I deleted the episode from my TiVO.
      It seemed to me that the Producers were even perfect with their Disney movie/song assignments too. Every pair seemed to have a good match with their Disney characters.
      Sorry to see Witney & Cody leave – I really liked watching him, and I have loved Witney since SYTYCD. I actually wish they had let another week go by without an elimination. I just don’t think anyone should have scores count from the “swap,” whether good or bad.

  4. TheFactsR says:

    After saying that

    Here are the grades

    Danica A
    Meryl A-
    Charlie B+(cane drop)
    Candace B
    Amy C+ (lifts)
    James C (Peta continues to have a malfunction in her hygiene process)
    Nene D
    Drew D

    • I am troubled by the unfair scores tonight. Drew was first and at the least he should have received 8’s. almost everyone got 9’s or higher. He was quite good, and I see this ploy as their way of controlling the vote. They rushed him through first; then they deliberately scored him lower. The reason for this is as follows: He has a popular game show and possibly has a good voter base. However, if they lower his average, they can take away from his overall score. The judges are NOT fair. There are ways they cheat the scores. Sad really…

      • A fan says:

        Why should they care who gets what score or who wins? They just want people to watch the show and therefore boost the ratings. I really don’t think there is a hidden agenda to the scoring.

        • TheFactsR says:

          What rock did you crawl out from under

        • Shel says:

          I mostly agree with you, A fan, that the scoring is mostly fair. However, when it gets to the point where people seem who should obviously be the next to go – Drew, for example – I do feel like I have seen the scores get a little depressed, perhaps fairly, perhaps unfairly. They certainly were hoping to knock of Bill Engvall last season, and he probably should have been. But while this remains a popularity contest on the part of the fans, the show and judges have to accept what they get.

          Sadly, I thought Cody had a big teen fan base. I think his ouster shows ABC that they still aren’t really bringing in the younger demographic they want. The show has been renewed – yay. But I hope they will stop messing with it trying to fix what isn’t broke.

      • K9maiden says:

        I agree! At least Drew and Candace never had intense dancing before this show. I thought that was the entire purpose of the show, to take celebrities who had little or no dance experience and a professional was to teach them to see which celebrity improved the most! My God! Here we have a pair who won the Olympic Gold Medal in ice dancing! It’s the same as a professional dancer, why shouldn’t they be fantastic, and they are both very young as well! I’m tired of DWS judges expecting 9’s and 10’s from the beginning. I remember when I first started watching it, most stars received 5’s and 6’s and if you did better than that, it was something. Now they are putting entertainers and celebrities who, many of them, had extensive dance training. What is so great about this? Also, they need two DWTS. One for people with previous dance experience and no older than 40, and one for those with little training and over 45! I am voting for DREW all the way, and if he gets eliminated, I’ll be voting for Candace or vice a versa at least I know they had no training in dance.

        • Chrissy says:

          Note to K9maidnen: you are 100% right- I thought the concept of the show was for NON-dancers to learn how to dance. How can dancers compete against non-dancers? It makes no sense. they really should change the format of the show -it should be celebrities with no experience at all- the skaters and others with dance background should not be competing.

          • Stephanie says:

            Well the show is called Dancing with the STARS. Not Dancing with the Beginners. Anyone half popular in this country can quality.

  5. Sara says:

    I love this show but I’m getting sick of the inconsistent judging – it’s making it almost unbearable to watch. It’s not fair to the pros or the stars.
    Len didn’t care when Drew and Cheryl broke hold because there was animation and it’s Disney night. Len didn’t care that Charlie dropped his cane and gave him a 10. But the moment Danica and Val lost a tiny bit of body contact, he immediately called them out on it. And their dance was awesome! James & Peta had a lovely dance but the first perfect score should have gone to either Val & Danica this week, or Val & Meryl last week for the switch-up. It’s also unfair that they decided to be lenient on Amy today. And I say that because at the beginning of the season, Len clearly stated she would be judged just as everybody else was and if anybody else had done a lift, they’d have been deducted points. I love Amy and she is an inspiration, but she shouldn’t be judged differently – she knew what she was getting into and I doubt she feels like she should be judged differently either.

    • TheFactsR says:

      I totally agree about the I forgive the cane drop or the break in hold for some and not others and also the lifts by Derek!

      New judges are a must for next season or just cancel the show.

      • They certainly need to get rid of Len as a judge he does not want them to dance different. He wants them to be old forgeys in my opinion. Carrie cannot make her on opinion she follows Len. Bruno should be the head judge he is fair to everyone. Len and Carrie have their favorites and some they do not like at all because he is really the best dancer and does mind speaking his mind. They have always had their favorites and it very obvious. I use to have a partner that I danced with so I am not just talking off the wall. It is to obvious how they Len and Carrie show favoritism in my opinion which is the truth. I agree that they need two new judges or cancel the show and it is one of my favorite shows.

    • Shel says:

      I agree that there are inconsistencies, but I don’t agree with all your examples, Sara. There have been many times in the past, during “special” episodes, that they relax the rules. Animation/Disney seems a legitimate reason to bend the rules. It would only be unfair if he down-graded someone else on the same show for breaking hold – and he didn’t.
      (I do think Drew and Cheryl were robbed, period. I think one of the most consistent “unfair” scoring practice is downplaying the first couple because they are afraid they will have nowhere to go if others are even better.)
      Also, since a cane is not a requirement of a jazz dance, I don’t blame Len for not taking the point off of Charlie & his partner. Everyone else did, so his scores were fair, IMO. Lord knows, there are many times Bruno and Carrie Ann totally ignore ballroom skills because they loved a performance and graded accordingly. I give Len a pass on this one.
      I do agree he was too nitpicky with Val and Danica, but – again – it didn’t really bother me.
      The one that really bothered me was Amy & Derek. I hate even typing that, I feel like lower than a bug. BUT, it is not fair to anyone else that she gets a “pass” on things that others would have gotten a demerit for -heck, Carrie Ann DID fine someone else for a lift. Yes, she is completely inspiring and that dance was awesome. But, filling the ballroom with smoke, hoping to block out lifts and other missteps shouldn’t get rewarded that way. She is a competitor. This was a tough week for her. But she doesn’t need anyone giving her votes that she wouldn’t have earned otherwise. JMO.

  6. TheFactsR says:

    Now to Disney night, I totally expected the animals and people that run around the park at DWTS.

    Such as the big bear running around, I hated the genie guy, it should be a person in the costume. A disappointing night.

    Donnie was a much better and more fair judge than “pure hate” Julianne. I never knew before tonight Disney discovered them, or that he was one voice in Mulan.

    Bruno was on his best behavior. Thank you.

    • Actually I felt Donnie behaved like a snot ball in general. He was rude and a know-it-all. A large share of the time he inserted himself into the comments such as: “when I was on DWTS, I did this; I did that…” He is really in love with himself. He and family members are talented, but Donnie and Marie grew up with high pay entitlements. Yet the light does not emanate from him–no matter how egocentric his thoughts are.

      • TheFactsR says:

        ummmm Donnie and his brothers sang to help the parents, they didn’t always have money. They sang for food money and to buy the deaf brothers hearing aides.

        I loooooove Donnie!

      • A fan says:

        I think it’s natural for him to remember his experience on the show when he revisits it. I didn’t get the impression he was stuck on himself at all. He seemed to be a good judge.

      • Nancy says:

        I agree with you, I thought Donny was an awful judge.

      • Jeannie says:

        I agree, Donnie seemed stuck on himself. Loved to hear the sound of his own voice. Talked too loud.

  7. MDEP says:

    I like Charlie a lot, but I cant believe Len gave him a 10 when he dropped the cane.
    As for the elimination, I will miss Witney but not Cody. I am glad it wasn’t Candace.
    I also really liked the Disney theme, I cant believe it took them so long to do it (unless they have already and I just don’t remember!)

    • TheFactsR says:

      Exactly! Charlie missed ‘bars’ of the dance while picking up his cane!

    • Somehow I didn’t feel the Disney night had an even flow. Some of the dances lacked grace because the type of music was not compatible with what adults normally choreograph on these evenings. The theme would have been appropriate for ice skating but not ballroom. It’s getting harder to enjoy the past couple of weeks in general. The idea people need to meditate on a more dazzling adult program (PG 13) with sophistication. The whole season has been screwed around with by somebody’s “nephew” who needs a job at ABC.

      • Marianne says:

        I agree on the music. For the most part, Charlie and Sharna were able to pull of their music. But of course like everyone else got decent songs except for Meryl and Maks. It was horrible for a Samba. Not surprised they didn’t get higher because the song is hard to dance to.

  8. TheFactsR says:

    Comment to Mitch.

    So Mitch you missed the wardrobe malfunction did you!

    Could have been a very good dance, but I kept cringing waiting for the FLASH of the malfunction.

    Peta, white costume, BAM it happened!

    • Stephanie7638 says:

      TheFactsR, I did not see a wardrobe malfunction, and after you said that, I went back and watched the dance again. I didn’t see one then, either. While I am sure there are going to always be opportunities for something to go wrong, I think some people have a tendency to look a little too hard. If you focus on the dance and rip your eyes off of the body parts that might offend you, you might enjoy a lovely dance.

      • TheFactsR says:

        The screen grab was mailed today to Mr. Lee President of ABC

        Trash R US on DWTS

      • TheFactsR says:

        Stephanie I wasn’t speaking to you I addressed Mitch, learn to read better

        • Stephanie7638 says:

          I know how to read . . . I don’t know if you noticed, but these are group pages, not individual, private chat. So . . . when you made your comments to someone else, I did not require you to make the same comments to me so that I could follow up on them. In fact, it was an attempt to see if I indeed missed something untoward that caused me to look again. You should be impressed that someone actually took your concerns seriously instead of just assuming you were full of it. If you want to talk to someone privately, take it off the public forum.

  9. Angela says:

    I disagreed here and there with the judging as well, and yes, there were some problems with a few of the dances on the technical side of things. But I thought the dances were loads of fun and really cute regardless-the whole thing made me want to have a Disney movie marathon :D.
    Nice to see Candace loosen up a little more with her dancing! So funny to see her with red hair. The ‘Mary Poppins’ dance was adorable, dropped cane and all. Danica was beyond beautiful, and I really loved the ‘Jungle Book’ (flawless dance, that one-so perfectly in sync) and ‘101 Dalmatians’ dances, too.
    Rather surprised that Cody was the one eliminated. I would’ve expected, say, Drew to go well before Cody (and I like Drew! Just not the top dancer on the show). But he was fun while he was on.

  10. Jean says:

    Nene needs to go- just a little too full of herself- what an attitude!

    • I agree about NeNe. I think the reason she was crying had to do with her worrying about elimination tonight, since they informed her in the beginning that she was in the lower score brackets. She couldn’t concentrate before the results at the end. However, I’ve been watching her on other programs where she surely is just too full of herself–admitting to her manager she hasn’t even read great scripts that have been sent her way this past year. She seems to be kissing her own backside on HOA at Bravo as well. Her manager truly looked surprised and disappointed. The more exposure she gets, the less she appears to express gratitude. The greatest stars generally seem to have the most humility….

      • DontBeHatin says:

        Wow, really? Judgemental much? I think she was crying for the opposite – she came off as really mean to her partner, and at the end of it, felt like the interview came off too harsh. She didn’t say jack after to not give the producers more ammo, and she probably felt like she betrayed her partner and was deeply regretting it.

        • Sara says:

          ^^^ Yeah. I think she might have had one little bit where she and Tony had problems during rehearsals and I think the producers and editors made it seem so much worse and honestly I think that’s what pissed Tony off before the dance. They made NeNe look like a villain, and they made Tony look petty and jealous (because of Derek). I’d normally say NeNe has to go but I’m glad they get a week to redeem themselves because I don’t think what we saw is any indication of their relationship.

        • Shel says:

          The whole Tony/NeNe thing was horrible – shame on the DWTS producers. Tony was hot, and I don’t blame him.
          First, it was kind of refreshing to see Tony actually admit to what the other Pros were all probably feeling. Also, NeNe acted like Tony had the huge jealousy problem, yet when she walked out of rehearsal, she told him to go back to Candace if he wanted to….seems NeNe might have been a little “green” also.
          Second, I cannot stand when DWTS – for DRAMA – tells a couple they are in danger BEFORE they dance. It is absolutely NOT fair. It is doubly NOT fair when you realize that they pick and choose the other 2 pairs of the bottom three. They always say that, except for the couple going home, the others may have NOT been at the true bottom. So, this whole thing isn’t hard enough on the Stars without DWTS treating them so badly? Disadvantaging their dance with all that fear when NeNe may not have been anywhere NEAR the bottom?
          Third, Amy was upset this week, but we got to see her and Derek working it out, smoothing things over. No such luck for Tony & NeNe. Letting the audience ONLY see the negative and not the “fix” is a worse unfairness to a competitor then a point here and there in the judging, IMO.
          Fourth, Carrie Ann compliments Tony’s choreography, but then HAS to “share” that she felt that the switch was the best thing to happen to Tony and NeNe. It was like immediately taking away the compliment! Hey, Tony – you were great – because your jealousy of Derek made you up your game? Seriously, Carrie Ann? The switch was cruel to all involved and, considering their history, I wish Carrie Ann would try thinking twice before opening her mouth up with adding pearls of wisdom that don’t matter at all.
          Fifth (yep, there’s still more): Tony gets the snark treatment from Erin. He takes the opportunity to TRY and set the record straight, that they love each other and that was just a small snippet of their week. and he hopes people will vote for them. What does he get for that? Erin oh-so-sweetly (NOT) asking him if he wants to do the rest of her job, because he dared to ask for votes. Hey, Erin — have you already forgotten how they treated Brooke? I wouldn’t presume you can be snarky to the Pros….just a tip.

    • I was so hoping she was going to be the one eliminated last night. Am so over this woman.

    • bjs says:

      Hooray..someone else feels as I do. She is a trouble maker from other shows too……..Spoiled brat who has to have her way. I don’t think Tony deserves to have a partner like her and be treated like he was…..It is time he gets someone to work with that is not older, heavier (nothing against size in general), or not experience. He is a tremendous dancer and seems to be paired with all that they don’t seem to know what to do with them…

    • Cal Cornwell says:

      “Nene is just a little full of herself “??????? Come on Jean…..She is a lot full of herself and I hope both she and her attitude go home next week. She is the same person who walked of the “Celebrity Apprentice” show causing Trump to blast her as being quitter. She displayed the exact same attitude on that show as she is displaying on DWTS. Too bad that Tony has to be stuck with her. He was also stuck with Kate a couple of seasons ago. Poor guy has had his share of bad partners.

  11. Britt says:

    Is Carrie Anne the only one who cares about lifts? I get annoyed every time she brings it up!

    • TheFactsR says:

      A rule is a rule if they count for other rules broken then count for lifts!

    • Cal Cornwell says:

      Carrie Ann bases 50% of her vote on how handsome the celebrity dancer is. She gushes like a teenager whenever she gets turned on by a male dancer. Did you notice that she has put on a few pounds. She looked fairly wide last night.

  12. Disneyshow best ever should do more often the movieshow loved Macs routine hope he wins this time around he really deserve it

  13. N tTVf says:

    Nice work this week by Danica and Val. They just need to stay close to the top each week – stay in top five, and hold on. Over time, the others may have a bad night, and Danica/Val can sneak past them.

    This competition is often a marathon, not a sprint. Donny Osmond proved that years ago when he and KJ won. They stayed close to the top, flew under the radar a couple weeks, and hit the gas at the end. That’s a good strategy that Danica/Val may be able to use.

    I still believe Danica will get into the top three – and at that point, it’s anyone’s game.

  14. DontBeHatin says:

    What is with some of you SICK FREAKS? There WAS NO wardrobe malfunction! I DVRed the show, I didn’t see one the first go round, and didn’t see one the second go round either! I even played it on slo mo the second time around, and NOTHING! Nothing exposed! No nip slips or vag hanging out, NADA! At BEST, in ONE SPOT, there was some camel toe from the fabric stretching, and on a show where just about everyone is next to naked, you want to jump on Peta for THAT?

    Some of you people really are sad, lonely, and pathetic. It was an awesome dance. Peta’s hardly my favorite, but the hate is really just sad.

    • TheFactsR says:

      ummmmm Name calling is not something that people usually do on this page!

      You must be blind or they cut it out for the West coast people. It is def there!

      It is pathetic that she throws her crotch into every dance they has malfunctions every time.

      She is just pathetic to show her lack of hygiene and crotch. I have a grab of it but I won’t post it. I am sending it to Mr. Lee ABC president instead.

      Thank you

      • Angela says:

        You really, desperately need to find other things to do with your time.

      • kc says:

        Having cameltoe has nothing to do with personal hygiene. It is a wedgie in the front that even the cleanest person can get if their pants or underwear are pulled up in the front. It’s not like she did it on purpose. Pull your underwear up high and see what happens. You will be as dirty as you claim she is. Get a life and stop looking at women’s privates pervert.

    • TheFactsR says:

      Your hygiene must be horrible as well.

      • coco says:

        What are you talking about? How does Peta’s cameltoe have anything to do with bad hygiene? I’m afraid you must know very little about a woman’s body if you think that way.

        • TheFactsR says:

          The pictures were sent to Mr Lee at ABC, two weeks I won’t go into details, they were sent already. Next topic.

      • Aeol says:

        Only a weird pervert would be so obsessed with whatever it was you think you saw. Why are you so offended by a woman’s woman parts? All women have them, you know.

  15. Mark says:

    It’s the DisNerd in my speaking, but they need to do this theme every season. LOVED IT!!!

    • Kim R says:

      I did too! I think I smiled through the entire show & may or may not have clapped whilst doing so! :D It was so enjoyable. I loved seeing & hearing the familiar music. Wonderful. A dancing show should make you smile. The animation was a fantastically fun addition. Frozen’s took my breath away. I hope they do this every season.

  16. Chugbegone says:

    Well Derek is the golden child so I’m not surprised by the leniency gift to Amy. I thought it was wrong however. A lift is a lift and a break hold is a break hold. Judge everyone equally or don’t have them on the show. I thought for sure Candace would be gone tonight. Tony screwed her royally last week. I don’t care for her, but I like to watch Mark dance.

    • TheFactsR says:

      I agree up to where you cut Tony down. I thought Tony and Candace pair better than her and Mark by far.

      I enjoy Candace. I do agree that a lift is a lift and a dropped cane and missed steps are missed steps and break in hold is a break in hold no matter your limitations.

      Judge EVERYONE under the same rules as a judge or get the heck out of the show and let a judge that will judge them fairly to the judging.

  17. Jake says:

    Love James as well as Meryl. Disappointed that Cody got eliminated.

  18. Libby says:

    I think this year the total disregard for rules of dance, are a disappointment. Amy is lovely, but she knew this was a dance show. She is being scored on a completely different set of rules. Yes she has a disability, but sometimes her dances are way overscored due to sympathy. It’s unfair to the other dancers..and she always brings up her disability, she plays on it.

    • Ricki says:

      I totally agree with you, Libby. I can’t imagine Amy being scored higher than Meryl. She and Derek looked good but if anyone else had danced like that, they would have been shredded by the judges.

      • I must be the only one that knows Len and Carrie have their favorite which is Derek and they do not like Macs he can do a perfect dance with his partner and Len and Carrie will never give them a 10. I have seen it to many times. They need to replace Len and Carrie as judges. Bruno should be the head judge in my opinion. It is not going to get any better till they replace Len especially. He needs to keep up with the times. He needs to come up to date instead of staying in the old days. I am not just talking off the wall. I use to have a dance partner and I love dancing.

    • Carrie says:

      She plays on it? She lives with it and she is incredibly brave and defying the odds. She was frustrated with her limitations and managed to compensate for it beautifully. It’s absolutely right for the judges to give her a little leniency on lifts – they were minor and it’s impossible for her to point and extend her toes in a way that many do when converting a lift into a non lift. She does not have the advantage of feet when most of us take them for granted. I would hope people can be a bit more compassionate and understand why the judges chose to give her the pass on lifts. Charlie’s pass on the cane drop? Now that’s unfair.

      • Stephanie says:

        Amy is not on the show for sympathy! She is there to challenge her disability and prove she can keep up with the normal dancers!

        Giving her higher scores out of sympathy just reinforces the notion that she can not keep with the content! And again, she wants to prove she can handle it without sympathy. The sympathy-scoring does not do her justice.

  19. Anna says:

    I really disagree with the elimination of cody this week. He rocked that samba. Even though Drew is a great dancer, he should have gone. Cody and Witney should definetly have stayed.

    I also think that James got a higher score than he deserved, I mean perfect? Contemporary? nah.

    Also Charlie and his cane…. Should have cost him something, but apparently it didn’t

  20. Jodie says:

    Meryl was totally low balled with her scores, where was the fault? And I’m mad James got full marks for his routine, not because he didn’t deserve it (probably did, haven’t seen his routine) but more that it was the first of the season. I think Len not giving Meryl/Val a 10 for their routine last week was an absolute joke since there was literally 0 things wrong with it. His personal opinion that it was too much staccato shouldn’t have come into it. Producers are clearly trying to make the others look good bc Meryl/Charlie have dominated so far, and people aren’t happy, including one Nene Leakes, who I’m so over. Her comments and attitude towards them is ridiculous. Ice dance, yes, admittedly, involves dance training and yes, true that Derek choreographed My Fair Lady for them, it’s totally different on ice than on solid ground. This turned into a rant oops but oh well, nothing I said isn’t true.

    • Nancy says:

      Agree with you 100%. To add: In my mind Meryl danced a #10 each week and I think the judges know that but they have to give everyone a chance at being on top — it is up to the audience (call-in votes) to make it come out correct at the end. If Max & Meryl don’t win this season, I’m afraid I’ll be a bad sport and NEVER watch again!

    • priTam says:

      i agree that james shouldn’t have got a 10 because most of the time the focus was on peta, it was a dance for peta, not james.

      • Caroline says:

        100% agree – contemporary focuses on the female dancer – James seemed to mostly stand and do lifts and such.

  21. Veronica says:

    Nene needs to go home – she brought her bad classless behavior to a classy show – how did she even get on there considering the title of the show is beyond me.

    • TheFactsR says:

      I link NeNe and Erin together, both classless brazen turnoffs!

      Erin was actually yelling. She really is disgusting to my ears and my mind.

      As for NeNe I don’t watch those lower class House Wife shows and Kardashian trash.

      With that said, I resent DWTS Bringing Erin on the show. Another reason DWTS is in the lowest of lows.

      Thankful Conrad Green, show runner, stepped down.

      Could it be the shakeup is what DWTS needs.

  22. Aryn says:

    Sad that this show just gets worse with each passing episode, even though you think it couldn’t possibly suck anymore….NeNe should have been sent home. I think it’s time to put this show out to pasture, just not “fun” to watch anymore. PLUS – Erin Andrews is totally not the right fit for a co-host of this show!!!! BRING BACK BROOKE :)

  23. Nan says:

    I have officially quit this show…seriously people, it has lost it’s appeal and replacing Brooke with Erin was the BIGGEST mistake of all!!!! Let’s retire the 2 Season a year format and do 1 or only bring it back every other year as something to look forward to?!?!

    • tardisrepairman says:

      I don’t understand the vitriol against Erin. Perhaps it’s just the nature of television to have so many people feel like they have a vested interest in things, but Erin has always been an excellent sideline reporter and is used to talking live. Brooke was better than Samantha and Samantha was better than Lisa. I guess if you keep complaining, ABC will enlist Ginger Zee.

      • TheFactsR says:

        She lies, she can not be trusted, her voice is horrible to listen to, she is a bitch, DWTS IS NOT football! She has cheapened DWTS.

  24. CJ says:

    It’s all about ratings. This, Grey’s, Scandal, and I think Castle are all that ABC has in terms of decent ratings. It would be crazy to get rid of it.

  25. Jo Ann says:

    Sorry to see Cody eliminated. Both he and Charlie White have been hit hard by the judges, on points for techniques that their new pros should have been blamed for. THEY, those two pros, have not been working at featuring their celebrity at his best. Both women have left the men standing still, passing them left to right and a occasional twirl, while they themselves strut their stuff, making the men look weak. Len hitting on Charlie a couple weeks back should have been directing his comments to the pro for her inability to keep Charlie in the spotlight. Her nervousness that evening was SO noticeable. Charlie got by fortunately.
    Cody was working hard. Sorry to see him have to leave. He looked a bit surprised while his coach started apologizing immediately for herself!!!!

    Val and Merle continue to amaze. Derek is doing a great job meeting his challenge this season. The young man is SO creative.

  26. Joan Olsen says:

    DWTS has jumped the shark! Don’t really watch anymore but I caught last nights fiasco. Won’t do that again. Voting Cody off???

  27. bjs says:

    I agree with many that contemporary dance is not suitable for this shows format. It is a So You /Think You Can Dance style. Contemporary is not ballroom and jazz is also questionable……I don’t know what is going on with the judging but it is hurting the show rather than helping. The show is a popularity contest also. Drew, NeNe, and Candace should be the next to go home……Wardrobe malfunction watched 3 times slow motion and all…Get a life…contemporary dancing is geared to the leg splits etc. Quit looking for issues and you wouldn’t even notice them…..The wardrobe people need to take responsiblity for some of the so called malfunction……I don’t know why they changed co-hosts but they screwed up……The professionalism is not the same…..

  28. George says:

    You have got to be kidding with Disney night, I thought this was an adult show, what a sorry excuse for a theme, are they now catering to preschoolers? If this is the best idea they can come up with I can find something else to watch. Comments appreciated only if you agree LOL

    • SL says:

      Disney is the parent company of ABC.

    • Shel says:

      Sorry, you won’t appreciate my comment, but I totally disagree with you. I love Disney and animated movies and I am no where near to preschool. lol LOVED this show – great creativity, songs, choreography, costumes, etc. A lot of fun.

  29. Nancy says:

    How hard was it to predict Derek would be Prince Charming? Lol

  30. Cynthia Tibble says:

    Did not understand why Cody got voted off. There were several others that were clearly not doing a good job. Also not sure what is happening to Donnie Osmond’s face, too much plastic, face was huge.

  31. kk says:

    Dwts has had its day and its time to be cxld…its a popularity contest not a skill contest..nene should have been gone already..cody was better than her ..also she has tude …the show has become trite and boring…im done with it….also done with abc…they should cxl the bachelor. And bachelorette who are boring and have lost their appeal..they take people back who were voted off..boring

  32. lisam says:

    Last week’s show was great; the switch up was fun and that sizzling hot Macy’s Star of Dance number was incredible. But this week’s show was awful. Cute idea gone awry, maybe. Other than the Frozen song, none of the music was really very danceable. Donnie Osmond was so self-referential and off-mark. Ugh! And though I admire Amy to my very core, she is not judged for her dancing, but her drive-totally unfair! I hate the way they are wringing and exploiting her situation and “vulnerability.” It may get her higher judges’ scores but it totally disrepects all she has accomplished. Nene needs to get her ungrateful diva a** off of the show. Meryl needs to try and ease her(understandable) swooning. James needs to just stand there and glow! ;-) Sorry to see Cody go bc newbie Witney was doing such a great job with him. Hoping next week is an improvement over last night’s show. And I am not sure what the beef is about Erin Andrews…she’s terrific! But gosh I miss Karina dancing…

  33. Isabelle says:

    I’m really upset that Cody & Witney got kicked off last night :( I wasnt expecting him to win the whole competition but he could’ve stayed longer than now. I was really mad all day long about it and not just because I like him as a celebrity but because DWTS always does this. Good people always get kicked off the show and I’m a dancer and I hate to see good dancer unfairly not get their chance. I’m hearing many places that DWTS is rigged and I didn’t believe it at first but when you think about it he has like 6 million followers. I’m sure all or most of those people voted for him and Jason Derulo did give him that shout out…. I’m just really upset that bad dancers stay on the show longer than a good one. Also if DWTS wanted to bring in a younger demographic (which brings in alot of ratings) they would’ve tried and they didn’t. DWTS needs to judge people more fair based on THEIR performance and not because of disadvantages. I’m just getting sick of bad dancers year after year staying on the show for long periods of time. Be fair and DWTS DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

  34. TheFactsR says:

    Conrad Green stepped down from “show runner” DWTS could be improved and continue if the correct person is new show runner and makes changes.

  35. LA says:

    Who wanted Maks and Meryl to dance to a song from Hercules??? She looks so much like Meg it would have been perfect!!

  36. Shel says:

    Hey, TVLine: Love your site, usually love your boards. You claim you monitor them. It seems to me that this particular board could use a little “monitoring.” Some really nasty things being said about some of the Pros, the Stars, and other participants. Just an FYI.

  37. Shel says:

    Mitch, I like your recaps – nicely written. BUT, I really dislike that a show’s “recap” doesn’t include all the couples. So, I find your recaps lacking in content and detail. That said, I apologize if TVLine has you on a short leash with a maximum word requirement, etc.

  38. Charles Echeverri says:

    I believe the wrong person was sent home, it should have been Candace Burr. She had the wrong attitude for the show.

  39. Shania says:

    Carrie Ann is clearly biased against Max. Dereck could do no wrong. CarrieAnn is very unprofessional and shows her favouritism clearly. DWTS should get rid of her.

  40. Sazz says:

    The voting is so uneven, but seems to be every season. I’m tired of the same phrasing, of Carrie Ann crying, from Bruno’s constant over-the-top reaction, from “full-on”, from “phoning it in”, to “magic” blah blah blah…I dvr the show, and fast forward through the comments…I hear the music, watch the dances, and view the scores.Erin is mis-cast, and is a totally B about Max…so I mute the fish bowl conversation as well. I truly watch it for the performances only, and vote with my phone and hope everyone else agrees with me. I will agree with the final result one day!