The 100's Eliza Taylor Previews Jasper's Fate, Deadly Romance and a Hostile New Enemy

Eliza Taylor The 100With two confirmed deaths and one life still hanging in the balance, last week’s premiere of The CW’s The 100 made one thing abundantly clear: No one is safe. Star Eliza Taylor tells TVLine that trend will continue tonight (9/8c), as new dangers — and dangerous new relationships — come to light on this crazy planet we call Earth.

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Below, Taylor gives us a taste of what’s to come in future episodes, including a few new surprise alliances in the works.

TVLINE | The last thing we saw was Jasper getting impaled by that huge spear. Is that where Episode 2 picks up?
[Laughs] Yes, it picks up directly after the spear. Basically, we all think we should run away from whatever that thing is, but then we hear a scream, and it’s possible Jasper’s still alive. So me, Octavia and Monty go on a mission to find him — and whatever it was that took him.

TVLINE | Since there was a spear involved, I assume this enemy is… human?
That’s highly possible.

TVLINE | Will the enemy remain a mystery, or will we learn about them soon?
What we will slowly learn about them is that, although they’re hostile, they’ve got good reason to be protecting their land. I’m sure, eventually, we’ll come into contact with them.

TVLINE | And can we expect other non-human threats? That giant fish creature gave me nightmares.
Absolutely. There’s a huge cloud that starts barreling towards us, so that’s one of the dangers. And there are a few other things that’ll jump out at us that you won’t expect.

the-100-octavia-blogTVLINE | Clarke seems to especially clash with Octavia. Can they ever become friends?
I think Octavia can be quite hostile when she wants to be, and Clarke can be quite bossy when she wants to be — so they butt heads. But one thing they have in common is that they both do care. I think, there will be times during the series when they set their differences aside and get along, but there will also be times when they continue to rub each other the wrong way.

TVLINE | I know survival is priority No. 1, but will there also be time for romance?
I think so. I think there’s a good chance of romance for a few characters, but there’s also a good chance it won’t last long, given the circumstances.

TVLINE | So, basically, don’t expect a third date.
[Laughs] Exactly, you might not survive long enough to see it.

TVLINE | Lastly, will the parents interact with the kids, or will their two world remain separate?
I think the writers have found clever ways to connect the two storylines. You’ll see us interacting more and more with the ark as the series goes on.

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  1. belle says:

    I am hoping that Jasper is alive and well…he’s a character everyone can like, good or bad. Plus I enjoy the actor who plays him, he was great in the Wimpy Kid movies!

  2. Gerald says:

    I hope Jasper lives also, but I rewound that scene a few times and unless the heart has moved in the body over time then it doesn’t look promising. Unless the attackers have some magic medicine that cures heart impalement.

  3. Ames says:

    I actually just caught the pilot last night. I was gonna wait till the ratings of the second episode to see if it would drop like a stone (this is the CW after all) but I was reading in bed and the repeat happened to be on. I found myself paying more attention to it than my book so i turned it on from the beginning from my DVR and was pleasantly surprised. Now I am partially invested and will be bummed if falls too hard tonite, I too hope Jasper lives as every show needs some comic relief. On a completely unrelated note…what happened to this weeks Ask Ausiello???

  4. Dr. L says:

    The pilot was fine. I actually liked it better than Star Crossed whose bar is not difficult to top. Anyway, The 100 is exciting for now and the Octavia girl is hot.

  5. tara17 says:

    Just catching up on this show, enjoying it a lot. Well-casted, including the younger actors. They all seem interesting. Maybe get a science person or two on board for advice: Glowing butterflies? The skeleton of an evolved gorilla? I admit though, they were cool.

  6. Melanie says:

    Thanks to netflix I just got addicted to that show, and I need to wait for other episodes. Although I hate the fact that -like all CW show- they threw us a couple met to be, but a la Roméo$Juliet will most likely never truly be together. The cast is awesome. I was pleased to see Henry Ian Cusick even he’s playing the bad guy.
    And he does scare me a LOT. I know I’m gonna have nightmares and I don’t want to go to bed anymore.