Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Good Wife, Mentalist, Castle, Once, TVD, Bitten, Shameless and More

Good Wife Will's Death SpoilersCan a grieving Good Wife solve a mystery? Will Once Upon a Time‘s Emma work her magic? Will Castle‘s season finale be better, or worse? Is there hope for Vampire Diaries‘ Stelena? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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We already know the shocking death on The Good Wife will enable reconciliation between Alicia and Diane. But what about Alicia and Kalinda? Any chance my favorite onscreen chemistry will be back? –Lucas
Having seen this coming Sunday’s episode, I can say this much: In the wake of the tragedy, Alicia is understandably taking no one’s phone calls (not even Peter’s). But the one call she makes, in the course of grasping for any sense behind what happened, is to Kalinda. So there’s that. The crux of the hour, meanwhile, revolves around a mystery Alicia tries to solve, upon listening to a voice message Will left her earlier that day.

I could really use some scoop on Pretty Little Liars — preferably on Ezra, but I’ll take anything you have. –Estee
“Anything I have” wins! Early in Season 5, we’ll meet the potentially recurring character of Sydney, a new member of the high school swim team. Speculation here at the office has her either A) sharing a connection to either Emily’s ex, Paige or B) forging a “connection” with Ems herself!

Shall I dare ask for a Mentalist scoop? –Sal
Pedro Pascal, who this Sunday kicks off a five-episode run as FBI Special Agent Marcus Pike, previews his character’s introduction to Lisbon thusly: “It’s definitely the kind of situation where she steps into a room and I’m like, ‘Who is that?!’ And it progresses from there. He definitely sees what he wants and goes after it.” And Lisbon’s own reaction to this dynamic new colleague? “I think he really catches her off guard, and that works to his advantage,” says Pascal. “He’s very smitten with her and she deserves the attention. Whether she’s interested or not, that is a good start to draw her in.”

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Do you have any scoop on Syfy’s Bitten? There are only a few episodes left, please throw me a bone. –Carol
Sink your teeth into these teasers. This Monday, Jeremy finally tells Elena the truth about why Clay bit her years ago. And then in the April 8 finale, as Elena and the Pack prepare for a final stand against a Mutt army led by Santos and the mysterious James Williams, Elena will cement her status as a heart-breaker — but probably not in the way you’re thinking.

Are we going to see more magic lessons for Once Upon a Time‘s Emma? –Robertino
“That is definitely something that comes up,” says Jennifer Morrison, who describes the Emma/Regina scenes as both “fun” and “interesting.” As she points out, “Regina’s a bit annoyed because Emma wasn’t really into learning magic in Neverland, so there’s some banter back and forth about my ‘reluctance’ to be magical.” But with a Wicked Witch on the loose and Henry in a partially amnesic limbo, “Emma has that extra motivation to reach into place in herself that she’s not necessarily comfortable with.”

Do you have anything on the season finale of Shameless? –Bill
As previously reported, Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Grey’s, Supernatural) guest-stars in the April 6 finale as Fiona’s NA sponsor of sorts. He also happens to be her boss at the diner she must work, as a condition of her probation. “Her probation officer, played by Regina King, is an old friend of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s [character],” Emmy Rossum explains, “and she’s funneled to him these people that are out of jail, to put them in NA.”

Will we see the mysterious enemy from Person of Interest who was on the phone with Finch at the end of “Last Call,” or is the rest of Season 3 pretty Samaritan War centric? –Nick
Sounds like the latter. “Oh, I’m certain he’ll resurface,” EP Greg Plageman said in response to your Q. “But whether we actually see him again this season… you will not.”

Now that Vampire Diaries‘ Damon and Elena have broken up, will Elena’s romantic feelings for Stefan come back in Season 6? Is there at least hope for them again? — Liza
While we can’t speak for Elena, we can speak for Stefan — especially after Paul Wesley explained the current state of Stelena to us. Though Wesley tells us that Stefan has “made peace” with Damon and Elena being friends with benefits, “There are always residual feelings with anyone that you’re ever with romantically.” IOW, if Elena ever decides Stefan’s the guy for her, he’ll be there.

Can we talk about the “something pretty massive” that Thea will learn next week on Arrow? Will it be about her true paternity, or Oliver’s secret? –Eric
If it’s the former – that Malcolm Merlyn is her pop — she certainly isn’t going to hear it from her momma. As Susanna Thompson said to me as they were filming the upcoming “Deathstroke” episode, “In my personal experience of who Moira is, Moira would keep that a secret at all costs. That is a life decision of hers.”

I know Rebekah is gone from The Originals, but will we at least hear about her? Please tell me they’re not just going to pretend she doesn’t exist. —Anna
Keep an eye on your mailbox, Anna. “We’ll get the postcards from Kansas, and we’ll for sure see her again, God willing,” executive producer Julie Plec tells TVLine. “I don’t think it’s the last we’ve seen of Rebekah. It was just time for her to say goodbye and drive off into the proverbial sunset.” As for what you can expect from a Rebekah-less New Orleans, Plec says, “The absence of this sister from this family dynamic is going to make the brother dynamic even more fraught.” Wait, more fraught?

Hi, Matt! Any Castle scoop for us this week? –Teresa
You could say that. Episode 21, I have learned, is titled “Law & Boarder,” while 22, you may have heard, is called “Veritas.” That brings us to the May 12 season finale, and while unconfirmed by ABC, I’m hearing it’s titled “For Better or For Worse,” and the guest roles being cast include a motorcycle gang leader, an ex-mob boss, a stripper and an… officiant… of some sort. :-O

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  1. Annie says:

    Oh. My. Word. Are we seriously gonna get a Caskett wedding before we break for the summer? That would be AWESOME.

    • David4 says:

      That has been very clear most of the season.

      Butt I wouldn’t put it past the writers that the wedding day is the season finale but that they won’t get married until next season.

      • Phoebe says:

        I can absolutely see that happening! They always have to leave us with some sort of cliffhanger. For me, the perfect finale would be to have the whole wedding and then the cliffhanger is Kate telling Rick she’s pregnant or finding out she’s pregnant, but I know that’s unlikely.

      • shirley says:

        I tend to agree with you.
        I’m affraid it’s going to be a long…..summer.
        The waiting.

      • shirley says:

        I kinda agree with you.
        I think maybe they will start the wedding-something will delay it and it will continue in season 7.
        Don’t know why but that is the way I think it might go.
        I would also love to see a Hampton wedding. Small- Just a few friends and a few millon viewers. Not too much to ask for is it?

        • Janice W says:

          I hope there are no delays for this wedding and I also would love to see a Hampton wedding with just friends and family. ( Of course, they will have to include the fans as well.) I hope they invite Matilda King to this wedding as she is the one that gave Kate the beautiful wedding gown. I think the cliffhanger will be where they go for their honeymoon and probably another case for them to solve together. Who do you suppose they will choose for the Maid of honor and Best Man? So many decisions……….

    • missteff says:

      smiles……. can’t wait either way, they end up doing it.

  2. abz says:

    So happy Emma will be learning magic again. I really wanna see her use it.
    Also, I too hope that Alicia and Kalinda can finally reconnect. Their friendship was one of the highlights of the earlier seasons for me.

  3. I love the magical mommies working together says:

    Regina teaching Emma magic…*swoons*

  4. wrstlgirl says:

    LOL, Damon and Elena walked away from each other AGAIN in the latest episode. Lather, rinse, repeat. Of course Stefan will be there is she decides she wants him back. It’s become one of the biggest jokes on television. I wish I knew how the actors themselves really feel about this dribble.

    • rarefied says:

      From stuff he’s said at cons, I don’t think anyone hates Stelena as much as Paul seems to.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Oh really, that’s interesting. I would think actors wouldn’t be allowed to be negative about their shows story lines. But what do I know :-)

      • Actually most of the time Paul is joking and he said numerous times that he loves Stelena. He doesn’t actually hate Stelena, he just knows how mean and immature DErs are and he doesn’t want to receive any more hate from them. It’s funny how DErs always try to make Paul look like he hates Stelena when in reality he probably doesn’t even care that much.

        • Wait so does he love, hate, or not care that much? lol you have no idea what you’re talking about either.

        • jerrired says:

          From the stuff I’ve seen Paul kind of has the humor where he makes fun of himself. I think honestly he doesn’t care at this point, he just wants better material to work with. He only seems anti-Stelena because he does seem to see all the hate his character gets/team Delena being so vocal. But if the writers told him, “you get the girl!” I doubt he’ll scream “Nope, rewrite,” unless it’s really badly written I think Paul is probably the most likely to leave the series after season 7 though. But my bet is that the cast’s bond is so tight, especially the main three that they’ll all want to leave together.

    • Anne says:

      Thanks to social media actors have to be careful what they say or they end up getting bombarded with hate. Like a pairing? Fans of a rival pair attack. Seem indifferent about a pairing? Those fans attack. Really you can’t say anything right with fandom these days so you mostly get trite answers or just a rehashing of what they shot for upcoming episodes. I think mostly the actors are just happy to have a job and get paid.

  5. Janice W says:

    I am looking forward to a Castle/Beckett wedding in May. I really love this show and look forward to a S 7! Please translate the latin words on Becketts mothers monument.

  6. Steve F. says:

    Wow, first Game of Thrones (as the Red Viper!) and now The Mentalist… Pedro Pascal’s star sure is rising!

    Also, Caskett wedding?!?

  7. Jennifer says:

    Oooooh, I cannot wait for Emma’s magic lesson. I love that they are exploring that part of her character because it’s an interesting internal conflict. Sounds like it’s going to be a great scene too.

  8. DarkDefender says:

    Bracken gets what’s coming (Veritas) and a wedding? I’ll believe it when I see it. I still think they fade to black on their way to elope in the season ender.

    • Just one thing says:

      I can totally see that!
      Also, stay classy, fans who visit the Castle set on location and post photos. You’re a credit to the entire fanbase.

    • Janice W says:

      They can’t elope. Kate already has her gown given to her by Matilda King. She must wear it! She is so beautiful!

  9. tam says:

    Man, I really hope Castle and Beckett’s wedding is small and intimate but long enough for the viewers to enjoy. I dnt mind them eloping or having a small wedding, just as long as we get to see them say their vows and get married, I’ll be a happy shipper!

  10. Leigh says:

    I am so excited about the way the season is ending for Castle. A little annoyed we have to wait until April 21st, but it will be worth it. So…..will there be all new episodes from April 21st out until the season finale? I thought the season order was only for 22 episodes.

  11. CactusRose says:

    I do believe the “unexpected shocker” (see? I’m not a spoiler, even after the fact!) on the Good Wife rivals the cliffhanger of “Who Shot JR?” Never in a million years saw that coming. Well, until the kid started looking around like a 2 year old that lost his Mom in a crowded shopping center.

  12. Babybop says:

    I wish that Elena would beg Stefan to get back with her so he could deny her like, “I deserve better”.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Hahaha, that would be so awesome.

    • Une de Mai says:

      Yes. This. So he can be like “you’ve made your bed, girl, now sleep in it, I don’t need a skank like you in my life”. That would be SO AWESOME. And I think Paul himself would love that, too. xD

  13. sarah says:

    Claire Holt says she will be back, her absence is temporary.
    Damon and Elena have some great sexual chemistry but Stefan and Elena had true love and I think that one day they will get back together and stay together.
    I still think that Oliver will tell Thea she told Roy to stay away, she will be upset because she told him he was the only one that does not lie to her. If it is about Malcolm being her father then I would assume she would be mad at her mother too. However everything I have read says she is just mad at Oliver.

    • Aly says:

      I’m glad that there is hope for Stefan and Elena. Damon and Elena’s juvenile and codependent relationship made me realize how much I miss Stefan and Elena’s bond. They had that true love thing that Damon and Elena will never have, plus really hot chemistry, as seen last episode as Elena hallucinated of a hot makeout session with Stefan.. Bring Stefan and Elena back, they work and they don’t bring the show down like Damon and Elena (they also lost their chemistry ages ago, now their scenes sound like an awkward bad joke).

  14. Michael says:

    What is the word on Crisis. Will it be picked up ?

  15. Lory says:

    Oh I can’t freaking way to see Emma rock even more than usual. I’m excited she’s gonna learn and accept using her magic more freely now.

  16. Ann says:

    Hmmm… if Emma is going to be learning magic to deal with the wicked witch, does that make her Glinda the Good?

  17. Deann says:

    I love Person of Interest, but I do not love all this Decima/Samaritan stuff. I realize I may be in the minority but I much prefer episodes that have a beginning and end and not all this SyFy god-machine meets demon-machine for a death match to come version.

    Also, more Jim Cavezal and less Shaw and Root would be a bonus.

    • bj says:

      Deann – I totally agree with you. This ongoing conspiracy is taking over the show and taking away from what I loved about it in the first place. We need more stand alone episodes and less of these extra female characters!

    • Dominator of destruction says:

      Root is the only reason i watch otherwise its just a boring every day cop show

    • Lachie says:

      So you’re saying that you want more of the boring, self-contained episodes, and less of the exciting machine plot-centric ones? And why would you want less of the two best characters in the show (except for bear)?

  18. Patty says:

    Maybe Beckett visits her mother’s grave and an officiant may be there at someone else’s grave site. Since Castle and Beckett seemed to agree on a September wedding, maybe the ceremony will take place during Season 7; but there may be some bumps along the way.

    • Gwen says:

      We love the Shaw character, especially when she and Reese are together. I do agree that there is a bit too much of the Decima/Samaritan story for my taste (my husband would disagree). I didn’t like Root at first, but she has been growing on me, which I attribute to the acting skill of Amy Acker.

      • Rich Abey says:

        I think you replied to the wrong comment. I think this was meant for Deann’s comment immediately above this comment.

    • Christina says:

      Yeah, I’m leaning towards a season 7 September wedding as well. How much of it we’ll actually see, I don’t know, but I think we’re going to get another dramatic cliffhanger.

    • Katherine215 says:

      They moved the wedding up to “spring” didn’t they? I think we’ll see them get married in the finale, but it won’t be in whatever planned ceremony they set up. I think it’ll be kind of spontaneous and random with just the main cast and Beckett’s dad in attendance. And I’m thinking we’ll see their vows.

      • Patty says:

        Katherine215 – I thought that the wedding would take place in the fall – “the goldilocks zone” as referenced by Castle and Beckett. But I could be wrong. I’m a relatively new member of the Castle viewers and catching up on all the episodes on TNT. It’s wonderful and so are all my fellow viewers.

      • missteff says:

        it was once in September then in spring so anything could happen, I just can’t wait to see what happens.

  19. Christina says:

    Hmm..not getting my hopes up for the Castle season finale just yet. I remember earlier in the season in Matt’s inside line he mentioned there was a realtor cast for 6×14 but it turns out she was for the case of the week (and not related to C/B or Beckett moving out as many thought ;)) Idk if the officiant will be for a C/B wedding, however, I really hope we get to see C/B actually getting married and say the words “I do” whether it’s part of a small ceremony or elopement.

  20. Teri Shannon says:

    OMG for Castle. This wait to see the last 4 episodes of Season 6 will be a killer. Castle is the best at season endings. I love this show so much.

    • Rich Abey says:

      Spot on there. Castle is indeed at it’s very best in season finales…Knockout & Always, were episodes of the highest quality. Even Watershed was rich in emotion and angst & Rick’s proposal just knocked the stuffing out of us Castle fans who were expecting something heart-breaking. Andrew Marlowe sure loves his finales..so I’m pretty confident the Season 6 finale is gonna be a hell of a ride!

  21. Rich Abey says:

    – Thanks for the Castle scoop Matt…it’s pretty heavy duty stuff too! There I was theorizing how Kate is gonna take down Bracken in the season finale & now a bike gang leader, ex-mob boss, stripper & an officiant has been added to the mix…brain teaser..ugghhhh!

    – The finale title “For Better or For Worse” sounds like something to do with wedding vows. Due to the danger of having a final showdown with Bracken, are Caskett gonna tie the knot secretly with the help of that ‘officiant’ (April & Jackson style in Grey’s)? Besides after Bracken is gone they have all the time in the world to have a big wedding (unless a certain disciple of 3XK or the master himself pops by with a wedding gift?)

    • Patty says:

      A very interesting theory.

    • missteff says:

      hmmmm……you got me thinking on that one, great theories, very interesting ones……

    • Rich Abey says:

      – But given that Ep.22 is titled “Veritas” which could potentially mean ‘truth’ in latin, they might bring in Bracken here (given that he is the most appropriate baddie to be associated with truth)..and given Andrew Marlowe’s love of surprising fans with shockers in finales (Montgomery’s death, Caskett finally getting together, Rick proposing when a breakup was imminent….my poor fatigued heart says hello!), we might have the wedding in Ep.23!
      – Only qualm with my theory is why Kate was meeting Rick at their ‘swings’ dressed in an oversized hoodie with the hood on (as if she is on the run..or being very discreet) in the BTS photos released last week? Given that they practically live together now, the photos indicate that Kate was away for something & just got back (spying on Bracken?). Plus meeting at the swings indicate something big is up..relationship wise. Given that they are hugging, is Kate pregnant?

  22. Terry says:

    Loved POI until this nonsense we are dealing with now. I agree with more Reese and Shaw. I am going to hang in for a couple more episodes, and if we keep going in the crazy direction I will take a direction of my own.

  23. Alma says:

    Yay fir Regina teaching Emma magic!!! wonder how that’s going to play out. I always enjoy Regina/Emma scenes they are the best!!!

  24. EJ386 says:

    Is there any word on the renewal of Bitten?? It’s an awesome show!

  25. Janice W says:

    I would like to thank all of you who translated the latin words for me. You are so special!

  26. Andrea Aynsley says:

    I hope the OFFICIANT is related to caskett’s (finally) getting married somewhere, somehow..unlike all that buzz about the REALTOR a few eps back which amalgamated to a big fat nothing (caskett related). Here we got stringed along and got all excited that she was selling / renting her pad or something. We still officially are in the dark about their living arrangements? (like we never saw the key or her semi-moving in to Rick’s loft)

    I don’t care how they do just that they do. No more getting horizontal w others and ‘this is my life’ and ‘i need to do this alone’ coz’ it’s too dangerous or whatever plots. Any sort of break up temporary or not will kill everything that they’ve worked so hard to build all these years. So for me, I can deal with whatever except a caskett parting…and I am pretty assured that there will not be one after this S5 and S6 as if it was to happen it would already have. Coz’ a potentially final S7 will not give them enough time to organically tell a make up break up story to redeem themselves in the eyes of their viewers and loyal fandom.

    • Janice W says:

      I had the impression that a May wedding was planned. That would be the finale on May 12
      (my birthday)! I hope so, maybe the cliff hanger will be their honeymoon plans or something.

  27. Delena forever says:

    Stelena is by far the dumbest thing that has ever happened IT’S A JOKE

  28. lame says:

    The finale is a MilMar production. Terri and Andrew intend to make this special. I have no doubt that this colaboration will be one to remember, this is there baby, something they’ve been preparing for six years. The only distraction will be the case of the week. I can only hope it lives up to the astronomical expectations being heaped on it by rabid fans.

  29. Miriam Maurer says:

    God I HATE cliffhangers!!!!

  30. SanJoseGirl says:

    I want Lisbon to be interested in that Pike person, and yes, she clearly deserves the attention. But what I want more is Jane to realize how close he is to losing her (for good) and start fighting for her. I’m turning into a Jisbon shipper…….

  31. Anna says:

    You don’t understand how incredibly excited I get when Jeffrey Dean Morgan pops up on a show I already watch. Good heavens, I love that man.

  32. CARBONA says:

    I have a feeling they’ll take down Bracken in the “Veritas.” episode & then for some reason or other wind up w/a court house wedding in the finale & at the end of the ep as they walk out of the court house newly married, we’ll get a view through a rifle scope fixed on Castle; as it fades to black we’ll hear a shot….. PLEASE BE A SEASON 7!!!!!!

  33. Arlie says:

    when was the start date for Castles 5th season, and what date did it end?

  34. worthymagic says:

    The last few episodes of the season for The Mentalist need to be real gang busters, because it doesn’t look good for renewal. I don’t know if it’s the cost of the show(It’s not a CBS show even though it’s on CBS) or that CBS doesn’t like where the show is going story line wise. It certainly doesn’t help that the show almost never starts on time during Football season and the NCAA tournament. Maybe it needs to be moved to another time slot? I’ve suggested moving one of the reality shows to 10:00pm Sunday EST, because those viewers will watch them no matter what time they are broadcast.

  35. Len Marzen says:

    Please, Please I turn 66 on May 10 and love stana katic. Give me the best present I could get and have Caskett get married on the finale on May 12th. Better yet , let Kate announce she’s pregnant, so we can enjoy the birth and a little Castle on Season 7th!

  36. Janice W says:

    I think Michael Smith ( who everyone thought had died of a heart attack in hospital) will amazingly appear to help take down Bracken. When Castlle/Beckett arrived in his hospital room he was covered with a sheet. I think he had his own people set this up. Just a suggestion.

  37. Janice W says:

    Early Happy BD to Len Marzen for May 10. I also have a birthday in May. I am so excited to watch Castle and will have a very hard time waiting for the new shows in the Fall. I have the dvd’s, so I can start all over again from the very first show. This is the only show I look forward to watching each week!

    • Patty says:

      Happy May Birthdays to all ‘Castle’ viewers. I’m a relatively new viewer. I’m playing catch-up every afternoon via TNT, and via ABC-TV; new episodes and re-runs. ‘Castle’ has been a proven winner for ABC-TV. When the network announces its 2014-2015 line-up, perhaps mid-May, the question of whether ‘Castle’ has a 7th Season will be answered. The answer should be: YES.

      • Janice W says:

        Since I am Catholic, I would love to see them have a beautiful Catholic wedding in a cathedral. However, I know that is unlikely because religion has never been mentioned in any of the episodes. I just want them to get married and continue the show as a happy married couple solving crimes together. I DO LOVE THIS SHOW!!

      • shirley says:

        I am sooo in agreement with you.

  38. Robert Lusch says:

    I’ve thought & thought & expect the unexpected for season endings. From the death in the previous episode of Becketts secret spying on that person I feel the final may b 3xk setting her up to be framed for the murder and her being arrested by the officiate we’ve been told of. Writers love cliff hangers and the delaying of the wedding is pushing it now for some I’ve spoken with. Robert L.

  39. Heather says:

    So are we SURE there IS a season 7???????

  40. Echo says:

    Cliffhanger end for Season6 of course. You just know ‘happily ever after’ will have to wait till the fall.

    Speaking of which – why can’t they release the latest Nikki Heat book as a SUMMER read? That way we could at least have new Storyline while we patiently wait for the new Castle season.