'Ship Shape: How Your Fave Pairs From HIMYM, Shameless, Once and Other Shows Are Faring

A death, a divorce and a couple of births all make up the emotional tornado that was the How I Met Your Mother finale.

If you’re still not ready to say goodbye to the gang just yet, check out this installment of ‘Ship Shape, a recurring feature in which TVLine provides you with the latest developments for TV’s hottest duos — and then offers our forecast for each pairing.

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Don’t see your favorite love match represented here? Give ‘em a shout out below and maybe they’ll merit a mention the next go-around.

And with that said, this ‘ship is about to set sail, so click through the gallery below and hop aboard!

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  1. “Robin is slowly pushed from the gang” she wasn’t pushed, she jumped.

    • Sara says:

      Yeah, I was going to say, didn’t she remove herself from the group for her own reasons? I kinda remember Lily being all upset about Robin not being around.

      • She did. She walked away from the gang. She claimed it would be natural for the gang to break up, but the fact is that the gang never did break up, she just left it of her own volition.

    • +1 says:

      Okay so she was never part of the gang anyway. She was pulled in because of Ted and pulled out because of Barney. And those are the strong links of the gang, since Marshall won’t leave Ted who Barney won’t leave and thus, Lily won’t leave Marshall to be friends with Robin. So, it kinda makes sense.

      • Lily doesn’t have to leave Marshal to be friends with Robin. Marshal’s and Ted’s friendship is a strong bond. Robin’s and Lily’s should have been AS strong, but it turns out that it wasn’t. Had it been, Robin wouldn’t have left. Robin was far too self centered, that’s why her marriage to Barney didn’t work and why it was so easy for her to leave the group.

        • Diane says:

          Robin was in pain. Her character always held things in, so we didn’t see it as strongly, but she was recovering from a divorce and coping with the fact that the man she realized she should have married was very happy with another. In that situation it’s normal to run and hide. She wasn’t my favorite character on the show, but her situation isn’t so unusual that I can’t empathize with her

          • I reiterate my point, she has no one to blame but herself for her marriage failing. Had she sacrificed her career for Barney the same way he sacrificed his core persona for her, they would have stayed together. Problem is that her solution to their problem was to offer him an out. That means that she didn’t care for him as much as he did for her, or as much as she claimed to across the last season.

          • Red Balloon Ted says:

            Yep, I agree. I seem to always be defending Robin at this point, post-finale [I’m getting to be as bad as ‘pathetic’ Ted ;) ], but what could Robin do at that point but ‘disappear’? Ex’s have a really hard time hanging with their core set of friends. The women may still hang together, and the guys may hang together, but the women-men, men-women interaction, that just doesn’t work and could lead to trouble; Victoria was right. Ted was planning on leaving the group to go to Chicago because of Robin – plain and simple. Robin left the group because of Barney (hmmm, and maybe Ted? – you betcha). So, what could she do, hang out with Marshall and his three kids? He’s got his own headaches.

            However, I did want to correct one small point up-thread in one of the other posts [small point] – Lily and Robin did stay together when they could (travel, kids would allow). Watch ‘Bad Crazy’ (the Mike Tyson episode) when you have a chance on syndication reruns/DVD. Robin and Lily have a very warm, wonderful girl-talk relationship that spans 2017, 2027-2030. Yes, there is a gap there, that may coincide with that time between the B&R split and Tracy’s passing, but Robin does come back into the fold, at least w/Lily after that point.

            And who knows – maybe Lily is working to try to get Robin back with Barney at that point in 2027-2030 and perhaps Marshall is working with Ted (and the kids) on the other side of that angle by 2027-30. That Marshall-Lily bet (even though Marshall has already ‘paid up’) will not go quietly into the night.

            I like the finale, with the one exception of Barney’s fate. I like the Ellie-Barney story, but I would have really, really liked to have had a video-montage (maybe just a minute or so) in the finale showing the gang over the years during the holidays [Tracy would be there, not Robin initially until after 2026., etc. ] Then during one of the Christmas holidays, it would show Barney giving a gift to Quinn (who was with the gang at that point) and she opens up the gift, and it is a NY-sports team jersey with the number ’31’ on it.

            I know Barney and Robin made a great couple, but it always seemed as if both had to change quite a bit to keep the pairing going – a bit of a struggle for both. With Barney-Quinn, it was electric – no struggle (except over money perhaps) – the two were in each others’ head. Perfect match… the sum/whole better than the parts – that’s a good marriage. That’s what one looks for I think – love can only take you so far – finding a match where the sum is greater than the halves is what it is all about – that’s what provides the lasting ‘happiness’ factor. Barney and Quinn had/have that – so do the Ericssons. So, in the end, that becomes Ted and Robin’s challenge and question – do they have that? Is the sum better than the parts?

            HIMYM is remarkable – the show has completed its run, and look at us – we’re waiting (at least I am) for the DVDs to come out this fall to find out more info – quite amazing. The HIMYM saga continues. ‘Challenge accepted’!

  2. dax says:

    MerDer – Killin’ it since 2005

  3. Lisa says:

    Stop with Regina/Robin nonsense, they have zero chemistry.

  4. hello says:

    Regina literaly gave Robin Hood her heart, so yeah..

  5. Elle says:

    Rayna and Deacon NEED to hook up, stat. There is so much chemistry between those two… best TV couple since Mulder and Scully.

  6. Louise says:

    Thanks for including Regina and Robin Hood from OUAT. Their scenes in last night’s episode were really lovely and it’s so nice to see Regina opening herself up to love again. She deserves after how much she’s grown and developed over the course of the show so far and Robin is a great match for her. I’m very much looking forward to more of their story.

  7. Gee says:

    That should be Fudge Supreme!

  8. Jess says:

    Can we get an update of Captain Swan??

    • Tenney says:

      YIKES! You might be opening up a can of hate with requesting anything with Captain Swan. Did you see the vitriol on the recap page because Hook was on screen for a total of about 10 minutes yesterday? Lets play it safe and keep it to Regina/Robin for now.

    • Name This Tune says:

      I am rather pleased that TVLine chose to avoid that ship. Because there’s other characters on the show besides those 2, and Robin Hood is actually helping advance the plot, not just providing eye candy for hormonal lovesick teenagers.

      • Katherine215 says:

        Oh, come ON! You people with your shipping wars are ruining the comments section of every article with even a mention of OUAT! As someone who didn’t particularly like her with Neal or Hook, I think it’s petty and ridiculous to say Hook doesn’t have a role in the plot. And it’s even more ridiculous to jump on someone for asking for a ship update in a SHIP UPDATE ARTICLE!

        • Name This Tune says:

          Dearie, I am not a shipper. But we have a segment of the audience that thinks the show exists to promote a ship. The good news is that A&E are not selling out completely. Just giving enough of a tease to keep the obsessed teenagers at bay, so that the rest of us can enjoy the show.

  9. Maggie says:

    Absolutely loving Outlaw Queen. Beautiful scenes last night and the evolution of Regina throughout the past three seasons has been a joy to watch. Can’t wait for more of these two!

    Also, fingers crossed for Rayna and Deacon!

  10. herman1959 says:

    What, no Olivia and Fitz (Scandal)?

  11. John NYC says:

    The contrast between a “today” Regina with(ish) Robin and the always available Evil Queen in flashbacks will keep things fresh I expect.

  12. shay says:

    Marshall and Lily are my OTP they are perfect. Banrey & Ellie had maybe the most beautiful scene of the finale. LOve Barney has dad, he loved her immediately,real love here. Never liked Barney & Robin and I knew it won’t last. Robin always wanted to travel the world, to have a big career and didn’t wants kids so she stays true to herself even if she’s go ways from the gang, it’s life. And then when whe achieve her dream, she wanted a calm life in Ny with her dogs and the guy she always (in the way) wanted to married, her first love Ted. Ted got his well deserved happy ending with his two great love, loved Tracy even if she was too much Ted’s female and she was reunited with Max. I know a lot people hated but I liked it, not perfect but realistic, full circle…

    Like Regina/Robin/ Love Kensi & Deeks and I think I’ll ship Linseride, they are so hot

  13. Hmm says:

    Still bitter about the HIMYM finale.

  14. Jessica says:

    Meredith and Derek <3 The reason I tune in week after week.

  15. luvmypup says:

    Roman and Emery from Star Crossed had an excellent episode last week. Their story is fun to watch and the show has some interesting storylines going. I wish more people watched!

  16. Megan says:

    Yessss Robin & Regina!

    Their scenes were beautifully done. I know many people think they are moving too quick and out of character, but all I saw last night was true character development. Regina needs to learn she does deserve happiness and she can let love in. I’m happy she’s giving it a shot.

  17. Angel says:

    I hope Ian and Mickey get more screentime next year, especially with Ian’s mental health storyline, which was basically pushed aside all season and only given a few minutes of acknowledgment in the finale. However, kudos to the writers for doing a great job with Mickey’s character development this season. He’s come a long way. Noel Fisher is fantastic.

    • EJ386 says:

      I actually liked that it wasn’t Ian suddenly being bipolar, but this slow build-up. Mickey and Ian are my favourite couple on the show and I wished we had seen more of them, but than storyline was beautifully done and showed a lot of respect.

  18. Lea says:

    LOVE and adore MerDer!! Ellen and Patrick are amazing together, and they sure still got it after all these years. :D

  19. Robin & Regina my OTP Forever!

  20. Claire says:

    I’m here for Rayna & Deacon!!!!

  21. KC says:


  22. Sara Leigh says:

    MerDer OTP forever :)

  23. Pat says:

    Last weeks NCIS LA, was fantastic. The scene with Kensi hugging Deeks and then laying her head on his shoulder was so touching. I think it will be a long haul for their relationship and I do believe it will have to be placed on the back burner because Kensi will be suffering from PTSD. I just hope that nothing else has happened to her. Being beat up and tortured is bad enough but something tells me more has happened to her and this will effect their relationship, from moving forward.

  24. S. says:

    The Mindy Project return episodes were done so well. There’s definitely a fun time to be had with whatever’s in store for Mindy and Danny. steamy is definitely a good word choice. I guess they aren’t doing every couple on tv, but a little surprised not to see the Nick/Jess breakup or the Castle/Beckett wedding situation mentioned. Re: HIMYM I think the creators were genuinely confused that people wouldn’t have been as invested as they were in him ending up with Robin. Having the Mother die and the divorce after a whole season of wedding buildup was bad enough, but they can’t seriously think it was a good idea to convince everyone two people shouldn’t be together and then get them together. They cried wolf way too much. We bought it and fell for the Mother. I don’t see Ted and Robin happy together and do the kids keep calling her Aunt Robin? That’d be weird to explain to folks…plus it’d take 9 years to do it.

  25. AudreyCatburn says:

    Ugh, how i met your incubator is the worst.

  26. hatorl says:

    Regina and Robin make me watch OUAT again! Sean is a great addition to the show :)

  27. Rachel says:

    Sooo happy to see Regina and Robin here. Their scenes last night were my favorite parts of the episode. I cannot wait to see more of them!

  28. Brittany says:

    I feel like I am the only one who doesn’t like Sydney and Andrew together. I just don’t see the chemistry between them at all.

  29. Ana says:

    Where are Hook and Emma??????
    I mean this is NOT complete without Captain Swan!!

    • Brandt says:

      Um because everyone knows CS is not really a thing…they will end up being friends, that’s it. Bye Felicia!

    • M&M says:

      It’s just fine without them. There’s more than enough CS fan pandering in the media. It won’t hurt acknowledge that there are other characters and stories on the show every once in a while.

    • Anna says:

      Looks pretty complete to me. Such an overrated pairing… Outlaw Queen is the best couple on OUAT right now.

  30. Aveyr says:

    I think if at the end of this season Regina/Robin Hood are a thing, I’m jumping from this crazy town show. Regina is the only reason I’ve stuck with it so long and this coupling makes zero sense, in my opinion.

  31. Brandon says:

    Robin and Regina are true love. <3
    Every scene they had on Once Upon A Time was worth seeing. I loved that at the end she took a leap of faith and literally gave him her heart. Though I see them coming across some angst, they are perfect.

  32. K says:

    Half my favourite ship of all time is dead ): WILL/ALICIA – NEVER FORGET.