Once Upon a Time Recap: A Hero's Death

Once Upon a Time Neal DiesThis Sunday on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, a months-old TVLine scoop came to pass, leaving our Storybrooke heroes shell-shocked. (Click here for scoop on the tragic twist.)

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IN FAIRY TALE LAND OF THE PAST YEAR…. | Belle, confident that there must be some way to resurrect Rumplestilstkin, searches her beast’s library with Neal. Neal comes to believe in their mission, and that he can also somehow find a way back to Emma, whose necklace he still carries. As Belle lights a candelabra, a face appears in the flames —  man named Lumiere, who claims he was “trapped” in this form by The Dark One. But with the promise of being restored to his human self, he agrees to help Belle and Neal, by leading them to a key that will open the Dark One’s vault. But after Belle and Neal exit, it is revealed that Lumiere is doing the Wicked Witch’s bidding.

Later, out in the woods, Neal and Belle find the location of the vault, and just as they are about to open it Belle catches the candelabra in a lie. Lumiere  comes clean, but Neal forges ahead with opening the vault (“to hell with the cost”), even as Belle warns that he may end up helping the Wicked Witch control Rumple. As The Dark One’s form rises from the chamber, Neal begins to die. Rumple runs to his boy’s side, and even when the Witch shows up to make him choose — protect the dagger, or Bae — he releases the blade. As Neal then merges with his father, it drives Rumple “mad,” the too many voices in his head. Lumiere then does a solid by distracting Zelena, allowing Belle to escape.

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IN STORYBROOKE…. | Belle — now aware of Rumple’s resurrection — hangs back with Hook at Gold’s shop, where Neal comes barging in, faint. At the hospital, Neal relates how after he saw Emma and Henry drive across the town line, he found himself running through the forest, now with an odd brand on his palm. In private with Emma, Neal asks to see Henry, but she shares how their son now has happy memories — and only the worst ones of, as Neal puts it, “the jerk who abandoned him.” Later, Neal and Killian bond over green Jell-O and talk of their past together, in a surprisingly romantic scene. Hook thus allows Neal a head start in fleeing his hospital bed.

Zelena visits Snow White, who’s anxious about not feeling recent baby kicks. But that changes when Z pours her patient a tall glass of OJ. Regina meanwhile bumps into Robin Hood (or, more accurately, one of his arrows), while scouting the farmhouse for intel on her new nemesis. They get to wondering if they’ve met before, and flirt some over talk of whiskey, but Regina abruptly leaves when she spies the tattoo of her “soul mate” on his arm.

Out in the forest, Emma and Charming find Rumple, who’s babbling about there being “no room” in his noggin, and thus is unresponsive to their Qs about the Wicked Witch. Not helping matters is an attack by a flying monkey. As Charming fends off the creature, Emma chases after Rumple, only to find Neal. She updates him on Henry’s NYC life and friends, and her almost-engagement to a flying monkey. He says he just wants her to be happy, with whomever, since they were never able to find Tallahassee. Belle then phones Emma with news of the brand on Neal’s hand and what it likely means: that he opened the Dark One’s vault, and thus can’t possibly be alive. At that instant, Neal doubles over, his face morphing back and forth with his father’s. Neal urges Emma to use her magic to pull Rumple from him, sacrificing his own life so that his father can help in the search for the Wicked Witch. Emma does just that and Rumple returns, quickly ID’ing Zelena as the green one’s alter ego. Once Upon a Time Neal diesBut Neal’s fate has nevertheless been sealed. And with his dying breaths, he returns Emma’s necklace to her, thanks Rumple for teaching hm the value of a true sacrifice, and asks Emma to tell Henry that, in the end, his father was a good man.

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Later in the woods, Rumple taunts Zelena, saying that now that she has been exposed, she’ll never get close to Snow White’s baby or “whatever your unholy desires are.” But she says it’s no matter, since she again has control over his “beautiful brain.”

As the hour closes, Emma meets up with Henry to relay a version of the truth — that she actually came to Storybrooke to help his father, whom bad people wanted to hurt. Alas, she was too late, though his father died “a hero.” As for the culprit? “They got away,” Emma says, oddly not opting for the simple female pronoun. “But I’m going to find them.”

Is Neal indeed gone? Yup. As series cocreators Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz told TVLine in January, a major character would be dying during Season 3B — “for real,” they made clear — at which point his/her portrayer, meaning series regular Michael Raymond James, would leave the show. So, 49 percent of TVLine readers guessed right. (UPDATED: The producers and MRJ answer some burning questions.)

* “You know he tried to kill me.” “Extenuating circumstances.” “Twice.” “Sorry…?”
* “You’ve got yourself a partner.” “I don’t remember asking for one….”
* “You didn’t tell him the price!” “Oops!”

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  1. ad says:

    after The Good Wife death I am not surprised about this death

    • xx says:

      Haha yeah, it’s going to be awhile before another series manages such an impact death. Timing sucks for them.

    • abz says:

      Agreed. Neal’s death will never even reach the same level of impact as The Good Wife. I was surprised that it happened this early before the season ends, but I knew it’d be him.

      • Ann says:

        Agreed. Neal isn’t really a major character, is he? He only started appearing in this show full-time last year. There is no comparison to his death with Will’s. A major character death on OUAT would be like Regina getting killed permanently, or something like that.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Simmer down, everyone. “Major character” was my choice of words, only because “a character played by a series regular” is clunky to say. All A+E said was that a series regular was being killed off the show, and the death was real/would stick.

        • Name This Tune says:

          Oh he’s a major character. Because he was played by at least 2 different actors and over hundreds of years. He was the motivation for everything Rumple did. Don’t confuse adult Neal with the importance of the character.
          This is just pandering to the selfish CS shippers who are going to prattle on about Hook and Emma, forgetting that Neal’ s death means much more to 2 people – Henry and Rumple. Personally, I won’t be able to stand another Emma -Hook scene for the rest of the series. Blech.

          • Ignorance is bliss says:

            To suggest that they only killed Neal to pander to Captain Swan is disrespectful toward the writers. They have said in interviews that they don’t change their plans for any group of fans because they know if they were to change something for one group, they’d upset another group. They are well aware and have acknowledged that they can’t make everyone happy, so they stick with what they want to do.

            It’s also been said that the actor of the character that was to die didn’t want to be on the show anymore. Or do you hate Captain Swan so much that you never conceived the idea that maybe MRJ wasn’t interested in continuing his role and that’s why Neal was killed off?

          • Steph says:

            Disrespectful to the writers? Have you been watching this show??? The crap that the writers produce is disrespectful to the intelligence of the audience.

          • Sophia Curran says:

            YESSSSSS! My feelings exactly.

          • Sophia Curran-Moore says:

            YESSSS! My feelings exactly.

    • matt says:

      absolutely ridicules that they would kill his character at this point, they for some reason want to push this Emma/Hook things, which is stupid how long have they known each other, a couple day on the island and now Hook and Emma are in love, BS. Also lets not forget that Hook took Neal’s mother away (although it was conceptual), ruined their family, betrayed Neal to Pan, then knowing that Neal had feelings for Emma (the mother of his child) still tried to get in between, and now he’s trying to become Henrys father figure, really. Don’t get me wrong Hook has his moments but why is he still here is storyline ended awhile ago, he should have been the one killed off.

  2. Alichat says:

    Seriously not happy with this development.

    • Verity says:

      Me either! I can’t believe some people are actually HAPPY Neal’s dead!! That’s just so sad!

      • Stormy says:

        On the bright side, he died well. And prior to that he actually smiled …. twice! Well done.

      • OJ says:

        I’m happy that there’s one less love triangle on TV. Does that count?

      • Neal no actual personality and no purpose besides being Rumple’s son and Henry’s father. I’m not a big shipper, but Id hate for Emma to g back to him after everything. I’d rather she just stayed with Hook :)

        • Joey says:

          Oh look another rude CS shipper. More proof for my post down below.

          • Tenney says:

            I’m sorry but I don’t understand why you think what she said was rude. She stated her opinion without disparaging anyone. Just because her opinion is different than your opinion doesn’t mean she is being rude.

            I really don’t understand all this hate for people who ship Hook and Swan, the shippers did not kill off Neal and if the writers are pandering to the CS shippers, as has been said ad nausem by the Baelfire shippers on this board, they could have done that without killing off Neal.

            I just don’t understand how this show became about who Emma should be with. Who cares whether it’s Hook, Neal (which doesn’t seem likely at this point), or someone else. There are many more characters on OUAT than Emma, Neal, and Hook.

        • Hmmm says:

          Would now be the right time to mention that she’s not actually with Hook?

          • Like I said, I’m not really a shipper, but shows want people want people to be together If Emma will be with someone, it better not be with Neal, because he has zero personality… In that sense, I like Hook much better.

        • David4 says:

          Very true. The death might mean more if he had a personality or if I thought he was really dead.

      • Bae says:

        People actually liked Neal?

      • Johanna says:

        Ik its like telling a kid that santas not real and that they suck because there small its life changing

    • rumpleg says:

      Its a fairy tale story. He’s dead but not really. They can bring him back whenever they want and when they find a story to do so.

      • Will says:

        They’ve actually been very consistent about death being permanent. The Dark One was supernatural, so that was a loophole. The only way to save August was to revert him back to childhood due to the nature of his original spell. The Blue Fairy’s shadow was torn from her and then restored. But Sheriff Graham in season 1, Johanna last season, Cora, all the way to now, unless somehow someone manages to subvert that death with a spell before it happens, there is no coming back from it. The closest they ever came was Daniel, thanks to Frankenstein, and that was depicted as being unnatural, wrong, and ended disastrously, with Regina having to destroy him.

        • rumpleg says:

          Sheriff Graham moved on to other shows and roles. Cora’s story at the time was finished. Johanna’s story was definitely finished and there was nothing more for her in OUAT.

          Believe me, if either of the first two want to come back on the show and the writers can work in a story for them, they will be back. Same thing with the Mad Hatter. Same thing with Neal.

          • Will says:

            Um, the Mad Hatter isn’t dead.

            Besides that, I can see any of those other actors returning…in flashbacks or dream sequences or even as a spirit, but the show has never given any indication that they’d ever bring someone actually back from the dead. The only time we’ve seen a dead character again, in nearly 3 seasons, has been only in flashbacks. Hell, on OUAT in Wonderland, they confirm it would require an entire rewriting of the very laws of magic to accomplish.

    • mifin says:

      I absolutely agree! I thought it was almost too obvious. Good wife I’ll contunue watching, Once upon a time, not so sure.

    • Gaia says:

      I’m so gonna miss him!

  3. StanJS says:

    I’m beyond upset. But have a feeling this isnt the death. that necklace maybe the key to bring back Neal.

    • Nessie says:

      That would be a twist I wouldn’t see coming. Having this not actually be the permanent death, bringing Neal back and having someone else be the ‘for good’ death.

      • rumpleg says:

        As much as they focused on the necklace this episode, its pretty obvious the true love aspect of the necklace is what will bring him back.
        Secondly, I wouldn’t be surprised if they conveniently forgot to have someone else die when it comes time to bring him back. Unless of course that other person wants out of the contract to focus on other interests.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      This is The Death. Sorry.

      • Sheila says:


      • spotteddog says:

        If you say this is the death, Matt, then I believe. But how cool would it be to have Hook see Emma and Henry so unhappy about Neal being gone and sacrifice his own life to bring back Neal? Having said that, MRJ probably has a new gig all lined up.

    • Jules says:

      What part of “This death being permanent” are you having trouble understanding? They’ve said for a while now that the death that occurs will stick. There is no bringing him back. So please stop trying to say any differently! Personally I think having Neal be the permanent death will push both Emma’s and Rumple’s storyline further. This has definitely been the best season yet.

  4. Michele says:

    I’m SO mad about his death. The fanservice in this show is the worst. Killing him off just so the CS shippers can shut up and stop being annoying about their ship. I’m so disappointed in you, OUAT.

    • Stormy says:

      I don’t ship CS at all. But I’m not sorry about this development. I’d like Emma to be happy with someone other than Hook, but never cared for Neal. Liked her with the sheriff in S1 though.

      • Joey says:

        You can tell though that this was done to pander to CS fans.

        • rumpleg says:

          Good lord, not every part of every story is written with relationships in mind. This “death” made sense for the story and it had the most impact.
          If you’re only watching it to see who hooks up with who, this is not the way to watch tv.

          • Joey says:

            This death absolutely did not make sense within the context of the story. The plot of bringing Rumpel back was written solely to write Neal out to pander to CS fans. Believe what you want, the truth is right in front of you. Whether you want to believe it or not is up to you.

          • Victoria says:

            It’s pandering because from a writing standpoint, this makes no sense. Wanna know why? Neal “died” last season. We saw everyone’s reactions. It’s pandering to Captain Swan bc prior to s3, Hook and Emma hated each other. Within five days (in the fifth episode), they make out. Articles everywhere spoiled the kiss, and were excited. Hook the hottie was getting even BETTER reception now that he wasn’t evil. Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis noticed that. They saw people hating on Neal and the unpopularity of Neal’s character. In order to make CS fans happy (for the umpteenth time!!!), they killed Neal off. Story-wise, this doesn’t make sense. My theory is Michael Raymond-James wanted out of the show because of the hate he was getting from Captain Swan shippers about how “ugly” he is compared to Hook, etc. Just my theory. Personally, TV is for entertainment and enjoyment, and now that Neal is killed off, I think I will quit the show. This season has already been completely lackluster and has had a bunch of horrible writing OTHER than the ships. This show isn’t s1 anymore, it never will be.

          • Mia says:

            The death made complete sense for Zelena’s plans (which I think some people are forgetting about as they are so focused on their petty ship wars!). She want’s to hurt people! What better was to hurt Rumple than to make his sacrifce (killing Pan/his father to save Neal/Bae and Belle) pointless and to tie his life to his sons. He bound himself to Neal to keep him alive and gave up the dagger. Killing him makes Rumple responsible for his death in a way. He will always know that he is alive because his son is dead and that will hurt him the most. That was Zelena’s plan after all. But of course, this is all about CS and shipping wars and not an actual storyline o.O

          • Joey says:

            Thank you for making complete and total sense, Victoria. It’s really sad that there are people who can’t see the truth.

          • Mascha says:

            No, thank you Mia for making perfect sense. People who watch shows just for one particular ship are not real fans. Sure, I ship CS, but if other people prefer Swanfire, then who the hell am I to make a fuss out of that? These “shipwars” are ridiculous, and if you look at the story for the actual story (like Mia), you’ll see that it actually did make sense. Zelena is a notorious bitch with only one goal, and she succeeded. I’m not particularly sorry that Neal had to go, his character was rather flat and two-dimensional, but I really don’t see what all this fuss is about. The OUAT fandom exists out of more than just the CS shippers, and even the writers know that. So stop whining about a plot twist you didn’t like and stop pointing your finger in a single direction and making assumptions based on nothing, because you know what? There’s nothing you can change about the plot now anyways.

          • MARIANA VIDAL says:

            Really? This is no way to watch TV because you say so? This show is about fairy tales and fairy tales usually come with a happy ending. Although our Evil Queen took away everyone’s happy ending, I never expected for Henry’s dad to have such a miserably absurd death I am extremely dissappointed in the writer(s) and devastated by the whole thing.

            I knew that whomever the actor was, it was his decision to leave the show. However, I had hoped against all hope that it would not be Micheal Raymond James because I liked his character very much and I am sure as hell going to miss him. Good bye Baelfire/Neal.

            No matter what all of you Hook enthursiasts say, this show will never be the same without Baelfire. Mariana

        • Sara says:

          if there is anything worse it is ship wars and generalizing fans based on their shipping preference. do I like Captain Swan? Yes. Did I want Neal to be killed off now? No. I agree with Mia though – unfortunately Zelena’s agenda is about hurting people the most in particular Rumple and controlling him, but taking away the people he loves the most. First on that list unfortunately is Neal.

          Neal’s death broke my heart but I do appreciate how it was his choice in the end – to live or die and out of love for his father, he choose death, which is probably one of the most heroic things any person can do. Even if Zelena caused all this and is responsible for his death and the circumstances which lead to it, they did have Neal choose his fate in the end, and to ensure everything he loved would survive and defeat Zelena, he sacrificed himself.

        • Ignorance is bliss says:

          Or maybe MRJ wasn’t interested in continuing his role and that’s why Neal died? Hmm.. There’s a thought..

          • Fangirl says:

            Thank you for stating the obvious. Michael Raymond-James is a decent actor with range and is most likely looking to move on. I was actually pleasantly surprised when he came on to OUAT because he played a complete monster on True Blood. I enjoyed his character and am sad to see him go. Best wishes on your new endeavors!

      • Name This Tune says:

        See this is where the shippers are blind. Do you think Neal existence was only important to Emma? After everything that Rumple has gone through, how do you think he feels about his son’s death? And how about Henry when he gets his memories back? Neal’s character did not exist in a vacuum.
        So yes. This is pandering to the shippers. Glad you’re happy.

        • Emma says:

          Actually the episode showed Emma, Hook, Belle, and Rumple did care about Neal. If this was pandaring to shippers Neal would have died saving Hook or some such nonsense. This was reflective of Neal s whole arc of coming to peace with his father being the dark one.

          • Name This Tune says:

            Exactly my point. His character did not exist in a vacuum, but killing him off makes it less complicated for the Hook romance. Which by some spoiler pictures out there, they are going to pursue. A romance that has felt artificial and forced for quite some time.
            The show does best when it focuses on the family relationships. Hook – Emma adds nothing to this. It just feels creepy, given Hook’s relationship with Neals mother.

        • e says:

          THIS. thank you. i was watching it and kind of couldn’t believe he was actually dying (and had to remind myself that people CAN still die on tv after will gardner…) this is kind of devastating because they never even gave henry a chance to get to know his father, as well as not giving rumple time to reconnect with his son. this was RUMPLE’S ENTIRE JOURNEY up until now. are you kidding me? i am so sick of “shipping” being the biggest thing people talk about regarding this show. rumbelle and captain swan? i’ve always appreciated the idea of FAMILY, these complicated webs that these characters have with one another… after the neverland story which was a total bust (aside from robbie kay), i cannot even force myself to care about this show anymore. i loved neal, and not for any reason having to do with emma. i loved neal because he brought the most realistic quality to the show in the form of someone who has experience in both fairytale land and the human world, outside of storybooke. he had complicated connections to many of the characters (hook, rumple, emma…), and henry, as annoying as he is, is now faced with the fact he will never know his dad. that breaks my heart. whether the decision was made by E & A, or MRJ because he saw this show going down the tubes… i am bummed out either way.

  5. M says:

    And they will just keep pushing Emma and Hook. I’m so upset about Neal, but the haters must be happy.

    • Kathy says:

      Ok just because some people don’t think Neal is awesome, you call them “haters” (which makes you sound like your 12 FYI) while in reality they are just stating their opinion on not liking the character. Which just shows that you can’t deal with someone of a different opinion, even if it is well found. Just face the fact that he is sorta an idiot, I mean seriously look at the last season he didn’t believe what the woman he loved said about Tamara probably because he didn’t want to be wrong.

  6. JC says:

    Called it. My first guess was Neal back when the original spoiler came out, and when he barely appeared in the first three episodes of this half of the season, I was certain. I just didn’t know exactly when it was going to happen.

  7. Kat says:

    I didn’t care for Neal or Neal/Emma much myself, and I do like Emma/Hook, but I was in the position of losing a favorite character/ship almost exactly a year ago (forever bitter about losing Sean Pierce) and I feel no happiness about this development. Neal and Neal/Emma fans have all my sympathy tonight.

  8. Taylor says:

    Neal was my favorite character, I don’t understand why they did this. Might stop watching now

    • Laur says:

      I agree. He had the richest back story and was the most developed. I’m really disappointed, and it’s going to take a lot for me to look forward to watching this on Sunday.

      • Kate says:

        Even though I agree that killing a character isn’t the always best decision, I wouldn’t say that Neal had the richest back story nor was he the most developed.

        • Aga says:

          I think he had the richest back story but the writers kept ignoring him. He could have great storyline in Neverland (since he spend a lot of time there when he was younger) but instead he was in the background. Or sometime he fought with hook over Emma.

    • Anonymous says:

      I totally agree. Neal was my favorite and this was an unjustified way to kill him off. I’m having a hard time looking forward to next week and if they can’t find a way to bring Neal back this might be the end of OUAT for me.

      • Jilljill says:

        Same here. I think I’m gone with Neal…

      • Taylor says:

        Same here, I might try one more episode but am likely done. I am not excited about it anymore like I was.

      • Amanda says:

        Me too! I like neal and not just because he likes emma. I really like HIM, its so unfair. They kill neal just because the fans want Emma and Hook together. Because they prefer hook, they think hook it’s most handsome… If neal don’t come back…
        I’ll can’t come back to see OUAT too

      • Olivia says:

        I am not the biggest Neal fan but he was actually a decent guy with a great backstory and I didn’t want to slap him every time he was on screen. Hook, however… I could do without Neal (even though I think his exit is an idiotic move) if the show was A+ but it’s not anymore and frankly I really can’t bear to have Hook on my screen this much, let alone with this “golden boy” treatment that even Charming doesn’t get these days. Add to that the way they link him to Emma, the lead… they’re pretty much asking some fans to quit. Not to mention that this season is pretty bad. Still not over the mediocrity that Neverland was. Not feeling like watching if this is what it’s gonna be from now on. Not even my favorite, Regina, is enough to counterweight that mess. Oh well, another show with a great premise and potential that I will quit. I remember the times when even if I disliked something a show did, it didn’t disappoint overall and I still liked it enough to keep watching. Nowadays it’s like a freaking roulette each season. It’s tiring. I want to be entertained, not tricked into eventually liking something that I currently don’t.

  9. jerrired says:

    I honestly can’t say I’m surprised, though I hoped it wasn’t true. However, I can say I’m very upset about how it played out, the reasons I believe it happened, and the fact that Michael Raymond James is gone from the show. I’m mad in advance for all the comments that will appear soon saying how people are glad he’s gone. Just not happy about this. I think I would have been okay if I at least felt the whole character got any good storylines. He didn’t even get a proper goodbye to his son. Just yeah…I don’t want to rant too much but boy was Neal’s character mistreated by the writers.

    • Stormy says:

      To each, I guess. IMO Neal’s character was mistreated by Michael Raymond James. He played it like a thug from Bed Stuy.

  10. Amanda says:

    Well, congrats, Captain Swan shippers. You win…

    • Laura B says:

      CaptainSwan fan here! I’m not happy Neal died, it might be good for my ship but killing him for that purpose it’s not how I want my ship to sail: I mean, that Emma and Hook getting together just because Neal died is not ideal.
      On the other hand, since the beginning I found Neal’s character really annoying! didn’t like him at all! even before I started shipping CaptainSwan. I think he was quite pointless to the story, I do understand that he’s the main reason behind the original curse, but the stories with him were always boring.
      I don’t think this is a victory for us, captain Swan shippers, but I think that killing Neal was the best choice, I would hate to see any other character gone from the show

    • Amanda says:

      yeah.. they win. =/

  11. Sarah says:

    We all knew it was going to be Neal! This has nothing to do with FanServicing! CS has been canon since the beginning. Adam and Eddie have been leave a massive trail of breadcrumbs since the beginning of the series, it’s just that delusional Neal fans and SwanFire shippers didn’t want to see it.

    • Verity says:

      No need to be mean and call SwanFire fans delusional, just like you they are entitled to their opinions, though even they could be mean too…. CaptainSwan fans are just as obnoxious! It’s a TV show people!!!

    • Joey says:

      Childish much?

    • Rachel says:

      Funny, I don’t think Captain Swan was canon when she left him chained on top of a beanstalk.

      • Victoria says:

        ^This. I don’t think CS was canon when Hook was about to blow up the whole town (including Emma and the Charmings), just to get revenge on Rumple. I don’t think CS was canon when he assaulted Emma in the beanstalk episode.

      • L says:

        Actually, Emma chaining him was most definitely a CS moment. As explanation, she says, “I can’t take the chance that I’m wrong about you.” This means that she feels a connection; she feels like she can trust him – and that’s what scares her, because last time she did, she got burned. That’s the reason her backstory with Neal was in this same episode.
        Plus, you can’t deny that their theme song (the one that played loudly during the kiss and in some of their moments after that) is romantic and hopeful, can you?
        Well, guess when else it plays? In the very scene where she chains him up, as well as even earlier in the same episode, when they talk about their past loves.
        CS is not fan service. Saying that is disrespectful to the writers. It was clearly set up from the beginning.

        • Joey says:

          Actually I’m about 95% sure there was an interview after Tallahassee aired where they were asked about CS, and they gave a big emphatic “NO.” So sorry that you’re wrong, but….you’re wrong.

          • Mia says:

            ‘I don’t like or agree with what you’re saying so you’re wrong because I say you’re wrong!’ No proof, no evidence… very childish response really. You wanna stomp your foot and flip your hair while you’re at it?
            Writers often say NO to questions about relationships or events because they don’t want to give away spoilers. Which is why you end us with fans say ‘omg I knew that was going to happen!’ when the thing people were speculating about that the writers kept denying eventually happens (like Neal dying. They kept denying that or just refusing to discuss it and surprise surprise we were all right about that one).

          • Joey says:

            Really? I could easily say the that’s true of your posts. I mean, I’ve seen no proof offered up at all regarding this theory. They just posit their opinions with no proof at all. Of course, even if I could provide that as proof, I’m sure that when interviewed about CS in the future, A&E will simply say, “Oh yeah, it’s been the plan the whole time.” Or they would say that if a different love interest was introduced. It’s what you do when you’re a showrunner because you don’t want to look like you’re getting led around by the nose by a bunch of rabid fans.

        • Lisa says:

          I agree with your comment 100% about people being disrespectful to the writers; they need to give Adam and Eddie a LOT more credit.
          The beanstalk scene was most definitely a major CS moment! Someone posted above that “Hook and Emma hated each other” in the beginning; NOT true! I don’t know what show they’ve been watching, but it certainly wasn’t this one… There was such an obvious connection and attraction right from the start. From the time Hook told Emma “I was hoping it’d be you” to the little revelations on the climb up the beanstalk; the medical aid scene; the time in the giant’s castle (that embrace!!); hell, the ENTIRE scene was innuendoes, flirting and connection.
          And as for the episode where “Hook was about to blow up the whole town (including Emma and the Charmings), just to get revenge on Rumple”… if you recall… Hook CAME BACK to save them all.

    • Name This Tune says:

      I am not a delusional Neal fan. I am a Rumple fan. This sucks. Glad you’re happy with his misery.

      • Green Jello Frog says:

        I am also a Rumble fan. I am not a shipper for any port. My concern is that everyone left Neal dead in the woods. Nobody even covered him with some leaves or something. What was up with that?

  12. S says:

    Not happy at all.

  13. Lysh says:

    I heard somewhere that the actor wanted to leave? Yet I can find where I read that.
    I’m not surprised, just based on several spoilers. And even though I was prepared, it was still very sad. Great performances by everyone and the music was perfect/beautiful.

    • gdv says:

      After seeing the ridiculous costume they had Bae wearing in FTL, I can’t blame him for wanting to leave. Ugh. That thing made him look like a Renaissance Fair pretzel guy. Belle’s costume, too! Hot pants? Really? And what was with her weird 80s-style side ponytail?

      A pretty terrible send-off, in my opinion. I hate when they bring back a character for one episode just to kill them off. The only moments I liked in the episode were the Robin/Regina parts. They had great chemistry. Overall, this second part of the season has been pretty underwhelming, story-wise. And the bad CGI isn’t helping. Sorry for being grumpy, but I used to LOVE this show and now it’s just … well, not great.

      • Lysh says:

        LOL at pretzel guy. The costumes weren’t great in the FTL scenes, especially the shorts. That doesn’t seem to fit with the realm.
        IA, it has been underwhelming. Outlaw Queen is great though. I have no idea how they’re going to stretch this entire Wicked Witch storyline over the rest of the season.

      • Tonyd says:

        I want to like Regina Robin thing, but it’s being settled up the same way Emma Hook is. It’s a copy cat story. I don’t like it.

  14. Lisa Stevens says:

    I’m very unhappy about this. Matt did Michael want to leave the show ? Because this just doesn’t seem story driven to me. It seeml very much like fan service for the CaptainSwan Fans. I’m disappointed in both Adam & Eddy. I have loved Once Upon A Time from the start of the show but this feels so wrong on just so many levels I’m not even sure if I want to continue watching after this

    • jerrired says:

      Nothing anyone can say will convince me this wasn’t done for fan service. I definitely don’t believe the writers planned CaptainSwan from the beginning, but when you have fans screaming their wants…just ugh. But I did read a claim this death was planned from his introduction, but I honestly don’t and will never buy it. It all seemed incredibly rushed to be planned.

      • Lysh says:

        I don’t think CS was planned from the beginning, but blaming Neal’s death to satisfy a ship is too easy and narrow-minded. Maybe MRJ didn’t like the direction Neal was going or just wanted to do different things, so they wrote him off in the form of a death.

        • jerrired says:

          That’s your opinion and I respect that. However, I disagree. I’m sure MRJ probably wasn’t happy he barely got any storyline to begin with. As I said on another comment here, I would be okay with Neal dying if he at least got some decent storylines or better character development. He died twice on the show, was missing for the first three episodes of season 3B, then he just doesn’t think about the consequences of magic, though he hated it all his life, really? I’m sorry if you think it’s “too easy” and “narrow-minded” but as much as I loved Once Upon a Time at one point, it’s basically been doing everything it can to cater to fans for awhile, especially with the CS ship (which is not trying to throw hate their way/the writers have freewill..I believe). It honestly doesn’t really matter what I think the reason is behind his leaving, because we’ll only hear what is reported to the public.

          • Mia says:

            About the magic… I don’t know. If he was as desperate to find a way back to his family as he seemed and he knew that getting his father back could possibly do that, I can kinda see why he’d throw caution to the wind and mess with magic. I’m just happy that Neal and Rumple got to say goodbye to each other.

          • jerrired says:

            Agree about Rumple and Neal getting a goodbye. I thought all the goodbyes were done well. What really drove it home that Neal was about to die was when him and Hook had a moment. That just screamed “NEAL IS GOING TO DIE” and when he said “I just want you to be happy, Emma.” On a positive note, creating a TV show isn’t easy, no matter what the actual reason behind MRJ/Neal’s death, props to everyone involved for creating a show that gets people passionate one way or the other. And at least Regina is still alive and finally about to get happiness…

    • Allie says:

      Go back and look at the Emma and Killian scenes. Their song has played in almost everyone of them. It was planned. Also they wanted Hook’s character in season 1 but couldnt get the rights to the character yet. Same thing with season 2. Colin broke his leg and was out for several months. this is common knowledge. Emma and Killian have been planned. You just have to know where to look for it.
      A&E were involved with LOST. Everything has a plan and a parallel to another part of the series. Not fan service. People who like CaptainSwan like them because they were written to be liked. It isnt the other way around. Look at it from both perspectives.

      • Joey says:

        So…you got your way, but now you’re upset because it was fan pandering and you didn’t want them to pander to you? If they did that, Neal would still be alive.

        • Allie says:

          I’m pretty sure I just stated the reasons why it was planned from the beginning and was not fan pandering.

        • Jo Ann says:

          No she’s not wrong. Facts are facts. CS was planned, clearly.

          • Joey says:

            I’m really sorry you’re wrong, but try paying attention to the facts. It’s pandering, pure and simple. You got your way, even if it was through pandering. Stop rubbing it in everyone’s faces.

        • Sara says:

          So, if the showrunners had “pandered” to you and your rabid base of Neal lovers, I hope you would be having just as big of a temper tantrum since you think “pandering” is so wrong. I watch the show off and on and don’t ship any pairings, but I could see that they had more of plan for Hook and Emma than they did for Emma and Neal other than Neal being the babydaddy. The fact that they were so keen on getting Hook and so heavily promoted his addition kinda suggests that they have always had a big plan for him.

          • Joey says:

            I think you’re under the impression that A&E = ABC? ABC thinks they see where ratings lie. They think that ratings lie with Hook. If I can remember right, Fox thought the same thing with Blaine in Glee. That didn’t work out too well, didn’t it? I guess only time will tell.

            And if Emma and Neal were being written if only to pander to fans, yes, I would be upset. I’m a fan of good storytelling, not fan pandering. There was (and still is) a lot of untold stories involving Neal, not even involving Emma, and now that he has been killed off, are we ever going to see them? Probably not.

            Since you brought up a whole Neal vs. Hook debacle, I think I should mention that I am an advocate that killing off a character when your ratings are low as a way to garner higher ratings is a gross play for attention and is pretty disgusting. Other than killing off Neal so that the way to Emma is clear for Hook, this reeks of trying to get a ratings hike. As stated above by another eloquent poster, there was no logical reason within the narrative to kill Neal off. In fact, there has been no logical reason in the narrative recently to kill off any particular character, Hook included.

          • Me says:

            @ Joey, calm down. I am not really a shipper of anyone on the show, and Neal’s death is a shock to fans of his. But let’s be real. The writers clearly haven’t known what to do with him since last season. He cheated death, but even then they had no idea what to do with him. His story was getting to neverland, but it was more or less resolved in one episode. His time in neverland wasn’t all that exciting either. Neal’s character was met to be a guest staring roll. So if you want to use the same fan pandering theme you could say the only reason he was made a series regular was because of the fans.
            So I feel bad that some people last their favorite character, but it’s a story. We the fans are truly just along for the ride.

  15. Katt says:

    Neals death = womp womp…..

  16. Cory says:

    Gosh, I knew it was coming, but I still can’t believe it!

  17. Sarah says:

    This is so upsetting! Josh Charles, now MJR……The Kardashians are one tv longer than people I actually like!!!

  18. Joey says:

    I have several comments. Several about solely Neal, several regarding shipping. …First of all, what a nice “fairytale ending” Neal got, eh? He had a super horrible (long!) life, excluding his time with Emma, and he does the right thing, as far as he knows, time and time again, and as a reward for acting selfless, he dies. What a great message to show.

    Additionally, I thought the point of a love triangle (no matter how horribly pandering it is), is so that the person in the middle can actually make the choice to be with one of them? By killing off one vertex of the triangle, the other end is nothing but a glorified consolation prize. Hope Hook enjoys being that. I also noticed that Neal was happy that originally in her fake memories, Emma was going to marry Walsh, because he wants her to be happy, rather than Hook, who was only happy to see that she had gotten heartbroken, which meant she was back on the market again.

    Overall, I thought the episode was decent, since it was Neal-centric, at the very least. Neal’s episodes tend to be the best and have great characterization and plot movement. Unfortunately it had the distinction of being written by Kalinda Vazquez, arguably the worst writer on staff.

    • Angel says:

      Took the words out of my mouth. Perfectly. I’m so mad and sad and I’m just done. What a diservice to Nealfire

      • Joey says:

        Until the writers explicitly say otherwise, I’m still going to choose to hope that the keychain has some significance for the future. It’s really the only thing that’s going to keep me watching.

        • Taylor says:

          Same here, I’m only watching from now on to see if there’s any hope for neal to come back. If nothing comes about, I’ll be done.

          • Mia says:

            This is The Death. Sorry.
            Comment by Matt Webb Mitovich – March 30, 2014 07:30 PM PDT

            Looks like he’s gone for good. Apparently the funeral is in the next episode.

    • Amie says:

      Maybe the other leg of the triangle is the flying monkey.

      • Mia says:

        #teamflyingmonkeywalsh He was a human first right? Although I’m pretty sure he was always working for WW. All incarcerations and murder attempts aside neither Regina or Hook lied to Emma as thoroughly as MonkeyWalsh. It’s kinda like choosing the lesser evil, isn’t it (poor Emma).

    • janet says:

      wanting someone to be happy doesn’t mean you’re happy they’re under a spell and engaged to a monkey. you think Hook’s comments were weird, I think Neil’s were weird. Tomato, Tomato.

  19. Verity says:

    I am so sad to see Neal gone, especially since I’m on the West Coast and it hasn’t aired here yet!! Spoilers suck!

    • rumpleg says:

      Well, then this was the perfect place to hang out for those 2 hours when the show ended on the East Coast and started on the Left Coast.
      I suppose no one has mistaken you for a rocket scientest, amirite?

    • Sdr says:

      Why would you read a spoiler site then?

    • abz says:

      When you haven’t watched something yet, then you should avoid spoiler sites. Better yet, if you’re that bothered by spoilers, then stay away from the internet altogether until you’ve watched it.

  20. Jaymi says:

    So incredibly saddened by this! But the deaths of popular characters always make for the best storylines and I’m really, really hopeful there is a way for him to come back!

  21. Mary says:

    I don’t believe in any character having a happy ending on this show any more.

  22. silveraynea says:

    Losing Neal is very disappointing. After Rumple’s sacrifice just a few episodes ago, this death seems so contrived and unnecessary. This is a dark day for OUAT for sure.

  23. WM Llamas says:

    I am SERIOUSLY DISPLEASED! Great episode though. Well done, Kalinda Vazquez! Emma, Neal, Belle and Rumple were great in this episode. Hey ABC! You’ve got one of the great actors on the planet in your show. How about touting him at Emmy Time (that’s Robert Carlyle).

  24. Rebecca says:

    I guess it goes back to the poll question. Where 49% wanting it to be Neal or just thinking it would be Neal. If 49% of the TVLine readers thought Neal was the right character to go then a representative percentage of TPTB may have felt the same way.

  25. sarahthebaker says:

    What I’m wondering is why Emma didn’t try True Love’s Kiss. If only to save his life. The necklace has to be more than a throw-away indicator that what they USED to have was True Love.

    • Melanie says:

      True Love kiss does not stop people from dying. It breaks curses- some. I admit that after tonight episode’s, I believe that Neal and Emma had true love, but that, just like Regina, Emma can still find another True Love.
      AND HOW COME NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THOSE MOMENT BETWEEN REGINA AND ROBIN HOOD. Like- that was the highlights of the show! I’ve never been that excited about a couple- except Sheldon and Amy’s first kiss- obv!

      • rumpleg says:

        No one is talking about anything else that happened in this episode because if you didn’t understand by now, who hooks up with who is by far the only thing that matters and why people watch dramas anymore. Or in this case, threaten to stop watching dramas.

      • sarahthebaker says:

        I appreciate TLK is not a do-over against death. It seems to me that all Dark One power is a curse, as we discovered back in Skin Deep (when Belle’s kiss started to break said curse over Rumpelstiltskin.) So if Neal’s life was forfeit against Dark One curse, then it could have helped. Either way, I think the lack of trying makes them “dumber than a box of hair,” as Zelena so aptly put it. Loved Regina’s moment with Robin Hood. Really want more like that.

    • Amanda says:

      the true love kiss… i so angry about that. It’s just prove they want to kill neal for cS shippers.

      • Mia says:

        It doesn’t prove anything. It was a life for a life curse. Either Neal would’ve had to die, or Belle if she had been the one to open. The only reason Neal didn’t die on the spot was because Rumple chose Neal over the dagger. He was already dying. TLK wouldn’t have done anything.

  26. Isobel says:

    He’s got a couple of movies coming out so I hope they work out for him, maybe he’s wanting to leave to break into film?

  27. Tiffany says:

    So Upset with this death, I had a feeling it would be him but it feels like they just took the easy road. Neal was a great character and they didn’t give him a chance. It’s going to be real heartbreaking when Henry gets his memories back and really finds out his father is dead. Congrats Hook and Emma Shippers you win.

  28. Jimmy says:

    Eh, that’s OK. I’m not necessarily a Hook/Emma shipper but Neal really was superfluous to the whole story. No matter how much they tried to drag him into the story it just never worked.

    • Angel says:

      Neal is the reason was the curse made to begin with you idiot. This show wouldn’t exist without him…. Can’t stand delusional neal haters.

      • liz says:

        yes, the character was key to the premise of the show….that doesn’t mean he fit into the narrative that followed. He’s the catalyst but not the focus.

      • janet says:

        yes he did bring the curse, and help with the second one and therefor caused his own death! things never seem to work out for the character who yells out “i don’t care about the dark magic price!”

    • Amanda says:

      helloooo, he’s rumple son…of course he’s important to the show. i think you don’t like the actor, confess.

      • Mascha says:

        Honestly, being Rumple’s son is not enough as a story. It worked at first to get more insight on Rumple’s character himself and his personality, and it worked for a while when Neal was first introduced, but as the seasons continued, he became unnecessary. Rumple has Belle to keep him human, being the catalyst of the old Curse doesn’t matter anymore because there’s a new one. They’ve been dragging him along and trying to get him involved in the story, but he just never really fit in.

        I don’t hate Neal, and MRJ is a great actor, but as a character he was just two-dimensional and they never gave him enough personality for himself to stay standing. He’d always be “Rumplestiltskin’s son” and never simply Baelfire.

  29. ABG says:

    The actor likely got bored with how little he had to do so they wrote him out. I thought the character was OK but I don’t think I’ll miss him much. From a dramatic point this could be good for the show.

  30. Lisa says:

    Honestly, I really only liked Neal because I like MRJ. Hopefully he will move on to a much better show, which won’t be all that hard.

  31. White Swan says:

    It was a beautiful episode to say goodbye to Neal and MRJ. Haters should stop their childish fights, it’s just a TV show. And no, it’s not about winning or losing. Captain Swan is written from the beginning and with or without Neal in the picture, it will happen, it’s already happening. It’s not fanservice at all and it’s insulting for the creators and writers. they know what they do and they write the story THEY want. Neal’s death is beautiful and makes the character a hero. It was perfect. The farewell scene in the forest between him and Rumple and Emma was heartbreaking, so did the hug between Hook and him at the hospital. It really was a good episode, full of emotions. Thank you the creators, the writers, the crew and this amazing cast.

  32. James D says:

    I totally saw it coming, but i’m not pleased with how they did it. i was hoping for the very least that he would get some sort of closer with Henry. It’s a shame they had so many great opportunities to play with that character, but they never seemed to flesh him out. MRJ is such a great actor i hope he finds a new show quickly.

  33. Kristen says:

    While I did not ship Neal/Emma, I’m sad to see him gone. He had the best back story out of just about everyone. So I am really sad to see him go. But I heard back when this spoiler was released that the character’s actor wanted to be let out of the contract to pursue other avenues. So if this is what MJR wanted, who are we to gripe and complain?

  34. Viv says:

    I knew he would die when Hook hugged him in the hospital. That was the moment where I thought “Ohhh, nope he doesn´t make it”. But after last sunday there won´t be a tv-death that shocks me. For a while at least…

  35. Allie says:

    People this is not fanservice. CaptainSwan fans still wanted Neal to be happy. They just don’t want Emma with Neal.
    Im sad that he died. Extremely. I balled my eyes out and drank. And I love Emma/Killian.
    Emma and Hook have been planed since the start. Go look back at the music they play when they are together. That’s the true love theme.

    Lets keep the hate out people. Good Luck to MRJ in his future endeavors.

    • Joey says:

      “CaptainSwan fans still wanted Neal to be happy.”

      I’d believe that if I didn’t read every post from every regular CS fan on this site.

      • Allie says:

        good thing this is only a very small sample size then.
        All others I know keep hate out and dont bully.
        You can believe what you would like.

        • Joey says:

          I can believe what I see. The vast majority of CS fans have been nothing but bullies. Go here, go on tumblr, go on twitter, go on imdb, it’s everywhere. Like you said, “You can believe what you want.” Maybe you’re lucky and you haven’t seen it. I have though, and it’s a really sad thing.

          • Allie says:

            I dont know about tumbler and twitter bc that is not something I do, but IMDB and here has been the other way from what I have seen. More hate toward CS than other things. I do go on FB and I see appropriate mature convos that are pro and con for both. Maybe you and I are just seeing what we want to see however.

            I hope we get some actual discussion about Neal’s death instead of what we got when Graham died.

          • Joey says:

            See now that’s funny that you say it’s been the other way on IMDB. I don’t have an account there, but from what I’ve seen, particularly within the past week, almost the entire board of regulars has put two specific CS fans on permanent ignore because they’ve been so incredibly offensive to almost every poster on the board, particularly regarding Neal’s character.

          • Allie says:

            Two are not the majority. We are seeing different things. Makes sense though, it is the internet. you never know what you are going to find.

          • Joey says:

            I’m not saying that there were only two CS fans on that forum that were being offensive. I’m saying that two of them were /so/ offensive that almost the entire forum has ignored them.

          • rose says:

            Welp, it’s not just CS fans who are bullies Joey. Both sides bully each other which is stupid because it’s a tv show. Shipping gets so ridiculous people tell each other to go kill themselves over fictional characters-and I’ve seen comments like that from just as many swan fire fans as I have captain swan fans.

          • Joey says:

            @rose I do think that’s a little overreaching on Swanfire fans. Just today for the first time I finally saw hate against CS from a SF fan. Before that, I’d never seen it. Ever. Needless to say they got called out.

          • Sophie says:

            Calm down dude, its a tv show, you and these bullies need to stop watching if it gets you so worked up enough to have temper tantrums at people online over something that is not even real

          • Joey says:

            @Sophie: Hey, all I’m doing is sharing a simple opinion. If you can’t handle that, maybe this is the wrong place for you.

          • Mascha says:

            Well one look at this site made me realize that you other shippers really aren’t nice about the CS shippers too, so why do we fight fire with fire? You are without a doubt the most ignorant fool I’ve ever met, and I’ve read every single one of your comments. You’re just “expressing your opinion”, well so are other people. I ship CS and I did not particularly like Neal as a character, because he was boring, but death is not something to be celebrated. I think your problem is that you take petty things like a TV show way too seriously, like many other shippers from all sides, who bitch at each other for having a different preference is possible couples, some of which will never ever even happen.

            So to quote my friend Thumper; If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything all.

          • Joey says:

            @Mascha: Actually, super funny, because I just read through all of the comments you’ve made, and you just made yourself out to be completely ridiculous. Congratulations.

    • Julie says:

      “CaptainSwan fans still wanted Neal to be happy”. That’s probably why I saw CSers make hat celebrating his death. Silly me.

      • Addie says:

        That was one of the most immature things I have ever seen. That person who posted them is an idiot but all the people who reblogged it- I mean really? Are they all 12?

        • Heidi says:

          I’m a CS Shipper and I LOVED Neal. I wanted him to be happy…just with someone else. Neal was one of my favorite characters. There are a few ignorant people in every ship. That doesn’t mean we all are. And people only post the negatives on these things anyway. Can’t judge by what we see on the internet.

      • Kristin says:

        First off, let me just say that I’m a CS fan (I refuse to say “shipper”) and I also liked Neal. I know of the blogger you’re talking about who made the “I wished you were dead” party hats and then posted the pattern for all her minions to use as well. She’s an immature idiot and also a notorious CS bully on Tumblr, and anyone who took part in that stunt made a complete ass out of themselves. This girl outright states on her blog that “Captain Swan is her life.” That should tell you the mentality you’re dealing with right there. People like her represent a small, rather sad little subset of the Once fandom. But please don’t think they reflect the attitude of all CS fans.

  36. judy kochish says:

    once has just lost one of their best fans this show sucks ass. I see why lost was a loser

    • liz says:

      LOST sucked because they never gave us any answers, the death of its characters made the narrative feel real and kept the stakes high. While ya, the deaths on LOST sucked (except Nikki and Paulo obv), they served a purpose. LOST failed because they never gave us answers. OUAT has been giving us answers, whether we like them or not, we know why things are happening.

      • Butters says:

        Lost gave many answers during the coarse of the show. It was more about the redemption of the characters on Lost then about what things were. The Island helped them come to terms with their demons.

      • Ben says:

        Lost didn’t fail (sure, plenty of people were upset at the end, but I’m not sure you can say a show failed when it got to get a network to commit to three whole seasons in advance and to end on its own terms).

  37. Neal was ultimately a plot device. He, i.e. Baelfire, was the reason Rumple wanted to enact the curse in the first place, so he could come over to the land without magic to find his son. That’s what made him a plot device. Now that he’s served his part in the plot, he becomes disposable.

    • Snix says:

      Thank you for making this point. Rumple’s character the reason for such horribly undeveloped plot devices passed off as characters. Baelfire and Belle are two characters who had such potential. It’s really not about shipping so much as it is about solely advancing Rumple’s sorry excuse of a character.

  38. Jeff Taylor says:

    I hope Henry melts her then she pays homage to WWW “Ohhh! You cursed brat! Look what you’ve done! I’m melting! Melting! Oh, what a world! What a world! Who would have thought a good little girl (boy) like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness! Ohhh! Look out! Look out! I’m going! Ohhhh – Ohhhhhhhhhh!

  39. Lara says:

    Knew it was going to be him. I really liked the concept of Bae and the potential behind his character that I honestly feel that the writers did very wrong with him. I like the different take on how he died. I thought it was going to be something else. That being said… Poor MJR :/ He really, really deserved more.

  40. JPea says:

    I know a good 40% or so of people loved Neal, but it’s good tv to never take a character for granted. Good episode – and better than him dying as a flying monkey.

  41. Shawn Carter says:

    A completely unrelated to Neals death , BUT

    did anyone notice at the end when Henry and Emma were talking that their were multiple times you could see someone walking in the background ? It amazes me that this was not caught.

    • Kat says:

      Probably because there was nothing to catch. The scene took place in a public setting, there were other people walking around. It wasn’t a mistake, it was basic blocking.

    • Lysh says:

      They were in a park. Those were background extras.
      IDK why FTL characters would be out taking a stroll when there’s a wicked witch roaming around though.

    • Jilljill says:

      Yes! That is the only thing keeping me from a breakdown about Neal dying!!

  42. Pam Hess says:

    What about the tear that rolled out of the corner of his eye while he laid there dead in the woods? And why did they leave a dead person alone in the woods? Neal is not dead! What about true loves kiss?

    • Mia says:

      Pretty sure it was explained in the episode (and by someone above). TLK only works on curse (and not even all curses at that), but it won’t stop someone from dying/bring them back from the dead. That’s what the key did, a life for a life. Neal for Rumple. Nothing could’ve stop him dying unfortunately.

    • Kristin says:

      Yeah, I’m not entirely sure why Emma just ran off leaving Rumple alone with Neal’s body in the woods. Especially since Rumple had clearly been held captive by Zelena. You’d think Emma’s first priority would’ve been to get Rumple to safety *just in case* her and David’s plan to take down the witch at the loft *somehow* failed. Like, say Zelena poofing out of Mary-Margaret’s bathroom in a cloud of green smoke? Because she’s magical? And wicked? IDK…

  43. Pam Hess says:

    I saw someone walking too it freaked me out I thought Neal would walk up and sit down at any second because it was after that tear rolled out of his eye and they left him in the woods.

  44. Mike R. says:

    not happy or sad about this development, I never liked Neal nor hated him, but MRJ was being wasted on this show, so I think this is for the better, and no dumb love triangle.

  45. stophatin says:

    wow people actually using this “fanservice” as an excuse for their arguments. Please get a grip, the show runners will do whatever they want, but not to please the fans. They will tell the story THEY WANT TO TELL. People need to put their shipping biases aside and examine the facts that shows go on, and these things contribute to the rest of the show. And if the actor did want to leave then that is very well in his right to do so. let’s not all be petty and continue to enjoy the show for what it is and will be, it’s not the Neal show.

  46. Melanie says:


  47. Addie says:

    The acting in the death scene was amazing, MRJ, JMo and Robert were incredible. This show has made me tear up, but that scene made me sob. I’m not happy about the death, especially if that means Captain Swan will continue to be pushed down our throats but that’s what the fast-forward button is for! I do understand if MRJ wanted to leave, I just hope it was a personal life thing though and not due to the constant hate he got from fans. At least I still have Snowing!

    • SK says:

      I agree with you totally. I cried when Neal died. I also feel bad that Henry lost his father without him being able to say goodbye. I do not like Emma and Hook together just because he’s such an unlikable character to me. I think both Emma and Henry deserve better.

  48. liz says:

    I honestly didn’t think they’d kill off Neal. But frig am I happy about it. Couldn’t stand the character.

  49. nate says:


    • nate says:


    • abz says:

      Haha I can’t wait for that too. This was nice episode, but if I could have skipped it just to reach next week’s showdown I would have.

  50. Anon says:

    So Neal’s body is just left out in the open? Wouldn’t Emma have told them that she left Gold with Neal’s body in the forest? Why would Hook, Charming, and Snow go to Gold’s shop first instead of to where they think Rumple is? They don’t know Rumple left with the Witch or even that she’s controlling him with the dagger. And why didn’t Emma go back to the forest too? Yeah, she’s gotta tell her kid, but leaving her former love and the father of her child’s body laid out in the forest seems pretty cold.

    Some shenanigans are afoot.

    • Johanna says:

      I actually thought I saw him cry when they did a close up on his body so maybe he’s not dead and just because he’s a “small part” doesn’t mean he’s not a major part. If you didn’t have Neal you don’t have anyone like rumple. But this is good for CaptainSwan because enow hook and emma have something in common again, the death of there true love. So hip hip and boo ho. Im a little bit if both sides. But there is a plan to this. have Zelina hold the key after she becomes the dark one and someone steal the dagger and force her into killing her self and rise Neal from the dead. Its simple.