Twisted Showrunner on the 'Numbing' Finale, Charlie's True Identity and Plans for Season 2

Twisted Season Finale“Of course lives are in danger,” showrunner Chuck Pratt, Jr. told TVLine when we discussed tonight’s Twisted season finale (ABC Family, 9/8c). “It’s life-or-death right till the very end.”

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Pratt also broke down the finale’s biggest reveals, including Charlie’s “emotional” backstory,” the truth about the Taylors’ “father-daughter relationship” and how all this drama will (hopefully) spill into Season 2.

CHARLIE’S ORIGIN | There’s apparently a method to Charlie’s madness, which we’ll learn in one of the more “satisfying and numbing moments” of the finale. “The episode tells an emotional story about who Charlie really is,” Pratt explained, adding that once Danny finds out, he’ll have to figure out “what that means for him.” Jo will also find herself grappling with the Charlie reveal, as it will “impact her life and beyond.”

WHITNEY’S DADDY ISSUES | “We brought her on as an interesting character, a bit of a diversion with a lot to reveal,” Pratt said of the still-mysterious Whitney Taylor. “I think the writers did a great job of hiding what Whitney and her father, Jack, are really up to. It’s the kind of father-daughter relationship where you think ‘There’s something off about this’ right from the beginning. We reveal exactly what they’re both up to, and we find out the truth isn’t always the first thing on Whitney’s lips.”

Twisted Season FinaleHOPE FOR WHITNEY & LACEY? | Speaking of Whitney’s lips, Pratt explained the logic behind Lacey’s reaction to that kiss: “She’d been screwed over by Danny, the world’s worst boyfriend, and that made her vulnerable. So here comes [Whitney] who makes advances towards her, and rather than have Lacey instantly react one way or the other, we had her go through what I’m sure many women, both who are lesbians and those who are not, have had to deal with.” That said, it doesn’t sound like we should be expecting Whitney and Lacey’s ship to set sail — at least not in tonight’s finale.

SEASON TWO? | Though Twisted hasn’t been renewed for a second season as of yet, Pratt said the finale sets up “more amazing stories to come,” and he’s optimistic about the Green Grove gang returning for more adventures. “It’s totally up to ABC Family to say ‘Do a cliffhanger’ or ‘Don’t do a cliffhanger,'” he explained. “Nobody told us to put on the breaks, or wrap it up, so there’s always a chance we’ll come back.”

Any new predictions based on Pratt’s teases? Browse pics from the finale below, then drop a comment with your Twisted theories.


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  1. belle says:

    I’m hoping the “reveals” tonight are as awesome as they say they are going to be…otherwise they are taking a big risk touting these “twists”!! I hope they get a 2nd season, but with ABC Family’s lack of supporting promising shows I won’t hold my breath! i.e. Bunheads, Jane by Design :(

  2. This show is dunzo. The ratings were low when Twisted had PLL as a lead-in. The first week without PLL and the ratings fell off the map, almost completely. Tonight is the series finale.

    • Angelique says:

      I don’t know much about the ABC ratings or PLL ,sorry, but I have been watching Korean dramas for the past several months.All the station seem to be into the reality shows that all the chanels are going overboard with .what ever happened to to good movies.are they so far and few that it seems the 80% of our tv is reality shows.I am sick of reality shows to be honest. I would rather see real actors doing real movies.I realy liked this show twisted.keep it coming please.I miss all the art of the actors doing real movies.Keep up the good work.would love to see the rest of the series and ty.

  3. sarah says:

    I like this show! I really hope it comes back.

    • lynn malkia says:

      i love the twist and suspense in the series. i hope its renewed for a second season.the finale was captivating and the suspense of the finale makes me want to know what happens next. so i hope TWISTED is renewed for a second season

    • Tawana says:

      I agree I loved the show its called twisted for a reason it keeps you guessing and right when you think you figured it out your wrong … Great show bring it back

    • Ms. Ann says:

      Please bring this show BACK!!

  4. Cynthia says:

    “The truth isn’t always the first thing on Whitney’s lips” her secret is that she’s real housewife of BH Taylor Armstrong’s daughter! (hence her last name) Those lips don’t lie!

    P. S. This show is an embarassment even for ABC Family’s standards, a month from now they’ll deny it ever existed.

    • Christy says:

      Well I think this is one of the best shows out there its so twisted and I think they will come out with more seasons I cant wait till season 2 comes out some people just don’t like a good show

  5. EmilyS says:

    He literally killed this show. How do you just flip and ruin the personalities of the characters like this. If abc family renews, it will literally be out of spite. There is nothing salvageable about this show and nothing that could be fixed in the finale. Absolutely nothing.

  6. Jana says:

    Who cares about Whitney and Lacey?? What about Lacey and Danny? They never had a chance to talk about their real feelings after #Joistheone came out of left field. They only had Whitney kiss Lacey to pave the way for Danny and Jo – talk about contrived writing.

    • Monty says:

      Seriously Chuckie Pratt, instead of offering Dacey fans hope, you’re teasing Wacey!? Like that’s going to bring back viewers.

    • Tara says:

      omg…ITA. How all of a sudden Jo is the one. Lacy was the one from day one of the show and now it’s Jo. Whom he said was like a sister to him. Just a crazy flip and I didn’t like it at all.

      • AndieS says:

        You people need to pay attention. Danny explains in the season finale that he always felt that way for Jo, but thought they would never be more than just friends. Until Lacey pointed it out, Danny just put it off as trying to protect Jo. But if you watch the show, even the time Danny is dating Lacey he is connected more with Jo than Lacey. I thought from the beginning it would end up being Jo. I liked the show. When I saw the previews of it coming out I thought hmm this might be interesting. After the first couple episodes I had to watch cause there was always the ok whats going to happen next thought. Love that part of it and hope they continue with Season 2!!!

  7. Elena says:

    Why is it that Danny and Jo are integrally involved in the main plot where “lives are in danger” and their lives will be changed irrevocably by Charlie, but Lacey’s in a side-plot kissing a girl?? This show is so biased in favoritism towards one female character (#PoorJoistheone) its impossible to enjoy it.

  8. CaraLynn says:

    Um… the pics are ALL of the Mastersons, the least interesting people on the show. I can see why the ratings are dropping with the ridiculous focus on Jo and the Mastersons, making Lacey bisexual and not in any other story lines, and removing all the most intriguing pieces of the mystery. Have no idea how this show can be renewed at this point.

  9. Miranda says:

    I’m so bored of the Jo show. I want to see more Lacey and Danny. Why did they ruin my favorite show?

    • Angelique says:

      I like jo with danny ,deep down i think he had feelings for her all along but didn’t realize it.I am sorry jo slept with the other guy though.Jo is the only one who has kept to her true feelings and didn,t waver. she did try to get over danny by moving on but still u can tell she still loves him. more over we r talking about young people life changes feelings change things happen that effect our lives.I feel for jo who just found out she sucked face with her brother, hopefully victor swapped kids with witney and charlie lol.. People r like this u only know the good side at first,and events can change a person…I like it also everyone is up set about lacy and whitney .I believe the writer is touching basses on all aspects of life with bit of suspence and drama .If you don’t like the show try writting ur own not being a smarty just give it a try who knows u may become a writer too.

  10. I was always hoping that they’d make Jo and Danny siblings but now that Jo’s mom has said that the baby she gave up for adoption wasn’t Vickram’s, that sadly can’t come to pass. If they had went that route, I think it would explain, too, why Danny was adamant about not starting a relationship with Jo during the first half of the first season. They could have had Danny know that he and Jo were half-siblings.

    • Karai says:

      This is definitely the way I wished the show had gone as well. His care for Jo was never supposed to turn romantic. We were supposed to find out in the end that he and Jo were brother and sister.

    • Marie says:

      Maybe their gonna spin it so that it can be as if Danny knew that who,ever aunt Tera’s child was was actually Jos sibling amd that the aunt was going to reveal that so vickram killed her which would explain why Danny said he was trying to protect Jo

  11. Miranda says:

    I’m so disappointed and heartbroken. I will miss Dacey so much!!!

    • tammy says:

      I am glad to see that others appreciated the “Dacey” storyline! I was crushed when Lacey and Whitney had that moment and I believe Bunbury may have just committed career suicide. The Danny/Lacey love triangle is what gave the show a little depth. They could have brought in another girl for Danny but to force the Jo thing is just utterly ridiculous! “It’s always been you Jo…” It didn’t even feel right to hear or see that. But leave it to the BWA’s (Buffoons with Agendas) over at ABC to totally ruin a perfectly beautiful romance. I have seen rewrites of the show online by regular people that were actually brilliant! They need to boot all of these idiots. Goodbye “Twisted.” I will always have the first season.

      • Jan says:

        I love the way it turned out! Danny and Jo make a great couple. I think its great they made Charlie Jo’s brother. Can’t wait to see how this plays out!

        • Mystery Chaser says:

          I know right!!! I was shocked (and excited) that Charlie and Jo are siblings!! It was something I didn’t expect it. I was totally thinking the mystery baby was a girl. And when I first saw Jo’s mom storm in after her husband I was wondering why she was there. But then when she told that Charlie was her son it made sense. But I hope for a second season because I wonder if Charlie’s feelings will change for Jo. Now that he knows that is his little sister and who his real mom is, will he become sane? It started to make sense on why Tara was killed, maybe she was going to tell everything. There are so many questions!!! ABC would lose out big time if they don’t continue the show.

  12. Carole says:

    We shouldn’t be surprised that #JoistheOne. Pratt pulled the same exact “boy dumps black girlfriend to be with white best friend” maneuver on Jane by Design. He doesn’t like the WOC to get the guy. And btw, that show got cancelled too.

    • Anonymous says:

      What does race have to do with any of it?It is pretty obvious that Jo and Danny were meant to be. It was also super obvious in Jane by Design that Jane and her best friend were meant to be. I hope that you just don’t know what you are talking about and Twisted doesn’t get cancelled, because if you were really watching the show, you would know how amazing it is.

      • tammy says:

        ahhh gee…what does race have to do with it?? don’t tell me, because the country has a black president? perhaps you should give up the prime time tv and open a history book and see what race has to do with it. answer your own questions.

        • Lola says:

          Wait wait, pleeeease don’t tell me you’re one of those who thinks that because we have a black president in office, that racism is magically disappeared and all the racists in the US have suddenly and lovingly embraced all ppl?? Are you joking? If you know the stats you would know that Obama carried less than half of the white vote and was carried mostly by minorities that’s means black, Asian, Hispanic, so on. What the show did was pull a bait and switch which was unfair. The created a “3 main character” show with a supposed black woman in one of the leads to bring viewers and then dumped her character in the street. We saw the other 2 interact with their families, with Lacey, one cheap 1 min bday party. Her friends disappeared…she was relegated to token status so yeah there’s a lot if ppl who are annoyed with how the show went…but I don’t expect you to understand since apparently to you ur “colorblind” and racism has been eradicated from the united states.

          • Lola, I totally agree with you 100%!!!!!!

          • Just me.. says:

            I just think is so funny that no matter the subject.. the race card is always pulled.. maybe you guys should go back and watch the season again because it was very obvious that Jo and Danny were going to end up together… it had nothing to do with race and people would get along a lot better in this world if everyone left the race out of situations it didn’t belong in..

      • Joe says:

        We have watch PLL from the beginning at my house and we think Twisted is almost as good. We think it would be horrible if Twisted was not brought back. Great finale leaving tons of promise!

    • tammy says:

      EXACTLY!!! I thought Bunbury was a little classier and reserved than to go out like this. The writers knew this was precisely what they were trying to convey. Now the black girl is flipped, twisted, and turned out! Bullcrap! She is a beautiful girl, needed a bit more experience with acting, but I’m sorry she will have such a whack role on her resume now. They pimped her out and she went willingly so it is what it is. There was nothing that made sense about this season, except the ABC agenda. wake up folks.

  13. Scarlette says:

    This awful mess should get canceled. And it’s such a shame too. It had a lot of potential. I would love to see more of Kylie and Avan. Not necessarily as some Danny/Lacey relationship, just in general. It’s just too bad the writers/creator/network doesn’t seem to care much about them and prefers to put all the focus on Jo. It was falsely advertised as a murder mystery surrounding Danny in the beginning – which it’s not. I’ll be sad to see it go, but it deserves it.

  14. Rebecca says:

    Alot of ppl want to see a Twisted Season 2. I am super excited about the finale tonight but if ur gonna leave us hanging atleast bring back a season 2 so we know what’s going on. I love the show and the cast and am really hoping we get more shows to watch. I watch it every Tuesday with bells on.. it’s really interesting to See how everyone is going to end up and what really happened.. WE WANT MORE

  15. M. says:

    I think Whitney ends up as the first daughter of Jo’s Mum.

  16. maureen says:

    season 2 pleaaaase

  17. Nancy says:

    I hope twisted has a season 2. I love this show!!!

  18. Annsley says:

    I love twisted with a passion i seen some of the reviews but its such a great show i feel you should make another season i really dont want it to be cancelled please make a season two and if you are thinking about cancelling it please make one more episode to finish it off please dont do this show like jane by design an leave us hanging im begging you i love this show and dont cancel it i honestly think you are going to lose viewers if you keep canceling all of these great shows such as jane by design please dont cancel it im counting on you twisted is the best show ever!!!

  19. Annsley says:

    Im not tryin to offend any

  20. Annsley says:

    I dont want anyone to get offended but if u dont like this show please keep it to your self because that just makes them want to cancel it but if u disagree please feel free to post im just askin if u dont mind

  21. missy says:

    I love Jo and Danny together it was so obvious they were ment to be. Lacey is boring. So glad Danny finally woke up and got with the right girl. Lacey was so oh I love you yet I don’t want anyone to know. She was always wrong for him. If they cancel the show I will be pissed especially with this new cliffhanger.

    • Aaf says:

      In glad some others realized that Jo and Danny were meant to be from the very beginning. He made hiself believe that they could not be together! Then Lacey finally tealized herself and told him. Just as in the show “it’s always been you, Jo” I hope season two comes back at least to show us what happened in season one. I love this show.

  22. cyn says:

    No one is interested in Jo. Make the storeyline believible. Danny and Lacey viewers enjoyed the mix and could not wait for show.

    • orsay54 says:

      So true!!!!!!

      • Denise says:

        Yes the Lacey and Danny storyline was great! It made the show more exciting to watch. Now it is totally ruined with the “it was always you Jo” what? Danny sounds like a selfish creep. And Lacy fooling around with a woman. And Jo in almost every scene. While Lacey is kicked to the side.
        Just kill the show quickly don’t let it linger and gasp till there is no life left. You ABC writers are so STUPID.

  23. Danielle says:

    All the ppl bad mouthin this show shut the hell up plz. This is a great show yall must not like drama or somethin and also its more shows on tv nobody said yall had to watch it. Alot of other ppl do and they love it like me. Mr. Pratt and ABC plz continue this series its freakin amazing.

    • orsay54 says:

      No we WON’T be quiet! We have every right to voice our opinion just as you do !!!!!!

      • kels1989 says:

        Yes you do have an opinion, but I agree with every one who love the show like I do. You know there are other networks out there. No one is forcing you to watch it, so you don’t like it move on. I really want a season 2!!!! SOOOO PLEASE DO NOT CANCLE THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!

        • orsay54 says:

          WHAT do you think we are doing????? Do you really think we need you, to tell us, that there are other networks out there?..HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

          Guess what.. we took that advice WELL BEFORE YOU.. so freely gave it!! That’s WHY the show will probably be canceled we did MOVE ON to other networks!!!!

          Have you seen the rating lately???? It scored WAY WORSE than ALL the other shows that the network CANCELED!!!!! IF you are trying to save a show, being nasty to the other viewers that have a different point of view is NO way to save the show! We will rise up against you to to spite you.. remember that.. and we did!

    • Elysia says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more I can’t wait for Tuesdays so I can see whats next! I was actually only here to see if they posted when season 2 is going to start. I really hope they wouldn’t just leave all the Twisted fans hanging like that.

  24. Courtney says:

    I really love this show, just because it’s so different than than the usually ppl drama!! Twisted has you thinking one senario will go in this direction when it actually goes in a completely different direction. It keeps you on your toes and I really hope they make another season!!

    • I totally agree with you. They don’t need to cancel the show. I want there to be another season. I don’t want it to be like Jane by design. Thank you for saying that.

  25. Toree Lynn says:

    FOR ALL YOU HATERS… SHUT UP, YOU DON’T HAVE A LIFE! This is such an interesting show. PLEASE MAKE A SEASON 2! I’m going to be up all night just thinking about the finale ending. Charlie is Jo’s brother… Whitney and Jack are planning against the Desai’s. MY WORD!! How could you not be hook, line, and sinker-ed. SERIOUSLY? It’s a great show. SOO HAPPY ABOUT #JO&DANNY


    THANKS, Anonymous <3

  26. Ari Ellis says:

    TWISTED IS AMAZZIIINNNGGGGG!!!!!! And for all you people who believe that the plot no longer makes sense maybe you should check how high your level of understanding is. The show is called TWISTED for crying out loud its not sappose to be straight forward. I am hooked and completely strung up over this finale and would loooooveeee a season 2!!

  27. J says:

    I agree if u don’t like the show then don’t watch it…no need to spoil it for those of us that DO like the show. Don’t cancel this show please…I love it…and I also agree the cancelation of Jane by design was upseting I was just getting into that show too and then realized it was over and not coming back after I finally got caught up to the last episode :(

    • orsay54 says:

      I don’t understand your comment..”IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE SHOW DON’T WATCH IT..NO NEED TO SPOIL IT FOR THE REST OF US…” That’s EXACTLY what the fans are doing that are angry with the show!..Stopped watching it!! Your comment makes no sense! If you think there are so many fans like yourself that love the show, are watching, why are you concerned what we do??
      Just curious.

  28. I think the show is dunzo. I knew from the beginning that Charlie would be Jo’s mom’s 1st kid. I was like come on!! Is everyone on this show that gullible? They never question anything anyone says. It’s like “sure I’ll believe you, you’d never lie to me anyway!” I’ve been forcing myself to watch it because it’s on my DVR but honestly I don’t see a season 2 in it’s future. Sucks to see it go but the plot is going nowhere.

  29. Australian fan here and I love the show! ABC family has the best shows and if you let this one go it would be such a shame, especially with how awesome the season finale was.
    I watch it every week and am so excited when it is Twisted day! Don’t get rid of this amazing show. :)

  30. Not to mention all the people badmouthing it were at least still watching it…

  31. Liz says:

    I LOVE this show please make a second season

    The show is amazing.
    After the cliffhanger. I really want more
    Don’t keave us hanging

  32. Rosie says:

    I hope twisted does not get cancelled! ABC fam is always cancelling good shows… like jane by design was my ultime fav… nine lives of cloe king was so good and never even got a chance… the lying game was another favorite show of mine… but yet they keep stupid shows like the fosters! Atleast they got rid of Ravenswood! That show was horrible and the most dumbest story line! PPL is the only surviving show and ABCs cash cow!

  33. Shelbi says:

    I love twisted. I want there to be a Season 2. There are a lot of shows on television right now that are liked by some and hated by others. If you like the show then watch it. If you don’t like it then dont watch it. It is exactly how I feel about Big Brother, Survivor, Talent Shows, Cooking shows ect.. The season finale was great, please please please bring it back ABC family. It is as good or maybe even better than some of the shows airing on prime time.

  34. Lorraine Larter says:

    Telling people not to watch or complain is counterproductive in terms of ratings. The writers and producers must always maintain a level of balance for different audiences. If they cater to one group while neglecting another, there will always be backlash. TV shows that captivate a wide audience, stay true to the original story pitch tend to remain on air and grow in viewership. Those unable to do so tend to find themselves cancelled. Many shows come and go, the ones capable of moving with the times with quality writers will stand the test of time!

  35. keira007 says:

    I’m just glad that if it does end, it ends with Jo & Danny. They are the Pacey & Joey of the show & Lacey being bisexual does actually add depth to her character, especially seeing as how miserable she was with Danny. Dacey fans seem to ignore that it stopped working for them pretty much straight after Danny came back because when push came to shove, he would always go to Jo. I don’t think it was contrived, he just finally wised up over which girl he would always be drawn to when things got tough & that has always been Jo. Even when he was with Lacey, so y’all can’t be that surprised.
    Also, I am loving the twists & turns of the show! It’s heating up & I hope we get a season 2!!

    • Cordelia rose says:

      He had feelings of lust for Lacey, and there wasn’t much depth to their relationship. He has deeper feelings for Jo that go beyond lust and are more about love, respect, and genuine affection. The incident with his Dad, seeing Jo being threatened, made him realize what was right in front of him the whole time. Please keep the show going. I am curious to see how Jo is going to handle finding out she made out with her brother (eww).

  36. billie says:


  37. Toree Lynn says:

    ALL OF THE TWISTED FANS OUT THERE! GO TO Click contact and fill out the little form at the bottom of the page and write a review of HOW GOOD THIS SHOW REALLY IS! DO IT FOR THE SHOW! TWISTED FANS NEED TO GANG UP TOGETHER AND KEEP THIS SHOW ALIVE!!! I CAN’T IMAGINE THIS SHOW ENDING THE WAY IT DID WITHOUT CLOSURE! DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Aly says:

    If this show isn’t renewed I will be furious because I also loved The lying games then it was cancelled and now there is a possibility this won’t continue? That’s outrageous. I don’t care how many people don’t like it or say it should be cancelled because there are still a ton of people being let down if you do cancel and it’s only season one. WE NEED MOREE

  39. Aly says:

    If this show isn’t renewed I will be furious because I also loved The lying games then it was cancelled and now there is a possibility this won’t continue? That’s outrageous. I don’t care how many people don’t like it or say it should be cancelled because there are still a ton of people being let down if you do cancel and it’s only season one.

  40. Esther says:

    please bring a 2nd season of twisted. i love the show.
    i wanna see danny and lacey back 2gether!
    and wanna know more about what really happend with danny’s father. why he’s a psycho who blames his kid for his murder. and what happend with this aunt. why danny’s father killed her. the show is amazing. awesome actors. most of all avan and kylie!

  41. Nicole says:

    I absolutely love this show and after leaving me hanging like that they better come back for another season!!

  42. cndy says:

    I thought Regina would be Jo’s mom’s daughter.

  43. Toree says:

    So those birth and adoption papers must have been really really fake because it was supposed to be a daughter not a son. And when Charlie and Jo first hooked up….. NO JOKE… I told my friend, “Wouldn’t that be creepy if Jo and Charlie were siblings?” and then i was like oh wait her mom had a daughter. OR NAW! LOL! I can’t believe it. She made ot with her brother, although it was unknown at the time. IDK BUT JUST KEEP THE SHOW GOING!

  44. says:

    Please second season… I need to know what happens next!!!

  45. mangochic says:

    I really liked the 1st half of the season, it had its unique charm but when i came back it become so crappy that I lost interest. The writing ruined the show and I wonder how he (Chuck Pratt) still gets jobs despite the fact most of his shows suffer from horrible writing and have been cancelled.

  46. Britt says:

    That was weird that the baby was supposed to be a girl, but turned out to be a boy. And how did Tessa know where to find everyone?

  47. MEEEE says:

    There better be a second season, I’m hooked!

  48. Kay. says:

    I absolutely love twisted. I have been hoping since the beginning of the show that jo and danny would end up together . They fit better together than lacey and danny. Also the ending to the finale was insane! Keeps me on my toes , i have so many questions , i really hope they come out with a season 2 it will be really upsetting to just end the show like that. PLEASE ABC FAMILY KEEP SHOWING TWISTED! 🙏

  49. tori says:

    i’m going to one pissed off somebody if they do not make a second season. they did that to me with the secret circle on the CW so i picked up twisted and the fosters when they come out and both i love. honestly ppl is dragging on i love it don’t get me wrong but i will watch the foster and twisted before i watch ppl. i think its a good show i watch every new episode. granite i have to record it to watch but i still watch. i’m really tired of every time i get into a show they cancel it. i mean really r u gonna leave me hanging. i wasn’t even paying attention to this being the season finale and when it ended i was looking all around to see when it was coming back on and find this. This show CANNOT leave me HANGING like the secret circle did. i was so disappointed when that show ended and so many people were pissed and its going to be the same for this. as for the people that don’t like the show then don’t watch it, there aint no sense in bashing it just because you don’t like it.

  50. ashley says:

    please please please renew this show!!!!!! its great and the end of season one was amazing i need more :)