Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Arrow, The Mentalist, Scandal, New Girl, Hannibal, Once, SVU and More!

Arrow Felicity Backstory SpoilersWill Arrow rock Felicity’s world? How explosive is the Scandal finale? How does The Mentalist see Jisbon’s future? Will the New Girl split stick? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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Any hints on Scandal‘s explosive finale? –Joanna
Funny your choice of words, Joanna…. “The finale explodes into a million different pieces,” Darby Stanchfield told me of the April 17 episode. “This set of characters, especially over at Olivia Pope & Associates, are more splintered off from each other than ever before. I mean, when we were shooting the episode, I actually thought to myself, ‘I wonder if they’re actually going to tear down the set and build a new one?’ It’s that extreme.”

Shall I dare ask for a Mentalist scoop? –Sal
You shall! In this Sunday’s episode, Jane and the FBI scramble to prove a death row inmate’s innocence, thus pitting Jane against no less than Star Trek: TNG‘s god-like Q . “[Guest star] John De Lancie plays a man whose wife’s killer is about to be executed, and he and Jane square off over that,” exec producer Tom Szentgyorgyi previews. “John gives a spectacular performance, and was a great sparring partner for [Simon] Baker.”

Please! Do you have anything for Mentalist fans on Jane’s reaction to Lisbon’s new boyfriend? –Yara
While I had Szentgyorgyi on the phone to preview May sweeps/the season finale, I was sure to inquire what Jane was thinking as he sat alone on the sofa, after seeing Teresa run off for late-night pancakes with her new paramour, Pike. “I think Jane was feeling curiously like a third wheel – something he doesn’t feel very often – and wondering why he felt that way,” the EP answered. “Pike is with us through the end of the season, and he will become a increasingly important figure in Lisbon’s life, so Jane is wondering what he’s feeling, because he’s been the most important man in Lisbon’s life — and suddenly he might not be.”

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I still can’t believe Miriam Lass resurfaced on Hannibal. How badly damaged will she be? Badly enough that she won’t be able to implicate Dr. Lecter in her disappearance? –Anastacia
Those are exactly the questions that will be explored in this Friday’s episode, “Yakimono,” which “is very much about what happens when you go away for two years — and you are putty in a villain’s hands, essentially,” teases showrunner Bryan Fuller. “What part of you survives? What part of you is buried? And how much can you actually recover?” Fuller says Miriam’s release from captivity will be paralleled with Will Graham’s exit from the psych hospital — an “intertwining of destinies” that was only possible due to Anna Chlumsky sacrificing a bit of her Christmas-New Year holiday from shooting HBO’s Veep. “The fact that she worked so hard to find two days [for Hannibal],” says Fuller, “was a testament to her dedication as an actress, and to her enthusiasm to come back and have fun with us.”

Please tell me that New Girl‘s heartbreaking Nick/Jess breakup wasn’t final. –KSP82
All I am at liberty to tell you is that this season’s final three episodes – airing April 15, April 29 and May 6 — will chronicle with the fallout of the break-up. Next Tuesday, for example, Jess and Nick go to tell the others about their split the morning after, but get derailed when Winston passes his police academy exam and they don’t want to ruin his special day.

Do you have anything on Blue Bloods‘ Jamie? — Sabrina
In this Friday’s episode, things will get… interesting… between Jamie and his partner Eddie during a wild night out.

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Is Arrow going to reveal the identity of Felicity’s father this season? –DreamToAspire
Though much is being saved for Season 3, by season’s end, “We actually will get a little bit more of Felicity’s backstory…,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg allows. “You get a couple of hints, and when you hear what some of the hints are, you’re going to look back and realize that we actually knew [what we were planning] back in Season 1.”

So, finally Laurel knows Oliver’s secret on Arrow. How will they handle this bombshell that they have dropped on her? –Spoiler Junkie
“I think that people have been primed to expect Laurel’s reaction to be one thing,” Kreisberg told me, “and they’re going to be very surprised by her actual reaction.”

On Once Upon a Time, will we find out who Zelena’s father is this season? –Lisa
You absolutely will learn who sired the sorceress – in, I can only assume, the episode that brings back Rose McGowan as Young Cora and also guest-stars Eva Bourne and Lost alum Eric Lange as Young Eva and Prince Leopold. “We’re flashing back to Leopold’s younger days to fill in more Regina backstory,” Ginnifer Goodwin told me. COLIN O'DONOGHUE, CHARLES MESURE“[Revisiting] Snow White’s childhood and her parents can take us there very easily, to show how the Evil Queen’s family, how those royals intertwine with my family’s royal lineage.”

Can you offer any scoop on Once Upon a Time‘s Blackbeard (played by Charles Mesure)? –Stefanie
Previewing this Sunday’s episode, Colin O’Donoghue noted, “Blackbeard obviously is very much a dreaded pirate, and you get to see Hook interact a little bit with him — I can’t tell you how or why, because that will give away too much – but and it harks back a little bit to all the old Errol Flynn films and stuff like that. It’s good old-fashioned, swashbuckling fun.”

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When I first heard about NCIS‘ McGee dating Delilah, I didn’t think it would last as long as it has, but is seems as if she’ll be around a while. My question is: Will Margo Harshman be back next season? –Bobby
That likely depends on how things play out in this week’s episode, as McGee grapples with the issue of cohabitation. “They’ve got a decision to make,” says show boss Gary Glasberg. “And then we’ll have to see where that takes us moving into Season 12.” Of course, Tony will have his two cents to throw in as Tim mulls the matter. “Tony’s got an opinion on everything,” Glasberg reminds, “so he definitely chimes in as a ‘big brother and offers his advice — whether it’s wanted or not.”

Law & Order: SVU‘s Benson has been through so much this season. Is there any happiness coming her way before the season ends? –LuckyDee
There’s definitely light at the end of the tunnel for Olivia — but as they say, it’s always darkest before the dawn. William Lewis (played by Pablo Schreiber) returns this Wednesday to seek revenge, and not only does he force Olivia into another terrifying physical encounter, but he also drives her to take accountability for her own wrongdoings in their twisted history. Regardless of the outcome, Olivia’s nightmare isn’t over yet. (Bonus scoop: William’s isn’t the only familiar face returning this week.)

Any Big Bang Theory scoop? –Rachel
You know how Penny has been invited to reprise her scream queen role in Serial Ape-ist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill? Well, we may actually get to witness the filming. For Episode 23, the CBS hitcom is casting a director who views himself as an “artist” but has been reduced to directing, well, Serial Ape-ist 2: Monkey See, Monkey Kill.

I’m a huge fan of the History Channel’s Vikings. Got any scoop? –Tina
For a huge fan, I can promise a big episode, this Thursday. (Also, I’ll have a fun sneak peek coming at you on Wednesday afternoon).

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  1. Slade Wilson says:

    Meh.. I’m over Laurel, really wish they’d kill her off she is such a boring and useless character in the ‘Arrow’ world but her destiny awaits…

    • Elyse says:

      I think she drags the show down. Can’t stand her.

    • Miki says:

      She is not useless at all , she is one of the most realistic Arrow characters with ups and downs and some real character growth. Should I add that actress does much better job than majority of this show’s cast and especially than Lotz. I really don’t understand where does this hate come from.

      • abz says:

        Agreed. I still love the Laurel character and am very interested to see how this will affect her.

        • Miki says:

          I’ve always liked Laurel but it was this delusional hate toward actress and her character that made me truly rooting for her (I always have a soft spot for underdogs). Beside, I really want to see how a girl like her can become a super-hero (without spending 5 years on a deserted island which slowly became a pattern for this show)…I am sure her road will be interesting.

          • abz says:

            Yeah, I never entirely understood all of the hate. I’ve always enjoyed the actress and the character I think they just need to give her a little better stuff to do and pick herself up from her pity party. I wonder how she will become a superhero as well. She definitely can’t do those ladder trainings that Sarah and Oliver do or else she’d probably break a bone, but we’ll have to wait and see.
            Also, I thought she looked a lot less sickly this past episode than previous ones but she seriously needs to eat a hamburger though or something.

      • Lisa says:

        Deferent opinions is all. I don’t at all agree with your hate for Lotz. But whatever, it’s cool.

        • Miki says:

          I don’t hate Lotz, I find her acting skills to be inferior to those of Cassidy and I just pointed that out. Maybe you should save your assumptions for yourself?

          • Ben says:

            So if someone says they find Laurel boring, you are allowed to assume they are haters – but when you say you don’t find Lotz acting up to scratch, people can’t assume the same back? Double standard.

            I personally find Laurel to be the weakest and most boring character – I do not know, nor do I particularly care, whether it is the writing or the acting. All I know is that it is my opinion, and it is not in any way because I hate either the character or the actress.

          • LittleTruckie says:

            The acting-debate aside, I think most people can sense that Katie Cassidy, however talented an actress, doesn’t have on-screen chemistry with Stephen Amell. Chemistry is just that intangible thing that is either there or it isn’t, and in their case it’s non-existent. Most of their quasi romantic scenes from season 1 were cringe-worthy.

          • Miki says:

            No, one someone says “I can’t stand Laurel, kill her” I don’t have to assume anything because it is quite clear what’s going on there, isn’t it? Saying that certain character is boring is completely different thing.

          • Miki says:

            Typo, I wanted to say *when* not *one*

            Anyway, I don’t care whether there is chemistry between Oliver and Laurel or not, they don’t have to be each other’s love interest.

        • LittleTruckie says:

          I actually have an ENORMOUS amount of respect for the Arrow producers for casting an actress with a martial arts background for Black Canary and not just a pretty face. If you’re not familiar with Caity Lotz’s skills as a martial artist, look her up on YouTube or check out the trailer for ‘The Machine’ movie.
          As far as her character is concerned, Sara surviving hell on the island then joining the League of Assassins is what makes her a believable equal with Oliver. Unless Laurel is going to join the LoA and leave the show for a few years of training, it would never be believable. If it only takes a few self-defense classes and a vendetta, anyone could be Black Canary.

      • JC says:

        Lotz may be a more inexperienced actress, but I think she’s improved immensely this season, and she’s always felt genuine to me, whereas Katie Cassidy just leaves me cold, especially in her more dramatic moments. As far as I’m concerned, she could disappear from this show and it would lose nothing whatsoever.

        • Miki says:

          Inexperienced or not, she barely has two facial expressions (and I am generous here), and her informing team Arrow about Slade Wilson was one of the worst delivered lines I’ve ever seen on this show. However, I still think she is a nice addition to the cast and I wouldn’t like to see her character dying.

          • JC says:

            Our perceptions are obviously widely apart on this. I think CL is quite expressive, whereas KC is one of the most wooden expressionless actors I’ve ever had the displeasure of watching. I found her breakdown scene at the end of Broken Dolls actually painful to watch (and not in the intended way), and her scene with Slade at the end of the last episode was laughable. Sorry – that’s just how I see it.

          • Miki says:

            I guess acting skills are in the eye of the beholder :) Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that Cassidy is the best actress out there but I still find her better than Lotz, Haynes and likes.

          • JC says:

            A lot of things about tv shows are a matter of perception, it’s true. Otherwise there would not be such heated debates on this site. :) Thanks for being so nice about the discussion, even though we have differing opinions on the topic. ;)

          • Dominator of destruction says:

            Cassidy’s last scene with Slade was atrocious acting, Caity plays a more grounded role she has chemistry with the cast and is likeable everything Laurel is not

          • Miki says:

            JC, no problem. I believe that life in general is all about perception, there is no such thing as given truth and there are 50 shades of grey between black and white.
            Dominator, if Laurel is so unlikable how can there be people, as myself, that actually like her? My main problem with Sara is that she is too good to be true, too greater than life type of character that does everything better than anyone else and has no visible flaws. I’ve never been fan of such characters. But even though I cheer for Laurel to become BC one day, there are still ways for Sara to stay on the show so I don’t want her to die and ruin the show for her fans.

          • Ben says:

            I think actually, there is a lot of truth in whoever said they felt there is more chemistry with Lotz. I think that Laurel feels very distant from the rest of the show. I hope this is something they will fix (knowing that her arc from season 3 on is likely to see her character shifting significantly).

        • nica says:

          I agree. I feel like Laurel is unnecessary and forced into the storyline. I can see how they keep trying to redeem her, but she is a victim of lousy writing in the first season and then they tried to do retcon in the second season, which made things worse because it made her more inconsistent. I liked Katie Cassidy in Supernatural, but I really hope they write her out of Arrow because she deserves to be on a show where she isn’t garnering so much hate. I also agree that her acting has been…off (really attempting not to hate on the actress here). Her reaction to finding out Oliver is the Arrow is exactly the same as her response in Season 1 when Oliver says he can’t talk to Tommy because he’s still in love with her. Seriously. Exact. Same. Reaction. Eyes fluttering. Everything I read about Laurel, I just cringe. I am actually very concerned that her knowing will ruin the show because it will mean more screen time for her. To me, it isn’t just that she doesn’t have chemistry with Stephen Amell (I’ve never seen a more TV cringeworthy sex scene than when they finally got together in Season 1), it’s that she doesn’t have chemistry with the rest of the cast. I don’t think Lotz is a great actress, but when she’s in scenes with the rest of the team, she fits in naturally (I don’t think she has much chemistry with Amell as a love interest either, but I love her as BC).

          • Miki says:

            Well I am glad that you guys are not the show runners and that they don’t share your thoughts concerning Laurel so she is here to stay.

          • C says:

            I disagree with what some are saying about chemistry between Laurel and Oliver. Think about it, every time they have been together, someone has died. It’s obvious to me how much they are having to suppress their feelings because of guilt and possibly fear of what is to come. It’s not what is being said between them that creates chemistry, it’s what is not being said. That to me is more real than any other person Oliver could be with on this show. Just my opinion.

          • AJ says:

            I think you nailed it. Exactly my thoughts.

        • maritoni says:

          im not a fan of Katie Cassidy..but ive sent other series and movies where she’s in…. and I consider her to be a very good actress….for me..it is very obvious that the writers is pulling laurel away from arrow…. since the felicity fans went on rampage and wanting her more than laurel…. writers kind of tested the waters because of the fans…i cant understand this likeness for felicity ..all she has is a cute face..she doesn’t even know how to act…

      • Dominator of destruction says:

        Caity Lotz is a much better actress subtlety goes a long way Laurel over does every scene plus Sara other than Ollie is the most developed character on the show

        • LittleTruckie says:

          What I love about Caity Lotz is that she has this vulnerable quality that makes you want to protect her, but suddenly in the next moment she’s turns dark & lethal. I think she was perfectly cast for the role of Sara / Black Canary because that’s how she truly is in real life. When you watch interviews with her, you immediately sense how kind, humble, and down-to-earth she is, but then you watch her martial arts videos and you realize that this sweet person can put you down easily. It’s hard to believe it’s the same person.

          • Hmm says:

            See it’s the doe-eyed look that I can’t get past. Every scene I see with her she looks like a five year old child (expression-wise): lost, vulnerable, incapable of caring for herself. As much as I dislike the character, I acknowledge that she is NOT incapable. Additionally, there was a scene in one of the last few episodes where CL was supposed to deliver a line about Slade’s motives where she looks directly into the camera. The whole delivery seemed like she was reading cue cards behind the camera. COMPLETELY off and seemed forced. You could really tell acting is not her strong suit. So because of this, I disagree with one of the original posters who said she has improved.
            Regardless of my feelings for the character, I have no doubt that CL’s background made her qualify for the role, but if that’s what they based her casting on, it was a mistake. I’d much prefer they cast an individual whose first and primary craft is acting. It’s great that they considered having a mixed martial arts background as important, but it shouldn’t dictate who gets the role. At the end of the day, this is television, and this is primarily about acting, not stunts. Actors/tress’s are capable of preparing themselves for the requirements of the role. Plenty go through [sometimes brutal] training to prepare for a role. Example: the actors in Chicago PD went through weeks of training with professionals to accurately portray their characters. In fact, I’m fairly certain I heard SB say real police officers are on set every day as consultants. I believe it was you LittleTruckie who mentioned happiness at the fact they hired someone with a mixed martial arts background to play Sarah/Black Canary. However, an actor’s ability to do stunts is secondary and not pivotal to the proper execution of the show (which is why such a thing as stunt doubles exist).
            Katie Cassidy is no stranger to preparing for combat scenes. She was, after all, Ruby in Supernatural, and she was good. I think the issue with her character does not lie with the actress, but with the direction of her story. The writers have done an excellent job setting up her addiction and subsequent lashing out at everyone around her. Her portrayal of this was accurate and well done. But the issue was it didn’t tie into the central theme of the show, so it was displaced, making Laurel viewed as wasted space. Keep in mind she was cast as the female lead, so she should not be wasted space. But writers often break down a character to build them back up again, so I am much looking forward to seeing Laurel’s redemption arc.

          • JC says:

            I was the one that said CL had improved, and I stand by that opinion. That specific shot that you’re referring to was just really badly set up – I doubt there are many actors who could deliver a melodramatic line like that, staring straight into the camera, and not have it come as unbearably cheesy. I have no idea why they did that (this was also the episode where they gave Felicity that pathetic bleet of “please save Oliver”).

      • kath says:

        Laurel is a realistic character, a CW character. But the problem is that Arrow is an over-the-top comic show and what they’re doing with Laurel doesn’t fit into the rest of the show.

        • Miki says:

          Unfortunately, realistic characters are not popular in Sci Fi and Fantasy fiction in global. It is always about charismatic villains and greater than life heroes. Even in a show like Game of Thrones which tends to look as realistic as possible you still have greater than life Daenerys or super smart and witty Tyrion as its most popular characters. I personally prefer realistic characters no matter which genre they are appearing in.

      • Sara says:

        I agre that her character is rather useless and drags the show into a boring path… But in acting skills have to agree that Lotz is terrible…Way worst than Stephen in the first episodes (he got better)

    • andrearb says:

      Seriously. They’re willing to kill anyone, including AMAZING characters/actor, but insist on keeping that waste on the show, ugh :(

      • Zoe says:

        This. They keep trying to save Laurel’s character, which I think speaks to the executive producers and writers value system–that is, they’re friends with Katie Cassidy and want to protect her (I think). There is so much blatant retcon being done, but I don’t think it’s working. I, for one, just can’t bring myself to care about the character. Laurel has not been well received from the beginning of the show, which led to Felicity becoming a series regular and female lead for awhile, and then Sara being added into the mix–and as new as Sara is, even she is more popular than Laurel. I am not a big fan of the Oliver-Sara relationship, but Sara as BC is unbeatable, and I think she has great chemistry with the rest of the cast.

        • Blake says:

          No offense to Katie Cassidy but I just don’t like the way she has chosen to portray Laurel. You’re supposed to root for Laurel but the way she has chosen to enact Laurel just makes me switch channel and yawn. Its not baseless hate. I’ve really tried to like her acting of Katie Cassidy but I couldn’t connect. Think carefully, Laurel is the character that has been betrayed and had least amount of time to deal with the betrayal because grief of losing loved ones struck in almost at the same time. You’re supposed to feel her anger, sadness and confusion and feel for her. When she finally starts to loose it, even then I found her acting wooden. I find her acting ability mediocre at best. She is miscast in a role that is so big in the actual comic books.

    • LittleTruckie says:

      No offense to Katie Cassidy, but Laurel is utterly detestable. Oliver barely survives 5 years on a deserted island, he’s covered in scar tissue from being TORTURED, and yet Laurel spent the entire first season raking him over the coals for cheating on her 5 YEARS earlier. How could you possibly like such a ridiculously self-centered character?? Additionally, she and Oliver have zilch in the chemistry department. Every ‘romantic’ scene between them felt so forced and awkward. Chemistry is either there or it isn’t, and in their case it’s non-existent.

      • Miki says:

        Laurel is a character with high moral standards and she expects people to live up to them. How would you feel if your boyfriend cheated on you with your own sister and was also partially guilty for her death? And she did not spend entire season blaming him, that’s just not true. She is also a character that spent first season fighting for people of Glades, FORGAVE her sister and her ex boyfriend very early (I personally wouldn’t), didn’t want to go with her sister unless they rescue other hostages which Sara never intended (Birds of Prey episode)…yes she is very self-centered.

        • LittleTruckie says:

          It’s not a question of whether she would’ve been hurt by Oliver ‘cheating’ on her, it’s the fact that FIVE YEARS HAVE PASSED, that Oliver returned from a stranded island having BARELY SURVIVED himself and that he was covered in scar tissue from being TORTURED. I think any sane person would find that penance enough.

          The fact that as you pointed out, Laurel expects everyone to live up to her “high moral standards” is what makes me dislike her even more – especially now that we’ve learned through a flashback why Laurel ended up dating Oliver instead of Sara. Laurel was actually the first one to betray her sister.

          Laurel comes off to me as self-righteous, judgmental, and arrogant. As Oliver pointed out in episode ‘Blind Spot’, all she does blame others.

          • Miki says:

            It’s not Laurel’s fault for what happened to Oliver, he didn’t end up on that island as a punishment for what he did to her. She is not obligated to forgive him because terrible things happened to him, what that has to do with her? And yet she forgave him, quite early…and you still blame her for not forgiving him. Seriously? And even though 5 years has passed, Laurel never had a chance to discuss with him about his betrayal, she was left without answers and when he finally showed up alive she finally got that chance. For whatever reason you don’t want to look deeper into things and try to understand Laurel which makes you judgmental which is the thing you said you don’t like about her.

          • LittleTruckie says:

            Miki – Um, ‘Laurel’ is a character on a television show – in a story – not a real person. No I’m not a judgmental person, at all. I was explaining why I do not like the *character* Laurel, as she has been written.
            I enjoy debating these issues with other fans of the show. I would appreciate it if you could do that without attacking me personally.

          • Miki says:

            Sorry if this looked like attacking to you because it was not my intention. I just wanted to bring her closer to you by pointing out how can anyone be misunderstood. And yes, I am aware that Laurel is just a character.

          • LittleTruckie says:

            In my opinion, Oliver didn’t need Laurel’s forgiveness – Sara walked on the boat willingly and Oliver didn’t sink the Gambit. In my mind he isn’t even “partially guilty” for Sara’s death. The only thing she can be legitimately angry about is his betrayal, but that is hypocrisy on her part since Laurel’s betrayal of her sister is the only reason she was dating Oliver in the first place.

            I can hardly remember an episode where Laurel wasn’t angry and it gets old quick. As her father pointed out, a lot of people have had it worse than her. She’s had a long fall off her ivory tower this season, and I think her character will become more endearing.

            I have a theory about where the writers might be going with her – I think everyone assumes she will become Black Canary, that perhaps Sara will die and Laurel will take up the mantel, but I am wondering if Laurel will actually become ‘White Canary’, another character from the ‘Birds of Prey’ series. That would pit sister against sister and would make an exciting twist.

          • Miki says:

            She actually blamed him for taking Sara to that boat which resulted in her “death” even though she walked there willingly. It’s just something that majority of people do when facing the death of their loved ones. There is always someone to blame, and it was not only Laurel, it was also Quentin that did that. And the fact that two of them were lovers just made things even worse. Sara’s death resulted in her parents’ divorce and Quentin becoming an alcoholic so it literally separated Laurel from her parents and destroyed their whole family. Anyway, whether she was right or wrong I am completely sure she learned a lot and that she is slowly but surely changing as a character. Writers should not choose an easy way to get out of what they did with this character and simply write her off the show, they have to try to fix things and it definitely is something that they are doing. Laurel deserves a chance. As for Laurel vs Sara as a Black Canary, I think there are many ways to keep both characters on the show. Sara could’ve easily keep her mantle till the end of the series while at the same time Laurel can be trained by Oliver, Sara or someone else so she can become new Black Canary near the end of the show, while her sister retires. None of them have to die.

    • FanGA says:

      Yes and I can’t stand Olicity (not Felicity I actually like her on her own) but hey I willing to wait out the Olicity pandering if we can actually get on with the show. Guess we can’t get everything we want.

    • Moname91 says:

      Sorry then just read an interview with Kreisberg and he compares Oliver and Laurel to Lois and Clark! He says that they try to give fans what they want, but sometimes you have to give them what they need. Oliver and Laurel will more than likely be endgame and for that I am extremely pleased. It looks like all the Laurel backlash has had a backlash of it’s own and she is coming out on top =)

      • JC says:

        ROFL. I read that. And just to paraphrase a famous quote, I know Lois & Clark, I’m a fan of Lois & Clark (in multiple versions). And AK, Oliver & Laurel is no Lois & Clark. However, if that’s the way they want to play it, I have no problems moving on from this show after this season’s over, just like I moved on from Smallville when it finally became clear that the writers weren’t letting go of their Lana obsession anytime soon. The writers have the right to make whatever show they want, and if what they want is the Oliver & Laurel show, I have the right to choose not to watch it.

      • maritoni says:

        good to know.. i just hope they wont keep on testing the waters like what their doing with the olicity thing…. the show might end up being cancelled then the story will be a mess..

  2. ScrubsGuy says:

    I thought that the tag in the previous episode of The Big Bang Theory made it clear that Penny accepted the part, and that her co-star (the ape in the bikini) was none other than Wil Wheaton! Does that mean Wil Wheaton will reprise his role too?

  3. Heather says:

    Oh gosh, Zelena’s going to end up being both Regina AND Snow’s half-sister, isn’t she? What, Cora casts a glamour charm over herself to appear in the form of Eva in order to sleep with Leopold? Ugh. So unnecessary. Unless that family tree wrinkle grants Snow and/or Emma and/or Henry the power to get rid of the Wicked Witch once and for all.

    • Miki says:

      Oh I hope that won’t be the case. But it will be interesting if it turns out that Eva and Cora were sisters. I remember some spoilers about two characters being related to each other and thus two main characters being related as well. This could be it.

      • Sarah E says:

        don’t forget that Cora and Rumple were in love once…

      • aar says:

        not sure which season 2 episode it happened in, but i’m pretty sure it came out that they are sisters. I am thinking in one of the rose mcgowan episodes that aired in the spring of 2013.

  4. abz says:

    I seriously hope that Zelena’s father isn’t also Snow’s father, I’m okay with Cora being her mother, because Cora having a love child isn’t really shocking and seemed exactly like something she’d do. But to further this crazy family tree by making her Snow’s sister, that’s just gross and stupid, Oh and thought of Cora pushing Regina to marry Leopold even after knowing that she had a child with him is really disturbing.

    • Lysh says:

      If Cora had a romance with Leopold, then she’d have an in with royalty and power, which is all she’s ever wanted. So hopefully they don’t write it like that because that wouldn’t make sense. I was imagining some common dude with red hair.

      • heather says:

        Plus, not to mention, Cora was supposed to have had Zelena ‘before she wormed her way into royalty.’ How would young Cora even know Young Eva or Young Leopold at this point? I thought the first time Cora encountered Eva was when Eva was visiting the kingdom, she tripped her, and this lead to Cora meeting Rumplestiltskin. And if Eva is in the episode with Leopold, you would think his focus would go to her, not Cora, seeing as how she became his future wife. Oh, also, with Cora having had Zelena before becoming royal, I do not understand how the theory could play out that she tricked Leopold through magic when she did not know magic until Rumple trained her. But with Baby Zelena appearing to have been born with magic, I am even more confused how.

    • A.B. says:

      Making Regina not only WW half sister but also her step mother.

  5. Teag says:

    The Following. Is Keith Carradine coming back after his ONE scene in the premiere?!

    • Joey says:

      I haven’t even watched much of S2, but I just find it extremely odd that Keith Carradine would sign up to guest-star for that bit part in just one episode.

  6. Elle says:

    Totally thought the other pirate in that cap was Jack Sparrow in a new outfit, before I read the caption.

  7. Kathy says:

    I home McGee and Delilah don’t take the step of moving in together. I feel sorry for the character, but the two of them together have absolutely no chemistry. The entire relationship feels forced.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      i admitt, you are right….she seems to have MORE chemistry with tony, then tim…or connection with tony…any way.

      • Kathy A says:

        I never thought if it that way, but you’re right — she -does- have more chemistry with Tony. Poor Sean Murray just looks uncomfortable in their scenes together.

        • Alisa Neely says:

          i have to wonder, WHY we’ve never seen tim in ANY other “on-screen” romances before this one?….and you are right, he doesn’t look comfortable with her…..i know the actor is married….but, what is the deal with tim & relationships….we were TOLD, he and abby had a “thing” to use H50’s steve’s word for relationship…..but, NEVER really SAW IT…..is it just me, or does he seem uncomfortable around MOST women?….and NO, i’m NOT saying the character is gay…..just something feels OFF.

    • Sherri says:

      I very much like the Delilah character and love the actress who plays the part but it feels like the relationship has run it’s course. Maybe she could remain on the show but not be involved with McGee?

      • Kathy A says:

        She’s going to take a promotion to a senior analyst job, but the is position in Dubai. She wants to remain in a long-distance relationship with McGee. He gave her a key to his apartment. So apparently her character has run its course for now. I guess we’ll see them Skyping (what’s the time difference between DC and Dubai? 8, 9 hours?) and she’ll probably be mentioned in passing — or possibly figure in the season ending arc.

    • ange says:

      I think people say that because they want him with Abby. I think they are good together.

      • Kathy A says:

        Sean and Pauley at least -have- onscreen chemistry — we’ve seen it between them from teh time the two characters met. And Tim and Abby have a past relationship. Tim and Delilah were presented as being in a relationship we never even saw start. There it was in one episode, presented as a fully ongoing relationship. For me, it’s never felt real (within the context of the NCIS universe) because of that.

        • LUNA says:

          Her whole character… she PUSHED Tim into something HE was not ready for.. and then, when injured.. had this AMAZING RECOVERY. Granted, we are talking TV timelines, but, her recovery was BEYOND ridiculous. As for McGee, he just seems to be going along with staying with her OUT OF GUILT.. not LOVE.

          • Kathy A says:

            Luna, you hit it on the nose. This has been bugging me since that episode. He was uncomfortable about going to that dinner, and she knew it, but she guilted and pushed and pushed some more, finally buying him a tuxedo. And yes, he’s staying with her out of guilt — and he deserves better.

  8. Kar says:

    Laurel needs to die

  9. dr_spaceman says:

    They’re not going to (Luke and Leia) Felicity and Oliver are they? I can’t unread all of that fanfiction…

    • Meg says:

      Ha! That is funny.

    • D says:

      They’ve already done the crushing on an unknown sibling thing with Thea and Tommy. That was creepy enough. If they did it again, it would just be sickening. Not to mention soap-operish.

      I hope her father is someone unconnected with Oliver or the Island. Someone we could actually meet in Season 3, either good or bad.

    • FanGA says:

      Yes please if it ending Olicity for good then I am for it completely.

      • luvmypup says:

        Oliver’s and Felicity’s relationship is the most healthy and most fun one in the entire show. Love them, and I love the show. Can’t wait to see the remaining episodes and excited for Season 3.

  10. Meg says:

    Oh geeze I just want to know who Felicity’s dad is….the suspense is killing me. PS I hope Laurel turns villain I want to see that.

    • Nicole says:

      If Laurel turns villain that would definitely benefit her character. I can’t even watch the episodes that feature her, but maybe if they took her in that direction, it would be watchable.

  11. scribe says:

    I thought Zelena might be Rumpel’s kid.

  12. Jane says:

    two options for laurel, die or turn into villain, I want sara as canary, she’s absolutely amazing, so laurel please go away and I can’t wait for felicity’s big arc, sara and felicity should be the leading ladies on arrow

    • Dominator of destruction says:

      Yes to your whole post Jane, Sara/Felicity gal pals kicking ass in their own unique ways is what i want

    • FanGA says:

      I’ve always like her as Canary but anything to do with acting wise I’m sorry I just can’t get into her. I like her as a lead into the true BC similar to the comics as Dinah’s mother being the first Laurel being the second. They don’t have to kill her off to do this. I could think of a few storyline s to accomplish this and since they rip off Batman so much in this show already why not a story line similar to The Joker shooting BG. Maybe Slade seriously hurting Sara and Laurel taking over?

  13. Lots of talk, didn’t hear anything about the good wife. Please tell me something good. Still sad about the death of Will Gardner.

  14. GildedRose says:

    I can’t wait to see what Arrow has up its sleeve for Felicity Smoak’s back story. Love her to bits. She so much fun and I have my fingers crossed they do her justice as this season ends. Whatever they do should have some ramifications for Felicity, her relationships with other people, and hopefully with Oliver, too. They really need to plump her character out, let her play with other people on the show like Quentin Lance, and I’m really hoping they keep building Oliver and Felicity’s will they/won’t they because they’re still the best potential romance this show has going.

  15. Tina B. says:

    Oh, when I saw the line Arrow rocking Felicity’s world, I thought that meant Arrow as in Oiver rocking Felicity’s world and I got so excited! LOL. Ah well, and the wait of the slowest slow burn continues….

  16. Freddy says:

    Cant wait to see the Hook centric episode! Thx

  17. Babybop says:

    Color me excited for Big Bang Theory. Sounds hilarious!

  18. heather says:

    Omg, please do not go the Leopold route for the revelation of Zelena’s father. That is just gross and does not in anyway fill in more of Regina’s backstory with Leopold. That would be lame and for obvious shock value but make no sense with what we have been told so far: a) that Cora abandoned Zelena because she could not get her what she wanted, royal status. Leopold IS royalty so Cora could have played that card. b) Cora supposedly had Zelena before worming her way into royalty (where the heck would young eva and leopold fit into that since Cora supposedly did not even know magic at this point to hide or disguise a pregnancy if she wanted) and … c) Cora achieved a place of royal status by marrying Prince Henry. She then had Regina. Oh, and where does this being born with magic come from? I thought Cora did not learn or have magic until after meeting Rumple. Leopold, as far as I know, does not have magic to pass on.

    Great. I was enjoying the WW arc but if the Leopold theory comes to pass, I think it is going to squash it for me. That is way too over the top, in my opinion. I do not want a story where mother and daughter shared the same man. Is this show seriously going to jump the family connections shark with that one? Watch, if they go there, I smell a retcon or some nonsense about how Regina and Leopold were never together intimately to lessen the blow. Writers, if you try that, not buying it. Sorry.

    • JC says:

      Well, you’re going to call me crazy and maybe I am, but I’ve always thought that maybe Regina and Leopold were “never together intimately”. Part of it is just how their relationship was portrayed, but part of it is that Leopold was very determined that Snow should be his heir, and if Regina had had a child, especially a male child, that might have posed a threat to Snow inheriting the throne, depending on what the succession laws were in the Enchanted Forest. I don’t know – just throwing it out there. It might also cast some more light on Regina’s bitterness, that she blamed Snow not only for the loss of her love, but also for never being able to have a child of her own.

      • heather says:

        Yes, maybe not ongoing relations, but I refuse to believe that the marriage was not at least consummated once to make the marriage legit and binding. And one time is more than enough for me.

      • Brandt says:

        Well, you asked for it. You’re crazy. An older man with a beautiful teenage bride doesn’t have sex with her? Keep in mind this was the dark ages? Yep, crazy.

        • JC says:

          With succession issues at stake? And a man apparently still deeply in love with his dead wife? I can believe it. There are men that can actually live without sex, believe it or not.
          I’m not saying that I wouldn’t still find it very weird that Cora married her daughter off to the man who she had a child with (if he is indeed Zelena’s father) or that I’m 100% convinced of my own theory. I was just responding to what Heather said by saying that I wouldn’t actually find it all that strange or a wild retcon if the show ends up saying that Leopold and Regina never actually had sex. I’ll be a little surprised if the issue is even addressed on the show however, so I’m sure everyone may keep their theories intact, whatever they are. ;)

          • Amy says:

            I agree with JC, Regina even said in ‘Quite a Common Fairy’ that her husband had no interest in her….Didn’t the casting call say Young Leo was looking for a wife and he didn’t care about her status? Maybe in an effort to find someone to love him for himself he was disguised or pretending to be someone else (and Cora was too looking for someone of higher rank) ? It would be ironic if Cora could have been a Queen and her child the first in-line with Leo but she let her lust for status overrule her love for Leo? Although knowing she wanted Charming’s courage and Regina’s heart (and we know she has ties to Regina) makes me wonder if Cora didn’t have a roll in the ‘hay’ with Charming’s father before he met Ruth? I’m good with either outcome or neither.

            Thanks as always for the scoop!!

    • LEP says:

      Am I the only one that thinks the father must also be magical? Zelena exhibited innate magical abilities as an infant. To me, that lends to thinking both her mother and father were magical.

  19. jasie says:

    That’s all we get for Vikings? Ok I will wait until tomorrow afternoon for more.

  20. J says:

    Thanks for The Mentalist scoop! Love when Jane has someone intelligent to spare with and interested to see where they are going with the Pike/Lisbon/Jane storyline.

  21. BMF says:

    Long distance relationship for McGee and Delilah? Ugh.

    • kath says:

      At least it’s a relationship. This show is so relationship-phobic, it’s unnatural. No one gets to have one except Jimmy and he’s barely on.

  22. Michelle says:

    OK, I sort of love the idea of Nick and Jess putting Winston’s moment ahead of theirs. One thing that’s been missing this season is the characters being good to each other and treating each other like family. THAT’S where the heart of the show is, so that spoiler makes me happy.

  23. wonderwall says:

    I’m still hoping that they’re going to make Laurel a villain. I think that’s the only way to make her a likable/relevant character (at least in my eyes). I say relevant because she’s been off in her own world for the past season.

  24. Well I think Laurel dies but get brought back to life cause of the mirkua and the ral uh gul takes her and trains her. Plus Slade makes Oliver chose between Sara and Laurel he chooses laurel but Slade shots her anyway

    • kath says:

      That’s about the only way they can believably turn her into the Black Canary at this point.

      I’m still hoping she turns into White Canary though, it’s more Katie Cassidy’s acting style.

    • Meg says:

      This is an epic idea I love it.

  25. God I can write better than the arrow writers

  26. kath says:

    I’m excited to learn more about Felicity’s backstory on Arrow.

    The problem is that the writers are giving it out so slowly and in such little pieces, that there is very little about Felicity any more. I liked the show the best when it stood on Team Arrow of Oliver/Diggle/Felicity. I know it would get boring after a while (always the same like NCIS) but I wasn’t bored of it yet. Nowadays Diggle and Felicity get lost amongst the other characters and their storylines and I miss them.

  27. Via Bona says:

    Lots of good spoilers this week. Thanks!
    I had stopped watching OUAT after the beginning of the second season but the wicked witch/zelena storyline actually is making me think of catching up and watching again.
    I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with Nick and Jess after the breakup. And what about Schmece? Anything on them?
    Also, love John DeLancie. So glad he’s going to be on TM. And I really hope Jane and Lisbon end up together. Pike seems like a nice enough guy but he’s no Jane. Plus, Jane and Lisbon have a really great chemistry together.
    Thanks also for the BBT spoilers and the spoilers on Benson.
    Stay awesome, Matt. :)

    • Miki says:

      This part of season 3 is the closest to season 1 that OUaT ever went, so if you liked it back then I am almost sure you will like it now as well. Characters are well balanced, writing improved a lot, even camera angles are different now (much better) and Rebecca Mader is doing fantastic job as Wicked Witch.

      • Brandy says:

        I was just thinking that -how the OUAT Wicked arc is more like season one than Neverland, all season two

      • Lily says:

        Agreed…. OUaT writing and directing has definitely improved, with the Oz/Wicked Witch arc. Some of the camera shots, in recent episodes, were breathtakingly beautiful.

        Season 2 was an absolute mess, with a lack of coherent story and way too many pointless recurring characters. Yes…. I am looking at you Mulan, Aurora, Anton the Giant, Greg Mendel and Tamara. The Neverland arc had to play damage control, but the location did not help. Thank goodness, they are back in Storybrooke.

  28. alex says:

    what i wouldn’t give for the familiar face in SVU to be stabler. Obviously won’t be but i can dream

  29. Jolly says:

    Cannot wait for the Hook centric episode. Hook v Blackbeard. More on what happened in the year gone, and how he went to find Emma. and more Emma/Hook scenes!

  30. Pat says:

    I said it before, that I think Laurel will be accepting knowing that Oliver is the Arrow. Now to OUAT. With all the comments that are posted ahead of me, I now realize that if all of the theories turn out to be true as to who fathered Cora’s first born and also who is related to who and it seems like everyone is at this point, or they might as well be, QUAT will have officially become a Prime Time Soap Opera. Just laughing at all of the above comments, which is making me think this way.

  31. BobbyBlue says:

    Please….anything on REVENGE??

  32. sarah says:

    Blue Bloods: I am not sure if I like the idea of Eddie and Jamie to get together.
    Arrow: So that means we have seen Felicity’s dad before? Also I net Laurel will be happy that Oliver is the Arrow!

  33. kath says:

    If the Arrow producers want to make Laurel more interesting, they need to do what S.H.I.E.L.D. did with Ward last night and make her a villain. They’ve tried everything else and nothing has worked.

  34. Jon says:

    I hope Laurel’s unexpected reaction on Arrow is catatonia, so she can be written off the show. I’m waiting for Officer Lance’s reaction, not knowing the mythology of the comics, I hope his character becomes part of the Arrow team.

    • nisa says:

      Sigh. I really, really wish they would write Laurel off or make her a villain. Just stop trying to get people to like her…the harder they try, the clearer it is that my days of watching Arrow are numbered.

  35. Bevey says:

    Nothing against you, Matt – I like both of you equally and read you both faithfully – but normally Wednesday is Ask Ausiello – where’s Michael this week? :) Seriously nothing against you – it is curiosity only.

  36. enn says:

    I really hate Laurel character, i think it’s the worst written character in the show. I don’t see her as BC ever. I hope they changed their plan about that. I like the actress but hate the character.
    And that sisters-oliver triange si awful too. Still a good show, though.

  37. ven says:

    after reading all the comments…am I the only one who thinks that rumple is zelena’s father??? i thought it was pretty clear with the whole…you know, green skin thing?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Did you… miss last week’s episode? She is green from envy.

      • Sarah E says:

        I agree that Rumple is Zelena’s dad, but not because of the skin. Cora loved Rumple, which is why she took her heart out. It would have been easy to give up their love child with no heart. Also why he referred to Zelena as Cora’s firstborn in that letter ( the deal he made with Cora over their firstborn) & why he freaked when he realized Zelena loved him. That still makes her related to Rumple, Neal/Bae, Henry, and Regina.

        • Miki says:

          Cora met Rumple after she gave birth to Zelena so it’s not possible for Rumple to be her father.

        • abz says:

          For me, if it’s a choice between Rumple or Leopold, I’d definitely pick Rumple because it’s the less weird of the two, but seriously I hope it isn’t any one of them.

        • heather says:

          I speculated Rumple as the father in the beginning but for different reasons have now eliminated that possibility.

          Also, as far as the contract goes, it was changed. The initial agreement was for Cora’s firstborn. But after Cora and Rumple became involved, the new agreement was for Cora to give Rumple his child. She broke that arrangement when she took out her own heart and decided to marry Prince Henry for power, instead of leaving with Rumple for love.

          Now it appears as if he sought out Cora’s daughter regardless because he knew he needed her to cast his curse. But then Zelena showed up as a surprise later on while he was attempting to train Regina. He never knew about her because I think Cora kept the truth from him when they struck their initial deal: which was that she had already had her firstborn.

          Granted, the timeline of the letter to Cora is confusing me somewhat. The reason being is that Cora would not have been around when Rumple discovered Zelena. She was already sent through the Looking Glass to Wonderland before Rumple even became Regina’s teacher. And I doubt Cora received it in Wonderland when the letter had been around for Regina to read whenever she needed a ‘boost.’ So, part of me is wondering if that letter was really about Regina all along. It could tie back to when Rumple held Regina as a baby, as indicated in s2, We Are Both, when Rumple told her he knew her when she was more portable. That he held her in his arms. Maybe this is what he meant in the letter by ‘found her’, since I doubt Cora gave access. He even told Regina when she met him how he could sense the power from her. This could all be what the letter is referring to, Rumple wrote that letter to Cora after he found Regina as a baby. Just a thought.

  38. Nomski says:

    I hope Laurel becomes a Villian. I can’t stand her as BC…..thinking about it depresses me. And could the writers give us some more intel on Felicity?! I’m dying to know everything about her. Maybe a love interest for to make Oliver jealous and speed up the possibility of Olicity.

  39. fanfaren says:

    I love Donal! & we get to keep him for the rest of the season. Yay SVU!!

  40. Amy says:

    I actually think Laurel would be really interesting as a villain. Not because I hate her and don’t want her to be black canary (although I don’t) but because it would actually make sense for her to turn to the dark side. That, and they really need to give her something to do.

  41. ročne ure says:

    Nove urice Mini watch v naši spletni trgovini Time In Trend. Razišči si zadnjo kolekcijo danes.

  42. Marie says:

    I’m Sorry – But still waiting for Cote to return, where she belongs on NCIS….

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